Millennial Kingdom Scholarship
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Millennial Kingdom Scholarship

Lamb & Lion Ministries is excited to announce the establishment of our Millennial Kingdom Scholarship (MKS). This endeavor will offer young “millennials” (ages 18-29) the opportunity of a lifetime; to join us on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land! In Israel, they will retrace the footsteps of Jesus Christ, encountering the roots of their faith firsthand, as they experience the Bible come alive before their very eyes!

Oftentimes, young people lack the monetary resources to pay for the expense of a pilgrimage to Israel. This Scholarship will break down those financial barriers, and will ignite a new passion for Israel, Bible Prophecy and Jesus’ soon return like never before! In turn, these young people will return home motivated to holiness and evangelism, as they too begin to help spread the Gospel and the message of the Lord’s imminent return.

Would you join us today? The Millennial Kingdom Scholarship will pour truth, hope and encouragement into the lives of young people living in a society that calls evil good and good evil. Let’s inspire them to be salt and light in a dark world!

Our goal is to send 15-20 millennials on an Israel pilgrimage each year. EVERY gift amount matters and helps us to get closer to being able to begin accepting nominations. Join us today and literally change someone’s life for Eternity!