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Learn the politically incorrect, outrageous truths of the Bible with Dr. David R. Reagan and his guest Dr. Robert Jeffress on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on June 13, 2010.

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Outrageous Truth


Dr. Reagan: Political correctness is running rampant through the church today. And the result is that it is holding the church hostage with regard to speaking some very unpleasant Biblical truths, truths that need to be proclaimed. One of the people who are fearlessly proclaiming those truths is Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas. Stay tuned for a challenging interview with him.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus our blessed hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. It’s good to have back with me once again Dr. Robert Jeffress who is the pastor of First Baptist Church, and that is where we are filming this particular program. Dr. Jeffress welcome back to Christ in Prophecy.

Dr. Jeffress: It’s great to be back, Dave.

Dr. Reagan: I’ll tell you what. We had quite a program last week I’m still reeling from it. But we looked at this tremendous book you have written called Outrages Truth: The Seven Absolutes You Can Still Believe In. And we were talking about the fact that there is such a thing as absolute truth. Now we live in a society that doesn’t believe that anymore. Comment about that for a moment. We live in a society that basically teaches relativism everything is relative.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right and the simple dictum for that Dave is relativism says everything is right sometime and nothing is right every time. Unfortunately so many Christians have embraced that idea. They’ve embraced the idea well that may be what I believe but that’s only what I believe if you believe something else that’s equally true. And we’ve confused what we all know is diversity in our country with pluralism. Diversity says there are a variety of opinions about any topic well. Of course there are. But pluralism says all ideas are equally valid and of course that is absurd that’s relativism.

Dr. Reagan: And I guess the greatest value in America society today is tolerance but it’s a different type of tolerance then I grew up with. When I was growing up tolerance meant that you tolerated somebody who had a different viewpoint of yours or a different lifestyle. But today tolerance means you must not only tolerate them but you must endorse it. You must say it is ok.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right

Dr. Reagan: That’s a different type of tolerance

Dr. Jeffress: It is. And my own experience and I’m sure yours is too, is liberals say they believe in tolerance and they will tolerate every viewpoint unless it violates their viewpoint. And then suddenly they will not believe. Not only do they not believe it they don’t believe you ought to have a right to your beliefs either and certainly devoice them in a pluralistic society.

Dr. Reagan: Well folks last week we took a look at this book in which he talks about seven absolute truths in the Bible and I want to read those truths to you once again. Every other religion is wrong. God is ultimately responsible for suffering. God sends good people to hell. Homosexuality is a perversion. Husbands are to be the leaders of their families. Evolution is a myth. America is a Christian nation. You can see why this book has caused such a controversy but these are absolute truths and we discussed several of them last week. And if you were not here for that program I would urge you to go to our web site at, no and in the middle and you will see last weeks program there. Don’t miss it and now I want to get back to this book. And let’s go to super hot topic and that is homosexuality is a perversion.

Dr. Jeffress: Uh, oh.

Dr. Reagan: Go for it.

Dr. Jeffress: Well by perversion Dave I mean that homosexuality is a twisting of God’s plan for human sexuality. You know a lot of people say, “Well why do you Christians talk about homosexuality? Jesus never addressed the topic He never spoke about homosexuality.” Well the fact is He did address it in Matthew 19 when He gave God’s standard for sexual relationships. He said a man shall leave his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife and the two shall be one flesh. God’s standard for sex is very simple it’s to be between a man and a woman in the security of the marriage relationship. And anything different from that is a perversion, a twisting of God’s plan. The fact is Jesus never spoke against pedophilia or bestiality or polygamy. I mean he didn’t have too because what He said was here’s God standard any deviation of that is a perversion.

I’ve got to tell you a somewhat humorous story when I was preaching this message. We had on our marquis out here on Monday morning I had them put the next Sunday’s sermon title and we put up there, “Homosexuality is a Perversion.” And I looked at that I thought that somebody driving down the street maybe they wouldn’t quite understand it. So I tried to soften it a little bit I put up there on the marquis, “Why Gay is not OK.” Dave we had a fire storm here in the city of Dallas over it. We had hundreds of protestors protesting that message simply we had death threats everything simply because I would say gay is not ok. That is not a popular message today but that is God’s message not out of hatred but out of love for us. God said that I created sex and here’s how it best operates between a man and a woman in the marriage relationship.

Dr. Reagan: What do you say to a person who says well I was just born that way? God created me that way.

Dr. Jeffress: Well I’m going to shock you probably in this because there’s a raging debate I deal with. Are people born gay? And many homosexual advocates will point to three studies that suggest that there is a gay gene. None of which is proven yet. But you know even if it is proven at some future time that there is a biological pre-disposition toward homosexuality. I would say, “So what, all sin is inherited.” The Bible tells us there is a genetic component to sin that sometimes manifests itself in alcoholism or adultery possibly homosexuality. But the good news of the Gospel is Jesus Christ came and died for us so we don’t have to stay the way we are. We don’t have to stay a prisoner of adultery or homosexuality or other addictions. We can be free.

Dr. Reagan: Well I’m not shocked at what you said at all, because I would agree with that 100 percent. And I often make that point that we are born with a fallen sin nature there are some people who are natural born adulterers natural born thieves that doesn’t make it right.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: It means that we have to fight against that evil nature and of course in the flesh we can’t win and–

Dr. Jeffress: I want to go further because I think there might be some people watching right now who have family members who are struggling with this issue of homosexuality. Or maybe even themselves your struggling with this issue. And I think we need to be very sensitive here. I think that Romans 1 teaches that there are some people who reject the truth of God and homosexuality is the punishment from God. They receive the penalty in their own persons for rejecting the truth of God’s Word. So some people’s homosexuality is a choice in the sense that it is result of turning away from God. But I think there are other people whether it is nurture or nature who very early in life start struggling with this issue of homosexuality. And I would just say to you, “Don’t listen to what liberals say don’t listen to what the non-Christian says, that says you were born this way and there is no way out. God has the message of hope for you. And that even if you, because of nature or because of your environment had this inclination. Christ can set you free from it. Christ came to die so that you don’t have to stay in that lifestyle there is hope through Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Reagan: Well too when you start blaming all your sinful ways on, I was born that way. You could justify bestiality you can justify pedophilia you can justify any perversion on the grounds that well the person was just born that way. That’s no defense for sin.

Dr. Jeffress: It isn’t and it traps people into a lifetime of misery and depression. I give the statistics in my book you know concerning homosexuality. Homosexuals are so much more likely prone to suicide to alcoholism to drug addiction. I’ve had homosexuals say to me, “Robert if you believe it’s a choice you don’t understand why would anybody choice to live the miserable lifestyle I’m living.” Well Dave they’ve bought into the lie that they can’t change they were born that way and therefore have to stay that way.

Dr. Reagan: Well I know people who have changed and I’m sure you do too.

Dr. Jeffress: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: But they change by the power of Jesus Christ. And that’s the only way to change. And I would urge anybody out there viewing, that’s struggling with this to yield to the power of the Holy Spirit. And if they don’t have the power of the Holy Spirit they need Jesus Christ so the Spirit can come in. It reminds me of these words in 1 Corinthians chapter 6 where Paul says, “Do you know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Do not be deceived neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor effeminate nor homosexuals nor thieves not the covetous nor drunkards nor revilers nor swindlers shall inherit the kingdom of God.” Well at that point you just sort of give up. But look at the next verse, “And such were some of you but you were washed you were sanctified you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.”

Dr. Jeffress: And I’m so glad that you read that whole passage because some people stop short and say well see homosexuals can’t go to Heaven. Well Paul said neither can adulterers. And Jesus said if you ever lusted you’re an adulterer. Neither can thieves if you ever coveted. None of us can go to Heaven on our own but through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ we can be saved.

Dr. Reagan: So what would you say to a person who is struggling with homosexuality?

Dr. Jeffress: I would say to someone right now who is struggling with this issue of homosexuality. First of all understand God loves you He wants you for Himself. He wants to have an eternal relationship with you. And the Bible says through the power of Jesus Christ you can be forgiven you can be set free. I’d say to you right now remember the reason Jesus Christ came and died on the cross was not for your successes but for your failures including the failure of homosexuality. And even if you feel dirty right now you feel unworthy before God that’s why Christ died for you. And the Bible says that God can not only give you forgiveness from your sins He died to give you power over sin and that’s what happens when you become a Christian. Dave talked about the wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit in your life who can give you the power to say no. The Bible says, “That if any man be in Christ he is a new creation the old things have past away all things have become new.”

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to our discussion of tough issues with Dr. Robert Jeffress who is the pastor of first Baptist church in Dallas Texas. Dr. Jeffress in your book: Outrageous Truths: Seven Absolutes you can Still Believe you have some very, very powerful absolute truths in there. And one that is not included but was included in your recent sermon series on this was one that you simply entitled Abortion is Tantamount to Murder. Those are strong words. Why did you say it that way?

Dr. Jeffress: Well it is. I mean lets face it abortion is the taking of a life inside the womb. As you have said it ought to be the safest place for life but it’s probably the most dangerous place to be right now. I think it is such a contrary thing to the nature of God to take the life of anyone but especially the unborn. When you look at Genesis 6 I told our congregation this. When you look at the reasons given that God destroyed the world the first time though a flood most people think it was because of sexual immorality or the worship of false Gods. But those are not the stated reasons given in fact twice in Genesis 6. God said, “I’m going to destroy the world because of violence.” God hates violence and the reason He hates violence is when a man inflicts violence upon another person he is destroying someone that God has made in his own image. God is the giver of all life and only God should have the right to take a life. And I believe that is why abortion is such a serious crime.

Dr. Reagan: But those on the other side argue, “Well the baby in the womb in not really a baby.” They will not use that term baby they use the fetus whatever they try to dehumanize it depersonalize. It’s just a blob there it’s not a human being so you’re not really killing a human being.

Dr. Jeffress: You know what is interesting about that, is how that argument has changed over the last decades. Because every woman who has had a sonogram now knows that it is life inside the womb. And I think science in this case is going to be pro-lifers greatest friend as we see that in fact it is a life.

Dr. Reagan: One of the things that always amused me about that argument is that the very people that say that, on the other hand will be in favor of legislation to protect the eggs of eagles for example.

Dr. Jeffress: Yes!

Dr. Reagan: Well isn’t an eagle in the egg really an eagle.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: They evidently think so and so they’ll protect that. But they won’t protect that baby in the mother’s womb.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right. And I think, I think we’re hopefully going to see the abortion rate continue to decline as people become more aware. Even if they don’t accept the truths of Scripture that they’re going to understand there is a life inside that woman.

Dr. Reagan: Let’s talk about that truth of Scripture. That’s another argument that’s thrown at me all the time, is that you can’t find anywhere in the Bible where it says that it is wrong to commit an abortion.

Dr. Jeffress: Well let’s face it Dave. This made the top ten list. Dave Letterman has his top ten. God has His top ten it’s called the Ten Commandments. And is says very clearly, “Thou Shalt not Murder.” And it all begins, “Is that a life inside the womb or not?” Science tells us that it is.

Dr. Reagan: And the Bible treats it as that. Jeremiah talks about the fact that he was called by God in his mother’s womb.

Dr. Jeffress: Yes. And Psalm 139 when David talks about he was skillfully and fearfully made and formed inside his mother’s womb.

Dr. Reagan: And I’m always reminded of the fact that when Mary went to visit Elizabeth it says that John the Baptist who was in Elizabeth’s womb leapt in her womb. He began to turn summersaults as the Christ child who was in Mary’s womb came into his presence.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s exactly right. And you look into the Old Testament law. A man who harmed a pregnant woman and caused her to lose the child that was treated as a murder.

Dr. Reagan: It seems to me that abortion is just simply one more manifestation of our increasing lack of respect for the sanctity of life.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right

Dr. Reagan: And I’ve always said that if parents can pay a doctor to kill their baby that the time will come when children can pay the same doctor to kill their parents. I think that euthanasia will be a natural. In fact the state of Oregon has already voted to allow doctors to do that.

Dr. Jeffress: Yes. And I think again it comes back to the ultimate rebellion against God, and that is to take as our prerogative to destroy the life He has made.

Dr. Reagan: I’m sure there is probably somebody viewing this program right now, who has had an abortion. And it may be that they are struggling with guilt. Maybe they have been struggling with it for a long time maybe there’re struggling with it for the first time as a result of what you just said. What would you say to a woman who may be struggling with guilt as a result?

Dr. Jeffress: There are three things: First of all I would say to pastors and leaders. We need to be very careful when we talk in our pulpits or the places of teaching that we have, about abortion. We need to always talk about the grace of God, because in every audience statistically, there is going to be somebody who has gone through the pain of an abortion. And I would remind anyone watching right now who maybe has gone through an abortion to please remember Colossians 2 it says that Christ died for all of our transgressions. He didn’t just die for the little sins that we commit He died for those big sins those sins we think are unforgivable. That’s why Christ died. And no matter what your sin is today, whether it is abortion or homosexuality or adultery whatever that sin is it is not bigger then the grace of Jesus Christ. The grace of Jesus Christ is sufficient to forgive you of all of your sins. Ask God’s forgiveness, trust in Christ as your Savior and the fact is you can be forgiven and begin again.

Dr. Reagan: And the Bible is full of examples of that kind of grace. Like Paul with the blood of Christians on his hands.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right he says, “Even though I was a murderer a blasphemer and a vile aggressor I found mercy because I acted ignorantly in unbelief.” And he said, “The grace of Jesus Christ was sufficient to save me from all sin.”

Dr. Reagan: Or take David in the Old Testament a man who committed murder a man who committed adultery who lied. And yet he was a man who repented before the Lord. Asked the Lord to forgive him, and he is remembered as the man after God’s own heart.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: What a God, what grace! It’s just beyond anything we can comprehend.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right and its free of charge it’s available to anybody who asks. It’s amazing grace.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right. Okay. Well folks we’re going to pause here for just a moment and give you a message of how you can get a copy of this remarkable book by Dr. Jeffress called Outrageous Truth: Seven Absolute Truths You Can Still Believe In. And we will be back in just a moment.

Part 3

Dr. Reagan: Well welcome back to my interview with Dr. Robert Jeffress who is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas. We’ve been discussing his wonderful book called: Outrageous Truth: Seven Absolute Truths You Can Still Believe In. Dr. Jeffress I have found much to my dismay that many, many pastors around this nation tip toe through the tulips when it comes to the story of the origin of the universe and the origin of life. It’s often dismissed as something that is irrelevant something that’s not all that important, as something that we can’t know all that much about. Or if they address it at all they tend to spiritualize it to death. Yet in your book you make the comment that evolution is a myth.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right. Point blank.

Dr. Reagan: How important is this issue of the creation and evolution?

Dr. Jeffress: Well I think it is the fundamental issue. Are we the result of just random mutations? Or is there a creator, God who made us to whom we are responsible.

And I think our readers Dave need to understand three things about evolution. First of all evolution is about a process not about a time table. Don’t get hung up on the age of the earth that’s not really what evolution is about. It’s a theory that says that life is the result of random mutations. It is an unsupervised process that makes no allowance for a creator God.

And secondly evolution and this is so key to understand it’s not about minor variations within species it’s about major variations between species. Evolutionists love to say well just look at human beings there larger today then they were a hundred years ago therefore evolution is a fact. Well that’s micro evolution we all accept that. But even though there’s evidence for change within species there is no evidence that says a microscopic blob became an amoeba that became a fish that became a reptile that became a bird and a baboon and human being. There is no fossil evidence for that kind of macro evolution.

And the third thing and again this key is evolution is not just a scientific theory it is a religious philosophy. The evolutionist will say well we ought to leave creationism to the Sunday school classroom because that’s faith, but evolution is science therefore it belongs in the public school classroom. Evolution is a religious philosophy just as much as creationism is. Both come to the table with a pre-supposition about God we believe in the beginning God created life. The evolutionist believes there is no room for God in creation it is completely a random process. The evolutionist Dave will say, “Oh we’re not making any statements about God whether there is a God or god’s.” Well technically he may not be talking about the existence about God but he is very much saying God had no role in the origin or the evolution of life.

Dr. Reagan: I’ve studied this issue a lot and I decided a long time ago that evolution is a religion. It is a religious philosophy and that the people who really push this hard are people who do not want to admit that they are subject to anyone.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: Because if you give in to the idea that God created them then you are subject to somebody and they don’t want to be subject to anybody. And the idea that it is some scientific been proven scientifically which I hear more and more people say. You can’t prove something scientifically that you weren’t there to test it and you can’t recreate it in the laboratory. It’s not a proved scientific theory.

Dr. Jeffress: And let me tell you how shaky this theory is. Right here in Texas where we are filming this program we’re in a battle right now with our State Board of Education. For 20 years the State Board of Education has said whenever evolution is taught there ought to be both a discussion of both the strengths and weaknesses of the theory. Well now a group of biology teachers are saying there should never be any mention of the weakness of evolution when it’s taught in the public school. To talk about the weakness of evolution would jeopardize students being accepted into college and getting jobs. Now let me ask you what theory out there should not be subject to testing and the scrutiny.

Dr. Reagan: That’s science.

Dr. Jeffress: And that’s education. To be able to ask questions. But that shows you how shaky their theory is they know it will not stand up under serious scrutiny.

Dr. Reagan: And what does that have to do with being a great scientist anyway? The greatest scientist who ever lived that everyone admits is the greatest was Isaac Newton who believed in the creation of the universe who believed in God. You can just go through history and just name one after another after another.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right and I quote in this book, Outrageous Truths some renowned evolutionists who say they are not evolutionists because of the evidence they are evolutionist because to accept the alternative is unacceptable.

Dr. Reagan: Well Darwin himself said it was hard to believe in what he was saying because of the complexity of the human eye. But he said I know that one day the fossil record will prove that I’m right. Well the fossil record has not proved, in fact evolution is on the defense today evolution is on the ropes. To the point that some of the major evolutionists are now saying the only answer to life on this earth is aliens must have come from other planets and planted it here.

Dr. Jeffress: Well that’s Francis Crick, discoverer of the DNA molecule. I mean he said the only explanation for life is that aliens came and planted life spores here on planet earth. And as Phillip Johnson says when someone of Cricks caliber says life has to be from aliens then its time to reevaluate evolutionary theory.

Dr. Reagan: There is another aspect of evolution too that gets back to a point that you made in our first program when you were talking about are there many different roads to God. And you said that Jesus said there is only one way and that is Him. And when you say there are other ways you are challenging His integrity. Well we’re challenging the integrity of the Bible when we start talking about evolution. Because the Bible says that God created and your either going to believe that or your not going to believe it, and if you are not going to believe that. Why believe anything in the Bible?

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: I remember W.A. Criswell once made the statements that one of his biggest aggravations were people who say yes I believe the Bible but they only believe those portions that they agree with.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right he called it a leopard theology the Bible is inspired in spots and I’m inspired to spot the spots.

Dr. Reagan: And there are so many people like that. Well we’re really talking here about the integrity of Gods Word.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s right we really are. And let me just say to our too audience Dave. I hear people and you do too. Say, “Well I believe God used evolution to bring about the different life forms.” And they call themselves theistic evolutionists anybody who says that doesn’t know anything about the Bible because there is no allowance. Paul said all the flesh is not the same flesh there is one flesh of birds and so forth and so forth but also they don’t understand the theory of evolution. Evolution makes no allowance for God. The national association of biology teachers in 1995 and 1997 said that evolution is a random process there is no allowance for God in it at all.

Dr. Reagan: And when you teach that to children you are beginning to lay the groundwork right there for them to believe there are no absolute truths.

Dr. Jeffress: That’s exactly right.

Dr. Reagan: None what so ever. Well Christianity is faced with some major challenges these days Dr. Jeffress. One of the things that disturb me the most is the Barna poll that is taken every year of freshman at evangelical colleges. I’m talking about really fine colleges like Wheaton and others and they come from evangelical churches. And they ask them really difficult questions name one of the four Gospels name two of the Ten Commandments and they can’t do it. And you wonder well what are they doing are they having weenie roasts or is there any Bible study going on? We have a famine of the Word today in evangelical circles where people can not discern anything because they don’t know the Word and you can’t discern unless you know the Word.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right. What do we need to do about that?

Dr. Jeffress: Well I think and if I was going to make one closing statement to our audience today I would challenge us. I believe as William Watkins wrote in his book The New Absolutes, it is time for Christians to engage in a renewed intolerance. We need to become more intolerant by intolerance we’re not talking about unleashing hatred upon people. We’re simply saying its time to refuse to allow error to masquerade as truth. It’s time for an intolerance that is willing to stand up and call evil, evil and good, good. That’s what we have been called to do as Christians to compassionately, yes but conventionally say this is what God says. This is Gods truth for all who will accept it. And I believe it time for us to be the light and the salt that Jesus Christ commanded us to be in a world that is becoming increasingly dark and decadent.

Dr. Reagan: Folks that is our program for this week. Again we want to encourage you to contact us concerning this wonderful book: Outrageous Truths: Seven Absolutes you can Still Believe In. That’s it for this week until next week the Lord willing this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion Ministries saying, “Look up be watchful for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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