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From a life of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll to salvation in Jesus, hear the life-changing testimony of Eric Barger on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on July 25, 2010.

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Dr. Reagan:Did you know that one of the foremost defenders of Christianity in America today is a former drug addict and rock and roll musician who was deeply involved in the New Age Movement? Stay tuned for an interview with Eric Barger.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan:Greetings in the name of Jesus our blessed hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. I am delighted to have as my special guest on this program the founder and director of Take a Stand Ministries his name is Eric Barger. Eric welcome to Christ in Prophecy.

Eric Barger: Thank you Dave I appreciate it.

Dr. Reagan: We are glad to have you down here in God’s country in Texas. Cause Eric you are from Seattle, Washington area, right!

Eric Barger: Well that is where I am living now. Our ministry is still headquartered in Dallas, the Dallas area. But it is quite a commute from Seattle to Dallas.

Dr. Reagan: Well it certainly is. Well okay we will tell people a little more about that a little later on. I am also delighted to have my colleague Nathan Jones with us to help with the interview with Eric. Nathan is our Web Minister who daily communicates the Gospel to people literally all over the world. He also responds to questions and often finds himself defending the faith. In that regard our guest Eric Barger is considered to be one of the foremost defenders of the faith in Christendom today. Dr. James Kennedy once told his congregation everyone needs to read Eric Barger’s Insights. And the late national radio host Marlene Maddox called Eric one of the utmost authorities on the cults, the New Age, and rock music today. Eric your field of expertise is called apologetics and I have found that for the average Christian that is a very strange word almost a scary word. And they immediately react by thinking well now does this guy go around apologizing for the Christian faith? What does it mean to be an expert in the field of apologetics? What is apologetics?

Eric Barger: Well I try to explain that every time I speak or mention that word, you know because there is always someone out there that doesn’t understand if I am at a church or conference. Apologetics is the Bible School term for the defense of the faith. In fact the word that we get the English word apologetics from is found 8 times in the New Testament it is apologia. Maybe the most famous one is First Peter 3:15, that we are to be ready to give every man an answer and that’s the word apologetics, apologia.

Dr. Reagan: Okay.

Eric Barger: So we are to be able to defend the faith and that is what apologetics is the defense of the faith.

Dr. Reagan: Alright, okay. So where do we go from there, what do you do in apologetics? Specifically as you go around the country and you are talking to people, what do you do?

Eric Barger: Well I am going to throw out another term to you, polemics. Polemics is often times exposing other religions for being worthless to save someone. So polemics and apologetics move together. Apologetics is understanding Christianity and being able to defend that, and to explain it to the culture in such a way that people will understand Orthodox Biblical Christianity. Polemics then is the exposé about false cults. And that is a lot of what I do, is dealing with cults, New Age Movement, the occult and I have written about all of those things and of course speak about them full-time. This is our 25th anniversary of full-time traveling ministry, so I have been out there doing it quite a while.

Dr. Reagan: Wow, well congratulations to you. And as you travel around what do you find? What aspect of Christianity do you find needs the most defense?

Eric Barger: Sound doctrine, I mean we see a church today many people who believe, they go to church every week but I think there is a void in preaching and teaching the sound understanding of the elements of Christianity that make up Christianity: the Virgin birth, blood atonement, salvation by grace, the inerrancy of the Scripture, who God is, who Jesus is. I mean we don’t have a lot of teaching like that today. There is some and of course a lot of pastors they are preaching that all the time. But I think that in evangelical circles there is a void on these things and I am concerned about that.

Dr. Reagan: Yes I am too to the point that I think that the attitude among even evangelicals today is that doctrine isn’t really all that important. But it is isn’t it?

Eric Barger: It is. The word doctrine is used 50 times in the Scriptures. And we ought to understand that if we don’t have that, if we don’t understand good sound Biblical doctrine then really we’re game for the cults, and we are game to become cultist ourselves, if indeed–

Dr. Reagan: I have a friend in Lexington, Kentucky who grew up in the Jehovah’s Witnesses and she says what most people do not realize is that most of the people we that converted in the years I was there were Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterians and so forth. People who just grew up as cultural Christians but really didn’t know anything about the faith, could not defend anything. They just inherited the faith and that was it.

Eric Barger: That’s it if we don’t know what we believe when the storms hit us or when other religions are before us and confronting us saying that they are the way, we won’t know what to say. Not only will we not be any good to get through to them to present the real Jesus to them who can save them eternally. But we will fall prey to it too, and the Mormon church is right there, the Mormon church has a huge promotional campaign on to try to appear like a more enlightened denomination today and they are preying on Christians who don’t know there doctrine.

Dr. Reagan: Well when people tell me that doctrine is really not all that important one of the things that immediately comes to mind is the doctrine for example of the Resurrection of Jesus. It is amazing how many Christian leaders there are today who would even deny the Resurrection of Jesus. And you know if He wasn’t resurrected we don’t have a faith.

Eric Barger: That’s right we better find another religion, because He could have fulfilled all the other prophecies in the Scriptures about the Messiah, but if He didn’t raise from the grave He wasn’t the one.

Dr. Reagan: Perhaps the doctrine that has been dismissed the most as just completely irrelevant is the doctrine of the virgin birth.

Eric Barger: Correct.

Dr. Reagan: But that is an important doctrine.

Eric Barger: It is.

Dr. Reagan: I mean Jesus was God in the flesh.

Nathan Jones: Well how can you teach doctrine if you consider that the Bible isn’t inerrant? If the Bible is filled with errors then you can’t teach doctrine, so you fall back to what the preachers seem to be falling back is that self help it’s all about you and not about God, and every sermon is about you.

Eric Barger: Well too much of the preaching today is all about the here and now and not about eternity.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Eric Barger: You can teach doctrine but it won’t be right doctrine, and when the virgin birth and the resurrection, in my opinion are the two most attacked doctrines the ones that are marginalized. The virgin birth for example, boy if He wasn’t born of a virgin then we has got errors in the Scripture because Matthew chapter 1 is very clear that He was born of a virgin. Isaiah talks about it, that, that was one of the prerequisites for the Messiah, so He either was, or He wasn’t. And the same is true with the Resurrection, either He was or He wasn’t. And these are two things that I detail and talk about.

Dr. Reagan: We have a major Christian University in the Dallas area and a few years the Professor Emeritus of New Testament at that University gave an Easter sermon and it was so revolutionary they put the whole sermon in the Dallas Morning News because his sermon was this: After Jesus died the disciples sat around the table and they just remembered things He said and it was kind of like the followers of Martin Luther King after he died they sat around and drank coffee and said, “You remember when Martin said this, you remember when Martin said this.” And as they talked about Martin he came alive in their hearts and that is all there was to the Resurrection He just came alive in their hearts.

Nathan Jones: So much for literal interpretation.

Eric Barger: Kind of sounds like Oprah, this is a feeling experience and not a believing experience and we’ll talk about that in the future.

Dr. Reagan: And we are going to talk about her more.

Eric Barger: Yes we are, we are, we sure are. We are talking about things right now that we are going to get into more depth in the next few programs here, so.

Dr. Reagan: Okay

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with Eric Barger, who is the founder and director of Take a Stand Ministries. Nathan why don’t you start off this segment with a question.

Nathan Jones: Sure, well I have been wondering since Dr. Reagan said that you were into drugs and rock and roll and that kind of lifestyle. And now here you are a leader in Apologetics, how did you make that transition from then to now. What is your background?

Eric Barger: Let me look at my watch we will see how much time we got for that. Well it was quite a trek if you will, to make it from one place to another. But God has his way. My wife and I meet each other when I was producing records and I was playing in a rock band. We were both drug addicts, we were both involved in New Age Occultism, when I met my wife she had a case full of witchcraft books.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, my.

Eric Barger: I was throwing the I Ching and the arrow sticks and reading my astrology chart faithfully, religiously. And so that was where we were. In the process our marriage was nearly falling apart and having two daughters that my wife was very concerned for them, and I wasn’t being a father at all I was living the Rock n’ Roll lifestyle. But in that process we found a Christian marriage counselor, it happened by me closing my eyes and putting my finger down in a phonebook.

Dr. Reagan: But it turned out to be a true Christian counselor.

Eric Barger: That’s right. And you know in Seattle in the late 70’s who knows what you might get under religions counselors.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yeah.

Eric Barger: It’s true today but back then that was the hot bed of New Age philosophy in those days. And it is still is to a certain extent today. But anyway so that is what happened, we picked out a marriage counselor. After about the third visit I didn’t want to go back anymore, because I was under what I now understand as conviction.

Nathan Jones: Okay.

Eric Barger: You know.

Nathan Jones: You were fighting it.

Eric Barger: I didn’t want to go back anymore. But she kept on going and she bought a Bible she received Christ. I was there when the marriage counselor actually lead her through the sinner’s prayer she confessed Jesus. You would have thought that a guy like me would have figured out maybe it was good for me too. Instead I got her out to the car lit up a joint, blew smoke in her face went home, packed a suitcase and left for three weeks. I mean that was where I was at, I did not want this religion. She wants to be a Jesus freak not with me. That’s where I was coming from. In those three weeks she found a little church around the corner from our house she had gone, she started a Bible study with some friends that she knew that were Christians and suddenly she was hooked up with them. And so I came back home you would have thought then I would have got saved when I walked into the kitchen and see the Apostle Paul’s sister cooking dinner, but it didn’t work out like that. For two years I put her through living hell, and she stuck it out she stayed with me. She was about to the end of her rope on a rainy cold Friday night in February 1981 she found my car sitting outside one of my girlfriend’s houses. And remember if you are in the rock music industry it is kind of like you can do your own thing, there are no restraints, no rules, its complete anarchy to yourself, whatever you want hedonism is the rule. In the process of all of that I had overdosed on cocaine that weekend, three day binge on cocaine. And I was a heavy drug user I had used drugs for 14 years. But I was 3 ½ years addicted to cocaine, $1000-$1500 a week somewhere in that neighborhood. And mind you now I am producing records I have what all my peers all call as good. I am driving around a really nice car and I am, and I’ve got way too much money and too many credit cards for a guy my age and no sense at all with what to do. You know I have what the world calls good and yet I am so empty inside I am pouring these drugs in trying to hide the pain, trying to cover it up. Well a three day binge on cocaine. A long story how it came to this, but on a rainy cold Sunday night that whole weekend was stormy in Seattle. The Sunday night I went to our house to ask her for a divorce and in the process of it all because of a book she had bought in the bookstore to keep her mind off of me, things she had marked in that book I opened it up and saw where it said that God hates divorce. And I fell on the floor and God got a hold of me and she came down off that couch and put her arms around me and began to hug me and console me. And I look back at that picture and I think that is Jesus is hugging the adulterous drug-addict through his wife. And I remember, she says although I don’t remember but I remember her telling me later on because, remember she is straightened out she has gotten saved she is off drugs.

Nathan Jones: Your daughters, too?

Eric Barger: She smoked, she drank she did all those things. No my daughters were not involved they were gone at that point they were at Grandma’s house thankfully, you know so they didn’t see any of this. But at 3 or 4 in the morning and really I am cutting so many corners off the testimony I encourage people to go to the website and read or listen to it, we have it in both formats on our website. I finally confessed Christ and I just began to say, “God forgive me.” And I believe that was the spot where Jesus came into my life and my sins are forgiven. The next morning we go to see our marriage counselor and when he prayed with me and for me that morning something happened that I can’t explain. People say that God doesn’t do miracles today I am a walking miracle, I never went through any rehab, any drug withdraws. I was delivered that morning never went back. I mean that is what God did for me. Now God uses drug rehab don’t get me wrong and I don’t want anyone to think out there that there is something wrong with them, that they missed it somehow or that God doesn’t love them. But He delivered me quickly and called us into ministries within just a couple years which I wouldn’t tell anybody that.

Dr. Reagan: Funny that you would mention miracles because as you were telling the story, I was sitting here thinking about that I grew up in a church that taught that the age of miracles had ceased in the First Century. And hey the greatest miracles that God performs today are the miracles of transformations in lives like he transformed your life.

Eric Barger: Oh, for sure.

Dr. Reagan: How did you get there from that point into ministry that is a big jump? You didn’t go out preaching the Gospel the next day did you?

Eric Barger: No, no, no I was not a theological giant that is for sure. But I began to read the Scripture like crazy and I had good mentoring. The marriage counselor was a good mentor to me he was a solid. He had been a pastor and he was doing marriage counseling and selling real estate, and doing marriage counseling in his real estate office. He didn’t have a congregation to preach to on Sunday so he got me every Tuesday you know. He began to minister to me and really poured himself into me. I tell you how it happened. I was listening to Christian radio voraciously listening to everything out there you know I was just hungry for God and hearing the great teachers at that point and time. But there was a station in Seattle where I heard Walter Martin everyday and I heard J. Vernon McGee and all the great teachers you know. But at night they had these people on that, that I was going that’s not Christian and I knew a little bit to know that wasn’t it. They had a known occultist on the radio at night. So I made an appointment with the station manager, I called up and I am going to go down and straighten him out maybe they really don’t know. And it was from that instance meeting the owner of the station and challenging him about some of the programs that he had on. A week later they called me and said, “How would you like to have a program on the air?”

Nathan Jones: Woah, really?

Dr. Reagan: Isn’t it amazing how God works?

Eric Barger: The owner of the station told me, “No one has ever challenged anything I have done in 30 years of radio in this town.” He owned the number one rock n’ roll radio station in the northwest as well.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, my.

Eric Barger: By the way that is the first time I realized that just because it says it is Christian doesn’t mean it is.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Eric Barger: Because I walked in and they told me there was no theological test to buy radio time on the station.

Dr. Reagan: You had actually grown up though in a Christian family hadn’t you, gone to church and all.

Eric Barger: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Cultural Christians.

Eric Barger: Well my grandparents took me to church. And I was baptized against my will when I was about 2, that kind of thing you know. And I heard all about the things in Scripture, I heard about all about the great stories in the Bible, heard all about Jesus. Sang in the choir, was in the kids plays at Vacation Bible School, but I didn’t know Jesus. And there are a lot of people watching this right now that by all of their works and all of the good stuff they do, even by the Bible they might read everyday, even by the prayers they might pray they think that does it. But none of that does it until you confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and that you are a sinner and you turn from your sins in repentance and follow after Him. And nobody ever taught to–

Dr. Reagan: We get e-mails like that all the time. They will say I have been teaching Sunday School in the Presbyterian church for the last 20 years and I just got saved. I have been an elder in the Methodist church for so many years and I just got saved. You know, it is one thing to go to church and another thing to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Eric Barger: It is and that is the whole key right there. And I just encourage anybody watching right now that if you do all this Christian stuff it is just so many good works but none of those things can absolve our sins, none of those things can take us to Heaven. None of that makes us born again.

Dr. Reagan: So very quickly you starting doing the radio program then?

Eric Barger: Did the radio program for two years.

Dr. Reagan: And that is how you started your ministry?

Eric Barger: During that period and time I started doing the seminars and I was also the youth pastor at a local church.

Dr. Reagan: You must have studied like mad during that time.

Eric Barger: Oh I did. But you know I started doing the one night seminar on rock music wherever a door might be open. And now it has turned into about 40 different messages that we have full blown PowerPoint for and I kind of a mixture of teacher and evangelist.

Dr. Reagan: Well I want to talk to you for a few minutes about rock music, okay?

Eric Barger: Great.

Part 3

Dr. Reagan: Well Eric you were talking about how music was such a central point of your life and I was reading some articles on your website and we are going to tell people later on where your website is because it is just full of wonderful articles. And I was reading the article about music and you made a comment about the rock ‘n roll music of 50’s is nothing compared to what we are exposed to today. Elaborate on that point.

Eric Barger: Well the music may be somewhat similar in the way it is constructed chord wise but that is about it, because the lifestyle is the thing that got me. I was being role modeled by the rock musicians and you know what we need to go back just for a second and revisit my testimony because I was going to church as a child did all those things. But when I started playing in bands on Friday and Saturday night suddenly I wasn’t going to church on Sunday morning. And even if a person is not an authentic born again Christian but yet just a church member, if the Devil can separate you from Christian fellowship he’s got you right where he wants you.

Dr. Reagan: Got you isolated.

Eric Barger: Exactly. So by the time I was 16, I was the only kid in my High school taking drugs, mind you this 1966 at this point and time. I was the first kid to get kicked out my high school for having hair touch his ears, to give you an idea where, that was the era I lived in and so we lived in a much more conservative era in general. But as you all know something happened in the 60’s with the summer of love and all the stuff that took place and it was actually the summer of hedonism but it was called the summer of love.

Nathan Jones: Woodstock.

Eric Barger: Woodstock was ’67. But you look back and look at that era and realize that the music wasn’t so much as the lifestyle and the rebellion and the anarchy that was being brought in. The most rebellious song on the radio when I was a little, little boy was probably, It’s My Party and I Will Cry if I Want To.

Dr. Reagan: Right.

Eric Barger: But look at today where you’ve got you know drugs and sex as the main issue in the music today. And rebellion and counter culture.

Dr. Reagan: And advocating of rape.

Eric Barger: Violence, murder, I mean these are the things being sung about.

Dr. Reagan: Advocating.

Eric Barger: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: Killing of police.

Eric Barger: This is just telling a story about violence this is saying go and do it. And whether our kids are being, whether they are going and doing it or it is just part of the culture in it. You listen to that enough and you begin to realize that the culture is beginning to act these things out.

Dr. Reagan: Oh yes. That reminds me of the film industry and all of their violence, and immorality in films and then they come back and say, “Oh, you think that is going to have an impact on somebody just watching a two hour movie?” Hey people pay millions of dollars for a one minute ad which can affect behavior.

Eric Barger: Yeah, advertising works, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. Nobody would be spending that money at the Super Bowl if people were not affected.

Dr. Reagan: You can image what a 2 and 1/2 hour movie does.

Nathan Jones: And effected by video games, Grand Theft Auto.

Eric Barger: I was going to say that next.

Nathan Jones: They have done studies and are showing that people after playing this game they have these urges to run people over when the are driving.

Eric Barger: Video games and the internet that has a little bit of all of that involved.

Dr. Reagan: You were talking about music in the 60’s and all, I remember when the Beatles came to the United States and they seemed so innocent and so much fun and all that. But I do remember something that I did not understand at the time, I remember when they came out with that album where they are all standing around the grave of the Beatles. Well that was really a symbolism of the fact they were changing their whole course that they were going to go into Eastern mystical experiences and bring that into the culture.

Eric Barger: I have said for years I don’t think we would have the New Age movement in the same effect that we have it today had it not been integrated into the culture through the Beatles, and the work of the Beach Boys and a couple of major actors and actresses, who really Westernized those things brought the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to America. You know transcendental meditation became the standard you know and to those people and to that era.

Dr. Reagan: Right.

Eric Barger: That is probably what got me involved with looking to Eastern Mysticism for a religion instead of looking to my basis in Christianity, which I had a basis in. The Beatles and Beach Boys and some of the other groups in that era and of course we look back to that the people who are being affected by that are now our Presidents and Congressmen, and Senators and Judges. And that maybe part of the problem we’ve got in the culture. The permissiveness of that time and lack of standards where the anchor for the word truth and right and wrong are have been moved so greatly that we can’t figure out where truth is anymore.

Dr. Reagan: I was looking for it here I don’t know what I I misplaced it someplace. But I had the lyrics of John Lennon’s song, Imagine, which is a very, very famous and popular song and it seemed so innocent. But you go through it and it says, “Just imagine a world without religion, a world where there is no possessions, a world where there is no nationalism, and we would just have peace and it would be so wonderful.” Basically what is saying, be an atheist, be a globalist, and be a socialist and everything is going to be wonderful and hunky-dory and all.

Eric Barger: And imagine there is no God.

Dr. Reagan: And imagine there is no God.

Eric Barger: Yeah. No standards you are your own God and of course that is New Age philosophy that is the bottom line for humanism which would never claim that there was a God anyway but they become their own God by saying there is none. And the New Age movement which of course is looking for spiritual experiences through Eastern Mystic philosophies.

Dr. Reagan: Well I think that it is so important for parents are aware of what kids are listening to, what their children are listening to. I don’t think that most parents are really aware what they are listening to.

Eric Barger: Well I have said for a long time I think if a child or teenager lives in your home and under roof it is your responsibility to find what is going on in their room. I will never forget after a meeting in Saskatchewan one night many years ago, maybe 20 years ago. Where a group of ladies came to the alter with a lady who was so broken she could barely walk up there herself and she was crying and I came down, we were finished with the meeting I came down off the platform and I said to one of the ladies, “What is wrong with this lady, what is going on here?” And they said, “Well her son committed suicide.” And I said, “What happened?” And she said, “Well she hadn’t been in his room for two years and when they broke the door down they found him dead with a shot gun but they found the ceremonial knives, the room was painted black, he had all the occult books. He had a pentagram painted on the floor. They had no idea he was practicing the occult, maybe Satanist.”

Nathan Jones: That happened in Russia recently.

Eric Barger: Really.

Nathan Jones: The father said, well, it is okay that my son is just hanging out in grave yards. But they stabbed their fellow four Goth friends something like 666 times and then ate their body parts and buried them with a crucified mouse. And the parents were like–

Eric Barger: I hadn’t heard this story my mouth is open I thought I had heard it all. A crucified mouse?

Nathan Jones: Yeah, upside down crucified mouse. And they interviewed one of the parents, this is in Russian, and he is like, “I just thought they were hanging out in the grave yard.” He had no concept.

Eric Barger: You know the grave yard isn’t where kids hang out, there may be a tip off there. But I think parents need to get involved with what their kids are listening to.

Dr. Reagan: And sometimes people think the only problem is rap music or rock music but you know you really need to be aware of all the kinds of music and be discerning. I can remember for example a song by Glen Campbell about the cowboy song that he sang.

Eric Barger: Gentle on my mind?

Dr. Reagan: No, no it’s the one about I’m the cowboy and I am going to New York and I am going to walk over anybody I have to walk over to get in that spot light. Well you know what kind of philosophy is that? Rhinestone Cowboy.

Eric Barger: Rhinestone Cowboy, sure.

Dr. Reagan: I am going to be the rhinestone and if I have to walk over everybody I will walk over them all to get to the top. Or some of the country western songs that–

Eric Barger: Well now brother I hear the TV sets clicking off now.

Dr. Reagan: This is sacred but you listen to a lot of them and what are they about? They are about running around on the old lady.

Eric Barger: I know.

Dr. Reagan: Getting drunk, spend the night in jail.

Eric Barger: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: And it glorifies it.

Nathan Jones: Wait till you play it backwards… you get your dog, your pickup and your wife all back! I know, I know.

Dr. Reagan: But even in pop music in a song like, Frank Sinatra’s song, I Did it My Way. I did it my way, who cares about God’s way, I did it my way.

Eric Barger: Well let’s warn people to be careful just don’t take the sound of the music and think that is all you have to be concerned with, let’s look at the philosophy being taught by it.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Eric Barger: Because as a musician I knew the power of music now I recorded people who went on to Grammy Awards, Kenny G for one, the group Queensryche I helped do the tape that got their record deal for them. And I look at those and I think the power of the influence. Queensryche by the way was the first group that I ever saw that encouraged people to follow a global government, and a one world order. I had no idea, I saw I quote from their lead singer about 5 years after they made it, this is a terrifically talented guy but he said we are just here to try to encourage kids, and people that listen to us, never used the word kids, that they should follow an one world government that should be the thing that will solve our problems. I mean I had no idea.

Nathan Jones: So I can blame you that my wife listens to Kenny G all the time?

Eric Barger: There is a prayer of deliverance I can give you later.


Dr. Reagan: Eric I have a video of yours here called The Most Dangerous Cult, and I would like to invite to come back next week and discuss that with us, would you be willing to do that?

Eric Barger: Great, love to.

Dr. Reagan: Okay. And you know what I saw something on your website about this and I thought, owe he is talking the Mormons of the Jehovah’s Witnesses or the Masons. It wasn’t anyone of those so I hope our folks will be tuned in next week to find out which one it is. Before we close though would you look right into the camera in front of you and tell folks how they can get in touch with your ministry.

Eric Barger: Sure, the best way is just go to on the internet And for those who don’t have internet connection or not on the web our office phone number is 214-289-5244 and you can contact us for information for any of the videos and information we have on the website or some of my books and of course for seminars I travel all over the country.

Dr. Reagan: Well folks that is our program for this week. Until next week the Lord willing, this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion Ministries’ saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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