Defending the Faith with Eric Barger, Part 2

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Learn what the world’s most dangerous cult is with Eric Barger on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on August 1, 2010.

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Dr. Reagan: What would you say is the most dangerous cult in the world today? The Mormons, the Jehovah Witnesses, the Masons? You might be surprised that one of Christendom’s foremost experts on the cults says it is none of these. Stay tuned to discover what he considers the world’s most dangerous cult.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus our blessed hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. I am delighted to have back with me again this week Eric Barger who is the founder and director of Take a Stand Ministries located in the Seattle, Washington area. Eric welcome back to Christ in Prophecy.

Eric Barger: Thank you brother I am glad to be here again.

Dr. Reagan: We are really glad to have you back. And I am also glad to have my associate Nathan Jones. Nathan is our Web Minister here at Lamb and Lion Ministries. He is going to help me interview Eric. Eric before we jump into our discussion this time I would like to start off the program by having you tell people how to get in touch with your ministry.

Eric Barger: Sure. We are going to talk about things I have all over our website so they can go there and follow along if you will.

Dr. Reagan: Right.

Eric Barger: It is And anybody that doesn’t have web access call 214-289-5244 and we would be glad to send them out an information package.

Dr. Reagan: Now folks we are going to be covering a lot of different topics in this program, we did in the previous program. We are going to try to get Eric to come back next week to cover some more topics. We are just going to hit the high points so if you are interested in getting into detail on any of these issues you need to contact his website where you will find all kinds of wonderful resources. In fact one of those is a video that you wanted to ask him about, Nathan.

Nathan Jones: Sure. I was looking at “The Most Dangerous Cult,” that David asked. It’s not Mormons, it’s not Jehovah’s Witnesses–I am running out, what is it?

Eric Barger: Should I tell everybody now you just have to buy the DVD and find out?

Dr. Reagan: There you go.

Eric Barger: It is also not Islam or Hinduism, it is not the New Age Movement. And people are going, what could it be? I believe the most dangerous cult is any person, church, or denomination who doesn’t faithfully represent the First Century Gospel of Jesus Christ, Who claims to be Christian but does not present the Biblical truth, and they are all around us. I have often said that Liberalism that teaches another Gospel inside our churches is way more damaging then all the Satanist getting together on Halloween night to pray out in the middle of a clearing and do a ritual.

Dr. Reagan: That is true.

Eric Barger: You know, because more people will go to Hell sitting in a church on a Sunday morning thinking everything is hunky-dory because they have been baptized, or their good people or they have heard a message, or they gave God their one hour a week, or whatever it might be, some other way then through the Cross and blood of Jesus. And that is what liberalism teaches, it is all about good works, it’s all the social gospel. And of course we have seen it take over the mainline denominations who were once very evangelical a 100, 150 years ago.

Dr. Reagan: And Eric this is so rampant in the Church today every where you look. You know for 25 years, almost 30 years now, I have been going to churches all over this nation. This is a non-denominational ministry so we go to all kind of churches, I have been to every denomination. And what I have found very early on you can not judge a church by the sign board outside. I will give you an example. I have been to Methodist churches that didn’t believe anything. I have been to Methodist churches that are on fire for the Lord. I have been to Methodist churches that were charismatic, and Methodist churches that are non-Charismatic. It depends on what is going on in that pulpit. Is Jesus being lifted up as the only hope for the world? Is the Bible being presented as being the Word of God? And I don’t care what the sign board says out front, because you know as well as I do that there Southern Baptist churches now that deny the inerrancy of the Word.

Eric Barger: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: Just as there are Presbyterian churches that do. It is in all the denominations this revolt against the Word of God and revolt against doctrine, and this touchy, feely thing of well you know whatever you know.

Eric Barger: Preach it brother.

Dr. Reagan: I mean your Christianity is you, and mine is for me, and so forth and it is like Christianity has no meaning anymore.

Eric Barger: Well Christianity is not a self-styled religion. We have beliefs, and the beliefs have been left behind. We have doctrines that held us together. Paul’s charge to Timothy was to go preach the Gospel and reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all long-suffering and doctrine.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Eric Barger: We better know what those doctrines are. And you know people think that it is out of bounds to mention that somebody that would call themselves a Christian as a cultist. When you look at the central or essential doctrines of the Bible if people are not holding on to those central doctrines, for example you could find in the Apostles Creed just for an example. If you don’t hold to those central doctrines, what makes us Christians? What could possible make that term stick to us?

Dr. Reagan: Wouldn’t you agree that there is a central core of doctrine that is essential to Christianity, and if you are not into that you are not really a Christian? You can call yourself one, but you know the fact that you call yourself a garage doesn’t make you a garage. I mean it is what you believe and I am not talking about 10,000 different things we could disagree on. I grew up in a church that was very legalistic and we said an opinion, liberty, and in all things love. But we considered everything essential, everything was essential. So we drew lines in fellowship over what you believe about prophecy, we drew lines of fellowship over what you believe about music and the worship service. How often you could take communion. We are not talking about music in the church, how often you take communion and this sort of thing. What are the core doctrines that we are talking about?

Eric Barger: That is correct. And I make that point we are not talking about those peripheral doctrines.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah we can all disagree on.

Eric Barger: We are talking about: the blood of Jesus, how you are saved, about the inerrancy of the Scriptures, about who God is, about the deity of Christ, those are the central doctrines of the faith. Now we can disagree about prophecy and all those other issues, and how to baptize someone, sprinkle or dunk, all those issues. I know there are Baptist who will fight on that one.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yeah.

Eric Barger: We can disagree on those things and be agreeable and loving and call each brother. But when someone comes to me and says, “Well I am a Christian but I don’t believe the Virgin Birth.” I will say, “Well listen you can call yourself a Christian, but I can’t call you brother. If you don’t believe that He was born of a virgin, He couldn’t have been the Savior.” Why are we monkeying around with Christianity or something called Christianity? Or somebody who says the Resurrection is irrelevant. Those two things are the big things we mentioned before on the earlier program. That those two things seem to be the hot buttons, and there the things that have caused the liberal theologians 150 years ago or so to begin to disavow many of the many other doctrines of the faith.

Dr. Reagan: One thing I have noticed as it seems we have moved into these end times and we are getting closer and closer to the coming of the Lord. There are more, and more and more attacks upon Jesus and who He was.

Eric Barger: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: More and more are saying He was a great man, He was a good teacher, He was a wonderful person, He was a good moral person. But God in the flesh come on.

Nathan Jones: They never analyze Buddha’s life on the news. It is always Jesus.

Eric Barger: You never hear Buddha being used as a swear word either, you notice that.

Dr. Reagan: You know I am glad that you mentioned that, because for many, many years I have said that is one of the evidences that Jesus was really God in the flesh is the very fact that Satan motivates people all over the world to use His name as a curse word. They don’t use Judas’ name as a curse word, or Satan’s name as a curse word, or Buddha’s name as a curse word. Why is it Jesus Christ?

Eric Barger: That is exactly right.

Dr. Reagan: Got to be a supernatural thing.

Eric Barger: Great point, something I have thought about also, I think it is, I think it is. Let’s never forget that these people, and we have liberalism throughout the denominations, we have it in our seminaries. If you are going to find the most liberal spot in the seminaries and denominations are at the very top. And that is a sad scenario but that is true. It is us guys out here who you know they would look at us as backwards and hayseed and all those things since we don’t see it intellectually like they do and we just haven’t been educated enough. I guess I haven’t been educated enough to realize the Bible isn’t God’s Word. Because I believe that it is Gods’ Word I believe it from cover to cover that it is God’s Word.

Dr. Reagan: Well I was a professor for 20 years at the University, and I know all the academic games, I know all of them. And what really distresses me is to see theologians who are supposed to be teaching the Word of God approach the Word of God like it is Shakespeare, like it is something you are to analyze and dissect and tear apart. Instead of something to serve as the bases of everything you believe, and everything that you do, and get up and mock it. Most people are not aware of the fact that in probably 70% of seminaries in America if not more the Bible is looked upon as man’s search for God and therefore full myth, legend and superstition it is not God’s revelation to man.

Eric Barger: Yeah that is exactly right. I was reading recently a quote from a very liberal theologian named Marcus Borg he is part of the Jesus Seminar.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Eric Barger: Which as we all know, we know and I hope the viewers know is not about the Jesus of the Bible?

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Eric Barger: It is a very, very liberal place. He said that when he went to seminary that convinced him that the Word of God was not a God inspired thing, it was a man book, that it wasn’t a God book. I thought you know that may be a good reason why you ought to really be careful where you go to seminary to make sure you are going to hear the truth, because some of our kids are going to go to seminary during a very vulnerable time in their life.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yes.

Eric Barger: And they can be completely tripped up for eternity.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, you better be very careful seminary you go to today. I heard Howard Hendricks from Dallas Theological Seminary, I heard one time in a public forum and they asked him, “What seminaries would you recommend?” And he said, “Well I don’t want to get into all that, I will talk to you personally about it.” But he said, “Let me tell you this you got to pick them carefully because,” he said, “the average seminary in American has the same impact upon a student as putting a live egg under a dead hen.”

Eric Barger: Wow, what a great statement, I want to write that one down.

Dr. Reagan: It is true, it is true.

Eric Barger: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: You mentioned the Jesus Seminar, one of the most apostate things that has come on the Christian scene in a long time where they are voting on the words of Jesus. Did He say it, did He not say it?

Eric Barger: Right.

Dr. Reagan: Three of the chairman of the four committees of that were from the same seminary Phillips University, in Enid, Oklahoma. I went there one time and I met with the head of the Seminary and I sat down with him and I said, “Tell me what is the goal of the seminary in the first year?” And without hesitation he said, “The goal of our seminary in the first year is to erase from the minds of our students all the garbage they have learned in church.”

Eric Barger: Wow.

Nathan Jones: Why even call themselves a seminary?

Dr. Reagan: But it doesn’t even exist anymore, it went out of existence.

Eric Barger: Really, praise the Lord.

Dr. Reagan: The whole thing went out of existence.

Eric Barger: This sounds like Rudolf Bultmann.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yeah.

Eric Barger: Bultmann the liberal theologian that is partially responsible for this talked about the demythologizing the Bible you know you have to take all the myths out. And of course the myth of the Resurrection, and myth of the Virgin Birth all those things. You know the co-chairman of the Jesus Seminar now that we are talking about this is John Dominic Crossan. I read a quote in Time Magazine where he said that Jesus body was laid in a shallow grave and torn apart by wild dogs. This is what–

Nathan Jones: Based on what?

Dr. Reagan: Paul says if you don’t believe in the Resurrection you don’t have any hope.

Eric Barger: That is exactly right, 1 Corinthians 15, exactly.

Nathan Jones: They just kind of make it up and present it as fact.

Dr. Reagan: So why bother?

Eric Barger: Yeah exactly, exactly. This is a form of godliness but denying the power there of, and Paul said to Timothy from such turn away, don’t have dialogue, don’t figure out what you have in common. You know I can dialogue with people if they are willing to say the Scripture is what our dialogue is about. That it is truth and everything comes from that. But when people are denying the foundational doctrines of the faith Paul said, run from them it is a disease. A little leaven will leaven the whole lump. That what’s happened to our denominations today, we want to sit around and intellectualize and have committees whether God’s Word is God’s Word. Instead of realizing there is a lost and dying world out there, because they do not see the world as lost. They think good works will do it, See works have replaced salvation by grace.

Dr. Reagan: I know, I know. What has got me is how fast all this happened. It has happened in my lifetime I have seen this denunciation of all the fundamentals of the Christian faith. You know I think of the Bishop of one of the major denominations in America who was the Bishop of New Jersey who wrote a book just a few years ago in which he denied the Virgin Birth, denied the Resurrection, denied the Second Coming, and argued that Paul and Timothy were homosexual lovers. This is a bishop of a major denomination.

Nathan Jones: Sounds like Gene Robinson.

Dr. Reagan: But that particular has lost 56% of its membership in the last 60 years.

Nathan Jones: And that is the result of this, right? The farther away they go from Biblical soundness the more people they lose.

Dr. Reagan: The same thing happened in Britain with the Anglican Church they became enslaved to this and so they got up and saying, “The Bible says this, but modern psychology says that, you pay your money and take your choice.” And people said, “Why am I bothering even to come?” So they stopped coming.

Nathan Jones: You’ve got to give them meat.

Dr. Reagan: And 7% attend church today.

Eric Barger: Had on our website there is an article called, The Most Dangerous Cult, people can do the search to find it, we have a search engine in the website. And in that I recite a poll that was taken now about 9 years ago, if I remember correctly. And in that poll there were 7,500 ministers were polled and they went down through out each denomination, 13% I believe of Lutherans, Lutheran pastors did not believe in the Resurrection. It got down to 51% of the United Methodist ministers didn’t believe in the Resurrection. I am going okay these are people who are involved in some sort of religious philosophy, but they have disqualified themselves from being authentic ministers by their lack of belief in the doctrines that they are supposed to be upholding. What hope do we have if the people in the pulpit aren’t telling us the truth?

Dr. Reagan: Amen.

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to our interview with Eric Barger who is the Founder and Director of Take a Stand Ministries. Eric I want to talk for a moment about another of your videos called, The Errors of the Emergent Church. Now that is a strange term the emergent church I hear more, and more, and more about that. And I would like to ask you first of all, where in the world is that crazy, strange term come from, the emergent church. And then what is it? What are we talking about here?

Eric Barger: The emerging movement came out of the young leadership network about 10 years ago now, so it is a very, very new thing. But it is all about the idea that the post-moderns have been left behind, that group of people, and there needs to be a new church now emerge to meet their needs or to reach them. And I am all for reaching post-moderns, before-moderns, after-moderns.

Dr. Reagan: But before we go any further let’s just stop right there and what is a post-modern?

Eric Barger: Post-modern would be people who are in the post-modern generation that would be people my age and younger. I am 57 but people–

Dr. Reagan: Yeah but what makes a person a post-modern?

Eric Barger: Just the time of the era, just the time of the era.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah but it is more then age, it has to do with some things they think.

Eric Barger: Oh, mind set, mind set.

Dr. Reagan: Alright, what is the mind set of post-modern?

Eric Barger: It is the lack of standards, lack of good doctrine, lack of what truth is.

Dr. Reagan: It is really a revolt against modernity you know science didn’t solve our problems.

Eric Barger: That’s right. We are looking for something else.

Dr. Reagan: So let’s now go to–

Nathan Jones: Your reality is what you make it.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, exactly.

Eric Barger: But it is that is the New Age idea that you create your own reality and do your own thing. You know that is what we used to say.

Dr. Reagan: And part of that is a rejection of truth isn’t it?

Eric Barger: Sure.

Dr. Reagan: Absolute truth?

Eric Barger: That is what I started to say.

Dr. Reagan: Your opinion is as good as mine.

Eric Barger: Exactly. The standard of where truth is has changed or where the anchor of what holds us together, where we can figure out what the word truth is. That is called epistemology where we find out where our knowledge comes from, where beliefs and truths intersect.

Dr. Reagan: So you go to an emergent church, and they are not all the same of course but you might, instead of a person getting up and preaching a sermon, everybody might be just kind of sitting around in a room and a kind of relaxed atmosphere. And just have a off the head conversation and anybodies attitude, or view is as good as anybody else’s.

Eric Barger: Well one of the fellows that came out the emergent movement from right in the very beginning of is said that the conversation about doctrine is what bothered him. They were conversing does God really know the future? Does gender come with distinction? Is homosexuality really a sin? Do we have to keep the doctrine of the trinity? They began to check off these things that they were conversing about.

Dr. Reagan: Even the doctrine of the atonement.

Eric Barger: Yes. It seems to me like that the whole thing in the Garden of Eden that caused the fall of mankind was a conversation about whether God’s truth was God’s truth or not. This is the exact same thing again. And let me tell that you as we talked about liberalism in the first part of this program. This is the new liberalism and it is extremely prophetic. Paul said to the Thessalonians let no one deceive you by any means for that day shall not come until there come a falling away first. A falling away, or rebellion the Greek word there of course is, apostasia an apostacy. And this is what we see happening.

Dr. Reagan: But the thing that is so subtle about this is, is that this new liberalism under the guise of conservatism, because they call themselves evangelical.

Eric Barger: That’s the catcher. I believe in my message in the DVD you held up and also in my live seminar I do now on this. Three of four times I will bring up these people claim to be us, and if this is evangelicalism, I am no longer an evangelical.

Dr. Reagan: I believe the word evangelical has lost it’s meaning.

Eric Barger: It has, it has, it has been redefined.

Dr. Reagan: It used to mean, a person who was an evangelical was a person who relied on the Word of God for everything they believed and all of their actions in life, their attitudes, their actions. Today an evangelical it just doesn’t.

Nathan Jones: Well, they start as the youth group of an evangelical church and they emerge out of it. So, I can see why there is a strong feeling that they are conservative because they come out of it. And then the church realizes, “Hey, wait a minute! They are not following what we are doing. They are cutting all ties. They are not listening to leadership.” And, they go and spread off and form their own church.

Dr. Reagan: But, isn’t it true for example that the leader of this movement, Brian McLaren made, actually made the statement that John 3:16 God wasn’t talking about people He was talking about the Earth, God so loved the world.

Eric Barger: Heard with my own ears. I am sure we will put some graphics up on this, heard with my own ears for three days in February this year at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho as Brian McLaren redefined Christianity. He said the term the world is not talking about the people the lost, it is talking about the Earth. They played; they showed a film by the Sierra Club.

Dr. Reagan: So Jesus came to save the Earth?

Nathan Jones: He died for the Earth?

Eric Barger: Yes and he said the term Kingdom of God is not a spiritual term but or a religious term it is a political term and that it meant God’s eco-system or God’s global love economy.

Dr. Reagan: So this just is the old liberalism, the old social gospel in new clothes.

Eric Barger: Yeah, exactly. There looking for something different then conservatism or atheism they want a spiritual experience. Rob Bell another one of the leaders in this movement from Grandville, Michigan has 10,000 people in his church. And he said, “This is just not Christianity dressed up, this is a paraphrase, he said we are discovering Christianity as an Eastern Religion.” That is where is going.

Dr. Reagan: Well I know it is, because I know of a fellow who had a church out in California who was part of a very conservative, evangelical denomination. Who got involved in this and the first thing he knew he set up card tables in the lobby of his church and on those card tables he put Greek icons and taught people to come in, bow down, and pray to a Greek icon, because it is into touch, feely.

Eric Barger: Yeah it is.

Dr. Reagan: It is back into incense and the things of this nature you know.

Eric Barger: It is. I am going to read from my notes here, and this in the DVD, emergence are experience over reason, spirituality over doctrine and absolutes, images over words, feelings over truth, earthly justice more important then salvation, and social action that trumps eternity.

Dr. Reagan: That is so important say it again.

Eric Barger: Experience over reason, spirituality over doctrine and absolutes, images over words, feelings over truth, earthly justice more important then salvation, and social action that trumps eternity.

Dr. Reagan: Boy that is a succinct summary, beautiful. And that explains to me how the leader Brian McLaren could make that comment that he makes in his book about I am a Buddhist, I am Confuscist, I am a Jew, I am everything, Pentecostal, non-Pentecostal, charismatic, non-charismatic, because you don’t believe anything.

Eric Barger: That is on I think the back cover of a, Generous Orthodoxy which is a very unorthodox book. Now these books are published, these authors are published by major, once reliable Christian publishing houses. And really when you call Brian McLaren the leader, he may be the god father of it, but really there is no leader, these people are all self-styling–

Dr. Reagan: Doing their own thing.

Eric Barger: Exactly. You were mentioning the icons a minute ago. I went to this conference and I was of course shocked that this was happening at Northwest Nazarene, but I wanted to go hear from the horse’s mouth. So a pastor friend of mine and I went together, a pastor named Chris Baird a good friend. We both took a lot of notes. The Friday night meeting the songs that were sung any Wiccan priest could have sung along with because they were so morbid they were all about the earth has been tortured and raped. No glory of God, no worship of God in them. Then they showed a film by the Sierra Club, then McLaren went through the redefinition of the terms of Christianity. And then at the end we were looking up and front and we couldn’t quite tell what it was up there in front on these tables that they had. We were a, you know, obviously a few yards away from it and he had people, he said, “Now if you feel lead come up and take water out of the vat and rebaptize yourself into the new Christianity.” And then–

Dr. Reagan: And something also about feeling the dirt?

Eric Barger: Yeah, then he said, “While you are there, there is a tub of dirt up there we found out, he said while you are there make sure you put your hands in the dirt to find out what needs to be saved.” Now again this is not a voodoo ritual we are talking about folks. These are people who claim to be evangelicals who are sold at Christian Bookstores and are speaking in our seminaries and Bible colleges around the country.

Dr. Reagan: That is right.

Eric Barger: And I am not picking on the Nazarenes, I speak at Nazarene churches. I know Nazarene pastors after I put out our newsletter on this, two of them contacted me their hoping mad. One of them suggested that we have a new Tea Party.

Dr. Reagan: A new Boston Tea Party.

Eric Barger: That we take the seminary back for God you know, because they are concerned about it. I am going how did that kind of theology make it by the restrainer of truth to make it to the pulpit of a major seminary.

Dr. Reagan: Well I am glad you made that point because we are not picking on any particular denomination.

Eric Barger: No, no.

Dr. Reagan: This is a problem in all denominations. Now because of that let me ask you this question, I think this is a very crucial question. What should the average Christian be looking for as a red flag or sign that perhaps their church is moving into this apostasy?

Eric Barger: Just wait for the word missional.

Dr. Reagan: Missional alright, explain this.

Eric Barger: To become a missional Christian that you have a world view that is different it is about solving the problems of the world. It is the same old stuff that happened 100, 150 years ago that caused the major denominations to go down. See it worked so good the first time, if I were the Devil I wouldn’t of change my technique.

Dr. Reagan: Okay.

Eric Barger: I would have continued to do it, and now to try to destroy the evangelicals of today, just like he did the once evangelical church such as Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, etc.

Dr. Reagan: And moving into, away from the preaching of doctrine, the preaching of truth of the Bible to you, know your attitude is as good as anybody else’s.

Nathan Jones: It is all about you. It’s not about God.

Dr. Reagan: It is all about you.

Eric Barger: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: This sort of thing. It is like, and all of this the idea that this is the only way to reach post-moderns.

Eric Barger: Yeah, that was the premise in the beginning that we’ve got to find a way to reach this unreached people group. But what are we reaching them with that’s the thing. You know that is the question that we got to ask. Now it is with yoga, and walking through Labyrinth which comes out of Greek and other mystic beliefs.

Dr. Reagan: That is the big deal, you go through the mazes.

Eric Barger: And it clears and centers your mind, these are words being used in their seminars or their messages.

Dr. Reagan: I know some that are even advocating going back to prayer beads.

Eric Barger: Oh,yeah.

Nathan Jones: There was a big push for Roman Catholism like the Eucharist, right, inside the Emergent Church?

Eric Barger: Well, there is integrate all those ideas. And last April the Dalai Lama had the big meeting in Seattle where they had 105,000 people at Qwest Field. And both Rob Bell and Doug Pagitt both of them, called emergent Christian leaders both, of them referred to as evangelical Christians were in panel discussions with people from all the other religions, bowing down to the Dalai Lama calling him his holiness.

Dr. Reagan: Who claims to be god.

Eric Barger: Yeah. Calling him his holiness, I was ready to throw up watching this thing. But I watched this group and am thinking they never mentioned Jesus, they never brought up anything about Christianity. It was like, before a lost and dying world were saying that every religion is equal, we are going to talk about in the future program.

Nathan Jones: Boy, that sounds prophetic doesn’t it?

Dr. Reagan: Well I was going to say. I thought–

Eric Barger: I told me wife–

Dr. Reagan: Well it looks like we are just moving at super speed into the one world religion.

Eric Barger: Hey I told my wife, I am just waiting for the curtain to part and the Antichrist to walk out, except there is one problem I am still here. So it is not going to happen today. But I said it will be the same grouping of people, with the Sheik and Hindi and Muslim and a Jewish leader, and these apostate Christians standing there. It will be the same kind of group that will usher in Antichrist and say he’s our leader follow him. It is prophetic. Now folks don’t get down in the mouth about this.

Dr. Reagan: No.

Eric Barger: This is prophetic times we are living in, just to think that we live in the day that we live in today. I know you have said this before but I get so excited about it, I have said it hundreds of times, I am so thrilled to live in this day and to think that we are able to watch these things happen just before the Return of the Lord.

Dr. Reagan: But we do need to be aware of the fact that we are living in a time of great deception, great apostasy, were we need to be discerning and we need to stand out and speak out for the truth.

Eric Barger: Yes exactly.

Dr. Reagan: And not just hang back and say well I am afraid I am going to hurt someone’s feelings.

Eric Barger: Well I am done with that, you know I am not going to worry about it, you know. And if there are people that are turned off by our forthrightness about this, I can’t help that.

Dr. Reagan: For some reason Eric in the short time I have know you, I have gotten the impression that you are not one that tip-toes through the tulips.

Eric Barger: I have the same impression about you somehow too, brother.

Nathan Jones: Not him, no.

Eric Barger: I imagine your viewers are used to a kind, gentler Dr. Dave, what do you think? I am not sure about that.

Dr. Reagan: Maybe so.

Part 3

Nathan Jones: Eric, I have learned a lot about the Emergent Church from you. Something that is still kind of nebulous in my mind is the New Age Movement. Can you come back next week and tell us all about the New Age Movement?

Eric Barger: Sure, would love to.

Dr. Reagan: Well you took the words right out of my mouth that was what I was going to ask you.

Nathan Jones: Beat you to it!

Dr. Reagan: Because you said in your autobiography that you were very much involved in this. And it is to me nebulous it is like nailing Jell-O to the wall. What is the New Age Movement? So we are going to ask you next week.

Eric Barger: Great way to put it, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, alright. Well folks that is our program for this week. Until next week, Lord willing this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries, saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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