Hitchcock on 2012

Will the world really end in 2012? Find out with guest Dr. Mark Hitchcock on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on January 15, 2012.

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Dr. Reagan: Many people in the secular world today are pointing to the year 2012 as the date for the end of the world. What is the basis of this speculation? And is there any biblical basis for it? Stay tuned for an interview with a Bible prophecy expert who has written a book about the subject.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus our blessed hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague Nathan Jones and I are delighted to have with us a very special guest a Bible prophecy colleague named Mark Hitchcock. Welcome Mark, glad to have you here.

Dr. Hitchcock: Thanks for having me it is a great blessing to be here with you all.

Dr. Reagan: Well it is always a blessing to have somebody from Oklahoma come down to Texas to get enlightened.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right, it is, that’s right. I spent three years that is where I came and got all my spiritual enlightening at Dallas Seminary.

Dr. Reagan: There you go. Take it to the heathen back up north.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, okay. Well Mark is the pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, and is a prolific writer about Bible prophecy. He is also a much in demand speaker at Bible Prophecy Conferences all over the nation. And I am also glad to have with me Nathan Jones. Nathan is going to help me with this interview. He is our Web Minister here at Lamb and Lion Ministries and one of our Evangelists. And in that capacity of Web Minster he spends five days a week on our website responding to questions from people literally all over the world. Nathan is also established himself as a very well recognized writer about Bible prophecy topics. Nathan, why don’t you start our interview with Mark?

Nathan Jones: I would be happy to. Well it is good to meet you Dr. Hitchcock.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah, likewise.

Nathan Jones: I love reading your books and particularly I would like to know a little more about you though, this is the first time I get to meet you in person and Dr. Reagan says that you pastor a church in Edmondton, Oklahoma.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Nathan Jones: Edmond, okay.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right. Yeah, I grew up in Oklahoma City area. I went to Oklahoma State University. Then I went to law school after that and I worked for four years at the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals for a judge there. Then I left there and went to Dallas Seminary, and came back to Edmond, Oklahoma where I have been the Pastor of Faith Bible Church there now for 18 years. It is hard to believe it has been that long.

Dr. Reagan: Well that is a fascinating background Mark. Very similar to mine, you know I was a professor of International Politics for 20 years before I went into the ministry. And here you are with a law degree and now pastoral experience and all. When in the world do you find time to write all these books you write?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well the church I am at is a great group of people, great elders and leaders there. And they really encourage me to do the work that God has called me to do and so I preach on Sunday mornings on Wednesday nights there at the church and just take a couple days a week and spend time writing. And I also got my Ph.D. at Dallas Seminary, it took nine years, I went back and forth and did that, in my spare time, so.

Dr. Reagan: I know people who have been working on it for 20 years.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right, yeah.

Nathan Jones: Why Bible prophecy? I mean being a lawyer, what got you really into that?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well I got interested in Bible prophecy really as a young man, I was about 12, 13 years old. “Late Great Planet Earth” came out in May of 1970, when I was 11 years of age. The people in the youth group, my sister was a couple years older then me, all these young people reading this book. And I remember reading it and at that time I remember even as a boy picking this up and understanding, you know this really has to do with what is going on in our world today. And you know like a lot of young people I was kind of dormant in my life for a while and then in my early 20’s when I began to study the Bible, I just realized there were large portions of the Bible I had no idea what they were about. I came to see if I was going to really understand the Bible, I had to understand Bible prophecy. So that’s really what got me interested. What I would really say for myself I have a love in Bible prophecy, but really I love the Bible. And to me if you love the Bible and almost 1/3 of it is prophecy then you are going to love prophecy. So I don’t consider myself someone who is necessarily in love with prophecy, I just love the Bible, and prophecy is a big part of it.

Dr. Reagan: Well tell me, now that you have become a Bible prophecy teacher, lecturer, writer, and so forth. And you look back on your life, how would you say that legal training has helped you?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well you know when you go to law school you learn how to examine things, examine evidence not just take what people say at face value. To look at it, to examine it, to think critically about it and I think the experience I had in law school and then, also you know it shows God’s providence in our lives. I went to work for a judge and basically worked with him, researching, writing opinions for him. And had no idea that I was going to become someone who wrote books. And you can look back in your life, probably a lot of people can and see how God was really guiding and leading your life every step of the way, for what He ultimately wanted you to do, back when you didn’t even know it.

Dr. Reagan: Same thing happened to me, I ran from the Lord for 20 years. You weren’t running, but I was, because the Lord had called me and I said, “Here I am Lord, send anyone but me.” And when I finally came to the end of myself and said, “Okay Lord, I am tired of this.” He handed me a ministry in Bible prophecy and for 20 years had been teaching International Politics and Bible prophecy and the End Times is all about what? International politics, so even when I was running He was preparing me for what He wanted me to do.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah, and that is wonderful to look back on our lives. I think that is an encouragement maybe to parents watching for their children, or maybe young people thinking about what does God want me to do? Just follow what God is showing you to do along the way and He will be preparing the path for you. Amen.

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to our interview of Mark Hitchcock. Mark has just published a book about the widespread speculation and even hysteria that the world will come to an end on December the 21st, 2012. The book looks like this, “2012,” and the subtitle is, “The Bible and the End of the World.” Well Mark what is the basis of all this speculation?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well it comes from the ancient Mayans who lived down in the area of modern Yucatan Peninsula. Folks who have been to Cancun.

Dr. Reagan: Part of Mexico.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah Mexico and then it went on down into modern Guatemala. And the Mayan’s were amazing mathematicians and astronomers. They were literally obsessed with time, I mean they loved time.

Dr. Reagan: They had lots of calendars didn’t they?

Dr. Hitchcock: They had 20 calendars that they used. And they had three main ones.

Dr. Reagan: I can’t even keep up with one.

Dr. Hitchcock: I know. They were incredible though and the structures that they built. Everything in their whole civilization was built in relation to the universe to pointing to something important and the stars with alignments. It is really incredible to read about them. And they had several calendars, they had 3 main ones, but they had this long count calendar that measured periods of 5,125 years, they saw all of time really in these 5 ages. And 4 of them according to their methodology have passed, so the last one started on August 11, 3114 BC and it is going to end on December 21, 2012. Now some say these other four ages all ended in some great cataclysm, although there is a lot of speculation about that. Now the problem with that is really most of that is before recorded history.

Dr. Reagan: Right.

Dr. Hitchcock: So we really don’t know. And even the Mayan’s themselves, their descendants that live down there today say that 2012 is not going to be the end, that is not what they intended at all. So, some say this is going to be the end of the world when 2012 gets here, December 21st. Some say this is going to be a no it is going to be a new beginning, a great global transformation of human consciousness, you know that is going to take place. But this is one thing to me that is fascinating about the Mayan’s, without computers, without telescopes they knew that the Earth as it turns on its axis, wobbles 1 degree every 72 years. So to complete one of these cycles it is called the Precession of the Equinox takes almost 26,000 years, and that will be complete in December the 21st of 2012.

Dr. Reagan: Now what period of time in history are we talking about here? Is this before Christ or after Christ that the Mayan’s lived.

Dr. Hitchcock: Well, they started before Christ, you know around 1500 BC, but really became a greater people around 400 BC. But they reached their peak around 800 or 900 AD.

Dr. Reagan: AD yes, then they just suddenly disappeared, right?

Dr. Hitchcock: They just vanished and no one knows what happened, they don’t know if it was disease, or over farming, famine. You know which kind of just adds to the whole mystery of these people. But they knew an incredible amount about time, they knew an incredible amount about the universe. I mean the inventions they had and the exactness of their calendars, amazing. I always tell people you know if it depended on me we wouldn’t have the wheel yet. I look at these people and the incredible advanced civilization they had.

Dr. Reagan: But isn’t all the speculation about some sort of cataclysmic event, can’t all that really be traced back to one individual who began to write articles about this and it is all just speculation.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah Jose Arguelles back in 1987 came out with the book called, The Mayan Factor.

Dr. Reagan: Who is one weirdo.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah, he is one weirdo. They had the Harmonic Convergence, you know that they talked about at that time.

Nathan Jones: New Age.

Dr. Hitchcock: And really the underpinnings of this whole 2012 phenomenon really are New Age. In fact this has been called by some the New Age eschatology, or the End Time view of the whole New Age Movement. So just like the other religions of the world all have some view of how things are going to end, this is kind of the New Age viewpoint. But it is fascinating that the Mayans themselves never said any of this, it is kind of popular culture that has caught on. Of course the movie that is out on this, the most expensive movie ever made on 2012, is really feeding this. And I think the other thing that is feeding this, you know there is a lot of fear out there today in our culture, a lot of uneasiness.

Dr. Reagan: Would it be true to say that there is not one single Mayan expert, I mean academic expert in the world who agrees that this calendar marks the end of the world?

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s correct there’s not one. And scientist at NASA and others say none of this galactic alignment is going to cause the end of the world. It is all being driven by people, really again from this New Age background. But there are hundreds of books out there. If you put in 2012 End of the World you get 18 million hits, last time I checked on Google. I mean that is how much it is out there, and it is really causing a lot of fear and anxiety in the hearts of a lot of people.

Dr. Reagan: Well your mention of galactic alignment reminded me, you were asking a question beforehand about other factors. What was it?

Nathan Jones: Yeah, the Mayan calendar, I definitely hear that tied to the 2012 end time scenario.

Dr. Hitchcock: Right.

Nathan Jones: But I heard some other things too, is the Mayan thing just the only factor?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well, it is the basis really of all of it, but there are several other things that apply as well. We do know that on December 21, 2012, even astronomers say there is going to be this alignment between the Earth and the Sun with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, for the first time in 26,000 years. Again the Mayan’s knew that, I mean that is staggering that they knew that. The problem is they knew a lot about calendars and a lot about astronomy but they didn’t know the future, that is the problem with that.

Nathan Jones: Weren’t even their ziggurats supposed to be living calendars?

Dr. Hitchcock: Oh yeah I mean one of the large ones they have there are 91 steps on the 4 sides, and then the top equals 365. And at the spring solstice on March 21 every year at the big Kukulcan Ziggurat or pyramid down in Mexico when the sun hits it at 3 o’clock in the afternoon the sun, the shadow on it like a serpent that wiggles down the stairs and comes down to this big serpent head. They were able to position that where that would take place, I mean it is stunning.

Dr. Reagan: Very quickly before we have another break just outline some other factors that have gone into all this speculation in addition to the Mayan calendar.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yes you have the galactic alignment you see out there. Solar flares, 2012 is supposed to a very active year for solar flares, which is a fact actually that is going to happen.

Dr. Reagan: Okay.

Dr. Hitchcock: Well then you’ve got Nostradamus.

Dr. Reagan: He always seems to get in there.

Dr. Hitchcock: He is always there, everywhere. He seems to be all over the History Channel and all.

Dr. Reagan: What else.

Dr. Hitchcock: You have Bible codes.

Dr. Reagan: Okay.

Dr. Hitchcock: Some people point to, and also computers, it is called the Web Bot Project. They say that points to 2012 as well.

Dr. Reagan: In just a moment we are going to come back and ask you to give us an analysis of each of those. Great.

Part 3

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to our interview with Mark Hitchcock author of this book, about whether of not the end of the world will come in the year 2012. Mark before the break you told us that there were other factors beside the Mayans the affected the end of the world 2012 scenario, you mind telling us a little about them?

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah there are several of these one of them is this galactic alignment. There really is going to be a galactic alignment the Earth and the Sun are going to be lined up for the first time they say in 26,000 years with the center of our galaxy, which means that the sun will temporarily block whatever energy comes from the center of the galaxy to the Earth. And of course this is where all the speculation comes in, what is that going to cause? The poles of the Earth to flip, and that is basically kind of the thesis of this 2012 movie that is out there. You know this is going to cause worldwide devastations. So, but that adds a little bit to the fear of this because there is actually something that is going to take place that they can point to.

Dr. Reagan: Well the thing that I found out in my research on that, is that started several years ago and in fact the more perfect alignment was several years ago, more perfect then what is going to be in December.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah, that is right, no expert has put any stock in to that whatsoever.

Dr. Reagan: And nothing has happened so far.

Dr. Hitchcock: That is right, nothing has happened so far. But it is one of those things that kind of put enough little pseudo science behind it that makes it. Well they can say there is going to be this alignment that takes place.

Dr. Reagan: But I understand that there really is good science behind the solar flare idea.

Dr. Hitchcock: There is. There is good evidence behind it. You know the Sun goes through cycles, sun spot cycles.

Dr. Reagan: What 11 years, or something like that?

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah, every 11 years there is a sun spot cycle. But, some of them are even much more dramatic than others. And we are due they say for a very dramatic sun spot cycle. Now the last time there was one this dramatic was the last 50’s but that was back before we had satellites and a lot of the complicated electrical grid we have. So we really don’t know what is going to take place. But there are some things that could happen related to that but it is not going to be a mass extinction event.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, but it could be like an electromagnetic pulse where it could interfere with the electrical grids or satellites or things of that nature. And this is legitimate because I researched that also and found out that NASA has actually issued a warning about this.

Dr. Hitchcock: They have, that’s right. And we need to take these things seriously. And on one of the points we need to emphasize, I’m not saying that there couldn’t be something that happens in 2012. Every year there are some unusual things that happen. But it is not going to be the Second Coming of Christ, and it is not going to be the end of the world, that is the thesis I have.

Nathan Jones: But the Earth is protected by our atmosphere from the solar flares, right? It isn’t like they are going to erupt and melt the planet or anything?

Dr. Hitchcock: No that’s right. At most it is going to be these disruptions. Now how large they will be you know no one knows. I mean if there is enough disruption of the electrical grids it could be significant, but again it won’t be a mass extinction event everyone is saying.

Dr. Reagan: Well somehow or other Nostradamus always seems to sneak in to anything cataclysmic. How has that happened on this?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well Nostradamus you know the French prophet or alleged prophet, you know used to look into pieces of glass or water. He used a method called scrying where he would come up with these alleged prophecies and they are written in these quatrains these four lined quatrains and of course–

Dr. Reagan: That makes no sense.

Dr. Hitchcock: That make no sense and the fact that he used scrying and occultic method should tell anyone who believes the Bible who is a Christian that he way off.

Dr. Reagan: Right.

Dr. Hitchcock: But these quatrains he writes are very vague they could apply to all kinds of situations.

Dr. Reagan: After the event.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah, it is kind of like the old saying, even a clock that doesn’t work is right twice a day. You know you have enough of these statements out there. But the problem with Nostradamus is there so vague but he did actually give one very specific prophecy, he said, “The seventh month of the year 1999 the great kind of terror would appear in the sky, and the king of the Mongols would come forth.” Well that didn’t happen, because we were alive then. So we know that at least on that account where he was very specific that he was a false prophet. So I don’t think we should put any stock whatsoever in anything Nostradamus has to say.

Dr. Reagan: Well I would agree 100% with that. I did a lot of research on him one time and I found I would read those quatrains that made no sense whatsoever but people would see all kinds of things in them after the event. Found out something else too that you probably know and that is when you are looking for quatrains on the Internet by Nostradamus you have to be very careful because quite often his followers rewrite them to make them say what they want them to say. And there are all kinds of false quatrains on there.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right, after 9/11 there were several false quatrains about the two towers. But then they went and added other things to make it fit even better.

Dr. Reagan: I understand there has been a new book found by him that he had written and actually illustrated.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: That has not really been released to the public yet and their speculating that in this speculation that there are prophecies about this 2012.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah, it is called the, Lost Book of Nostradamus in fact you can get on the Internet and look and see these drawings and that is where they are say he points to 2012. But the problem is they look at these intricate drawings and they’ll say that this means this, and this means this, and this means this, therefore it points to 2012. But if their wrong at one point along the way it is like a house of cards it comes down.

Nathan Jones: That reminds me back in the 80’s Orson Welles did this big special on everything Nostradamus said, and he predicted J.F.K. getting shot and everything all the way up to that point that Orson Welles did that show and then he made a big deal look into the future and he had world cataclysm in the last 80’s and the destruction of the world in ’90 nothing has happened since.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: What always confounds me about Nostradamus is the fact the world will give him so much significance and importance to vague statements that have no meaning whatsoever. As opposed to precise, specific prophecies in the Word of God about the future that are being fulfilled before our very eyes and the world just ignores them.

Dr. Hitchcock: That is right and there are hundreds of prophecies in the Bible. In fact Dr. John Walvoord said there were 500 that have been fulfilled. So the Bible has a verifiable track record we can put to the test.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Dr. Hitchcock: You know predicting Cyrus 100 years before he was born, by name. And yet people will turn to Mayan calendars, they will turn to Nostradamus instead of the Bible. And it really shows the heart of man and it blinds them.

Dr. Reagan: It really does.

Nathan Jones: Prejudice against God.

Dr. Reagan: And people also don’t seem to be aware that when you start talking about Bible prophecy they say all that is all that stuff about the Messiah and you just read that in there. But they don’t understand that in addition to Messianic prophecies there are 100’s of prophecies about nations, about individuals, about cities, towns that have been fulfilled already.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah it is a verifiable track record we can look at and the Bible really proves to us that it is self-authenticating that it is from God.

Dr. Reagan: Well speaking of the Bible that brings us to another of these factors that people point to concerning 2012 and that is Bible codes, tell us about that.

Dr. Hitchcock: Well what they do with Bible codes and this is a huge phenomenon a few years ago. You know a lot of furry about this. They take the first five books of the Old Testament all the Hebrew letters and they search using what is called Equal Distant Letter Sequencing for clues there. And the, but the sequencing or the skips can be up to 500 letters.

Nathan Jones: You will get something eventually.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah they find these codes or things hidden in there and the problem with that they have done that with Moby Dick and with War and Peace as well.

Dr. Reagan: But it is much easier to do in Hebrew because you don’t have vowels.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right it is a lot easier to do. The problem, there are a lot of problems with Bible codes and I talk about those a lot in the book. But a couple of the problems, one is Jesus didn’t ever use this. You had to have computers to do it. Which means this was hidden to people before that time. And the other problem with Bible code is to me it is an exercise in Monday morning quarterbacking, they come along and tell you these things after they have already taken place.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Dr. Hitchcock: And the Bible codes back in 2006 when Michael Drosnin wrote the original Bible code book, he said 2006 was going to be a time of nuclear holocaust, Armageddon. Well it didn’t happen. Now in Bible Code 2 he says 2012 Earth annihilated, appears in Bible code.

Dr. Reagan: So he is claiming that is in the Bible code.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah the 2012 Earth annihilated, but he already made these big predictions for 2006 that didn’t happen. So again it is like Nostradamus and these others they come up dry and their wrong, but they want us to believe the next prophecy.

Dr. Reagan: It’s like the fellow who wrote the pamphlet, “88 Reasons Why Jesus is Coming Back in 1988,” and then he wrote another one, 89 Reasons Why He is Coming Back in 1989.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right. And neither one of those books are selling too well today either, by the way.

Nathan Jones: I have a technical background on the web and building websites and stuff like that. And then your book was explaining the Web Bots Project and–

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, what is a web bot, I mean what in the world.

Nathan Jones: I know what web bots are and I know the search engine optimization and stuff like that, but the Web Bot Project sounds crazy.

Dr. Hitchcock: Well this web bot, and I am the most technologically challenged person in the world, so someone else could explain it better then I could. But they send out these web robots that go out, they call them crawlers or spiders that go out and there to go out and find certain information and to bring things together that are related to one another. And supposedly when they do this on the Internet–It was originally created for economic forecasting, which they probably haven’t been very good at obviously. But when they send these out supposedly they are getting all this feedback about 2012 being this ominous important year. But the big problem with that is all the information in the Internet was put there by people.

Nathan Jones: Yeah we generate it.

Dr. Hitchcock: And a lot of it is incorrect.

Dr. Reagan: This is prophecy by majority vote.

Dr. Hitchcock: It is.

Dr. Reagan: So you said put 2012 in, well most of the articles are about the end of the world in 2012 so the end of the world is going to occur in 2012.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right, it is self-fulfilling. But they claim they can kind of tap into the preconscious out there, you know and forecast this. But again it is another kind of grasping at straws again. Again when we have the Word of God it really does tell us the future.

Part 4

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to our interview with Mark Hitchcock, the author of the book, 2012: The Bible and the End of the World. Well Mark you have given us all kinds of secular reasons, concerning this speculation about the end of the world and 2012. But I want to end this program by looking at God’s Word. What does the Bible have to say about the end of the world?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well the Bible doesn’t have anything to say about 2012, and I think that is very important, if any specific date. In fact when people set dates like this the Bible, the Book of Revelation there are no dates in it. And Jesus said we are not to set dates, He said in Matthew 24, “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my Words will not pass away. This day and hour no one knows, not even the angels, not even the Son.” Evidently Jesus during His incarnation didn’t even know.

Dr. Reagan: And history is littered with date setters.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right, and they have always been wrong. And what I like to say when someone sets a date for the Second Coming of Jesus or the end of the world you can be sure that’s not the day it’s going to happen. And you remember right before Jesus went to Heaven His disciples asked Him, “Is it at this time you are going to restore the kingdom to Israel?” And He said, “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons.” So not only are we not to look at 2012, the Bible actually forbids setting dates for the Second Coming of Christ, or for the end of the world. And we know that 2012 can’t be the time of the Second Coming because if it were the Tribulation would had to have started in 2005 and the Rapture would have already occurred. So we know it can’t be the Second Coming. Now the Rapture could happen in 2012, because it can happen any year, the Rapture can happen anytime. But 2012 can not be the time of the Second Coming or can not be the time of the end of the world. My view is that the world is not going to end until the world ending as we know it until the end of the Millennial Reign of Christ.

Dr. Reagan: So even when Jesus Christ returns to this Earth the world does not come to an end.

Dr. Hitchcock: No that’s right, it’s going to be renovated, you know and is just going to enter into the Messianic Kingdom, the Millennial Reign of Christ. It is going to be a tremendous renovation of the Earth, it is going to be paradise regained. But then it’s when we get to the end of that 1,000 years that the Bible says you know, “I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth. The first Heaven and the first Earth had passed away.” I think God is going to take it all apart and put it all back together again. So technically if someone says, “When’s the world going to end?” We can say, “At least 1,007 years from now.”

Dr. Reagan: And we can also say that in effect it will never end, it will go on forever and ever.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right. There is going to be a new Heaven and a new Earth that God is going to make.

Dr. Reagan: And a glorious one, one that has been returned to its original perfection.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right it is going to dwell the Bible says in righteousness and in perfection.

Dr. Reagan: Well I can hardly wait for that one to come.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right, amen.

Dr. Reagan: Oh my. Nathan you got any final questions concerning 2012?

Nathan Jones: There’s a lot of people scared out there, how do you comfort them?

Dr. Reagan: Good question.

Dr. Hitchcock: I think there are a couple of things we need to do as believers. First of all when opportunities like this come up, like kind of like with, Da Vinci Code when there are error out there and deception. I think we need to step in as Christians and take this as an opportunity to arm ourselves with the truth, so then we can bend the trajectory of all this to God’s purposes. And use it as an opportunity, people in your family, people in the workplace, to tell them the truth of God’s Word. And I think one thing we all need to remember and this isn’t just a trite cliché, is that God is in control. God has the future under control and God is taking it all somewhere. And we need to rest in that everyday in our lives, and really believe that and let it sink down and percolate down into our hearts and minds.

Dr. Reagan: I like that point you just made, it is one that I make over and over to people, because I think people really need to hear it that God is on the Throne, that God still hears prayers, He still answers prayers, that He still has things under control. And even when it looks like it is out of control here God has the wisdom and power to orchestrate all the evil of mankind to the triumph of His will in history. I always think of Psalm 2 which says, “While all the political leaders of this world are shaking their fists at God and saying, “I will do what I please.” God sits in the Heavens and laughs. Not because He’s not concerned, but because He’s got it all under control.

Dr. Hitchcock: Amen.

Dr. Reagan: And boy I tell you when I see the world just falling apart at the seams I think of Psalm 2 over and over, and I urge our viewers to read Psalms 2 it will be encouraging to them.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yes, you know there is a word for God, a name for God in the book of Revelation He is called the Almighty, in fact 9 times, I call it the prophetic name of God. And that word in the Greek means that God holds everything in His hands, that God has His hands on everything, He is the Almighty. And I love that because you know there is that old song, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” He really does, I mean, it is the Greek word Pantocrator, He is the Almighty. He has His hands on everything. And to me that is the great comfort we can have when we look at this world today that seems like it is in chaos and out of control.

Dr. Reagan: You deal with this on daily basis when people are writing in from all over the world. How do you deal with it, how do you give people hope?

Nathan Jones: I read Isaiah 46:11 the second half of the verse last night in my devotions, and God says, “…what I have planned, that will I do, what I will do that I have accomplished.” God has already accomplished it in His mind, we can trust that we are in His hands, we are protected in His hands and just give it to God. I think we worry so much because we want to control the situation around us, but we can’t we are too small so we put our trust in God. Know that He is going to do it and in the end we will be with Him forever in a glorified Heaven. It’s just, that’s what we need to put our sights on.

Dr. Reagan: Thank you Nathan, thank you Mark, I appreciate you very much.

Dr. Hitchcock: Amen, thank you.

Dr. Reagan: Well, folks, that is our program for this week and I hope it has been a blessing to you. Until next week, the Lord willing this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion Ministries saying, “Look up, be watchful for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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