Hitchcock on a Cashless Society

Are we on the threshold of becoming a cashless society? Find out as Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones interview Dr. Mark Hitchcock on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on January 31, 2010.

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Dr. Reagan: Did you know that we are on the threshold of a cashless society? Bible prophecy experts have been predicting this development for a long time. Now secular economic experts have joined the chorus. They are predicting that the cashless society will become a reality within the next few years. For insights from an expert on this topic, please stay tuned.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus our blessed hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague Nathan Jones and I are delighted to have with us once again this week a very special guest, a Bible prophecy colleague named Mark Hitchcock. Mark, welcome back to Christ in Prophecy.

Dr. Hitchcock: Thanks for having me back again it’s great to be with you.

Dr. Reagan: Well we really enjoyed talking with you last week about your book, 2012 and we are looking forward to talking with you about another of your books this week. Folks, as I explained last week, Mark is the Pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma and he is also a very prolific writer about Bible prophecy. He is also a much in demand speaker at Bible prophecy conference all over the nation and I have spoken with him at many conferences. I am also glad to have Nathan Jones here to help me interview Mark. Nathan is our Web Minister here at Lamb and Lion Ministries also one of our Evangelists, and in that capacity he spends five days a week on our website responding to questions from people literally all over the world, talking to Christians, non-Christians, Muslims sometimes they are kind of after your scalp aren’t they Nathan?

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Nathan has established himself very quickly as a well recognized writer about Bible prophecy topics. Nathan why don’t you start our interview with Mark.

Nathan Jones: I would be please to Dave. Let’s first catch our viewers up. Last week we interviewed Mark about the widespread speculation that the world might come to an end in 2012, and Mark has written this book about the topic and I am sure you would find our interview of him to be fascinating. If you missed the interview you can see it at our website at lamblion.com. And you can also order 2012 the book through our website. Now Mark since our viewers might have missed last weeks show or they might not be familiar with you, maybe you could catch us up a little on your background.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yes, I was born and raised in Oklahoma and I attended Oklahoma State University and then I went to Law School was a lawyer, actually practiced law for 4 years.

Dr. Reagan: Where did you go to Law School?

Dr. Hitchcock: I went to Oklahoma City University.

Dr. Reagan: Okay.

Dr. Hitchcock: Law School, and worked for the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals for four years for a judge there. And then after that I went to Dallas Seminary and I went there for three years, got my Master of Theology and subsequently got a Ph.D. there, and I have been pastoring a church in Edmond, Oklahoma, Faith Bible Church for 18 years.

Dr. Reagan: What was the Ph.D. in?

Dr. Hitchcock: My Ph.D. was in Biblical Studies and I wrote my dissertation defending the late date, the 95 AD date for the book of Revelation.

Dr. Reagan: Okay. Well last week we talked about 2012, and this week I would like to address another one of your great books that you wrote it is called, Cashless: Bible Prophecy, Economic Chaos, and the Future Financial Order. What prompted you to write a book like this?

Dr. Hitchcock: I would like to say first of all cashless is not a description of our bank accounts if you copy. Some people read that and think, “Hey that describes pretty well where I feel where I am right now.” Well I actually started writing the book and came up with the idea just seeing all the things that are happening in our world today. You know Bible prophecy teachers have been saying really since the 70’s that a cashless society is coming. And there have been some books written in the past but there has been so many things happening in you know recent times about this, I mean all kinds of advances in technology. I thought it would be great to kind of give an update on this and while I was working on the book the financial tsunami of last of the Fall of 2008 hit which really brought a lot of this, I think put a lot of this whole movement towards globalism and economic cooperation between nations. It really put all of that on fast forward, so really as I was working on the book all of these things happened that I think are really going to speed up the fulfillment of this prophecy.

Dr. Reagan: Sounds like divine timing on my part, hey.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yes, God’s providence.

Nathan Jones: Where in the Bible then does it say that we’ll have a cashless society one day?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well that is an important point that I like to make is that the Bible never specifically says anywhere there is going to be a cashless society in the future and that is an important point to make. But in Revelation 13 the Bible says that this Antichrist this final world ruler when he comes on the scene he is going to have a man who is kind of his second in command, kind of his propaganda expert. I call him the world economic czar who is going to come on the scene. They call him in the Bible he is called the false prophet, and he is going to set up a system where everyone in the world is going to have to worship the Antichrist and take his mark in order to be able to buy and sell. Now if there is still cash people are not gonna, you are not going to be able to control the world economy, because as long as there is cash I can slip some under the table or people can operate outside of this system. So to me for there to be a system where it is iron clad you can’t buy or sell, that absolute supply and demand are controlled it is going to have to be a cashless society. So that is where I find that and many other prophecy teachers have found as well.

Dr. Reagan: I was going to say I don’t know how far back this goes but I know as far back as I have studied Bible prophecy intensely which would go back to the late 19th Century, I have run across people, not that I was alive then but you know I read books back then. I found people saying there’s going to be a cashless society in the future, this is not some new prophecy, it is not some new interpretation it’s not something that you are just reading into the news. This is something that people have been saying long before you came on the scene.

Dr. Hitchcock: Well that is right and Edward Bellamy, I mean he wrote his book, Looking Backward, in the late 1800’s, 1887 he was a utopian writer and he predicted credit cards and he also predicted a cashless society. So this was in, this has been a part of the secular fabric really of our society. And really what prophecy teachers have done have seen in the Bible, look someone is going to control the world economy and you can’t buy or sell they are going to absolutely control it. It is going to have to be some cashless society for that to be true.

Dr. Reagan: So the Bible says there will be a mark on the hand or a mark on the forehead whatever and it is going to be read and you don’t buy, you don’t sell unless you have this mark. And that way every transaction in the world can be monitored, right?

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right, and it is going to have to be a cashless some type of electronic system for that to be true which is amazing the Bible predicted that back in the times of wood, and stone and togas, which to me again is another verifiable point or confirmation that the Bible is the Word of God, that it is true.

Dr. Reagan: Right. Well we want to go into detail about this in a moment and some of the points that you make in your book. But before we do that why don’t you look into that camera right in front of you and tell our viewers how they can get in touch with you, maybe they want to invite you to come speak at your church or something.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yes I have a website it is marklhitchcock.com that is the best place to get in touch with me. I am also you can get in contact with me at fbc@edmondfaithbible.com that is our church website. But the personal website I have has a blog on there, I try to keep that up and respond to comments there.

Dr. Reagan: On either of those can they send you personal questions or ask you questions.

Dr. Hitchcock: The one at the church they can. The personal one marklhitchcock.com is more of a blog they can respond to articles and I can reply back to them there as well.

Dr. Reagan: So that is where you just put thoughts about what is going on in the world?

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right, that’s right.

Dr. Reagan: Okay. What is the next book that you are writing on right now, do you know?

Dr. Hitchcock: The next book that I am working on right now is called, The Amazing Claims of Bible Prophecy.

Dr. Reagan: Okay.

Dr. Hitchcock: I am looking at some amazing, of course all prophecies are amazing but I have 10 amazing prophecies that have been fulfilled and then 10 prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. And of course if the ones that were fulfilled have come to pass we can know the others ones will as well.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, well that sounds interesting. Well this is the book we are talking about folks in this particular segment, it is called, Cashless and the subtitle is, Bible Prophecy, Economic Chaos, and the Future Financial Order. I tell you I read this book I read it all but two chapters I could not put it down, it was absolutely fascinating. And guess where I put it down? I slipped it into the seat in front of me on an airplane and then when I got off the airplane I forgot to take my book. So somebody got the book all marked up, all ready for them to read. I know the Lord wanted somebody to have it, but I sure did hate to lose my copy.

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to our interview of Bible prophecy expert Mark Hitchcock. Mark is the Pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma and we are talking with him about this book, Cashless, which is subtitled: Bible Prophecy, Economic Chaos, and the Future Financial Order. Well Nathan you were grilling him a few minutes ago, why don’t you pick up where you left off?

Nathan Jones: Alright, I will get my water board out.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right.

Nathan Jones: Speaking of water it seems like the financial markets are just in a rough storms right now. Do you see evidentially that will turn into an economic collapse and if so will that bring about a one world order?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well I think that what we have seen in our country, really in the whole world, the last year or so, really brings together this whole idea that there is going to be ultimately a world economy. Because you know there is the old saying when the United States sneezes the whole world catches a cold, you know a little saying. We saw last year this reverberated through the whole world I mean the world really already we see in a sense a one world economy everybody kind of got to bolster one another. But when there is a great economic disaster you see it even more.

I mean the first thing they did was the G20 leaders came together and there is a call for a global new deal. Henry Kissinger calling for a global you know a new world order. So all of these things taking place, Rahm Emanuel who is the Chief of Staff for President Obama says, “You know you never want to allow a good crisis to go to go to waste.” And so world leaders who are shrewd use those types of opportunities to really expand their own power. I mean that is what brought Hitler to power in Weimar Germany it was economic problems that really paved the way and set the platform for him to come to power.

So I think what we’ve seen in the last year or so in our world is kind of a precursor to what is ultimately going to happen. And the Bible predicts in Revelation chapter 6 that rider on the black horse, there is going to be a time of run away and hyperinflation in the end times. I mean it is going to take everything a man can make just to buy enough food for one day. And that is the same thing again that happened back in Germany that is going to pave the way, because when people have that kind of economic devastation around them they are willing to do anything, they’ll turn power over to anybody who can just give them some relief.

Dr. Reagan: That’s true and when you see how we are operating right now where our government is basically just printing money and printing money like mad what that’s going to do ultimately is going to generate a hyperinflation.

Dr. Hitchcock: It is, yeah that’s right.

Dr. Reagan: And the dollar is going to be increasingly worthless. In fact the dollar is very rapidly becoming increasingly worthless when you consider the fact that the only thing that really kept the dollar alive was that oil was tied to it, the petrodollar. Now that nations are moving away from that and even nations like China are saying we have got to move to a world currency. There is a tremendous pressure right now, get rid of the dollar, let’s go to a world currency.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right, they want to get rid of the dollar first of all which is kind of the super world currency the reserved currency and ultimately to a one world currency. Not long ago Medvedev the President of Russia had a coin that was a new one world currency, I mean it was just a facsimile of that or a precursor to that but he had this actual coin and he keeps it in his pocket. So there is the move a foot for a one world currency but I think there is going to have to be real economic devastation to have this ultimately take place. But I think the world will come together economically before it will come together politically and Antichrist then will use that to take power.

Nathan Jones: Like the EU did right? The EU came together economically before they–

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah it was an economic union and then a political union.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, I was going to say that the European Union is a model of that.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right. The economic union brought about political union which it always does. And even there it was unthinkable that the Germans would give up the deutsche mark or that the Italians would give up the lira or the French would give up there money, but they did.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yes, that’s right.

Dr. Reagan: They did, and one day I think we will not be buying with dollars.

Dr. Hitchcock: Well there are about 192 countries in the world and people say, “How are you ever going to have one currency or one economy with them?” Well you’ve got 27 nations now in the EU and not all of them have adopted the euro.

Dr. Reagan: Almost all.

Dr. Hitchcock: But almost all of them have and they will eventually have to.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Dr. Hitchcock: So there is a large percentage of the countries in the world that already have adopted one currency and we can see how that could easily take place.

Dr. Reagan: Well let’s go back to this cashless thing for a moment. Now give us some evidence of how we are moving toward a cashless society. I mean I have seen predictions recently by not by Biblical experts but by secular economic experts saying we are right on the threshold of a cashless economy. What are some evidence that we are near that?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well the head of Visa in Europe said that he thinks there is going to be a cashless society there in 2012.

Dr. Reagan: Wow. Here were back to 2012.

Dr. Hitchcock: Here we are back to 2012 again the end of the world. But you know that is a bold statement, now even if he is wrong by a few years that is an incredible statement to make. But you think about just the buying practices of most people today. Just everyday they have automatic deposit of their checks, they go to get gas I mean how many people go in anymore? You just swipe it, people use credit cards.

Dr. Reagan: Well I am old fashion I still sit down at the end of the month and write 35 checks for everything. But you know what almost everyday I am getting an e-mail message from those companies saying we will give you this incentive, or that incentive if you will simply sign this statement and let us do this automatically.

Dr. Hitchcock: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: They don’t want to mail out a thing, and sooner or later they are just going to say we are not going to mail a bill to you, we are not mailing anymore.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right. There, what people fail to realize there are unbelievable advantages to being cashless you know, when you think disease all the money being handled around. The other thing is taxes think of the underground economy out there that is based on cash that is not being taxed.

Dr. Reagan: I think of crime, it is a positive thing in regard to crime.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah the drug trade.

Nathan Jones: Yeah can’t do a drug trade if you don’t have any cash to trade.

Dr. Reagan: When you go cashless every transaction has a record.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right, everything has a record.

Dr. Reagan: And yet there isn’t money under the table and that sort of thing.

Dr. Hitchcock: Counterfeiting, it gets rid of counterfeiting. So you can enumerate in fact I do in the book, you know at least 10 things you can say these are just good practical advantages we would all agree and say you know these are good things about cashless. So it’s like all of these other movements I think in Bible prophecy that are moving forward. They seem like a good idea. And a one world economy coming together, you know people want a one world economy because they say you know it will stop war. If everybody is tied together economically they won’t fight with each other anymore.

Dr. Reagan: Well there are always good things to all technology, like the internet; there are so many good things about the internet. I mean we don’t have to pay international postage anymore when we send out and talk to people all over the world.

Nathan Jones: E-mail I don’t have to write anymore.

Dr. Reagan: On the other hand pornography is unbelievable.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Well the same thing with the cashless, there are many things that are positive with regard to a cashless society, but the problem is it is paving the way for a world government to control what we buy and what we sell.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right it is.

Dr. Reagan: In fact right now when I go to many places they will give me a discount if I show them a little card like CVS Pharmacy, or Kroger Supermarket. When I do that they have a record, they know everything I buy, what my buying characteristics are they can pinpoint advertising to me based on that.

Dr. Hitchcock: They can yes, that’s right.

Dr. Reagan: It is mind boggling to think of what they can do with it.

Dr. Hitchcock: With all the technologies there to do these things it is just a matter of it being accepted by people.

Dr. Reagan: Let’s talk about that for a moment, you have a fascinating chapter in your book about biometrics. What is biometrics and how does that fit in to all of this?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well the importance of biometrics is you know I think where we are headed towards ultimately people are going to buy everything with their cell phone. You’ll have radio frequency identification that is going to have a chip in your phone and everything, instead of having the barcodes you are going to have radio frequency identification that will register what is being purchased and it will all be automatically deducted. You won’t have to go up and swipe or anything it just automatically does it. And but the key thing there, I could take your cell phone or you could take mine and go buy things with it. So there is going to have to be some way to prove that the telephone that you have is the correct person is using it. And that is where the biometrics come in where you will go up and put your thumb print, they can do it with an iris scan, they can actually do it with body odor, everyone has it, or your breath.

Dr. Reagan: Come on now, please.

Dr. Hitchcock: That is how advance this really is, you know.

Dr. Reagan: You mean my body odor is unique?

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right it is, yeah it is unique. I mean when you think about the technology that is out there today it is staggering but what they will do with this biometric technology they’ll make sure that the person using the device is the person who is supposed to have it. So all you will have to do is have your cell phone your thumbprint, your iris, whatever it is they’ll know it is you. You can walk through with all the groceries whatever you purchased it will just immediately register all of it in your cell phone.

Nathan Jones: That is becoming more and more popular with laptops and security systems and data centers and things, it has almost all gone biometric.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yes, so this whole boom that is out there in biometric technology I mean this is the wave of the future. And you think of, again it will be, look how it simplifies life, look how much easier it makes things. That is they way it is going to be sold to people.

Dr. Reagan: And it is essential it is another essential part because again if you went cashless and everybody let’s say had to buy everything with a credit card, credit cards can be stolen, credit cards can be lost. You’ve got to have someway to control that, and it is going to be done with fingerprints, irises, whatever maybe something under the skin. You know they have things now that you put under there and walk in a room and the lights come on and all kinds of things happen.

Nathan Jones: What is beyond the cell phone though, because really when you think about it a cell phone can be stolen, you could get a thumbprint and then repurpose it of somebody else it is not a full proof system and it can be stolen especially with people stealing individual personalities and all. What is the technology beyond that you think the Antichrist might use.

Dr. Hitchcock: Well I don’t know you know nobody knows what is out there; I mean it is just being exponential though the way things are going. But you know the one thing that is interesting you see, I see commercials on television they will show someone over in the middle of Africa out there a herdsman out there somewhere and they’ve got a cell phone and my question y’all is where did they get it? Where is the cell tower? Who are they talking to? But this is out there, it is everywhere. But it just shows though, just a few years ago cell phones didn’t exist, everyone has one now. And whatever if there is a next thing you know we maybe can’t envision what it is but it can come along and it can be disseminated.

Dr. Reagan: And we already have what five hundred of more apps for every phone?

Dr. Hitchcock: Oh, yeah it’s incredible, yeah. I mean I read the other day I think there are 2 billion or 3 billion cell phones now that are out there, I mean it is just proliferating unbelievably, so there maybe some other technology that is out there you know beyond this. But it is pretty failsafe though when you use this biometric technology and that is another advantage though to the whole cashless system it gets rid of identity theft, you know it doesn’t completely eliminate it but it would certainly reduce it greatly.

Dr. Reagan: Reminds me of the time I was preaching at a church in Houston that was made up primarily of what is called yuppie culture all of them young professionals and I went into the lobby and before the service started and everybody was standing around talking on cell phones, everybody in the lobby.

Nathan Jones: It is like going to the mall.

Dr. Reagan: I turned to the pastor and I said, “Who in the world are they talking to?” He said, “I think they are talking to each other.”

Nathan Jones: You see groups of teens walking through the mall all together but none of them are talking with each other.

Dr. Reagan: All are on cell phones talking to somebody.

Nathan Jones: Well this technology, I mean I get people writing all the time asking about the mark of the beast, is it going to be some chip in or something like that. Obviously it is not going to be a cell phone embedded in your head or something and we know that John said you could see the mark.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yes.

Nathan Jones: How do you see the technology playing with the mark of the beast?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well to me the mark of the beast is very simple the mark it says in the Bible will be upon, and it is clear in the Greek it is upon the right hand or the forehead. And I think people have failed to understand the mark of the beast, the main purpose of it, it will be the numerical value of the name of the Antichrist. When people take that mark they are taking his name on them. So first and foremost the mark of the beast is it is like a global pledge of allegiance or an oath of loyalty that you are accepting the Antichrist as God. Now the secondary purpose of it will, it will kind of be like the commercial passport of how it is you transact business. But first and foremost it is a spiritual issue, people will either take Christ or they will take Antichrist. It will be the one time in history where it will be clear cut, you either take him and take his mark or you reject that mark and of course pay the consequences. But Revelation 14 says that those that take that mark they are doomed, once they take that mark upon them. One thing that is important though today I think is we need to be clear that nothing today is the mark of the beast.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, we get calls all the time about that sort of thing, what about my social security card and this and that.

Dr. Hitchcock: Right, people get afraid of that and we need to emphasis that the mark of the beast will be after the Rapture and it will be something that people will know their taking, they will be making a conscious choice because God is going to hold them eternally accountable for doing that. So, people don’t need to worry that they are going to somehow take it accidently or something like that. A lot of the technology today may be leading toward that, but nothing today is that, nothing today is the mark of the beast. So people don’t need to be afraid of that and we don’t need to be afraid of technology I mean technology is ultimately is a tool, if it is used rightly it is a good thing. Ultimately it will fall into the hands though of the Antichrist, the man who declares himself to be God and will be used for evil purposes.

Part 3

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to our interview of Bible prophecy expert Mark Hitchcock Pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. We have been discussing Mark’s book called, Cashless which is subtitled: Bible Prophecy, Economic Chaos, and the Future Financial Order. Mark the last chapter of your book has an interesting title it is titled something about the future there let me get it here right fast, yes it says Cashless and You, Dollars and Cents. What’s that all about?

Dr. Hitchcock: Well you know I always liked that at the end of the books that I write I mean one of the purposes of the books is for someone that doesn’t know Christ to give them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And for those of us who know the Lord to give some practical challenges and admonitions to us.

Dr. Reagan: So we end with some hope.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right and if a person doesn’t know the Lord one of the things that I talk about in that chapter is we can talk all we want to about the coming cashless society but right now we have a present Christ-less society. And that people who don’t know Christ that is the ultimate thing they need to do and the beautiful thing is the Lord offer us the Gospel and forgiveness of our sins without money the Bible says without any cost it is a free gift. And that is great news that is the greatest news in all the world that we have a Gospel that is free, it doesn’t cost us anything. Now it cost God, it cost Christ His life there on the cross, but it is free for us. So that is the first thing but the other thing is you know just thinking about the whole issue of economics we worry a lot about that we think a lot about it and it is important to our lives, God knows that. But God can take care of us financially in our lives if we’ll trust in Him, if we will be faithful with what He has given to us, faithful in giving and sharing and being generous. But we don’t want to trust in money there is a lot of warnings about that in the Bible. Remember the church of Laodicea they were self-sufficient, we don’t have need of anything and money is a great slave but it is a terrible master. We want to make sure in our lives that while we work hard we do the things that God has called us to do and we are good stewards of money, that we don’t allow money to dominate our lives because Jesus says you can’t serve God and money.

Dr. Reagan: And if it dominates your life and the economy goes sour people start jumping out windows and shooting, blowing their brains out, and hanging themselves, and that sort of thing because that is your hope.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right that is what their hope is in. And our hope is in Jesus Christ, it is in His coming and He knows see what I call the sign post of Armageddon lining up which this all of this globalism that we see taking place. The move towards a cashless society, it is another one of these sign posts. So we see these things happening it should lead us to believe that the coming of Jesus Christ could be very near. And should motivate us to live for Him in these last days in which we live.

Dr. Reagan: In fact I would say that difficult economic times is one of the best times to reach people with the Gospel.

Dr. Hitchcock: It is.

Dr. Reagan: Because they are looking for hope they are desperate, and we have hope, the Gospel that’s a word that means good news.

Dr. Hitchcock: That is right, amen.

Dr. Reagan: Don’t you think it is good news?

Nathan Jones: Excellent, yes.

Dr. Reagan: Well spread it brother.

Nathan Jones: Preach it.

Dr. Reagan: He is on the website everyday spreading it all over the world literally.

Nathan Jones: A lot of people are scared out there.

Dr. Reagan: Mark I just appreciate so much you being with us to talk about the cashless society and so much that I want to invite you back for a third week. We don’t do that very often with guests but I want to ask you to come back and talk with us next week about another book you have written and that is about the United States and Bible Prophecy. See where we are in Bible prophecy and what our future maybe so if you will come back next week we’ll talk about that, okay?

Dr. Hitchcock: Yeah I would love to.

Dr. Reagan: In the mean time I wish you would look into that camera and tell people how they can get in touch with your ministry.

Dr. Hitchcock: Yes, I have two ways you can get in touch with us, one is marklhitchcock.com that is a website I have where I blog and some information about me and some of the books I have written. If you want to send an e-mail the best place is: fbc@edmondfaithbible.com that is a website or an e-mail address there at the church. And either one of those you will be able to get in contact.

Dr. Reagan: And folks I hope this program has been a blessing to you and I hope that you will get a copy of this book called, Cashless. It is really very well written, it is down to earth, it is easy to read, easy to understand, and I think it will be a real blessing to you. As I said I read mine couldn’t put it down until I put it in the seat of an airplane and left it, and I am still upset about that. I had it all underlined and everything, all these great quotes. Well that is our program for this week hope you will be back with us next week. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion Ministries’ saying, “Look up, be watchful for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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