Howse on the Christian Worldview

Learn about the attacks on the Christian Worldview from Brannon Howse at the Defending the Faith Conference shown on television’s Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on September 12, 2010.

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Dr. Reagan: Do you know the meaning of a worldview? Could you define the Christian worldview? Are you aware of the competing worldviews that are currently attacking Christianity? Stay tuned for a presentation by one of Christendom’s greatest experts on worldviews.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy! During the last weekend of June each year we conduct a Bible conference in the Dallas, Texas area. Our conference theme for 2010 was, Defending the Faith. We had six speakers who spoke in defense of the fundamentals of Christianity.

Our lead-off speaker was Brannon Howse, the Founder and Director of Worldview Weekend, an organization that sponsors worldview conferences all across our nation every year, with over 30,000 people attending. Brannon is the author of eight books and is the host of a nationally broadcast radio program which features his biblical commentaries on current events. Brannon’s topic at our conference was, The Truth of the Christian Worldview. He began by explaining that a worldview consists of the basic values that determine a person’s decisions. Thus, a person with a Christian worldview would be one who believes in God, believes in the Bible as the Word of God, believes that Jesus was the Son of God, believes that Man is basically evil, and believes that faith in Jesus is Mankind’s only hope.

Brannon emphasized that there is a worldview war going on between Christianity and five other predominant worldviews, namely; Secular Humanism, Cosmic Humanism, better known as the New Age Movement, Post Modernism, Islam and Marxism. He then began to elaborate on the key individuals who have undermined the Christian worldview here in the United States, beginning with John Dewey who shaped the modern American educational system. Before we share with you what Brannon had to say about Dewey, let me point out that his presentation was based on his latest book titled, Grave Influence. In the book he presents 21 persons who are undermining America and impacting the world from the grave. And now, here is Brannon Howse speaking about John Dewey.

Brannon Howse: I am waiting for more people to explain to the American people when the great transformation in America happened. And it largely began aggressively in 1933 when John Dewey the father of modern education who signed the Humanist Manifesto who started the social society in America who went to Russia in 1920 to study the Karl Marx way of education and then came back to America to teach it at Columbia University. John Dewey who was involved in helping start the American Communist Leftist Union you know them as the American Civil Liberties Union when John Dewey brought the Frankfurt school to America in 1933 that’s when things really began to speed up. And these were German intellectuals who had been in Germany and they started their, what we call now the Frankfurt school in 1923 in Germany and they helped lay the academic and worldview foundation for the acceptance of Adolf Hitler. And they taught Friedrich Nietzsche who said, “God is dead, not only is God dead but we can smell his rotting corpse.” What did he mean? We’ve killed the idea of God in the conscience of the people.

My friends we have largely killed the idea of God in of the conscience of a whole generation and we are about to reap the consequences I fear with our next holocaust after the murder of 53 million babies which is going to be active and is active euthanasia particularly for the rationing of health care. I have asked my radio audience to send me stories of active euthanasia in this last week I have been flooded with nurses and family members and hospice workers detailing active euthanasia and it is this generation that has been taught the idea of Nietzsche who is one of the most read authors on college campus today, “God is dead, it doesn’t matter how you live. The highest calling in life is to serve the state.” Nihilism or Nihilism; life has no meaning aside from serving the state, and when you can longer serve the state you are not productive human resource you are just in the way and the right to die is now becoming the duty to die. And a whole generation, multiple generations now have been taught the life-boat scenario, five in the life boat there are provisions for four who is the least valuable who must go over for the good of the group. And my friends, educators, parents, professors who taught this to one generation after another are going to be the ones to find themselves being thrown over the life-boat.

Nietzsche said we need spiritualize cruelty. The Frankfurt schools studied Nietzsche, Hitler studied Nietzsche. Hitler liked to have his picture taken staring at a bust of Nietzsche. Hitler had the works of Nietzsche edited and hand off to Mussolini. And so when the Nazi party came to full power the Frankfurt school folks got nervous and so they left Germany and came to America at the invitation of John Dewey in 1933.

Now who are some of these radicals that are ruling from the grave, that I look at in the book, Grave Influence? Well one of them is Alice Bailey now this will show you just how seriously of a spiritual battle this is. Alice Bailey was like and is really like many young people today. She was involved in Christian ministry work; she said she read her Bible every night. But one night she set aside her Bible which she was in the habit of reading and she picked up a book by Helena Blavatsky an occultist, The Secret Doctrine was the name of the book. This is who Adolf Hitler also studied. And as she read this demonic book she ended up meeting her own demon, the Tibetan is what she called him. And together they wrote over 24 books totally 10,000 pages. Now I don’t want to give too much credibility to demons tonight, but I do want to show you some of the things that she said so you can understand just how serious this spiritual battle really is. Alice Bailey is what the Scriptures warned us about in 1 Timothy 4:1, “Now the spirit expressly says in a later time some would abandon the faith or depart from the faith and follow deceiving spirits, and doctrines of demons.” And that is happening today and I will talk about that more.

This is what her and her demon said, “The hierarchy is struggling hard with the so called forces of evil and the new group of world servers is the instrument.” So the new group of world servers will be the instrument to battle the forces of evil. Do you know who the forces of evil are? Christians. And the new group of world servers will be the instrument. I’ll tell you who they are in just a minute. These forces of evil, the entrenched ancient ideas which must now disappear if the new age is to be ushered in as desired.” Look she is using the phrase new age, or new age movement; that is your pagan spirituality, your cosmic humanism. And the old established rhythm said her and her demon in her books and inherent in the old forms of religion, of politics, and of social order must give place to newer ideas to the synthetic understanding and to the new order.”

Notice that phrase again, “new order, or new world order.” The media always laughs at us when we use that phrase, “new order, or new world order.” Folks we are only quoting the elite. We are only quoting them. This is exactly what Henry Kissinger said on the floor of the stock exchange just days before Barak Obama was inaugurated, he said, “He has the chance to usher in the New World Order.” A few days later he wrote an article in the International Herald in January of ’09 and said, “Chance for New World Order.” Gorbachev wrote an article the exact same week saying, “The financial crisis is the chance for global governance.” You had the Prime Minister then of Great Britain Brown come out at the end of one of the G20 meetings and say, “This is the beginning of the New World Order.” You had the new installed of January of 2010 the new full-time first installed President of the European Union who in late ’09 said, “That 2009 was the beginning of the New World Order.” I am only giving you their phrases. Where does this phrase come from? It comes right out of the demonic realm.

Through the meeting of certain great and outstanding personalities who are particularly sensitive to the will to power. Have you heard that phrase before; the will to power? That is Nietzsche. Nietzsche said, “The highest calling in life is the will to power. It doesn’t matter how you get it just as long as you get it and maintain it. Doesn’t matter how you get it.” In fact he said Nietzsche said, “There’s not right there’s not wrong all there is; is the will to power.” He even wrote a book called, Beyond Good and Evil. He said, “We’ve got to get beyond good and evil, all there is; is the will to power.” He wrote a book later called, The Antichrist he used to sign his own letter sometime Friedrich Nietzsche the Antichrist, sometimes just the Antichrist. It was the last book that he wrote, within days of finishing it he went nuts and spent the next 10 to 11 years out of his mind. But his book was called, The Antichrist.

He was involved in the demonic realm I truly believe. And here is another person involved in the demonic realm Alice Bailey saying with her demon, “What is the calling in life? The will to power.” So these people who are part of the new group of world servers who will be the instrument to destroy the forces of evil; Christianity to usher in the new age are people who are particularly sensitive to the will to power. They have altered their character and their national life and emphasizing increasingly the wider human values. These men inspired the initiation. Who are some of these people? Well you’ve got Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, these are who are part of the new group of world servers she says, they are people who particularly sensitive to the shamba forces the demonic forces.

Who would be your members of the new group of world servers today? I think I just named off a lot of them for you a while ago. Those calling for the new order, the new world order for global governance for sustainable development which we don’t have time to go into which is the new buzz word coming out of the UN in 1992 for the destruction of Christianity the implementation of global governance, pagan spirituality, abortion on demand, population control, prosecution of Christians, end of parental authority all comes under what is called sustainable development from the UN in 1992 with Maurice Strong and Gorbachev. Maurice Strong I quoted him in my book in ’95 said, “The only hope of the world is that the industrialized civilizations collapse. Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” And indeed they are bringing it about today on purpose. These are the agents said Alice and her demon creators of the new order, destroyers of what must be destroyed. What are they wanting to destroy? Christianity. Her and her demon said that they would implement this new order three ways; teaching pluralism to children, that means that all religions are equal, pluralism, all religions are equal. Except of course Christianity that is bigoted and intolerant.

Is that happening today, pluralism? Oh, indeed. Two; reject the exclusivity of Jesus Christ. No not John 14:6, “Jesus is the only way.” All roads lead to God. Oprah said, “There could not possibly be just one way to God there are millions of ways.” And then she said, “Teach people to tap into their unconscious mind and discover that they are god.” And here is Oprah she has been teaching this with Eckhart Tolle and other New Agers that she has been pushing and promoting on her XM site radio show. About a year and a half ago she taught this ladies book another one of the 20 radicals I look at in the book, Grave Influence, Helen Schuckman. Helen Schuckman taught at Columbia University and she also consulted a demon and she, by the way Alice Bailey wrote her book by going into a trance and through automatic writing, automatic writing. Helen Schuckman however wrote her new age book, A Course in Miracles, which became the New Age Bible over 600 pages she wrote it by going into a trance and listening to what a demon would say and then she would write it down in shorthand. And then she would read it back later to one of her college friends, or professor friends who then would type it up, and they did this is secret and what was born was the book, A Course in Miracles. And Oprah taught it last year on her XM site radio show about a year and a half ago. Hebrews 13:9 says, “Don’t be carried away by all kinds of strange teachings.”

Here is another one of the radicals that I look at in the book, Karl Marx. All these people by the way hate God. You know what do you know what Helen Schuckman said by the way in her book? She said certain things like, “Salvation comes from me, don’t make the pathetic error of clinging to the old rugged cross Jesus is a man like any other. Sin is not real, sin is lack of love.” And you know what Karl Marx like Alice Bailey you remember Alice Bailey read her Bible every night and was involved in Christian ministry book before she turned to the occult same thing with Karl Marx. He claimed to be a Christian as a young man; I even have poetry written by him, beautiful Christian poetry. But sometime after high school he turned and got into the demonic realm. His own father believed he was also possessed; I quote that in the book. And Karl Marx said, “My objective in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.” “My objective in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism,” Karl Marx. He was involved in Satanism, wrote a play dripping with Satanism I believe. Karl Marx the father of Marxism the “Communist Manifesto,” with Engels and he said, “I wish to avenge myself against the one who rules above.” “The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization, it must be destroyed.” Marx said, “Man looked for a super human being in a fantastic reality of heaven and found nothing there but the reflection of himself.

Part 2

Brannon Howse: Here is John Maynard Keynes, John Maynard Keynes taught at Harvard University he’s the man… You know reality is this you’ve got Karl Marx- Marxism, John Maynard Keynes that is Marxism. Keynesian economics is another word for Marxism. You’ve got Marxism, Communism, Socialism being the economic philosophy of Marx and you’ve got Keynesian economics, same thing you might as well say Marxism. You can say Keynesian economics, or you can say Marxism. You can say Marxism or you can say Keynesian economics, it is the same thing. And this is John Maynard Keynes from Harvard University. In fact this is what Joan Robbins of Marxist economist who was a friend who worked with Keynes said, “The little difference between Marx and Keynes are verbal.”

John Maynard Keynes is the one who is responsible for the Depression being longer and deeper by saying that when there is an economic slow-down the government becomes the primary spender, government becomes the primary employer. Sound familiar? And Larry Summers the Presidents chief financial man here now today 2010 says when asked on television who influences your thinking more than anyone else, without hesitation he said, “John Maynard Keynes.” Oh, I can’t tell you the number of elected officials that I have seen on television saying, “Keynesian economics is what we need. Keynesian economics is what we need.” Printing of money, the government becomes the primary spender, the primary employer.

And what was the objective of John Maynard Keynes? Well John Maynard Keynes was a Fabian socialist. What is a Fabian socialist? Well Fabian socialism was started in London in 1883 and a Fabian socialist wants socialism by evolution not revolution. They want it over time. And frankly right now my friends there is a war going on within the liberals department and between those who are the Fabian socialist who want to do it over time and those who are outright revolutionary Marxist that want it right now, who think the time is fleeting and we might not get another chance we better go now. So there is a war going on between the liberals right now; between the Fabian socialists like some of our Republican friends who are Fabian socialist, right? And some of the more moderate democrats that are Fabian socialist. And then your extreme liberals who are just flat out revolutionaries, so there is a battle going on. But your Fabian socialist wants socialism by evolution not revolution. And that was what John Maynard Keyes was.

The end game of a Fabian socialist is this; global governance, that is the end game goal of a Fabian socialist, they want global governance. John Maynard Keynes by the way do you know what he said? John Maynard Keynes said, “This is how we implement socialism by a continuous process of inflation, by a continuous process of printing money. He said by a continuous process of inflation governments can confiscate secretly and unobserved an important part of the wealth of their citizens.” By this method they not only confiscate our… they not only confiscate but they confiscate arbitrarily. And while the process impoverishes some it actual enriches others; like Al Gore and others who make billions of dollars on Cap and Trade and trading carbon credits. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction and it does so in a manner that not one man in a million can diagnose.

My friends today our currency has been so inflated since the creation of the Federal Reserve which is completely unconstitutional but it came about in 1913. By the way Congress is supposed to be in control of the money and the Constitution calls for it be backed by gold and silver. You can thank a man who said he wasn’t a Fabian socialist but then and after he got into the White House Richard Nixon said, “I am a Fabian socialist, close the gold window.” And today compared to 1913 your dollar is worth 4-5 cents. And in 2009 they inflated our currency by 74% over 84 days; actually they did that in 2008. Inflate our currency by 74% over 84 days, amazing huh? And that’s nothing compared to what they have done. This is inflation; it takes more dollars to buy things, devaluing your currency, stealing your wealth, stealing your capital so you can not be a capitalist.

What does the Bible say about this? The Bible has two Ten Commandments against this one is, “Thou shalt not covet,” the other one is, “Thou shalt not steal.” And anytime you steal from someone or take from someone what is not rightfully yours, you are stealing. And when you take from someone what is not rightfully yours and give it someone else that is theft that is coveting that is redistribution of wealth that is socialism. And yet many Christians think our progressive income tax system is exactly what needs to happen because this is the way to make sure that everybody has what they need.

What did Karl Marx says, “My goal is to dethrone God, and destroy capitalism.” So John Mayner Keynes, here is what Zygmund Dobbs writing about Keynes said, and his book is available for free on-line, he said, “Singing the red flag the high borne sons of the British upper class lay on the carpeted floor spitting out socialist schemes and homosexual intermissions. The attitude at such gatherings was anti-establishmentarian. To them the older generation was horribly out of date, even superfluous. The capital system was declared obsolete and revolution was proclaimed as the only solution. Christianity was pronounced an enemy force.” All of these people hate Christianity, all of them. And the worst sort of depravity was eulogized is that love that passes all Christian understanding. Chief among his ring of homosexual revolutionaries was non other that John Mayner Keynes. Keynes was characterized by his male sweet heart as a, “liberal, a sodomite, an atheist, a statistician, and a particular depravity was the sexual molestation of little boys.” Yeah.

And it goes on today through the promotion of another gentleman I talk about in my book, and I use that word loosely, John Mayner Keynes did this but so did another guy by the name of Alfred Kinsey, Alfred Kinsey, a whole chapter on him. Who said, “Children should be sexually active by age six.” Did you hear on this week the school passing out contraceptives to six year olds? As soon as I was sitting at my desk and I heard that I lifted my head and I thought, six years old, why six years old, Alfred Kinsey. The kids must be sexually active by six years old before they are influenced by Christianity. John Mayner Keynes and Alfred Kinsey. You see you start seeing these guys, these 21 radicals, I was able to connect a lot of their worldviews and their beliefs and their perversions together, because guess what they are serving the same master.

So my friends what are they doing to us? They are creating a major crisis on purpose. We began to speak about this well over a year ago, about year and a half ago and we sent it out to all the talk show hosts. I sent it to my friend David Limbaugh to give to Rush, I sent it to Glen Becks producers, and other folks and thankfully some of them now over the last several months have been speaking about it. My friend James Simpson wrote a ground breaking article on our website about the manufactured crisis and the Cloward-Piven strategy to deliberately collapse the system and that is what they are doing.

And there is this book, Pulitzer Prize winning author James McGregor Burns wrote in his book in ’84, The Power to Lead, said, “Let’s face it the framers of the constitution have been to shrewd for us they have been too smart for us.” He said, “We cannot just tinker around and have frail bridges, we’ve got to turn the Founders on their head. But the American people will not let us go where we need to go, the only way they are going to accept these radical alien changes to our form of government is through a stupendous and during a stupendous national crisis.” My friends Lenin said you need at least two things for a revolution, you need a crisis and you need the youth of the middle class. And my friends they’ve got both right now. A crisis and boy they’ve got the youth of the middle class, they unfortunately predominately have the youth of our own evangelical churches.

Saul Alinsky is someone that I look at in the book, “Grave Influence,” he also is involved in this spiritual battle because guess who he dedicated his book too, Saul Alinsky? Satan. I think they have taken it out of some of the books now, but I have some of the originals where the foreword was dedicated to Satan. Lest we forget at least a over the shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical from all our legends, mythology, and history, the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did so effectively that he lest one his own kingdom, Lucifer. Our President studied Saul Alinsky, our President taught Saul Alinsky. Our Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton wrote her thesis on Alinsky. Alinsky wanted her to come work for him; she decided to go instead to be a staffer on Capitol Hill.

My friends we have people that are committed to the ideas of Saul Alinsky who was a neo-Marxist, neo meaning new. He is a new kind of Marxist. What does that mean? He did not believe that you could have a revolution through guns and bullets he believed the way to have a revolution that lasted was to penetrate every institution of a culture; education, church, law, science, economics, and bring it down. It is what the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci called the Long March through the institutions. And that is who Saul Alinsky studied, Antonia Gramsci an Italian Communist who said to Mussolini, “You are going about this all the wrong way. Not guns not bullets, change their hearts, change their worldview, and they will love their servitude.” He didn’t like it he threw him in jail where he died. Alinsky studied Antonio Gramsci wrote, “Rules for Radicals,” Obama studied it, taught it. Hilary wrote her thesis as I said on it. And it is the philosophy that is running today.

What all did Alinsky say, “He said that a community organizer…” By the way he used the word, change in his book over and over, and by change he means revolution.” And he used the phrase community organizer which our President was. A community organizer is first and foremost committed to relativism.

What does the Bible say about relativism? Genesis 3:1-5, Satan appears to Adam and Eve and says to them, “You decide what is right, what is wrong.” One of the very lies of humanism, and that is what a community organizer must be committed to, truth is relative. You see this is so important that we are teaching, not truth is relative, but truth is absolute. And what is truth? The Bible says, “Thy Word is truth.” Why is thy Word truth? Because it is a reflection of God’s character and nature. It is so important that we are hooking the Bible to the character and nature of God otherwise we are involved in teaching legalism to our kids, a book of rules, of do’s and don’ts. But when you connect it to the character and nature of God, why don’t we murder ask a young person and they say, “Because the Bible says not to.” Why does the Bible say not to? Because God does not like murder. But why does God not like murder, and why does the Bible say not to murder? That is the end of the conversation, they don’t know. The answer is, “The Bible says not to murder because God is opposed to murder because murder is not consistent with His character and nature. Why is purity right? Because He is pure. Why is honesty right? Because He is truth. Everything must come back to the theology and doctrine and the character and nature of God.

My friends in conclusion let me tell you this Julian Huxley the brother of Aldous Huxley said years ago this is what would happen. He said, “At the moment two opposing philosophies of life confront each other, you might categorize the two philosophies as two super nationalisms or as individualism versus collectivism or as capitalism verses communism or Christianity versus Marxism. I don’t what you call it He said, you can call it whatever you want. But can these opposites be reconciled? This antithesis be resolved in a higher synthesis I believe not only that this can happen but through the inexorable dialectic of evolution, it must happen.” What is he saying? These opposing ideas will merge, they will synthesis produce a mixture of both and people will follow them including Marxism and Christianity coming together and we call it Liberation Theology, Social Justice, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Reverend Jim Wallis and many of our church denominations are buying it. I saw one major denomination has a leader who keeps on talking about the importance of social justice. We have one major evangelical leader inside the Southern Baptist sitting on a U.S. Muslim Engagement Committee with people who he says are moderates, but when I researched them they are outright radicals, they are not moderates. You cannot rebuild bridges with people who want to kill you.

Why do we need to call it Social Justice? Why do we use their phrases? Why do we have to have these stupid conventions where these guys with their silly dyed straight up pointed hair and big thick black glasses looking so immature trying to be so relevant need to get together and have a retreat coming up with one of our major denominations on how to write a thesis on what “missional” means. Why do we have to be so cute by half? Why can’t we just simply say we are going to fulfill the Great Commission and use the Biblical terms?


Dr. Reagan: You have been watching a portion of a presentation made by Brannon Howse at our 2010 Bible conference whose theme was, Defending the Faith. The Lord willing, next week we will share excerpts from another presentation that was made at that conference. It will feature Mike Gendron who spoke on, The Truth of the Bible. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion Ministries, saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our Redemption is drawing near.”

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