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Watch special testimonies of how Jesus changes lives with Dr. David Reagan on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on November 6, 2011.

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Dr. Reagan: The creator of this universe is in the heart transplant business. The greatest miracles that He performs today occur daily as He totally transforms the lives of men and women who give their hearts to Him. On our program today we are going to hear the testimonies of two women who experienced a God given heart transplant. One was a Cultural Christian; the other was a third generation Jehovah’s Witness. Stay tuned.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus our Blessed hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. This week I am delighted to have as our special guest two ladies who literally fascinated us last week with their discussion of their new book, Bird’s-Eye View of the Bible. Their names are Jean Eason and Orpah Hicks both are residents of Lexington, Kentucky. Ladies welcome back to Christ in Prophecy.

Jean Eason: Good to be here, Dave.

Orpah Hicks: Good to be here.

Dr. Reagan: And I tell you what you look spectacular in those outfits. Wow, I love the color. We are glad to have you back. Well folks last week we surveyed Jean and Orpah’s book chapter by chapter. The book is designed for both students and teachers to help them learn, and then to teach the fundamentals of the Bible. They end their book with an amazing series of 12 personal testimonies by people who were on the wrong path and had their lives totally transformed by their encounter with Jesus. I am talking about people like Jews and Buddhists and rock stars, drug addicts, and New Agers and all that. And two of those testimonies are theirs. In just a moment I am going to ask Orpah to share her personal testimony with you, but before I do so I want to read you a Scripture that is found in 1 Samuel 10, the chapter begins with the prophet Samuel anointing Saul to become the first king of Israel and then in verse 6 Samuel says to Saul, “The Spirit of the Lord will come mightily upon you and you will be changed into another man.” Then in verse 9 we are told it happened, in other words he was changed. When Saul turned his back to leave Samuel God changed his heart the Word says. Orpah as I said at the beginning of this program God is in the heart change business and He did it for you.

Orpah Hicks: Yes Dave.

Dr. Reagan: Because you were a Cultural Christian, what in the world does that mean, and what’s it all about?

Orpah Hicks: Well I was born in the mountains of Kentucky, and lived there the early years of my life. My family was a family that believed in community service, they were patriotic. They called themselves Christians even though we were not regular church attenders.

Dr. Reagan: So Christianity to them was being good solid citizens of the community.

Orpah Hicks: Being a good solid citizen, which they were, many of them were teachers. My Grandfather was elected to public office. I witnessed a couple of tragic things growing up; I saw my Grandmother burned to death and I became fearful of Hell. I don’t know exactly why I had possessed that fear but I was baptized, but I really didn’t know anything about Jesus. So my life never really changed.

Dr. Reagan: Well you were really baptized out of fear instead of love of God.

Orpah Hicks: Out of fear, yes. And so I went, I graduated High School and was in New York City by the time I was 17 years old.

Dr. Reagan: Wow.

Orpah Hicks: Seeking a career that was focused on glamour.

Dr. Reagan: What being a model?

Orpah Hicks: Being a model yes. I did some runway modeling and some photography. But I really just stayed there for only four years because I really missed my family and modeling really was not what I thought it was going to be. So I came back to Kentucky but I didn’t come back to the mountains, I came back to Lexington. By then my family was different because my parents had divorced and my focus became that I wanted a home. So being the workaholic that I am, I set my cap that way, I met, married my husband, had a child and I was doing everything that I knew to do. By the time she was two years old I was just really struggling to be a good wife and a good mother, and I felt like I was a complete failure. And didn’t know what the problem was. But my husband knew about church, I knew about church we’d both been to Bible schools and things like that. So, I decided maybe it would be a good thing if I went to church some more. And I started going to church, and part of my family told me that I shouldn’t go overboard in this and go so much. But what happened to me was I began studying, learning, and one day when I was at home and there was a particular crisis going on, there was the perfect storm, and I prayed, and I asked the Lord Jesus to come into my life.

Dr. Reagan: Wow.

Orpah Hicks: And I told Him I was His to the very best that I knew how to tell Him. And I repented of running my life myself. As a result of that God changed my life. He showed me that there were a lot of other young women out there needing just what I was learning. And so thoughts started going through my mind was that, “I wonder what I could do about that?” I was not a studier, I had not been educated to be a teacher, but God gifts all of His children.

Dr. Reagan: Absolutely.

Orpah Hicks: In a particular way, He put a hunger in my heart for the Word.

Dr. Reagan: And He gave you the gift of teaching.

Orpah Hicks: Yes and my life has been history since then, it was going in an entirely different direction then it was before. I’ve taught Bible classes for 35 years, I’ve been a conference speaker, and now we have written this book.

Dr. Reagan: So when you are talking about a Cultural Christian you are talking about a person who is raised probably in a Christian family and goes to Church regularly but has no personal relationship with Jesus.

Orpah Hicks: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: Doesn’t really know God. Doesn’t really know the Word, the Word has no impact really on their daily living. Live like anybody else but they go to church.

Orpah Hicks: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Because they are a Cultural Christian.

Orpah Hicks: Yeah, the first Scripture that was ever impressed on me when I started studying was, “Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” And that is exactly what happened.

Dr. Reagan: You know our churches today are full of people like that.

Orpah Hicks: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Just literally full of people. I used to have a colleague named Denise Pollock and he was a great one-on-one evangelist and he would go out to the Malls and just walk up to people cold and say, “Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ. Have you been born again?” He would ask people, “Have you been born again?” They’d say, “Well I’m a Christian but I’m not one of those born again Christians.” And he would say, “Did you know Jesus said you can’t go to heaven unless you’re born again.” “Well I don’t believe that. Where does it say that?” Know absolutely nothing about the Bible. What 85% of the people in this country claim to be Christians? Very few go to church; maybe half of those will go to church maybe once a year you know. They don’t attend church, they don’t read the Bible but they consider themselves Christians.

Orpah Hicks: And this is where a worldview really is shows how it affects your life because they are doing the best they know to do.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Orpah Hicks: I was doing the best I knew to do.

Dr. Reagan: So we’ve got a real mission field in the church.

Orpah Hicks: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Where people need to be brought into a personal relationship with Jesus. Wow, and you just simply reached out in a time of desperation.

Orpah Hicks: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Well we have a personal God.

Orpah Hicks: We do.

Dr. Reagan: And He really responds when you reach out to Him. There is nothing that touches His heart like faith.

Orpah Hicks: Amen.

Dr. Reagan: Thank you for sharing that great testimony with us.

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to our interview of Jean Eason and Orpah Hicks. The authors of the great new book entitled, Bird’s-Eye View of the Bible. Jean Eason you were a third generation Jehovah’s Witness who found the Lord.

Jean Eason: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: That’s not very often happen among Jehovah’s Witnesses. How in the world did it happen to you? Tell us something about your background and how you came to know the Lord.

Jean Eason: Well all the literature that Jehovah’s Witnesses use is written by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. And I inherited a Watchtower library and praise the Lord I did because as I read through it I ended up studying my way out. What happened was Dave I noticed how many discrepancies there were; and one of the major doctrines is you know that Jehovah Witnesses has is the Second return of Jesus which they think happened in 1914 when Jesus took His throne, and that was to be the beginning of the end.

Dr. Reagan: Actually He was supposed to come back then, wasn’t He?

Jean Eason: Well He did according to them, but it was invisible.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, it is always invisible when you miss the date.

Jean Eason: Yeah, only they saw Him with their eyes of understanding.

Dr. Reagan: Okay.

Jean Eason: And so when I read the old literature I learned that at one time they taught that He was enthroned in 1874. The end was supposed to come in 1914 and the beginning of the new system of things which was their new earth was to begin after that.

Dr. Reagan: And that wasn’t the end of their prophecies was it?

Jean Eason: Oh, no it went onto 1925, 1941, 1975, and many others. But you know what I noticed was is that anytime that they bring out these things and it doesn’t happen it makes them a what? A false prophet.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Jean Eason: And so I took note of all this and I also took note… But you know what David the thing that got me start thinking is they taught that 1874 date for almost 40 years. Now if the Watchtower organization is God’s only channel of communication to the whole world, all others are false, then I thought, “Why would Jehovah God, the Almighty God of the Universe cause an organization that has the truth of the whole world to teach something false for 40 years?” That starting me thinking for myself.

Dr. Reagan: That is always dangerous.

Jean Eason: Yes. And so I also noticed a pattern that they had additions and deletions as they went along. For example at one time they taught that vaccinations were wrong for their people for small pox. I thought how awful it would be to refuse a vaccination and then have your child die.

Dr. Reagan: Right.

Jean Eason: And then I got to thinking well at one time I noticed they said not to marry. Then they said, “Oh, well you can marry but don’t have children.” Then I thought how many people went to the graves you know childless. And then I took note of organ transplants, no organ transplants at one time. How awful it would be to lose a loved one because you denied them of that. And they deleted that teaching. And then in the mid-40’s they come out with no blood transfusions.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right I remember that well.

Jean Eason: Oh, I can’t begin to tell you all the things that caused and how many people died as a result of it. And then in the 80’s and the 90’s they decided well they can take fractions of the blood and that is so complicated the way to explain all that it would take a Philadelphia lawyer.

Dr. Reagan: We are talking legalism gone to root here.

Jean Eason: Oh, my goodness yes. And so I began to think, “Well hey our lives are being controlled by a group of men sitting up there in Brooklyn who are calling all the shoots.” And I decided I was not going to allow them to control my life anymore. So I stopped going to the Kingdom Hall. I stopped teaching these things to my children. I stopped going from house to house and telling other people that they must come.

Dr. Reagan: And that got you in deep trouble didn’t it?

Jean Eason: Oh, I should say it did. But you know what during all this time Dave I had a sister-in-law that was praying for it to be on me. Praise God for those prayers. And she challenged me to attend a meeting of this out of town preacher was coming to. So I was reluctant to go because I knew if I got caught by a Jehovah’s Witness as walking into that church.

Dr. Reagan: I was going to say that is a sinful thing for you to do as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Jean Eason: That’s right because I could be disfellowshipped which means cut me off from my family. It means no Jehovah’s Witnesses could talk to me, and if they did they could be disfellowshipped.

Dr. Reagan: Right.

Jean Eason: But something was drawing me; of course I know now who that was. Something was drawing me into that church. And I heard a message that night Dave that I had never heard before in my life. He was talking about the love of Jesus, the grace of Jesus, and I just had a Holy Spirit experience that night.

Dr. Reagan: You were caught up in a works salvation.

Jean Eason: Yeah, oh yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Religion.

Jean Eason: You can’t ever do enough work you know.

Dr. Reagan: Didn’t matter how many doors you knocked, you needed to knock more don’t you.

Jean Eason: Oh, absolutely, yes, absolutely. Even the holidays you are supposed to be at someone’s door. And so after I heard that message and he asked us to stand and sing, Our Father Who Art in Heaven, I had this Holy Spirit experience and you know what? I knew instantly that I had been looking for the truth in all the wrong places. The definition of soul, the definition of Hell, the definition of the Trinity and I realized instantly I mean I had a 101 education, instantly Dave that Jesus is the truth. Jesus in John 14:6, “I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the Father expect by me.”

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Jean Eason: I realized He was the truth and praise God when I went home I went home a different person. The next morning when I got up I thought that would be gone but it wasn’t He was still with me. And I got down on my knees in my living room and I prayed and I said, “God come into my heart Jesus.”

Dr. Reagan: Here we go again.

Jean Eason: “I want you in my life.”

Dr. Reagan: Oh, amen.

Jean Eason: “And I want to serve you the rest of my days.” And I had no idea what that would entail; writing a testimony book which can still be read on our site. And that brought a lot of people out. And I have had the privilege of bringing so many Jehovah’s Witnesses to Christ.

Dr. Reagan: And it brought the wrath of the Jehovah’s Witnesses down on your head.

Jean Eason: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Because they are a very controlling cult, aren’t they?

Jean Eason: Oh, yes they came knocked on my door.

Dr. Reagan: What are some of the characteristics of a cult?

Jean Eason: Well for one thing they deny who the true person of Jesus is, and the concept of Trinity.

Dr. Reagan: They always argue He is somebody other then what He said.

Jean Eason: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: Like the Archangel Michael.

Jean Eason: Yes, the Jehovah’s Witness believe Jesus is an angel.

Dr. Reagan: What would be another characteristic?

Jean Eason: Another would be that you have the truth, I am the only one that has the truth and you believe and do what I say to do.

Dr. Reagan: We are the only true group, the only saved group.

Jean Eason: Yes, that’s right.

Dr. Reagan: Another I guess would be work salvation, they always.

Jean Eason: Oh, yes.

Dr. Reagan: Anything else you can think of, usually a strong central leadership that dictates everything.

Jean Eason: Always, yes, everybody polarizes around that one person.

Dr. Reagan: And among all the cults I am familiar with the Jehovah’s Witnesses are really one of the most ruthless when it comes to controlling people, because if you break away from them they are going to tell your family that they can’t even talk to you. Is that right?

Jean Eason: That’s right and Jehovah Witnesses are telling the young people today do not look at the internet.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, of course.

Jean Eason: Well they tell all them not just the young people, but they are especially worried about the young people on the internet.

Dr. Reagan: In fact I found out that it is a sin among Jehovah’s Witnesses even to read a book that is critical of Jehovah’s Witnesses. But you got around that by just reading their own literature.

Jean Eason: I did.

Dr. Reagan: And finding out there was a lot of problems.

Jean Eason: Yeah, they don’t want their people to read their own literature. It even got so I understood that they took the libraries out of the Kingdom Halls.

Dr. Reagan: I know that you have a real heart for reaching people today who are caught up not only in Jehovah’s Witnesses but in the cults and your book is a great testimony. I would like to ask you to do something. I would like to ask you to look right directly into that camera in front of you and tell the people how they could get, where they can find on the internet your website so that they can read your book.

Jean Eason: Well it is tutorsforchrist and that is f-o-r not the number four, And the book is out of print my testimony book is out of print, but you can get it and read it for free on that site.

Dr. Reagan: And they could contact you there also for speaking engagements is that correct?

Jean Eason: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And Orpah how could they contact you for a speaking engagement?

Orpah Hicks: Well you can contact me the same way, from this site.

Dr. Reagan: From that site?

Orpah Hicks: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And you are available to speak, to go to conferences and that sort of thing and talk about not only your testimony but to teach about the Word of God. Correct?

Orpah Hicks: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And the two of you are available as a team right?

Jean Eason: Oh, we have six all together as a team?

Dr. Reagan: Six all together, wow! Ok, thank you.

Part 3

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to our discussion with Jean Eason and Orpah Hicks authors of the book, Birds-Eye View of the Bible. Ladies I want to thank both of you very much for sharing your personal testimonies with us. I wish we would had 15 minutes for each one of you. I’m sorry you had to do it in such a compressed amount of time. There is another person that you mentioned in your book in those wonderful 12 testimonies at the end I just love them so much. And one of them is Jack Hollingsworth and how he, it says, “Jack Hollingsworth testimony: I was homeless and hopeless until Christ came into my life,” now that’s a very special testimony to me because as our regular viewers know Jack Hollingsworth is the featured singer on this television program. And not only did you get his testimony in your book but I think both of you know him personally don’t you?

Jean Eason: Yes.

Orpah Hicks: Uh-huh.

Dr. Reagan: Well you know what a great work God did in his life. Here is a man who lived on the streets for 20 years; homeless, an alcoholic, tried to commit suicide three times. One time he jumped off the Mississippi River Bridge, he was so drunk he missed the water. And the only reason that he didn’t get killed was because it had been raining a lot and he landed in soft mud. But the last time he tried to kill himself he crawled underneath a truck and he drank two pints of rubbing alcohol, if you can imagine. And he was amazed when he woke up the next morning. He said, “I really wished I was dead because I was so sick.” He said, “I was green, and I was throwing up and I was very, very sick.” He crawled out and looked up and it was a Salvation Army truck. And he said years later after he was saved God spoke to his heart one day and said, “You remember that time when you crawled under that truck, you can’t commit suicide under salvation. I had you covered brother. I have a purpose for you.” Well as you know he wandered into a detox center in Lexington, Kentucky. And do you remember from his story what happened when he walked into that detox center. Either one of you remember that?

Jean Eason: Is that where he met Sally?

Dr. Reagan: That’s where he met Sally. He met a little lady who was 4 foot 10 inches tall who was tough as they come. In fact all the drunks that came in there called her “shotgun” because she was tough and of course a 410 shotgun, she is 4’10”. And he started trying to con her and she said she looked right in his eye and said, “You can’t con me. I know all the cons.” And he kept trying and finally she said she just put her finger and his face and she said, “I say to you in the name of Jesus Christ you will never be able to get drunk again.” And he said, “Lady I am a profession drunk, I’ll show you.” So he said he left, and he said he drank non-stop for two weeks and was never able to get drunk. At which point he went back and said, “Tell me some more about this Jesus.” Well she led him to the Lord. And when she did they later got married and started a ministry called Acts 29, and been on the road ever since them ministering to people. God took a homeless off the streets, and in fact here is a photo that was taken of Jack when he was living on the streets, and here is a photo of him today. And in just a moment we are going to have Jack singing to you. But before we do that I want to ask you very quickly, we’ve got about a minute and 20 seconds here. Can you think of some other testimony among those 12 that particularly impressed you? One in particular?

Jean Eason: Well I can think of this Buddhist boy that came to our church as an exchange student and at that point he was still a Buddhist and I had the privilege of teaching what Christianity believes and he later became a Christian.

Dr. Reagan: Came to know a personal God.

Jean Eason: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: How about your Orpah does any one of those 12 testimonies stand out in your mind?

Orpah Hicks: Uh, I knew Mona she was an aid, she was not a nurse, she is the one that was a homosexual.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yes. Okay, the lesbian yes.

Orpah Hicks: Yes, the lesbian.

Dr. Reagan: Who came to the Lord?

Orpah Hicks: I met her as a result of her coming into my mother’s home to help take care of her when she was ill. And that’s been a very–

Dr. Reagan: You know one of the greatest lies that exists in our society today is that who are caught up in the sin of homosexuality simply cannot be changed. And we know they can be I know several who have, totally transformed as a result of putting their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a lie of Satan that you cannot be changed.

Orpah Hicks: It wasn’t an instant thing with her, it was a real struggle with her, but He enabled her to do that.

Dr. Reagan: Well often when we overcome a sin like that it continues to be a struggle and we have to lean on the Lord everyday for His strength in overcoming it.

Orpah Hicks: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Well folks I want to pause for just a moment and I want to bless you by having Jack Hollingsworth singing a great song, We Shall See Jesus.

Part 4

Dr. Reagan: Well folks you have just witnessed the transforming power of God. That power can be yours if you will put your faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior. All you need to do is confess to God that you are sinner, that you need a Savior and then receive His Son Jesus as your Savior. And when you do that I would urge you to seek out a Bible believing and Christ exalting church where you can make a public profession of your faith and witness that faith in Christian baptism. Well that is our program for this week. I want to thank our guests once more for being with you. You have just been a real blessing, thank you for coming.

Jean Eason: Thank you for inviting us.

Orpah Hicks: Thank you.

Dr. Reagan: Okay. Well folks I want to urge you once more to get a copy of their great book, Birds-Eye View of the Bible. Our announcer will tell you in just a moment how you can get a copy. I hope you will be with us next week. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion Ministries’ saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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