Ken Humphries on Bible Prophecy

How in the world did a professional baker end up being a preacher and teacher of Bible Prophecy? Find out as Dr David Reagan interviews Ken Humphries on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on January 27, 2008.

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Dr. Reagan: In May of 2000, I had the privilege of spending the month preaching Bible prophecy throughout England, I began in London and then went to the coastal cities along the channel. Next I went to Wales and then on to Scotland. I concluded my speaking tour in Northern Ireland where I met a remarkable pastor who has since become one of the leading Bible prophecy teachers in all of Britain. For a fascinating interview with this man, stay tuned.

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Part 1: Christianity in England

Dr. Reagan: Well greetings in the name of Jesus our blessed hope, I’m Dave Reagan, founder and director of Lamb and Lion Ministries, welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My special guest this week is Evangelist Kenneth Humphries from Northern Ireland. He has a ministry there called Treasured Truth Today, and he specializes in the preaching and teaching of Bible prophecy. Ken, welcome to the United States, and to the great state of Texas.

Ken Humphries: Thank you sir, it’s a joy to be here.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I tell ya, I’ll never forget the days that I was there with you in Northern Ireland. How much I enjoyed that. I want to start off with a question about you personally, and that question is this: How in the world did a professional baker end up being a preacher and teacher of Bible prophecy?

Ken Humphries: Well, sir, quite simple. I was saved at the age of 16 having been brought up in a godly home. And sent to a church where the gospel was preached. And trusted the Lord as a young man. At 17 because they felt the need of preachers in that area they encouraged me to study the word and preach, so I did that and began to preach at 17. And as time went by, I began to realize that this great truth, the Lord’s return, prophecy, was something very special to me as I began to think about it and listen to it. And I began then to sense the call of God as years rolled by.

Dr. Reagan: But during that time weren’t you a baker?

Ken Humphries: Yes, I was. I went to the bakery business and learned bakery and confectionary, and eventually–

Dr. Reagan: so you did that during the week and preached on the weekends.

Ken Humphries: Yes I did. Evenings and weekends, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: But had that call to get in full time ministry.

Ken Humphries: Well, I’ve always had that desire and felt the Lord calling me but it never seemed right, it never seemed to come at that particular time that I thought it should and actually we opened our own business and set up in a business in another town, in Larne. And it was during that time that we sensed the Lord calling, He spoke through His Word and the word in Mark’s gospel simply was, go sell all that you have, come follow me.

Dr. Reagan: Wow. So what age were you when you made that commitment?

Ken Humphries: I was 37 when I made that commitment.

Dr. Reagan: Sold your business, stepped out in faith.

Ken Humphries: Sold the house, and stepped out and trusted the Lord.

Dr. Reagan: At that point did you become a full time pastor.

Ken Humphries: Yes I did, my first pastorate was about a year after that. And we served the Lord for 5 years in a little church in Killyleagh, County Down, and the Lord blessed our ministry there.

Dr. Reagan: Now some of our viewers may not be aware of the fact, the difference between Northern Ireland and Ireland, but Northern Ireland is primary a protestant area, isn’t it? And it is also a part of England.

Ken Humphries: Yes it is, Northern Ireland was separated from Southern Ireland many years ago under Lord Carson and became absolutely engraved or engulfed into it.

Dr. Reagan: So you are a British citizen then?

Ken Humphries: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, yes, in fact, C.S. Lewis was born in the area that you live in.

Ken Humphries: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: In Belfast. And then grew up there and most people don’t know that, and then went onto England, they think of him mainly just being on the English side there. But he actually was born there.

Ken Humphries: Indeed.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, now, when I met you in the year 2000 you were still a pastor. What caused you to take the next step of faith, which really was a big one, to give up your pastorate and become a full time evangelist?

Ken Humphries: Well, for some time I’d been crossing over into Austria to preach and teach at a little seminary there. And I met some students from eastern Europe and we sensed that the Lord was touching our hearts towards them because they found it difficult to find sufficient funds to remain for the whole period. So we felt the Lord was laying something on our hearts. And my wife and I began to talk and pray about it and we decided that we would conclude our ministry and the church in Cookstown and we would take this step of going out into a full-time ministry. Simply because we wanted to teach and preach what we were doing in Austria on a more full time basis, things concerning the Lord’s return.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I think most of our viewers would not realize how big a step of faith that is because in the United States having independent Ministries like Lamb and Lion are very, very common, and people rally to those and they support them, but it’s unusual in England isn’t it? And it’s difficult to raise support.

Ken Humphries: Very much so. People are very generous toward their churches, toward missions and missionaries, and they are very generous in that particular way, but when it comes to a ministry they have certain doubts and especially a prophetic ministry, they have certain fears with respect to that kind of ministry. So it is difficult to raise support.

Dr. Reagan: So you’re not only facing a financial challenge, as you step out in faith, but you’re also facing another one because the concept of the soon return of Jesus, the preaching of Bible prophecy in terms of the pre-millennial viewpoint has really fallen on hard times throughout England, hasn’t it?

Ken Humphries: Absolutely, absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: Tell us about the challenge that you face there.

Ken Humphries: Well, we’re across there quite a bit preaching and we discover meeting are very small. The reason being that wherever we go we hear people say we haven’t heard that preached in our church for 30 or 40 or 50 years, and that automatically gives you the opening. But it’s to a very small number. And I’m sure the people would love to hear more of this wonderful teaching of the Lord’s return.

Dr. Reagan: So you’re saying that most churches are then Amillennial, or just don’t have any prophetic viewpoint at all?

Ken Humphries: Yeah I think a great many of them are just without viewpoint on prophecy at all, and simply say well we don’t preach it because it’s confusing and it may cause controversy.

Dr. Reagan: Well, in a few minutes I want to get more into the question of Bible prophecy, but right now I’d like to ask you a question about Christianity in general in England. England in the 19th century was the world’s center of Christianity, sending out missionaries all over the world, translating the Bible into many languages, writing hymns. You take an average hymnbook today and half the hymns in there are by Anglican priests in the 19th century. It was the center of Christianity, and today, only 7% of the people in England go to church anymore. The Church of England has become almost a laughing stock in that it’s viewed as a real estate agency because it’s trying to sell all its church buildings, they’re giving them away, and they’re becoming dance halls and Muslim mosques. It’s pathetic what has happened to Christianity in England and happened very fast in a period of only 100 years. To what would you attribute the radical decline of Christianity in England today?

Ken Humphries: Well, I’m sure it’s very much a part of what Paul spoke of as being the falling away at this time, but I’m sure modernism and liberalism had a very strong input into that. I know certainly on our own island of Ireland, we had men who came across and they were very strong with respect to their Calvinistic reformed faith and they were very strong Amillennial and they began to teach this Amillennial teaching and that drew number, by the score, of good men, good ministers, good teachers, good preachers, away from pre-millennial teaching of the Word.

Dr. Reagan: Seems to be like that in England the German school of higher criticism had a greater impact that perhaps any other place in the world.

Ken Humphries: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: With its idea that the Bible is not the revealed Word of God, but it’s man search for God. And people seem to buy that hook line and sinker and the result was preachers getting up on Sunday morning, saying, well, you know the apostle Paul may have said that but you know, he was an old fuddy-duddy who lived 2000 years ago and of course, today, we’re more sophisticated we know this or that and so-forth. And they no longer preach within the authority from the Word of God.

Ken Humphries: And I’m sure that’s what happens when you lose that urgency of the Lord’s return. This is something that I believe comes to all of us if we’re truly involved in preaching this wonderful message. It not only brings to us a desire for holiness, but it brings a desire to reach the lost.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Ken Humphries: For we realize that any moment the Lord could come and we long to see precious sinners come to Christ.

Dr. Reagan: Well you know that’s a very good point that you’re making there because so often I find today that preachers here in America, pastors, are not interested at all in talking about Bible prophecy. And when I ask them why they say, “Oh, it’s all just pie in the sky.” And they don’t understand that if you really convince people that Jesus is returning and that that can occur any moment, that that will motivate people to evangelism and to holy living. It has an impact upon the way we live right here and now.

Ken Humphries: Absolutely, absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: So I really try to emphasize that to them. Well, in just a moment I want to talk to you more in detail about Bible prophecy. But before we do that I want us to pause for just a moment folks and I want us to concern ourselves with a song by Jack Hollingsworth. And this song is a fantastic one called The Midnight Cry. Listen to the words carefully as Jumpin’ Jack Hollingsworth sings it like only Jack can.

Part 2: The Midnight Cry by Jack Hollingsworth

I hear the sound of a mighty rushing wind

It’s closer now,

than it’s ever been.

And I can almost hear the trumpet

As Gabriel sounds the call

At the midnight cry

We’ll be going home.

When Jesus steps out

On a cloud to call His children

The dead in Christ shall rise

To meet Him in the air.

And then those that remain

Will be quickly changed

At the midnight cry

When Jesus comes again.

Don’t you know He’s coming and He’s coming soon?

Listen to me now

Glory to God

Oh maranatha come Lord Jesus.

I look around me

And I see prophecies fulfilling

The signs of the times

Are appearing everywhere

And I can almost hear the Father

Say Son go get the children

At the midnight cry

The Bride of Christ shall rise.

When Jesus steps out

On a cloud to call His children

That’s you and me now. Don’t you know it?

The dead in Christ shall rise

To meet Him in the air.

And then those that remain

Will be quickly changed

At the midnight cry

When Jesus comes again.

Oh Lord

And then those that remain

Will be quickly changed

At the midnight cry

When Jesus comes again.

Oh my God won’t you hurry now?

At the midnight cry

When Jesus comes again.

When Jesus comes again.

Part 3: Bible Prophecy

Dr. Reagan: Wow, what a song about the Second Coming. Thank you, Jack! I appreciate that very much. Well folks for those of you who may have just tuned in, let me remind you that our guest this week is Ken Humphries who is a Bible prophecy teacher and preacher from Northern Ireland. Ken I’d like to get back into this discussion by picking up where we left off. You were a pastor, at first you were a baker, and then you were a pastor, and then, in what year? 2000? Somewhere around there? 2003? You decided to make the step to full time evangelism.

Ken Humphries: That’s right. We concluded our ministry in 2003.

Dr. Reagan: In 2003. You gave up your pastorate, you stepped out in faith to become a Bible prophecy teacher and preacher. Why? I mean what motivated you to do that? I know it must have been the Lord’s call but you must have had a burning message in your heart.

Ken Humphries: Well absolutely. The more I read Dave, and the more I understand of the soon coming of Christ. My passion was to relate this to our people, because there’s so little of it preached in Northern Ireland and in the United Kingdom. And my passion was that I would know more of it myself and draw deeply on the wells of God’s Word and then impart that to others, that they might be, if you like, moved with compassion in their souls to realize that the Lord could come at any moment. And if that’s the case then we need not only to be ready but we need to be right for that coming.

Dr. Reagan: And I know that you have a real passion too for trying to get young men to commit their lives to preaching the Second Coming of Jesus.

Ken Humphries: Absolutely. This is something that we’re working on. And when I was with you last, two years ago, I mentioned this at your conference. But, when I went home it somewhat fell apart, because two of the young men that were involved with me had gone on to something else. But since that, one of those young men has begun a new work and he had, they’ve just cut a new CD and they had 700 young people at this. So he has been talking to me about this that we could come from month to month and do some prophetic teaching with them and that would give us an open door that we never dreamed of having.

Dr. Reagan: Well I think your answer to the next question is pretty obvious but I’m gonna ask the question anyway because I want to hear you talk about it. And that is, do you believe with all your heart that we are living in the season of the Lord’s return?

Ken Humphries: Absolutely, and I can’t see how we read the Word and not believe that. Because it’s without the shadow of a doubt as the Lord Jesus Himself said to His disciples in John 14, you remember? He started to talk to them about this new peace that He was giving to them and then He spoke to them about a new place I go to prepare a place for you, and then He spoke to them about a new pledge. I will come again and receive you unto Myself. Now it wasn’t that they didn’t know He wasn’t coming back. Luke’s gospel mentions that in chapter one, that He’s coming back to rule and to reign over the house of Jacob forever and of His kingdom there will be no end, but this was a different coming. He says I’m coming back for you, personal.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Ken Humphries: And that’s the coming that Paul speaks about in 1 Thessalonians 4. That He’s coming with a shout, with a voice of the Archangel, with the trump of God. The dead in Christ shall rise first. We which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Dr. Reagan: And you’re calling that the Rapture?

Ken Humphries: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: Which is separate, apart, from the Second Coming.

Ken Humphries: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: Now, what has convinced you that we’re living in the season of the Lord’s return?

Ken Humphries: Well, I think we’ve just got to look around us. And no matter where we look we can see that this falling away that the apostle spoke about, he spoke about a man of sin coming to the forward.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, just apostasy.

Ken Humphries: Absolutely. And we’re seeing that on every hand and certainly in the United Kingdom we are seeing, as you say, that the churches are closing, ministers will not preach truth and we are finding that less and less people are going to church. Therefore, they’re not hearing anything.

Dr. Reagan: And incidentally, I’m sad to say that I’m seeing the same thing happening here in this country. It looks like we’re just taking the same path that England did, as preachers are more and more watering down the gospel, refusing to confront people with sin. Simply concerned with one thing, how big a church can I build and I can do that with entertainment, and I can do it with social activities and all that sort of thing. But I want to be seeker sensitive and make sure that I don’t step on anybody’s toes and give them the impression that they might be a sinner.

Ken Humphries: Absolutely, absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: Now, let’s get more specific. You mentioned only one thing and that’s apostasy in the church which certainly is prophesied in the Bible. What else do you see on the scene today that convinces you that we’re living in the season of the Lord’s return?

Ken Humphries: Well, I’m seeing the whole word at large, moving with some power and impact against the land of Israel, and to me that is number one if you like signs, that something’s happening.

Dr. Reagan: The very existence of Israel is one of the greatest signs of all!

Ken Humphries: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: I mean people at the beginning of the 20th century, there were people writing who said one day Israel is gonna be re-established, God’s gonna re-gather–and they were laughed at! They were ridiculed! Right up to the day that the state was established.

Ken Humphries: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: But now, in addition to that, all the nations of the world are coming together against them, and that’s clearly prophesied, isn’t it?

Ken Humphries: It is indeed and God has made it clear in His world that this people were given this land, Genesis 12. This people were given this land, it was promised through Abraham. It was possessed under Joshua, and sadly the people polluted it and God purged it and He’s now preparing that land again because the children of Israel, we know through scripture, had to be in the land for His first coming.

Dr. Reagan: You know, the prophecies are so clear that God’s gonna re-gather the Jewish people in unbelief. He’s gonna re-establish the nation. He’s gonna put them back in Jerusalem. And all the nations of the world will come together against them, all of those are specifically prophesied and it says that’s when the Messiah is coming. We’re on the threshold of the tribulation. But you know the average minister in America, I don’t know about England, but the average minister in America knows almost nothing about the Old Testament, and therefore they don’t know these prophecies that are all through the Old Testament that are so specific.

Ken Humphries: Yeah they just don’t study that particular Word because as I said earlier, it’s something that will create argument and division and yet they don’t seem to understand it’s God’s precious work.

Dr. Reagan: It’s so exciting; we’re living in one of the most exciting periods in all of history.

Ken Humphries: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: I mean, the Word says that when history is over and done with, the Jews will look back and they will consider their re-gathering from the four corners of the earth more important, a greater miracle, than their deliverance from Egyptian captivity, and you and I are living in the time when we can see that with our own eyes.

Ken Humphries: And we have seen it begun and now it’s coming to fruition.

Dr. Reagan: Wow, I tell you. Let me tell you something, your whole approach to Bible prophecy is based upon a literal interpretation, correct?

Ken Humphries: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: Why? Why do you interpret Bible prophecy literally? Because at the seminaries Bible prophecy is completely spiritualized. It’s considered to be non academic, and un-intellectual to take it literally, why do you take it literally?

Ken Humphries: Well, I believe the hermeneutic you use will formulate or mold your whole thinking.

Dr. Reagan: And by hermeneutic you just simply mean the way you interpret.

Ken Humphries: That’s right. And that’s to interpret scripture literally.

Dr. Reagan: Why? Why interpret it literally?

Ken Humphries: Well because you can take nothing else from it. If God says something it’s got to be true. If God says it you’ve got to accept it. How can you start to weave something into it or around it?

Dr. Reagan: You know why I am convinced that one of the most important reasons that people love to spiritualize scripture, is because when you start spiritualizing scripture you become God.

Ken Humphries: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: Because then you can make it say whatever you want to make it say. You know, I think God knows how to communicate. I think He wants to communicate. I don’t think you have to have PhD in anything to understand, you do have to have the Holy Spirit.

Ken Humphries: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: But brother, I don’t see why people want to take the Word of God and make it say something other than what it says.

Ken Humphries: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: And to me, the most important reason why we should interpret literally is because every First Coming prophecy meant exactly what it said.

Ken Humphries: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Now, if the First Coming prophecies meant what they said. Why shouldn’t the Second Coming prophecies mean what they say?

Ken Humphries: Well, they will, won’t they? And they do! Absolutely and completely.

Dr. Reagan: I mean, it doesn’t sound to me like you need to be a space scientist to understand this.

Ken Humphries: Absolutely, true.

Dr. Reagan: And yet, I see person after person spiritualizing; doesn’t mean what it says. Doesn’t mean what it says. And then you end up with just a bunch of stuff that doesn’t mean anything.

Ken Humphries: True. I once heard Howard Hendricks says that so many people today in church work are educated beyond their intelligence. And he said, by that I simply mean they have great education but they haven’t two ounces of common sense.

Ken Humphries: So, there you go. That’s maybe why.

Dr. Reagan: Ken, I know there’s some people out there watching right now who are thinking “hey man, I love this Irishman. I love that accent. I love his passion. How in the world can I get in touch with him?” How can people get in touch with your ministry? Just look right into that camera and tell them.

Ken Humphries: Well, if you want to find our ministry it’s on the web. and we would be delighted to have you come. And there’s a link there that will give you an email address. Why don’t you write to us? We’d be delighted to write back, and keep contact with you and have you know more about our ministry.

Dr. Reagan: Great, and I hope many people will do that. Folks, as we bring this segment to a close of our program, I’d like to pause for just a moment. We’re gonna come back and continue with Ken, but first I’d like to pause for you to have an opportunity to consider a resource that we have developed called God’s Plan For The Ages. This is a comprehensive book about every aspect of Bible prophecy, both the First Coming and the Second Coming. It’s an easy book to read. You can turn to any part of it and just read that section. You don’t have to read it in order. You can look in the Table of Contents and say, well I want to know what the Bible says about heaven. What it says about hell what is says about the Jews, what it says about the church, so it’s called God’s Plan For The Ages, and here is some information about how you can get this valuable resource.


Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy. Our special guest is Ken Humphries, a great Bible prophecy teacher and preacher from Northern Ireland. Ken, I want to thank you for being with us, you have been a blessing.

Ken Humphries: Thank you, brother.

Dr. Reagan: And I’d like to conclude our program with two questions and they’re very personal questions. The first one has to do with people who are believers. There are a lot of folks watching this program right now who are believers but do not know anything about Bible prophecy. What would you say to a believer who knows nothing about Bible prophecy?

Ken Humphries: Let me encourage you dear friends if you’re one of those people who keep saying, well, scripture in itself is difficult to read and Bible prophecy in particular is very hard to understand. Let me encourage you to go into the Word of God. The psalmist in Psalm 19:7 reminds us that the law of the Lord is perfect, transforming the soul, the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. He tells us that if we take the Word of God seriously and we read it and allow the Spirit of God to speak through it that he will open our minds. The psalmist in Psalm 112 could say, I know more than all my teachers, I know more than all the ancients. And you might think at this moment it’s difficult, it’s hard, but the more you read it, the more the Spirit of God will open your heart and mind to it. Especially about the prophetic truth of Christ’s return. Get those lovely passages, John 14, 1 Thessalonians 4, and many others, and read what the Lord Jesus has to say. Read through the Book of the Revelation and get a good book such as the one Dr. Reagan has written and you’ll find great help there.

Dr. Reagan: Thank you so much. Man, you make me want to just grab my Bible right now and start reading. But it really is sad how many people have been in the church all their lives and never even read the Book of Revelation. They don’t know all the wonderful promises that God has made concerning the future and has you read those it builds your hope. And now the second question, what would you say to a viewer who does not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior?

Ken Humphries: If you’re watching this broadcast and you’re not saved, you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ as your own and personal Savior, can I encourage you? Because the Lord Jesus is coming, His coming could happen at any moment. And that means that you need to be ready for that coming. How do I get ready for His coming, you say. You get ready by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ as your own and personal Savior, there is no other way to God, there is no other way to heaven. There is no other way to deal with sin that keeps you from God and He is the answer if you trust Him and make Him your very own and become a wonderful, true, born again believer. I tell you, you’ll be ready for eternity.

Dr. Reagan: Thank you so much Ken, and I appreciate your emphasis upon the fact that Jesus is the only way. Because we live in a day and day where increasing people are saying oh there are many different roads to God, but Jesus who was God in the flesh said I am the way, I am the truth, and there’s no other way to the Father except through Me.

Ken Humphries: Amen.

Dr. Reagan: Well folks, that’s our program for this week. I hope you’ll be tuned in same time next week for our program Christ in Prophecy. Until then, this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion Ministries saying look up! Be watchful for our redemption is drawing near!

End of Program

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