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Why does the Bible say that the tabernacle of David will be restored in the end times? Find out with Dr. David Reagan on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on December 2, 2007.


Dr. Reagan: The Bible says in the book of Amos that in the end times the type of praise worship instituted by King David will be revived in the Church. That prophecy is being fulfilled today, and it is a sign of the soon return of Jesus. For an exciting example of this type of worship, stay tuned.

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Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope. I’m Dave Reagan, senior evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries, and I want to thank you for tuning into our program this week.

Last week we showed you a segment from a new video program our ministry has produced. The program is called “The Ark of His Presence.” It contains a Davidic worship pageant designed and produced by Randall Bane. Randall has an international ministry called David’s House, and through that ministry he has become known worldwide as the foremost teacher and practitioner of Davidic praise worship.

The book of Amos says that the joyous, celebratory form of worship which King David introduced will be raised up in the end time Church as one of the signs of the Lord’s soon return. Randall’s worship pageant celebrates the presence of God in the Tabernacle of Moses, the Tabernacle of David, and in the hearts of believers since the Day of Pentecost, when the Church was established. Last week we shared with you the segment about the Tabernacle of Moses. This week, we are going to show you the portion of the program that emphasizes the Tabernacle of David.

But before we do so, I want to show you a segment of a teaching of mine regarding the significance of the Tabernacle of David. This was recorded at a site called Kiriath-jearim, located about seven miles from Jerusalem. It is where the Ark of the Covenant was stored in a farm house for many years before it was brought to Jerusalem by King David.

The revival of the Tabernacle of David in the form of the revival of Davidic praise worship is to me a sure sign of the soon return of Jesus Christ. That’s the message of this whole teaching. There are so many signs that we are told to watch for in the end times like: the coming together of Europe, which is happening right now, the Arab nations coming against Israel, the re-establishment of Israel itself, there are so many, many signs. And some are more important than others. The ones concerning the Jewish people are the most important of all. But certainly this one is very significant, the Bible says that in the end times there’s going to be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirt and we’re seeing that today in the preaching of the Gospel all over the world. And we’re seeing that outpouring of the Holy Spirt in the revival of Davidic praise worship. Again, it is serving as a bridge between the worship of the church that had become so dead and so stilted during the 20th Century, to the type of worship that will characterize the Millennial Temple of Jesus Christ. How exciting it is to live in a time when we can experience this bridge that the Holy Spirt is raising up. The Holy Spirit is saying that we are to be ready for the coming of the lord Jesus Christ and we are to bring him back on a cloud of praise.

Okay, with that introduction, let’s return now to the worship pageant called “The Ark of His Presence.” As this segment begins, Randall Bane begins to speak about the worship innovations that were introduced to Israel by King David after he retrieved the Ark from obscurity and return it to the heart of the nation in the city of Jerusalem.

Randall Bane Presentation

Randall Bane: So as King David worships the Lord before the Ark of the Covenant, the very same Ark that was in Moses’ Tabernacle, let’s enter with David into the holy presence.

Holy, Holy, Holy

Israel’s Hope

Holy, holy, holy

Lord God Almighty

Holy, holy, holy

The Lord God of hosts

Hallelujah, hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah

Holy, holy, holy

Lord God Almighty

Holy, holy, holy

You are Lord of hosts

You are Lord of hosts

You are Lord

You are Lord of hosts

Randall Bane: Moses’ Tabernacle stood as the worship place for Israel. As the place of the presence of God. And yet, at some point, in fact, the wicked sons of Eli were the priests, the Ark was taken from the Tabernacle, lost to the Philistines and eventually returned to Israel but not put back in the Tabernacle.

In those years when the Ark was not in the Tabernacle, David was growing up. David was being called by God to the service that we all know he performed eventually. And when, finally, David did become, first, king in Hebron, and then king over Jerusalem, he brought the Ark up, first from the house of Abinadab, where it had sat for about 25 years on Kiriath-jearim, about five miles out of Jerusalem. And because he did it wrongly, it had to stop at the house of Obed-Edom, and then he brought it on in.

Now this took a man of enormous courage, enormous strength, great counsel, much knowledge, deep understanding, true fear of the Lord, and great, great wisdom. Now when David grew up, he became a very cultivated man, a man of music, a man of letters, a man who knew all the refinements of life, as well as being a great warrior, and a true man of God, a man with a heart after God. Everything in his life was focused on serving God. And yet a man, a human being, a fallen human being just like you and me.

And David learned and proved again and again the pattern for being restored to God after falling. And it’s a pattern that God established under the Old Covenant and has continued under the New, and it’s one that we all need to know. When we sin, which we will, our first responsibility is to confess it, to own it, to acknowledge that we ourselves are responsible. Not our parents. Not our boss. Not somebody else. You confess your sin. Then blood must be applied. That’s God’s condition for the forgiveness of sins. So the blood of rams and lambs under the Old Covenant; the blood of Jesus under the New. And then, the third part, repentance. Rise up and walk again. Really hard, isn’t it? Very, very difficult to leave behind the shame you feel, and rise up and continue. And yet that is what David did.

And this is a story where that is illustrated. It’s another song by Ken Medema, the blind Christian writer/singer whom we use a great deal. This one is called When you are King.

When you are King

Ken Medema

When you’re a king and there’s no one to stop you, you think you can have your desires.

One day I saw her, I knew I must have her, whose image burned in me like fire.

Bathsheba, Bathsheba, mine you shall be, and I’ll have you no matter the cost.

Your loveliness thrills me, your absence would kill me, I won’t let this treasure be lost. So I saw what I wanted, and took what I saw, thinking nothing would stand in my way. How long did I think I could sin with impunity? Judgment would find me some day.

Well, hoping to cover my sin, then I sent for her husband to come home from war. “Now give me a word of the battle,” said I, “and go home to the wife you adore.” Faithful to his comrades, he slept with the soldiers and would not return to his bed. Then it came

clear that no rest I would gain till Uriah the Hittite was dead.

Layer after layer the evil unfolded, its grip never left me alone.

Now I must ask General Joab to help with what I could not do on my own.

“Come, go Uriah, its back to the army and please take this note as you go.

Its message important, its content top secret, but only for Joab to know.”

Who could have known or believed I would write what I sent with Uriah that day?

“Make hard attack on that city,” I ordered, “for this is no time to give way.

Place this Uriah in the front of the battle, up close to the walls of the town.

Do not protect him, let war take its course and inform me when he is struck down.”

Long was the waiting and sleepless the nights, till the word had drifted back from the war.

Soundly defeated, we’d suffered great loss, but Uriah was living no more.

Free now at last, I would have my desire, and could put this dread business to rest. Quickly I turned to the matters at state, knowing all would be safe in my nests.

One day a visitor came to the palace requesting a word with the king.

“Nathan the prophet, you’re always most welcome, you shan’t be denied anything.

What is the reason that brings you to me? Is there trouble abroad in my land?”

“Listen O king to my story,” said he, “and let justice be done by your hand.

Once there was a rich man, who had houses and flocks and good land.

His coffers overflowing with possessions of great worth.

Across the way lived a poor man who had nothing but a little lamb.

He nourished it and protected it; it was all that he owned on the earth.

One day the rich man had guests at his table, gave them an evening of frolic and fun. Not wishing to take from his flocks or his herds, he went to his neighbors and stole his little lamb, killed it, and served it that night at his table.

Now tell me O king, what’s to be done?”

Cursed be this thief, he shall die by the sword for such cruelty the king will not stand. Nathan the prophet then looked at me sternly and said: “You are the man!

For you saw what you wanted, and you took what you saw, and you murdered a man on your way.

How long did you think you could sin with impunity? Judgment has found you today.”

Broken and shamed, I was crushed by his blow; my only desire was to die.

Lord I have sinned and done evil before You. Have mercy on me; hear my cry.

Great was my sin in the eyes of the Lord and the price I must pay will be high.

All of my seed would be plagued by the sword and my child by Bathsheba would die. Great was the trouble that fell on my house, and yet still there is one thing to say:

“God in His mercy said I should not die, for my sin He had now put away.”

Create in me a clean heart O God, and renew a right spirit within me.

Do not thrust me away from your presence and do not take your Holy Spirit from me. Lift me up by Your Spirit O God.

Bring back the joys I once knew.

That I shall teach Your ways to wrongdoers, and sinners shall be turned again to You. Sinners shall again be turned to You; sinners shall be turned again to You.

Randall Bane: Why does God go to all this trouble for us? Because He loves us so much. We are betrothed to Him. We are a bride whom He will make pure, spotless, without wrinkle, until that day that He comes. Now, David was restored. David was able to return again into the presence of the Lord to worship God in the Holy of Holies, and we want to celebrate now, in the spirit of David and invite you to join with us.

As David Did

David Butterbaugh

As Joshua did at Jericho, we will shout like the priests of old before the King of kings. We shall come before Him, and worship Him today.

We can now adore Him.

We can now adore Him, Jesus made a way.

The sounds of shouting and salvation is in the dwellings of the righteous.

The sounds of joyful shouting and salvation is in the dwellings of the righteous.

The sounds of joyful shouting, praise Him with my whole heart, and offer up to Him the sacrifice of praise.

I will praise Him, with my whole heart, and offer up the sacrifice of joy, offer up the sacrifice of joy.

With singing, I will praise Him.

With singing I will praise Him, rejoicing I will glorify His name.

His steadfast love and mercy never cease.

I will offer up the sacrifice of joy, offer up the sacrifice of joy, offer up the sacrifice of joy, offer up the sacrifice of joy.

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is and is to come,

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty, who reigns forevermore.

Father in Heaven, how we love You.

We lift Your name in all the Earth.

May Your kingdom be established in our praises, as Your people declare Your mighty works.

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is and is to come, blessed be the Lord God Almighty, who reigns forevermore.

Blessed be the Lord.

Dr. Reagan: Well, folks, I hope that segment from our new video program blessed you as much as it did us. Next week, the Lord willing, we will show you the third and final segment of this program of Davidic praise worship. It will focus on the presence of God in believers since the Day of Pentecost. But before we close, I want to emphasize to you once again the message of the revival of Davidic praise worship. To do so, let’s return to the village of Kiriath-jearim in Israel.

The Tabernacle of Moses and the Tabernacle of David coexisted for 42 years, 30 years under the kingship of David, and 12 years during the time of Solomon. In other words, they coexisted under Solomon built his temple and rededicated it, at which point, both of those tabernacles were done away with.

The point I want to make to you is that the Tabernacle of David served as a bridge between the dead worship that had come to characterize the Tabernacle of Moses and the glorious spirit-filled worship that was going to characterize the Temple of Solomon. It was a bridge between the two. And in like manner, since 1948 God has been resurrecting the Tabernacle of David. And that Tabernacle of David which is the revival of Davidic praise worship in the Church today is also serving as a bridge. It is a bridge between the dead worship that had come to characterize the church of the 20th Century and the glorious, spirit-filled worship that will characterize the Millennial Temple of Jesus Christ. God wants His Son to come back on a cloud of praise, a cloud of hallelujahs. He wants a Church that is rejoicing, and church that is uninhibited in its worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And let me tell you how this really began. It began in the early ‘80s, when the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem decided that they wanted to start celebrating a Gentile celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles, because in Zechariah 14 it says that during the millennial reign of Jesus Christ that the nations of the world will send representatives each year to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. And the International Christian Embassy said well why don’t we just have some practice right now? So they called for Christians to come from all over the world to come to Israel to show their support for Israel, and at the same time, to celebrate the feast.

And they brought in one of the most gifted worshippers on planet earth, a man by the name of Randall Bane, from Kansas City, Missouri. And Randall served for over 10 years as the artistic director of the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. And he introduced through that to the whole world, because people came from all over the world. He introduced them to Davidic praise worship; to the use of all the visual arts in worship. And people were excited! And they went back home all over the world and said we’ve got to do this at our church. They took videos with them and suddenly Davidic praise worship exploded all over the globe. What a glorious thing it has been to see the revival of the Tabernacle of David in these end times.


Dr. Reagan: Well, that’s our program for this week. Be sure to join us again next week when we will present the third and final segment of the worship pageant.

Well, that’s it for this week, until next week the Lord willing, this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion Ministries saying, “Look up! Be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near!”

End of Program

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