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Will Jesus return on May 21, 2011 as Harold Camping predicts? Find out with guest James Walker on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on May 1, 2011.

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James Walker of Watchman Fellowship


Dr. Reagan: A well known Christian leader who owns one of the largest Christian radio networks in America has set a date for the return of Jesus. The date is Saturday, May 21st, 2011. He is broadcasting that date daily, he has erected billboards all across our nation and he has convinced many people that Jesus will return on that day. What about it? Is the date a valid one? Is it based on Bible prophecy? And can we really know the date of the Lord’s return? Stay tuned.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus our blessed hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague Nathan Jones and I are going to be interviewing one of Christendom’s foremost experts on cults and false religions, his name is James Walker. Welcome to Christ in Prophecy James.

James Walker: Thanks, David.

Dr. Reagan: It is always good to have you here.

James Walker: It is great to be with you.

Dr. Reagan: Okay. James is the President of Watchman Fellowship a cult monitoring ministry headquartered in Arlington, Texas. He is a former fourth generation Mormon with over 20 years of ministry experience in the field of Christian counter-cult evangelism, apologetics, and discernment. James earned a Master of Theology degree from Criswell College in Dallas, and he has taught at Arlington Baptist College, the Criswell College, and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He is an ordained Baptist Minister and a member of the Society for the Study of Alternate Religions. We have had James several times before as our guest and we have always received a very positive feedback from our viewers. James we invited you here today to discuss a Christian leader who has set a date for the return of Jesus Christ. The date of May 21st of this year, which would be on Saturday about 3 weeks from now, so we are coming up on that date real fast. Before we get to that particular date though what I would like to do first of all is lay some ground work by talking about date setting in general. What about it? Can we know the day of the Lord’s return?

James Walker: Absolutely not, and in Matthew 24 Jesus set the stage to say that no one knows the time, the day, or the hour of His return. This is something that only the Father knows. And the principle that we find in Scriptures that we are to be always ready because in such a time as we think not, that is when the coming of the Lord will be.

Dr. Reagan: You know it is amazing these date setters always have a way to explain away that verse.

James Walker: Yes, they always have a way around it.

Dr. Reagan: And so does this man whom we are going to discuss in a few minutes. For example he goes to Daniel 12 and he says, “Hey, in Daniel 12 it says that there are certain things that we can’t understand about prophecy now, but we will understand them as the day comes for them to be understood. ” And he said, “We are getting new revelation now so that we can understand that we can set the date.”

James Walker: Well, the issue is one of false prophecy and the Scriptures make it very clear, Deuteronomy 18 that if anyone makes a prediction in the name of the Lord, of an event that does not come to past and that is the thing that the Lord has not spoken, the prophet has spoken it presumptuously and the Bible says you are not to be afraid or not to respect or fear that prophet.

Dr. Reagan: And yet I have seen this happen over and over do you remember 1988? 88 Reasons Why Jesus is Coming Back in 1988.

James Walker: That was Edgar Whisenant, he gave us a book, the book, 88 Reasons of course when I read it I thought there was several problems with the book, actually 88 problems with the book. But there is a history of that, and so there have been whole books written about the history.

Dr. Reagan: And when it didn’t happen what did he do? The next year he wrote, 89 Reasons. It is just unbelievable.

James Walker: Typically what a false prophet will do is they will go back and give some kind of invisible interpretation to what was supposed to be a very visible event. And so they will say as the Jehovah’s Witnesses have, every eye will see Him, they said that the Second Coming would happen in 1914, when that didn’t happen they said, “Well, every eye of understanding, in your minds eye you would see these things.”

Nathan Jones: What about William Miller in 1844?

James Walker: Yes, classic example William Miller, tell us about him.

Nathan Jones: Weren’t the Millerites the “Great disappointment?”

James Walker: Yes, this a lot of the modern date setters go back to something called the Second Adventist Movement and a mislead Baptist Minister by the name of William Miller he was a pastor of a Baptist Church in Low Hampton, New York. He believed that he could unravel Bible prophecy and he predicted originally that in March of 1843 that Christ was going to return. Now this thing swept throughout the United States–

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, it really caught the popular imagination.

James Walker: The largest tent for public revivals was owned by William Miller. They had their own hymn books. It hopped the Atlantic and swept through Europe as well. And of course the March 1843 date failed, but like all these other false prophets William Miller adjusted his dates.

Nathan Jones: He spun it didn’t he?

James Walker: He did, so he had a new date, the new date was October 22, 1844, and by this time unknown hundreds of thousands of people go out to the sides of the mountains waiting for the Second Coming.

Dr. Reagan: Standing in white robes waiting for the Lord to come.

James Walker: And it was called by the newspapers of the day, “The Great Disappointment.”

Dr. Reagan: And he died a great disappointment.

James Walker: And it was people based their lives on it. Now he had a new revelation at that point, his new revelation was that no man knows the day or the hour.

Nathan Jones: Oh, interesting that sounds familiar.

James Walker: He actually repented of that.

Dr. Reagan: But some people began to give it a spiritual interpretation. Jesus really did something on that date.

James Walker: The majority of his followers simply, bitterly disappointed drifted back into their old churches. But a core group refused to believe that they were wrong, and they believed something invisible must have happened that day. And that was confirmed by a prophecy by a prophetess by the name of Ellen G. White who was an early leader in something, now known as the Seven Day Adventist Movement. So the Seven Day Adventist they believe that Christ did leave the right hand of the Father on October 22, 1844 which was William Miller’s date. But rather then coming back to earth as they thought He would, He entered into something called investigative judgment.

Nathan Jones: She was 17 when she came up with that idea, right?

James Walker: But it is based on a vision. And there were other people theorizing that but the vision is what validated the theory. And to this day the Seven Day Adventist believe in the date of October 22, 1844 based on an excuse for a false prophecy by a discredited pastor.

Dr. Reagan: So you set the date, when it doesn’t happen then you say that something spiritual occurred on that date.

James Walker: It was invisible.

Dr. Reagan: Something that you couldn’t see that was invisible. Well tell us briefly about what is the impact of this date setting upon individual Christians, and also upon the church.

James Walker: Well there is a reason that the Bible is adamant against false prophecy and false prophets because if I could convince you that Christ is going to return as this guy is saying, Saturday a few weeks from now. It totally changes your life. I mean all your plans, your education, your retirement, you quit your job it totally turns your life upside down, it ruins peoples lives. And then when the prophecy fails to come true you begin to question everything–

Dr. Reagan: Your faith.

James Walker: Oh, your faith, the Bible you, because this false prophet has mislead you, it is very hard to trust anything.

Dr. Reagan: And the world laughs.

James Walker: Oh, it discredits the name of Jesus.

Dr. Reagan: It is amazing every time one of these guys come along it is amazing how the press just zeros in. And every time you see him he is being interviewed here and interviewed there because they know it’s not going to happen. And they just, so they focus on it, and when it doesn’t happen they come back and say look.

Nathan Jones: What a crime to Bible prophecy, 31% of the Bible is Bible prophecy and yet churches are terrified to touch that 31% because of guys like this.

James Walker: Absolutely the issue becomes one of the biggest apologetics or defense for the Bible and the defense for the deity of Christ and His Messiahship is prophecy.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

James Walker: Fulfilled Bible prophecy, so if Satan can come in and destroy Bible prophecy he is basically negated a major portion of God’s Word.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, well it certainly is and the result of all of this can be that people decide that Bible prophecy is a playground for fanatics.

James Walker: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Not a legitimate place for study.

James Walker: That’s unfortunate. But that is why Satan is going to take false prophets and try to use this as an attack.

Dr. Reagan: And when a legitimate teacher comes along and says we can not know the date but we can know the season of the Lord’s Return because we are given signs to watch for, people say, “Oh, yeah I have heard that before.”

James Walker: Yeah, well some people use it as an excuse–

Dr. Reagan: It’s like yelling wolf, wolf, wolf.

James Walker: –an excuse not to go to the Bible. The major portion of God’s Word is prophecy. And it is an excuse not to study Bible prophecy because you have had a history of false prophets in the past. That does not take away our responsibility to study the Word of God and know what the Bible does say about the End Times.

Dr. Reagan: Okay now with this background about date setting in general, I want us to look specifically at this gentleman Harold Camping and the prophecy the date that he has set of May 21, just about 3 weeks from now. So let’s take a look at that, okay.

Part 2

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview of James Walker the President of Watchman Fellowship; it is a cult monitoring ministry and a ministry that specializes in apologetics. James we were talking about Harold Camping he is the guy who says that on May 21, 2011 Jesus is coming back. Could you elaborate a little, who is this Harold Camping, what is his background?

James Walker: Harold Camping very interesting, controversial guy, he is in his late 80’s now, he was born–

Dr. Reagan: He is 88 I believe.

Nathan Jones: Back in the 20’s right?

James Walker: –yeah 1921 or something. So this is a guy who made a small fortune early in his life, he owned a construction company and some real estate deals. But he had a Christian background he decided that he really wanted to be an evangelist and he bought a series of radio stations, and it has become one of the largest radio stations or networks in the United States. I think something like 150 stations, it is called Family Radio, Family Stations is the official name of it.

Dr. Reagan: Family Radio Network.

James Walker: Family Radio Network is what it is known as now that is not the same as American Family Radio which is a whole different organization.

Nathan Jones: There is a difference, okay.

James Walker: But Harold Camping has his radio network to get the Word of God out, but beginning in the 1960’s and 70’s he starts to speculate on dates and prophecies. His background, his Christian background was in the Reformed Christian Church and he was eventually asked not to teach there anymore because he was setting dates for the end. So he developed his own church, he starts a church called Alameda Bible Fellowship and.

Dr. Reagan: Is that in California you are talking about?

James Walker: Yes, so he was very adamant that the church age ended in 1988 that the Rapture was going to be in 1996.

Dr. Reagan: 1994.

James Walker: Sorry 1994 and that the end is coming soon, so that is kind of the background.

Nathan Jones: Well it is not the year of 1994 anymore so what was the response to this?

James Walker: Well it was another bitter disappointment and embarrassment. I mean he actually had a book with a title, and the title was, 1994.

Dr. Reagan: But he did the same thing William Miller did a few weeks after that he said, “Oh, but you know what? The Lord didn’t come but there was something significant that happened on that date. And that is the Holy Spirit was poured out. And from now on we are going to have the greatest harvest of souls in history as a result of the great pouring out of the Holy Spirit.”

James Walker: Between ’88 and ’94 he said that virtually no one was going to be saved.

Dr. Reagan: No one saved.

Nathan Jones: Except him?

Dr. Reagan: Because the Church Age had ended.

Nathan Jones: Okay.

James Walker: So in 1994 forward there was supposed to be this great harvest of people coming to Christ. I mean there is no kind of independent verification of any of this, either the apostasy or the revival there is nothing we can see along those lines. But all of this I believe is an excuse to try to paper over this huge embarrassing false prophecy about 1994.

Nathan Jones: Because I remember 1994 it was on all the news and the next day he became a laughingstock and now he is predicting another date. Why does anyone listen to him?

James Walker: It is a true saying, “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Nathan Jones: Yes.

James Walker: And a lot of Christians even don’t have any historical understanding. I mean there is even a book out about the history of the end of the world.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yeah.

James Walker: And so not knowing that and not understanding the biblical criteria for judging a prophet, judging someone who sets dates, they are condemned to repeat this over and over again.

Dr. Reagan: And he is also a very charismatic, dynamic type of individual and in his writings his writings are very obtuse I have read a lot of them and I tell you it is tough going. But when you get through you think, “Wow, I didn’t understand any of that but anybody that deep must really know what they are talking about.” And unfortunately he is misleading a lot of very sincere people who sincerely want to see the Lord Return and who are going to sincerely be disappointed. Because I know one thing James, I don’t know when the Lord is coming but I know He isn’t coming on that date because He has told us we could not know.

Nathan Jones: How did he come up with that date anyway? Why 1988? Why is it always the 21st that all these events happen in his calendar?

James Walker: Well he spiritualizes the Bible. It is almost like you could take Daniel, the book of Revelation, you take the prophet books, think about this, you take them put them in a blender, you shred them all up and then you close your eyes and reach in and pull out bits and pieces of the Bible and try to piece them together. It is a combination of numerology where he ascribes secret meanings to different numbers and then tries to do different mathematical formulas on them. Taking prophecy in the Bible that refers to events that have already happened and then try to take those and move them forward and apply them to the 1980’s and 90’s. It is a combination of spiritualizing the Scriptures and arbitrarily just assigning meanings to the Bible.

Dr. Reagan: I found that he does a lot of the classic errors of people when they start interpreting the Bible. One is, of course the main thing that he does he allegorizes the Bible, everything. He argues that the real meaning of all Scripture is under the surface and so he allegorizes things like saying when Moses said there were 7 days left before the flood, well that meant there were really 7,000 years of human history. Well come on that isn’t what Moses said. The 2 witnesses who are killed in the Middle of the Revelation he says well those 2 witnesses represent the Church and that one day God is going to kill off the Church and he did that in 1988. Well that doesn’t have anything to do with the Church. He takes a passage that William Miller used from Daniel 8 and he says, well this is forecasting so many days or years, and that whole prophecy had to do with what was going to happen with Antiochus Epiphanies–

James Walker: During the Inter-Testamental Period between the Old and the New Testament.

Dr. Reagan: I know. Then another thing he does is retranslate scripture, like the Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you have a Scripture that doesn’t mean what you want it to mean–

Nathan Jones: You remodify it.

Dr. Reagan: –well you just say hey it has never been translated correctly and you suddenly give it a translation that no bodies ever given it. Isn’t that a usual technique of cults?

James Walker: It is. And when you randomly assign meanings it goes against the historical, grammatical understanding, the hermeneutics of how you interpret Scripture. It means what it says, and says what it means. Once you begin to apply these random meanings well then the Bible can mean anything that you want it to mean and that is exactly what has happened to Harold Camping.

Dr. Reagan: Well and that is fun, because when you do allegorical interpretation you are right it means anything you want it to mean. And guess what? You become God.

James Walker: Absolutely.

Nathan Jones: Didn’t he take what Jesus said about teaching in parables and apply it to the entire Bible so he thinks the entire Bible is a parable?

James Walker: Yes, he has done that as well.

Dr. Reagan: Another thing he often does is quote only part of a verse.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Leave the rest of the verse out.

James Walker: Context is king, so when you remove things from context you can have it mean anything that you want it to.

Dr. Reagan: Well you know in all the study that I did on this and I really went into it with quite a bit of depth I came to the conclusion that his whole formula rests on one assumption and that is usually the case with end time dating. Everything rests on if you accept this one proposition then everything builds from that. And his fundamental proposition is that in 1994 was a year of Jubilee.

James Walker: Yes, but that’s not the case.

Dr. Reagan: The Jews don’t know that.

James Walker: Yes, he just picked that one out of a hat, too.

Dr. Reagan: And he never gives any reason for saying it is. The Jews do not recognize that as the year, who is he to tell the Jewish people that it was a year of Jubilee?

James Walker: Well the Year of Jubilee is something that when the Jews went into Canaan in Joshua it is 50 years from that point when all of Israel, all 12 tribes go into the promise land, go into Canaan then 50 years from then is going to be the Jubilee. Well even if you tried to apply that to Israel being reestablished as a nation the math doesn’t work. It wouldn’t be 1994 it would be 1998 would be 50 years.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right. That’s right. Plus the Jews themselves say we are not going to have a Year of Jubilee until the majority of all Jews representing all tribes are back in the land, then we will start calculating. But how can you say the Year of Jubilee if the Jews don’t even recognize it?

James Walker: Now once you take that it is kind of like you think of a house of cards his whole dating system, once you pull the Year of Jubilee out this whole thing collapses like a house of cards, and this is the problem that you have. And you see it already happening with the failure in 1994 the Rapture didn’t happen then. In a couple of weeks we are going to find out the same thing again with the May 21st date in 2011.

Dr. Reagan: Incidentally folks we have a very detailed article entitled, “The Madness of Date Setting,” that goes into all of his calculations, how he made the calculations, how bizarre they are, how off the wall they are, particularly incredible mathematical formulas that he just pulls out of no where and gives all of kinds of spiritual interpretations to. He has one that he considers more important then e=mc2 and so you can find that article on our website. Nathan tell them how to get to our website so they can find that.

Nathan Jones: www.lamblion.com, it will be the feature article for the magazine that came out in March and April and just go under publications, magazines it is the main article there.

Dr. Reagan: Thank you, Nathan. Okay I want to come back in just a moment and I want us to discuss something else about Harold Camping and that is it appears that Harold is in the process of creating a new cult. What is a cult? How do we identify a cult? And why is what he doing cultish in nature? Okay.

Part 3

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to our interview of James Walker, President of Watchman Fellowship. James not only is Harold Camping’s date setting alarming, but a number of his theological positions are quite alarming too. Could you tell us a little about those?

James Walker: Oh yeah Nathan, usually a false prophet is going to other theological issues besides just the date setting and the same is true of Harold Camping. Over the years he has gotten more and more leaning towards the area of heresy, heretical teachings. This idea that the Church Age ended in 1988 again this is a mask over for a false prophecy, but what happens is he says that the Church that God has washed His hands from the Church. That all the churches are wrong that they are apostate, they are evil.

Nathan Jones: Isn’t He the head of the Church, Jesus?

James Walker: Well, yeah you have that problem. So what Harold Camping says is that you can’t be loyal to God and go through any church organization that all the churches are apostate.

Dr. Reagan: And he told people to leave their churches.

James Walker: Leave, flee, flee the churches.

Nathan Jones: And join?

James Walker: Basically his church, which he doesn’t call a church.

Nathan Jones: Okay.

James Walker: He would say ministries or organizations that support true Bible prophecy. And so there on one of their websites they have four organizations that fall under that category, one of them of course is Family Radio. So, but it is interesting his church Alameda Bible Fellowship has all the characteristics of a church, practically I mean they have worship services, they have singing praises, they have Bible teaching, they don’t do communion or baptism, but it is tantamount to a church. Yet again all the churches are wrong so you have to come to theirs. This is one of the characteristics of a cult.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah I was going to say it sounds like he is forming a new cult.

James Walker: At Watchman Fellowship we have the four patterns to look for.

Dr. Reagan: Okay.

James Walker: A cult is going to add to God’s Word with new scripture, they are going to subtract from Jesus, they are going to multiply the requirements of salvation, and this fourth one which is what he is doing divide their follower’s loyalty saying that you can’t be loyal to God unless you are loyal to our organization or group. So Camping is saying you can’t be loyal to God at any church, but you have to leave the church and come through him and his prophecy, his date setting in order to be loyal to God.

Nathan Jones: Sounds like Joseph Smith.

James Walker: Yes, absolutely, characteristics of a cult. On top of that you have some other very disturbing teachings Camping is now saying that Jesus can be identified with the Archangel Michael. Well–

Nathan Jones: Wow.

Dr. Reagan: Jehovah’s Witness doctrine.

James Walker: Well you understand, I mean that sounds like again that is subtracting from Jesus. Jesus is not an angel Jesus is God in the flesh. Now again I think Camping would say he believes in the deity of Christ, he believes in the doctrine of the trinity. But once you begin to say that Jesus is the Archangel Michael it puts you on shaky ground. Doctrine is a lot like buttoning your buttons, if you button the first button incorrectly what is going to happen to the rest of your button? Well see–

Dr. Reagan: And you continue to drift, so the next thing you know–

James Walker: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: –you are denying the Trinity and on and on.

James Walker: Yes, the first button for Harold Camping was the date setting, but being consistent he begins to get off on all of his theology and so you have that and other things as well.

Dr. Reagan: Well like unbelievers will just simply die a death and be annihilated.

James Walker: There is a tendency to take other what we would call Adventist Doctrines, Second Adventist Doctrines. For example the idea of either soul sleep or in Harold Camping’s case the idea that Hell is not an eternal place of torment. Now you find that with the Seven Day Adventist, you find it with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, you find it with the original Herbert W. Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God all these groups that came out of the William Miller movement are all going to have similar doctrines. Now Camping is beginning to hold some of these.

Dr. Reagan: Incredible, I’m telling you.

Nathan Jones: Doesn’t he also not believe that mankind is totally depraved; he elevates mankind above what we are?

James Walker: He seems to do that as well. Again he is buttoning the buttons, once you get off on that one button if you are half way consistent you are going to be off on every one of your buttons. Doctrine is that way.

Dr. Reagan: James, I know that your ministry is an apologetic ministry but you also are a ministry that does a lot of watching of false religions and cults. And as a result a couple of years ago you published a catalogue of the false religions and cults. And I was just blown away by how many there are. Seems like they are multiplying exponentially in the end times here because Satan knows Bible prophecy, he knows Jesus is coming soon, he is trying to deceive as many people as he can, as quickly as he can. Would you just look right into that camera and tell people how they can get in touch with your ministry and also how they can get a copy of your cult catalogue.

James Walker: Sure, we’ve got that now on our website, we have a web version of that, over 1,000 different cults, occult groups, controversial doctrines, practices, spiritual leaders, all hyperlinked to cross reference each other and that is available at our website at www.watchman.org, and look for the index of cults, and religions right there on that homepage.

Dr. Reagan: I remember when that book came out I was talking to you one day, and I said, “James, I know there are a lot of strange groups out there. What do you consider to be the strangest cult you have ever run across?” And I mean without hesitation you said, “The Cult of the Mushroom.” What was that all about?

James Walker: Yeah there is a group out in Southern California headed up by a guy who actually was one of the official translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls, it is called the Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, and they believe that Jesus is actually a mushroom.

Nathan Jones: Sounds like they have been smoking some of them.

James Walker: Well there is some background–

Dr. Reagan: So they get around and they eat mushrooms and hallucinate right?

James Walker: They believe that the New Testament was written in code and that it involves altered states of consciousness. There are certain mushrooms that have a hallucinogenic factor to them and they believe that when the Bible says, “Unless you eat of my body, you will not see the Kingdom of God.” That means partaking of the mushroom and you see the Kingdom of God.

Dr. Reagan: James what is the key to protecting ourselves against deception, because anyone can be deceived? How can we protect ourselves against deception in these end times?

James Walker: The best way to protect yourself against the counterfeit, is to by knowing the genuine. Know the Word of God a balanced hermeneutic how do you interpret the Bible, historical and grammatical interpretation of the Bible. Know the Word of God know the biblical warnings about false prophets. How do you test a prophet, Deuteronomy 13, Deuteronomy 18, the Bible gives us test to know these things because God loves people and He wants to protect us from this kind of crazy date setting.

Dr. Reagan: All I can say is Amen, but I think you put your finger on why there is so much deception in these times is because there is a famine of the Word. Even people going to evangelical churches rarely hear the Word anymore, what they hear is modern psychology, how you can be a better husband, a better wife, how you can do this, how you can make yourself better and so forth, but very little about the Word.

James Walker: Yes, it is, verse by verse through the Scriptures, not take a half a verse or single verse and expound on that you need to go through systematically through the Word of God, in both personal Bible study, also this is what we need to be doing.

Dr. Reagan: Do you have a question Nathan?

Nathan Jones: I was just going to make reference to Harold Camping is a living sign of the time isn’t he, because a number of times in Matthew 24 Jesus said we would know the End Times by the increase in false prophets, and false teachers. So we can almost say, “Praise the Lord for Harold Camping, he is a sign that Jesus is coming back.” But not according to Harold Camping’s timing right?

James Walker: The irony is in a sense Harold Camping is mentioned in the Bible because it talks about the false prophets and in the last days there is going to be systematic false religion and false prophets are going to be systematic of the last days.

Dr. Reagan: Well we need to put him on our prayer list to pray for him.

James Walker: Yes, definitely.

Dr. Reagan: And we certainly need to pray for his followers who have been deceived that their eyes may be opened in these next three weeks or that they would if they continue to believe that their faith would not be destroyed.

James Walker: There needs to be repentance.

Dr. Reagan: Again folks I would urge you to go to our website at lamblion.com and read this article that we placed on the website that goes into great detail about this particular prophecy. And why it is wrong, and why people need to be focused upon Jesus and not upon dates for the Return of Jesus. Nathan anything you’ve got to add about our website?

Nathan Jones: Certainly, we would like to get you this article. If you go to our website at lamblion.com just sign up for our e-newsletter and we will e-mail you that along with every other week we send out a newsletter with Bible prophecy so you get your daily dose of Bible prophecy and we will get that to you.

Dr. Reagan: Well, that is our program for this week. We hope you will be back with us next week the Lord Willing. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion Ministries’ saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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