Nazir Gill in Pakistan
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Nazir Gill in Pakistan

Nazir Gill in Pakistan continues to translate and publish our books in the Urdu language. He also conducts Bible prophecy conferences for pastors. He has already translated our newest book, The Basics of Bible Prophecy, and he will be using it with 80 pastors in a conference this month. Keep in mind that Pastor Gill, who is over 80 years old, is conducting his ministry, like Pastor Oyinna, in a very hostile environment where he could be killed any moment.

We recently supplied him with the funds to purchase a motorcycle and media equipment (a laptop computer and projector so that he can use PowerPoint in his teaching). He informed me that the motorcycle is too powerful for him to handle, so he rides everywhere on it with his son actually in control of it. His son ministers with him. Please consider making a donation to support his ministry.