A Faith Ministry

Lamb & Lion Ministries is a faith ministry. We do not charge for speaking engagements. Rather, when we conduct a meeting, seminar, or conference, we request that the host group take up an offering for the ministry. We believe that God knows our needs and that He will provide them.

The ministry believes in operating debt free. Accordingly, the ministry has ended every year of its operations since its founding in 1980 with all its bills paid in full. All the ministry’s land, buildings and equipment are paid for in full.

Donor Privacy

We have a donor privacy policy in place which states that we will not sell, trade or share a donor’s personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Lamb & Lion Ministries is a member in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (view our profile). This means that we subscribe to and practice the highest standards of financial accountability.

Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator is an agency that monitors the financial operations of non-profit organizations and evaluates their overall financial efficiency (view our profile).

Lamb & Lion Ministries has earned our 16th consecutive 4-star rating. This is our highest possible rating and indicates that our organization adheres to sector best practices and executes its mission in a financially efficient way. Attaining a 4-star rating verifies that Lamb & Lion Ministries exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in our area of work. Less than 1% of the charities we evaluate have received at least 16 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Lamb & Lion Ministries outperforms most other charities in America. This exceptional designation from Charity Navigator sets Lamb & Lion Ministries apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness.

Charity Navigator 16th Award
[view our profile | read the letter (pdf)]

Financial Statements

Lamb & Lion Ministries produces a monthly financial statement that is available to anyone on request. The ministry also has an outside accounting firm to conduct an annual audit of its books. Copies of the annual audit and Form 990 for the past year are available below.

Summary for 2022

Income Expenses
Sales: $267,668 (8.5%) Administration: $326,980 (11.0%)
Undesignated Gifts: $2,754,825 (87.6%) Fund Raising: $17,468 (.6%)
Designated Gifts: $113,002 (3.6%) Missions: $260,710 (9.0%)
Other Income: $9,372 (.3%) Outreach: $2,327,214 (79.4%)
Total: $3,144,867 $2,932,372


Lamb and Lion Ministries 2023 Staff

Lamb & Lion Ministries Staff, April 2023

Lamb & Lion Ministries proclaims its message in a variety of ways. One of the most significant is through its weekly television program called Christ in Prophecy. This program is broadcast nationally over many television networks such as DayStar, CTN, NRBTV and TCT and online venues such as HisChannel, Rumble, and YouTube. The television program exists to proclaim the soon return of Jesus Christ.

The Ministry’s evangelists conduct conferences at all kinds of physical and online venues and preach at church services all over North America.

Other forms of outreach include the production of teaching resources: DVDs, CDs, MP3s, Books, Group Study Materials, and Magazines such as the bi-monthly Lamplighter and the periodic Bible Prophecy Insights. Online outreaches are conducted over this website, social media, the Lamb & Lion App, our blog, and with the distribution of various short-form videos such as our Prophetic Perspectives series.

Another form of outreach consists of the Ministry leading tours of Israel which are conducted one to two times per year for educational and spiritual purposes.

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