U.S. Policy Toward Israel: Hypocrisy Gone to Seed

U.S. Policy Toward Israel: Hypocrisy Gone to Seed

The inconsistency of U.S. policy regarding terrorism.

By Dr. David R. Reagan

Earth From Space

United States foreign policy toward Israel is a study in hypocrisy. Consider:

  1. President Bush called for the capture of Osama bin Laden “dead or alive,” and then turned around and condemned Israel for targeting terrorist leaders for assassination.

  2. President Bush called for terrorist leaders to be brought to justice. He invaded Iraq to go after Saddam Hussein. Then, he let Israeli leaders know that they could not touch the world’s foremost terrorist, Yasser Arafat.

  3. President Bush has stated that he would never negotiate with or make concessions to terrorist regimes, but he forces Israel to negotiate with the world’s premier terrorist regime, the Palestinian Authority.

  4. The Bush Administration is unwilling to tolerate a single terrorist attack, but it demands that Israel respond to terrorist attacks with “patience and longsuffering.”

The number of terrorist attacks in Israel since September 2000, when the Arab Intifada (uprising) began totals 22,406. The number of Israelis killed in those attacks adds up to 1,073. The number injured totals 7,371. The equivalent figures for the U.S. population would be 59,146 killed and 414,027 wounded. How much patience and longsuffering would we show if we were suffering such casualties?

What if a terrorist government were to take over Mexico and start lobbing rockets across the Rio Grande, killing Texans pell-mell? How long do you think it would take us to respond with overwhelming force?

Why then do we make demands of another nation that we would consider ridiculous if they were made of us? Is it because we are more concerned about access to Arab oil than we are about the killing of Jews?

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