Billy Crone on the Spiritual Condition of America

Does the election of Donald Trump signify that God has given America a window of mercy? Find out with guest Billy Crone on television’s “Christ in Prophecy.”

Last aired on February 26, 2017.

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Dr. Reagan: Does the election of Donald Trump signify that God has given America a window of mercy? And, if so, is it likely that our nation will respond to it with repentance? Stay tuned for an interview with Pastor Billy Crone.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague, Nathan Jones, and I have a very special guest with us today. He is Billy Crone who is pastor of Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, and also serves as the teacher for “Get A Life Ministries.” Welcome.

Billy Crone: Thank you, Dr. Reagan. Great to be on.

Nathan Jones: Great to have you on, Pastor Crone.

Billy Crone: Thank you, Nathan.

Nathan Jones: Let’s start with this question: This miraculous election of Donald Trump has started people saying that the United States has now reached a Nineveh moment.

Billy Crone: Yeah.

Nathan Jones: What do you think they mean by that? And would you agree?

Billy Crone: Well, certainly you look at Nineveh in the Bible and even historically, Nineveh, woohoo, you talk about a wicked nation. I mean these were brutal. I mean people would surrender to Nineveh, just them coming, “Oh they’re coming! Ok, we quit, we quit take over.”

Nathan Jones: Head of the Assyrian Empire right, the capital?

Billy Crone: Yeah, because they were so wicked. They would not just kill people, they would chop their limbs off, their ears, nose, feet, hands. They would skin people alive. They would impale them. They would chop their heads off and hang them in trees, and put them on poles. They would sever their limbs and chop them off and send them out as souvenirs as victory trophies and stuff. I mean it was a bad state. Well what happens is then God of course we know calls Jonah. He says, “Hey, go preach to those people.” “Uh-uh.” You know. And when you understand their background you could see why he was a little hesitant there. Right?

Nathan Jones: Yeah, he didn’t want to die.

Billy Crone: Right. And so finally after these circumstances he finally does it. But, all of a sudden the impossible happens. It’s like wait a second. He is like no, these guys are too far gone, there is no way. I mean that’s the Ninevites, there is no way they are going to respond. And maybe even Jonah felt that way. But what happened? You read there in Jonah chapter 3 and it says that they actually responded.

Dr. Reagan: Which he didn’t like.

Billy Crone: Yeah, that’s a whole another story, right?

Dr. Reagan: He wanted them punished.

Billy Crone: Right, exactly. And but they actually responded and turned around. And least it didn’t last forever, but at least there was a moment when there was, if you will, a national revival with the people. And that’s recorded per the scriptures. So, certainly if that is what people are referring to with the election with President Trump, then could it be that God is once again giving us an opportunity, a window to turn things around. Well what I would like to point out is that if you keep on reading there in chapter 3, we need to do then what happened. It says, “When God saw what they did.” They repented. They turned from their evil ways. He had compassion and did not bring upon them the destruction He had threatened. So, the point is well, then, ok so if God’s given us truly a window of opportunity, if you will a Nineveh moment, then guess what? It is not a time for the Church to get lazy, to go back to sleep. Ok, you spoke up, but don’t go back to sleep, because why? Because if that step is going to happen. Well, how’s our nation then going to turn around and respond to their wickedness? Is it just because Trump got elected? No. It’s when the Church speaks up, like Jonah and says, “Oh, by the way what you are doing is wrong. You need to repent. The judgment of God is coming.” If we don’t do that, and if this is an opportunity, an open window it’s not going to happen. We will waste this opportunity, if in fact it truly is, if you will a Nineveh moment.

Dr. Reagan: What’s disturbing to me is I see evangelical leaders all across the country caving in to societal demands. It’s like the Church is so anxious for society to like them.

Billy Crone: Yeah, well that’s the unfortunately the false teaching of the Church Growth Movement, right? And what happened was, and I remember dealing with this when I first got saved in the 90’s. And it used to be an aberration, the Church Growth Movement. And basically the idea was like, we need to dress like the world, look like the world, act like the world, speak like the world, use the world’s language, even use the world’s music and that way the world will like us and come. It’s like well first of all show me the verse.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Billy Crone: We’re supposed–it’s supposed to be about Jesus and teaching His Word. It’s for God’s people. And then you get out there as the Church.

Dr. Reagan: What happened about confronting people with their sin, and calling for repentance?

Billy Crone: Exactly. But the Church Growth Movement that used to be an aberration is now become the norm.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Billy Crone: And that’s the problem that they think that we just need to be–we want the world to like us. Well there is no verse. We are to be the salt and the light of this world, and we are not doing that. And frankly it spills over into I believe a Bible prophecy issue. Paul says in 2 Timothy 3, he says, how do you know you’re living in the last days? Of course I am giving the vernacular. He says, here’s what’s going to happen, people are going to be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, and all this horrible, he goes down this litmus a list of evil, rotten, horrible behavior. He even used the words brutal, and treacherous and rash, conceited, all this stuff. And that’s what happening today. Why? Because the church is not being the church. The problem is not that the darkness is overwhelming. The problem is the light is not shining. Right? It’s us. We’re the problem, not the world. And I’ve noticed this ever since I got saved and it really bugs me. But anyway, so, but it’s like, ever since I got saved in the 90’s, everybody goes, “We need to pray for revival.” And hey I’m all for that. Wouldn’t it be great if God had, if you will, one finally revival up His sleeve before the seven year Tribulation. Before the Rapture took place. It could be. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but wouldn’t that be great. All I know if it’s going to happen revival is not for the world, revival is for God’s people. If My people He says, not the world. But what I’ve noticed is the Church has this mentality, if they even get around to talking about revival, the need for revival, their prayers are directed out there. God get them. God fix them. God make them holy. It’s backwards.

Dr. Reagan: Starting with ourselves.

Billy Crone: It starts with us. If you want the darkness to go away shine the light. You go into a dark room, you want to get rid of it, how do you dispel the darkness? You go over to the wall and you what? Flip on the light. And it is time for the Christians to stop condoning the darkness, like what you’re saying. It’s time for us to get back to God’s truth, shine the light of His truth so that the darkness can be dispelled so revival can take place.

Dr. Reagan: I think Americans are too enamored with politics and political solutions. And they believe that if you can elect a person like Trump who has some good ideas and things that they agree with. That he will really make America great again. I would argue that it is impossible for him to make America great again as long as we are killing 3-4 thousand babies a day. As long as we are flooding the world with pornography. As long as we are the moral polluter of planet earth through our production of blasphemous, violent, horrible television programs and movies. As long as we are the world’s number one consumer of illegal drugs. I could go on and on. How can that be a great country? I don’t care what he does, God is not going to bless us as long as we are wallowing in sin.

Billy Crone: No, and I agree with you. And I think what’s happened, if you will, I think the same thing is being repeated that happened at Jesus’ First Coming. You look at the Jewish people and here was the Messiah, the prophesied Messiah. They know the Old Testament scriptures. Here He is right in front of you. I mean the answers to all your problems, He is here. God in the flesh is right before you. You reject Him. Why? Because you want a political savior. You want someone to save you right now from the governmental oppression of the Roman Empire. You want somebody to fix the economy or whatever the thing is. Right? You want a political savior, not the actual savior. And I frankly for years have been saying this that I think the Church is doing the same thing today as ironic as it is. We have put all of our prayers and hopes in a political savior, instead of the antidote to the darkness and that is the one and only Savior Jesus Christ. I see this every election cycle. Oh, you’ve got people that sit there in the pew, they have cobwebs growing on them, drool coming out of their mouth, they haven’t moved in 19 years and you have to dust them off every Sunday. They are so inactive, of course I’m joking, they are so inactive and then all of a sudden it is election time. Man they dole out the cash, they hit the streets. Man they’re having people sign up, do this, vote for so and so. And then they go back to sleep. And I’m going, listen I’m not against if you want to be active in politics. I’m not against that, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. We need to speak up certainly as Christians, while we still have the freedom. But give me a break where was that same energy? Where was that same drive for sharing the Gospel? Because it is only Jesus that can make a difference for our nation.

Dr. Reagan: That’s it. That’s it. And we’ve turned our back on Him.

Billy Crone: Right.

Dr. Reagan: You know I just can never get over the grace of God. How He blesses us when we deserve no blessing whatsoever.

Billy Crone: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: For eight years we have shaken our fists at God and said, “We will do whatever we please.” We even lite up the White House with the colors of the sexual perversion movement. And yet God gives us a window of mercy.

Billy Crone: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: I think one of the reasons that he did it is because Franklin Graham went to all 50 states, every state capital and called on Americans to repent for their sins, for the sins of the nation, for their personal sins, and prayed for God to give us a window of mercy. And people say, “Well, there were only 250,000 people who came to all those rallies. That is just a very small portion.” Well, it may have been but there were also many hundreds of thousands who were praying along with him who could not go to those rallies. But I think that’s the reason God gave us this window. And it will be interesting to see if we do anything with it. But you know to me the heart of America has shifted. When I was growing up the heart of America was based on Christian principles. But I don’t think it is anymore. Consider this: Obama after eight years of the most ungodly administration in American history left with a 60% approval rating.

Billy Crone: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: 60%. Consider this Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trump.

Billy Crone: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Consider this the Millennials 18-29 voted 55% for Hillary, that’s the future of this nation. And when you consider the condition of our universities today and how they’ve been taken over by radical liberals who are doing everything they can to convert the kids. What hope do we have? The only hope is Jesus Christ. But, where is the revival?

Billy Crone: Well, it’s back to Jonah chapter 3, you know. If the Church doesn’t speak up. If in fact this is a window of opportunity we’d better maximize it. And I said from the pulpit right after the election that first Sunday, and I said, “Hear me loud and clear. Right. Time will tell what just transpired. If in fact though this is an opportunity from God. He gave us a window especially after the last eight years.” Which I agree with you is on record as the most historical, ungodly, anti-Christian administration in the history of the United States.

Dr. Reagan: Obama was our Manasseh.

Billy Crone: Absolutely. And would even go on record as asking God to bless Planned Parenthood, if you can believe that, that is actually on video. But anyway, so if I told the church, if this is in fact that opportunity, listen, don’t go back to sleep. You’d better if you’re going to do something for Jesus you better do it now. And you better start standing up for His truth because it’s His truth is the only thing that can set people free. If revival is going to happen it starts with us as we share that. And if you sit there, if you go back to sleep. And I told them this, I said, “If you go back to sleep after this. If this really is God’s one last window, because we know it’s not going to last forever.” Nineveh didn’t last forever, they eventually went belly up.

Nathan Jones: 150 years.

Billy Crone: So we don’t even–

Dr. Reagan: He sent another prophet named Nahum.

Billy Crone: Right. So, even this moment isn’t going to last forever. We know the seven year Tribulation is coming. You can’t stop it. But man if we sit there if we go back to sleep again. We I told them, “We deserve the biggest spanking from God that we can’t even believe. How dare we? When all hope seemed lost, and if this is that window, man we’d better maximize it.”

Nathan Jones: Billy, beside the moral condition there is also that Israel is–the United States is blessed because of our defense of Israel. And clearly since President Trump has gotten in he’s done so much for Israel. Israel now feels free to start rebuilding settlements, and to spurn the UN and all that. Do you think that America receives blessing for our position with Israel?

Billy Crone: Oh, I think so too. And that was, frankly, I think a long term concern as you saw that again the previous administration with Obama extremely, obviously anti-Israel. And man, I mean look–and then again how we prosper as a nation. I’m not talking just economically. I’m just talking about spiritually, and morally we’ve gone down the tubes so fast. Certainly we deserve God’s spanking just like any other nation. God is not done with the Jewish people the Scripture is loud and clear about that. And if you want to go against Israel, man you might as well–

Dr. Reagan: You touch the apple of His eye.

Billy Crone: I tell you what.

Dr. Reagan: He is going to bless those who bless them, and curse those who curse him.

Billy Crone: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: It’s not just Obama, ever since Carter we have been turning against Israel.

Billy Crone: Right. And if Trump does follow through with a lot of things he’s talking about Pro-Israel, hey again is this God’s open window for us? But again to me it’s like, it’s not just saying, “Hey, maybe the economy is going to turn around and things will get better. And things will improve.” We always seem to forget as Christians we’re the answer. Christ in us proclaiming His truth is the answer. God may open the window but we need to go through that window and do what He told us to do, otherwise it will be all for nothing. So we have to take this moment seriously.

Dr. Reagan: The Bible says that Jesus is going to return in a time when the world is as violent, and immoral as it was in the days of Noah. And if we look around us today we can see a lot of that happening. Adrian Rogers summed it up by saying, “The world is growing gloriously dark.”

Billy Crone: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Because even though it is growing very dark, it’s a sign that Jesus is at the very gates ready to return. Do you believe that? Do you believe we are living in the season of the Lord’s return?

Billy Crone: Oh, absolutely. And again if you go back to the Scripture that’s one of the signs that we are in the last days, the rise of wickedness. Look at society. Jesus said you’re going to see a repeat like you are mentioning in the days of Noah. Paul talks about that in 2 Timothy. He said, “This is going to be evidence of the people’s behavior in the last days.” And we are right down that list–

Dr. Reagan: What other signs would you point to that we are living in the season of the Lord’s return?

Billy Crone: Well, certainly as he says there people are just lovers of themselves, lovers of money. They are going to become brutal. They are going to be haters of God. And you go down the list and it’s like listen every single one, not five out of those, every single one is common place in our society today. Certainly I tell people all the time you had mentioned about the immoral behavior, and the Supreme Court decision. We have a resource out called, “Christian Response to the Supreme Court Decision.” After that one went down we provided this resource and I think it’s a great tool for people to get how to respond to that issue, and stand up for God’s standard of immorality. But, I tell people when the Church caves on these issues, and you know we just saw even recently a historic Baptist Church hired two lesbian ministers, that’s like a double no-no, and then celebrating it. I tell people when you see this the Church thinks you are doing wonderful. No, that’s a sign you’re in the last days. Right? And number two grab a shovel because really what you’re doing is digging your own grave because we are following the same path that Paul also warned about not only in 2 Timothy 3, he also warned about in Roman chapter 1. And it started out if you read we are fallen as a country the same unfortunate pattern. We start out we know that God exists He gives us abundant evidence, but through the lie that is going in the secular school system, evolution, we are suppressing the truth about God.

Dr. Reagan: Absolutely.

Billy Crone: So God gives them over. What’s He do? It is going to get really bad and it continues to give them over. And what happens next? It says right there; you keep it up you are eventually going to hit women are going to be with women, men with men, homosexuality, lesbianism. You keep going he says the final step you are going to a depraved mind. You are going to start doing things you can’t even dream of, and then you are going to approve of those. That’s what just happened with the Supreme Court decision. And so when the Church goes along with this all you’re doing is digging the hole even deeper for us.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, the apostasy in the Church is clearly prophesied in the Bible in the end times. But I’m just amazed at how much there is, and how fast it’s developed.

Billy Crone: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: For example one of the most popular concepts in the Church today is there are many different roads to Heaven.

Billy Crone: Oh, wow.

Dr. Reagan: Because we’ve got to be tolerant. And we’ve got to remember you know that there is a Muslim road, and the Hindu road, and the Jewish road, and so forth.

Billy Crone: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, well first of all that is a lie from the pit of Hell.

Dr. Reagan: I know.

Billy Crone: The Scripture is about clear. How do you get around John 14:6? Jesus is the way, the truth, the life, nobody comes to the Father except through Him. I didn’t say it, He did. And they’re completely hypocritical with their response to this definition of tolerance. Tolerance isn’t the same one that we used to, grew up with, it changed you look in the dictionary they changed the definition of tolerance. It’s not like well you put up with something you don’t particularly like. Like we used to say, you know we hate the sin, but we love the sinner. That’s one of the most bigoted statements you could make today. And–

Dr. Reagan: Yes, today tolerance means you’ve got to approve of this person, and endorse this person, and encourage this person.

Billy Crone: Exactly. And if you don’t do that that is the new definition of a bigot, and a racist, and all kinds of stuff. And so, but also they base it on relativism that you get to whatever is true to you is true to you, whatever is true to me is true to me, such blah-blah, and that there are no absolutes. Wait a second, they’re no absolutes? You just made an absolute statement.

Nathan Jones: Statement yeah.

Billy Crone: I always like to ask people when they say that, “Are you absolutely sure about that?” You know? But it’s everything is crumbling around because they are making it up as they go, it is personal opinion, lovers of themselves, self gets to define. The lie of Genesis chapter 3, you will get to decide between good and evil. You will be like God. Right? Our society is doing the very same lie. And the church is going along with that hook, line and sinker trying to say that all paths go to Heaven. It’s like no it doesn’t. That’s one of the most–I tell people this all the time we’ve got a huge study called, “World Religions Cults and the Occult.” We go right down the list, because I came out of New Age, and that’s one of the biggest lies from New Age right, all religions basically teach the same thing. Excuse me? And I like to tell people anybody who makes that statement they are just parroting the media or whoever because they have not investigated facts. Even from a non-Christian point of view you look at the different religions on the planet not one of them, not one of them agrees with each other. And not one of them is at all like Christianity. All the other religions basically teach that you are god, you become god, you got to work your way to god. Only Christianity says God is holy, you are not, you’re doomed, you deserve to go straight to Hell. But God loves you. He sent His own Son to die, your debt on the cross, and that’s the only way you can get saved.

Dr. Reagan: And you can’t earn it.

Billy Crone: No other religion, bingo, it is a gift period. No other religion has that. So anybody who makes that statement, all religions are basically the same, many paths lead to Heaven. It’s like, I say, “Well first of all you don’t know anything about world religions.”

Nathan Jones: They usually don’t.

Billy Crone: And secondly, “You don’t know anything about Christianity.” And if you’re really hoping in something else other than Jesus Christ we need to talk.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah. Robert Jeffress at First Baptist Church here in Dallas often says, “All the world religions says, ‘Do’, Christianity says, ‘Done.'”

Billy Crone: Exactly. Exactly.

Nathan Jones: Well Billy what should these churches do then to turn the tide if maybe they are starting to fall into the tolerance, or they are turning their church services into outreach events and becoming more worldly to bring people in. How do churches turn the tide?

Billy Crone: Well, get back to the Word of God. I’m not just saying that because that sounds very pastoral, but no get back to the Word of God, because this is the truth. Jesus is the truth. Right? And this is His Word. God doesn’t lie. This is the only book on the planet that is trustworthy.

Nathan Jones: And the whole Bible, not just sections of it.

Billy Crone: Exactly. But see that’s the problem that is another Bible prophecy sign, right? In the last days what’s Paul says is going to happen? In the Church, not the world, the world we are seeing this, wickedness and unfortunately the Church is going along with it. But we also see in the world that the Church how do you know you are in the last days? Paul says that you can see the Church gather around themselves, the Church takes the impetus, they are going to gather around themselves teachers who will tickle their ears, right? And they are going to turn aside from the truth. Right? So get back to the truth. But that’s actually a sign you’re in the last days. Now I remember the first time I busted into the Greek there, tickle your ears it is “knetho” in the Greek, it means only pleasant things, turn aside from the truth, to miss “mythous” it means stories made up. You stir all that together, how do you know you are in the last day? Not only this increase of wickedness that is going on. And do we need a Nineveh moment or what? But also take a look at the Church, when you see the church in mass, all you ever hear from the pulpit is pleasant things, and stories made up you are in the last days. Now I just described with all due respect 95% of churches in America.

Nathan Jones: That’s sad.

Billy Crone: And you want the antidote? How do you get away from this tolerance, this love? Get back to the truth. But see they’ve turned away from it, but that’s a sign you are in the last days in the Church. And I call it the sleeping prophecy sign. Everybody is like, oh earthquakes they are on the rise, and that’s true. Oh, wickedness it’s getting horrible, moral decay. And that’s true. The Jewish people that came back to the land and all. And that’s true, that’s a big sign. One world government. One world–. Don’t forget the Church. What’s going to happen to the Church? They are going to gather around themselves and the only pastors they hire, the guys that just make up stories and tell them pleasant things.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Billy Crone: That’s a major sign.

Dr. Reagan: You know the Bible gives us many signs to look for. And over my years of study have put them into categories like signs of nature, and signs of society, and spiritual signs, and technological signs. And I’ve always believed the signs of Israel were the most important because that what’s really focused on in the end times. But I wrote a book several years ago about the signs of the times and I sent out questions to 22 different Bible prophecy experts. And it was interesting to me that when they came back they all agreed, yes, Israel is very, very important. But the most important sign of all can be summed up in one word, convergence. They are all coming together for the first time ever. Would you agree with that?

Billy Crone: I’d say that, and I’d would add this word exponentially.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, oh, yes.

Billy Crone: And obviously you know from studying prophecy for years, and I am myself. And it used to be back in the days, it was like, well, ok the big sign that’s really kind of on the plate if you will lately it seems to be one world government, new world order, global governments, and here’s what’s going on with the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission and all that stuff, and that was the big thing. And then after a while ok, it is switching to what’s going on with Jerusalem? And those are all signs. But man, we have a huge resources called “The Final Countdown Study” and it is just 86 hours on Bible Prophecy. And we just take the ten big ones, the Jewish people, modern technology, worldwide upheaval, the earthquakes, famines, pestilence, and wars and rumors of wars. We get into the rise of falsehood, false teachers, false Christs, the apostasy of the Church. We get into the rise of wickedness of society. One world government. One world economy. One world religion. Mark of the Beast. Cashless society. All that stuff, right. And it used to be that it was just one thing, whatever, I can’t even keep up with it. It’s all of them happening at the same time. I’ve never seen it like this ever. It’s all happening, all at the same time. In fact it’s happening so fast and I’m a research junky, right, and I’m cataloging as much, I can’t even keep up with it. And I literally, ask my wife to my probably detriment, I’m at home on the laptop and–

Dr. Reagan: It’s all in the exponential curve, and even to the point that no longer are encyclopedias published. Britannica stopped publishing because by time they would publish one it’s already out of date. There is that much accumulation of new knowledge that is occurring in the world.

Billy Crone: Well and–

Nathan Jones: It was Daniel was told by the angel.

Billy Crone: Exactly.

Nathan Jones: Daniel 12:4.

Billy Crone: Yeah, exactly. And that’s what’s interesting is a lot of the statistics you look at that and you look at that, wow what a generation we are living in. The average newspaper today contains more information than a person living in the 17th Century would come across in their entire life. In fact this just happened it used to be they were the third, right now Facebook if it were a country is the largest country on the planet, it just superseded China, and it is growing. And we have more knowledge than we know what to do with. And knowledge in certain fields like the biomedical field it’s becoming outdated in a matter of months. And it’s just its growing exponentially. And again that’s what Daniel said is going to happen in the last days. You are going to see this increase of travel. This increase of knowledge. And we are living in those days.

Dr. Reagan: What is your advice to pastors today?

Billy Crone: Well, certainly be responsible as a pastor. Maybe get back down to barebones. Be a shepherd. And as a shepherd you’re called not only to take care of the flock; you’re called to teach the flock. And if you’re not going to teach all the Bible, then get a different job. Go pick peaches, change tires, do whatever you’re going to do but don’t–if you’re not going to teach all the Word of God, then I’m–sorry I just feel strongly about this then go do something else because you are doing a disservice to the church, and a disserve to what it means to be a pastor. But also I would say that, you know, get busy teaching the Word of God. But get busy realizing that this is not going to be a cake walk, from here on out it is–you better be ready for battle. And the battle I tell it all the time, listen, not from the world I’m talking the most pain, the most heartache I’ve ever experienced, the most flack I’ve ever got has not been from the world, it has been from the professing church. And you better realize what you are walking into with both eyes open. It’s not going to be easy. It is not going to get easier but take a stand in Christ. Be a man of prayer. Trust in Him. If He’s called you to this He will equip you. He’ll take care of you and keep moving forward until He comes back and gets us.

Dr. Reagan: Beautifully said Billy. You know I consider the call to be a pastor the greatest calling that God can put on anyone’s life. And I pray for pastors all the time. I know what they have put up with. What they have to go through. But what we need are pastors with courage who are willing to step out and preach it as it is, without fear that they are going to step on so-and-so’s toes in the congregation and get fired.

Billy Crone: Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: And just believe that God is going to be there to stand by them even if they get fired.

Billy Crone: Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: But they’ve got to stand for God’s Word.


Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with Pastor Billy Crone. Billy, been a great pleasure, sir.

Billy Crone: Hey, thank you, Nathan it’s been great being on.

Nathan Jones: Great. If you could look in that camera and tell folks how they can get in touch with you.

Billy Crone: Yeah you can check us out our ministry Get A Life Ministries, that’s at You could also phone us at 775-410-3754.

Nathan Jones: And folks while you’re on his website check out his book, “The Rapture Don’t Be Deceived.” Get a copy it is really good.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, I highly recommend the book. Well folks that’s our program for this week, I hope it’s been a blessing to you, and I hope the Lord willing that you’ll be back with us next week. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries’ saying, “Look up, be watchful for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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