Salus on Psalm 83

Does Psalm 83 foretell the next Middle East war? Find out with guest Bill Salus on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on June 23, 2013.

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Dr. Reagan: Most Bible prophecy experts seem to believe that the next major prophetic war in the Middle East is likely to be what the Bible calls the War of Gog & Magog which will feature a Russian led attack on Israel. But our guest on this program believes otherwise. He believes the next war prophesied in end time Bible prophecy is going to be the war described in Psalm 83. Stay tuned for a fascinating discussion of the dangerous situation facing Israel in the Middle East.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague Nathan Jones and I are delighted to have as our special guest a well-known Bible prophecy expert and writer named Bill Salus who resides in California. Bill welcome to Christ in Prophecy.

Bill Salus: Well David, Nathan, thank you. It is a pleasure to be on in the studio of one of my favorite Christian TV shows to be both of you fine Bible prophecy teachers.

Dr. Reagan: Thank you Bill. I appreciate that. You know folks Bill burst onto the Bible prophecy scene in 2008 with a very insightful book called, Isralestine. I endorsed it immediately because I felt it provided the missing link in end time Bible prophecy. However, others pounced on it criticizing it heavily. Bill has now come out with a new follow up book called, Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed. In this book he responds to the criticisms of the thesis in his first book.

Nathan Jones: So Bill what’s it like to be in middle of a big controversy?

Bill Salus: Well you know when I wrote the book I expected this could happen because it was new ground. I had to do about seven years of research to try to make sure that I covered all the bases. And 2 Peter 1:20 it says that no prophecy is subjected to individual interpretation. So when these opposing arguments came forward I considered them very carefully and deliberated over them very prayerfully to make sure that I had the right thesis on Psalm 83. And so my pencil was sharpened and I do believe, I really do believe this is a prophecy for our time.

Dr. Reagan: Well there is a verse about iron striking against iron you know and it makes you sharper right?

Bill Salus: Absolutely. You know we look through at prophecy these days we do look through a glass dimly. And you know the generation that experiences that prophecy will be the generation that can give us the exact details and line them up with Scripture.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Bill Salus: But we are so close to I think the Psalm 83 prophecy and some of the others that we can get some pretty good clues as to what is going to happen. Especially through the Scriptures and we watch the geo-political events unfolding. And I think we are about ready to see something break wide open in the Middle East.

Nathan Jones: Well before we get into that then maybe you can give us a little summary of your new book. Tell us what the thesis is of this new book, Psalm 83- The Missing Prophecy Revealed.

Bill Salus: Absolutely. Psalm 83 is an ancient prophecy written by Asaph 3,000 years ago at a time when Israel was experiencing unprecedented conditions, blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant. They were people in their land. They were winning wars. They were talking about building their Temple. They had their anointed King David. And then Asaph gets this prophecy that is nothing short of a genocidal attempt to the chosen people and a confiscation of the Promise Land. It was a prophecy very specific about the ten populations that would confederate one day to come against Israel to destroy Israel. That has not found fulfillment yet. And so when we try to understand who they are today we find out that they are Israel’s enemies that share common borders with Israel including the terrorist population inside of those Arab countries. And a very timely prophecy; Hezbollah, and Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood now very concerning, may have been written 3,000 years ago in this prophecy.

Dr. Reagan: So basically what you did in your first book here Isralestine, is you said that Psalm 83 is more than just what most people think of it as an imprecatory prayer. And you said, “No, it is a prophecy concerning the end times.” And it concerns a war that is going to take place between Israel and the immediately surrounding nations that have a common border, the inner ring as you often refer to them right?

Bill Salus: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: And that it is different from the War of Gog & Magog in Ezekiel which is one of an outer ring. And you know that is one of the reasons I endorsed the book immediately. I always felt like that there would be a war between Israel and the inner ring, and that would ultimately lead to the War of Gog & Magog. I always believed that and I taught that and wrote about it. But I never tied it to Psalm 83. When you came and tied it to Psalm 83 it suddenly clicked and I said, “Yeah, that’s it.” That’s the reason why that inner circle is not mentioned in the War of Gog & Magog when it’s an outer circle you think well why not the nations next to Israel? Well they have already been taken care of. Is that your basic thesis?

Bill Salus: That is the thesis of the book, summarily. And I do, I coin the term inner circle for those Arab countries that share a common borders with Israel and the terrorist populations within; that are not listed in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Bill Salus: And then I coin the term outer ring for that peripheral group that comes I believe in a prophecy subsequent. Upon an Israel that is dwelling securely, which at this point it’s not.

Dr. Reagan: You see I think your theory completely answers the question of why is it that in the War of Gog & Magog none of that inner circle is mentioned, it is just nations that do not have a common border with Israel. Why wouldn’t the ones that have a common border be included? And I think you have come up with the solution to that.

Bill Salus: Well, I think they were intentionally omitted because they are not involved. And it’s not like Ezekiel when he wrote Ezekiel 38 was not familiar with the populations of Psalm 83, the Edomites, and the Ammonites, and the Moabites, etc. Matter of fact in one way or another he wrote about all 10 populations in Psalm 83- 89 times in his 48 chapters but he did not include them once in Ezekiel 38 & 39. And we’ve got so many other differences between Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83. There’s different purposes between the battles. For instance Psalm 83 they come together, they want to form a crafty council, they want to take the pastures of God from their possessions. In other words they want one more Arab state if this was to find fulfillment today. And they want to call it Palestine. Russia is coming after great plunder and great booty. Also there are different defeats. We are told in Ezekiel 38:16-39:6 that it is the Lord, not the Israeli defense forces, not America, but the Lord clearly is stopping divinely with fire and hailstones.

Dr. Reagan: That is the War of Gog & Magog.

Bill Salus: Of Gog & Magog, the Lord stops that. But in Psalm 83 we find that the Israeli defense forces are being called upon to defeat the Arab enemies around them. And I point out that the Israeli defense forces today exist in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. So different populations. Those Ezekiel 38 & 39 countries have to come through the inner circle lands to even get to Israel. Some people try to lump them into Ezekiel 38:6 where it says there are many peoples with thee. But that is really quite a stretch. You know he was very specific about Meshech and Tubal and everybody he listed.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Bill Salus: You think he certainly would have thrown in the Philistines, and the Edomites.

Dr. Reagan: And one other point you made in the original book is the timing of Psalm 83. You put it before Gog & Magog.

Bill Salus: Yeah, and I think that’s pretty easy to understand. Because one of the descriptions we are given in Ezekiel 38:8-13 several of very important things to identify to see if that Israel today even exists. Are they dwelling securely in the midst of the land, in the later days upon the mountains of Israel, without walls, bars nor gates in receipt of this great plunder and booty because that is the very thing that Russia covets.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Bill Salus: Forms this coalition to come after. And you know David you and I have had this discussion, Israel is not dwelling securely at present, without walls, nor bars, nor gates.

Dr. Reagan: They are building a 450 mile wall right now.

Bill Salus: Absolutely. So they are not dwelling securely they have check points and security gates throughout Israel. And so at this point and time I don’t see that Israel exists. Contrary to what a lot of people think that the Hebrew word “yashab betach” dwelling securely means a confidence on their own ability to defend themselves militarily. But when you really look at the Hebrew words and there Biblical uses in the past with precedent you find that it is really a security that is accomplished militarily through a defeat. And I think in Ezekiel 28 we find out how that happens it says that Israel will dwell securely this is around verses 24-26 in Ezekiel 28 when those around Israel, they share common borders with Israel, that despise Israel have judgment executed upon them then they shall dwell securely, “yashab betach.”

Dr. Reagan: Ok, so you have given us a good summary now of Psalm 83 what was in your original book? What we are going to do is take a short break. We are going to come back and we are going to start hitting you with the criticisms that people have made and see how you respond to them. Ok?

Bill Salus: Great.

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview of Bill Salus from California. Bill is a Bible prophecy teacher and writer and he is here to discuss with us his newest book entitled, Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed.

Nathan Jones: Bill before we get into your book can you tell us a little bit about your background; how did you get into Bible prophecy? And a little about your ministry.

Bill Salus: Absolutely. My background was I became a Christian in 1990 while attending a Chuck Missler Bible study on the book of Revelation.

Nathan Jones: Really?

Bill Salus: Yeah, and I thought, “Oh my goodness God really knows the end from the beginning. No one else can do that.” Matter of fact Isaiah 46:9-10 is one of my favorite passages and I founded the ministry upon that. “Remember the former things of old, I am God, there is no other. I am God there is none like me declaring the end from the beginning.”

Dr. Reagan: The God of prophecy.

Bill Salus: Yeah, God of prophecy, the only one. And He authenticates, and this is how I open my radio show up with, “Welcome to Prophecy Update where we intend to authenticate the sovereignty of God through Bible prophecy by telling you what Bible prophecy has to say about these last days.” But we don’t leave it there we get into the fact that in Revelation 19:10 the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Nathan Jones: And so you were saved by studying prophecy and you decided to devote your life to teaching Bible prophecy?

Bill Salus: Well I just became obsessed with it. When I get into something I become obsessed Nathan. So I had a mortgage business at the time.

Nathan Jones: Ok.

Bill Salus: So every couple hours I would get up early and study for a few hours before I went to work. And then through time I took a lot of notes and people encouraged me to start turning those notes into chapters. And the next thing you know I am issuing books and become an author, speaking.

Nathan Jones: So you do speak and go to speaking engagements?

Bill Salus: I speak at conferences and churches and do a lot of TV and radio. I have my own radio show as well.

Nathan Jones: Which I’ve been on, it’s a great show.

Bill Salus: Yes, David and you as well have both been on the program.

Nathan Jones: Can you look into the camera and tell folks how they can get in touch with your ministry?

Bill Salus: Absolutely,, like Home Depot, it is Try to keep it simple. If it’s one of those complicated ones you’ll never find it. But We have a newsletter that you can subscribe to there. And I try to respond to e-mails and comments. I’m a little slow on occasion, but please send me your comments. And then all of my teaching materials are available there for resources as well. Lots of articles and all of my media shows and things like that.

Nathan Jones: Thank you.

Dr. Reagan: Ok, Bill well let’s jump into the criticisms now that have been made of your theory concerning Psalm 83. And one of them is that Psalm 83 is simply what it called an imprecatory prayer. That is a prayer you know of defeat upon the enemies of Israel. And that it is simply a lament that it’s nothing more and it has nothing to do with prophecy. It is not a prophecy.

Bill Salus: Right. And I think in part it is an imprecatory prayer, it is an invocation to curse those that would curse Israel. But we also find out that Asaph who wrote this prayer is a prophet.

Dr. Reagan: Most people don’t know that. They think of him as the worship leader of David.

Bill Salus: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: But not as a prophet.

Bill Salus: Well Hezekiah realized he was a prophet in 2 Chronicles 29:30 he commanded the Levites to sing praises that were written by David and Asaph the seer the Hebrew word is “chozah,” meaning beholder of vision, a prophet. He wrote 12 Psalms: Psalm 73- Psalm 83 and also Psalm 50. Psalm 83 is the most prophetic of all of them as a seer. And so he clearly was a prophet like Jeremiah and Isaiah. But the other reasons I think it is quite clearly it is not simply an imprecatory prayer is we’ve there is very specific details in the prophecy. There is a confederacy that forms a plan that comes together with a goal to destroy Israel that the name of Israel would be remembered no more. And we are told that they want to take the pastures of God for their self-possession. They want the land, they want the promise land, destroy the chosen people. But when you start looking at the confederacy also, you know it is a contemporary federacy that comes together with a plan. It’s not a chronological ordering of Israel’s ancient enemies which some people try to suggest it is. And he lists 10 enemies but Israel had many more enemies besides these guys.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Nathan Jones: What’s the contemporary for folks who are not familiar with the geography around Israel because you keep saying the contemporary enemies, the war is going to be with the surrounding nations. What are those surrounding nations?

Bill Salus: Well let’s go north, off to the west, and down to the south. You’ve got Hezbollah as the inhabitants of Tyre. And I want to answer real quickly on the imprecatory prayer one last thing. You have in the confederacy you have habitation conditions, in other words you have the tents of Edom meaning refugees probably the Palestinian refugees. It says that Syria helps the children of Lot, a strong shoulder of support. So in other words you have a bona fide confederacy one of the members actually needs help. So you can’t just chronologically say this is just a bunch of Israel’s ancient enemies in an imprecatory prayer. Now who they are Nathan, if you start up to the north you’ve got Lebanon which would be also were the Hezbollah are. Then you go northeast you have Syria, you have Iraq would be part of that too. You have Jordan. You have Saudi Arabia. You have the Palestinian refugees. You have the Hamas in Gaza over there. I believe Egypt will be involved along with the Muslim Brotherhood as well. These are the countries that share common borders and have terrorist populations within them that have been Israel’s most observable enemies since 1948. And even since time of memorial they’ve harbored an ancient hatred of Israel all throughout time.

Nathan Jones: Oh, my word yes.

Bill Salus: And I believe that war is coming to a conclusion probably very soon I think that it is prophecy for our time.

Dr. Reagan: On that question that I asked you about whether or not this is prophecy some people actually take the position that the Psalms just are not prophetic in nature. That they are poetry, that they are inspirational and that sort of thing. But the psalms are full of prophecies about the First Coming of Jesus. And they’re also full of prophecies about the Second Coming of Jesus. So I would strongly argue that the psalms are prophetic in nature.

Bill Salus: I would agree with you. Psalm 2 I believe is prophetic.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, one of the greatest psalms in the Bible about the Second Coming.

Bill Salus: Yes, Psalm 22, obviously the Messianic prophecy. Psalm 60:8 talks about Moab will be a wash pot, Edom will be where the Lord casts His shoe. I mean there are quite a few. And one of the arguments that is important is that people will say, the people who tend to say the Psalms aren’t prophetic they’ll say, “So you have to look to the major and minor prophets, they would have had to write about Psalm 83 too.” And I point out in my book that I believe there are 150 related verses, even more than Ezekiel 38 & 39 dealing with Psalm 83. So that’s inside of the book as well.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, I thought that was one of the strongest points you made in your book.

Bill Salus: Thank you.

Dr. Reagan: Really good.

Nathan Jones: Bill I’m looking at 2 Chronicles 20, now skeptics will say that it was fulfilled during King Jehoshaphat’s time when he destroyed Moab and Edom. Is that the truth? I mean was it fulfilled prophetically at that time period? You’re saying not but they point to this there could be some parallels right?

Bill Salus: Well that is one of the arguments. It’s funny you had a blogger, you actually sent this to me in 2009 Nathan, you probably recall. I wrote an article, Has Psalm 83 Found Final Fulfillment? Actually it became an appendix in the new book. Now one of the bloggers had voiced that concern that this might have been historically fulfilled. But when you study 2 Chronicles 20 you realize that in the Hebrew Masoretic texts, in the Latin Vulgate, in the Greek Septuagint, and the new modern English translations that there were really only three or four populations at best that would have fit into that prophecy. It could have been a partial fulfillment, but a final fulfillment would require all 10 populations to be involved.

Nathan Jones: All 10, ok.

Bill Salus: Really who was involved for the most part was Jordan, and maybe, maybe part of Syria. So there was no Saudi Arabia, no Lebanon, no Egypt, no Gaza, no ancient Philistia. So it could not have been in the final fulfillment.

Dr. Reagan: Well I think you are right on target with that. I don’t see how you could possibly argue that was a fulfillment. It is mainly two population groups that are in Jordan today. And not all the groups around Israel. Well Bill another critical response to your thesis is that Psalm 83 was fulfilled in the Israeli wars of 1967 and 1948. Or even 1967 and 1973 they use different wars. But modern day wars that have already occurred. What about that?

Bill Salus: Well and I address that of course in the book as well David. Let’s take 1967 I think we can eliminate that really quite quickly, much like we eliminated 2 Chronicles 20. There were three of the ten populations involved. It was primarily Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Bill Salus: Not all ten, no Lebanon. Now Psalm 48 little closer. Now first of all I think these were partial fulfillments. They expressed the attitude of Psalm 83, they wanted to destroy Israel, etc.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Bill Salus: But I believe Psalm 83 is a prophecy in process and these are partial fulfillments. 1948 you had Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt. But you also had, those were the main belligerence, but you also had foreign assistance coming from Pakistan, and Sudan, and Yemen. And these are not listed in Psalm 83. So now you’ve got, you can’t put that round hole, that square peg into that round hole because you are throwing in other populations now. Now one of the main reasons I believe this Psalm has not found fulfillment yet is that we are told in Psalm 83:9-11 Asaph petitions the Lord to deal with the confederacy that is going to come against them in the historical precedent of the Midianites and the Canaanites and he draws our attention back to Judges 4-8. At that time in chapter 6-8 Gideon had to go against the Midianites who oppressed the Israeli’s for seven years. And it tells us that Gideon went through with just 300 men and killed 120,000 Midianites. Oreb and Zeeb the princes were killed by Gideon’s men. Zebah and Zalmunna were killed by Gideon himself. And the Midianites ceased to ever oppress Israel again. Same story comes up in verse 10 and 11 he is talking about the Canaanites. And Judges 4 and 5 when Deborah was the prophetess and Barak was the general the Israeli defense forces of those times. And they defeated the Canaanites who oppressed them for 20 years the Israelis and you’ll never find another story of the Canaanites like the Midianites oppressing the Israelis again. And I think that is a sound argument that this prophecy has not found fulfillment yet because these Arabs still stand to confederate and oppress Israel. I think Asaph is saying stop them so they can never oppress us again.

Dr. Reagan: Ok.

Nathan Jones: What about Ezekiel 38 & 39 that’s a future war pretty clearly, but some argue that when it talks about the other nations that go along with Gog, and Dr. Reagan mentioned this a little earlier. How is Psalm 83 not part of Ezekiel 38 & 39? The War of Gog & Magog.

Bill Salus: Well we briefly touched on this, different populations participating in it. Different motives. Different destructions. And just in summary you’ve got none of the countries that share that Ezekiel 38 & 39 share common borders with Israel. And you would have Russia probably involved, Iran, Turkey, Libya.

Nathan Jones: The outer ring.

Bill Salus: The outer ring of countries. They do not share common borders with Israel while all of Psalm 83 does. And they are coming against a different Israel then we experience today. They are coming against an Israel dwelling securely, and it’s very prosperous because Russia is coming after great bounty and plunder and that sort of thing. Now if you think about it, imagine today Russia is putting this coalition together, it is an imminent event like some people teach. Because I don’t think it’s imminent I think Psalm 83 precedes it. It would be like America going to enlisting Canada and Mexico to come against the little state of New Jersey. It just seems so overwhelming right? Why would Russia need all these big friends to come against a little Israel? That Israel that they are coming against I don’t think is a little Israel anymore. I think it’s the Israel that has won a war and defeated their Arab enemies. They can tear down the walls, bars and gates. They can stretch out their elbow and annex some land. That’s hence the subtitle of the book. Psalm 83- The Missing Prophecy Revealed: How Israel becomes the Next Mideast Superpower. I believe the Israel that Russia comes after is a different Israel then we have today. It is much more wealthy, much more secure. A greater, safer Israel that is freed from Arab torment and terror. And that is when Russia can put together its Muslim coalition, predominantly Muslim coalition of Iranians and Turks and say, “Are you going to allow Israel to do that? To win that war to annex territory?” And we know Israel annexes territory, they did it in 1967 after they won the Six Day War. We know King David did it 3,000 years ago. Joshua did it 3,300 years ago. And I suspect with all the prophecies I found in the book that they are going to grab some territory. Obadiah suggests they are going to grab up into southern Lebanon. Jeremiah 49 suggests they are going to grab part of Jordan. Isaiah 19 suggests that five cities will speak the language of Canaan which is Hebrew in Egypt. So we have I think Israel is going to expand. I don’t think they are going to get all of the land that they were promised in Genesis 15:18 from the river of Egypt to the River of Nile.

Dr. Reagan: Not until the Millennium.

Bill Salus: Not unto Christ comes. But I do believe they are going to expand incrementally a little bit and especially after Psalm 83.

Dr. Reagan: Well one other criticism and that is some say, “No Psalm 83 is part of the Armageddon campaign at the end of the Tribulation.” What about that?

Bill Salus: Yes, that is one of the final arguments about this. I think that one is probably one of the easier ones to dispel David. If someone understand the Tribulation, the seven year period that is often divided up into 2 halves in Revelation 11, Revelation 12, Daniel 7, Daniel 12 talks about you’ve got the first 3 ½ years and a second 3 ½ years. The first 3 ½ years are characterized by an Israel that is dwelling in a sense of false security. The confirmation of a false covenant has been done in Daniel 9:26-27. They feel they are dwelling securely although it is a false sense of security. But they’re not fighting off the Arabs. They’re not engaged in a massive Arab Israeli war. They are actually feeling like they are at a point of peace. Matter of fact they are so complacent, the Israeli defense forces I believe that they can’t even stop the Antichrist from going in at the middle of the Tribulation and abominating the Temple. So that’s the first half. Now the second half even Jesus warns in Matthew 24:15-19 when you see the abomination and desolation which characterizes at midpoint of the Tribulation. He is telling the Jewish people to flee immediately, flee immediately not fight immediately. Flee immediately because there is a genocidal attempt that comes upon them, even worse than any of the others before. We are told in Zechariah 13:8 that 2/3 of the Jewish people will be cut off in all the land. They will not be fighting in my estimation, they will be fleeing. So therefore Psalm 83 cannot be part of the Armageddon campaign it will probably precede Ezekiel 38 & 39 be a Pre-Trib event. Probably for our time and that’s what I’m watching for really quite closely. Now it couldn’t have happened between 70 AD and 1948 AD because the specific mandate is they want to destroy the nation of Israel that the name of Israel can be remembered no more. And there was no Israel.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Bill Salus: So we’ve already put forward that it couldn’t have happened in the Old Testament. And it couldn’t have happened in the diaspora. But it can happen now since 1948. But it won’t happen in the Tribulation.

Dr. Reagan: And you feel very strongly that Psalm 83 is likely to be before Gog & Magog?

Bill Salus: I do because Israel does not dwell securely right now. And that is a prerequisite in Ezekiel 38:13.

Dr. Reagan: Well Joel Rosenberg feels otherwise, and have you ever discussed this with him?

Bill Salus: I’ve not had the opportunity to discuss it with Joel. But Joel’s not the only one that feels that way. There are others who believe that Ezekiel 38 is probably a more imminent event.

Dr. Reagan: I don’t see how you can say that though when you consider the fact that it says, “Israel will be living in peace.” And there is just no way that Israel is living in peace.

Bill Salus: Well they sort of redefine what I think the Hebrew word “yashab betach,” means.

Dr. Reagan: They must redefine what peace means.

Bill Salus: Well I think a lot of them, and I’m not going to speak for Joel. But a lot of them believe that it is a sense of security that Israel would develop because they have comfort in their own Israeli defense forces, their ability to defend themselves. I just don’t buy it David. I don’t buy it.

Part 3

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview of Bill Salus. Bill your second book, Revelation Road: Hope Beyond the Horizon. I really enjoyed it. Interesting format can you tell everybody a little about it?

Bill Salus: Well thank you Nathan, very much. Yeah, this book was written it is a unique reading experience because it combines both a novel and a non-fiction commentary. Inside of the novel I have a family that is concerned their grandson has been birthed in the final generation. Going through Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 and these types of things. How would these things play out? I wanted to paint the end time story into a novel. But I also wanted to support it with the prophecies that go through and explain why I am saying what I am saying inside of the novel. Its book one of a trilogy that outlines the prophecies in order from now until the Second coming of Christ. Revelation Road is the first book. Apocalypse Road is the second book. And Tribulation Road, is the third book. And inside of the book the title is Revelation Road Hope Beyond the Horizon. I try to introduce the Gospel at various points throughout the dialogue in the novel. I also put in all of my books, Psalm 83, the new book as well how people can get saved. Because the bottom line is it is about Christ. He is the hope beyond the horizon. Big and powerful things are coming and I lay them out inside of Revelation Road.

Nathan Jones: Excellent.

Dr. Reagan: I must say that I’ve never seen a book laid the way that one was with a novel and yet in the back is a commentary on each chapter in the novel to help you better understand it and understand the biblical basis of what you are saying in the novel right?

Bill Salus: Absolutely and you know some people are better reading at novels. Some people like you like non-fiction books, some people like novels.

Dr. Reagan: Well either way you can find it there. And all these are available on your website right?

Bill Salus:

Dr. Reagan: Ok. Well Bill we really appreciate you coming in from California, come to the great state of Texas you know this is God’s country here.

Bill Salus: That’s what I’ve heard you say every time on your show.

Dr. Reagan: Well were glad to have had you and thanks for coming. Folks that’s our program for this week and I just hope you’ll be back with us next week, same time, same station. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Nathan Jones and myself saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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