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Pakistan Publishing Fund

67% Donated of $6000

Nazir Gill in Pakistan continues to publish our books in the various languages spoken in the Indian sub-continent. He currently needs $6000 for various publishing projects. Please consider making a donation.

New Ministry Van Fund

6% Donated of $35000

The Dodge van we have been using for several years to drive to conferences is on its last leg. It has a total of almost 180,000 miles, and it has reached that point where we have to pray fervently for the Lord to keep it running. That keeps our prayer...

Nigerian Refugee Relief Fund

100% Donated of $4000

We continue to send support to Standfast Oyinna in Nigeria for refugee relief. We have been forwarding $2,000 to him every week. These donations are literally keeping hundreds of Christian refugees alive. Please remember these precious people in your prayers and consider making a donation. They have lost everything but...