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Donald Dolmus in Nicaragua Fund

50% Donated of $6000

Donald Dolmus is the founder and director of a ministry in Nicaragua called En Defensa de la Fe (In Defense of the Faith). It is a Bible prophecy teaching and preaching ministry whose purpose is to reach out to the Spanish speaking world with the message of the Lord’s soon...

St. Marteen Hurricane Relief Fund

24% Donated of $6000

There is one desperate need we would like for you to consider. It is an appeal we have received from Franklin Bell, the pastor of Praise Tabernacle Church on the Caribbean Island of St. Marteen. In his appeal letter, Pastor Bell wrote, “People are losing hope, and many are depressed....

Nigerian Refugee Relief Fund

100% Donated of $6550

Our contact in Nigeria, Standfast Oyinna, reports that the greatest need of his people is a water well. He is providing food, clothing and housing for about 400 Christian refugees who have fled from Muslim violence in northern Nigeria. The area where they are now located is afflicted by severe...

Russian Orphans Van Fund

22% Donated of $35000

Did you know that 90% of Russian orphans will end up in crime, prison, prostitution or drug addicted within 5 years of leaving an orphanage? You can help bring the hope of Christ to these children in need! Lamb & Lion Ministries has been proud to partner with the Strategic...