David Bowen

Dave Bowen 2023

David Bowen

Teaching Evangelist

Dr. David Bowen joined the Lamb & Lion Ministries team in 2023 as our Teaching Evangelist. In that role, he writes Lamplighter magazine and blog articles and produces the Deep Dive with Dave Bowen teaching videos for our Youtube channel. He also serves as a co-host on our Christ in Prophecy television program from time to time and travels to participate in prophecy conferences.

Dave received his Master’s Degree through Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA and his Doctorate through Anderson University in Anderson, SC. He has been pastoring for thirty years and is the Founding Pastor and Senior Pastor of Standing Stones Community Church.

His served as a chaplain in professional baseball and has written a movie script for Worldwide Pictures. Pastor Dave also founded Interpreting the Times — a web and podcast ministry focusing on the end times. His teachings are archived at interpretingthetimes.com.

Pastor Dave has also written two books. Finally, The Book of Revelation Made Easy helps bring clarity and understanding as he steps through Revelation chapter by chapter. The Color Coded Gospels allows the average person to see the uniqueness of all four gospels by merging all four gospels chronologically into one overlapping account. His acclaimed approach allows the lay person to get a more detailed “big picture” even as each gospel adds its own unique piece to the overall picture.

Dave has been married to Jodie for 29 years. They have three daughters.

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