Great Britain Withdraws From the European Union

By Dr. David R. Reagan

Is the Sun Setting on America?

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When I learned of the decision of the British people to withdraw their nation from the European Union, I was full of rejoicing. There were several reasons for my reaction.

One Worldism

First, I am always delighted when multinational or international organizations are weakened in any way. That’s because all such organizations exist in rebellion against God’s will. The Bible says that God is the one who establishes nations and defines their boundaries (Acts 17:24-26). When political leaders decide to transcend those boundaries to establish multinational or international organizations, they put themselves in direct defiance of God’s will.

God’s response to the attempt early in Mankind’s history to unite all nations into one at Babylon should make it clear what our Creator thinks of such misguided efforts (Genesis 11:1-9). He confused their language and scattered them all over the world. The reason God resists all such efforts to unite people across national boundaries is because such efforts always end up with Man exalting himself rather than God.


A second reason for my rejoicing is that I love freedom, and the British people had lost a good deal of their freedom when their nation joined the European Union. They began to be ruled by an over-bloated bureaucracy that they had no control over.

For example, the British were forced to surrender their ancient system of measurements. No longer could they think in terms of ounces and pounds, inches and yards, miles or gallons. Butchers were arrested and fined for continuing to sell meat by the pound. And all this was only the beginning. Before long, every aspect of life was being dictated by the European Union.

Most people do not realize how much sovereignty member nations surrender when they enter the EU. For example, in Costa v ENEL (1964), the European Court of Justice ruled that member states have definitively transferred sovereign rights to the European Union and Union law can not be overridden by domestic law.


Another reason I rejoiced is because the decision will allow the British to regain control of their borders. As a member of the European Union, their doors had to be open to immigrants from any other EU nation, just as Americans can move within the United States from one state to another without permission.

This unrestricted immigration has been rapidly transforming Britain from a nation based on Judeo-Christian principles to one based on very alien concepts, like Islamic Sharia law. As a result, there are more mosques in Britain today than Methodist churches.


The European Union is extremely anti-Semitic and treats Israel with contempt. Just recently, in June of this year, the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, spoke to the EU Parliament and accused Israel of being a “fascist country.” He then updated a vicious medieval anti-Semitic canard by charging that Israeli rabbis are urging Jews to poison the Palestinian water supply! The representatives of the 28 member nations responded with a thunderous 30-second standing ovation.

The new Prime Minister of England, Theresa May, has made it clear that she strongly supports Israel and the Jewish people. In a series of speeches she gave in the wake of the Paris terror attacks last year, May said, “I could never have imagined Jewish people being too scared to stay in Britain.” Without its Jews, she said, “Britain would not be Britain.” In a speech in September of 2014 she talked about Israel’s right to defend itself: “No democratic government could, in the face of such danger, do anything but maintain a strong defense and security capability… That is why I — and the whole British government — will always defend Israel’s right to defend itself.”

Britain can now speak out strongly in behalf of Israel without having to worry about contradicting the official foreign policy line of the EU.

The Panic

All the hullabaloo over the pending economic collapse of Britain because of the EU exit decision is just that — a lot of hot air. Sure, there will be economic adjustment problems, but the British can establish new economic relationships with the EU, just as the United States has done. Furthermore, the UK is a net importer from the EU, and therefore, the EU needs the UK more than the UK needs the EU.

Alignment with Prophecy

As to prophetic implications, the British exit is in accordance with Bible prophecy. Daniel 2 makes it clear that in the end times, the Roman Empire will be revived, and I believe the European Union is the foundation of that prophecy. But the imagery in Daniel 2 of the end time revival pictures the revived empire as a loose and unstable confederation, symbolized by a mixture of clay and iron (Daniel 2:41-42).

Accordingly, I believe the European Union will remain highly unstable until it is united and stabilized by the Antichrist who will then use it as his base of operations from which he will build his world empire.

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