Is An Increase in Racism A Sign of the End-Times?

Is An Increase in Racism A Sign of the End-Times?

Nathan Jones interviews Don Perkins

By By Nathan E. Jones

Revival vs. Revolution

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(Editor’s note: Nathan Jones is the Internet Evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries. Don Perkins is the Evangelist for According to Prophecy Ministries in San Diego, California, a ministry that he founded in 1998. Don has a TV program called “Your Future in Bible Prophecy,” which is broadcast over This interview is taken from the brief Prophetic Perspectives videos that posted regularly on our website at

Nathan Jones: Don, Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:7 that in the last days it would be “nation against nation,” which we know in the original Greek was “ethnos versus ethnos,” or “race versus race.” In other words, one of the signs of the end times would be a rise in racism. Don, do you believe an increase in racism is a sign of the end-times?

Also, can we find a cure for racism? For instance, Black Entertainment Television’s (BET) president Robert Johnson says the cure to racism is $14 trillion dollars in reparations. Are reparations the answer, or does the answer go much deeper?

Don Perkins: The answer goes a whole lot deeper. As a matter of fact, the crux of the matter concerning racism is sin. Racism is a sin problem. You cannot throw enough dollars at this problem to fix it. The only way the problem of racism can be solved is by accepting Jesus Christ. Jesus is the remedy for racism.

We’ve got racism across all the different ethnos’ and nations. There’s racism everywhere. There’s racism between black and white and black and other ethnicities and so on, so racism is everywhere. What I’ve found out is that even a lot of people who complain about racism the loudest are racists themselves. Yes, a lot of these social justice warriors are racists themselves. They have not allowed the blood of Christ to touch their hearts.

I’ve met people who are true racists, but when they met Jesus, I saw a change of heart. I’ve seen the racism in their hearts replaced by hearts filled with the love of God. It’s amazing to see the love of God develop once their hearts are given over to God and they start walking with Jesus. So, racists need a change of heart. And again, it only comes through Jesus Christ.

And, yes, these race riots are a definite sign of the end-times. As we witness the chaos that is going on in the streets today, it’s truly a latter-day sign pointing to the soon return of Christ.

Nathan Jones: Don, we keep hearing the media and crowds claim that the United States is a “racist country” and that we have “systemic racism.” As you said, what race doesn’t have their racists? I like to think that we are all part of the human race, but then there will be people who will call me a racist for saying that, which in and of itself is a racist statement, so there’s no end to it.

I love what Jesus taught in Matthew 22:36-40 where He gave the two greatest commandments: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Can you imagine what a world this would be like if we, in a culture that has forgotten God, would remember God, and love God, and show God’s love to other people?

Don Perkins: Sure, the love of God is the cure. Something that we can definitely look forward to that’s taught in Bible prophecy is what the world will be like entering into the Millennial Kingdom and continuing further on into the Eternal State. Then we will experience firsthand this unconditional love that God showed by sending His Son to die for humanity’s sins.

We know that back in Genesis 4:8, the first murder occurred when Abel was killed by his brother Cain. Hatred of his brother constituted a type of racism. Today, what we have in the streets is hatred among black and white and different other races who are really all brothers and sisters.

When it comes to “systemic racism,” the problem is that humanity does not have Jesus Christ. I’ve met black racists; I’ve met white racists; I’ve met Filipino racists. It seems like I’ve met every kind of racist under the sun. So, all of humanity has a sin problem. and the only way that’s going to be resolved is by accepting Jesus Christ as Savior. That’s the only way! I know I love everybody, but that’s because of the love of Jesus working in and through me.

Nathan Jones: Beautifully said, Don! I think of the Church as being a little bit of Heaven on earth. I love that my church is multiracial. We look at each other as people. We don’t look at each other as skin color. And, that’s what Heaven is going to be like. Ethnicities won’t matter anymore. After all, we’re supposed to look like ourselves in Heaven, right? So, that means we’re still going to be the same color that we are now for all of eternity. We’ll all be one race — the human race — and there won’t be any hate.

Don Perkins: We will truly become the family of God.

Nathan Jones: Thank you, Don, for clearing that up. Folks, if you are looking for a cure for racism, Don said it. It’s the love of God, it’s compassion for other people, and it’s forgiveness. When you have those three things, you have the cure for racism. The time is overdue for us to start loving, empathizing and forgiving our fellow human beings, regardless of color.

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