Is it too late for America?

Is it too late for America?

Has America passed the point of no return?

By Dr. David R. Reagan

Flag Burning

In a sermon delivered in 1989 at Times Square Church in New York City, Pastor Dave Wilkerson electrified his audience with the proclamation that America has passed the point of no return in its rebellion against God and has thus been destined by God for final judgment. He began the sermon with the following words:

“America is dying! The country’s wound is incurable. It is now in the final throes of a terminal disease. The great empire is crumbling!”

The Message Summarized

The crucial points make by Wilkerson in this historic prophetic declaration were as follows:

  1. America is a sinful nation that is currently experiencing the judgment of God.
  2. God has raised up many prophetic voices to call America to repentance and to warn that continued rebellion will lead to doom.
  3. America has refused to listen to these prophets. Instead, the nation has stiffened in its rebellion against God.
  4. The result is that America has passed the point of no return, the point of “dread release,” when God delivers a nation from judgment to destruction.
  5. And thus, the wrath of God is about to fall on this nation, most likely in the form of an economic collapse from which there will be no recovery.

A Mocking Nation

It is an ominous message of truth that Americans, even Christians, will rebel against. The Christian community will reject it because it has compromised its values with the world, it has wrapped itself in the flag of patriotism, and it has deceived itself with its pollyanna gospel of health, wealth and prosperity.

When God sent prophets to Israel and Judah, calling them to repentance, the people mocked the prophets. “We are God’s Chosen People,” they reminded the prophets. “God will never allow our nation to be destroyed.” (See Jeremiah 5:12-13 and Micah 3:11.)

For the past thirty years God has been raising up prophetic voices in America voices like Dave Wilkerson calling this country to repentance. We have reacted in the same manner as the ancient Israelites. We have mocked the prophets by arrogantly reminding them that we are a “Christian nation.”

A Nation under Judgment

But the truth is that we are anything but a Christian nation. Our behavior as a nation makes a mockery of Christianity. We lead the world in every abomination known to man — abortion, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, divorce, child abuse, violent crime, pornography, and yes, even child pornography. Worse yet, we export our violence and immorality to other countries through our sleazy movies and television programs. We have become the moral polluter of planet earth.

And we are reaping what we have sown. The judgment of God is upon this nation. Read Deuteronomy 28:15-48. The curses of a nation under judgment are listed there. The passage reads like a detailed description of American society cities in chaos, youth in bondage, government in confusion, a foreign policy in retreat, rampant disease, epidemic divorce, agricultural calamity, and increasing foreign domination.

A Nation in Rebellion

Yet, despite these judgments, we have refused to repent. In fact, we have stiffened in our rebellion against God. In our schools we have abolished prayer, removed the Ten Commandments, and banned the distribution of Bibles. We have terrorized our teachers into believing they will lose their jobs if they mention God to their students. We have even mandated the teaching of atheistic evolution and have prohibited the truth of creationism.

We are in the process of legalizing and even encouraging sodomy. We are handling out condoms and needles to our youth. We are going out of our way to protect every expression of profanity and obscenity. Our state governments are encouraging immorality by promoting gambling in every conceivable form. And our artists are wallowing in blasphemy, using every form of artistic expression to mock and ridicule God.

America is thumbing its nose at God. The Supreme Court is in rebellion against God. Our Congress is hardened against God. Our Bureaucracy could care less about God. Our educational system has banned God.

A Nation Facing Wrath

The chilling thing about our behavior as a nation is that the Bible teaches that when a nation under judgment refuses to repent, it will ultimately reach a point where God will deliver it from judgment to wrath from discipline to doom. The Bible further teaches that when this terrible point of dread release is reached, the nation cannot be saved even by the prayer of the Righteous! Read Ezekiel 14:12-20.

I call this the “Nahum Principle” because it is so clearly taught in the prophetic message that God gave to Nahum to deliver to Ninevah, the capitol of the Assyrian empire. Nahum pronounced that the nation’s wounds had become “incurable” (Nahum 3:19). Jeremiah used this same terminology when he later pronounced God’s doom upon Judah (Jeremiah 10:19 and 30:12).

Nahum identifies the point of no return in chapter one, verse 11. He says it occurs when a nation’s apathy toward God or rebellion against God is transformed into war with God. In other words, it is one thing for a nation to ignore God and another for it to rebel against God. These actions will provoke the judgment of God. But when a nation goes to war with God, that nation beckons the wrath of God and thus seals its doom.

Has America reached that point? Dave Wilkerson, God’s Jeremiah for our time, says we have. I think Wilkerson is right on target.

How will God’s wrath be manifested toward us? Initially, it is most likely to come in the form of an economic collapse from which there will be no hope of recovery. Ultimately, it is likely to be consummated in our destruction by nuclear weapons.

As we face the consequences of our war against God, let those of us who are Christians do so with hope in our hearts, remembering the words of Nahum 1:7 “The Lord is good. He is a stronghold in the day of trouble. And He knows those who take refuge in Him.”

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