Prophetic Facts About the Nativity

Prophetic Facts About the Nativity

Prophecies fulfilled when Jesus was born.

By Dr. David R. Reagan

The Nativity

The Nativity

A total of 19 Bible prophecies were fulfilled at the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.

Seven of these related to His lineage. By inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Hebrew prophets had prophesied that the Messiah would be:

1. From the Shemite branch of humanity (Genesis 9:26).

2. Through Abraham (Genesis 12:3).

3. Through Abraham’s son, Isaac (Genesis 17:21).

4. Through Isaac’s son, Jacob (Genesis 28:14).

5. Through the tribe of Judah (Genesis 49:8).

6. Through the family of Jesse (Isaiah 11:1).

7. Through the house of David (Jeremiah 23:5).

This genealogical address of the Messiah was fulfilled precisely in Jesus (Matthew 1:1-17).

Notice how this genealogical trail begins broadly and then continually narrows down, focusing finally on a particular household. It’s like saying my personal address is the planet Earth, the Western Hemisphere, the North American Continent, the nation of the United States, the state of Texas, the county of Collin, the city of Allen, and the street of Springcrest Court.

This family tree of the Messiah is one of the reasons He had to come before 70 AD because in that year, when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem, all the genealogical records of the Jewish people were lost. If a Messianic pretender were to present himself today, there would be no way to check his lineage to make certain that he fulfills the prophecies.

Another reason the Messiah had to come before 70 AD relates to the famous prophecy of Daniel called the 70 Weeks of Years (Daniel 9:24-27). This prophecy clearly states that the Messiah will appear and will be killed before the Temple is destroyed.

Other prophecies related to the birth of the Messiah include:

8. The timing of His birth (Genesis 49:10).

9. Place of His birth (Micah 5:2).

10. He was born in the flesh (Isaiah 9:6).

11. A star will signal His birth (Numbers 24:17).

12. His virgin birth (Isaiah 7:14).

13. His divine name (Isaiah 7:14).

14. Presentation of gifts to Him (Psalm 72:10-11).

15. Massacre of children after His birth (Jeremiah 31:15).

16. His escape into Egypt (Hosea 11:1).

17. His residence in Nazareth (Matthew 2:23).

18. His childhood poverty (Isaiah 53:2).

19. His Spirit-filled nature from birth (Isaiah 11:1-2).

The fulfillment of all these prophecies in the birth of Jesus is proof positive that He was the promised Messiah.

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