Alan Franklin on the Sign of the European Union

Is the European Union the revived Roman Empire? Speaker Alan Franklin answers at the Living on Borrowed Time conference shown on television’s Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on December 1, 2013.

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Dr. Reagan: Twenty-five hundred years ago the prophet Daniel prophesied that in the end times the Roman Empire would be revived and that the Antichrist would arise out of it. Today we are seeing the fulfillment of this prophecy in the form of the European Union. For an analysis of this amazing development by an expert from London, England, stay tuned.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy.

This is the fifth in a series of seven programs that we are presenting regarding the signs of the times that indicate we are living in the season of the Lord’s return. All the programs are featuring presentations that were made at our annual Bible conference whose theme was “Living on Borrowed Time.”

In this program we are going to show you a portion of the presentation about the European Union that was made by Alan Franklin, a Christian journalist from London, England. The essence of his presentation can be summed up by one sentence you will hear him speak, and that sentence is “We are sleep walking to tyranny.”

And now here is Alan Franklin speaking on the revival of the Roman Empire in the form of the European Union.

Alan Franklin Presentation

Alan Franklin: Alright, Rome is rising so I bring you greetings not just from Great Britain, but from the European super state that we flew out from on Thursday from London, part of the European Union. Where the revived Roman Empire is on fast forward. Let’s see what it’s doing because as speaker after speaker has told you today, as if I’m sure you didn’t know already, many of you are well aware of this but the Church out there, the world out there is unaware. We are living on the verge of the climax of world history; the return to earth, the Second Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ. As predicted over and over again in Bible prophecy.

We’ve heard and we hear a lot about Israel which is dear to our hearts because we have three granddaughters living in Northern Israel in Nahariya in the western Galilee with our daughter and son-in-law. And a fourth grandchild is expected in October when we will be over in Israel helping out. Our trips to Israel are a little bit different to Dave’s and others we see fewer sights and more of the kitchen sink, you know we help out. It’s a Granddad and Grandma’s role these days. So we know and love Israel, but as well as this major prophetic event we’ve seen, most people miss it even when they study prophecy the rise of the revived Roman Empire, also prophesized around two and a half thousand years ago, because in Europe the Roman Empire has returned. First Advent, Rome was ruling when our Lord was on the earth. When He comes back again Rome will again be ruling.

And here’s what José Manuel Barroso President of the European Commission said himself, “Sometimes I like to compare the EU, the European Union, to the organization of an empire we have a dimension of empire.” Very understated but that is what they intend to build. And for years as some of you will know I’ve been talking and claiming that the revived Roman Empire was being created, recreated before our very eyes. And hardly anybody knew about it or would take any notice. And then one day it was that eureka moment and I thought, “Great,” because they put up a big circus tent outside the parliament in Brussels, Belgium one of the twin capitals of the European Union. You might think that is pretty appropriate for politicians because it was for clowns you see.

Anyway inside the exhibition spoke of the revived Roman Empire. And I thought, “Great, it’s not me saying it. They said it.” And that really was wonderful for me. That was the title of their exhibition. And they made some bold, grand claims inside, they said, “We will be renamed the Union once we grow to 50 states.” There are 28 at the moment, 14 of the states are hovering around in a different federation. Other people are applying to join, they are not all that far short of coming up to 50. They will move the headquarters of the United Nations to Europe, hurray you say. Good, we don’t want it. But it is all about control. It’s all about power, this is what they’re all about. They want to take over for America because they say, and they said that in this exhibition, an official exhibition, “This will be the European Century, they will dominate the world by their enormous legal and moral reach.” You might say, immoral reach. So now you know. They state in advance what we’re going to do.

A lot of would be tyrants have done this. For example Hitler when he wrote Mein Kampf, many years before the outbreak of the Second World War stated exactly what he was going to do, nobody took any notice. Maybe they thought he was joking? He was deadly serious. These people are serious people, they are power players. There is a man who e-mails me from time to time, Dr. Anthony Kaflin he is a Eurosceptic he doesn’t believe in the “Great Project,” as they call it. And when a country joins the European Union he sends a welcoming e-mail. He says, “Welcome to the EU, the prison house of nations. Once you’re in there is no escape, they’ve got you.” And they plan to fast take over the world. They’re nothing if not ambitious. Here are some of the countries which are lining up to join, candidate countries, potential candidates they range from Iceland to Turkey. And remember it would all come under one jurisdiction, be effectively one country.

Then of course as the Roman Empire expands into North Africa as it did they’ll be taking in African nations as well. It’s a globalization process. The organization of African Unity created the African Union which was loosely based on the European Union with a central bank, a central court of justice and so on. They plan on a Arab Common Market, and then North and South America also are coming together, they used to call it the North American Union, but that sounded a little scary so they changed it to the far innocuous sounding Peace and Prosperity Conference, hardly anybody believes this exists by the way. When I start to talk about it they look at me as if I’m mad. At one conference I presented it and Pat helped me, she does a lot of research with me. We just went down and gave them chapter and verse and pictures and wording, the dates the things were signed so that they could not dispute it. But people get all immersed in sports they aren’t interested.

You know there is one problem that our two nations have in common, there sedated with sport, and soap operas this gets the energy and the attention of a lot of adults and young people. This is what they are talking about in their canteens and offices; this is where the interest is. Meanwhile behind their backs the world is being reshaped in a rather horrible way because Brussels again plans to expand its empire. They want, and this is very interesting to see the list of nations, they want to include all of the countries around the Mediterranean, from Morocco to Syria, and Israel, European Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, countries that a lot of students would be hard to find on a map. But they’re not too far from the headquarters of the European Union. What they’re doing is dismantling the nation state so that anyone of a current 500 million citizens of the EU can legally come, live and work in Great Britain, many of them have million, upon million, upon million of them. If you come into England now and go to any city you will find it absolutely overrun. Once in a while you might see a native Brit, but not too many especially in London. And the reason is that they have the legal right to be here and nobody knows how many are there. They have the right to vote in our elections. So and you’ll see it happen here, it’s going to happen in America, it is happening here in America very similar things are happening. Because a lot of things in Europe are parallel over here and you can see the same patent, the same hidden hand behind it.

75% of our laws now originate in the European Parliament where there is virtually no debate. MEPs, Members of the European Parliament, are hardly aware of what they are voting for. Most of them just go there press the button, claim their expenses and go away. They vote electronically, they have a maximum about 90 seconds to speak, you couldn’t actually come to a conference like this because some of us go on a bit, you know. In 90 seconds you hardly get started, you just about taken your drink of water, no debate really. They don’t want debate because the parliament has very few powers anyway. It can’t propose laws, it can only modify them. It’s a puppet parliament.

Members of the Union for the Mediterranean, this is the next step, the blue states are existing 27 EU members, it is actually 28 from the first of July when Croatia joins. The yellow states are the new partner nations all around the Mediterranean. These countries are being sucked in and gradually they have to follow the same rules, the same trade regulations, the same laws and they have a common judicial area. And suddenly it’s all merged into one great amorphous country with a central rule, very bureaucratic, very controlling.

Here again is one of the keys to prophecy because we know that the man who will become Antichrist who I believe is at large in the European Union at the moment, I don’t think he’s prominent I think he’s out there, he’s got to because this is going to happen very quickly. Everything is breaking down and coming together. You know we’ve got a world falling apart out there, but also a world that is very rapidly coming together, huddling together, coalescing together becoming super states. And we know that the man who will become Antichrist will sign a seven year peace treaty with Israel. If they already have Israel in their mold, under their control it will be very easy. The ground is being prepared. This is the official document of the Mission of Israel to the European Union because Israel will have to do as it is told if he wants to carry on trading. It is already very difficult for the Israeli’s to trade with the rest of the world. Many countries boycott their produce, even in Britain which is absolutely a massive population of Islamics, we’ve got about 5 million Islamics; 10% of the young population is Islamic in Britain. And they boycott, they blockade and picket stores that sell Israeli produce. Pat and I always go around, and if we see anything from Israel we make a point of going up to the counter and saying, “We bought this because it’s from Israel.” And we tell people that God blesses those who bless Israel. Nevertheless Israel is going to come under increasing pressure to toe the line.

And they are also talking about right now this is going on a free trade agreement between the EU and America. Once you have free trade you start to get free into change of populations. I’ve seen it all develop over many, many years. One of our newspapers that we published was a business newspaper and several of our MEP’s were columnists and they invited me out once in a while to listen into the debates and do some reporting and meet them and so on. So I saw it right from fairly early stages through the 80’s and the 90’s how it was actually developing into a massive power block. When you see what they’ve got and the people behind it, and the money that they have put into the expertise and the facilities they’ve got they are really meaning business, it’s a powerful thing. There are 28 countries as of the 1st of July and they gave me this, they said, “We’re a Union of peace, freedom, and solidarity.” It sounds wonderful, we all want peace. After the war they thought that if they all kind of all merged together they couldn’t wage war. European nations for 100’s of years have waged war with each other, we fought a war with France for 100 years; we fought 2 World Wars as you did with Germany. So it seemed a very interesting and unusual idea, instead of waging war we come together. That how it was soft sold to the public.

Croatia just joined. Turkey which has 71 million Islamics is in talks right now, but they’ve been going on a long time, a lot of nations don’t want Turkey in because then all the Turks could come in and live in London or wherever. Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo even Iceland are known as candidate countries.

We flew out from Heathrow Airport in London on Thursday, but I didn’t come out as a British citizen, I came out as a European Union citizen. This is passport control in London, come out under the flags of Europe, not the Union Jack which I think is very significant. I got a new passport a couple years ago, this was my old passport. On the top of in the British blue that we were used to for decades, it says British Passport. That is what you would expect, right? Got my new Euro burgundy passport right of the top of it says European Community, that shows that I am number one a citizen of the European Community only secondarily a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. They actually hold the power and that is where the power is increasingly focused.

Every year on the 9th of May the citizens across Europe, they are trying to create the thought that we are one nation, you see. We are supposed to go out and I personally and Pat we don’t surround the may pool. We celebrate, I don’t think, we celebrate the building of a super state you see and that was Europe Day which was instituted some years ago. They are trying to clamp down on symbols of nationalism like the Union Jack, that’s why I make a point of wearing it to annoy as much as possible, you know.
And actually politicians, we’ve known a lot of politicians Pat and I used to out to Downing Street for the Christmas party every year and it’s not true that all politicians are either stupid, or evil or misguided. But a lot them are just misinformed, don’t have all the facts at their disposal. One of the people who is a very good politician is a good friend of mine Gerald Howarth he is a MP from the Aldershot area and until recently he was Armed Forces Minister in the British government, and he used to give me a lot of information and he was very much of a right mind. He would agree with much of what is going on in the conference, and I can say that now without destroying his career because he’s now not in the government. He is passionately against homosexual marriage, and he believes in the nation state and patriotism he really dislikes the EU. So obviously his future was somewhat limited. So I just kept quiet about it until he came out of the government.

But Gerald he actually puts a Union Jack on his number plate that was a criminal offense under European Union law because they wanted the stars of Europe on the number plates you see. So he came to us we’ve worked well together over many years and he said, “This is terrible.” So I wrote the headline, It is a Crime to be Patriotic, you’ll see that a certain Pat Franklin wrote the story. And it escalated it led to a debate in the House of Commons and people once they were woken up, you see people are unaware of all this. One of the jobs of this conference, one of the things that Dave Reagan and crew do all the time is try and alert people because people who don’t know the facts are likely to fall victim to all kinds of political correctness and rubbish and be told, “Well this is the truth.” No, this was the truth. So we told people and people started to get outraged and the EU saw that it was on a loser, so it stepped back and that was one battle we won. And Gerald put the Union Jack on his number plate. We got some Union Jacks printed and we sell them or give them away wherever I go usually because they go this. When you get your car it comes with a Euro Star on the back so we encourage people to paste the Union Jack over it, you see. You know you might think, “Well, that is just a little gesture.” But it is quite important, symbolic gestures are important actually and people respond to that.

And there is quite rising mood against the EU in Great Britain but it’s a bit late I’m afraid because we’ve had over 50 years of deception. It went back as far as 1957 when six countries originally got together in Rome to set up what was called The Common Market. Now if you’ve been to Europe, been to London or Britain anywhere we have street markets. People in Britain love their markets because you get you know, interesting things quite cheap. And the market traders usually have a good spiel, and it’s entertaining, it’s kind of interesting to go and shop there. So we thought market, that’s a good idea. People go to France and buy cheap wine, and cheese and so on, and come back, “well that was good.” And they were sold on the idea that it was just about trade, you know it will be good for you. When you go abroad you won’t have to change your currency, one currency will be used all across Europe. So great, common market sounded good. Then by stealth, step-by-step when people were not even looking or noticing, as I said watching sport, soap operas and so on, this grew into the super power called the European Union.

And it was subsequently revealed and admitted by the man who got us in Ted Heath a traitor to Britain when he was Prime Minister. That it was never intended this was just going to be about trade. Today Europe has its own anthem, flag, laws, courts, army, police force, and currency. Why hasn’t anyone done anything about it? Because the young generation is a brainwashed sound bite generation? Not many would sit still for an hour long talk. They don’t seem to have that capacity to absorb detailed information. We got to the stage that a British writer called George Orwell wrote about in a book a famous book you would have heard of and probably read called, 1984 where the hero or central character Winston Smith specialized in revising history and propaganda. Well the EU is doing this, they try to rewrite the history of Europe.

This was from a history book that was going to go out as standard issue in all the schools across Europe. And they thought well, “We’ll just change a few details.” And they airbrushed a few minor things out of history. And do you know what that included? World War I and World War II, they never happened. The young people weren’t going to be told about them. And do you know they don’t know about them? And someone I know very well a MEP who is an Independent fought a furious battle against this, got it in the press, got it on TV again they backed down. They take one step back and two steps forward you know, if they are exposed somehow it is like I was going to say, putting a salt on a snail, but you know they shy away they get back. But then when you’re not looking they take that step forward again, they rewrite history.

Words have lost their meaning even on national TV and major newspapers. You see there is a very small vocabulary, we notice this because Pat and I have been editors for decades. People’s vocabularies have shrunk as words vanish from our language. I mean you hear all the time and if you ask them what they think about something they’ll say, “That was real neat.” What is that supposed to mean? What a stupid phrase, what does it mean? It means nothing, you know. Thought processes have become poorer, people now seem unable to reason or analyze.

There were some pupils at a very prestigious school that got the top marks in its state actually, I say state, it was a county in Britain. And I was actually with some of these pupils one day, and I was with them quite often actually and I used to like to talk to the young people to find out what that they knew. And these were teenage girls, and I said, “Today we’ll talk about the Second World War you see.” I knew they didn’t know anything about it, I guessed they didn’t anyway. But I didn’t know the depth of their ignorance. And I said, “Tell me about it, who was it fought between?” This is an amazing thing that happened. I wouldn’t have believed it. One of them piped up after a silence they had to think who was the Second World War? That is a hard one isn’t it. “It was between Poland and England,” they said. This is true, I’m not making this up. And I said, “Well Poland and Great Britain were involved but that’s not quite the whole story.” Gradually I teased a few more things of them. They didn’t have a clue, they hadn’t been taught anything. Goodness knows what they were taught in the history classes, but it certainly wasn’t history. And this is deliberate by the way the destruction of education is quite deliberate.

We live in a country called, that woke you up didn’t it? Made me jump a little. We live in a country called Europe. Romona Prodi said when he was President of the EU he wants a common EU policy on foreign affairs, defense, law and order and the power to dictate tax and spending policies. And he said, “We are a grand political project, and a super national democracy.” There not any kind of democracy. They also want to directly tax all the citizens of the country of Europe.

When a daughter who lives in Israel wanted to renew her passport a British passport, a European Union passport, it had to go to the French Embassy that’s how far we’ve mixed and mingled you see. Brussels they say will be Europe’s sole representative on all international bodies and there will be an integrated European police force. We are sleep walking, out there the world is sleep walking to tyranny.

If you watch television programs that come across from Great Britain BBC for example a lot of the Discovery Network stuff is made in London. You find that they talk about metric measure all the time kilometers, and so forth; pounds and ounces have been banned in Great Britain and across Europe. B.C. and A.D. are being dropped from their history books, inexorably this was what was said in a major newspaper, “Our democracy and history are being destroyed. The destruction is quite deliberate.”

I was once with an MEP a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels in Belgium. Brussels is a rather quaint picturesque old town with this monstrous carbuncle of a European Union right slap in the middle of it. And he was taking me around and we were talking and I was looking at the cobbles, the little cobble streets around the European Union they were concreted over you see. And I said, “Why have you concreted the cobbles over?” And he looked at me and he said, “Well a lot of people don’t like the EU, hard to believe but some don’t you know. And they used to go there and have the occasional riot people like French farmers.” He said, “They used to dig up the cobbles and chuck them at us. So we said, ‘We’ll stop that.'” And he said, “I’ll tell you how else we’ve stopped it, follow me.” So I walked down the road about 100 yards, 100 yards not a 100 meters. And I am sorry I’m very anti-metric. And I saw these guys they looked like lots of Darth Vader’s in visors and shields, you know, very formidable fort. And what was said to me was something along these lines, “If we have any trouble here in the future we’ll crack a few skulls.” This is their idea of democracy, you protest against them you could be in trouble because what we’re seeing is the formation of a European police state. It is the Nazi Germany revived all over again.

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: What you have just seen is only a portion of the presentation that Alan Franklin made at our conference. The entire presentation is contained in this video album, “Living on Borrowed Time.” In just a moment our announcer will tell you how you can get a copy of the album.

Next week, the Lord willing, we will present a portion of the presentation made by Robert Jeffress, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. He spoke about the impending implosion of our nation.

And now, here are some closing comments from Alan Franklin.

Alan Franklin: In the mean time we have a job to do. We actually have to alert people out there. This is a lost and dying world. Bible prophecy really is not depressing it is a ray of light, it gives hope because we know that someone else said earlier in the end the Lord wins. We come back to rule and reign with Him from Jerusalem.

But the world out there is ignorant and many are willfully ignorant but they can be woken up. I don’t think there is going to be a great end time’s revival while the church is here, many will come to faith after we’re gone. We’ve got to spread this word out as Lamb and Lion is doing now, spread this information out while we can because a great dark time is coming like a dark blanket over Europe. When we are not going to be able to speak and teach and preach as we do.

Already in our little church we’ve only got 50 or 60 people that is, actually we are one of the liveliest churches in Britain believe it or not. At least we preach and teach the truth. If you came to see us you would think was not the kind of place a respectable person would go, looks more like a shed really. But you know we resolved to put all our money into mission, never to waste money on a building because we think they’ll take a building off us anyway at some stage. Because what we preach is politically incorrect but it is biblical correct you see. That’s what really matters.

That is what people find so offensive because the Gospel is an offense. If you teach what the world wants to hear what their itchy ears like to hear you might be popular, you might write a best seller, but you are not doing the work that God wants you to do, because our job is not to be popular it is to tell the truth, the whole truth and the Bible the biblical truth.

End of Program

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