America’s Destiny with Don McGee

What’s a Christian to do seeing our country becoming more paganized? Find out with guest Don McGee on television’s “Christ in Prophecy”!

Air Date: February 21, 2021


Dr. Reagan: In view of the 2020 election results, does our nation have any hope, or is it doomed? And what are Christians to do as they watch their beloved nation secularized, and paganized. Stay tuned.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague, Nathan and I have a very special guest with us in the studio today. He is Don McGee. Don is from Amite, Louisiana located near Baton Rouge. Don is an outstanding expert in Bible prophecy. He has written extensively on the subject and has spoken at churches and conferences all across America. And he speaks with a passion that has resulted in folks referring to him as “The Ragin Cajun.” Welcome to Christ in Prophecy.

Don McGee: It is so good to be back. It is just really good. Good to see everyone.

Nathan Jones: When you say, be back, I think that is amazing because if you go to our website:, we have so many episodes of Don McGee from the early years of this show in the archives. Especially the days when you–

Dr. Reagan: Well, he always wore his glasses down like that.

Nathan Jones: Could you do that one more time, Don, for folks?

Dr. Reagan: There you go.

Nathan Jones: Now, they recognize you. Now, they recognize you. Well, Brother you have been a captain in the military, you’ve been a police office, you’ve been a pastor, you’ve been an evangelist. I think you have so much variety of experience that you can then tell us about what you think about the last 2020 election. What are your thoughts on that?

Don McGee: I think it is a combination of things, Nathan. I think that there was voter fraud without question on that. When people ask to see the evidence it was presented, and yet, and that leads me to the second part, the evidence was denied. Every time we presented something, they would simply say, “No, that didn’t happen.” Even though there were eyewitnesses, and there were sworn affidavits sworn out and things like that. I think that this tells us, emphasizes the direction our country is going.

Nathan Jones: So, then we have a leadership in this country that no longer looks to the people to make the decision for politics anymore?

Don McGee: Absolutely. That has been the case for decades.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Elaborate on what you said, “the direction in which the country is going” what do you mean by that?

Don McGee: There must be a standard for everything. If you want to know how fast you’re going, there is a standard it is called a speedometer. There is a standard for living, and that standard was given to us by God who made us. And when that standard is rejected, then the only way for the human race to go is down.

Dr. Reagan: By standard are you talking about Judeo Christian principles?

Don McGee: Exactly what I’m talking about.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Well, we know from the Bible that no person is put in power, except that God puts Him in power. Every person who is in power in the world has been put there by God. Joe Biden was put in his position by God. Do you consider this to be a judgement of God upon this nation?

Don McGee: Yes, I do. I certainly do. And the reason I consider it a judgment is because Mr. Biden has told us what he believes about values that are important to the American people, and specifically to Christians.

Nathan Jones: Well, what about people that say, “Well, he is a good Catholic, and therefore he is going to have Judeo Christian values.” What has he shown in what the 47 years he’s been office that would indicate that he is a judgment on America?

Don McGee: I don’t think Mr. Biden has very many religious scruples. You can be a Catholic in name only. So, Mr. Biden has demonstrated through the years his support for issues that we as Christians stand against. That he is going to take us down. He is going to take us farther than we are right now.

Nathan Jones: Well, it’s interesting when you look at his cabinet, and his cabinet is filled with people who pretty much hate God, hate Conservatives, hate Christianity. Some of his views are anti–

Dr. Reagan: Very much a part of the secular perversion movement.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, he is very much, he is trying to mix he’s got now a transgender in his Health Services. He seems very interested in promoting things not of the Bible while at the same time he says he is a Christian. Almost like that verse about having the form of godliness but denying its power.

Don McGee: I was reading a conservative writer the other day, and he said that Mr. Biden is choosing moderates for his cabinet. And I thought to myself, if a conservative feels this way, someone who actually has claimed to be a God fearing person, if they cannot see this then something is wrong.

Dr. Reagan: Yes. Well, you mentioned that he claims to be a good Catholic, and he does claim that. He is not a good Catholic. How can you be a good Catholic and support abortion?

Don McGee: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: When the Catholic church is adamantly opposed to abortion. In fact, he has actually been denied communion at some Catholic churches because of his position.

Nathan Jones: Well, what kind of Bills then do you think that President Biden is going to release that would be anti-Christian, and anti-Conservative?

Don McGee: He is going to make it so easy for everyone to be on the public dole that this will be unprecedented in the giveaway programs. You can look for that.

Dr. Reagan: That is called buying votes.

Don McGee: Exactly what it’s called. It’s called voter fraud.

Dr. Reagan: What about the Second Amendment?

Don McGee: He is against it. He is against it.

Dr. Reagan: He is going to do everything he can to get around it. What about free exercise of religion?

Don McGee: Well, you emphasized the correct word there, I believe Dave, people think the Constitution gives us freedom of religion, and it does not. What it does is it guarantees that we have the freedom to practice our religion.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah. In that regard Obama always referred to that First Amendment as the freedom of worship. And people didn’t understand the subtle difference in that. The freedom of worship means you can do whatever you want to in your church building, but not outside that church building.

Don McGee: That’s right. Don’t take your faith public.

Dr. Reagan: But the Amendment says free exercise of religion.

Don McGee: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: And so, during this COVID situation, for example, you had governors closing down churches, and saying, “Well, I have the right to do that because I closed down a movie theater and a casino, so I can close down the church.” The First Amendment guarantees free exercise of religion, it doesn’t guarantee free exercise of entertainment.

Don McGee: That’s right. That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: You can’t compare a church to a casino, or a movie theater.

Don McGee: Since when does a pandemic negate a right that is guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights, in the first Ten Amendments?

Nathan Jones: Well, that you see American’s so pro-pandemic closures. It seems like half the country wants to be masked up. They are living in fear. It seems we have lost the bravery in this country. But it seems like it has decided that the Church isn’t relevant anymore. Do you think that our culture now is post-Christian?

Don McGee: Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. Anything having to do with moral scruples, or religious convictions, anything like that, that is out the window, that’s gone.

Dr. Reagan: In fact, I have noticed that some of the major Conservative spokesman in the America, very well known names, they are conservative only when it comes to fiscal matters, to finances, to the balance of the budget, but when it comes to moral matters, no, they are not conservative at all.

Don McGee: It is simply because people don’t want God in their lives. They want to live their lives the way they want to live it.

Dr. Reagan: Well, that brings me to the next question. That question is: In my lifetime I’ve seen America change, when I was a kid everything was closed on Sunday, people respected the day of the Lord, people went to church. It was a whole different society. Now, we have moved toward paganism and secularism, what would you say is the key thing that has moved us in that direction? Why have we gone this way?

Don McGee: Lack of the Standard. Rejection of the Standard.

Dr. Reagan: Rejection of the Word of God.

Don McGee: Exactly, yeah. People hate God. They hate the Bible, and they hate God’s people.

Dr. Reagan: They don’t want anybody to tell them what to do. They don’t want a God who says, “You’ve got to do this, but you shouldn’t do that.”

Don McGee: Yeah, but they are going to impose their convictions upon you.

Dr. Reagan: You know I wrote a book about God’s Prophetic voices to America, and one of them was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who came to live in this country. And when he went to Harvard University they expected him to attack Communism, instead he attacked the United States and said, “You are on the same road that led to what happened in Russia because you have forgotten about God.” And he was booed. You know the intellectuals there at Harvard they couldn’t believe it. He said, “You have forgotten about God.” And I find that over, and over in the scriptures. You have forgotten about God. You have forgotten about God.

Don McGee: Look what God did to Israel and to Judah.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Don McGee: For the same thing that we are doing today in this country. Now, if He will send His own people into captivity, destroying many of them. What do you think He’ll do to a nation that has judicially put a stamp of approval on every kind of–

Dr. Reagan: I’m glad you raised that point because I’ve taught that for many years that the direction we are going God is going to pour out His wrath upon this nation. And I find even Christians say, “Oh, no.” I think they think He sits on the throne draped in an American flag; He would never touch us. Well, listen when Jeremiah was talking to the people of Judah and telling them that God was going to pour out His wrath, they had one response, “The Temple, the Temple, the Temple.” In other words God’s Shekinah glory lives there, He would never allow anybody to touch that Temple, and yet, He did.

Don McGee: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: We’re not immune from the wrath of God.

Don McGee: No, not at all. To think that God has a special wink for this country.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, for the US.

Don McGee: That is delusional.

Nathan Jones: God never winks at sin.

Don McGee: That is delusional thinking for a Christian.

Nathan Jones: Well, what are we replacing it with? It looks like we are taking our Judeo Christian values and replacing it with Humanism. And we are taking our economic capitalistic economic system and replacing it with Socialism. And it is interesting that when President Trump in his 2020 State of the Union Address promised this country would never be a socialist country, and yet, now that we have the Biden Administration, we’ve got some of the strongest people like Bernie Sanders, and AOC whispering in his ear. Do you believe this country is putting itself under judgment by accepting Socialism? Will we become a socialist country?

Don McGee: Yeah. I do, I believe that.

Dr. Reagan: The lure of free stuff is too great.

Don McGee: It is the public dole. Why should a person work to earn a living, when the government might provide them a little lesser income, yet they don’t have to do anything.

Nathan Jones: Well, that was one of the platforms that President Biden ran on, was that we would have a universal income.

Dr. Reagan: Free education, free health service, free this, guaranteed annual income, it sounds so great. And people don’t understand it is going to put an enormous tax burden on them.

Don McGee: Because people are not taught civics anymore.

Dr. Reagan: That’s true. That’s true.

Don McGee: They don’t know how it works.

Dr. Reagan: At the public universities they are completely brainwashed.

Don McGee: They have no idea how government works.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Don McGee: They believe that government is just this big Santa Claus out there.

Dr. Reagan: The big Santa Claus, that’s right.

Don McGee: That can do anything that it wishes with the electorate, by that I mean paying them, giving them money. So, that is where we are going. We are headed there.

Nathan Jones: Didn’t one of our founding father’s actual say that a Republic dies when the people realize they can vote the money out of the coffers. And it seems like by trillions.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, that’s why they didn’t create a pure democracy because they knew it always turns into mobocracy, and people buying votes. Instead, it was a representative type of government. In fact, in the original government the only people that people could be voted on directly in the national government were the members of the House of Representatives. Senators were appointed by the State Legislatures. President was elected by the Electoral College.

Don McGee: Consider this. How many people, if you ask them: What kind of government do we have? Would say, we have a democracy.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yeah. No. No.

Don McGee: They don’t understand. They just don’t understand.

Dr. Reagan: Well, folks, many Christian leaders keep talking about a great spiritual revival that they think is going to take place in our nation. And we are going to break for an announcement, and when we come back we are going to ask Don to respond to that idea.

Part 2

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with Don McGee about our nation’s future. Don, there are lot of prophecy teachers out there projecting, prophesying even that the United States is going to face this big end time revival. What are your thoughts on that? Are they right?

Don McGee: Do you know where we are? You really want me to tell you what I think.

Nathan Jones: I do man. Please share.

Don McGee: Ezekiel recorded the words that God said regarding His people, “Even if Noah, and Daniel, and Job were there.”

Dr. Reagan: Three of the most righteous men who ever lived.

Don McGee: “If they were there, still I would punish them.”

Nathan Jones: So, you think that God will?

Dr. Reagan: He even told Jeremiah and Ezekiel to stop praying for the nation.

Don McGee: Yes, He did. He sure did. Don’t pray for these obstinate people. Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: There’s a point of no return, it is called when the wound become incurable.

Don McGee: That’s right. And we’re like it, as a nation we’re like it.

Dr. Reagan: You know, people keep saying, well there have been great revivals in the past, over and over when we grew cold in the Lord. And there have been, but we are not cold in the Lord; we are in rebellion against the Lord.

Don McGee: It is a big difference. You know give me an Atheist to be around, rather than someone who is in rebellion against God.

Dr. Reagan: Yes. Yes. I agree. Yeah. The other thing that I would point out is that there is not a single verse in the Bible that talks about an end time revival, instead it talks about exactly the opposite, the Church becoming full of apostasy, heresy, doctrines of demons, people wanting to have their ears tickled.

Don McGee: Look at what Paul told Timothy, his swan song, his last letter in chapter 3 of 2 Timothy he said, “Things are going to be bad in the last days.” And if these are not the last days, then pray tell what are we living in?

Dr. Reagan: Well, folks, a new book has been published, we’ll tell you more about it at the end of the program, the book is called, Lawless. And this is one of the books by Terry James, who serves as an editor. He is a blind man who puts out these books and we’ve had him on our program, for those of you who are regular viewers. This is the latest one that he put out, and the best one he’s ever put out, it’s called, The End-Time War Against the Spirit of the Antichrist. Nathan and I both wrote chapters in it, and so did Don. And Don, let’s just talk about your chapter for a moment. You gave it sort of an unusual name “Satan’s Extermination Storm Troopers.” Well, that is a powerful title.

Don McGee: Well, actually Terry assigned it that.

Dr. Reagan: What in the world are you talking about there, Brother?

Nathan Jones: Terry comes up with them.

Don McGee: Terry wanted me to write about the influence of wickedness in American society. And that’s kind of basically what I did. We addressed sin, what is really sin.

Dr. Reagan: People don’t talk about that anymore.

Don McGee: No, you can’t do that. Shortcomings, or mistakes, or something like that.

Dr. Reagan: Bad judgment.

Don McGee: Bad judgment, yeah, it’s not sin anymore. Also, we talked about Globalism in the chapter, and I hope it is a blessing to those who read it.

Dr. Reagan: Well, who are these storm troopers you are talking about?

Don McGee: Storm troopers that is a misunderstood word.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, you think of “Star Wars,” right, and they are clad in white, or red.

Don McGee: Long before there was “Star Wars” there were storm troopers. People believe that a storm trooper is a member of the Wehrmacht, the Panzer divisions of World War II, and they just storm across a battle area. That is not what a storm trooper is. A storm trooper is very subtle, they are highly trained, unconventional warriors, and they can go through parameters, and into areas before you know it, and wreak havoc. It’s not a massive assault, that comes later in a battle with infantry and artillery units.

Dr. Reagan: So, who are the storm troopers today?

Don McGee: Well, we’ve got a lot of people out there who are storm troopers, they have wormed their ways into our, not just our society but our hearts, the way we think. American people listen to people who signed the Humanist Manifesto in education, they listen to those people. Those are storm troopers. They don’t stand up and scream and holler, but they have their influence with their quiet, low profile personalities. Those are storm troopers.

Nathan Jones: I found it interesting, because being a Vietnam Vet, you talked about sappers, I hadn’t heard about those before. It totally changed my view of what storm troopers were, because again I pictured large armies, defeating people in mass. But you are talking about like in the Viet Cong they are almost like spies, they sneak in, they wheedle their way in and then they allow the floodgates to open. And you are saying then we have globalist sappers all over America and the world, pushing us toward globalism. But then you say God is not a globalist. What was the reason for saying that?

Don McGee: Oh, that’s great. God is not a globalist because God loves variety, and the reason He does is because variety in the human race, people with different color, of different languages, of all sorts of differences, those things bring glory to God. The whole creation looks at the diversity of creation and they think, “Wow, what a God who made this.”

Dr. Reagan: And also, throughout all of history, whenever man has tried to do away with nation states, and bring everyone together into one global unity, like at the Tower of Babel, it has always been for the glory of man, and not the glory of God.

Don McGee: Think about people who finance these things. Like there is a billionaire who financed a lot of the elections that went on several months ago. Those people are the storm troopers that come in, they are never seen, they are never heard of, most people wouldn’t even know them. And yet, they’ve channeled money, and power, and influence into efforts that could be electoral, it could be educational, it could be financial, they have their influence in those areas.

Dr. Reagan: You know I think the most effective storm troopers are in the field of education. If you can get control of the educational institutions, you can get control of the nation. And that is what has happened, all of our public universities are dominated today by socialists, by people who teaching anything but Judeo Christian values. But even in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade in states like California, they are teaching things like homosexuality is normal, same-sex marriage is normal, transgenderism is normal, and these kids grow up believing that.

Don McGee: We should not be surprised about that. John Dewey is called the father of American education.

Dr. Reagan: Modern education.

Don McGee: He was an original signer of the first Humanist Manifesto. People who think like that indoctrinate teachers.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, and he didn’t believe really in teaching fundamental facts and things about, but social experiences, and how you feel, and things like that.

Don McGee: It was more about how you feel, then how you act.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Don McGee: And that is the problem that we have in this country.

Dr. Reagan: And a complete rejection of belief in moral values that are absolute.

Don McGee: That’s right.

Nathan Jones: And it’s fascinating too because you wrote about the Georgia Guidestones and if there is anything that exposes what the Humanists really believe is the Georgia Guidestones. Maintaining humanity under half a billion people. Fitness in diversity, we hear that word diversity all the time. Uniting humanity with a new language. It goes on and on, building toward a globalist system which God is against.

Dr. Reagan: I discovered those back in the 80’s and went to see them.

Nathan Jones: Oh, okay.

Dr. Reagan: I went out there photographed them and saw them. I wrote an article about it; about how ungodly it was. And I actually got a letter from a fella in Houston, Texas who claimed to be the one who financed the entire thing. He wouldn’t tell his identity. And he said, “I don’t see how in the world you can claim that is something wrong.” He said, “I happen to be a faithful Christian.”

Don McGee: We’re confused about Christianity.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yes.

Don McGee: We are confused about Christ.

Dr. Reagan: There are people out there all over our nation call themselves Christians who believe demonic things.

Don McGee: Yes. Yes, and they believe socialist things.

Dr. Reagan: In fact, one of major things that they are pushing right now is many roads to God. I mean but all the major denominations seem to be on that as well, well, it is intolerant to talk about Jesus as the only road. You know the Muslims have their road, the Jews have their road, the Hindus have their road, who are we to say that we are the only road to God? We didn’t. Jesus did.

Don McGee: The Lord said, “I am The Way.” That is a definite article there. The Way.

Nathan Jones: Well, Don, looking at Judah and Israel can you project the course that the United States is going, and what the future is going to hold for the United States?

Don McGee: I can’t.

Nathan Jones: At least in the moral realm, maybe not the political realm, but the moral realm.

Don McGee: Yeah, I can tell you with absolute accuracy what it is going to be, not because I’m saying it, but because I can read the Bible.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Don McGee: All you have to do is read what Paul said to Timothy, and other scriptures too, we are going to see a degradation, further degradation of the moral fiber in this country. That is going to go down. Look at what is being advertised on television. People dress in advertisements where the general population, including children watch and see these things. Look at the way they dress. Everything has to come from a sexual standpoint.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, everything is sexual.

Don McGee: If you can get the eye, the eye to focus on something in the commercial that is sexual in nature, then they understand that they have your attention.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, they’ve just released recently an advertisement on TV by one of America’s major chocolate producers. And they have a chocolate egg that a guy is holding in his mouth, and another man comes up and they start pushing the egg back and forth between each other, they are homosexuals. And they are advertising their product this way. You know, it’s just. With regard to education, again, it’s just we’ve lost control of the educational system. And not only that but the sexual perversion movement now has already announced that the number one goal is to do away with homeschooling, and any kind of private schooling and get everybody into the public school system so that they can propagandize them.

Don McGee: Several months ago, an elected representative from New York stated, “We have to do something about the COVID crisis, we’ve have got to get the kids back into the classroom because they are spending too much time under parental influence.”

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yeah, parental influence. And in fact, in California and some other states they can now put these kids through all kinds of propaganda concerning sexuality, and not even tell they parents they are doing it. Parents don’t have a right to know.

Don McGee: And yet, you can’t give a kid an aspirin at school without parental permission.

Nathan Jones: Well, there might be no national hope, obviously the United States will be enveloped and go into the Antichrist kingdom and be against Israel as prophesied. But what about individuals? Do we have hope?

Don McGee: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Salvation is not a national thing, it is an individual thing, it is personal. It is what you do with this man called Jesus, Yeshua. Yeah, individuals make that choice, nations don’t.

Dr. Reagan: I’m glad you made that point because there really is not much hope for our nation, but there sure is hope for individuals.

Don McGee: Oh, yes.

Dr. Reagan: Those who put their hope in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they are going to be born again, the Holy Spirit is going to move in and help them with their decisions and their life. And they are going to be candidates for the Rapture of the Church. Boy, that is hope!

Don McGee: I’d say that is maranatha stuff.

Dr. Reagan: Amen, maranatha, that’s hope. In fact, Jeffress at First Baptist Church here in Dallas always says, “In the darkest of times Jesus shines the brightest.” Just like those jewelers always put the jewels on a black cloth.


Nathan Jones: Brother Don, it is so awesome to have you back.

Don McGee: It has been good to be here.

Nathan Jones: Oh, it is a like a reunion. Folks, Don’s been with us for many, many years. You can check us out on, look up Don McGee he has sermons, Christ in Prophecy episodes, conferences, check out Don’s material.

Dr. Reagan: Well, folks that is our program for this week. I pray, the Lord willing, that you will be back with us again next week. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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