Barger on Atheism

Why do Atheists think the way they do? Find out with guest Eric Barger on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on October 21, 2012.

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Dr. Reagan: Why has there been a sudden surge of attacks on Christianity by Atheists? And what is the best way to respond to these attacks. Stay tuned for an interview with a person who specializes in defending the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus our Blessed hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. I am delighted to have as my special guest again this week a gentleman by the name of Eric Barger. Eric is a specialist in Christian Apologetics, a rather strange technical phrase for defending the faith. Eric’s ministry is called, Take a Stand! And I like that name. Welcome back to our program Eric.

Eric Barger: Thank you David, glad to be here again.

Dr. Reagan: And Nathan we are delighted to have you. This is Nathan Jones my colleague here at Lamb & Lion Ministries and he is also our Web Minister and an Evangelist. He has a tremendous ministry also in apologetics; defending the faith to people all over the world who write into our website. Nathan how about you kicking off this interview with Eric?

Nathan Jones: Alright, Eric we’re talking about Atheist people who claim to not believe there is a God. What would you say is their strongest most frequent attack?

Eric Barger: Well for a long time they really didn’t have something to hide behind if you will; something to buttress what they believe. But now they’ve got the theory, underscore theory of evolution. And so why would I want to believe in a God if I believe we were just evolved and I can kind of be my own moral agent do my own thing. And that’s I think the central key thing that we hear from Atheists, Agnostics, Rationalists, and so on.

Nathan Jones: So their greatest attack then would be against the Creation story in the Bible?

Eric Barger: Exactly.

Nathan Jones: Ok.

Dr. Reagan: Well that’s interesting to me attacking the Creation story. You know I have a friend who says that it takes more faith to believe in evolution then it does to believe what the Bible says. I mean evolution teaches that everything came from nothing.

Eric Barger: Yeah.

Nathan Jones: Nothing, plus nothing, plus time, equals something.

Dr. Reagan: And that we come from scum on a pond and it just evolved miraculously.

Eric Barger: I think it takes way more faith to believe that, then to believe that an intelligent God, an intelligent Creator a creation being created us. You know it is way, way beyond my understanding, you know.

Dr. Reagan: You know you would think that with the discovery of particularly of DNA that this would rock the very foundation of Atheism, because here you’re seeing highly complicated programming that could only come from an intelligent being. And yet it seems like no matter what evidence you produce they look the other way. It is kind of like Ray Comfort’s book, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But you Can’t Make Him Think.

Nathan Jones: The Bible tells us about folks like this, Romans 1:20, “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so they are without excuse.” And it goes on to say, “that they made their foolish hearts darkened and that they became fools.” Are Atheists fools?

Eric Barger: Well they want to believe what they want to believe because if they would believe there is a God that means they are accountable to someone. And if they believe what the Bible says that means that they are sinners and they need a Savior. And a lot of people just don’t want to believe that. That would mess up their party so to speak. When the word fool is used in Psalms it says that, “A fool says in their heart there is not God.” That’s the word for they are moral fools. They have a brain intelligence that’s not the issue. They become moral fools. They decide to be their own moral guide; and mans always in trouble at that point.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah I don’t challenge the intelligence of Atheists. There are Atheists who are extremely intelligent. But they are spiritually blinded.

Eric Barger: Right.

Dr. Reagan: Whereas their attitude towards us is just the opposite; anyone who would believe in God is simply a Neanderthal, a person who just can’t think. In fact Richard Dawkins recently said that he doesn’t want to be called an Atheist anymore. That’s amazing he said, “We got together and we discussed this and we decided we wanted a friendly term like gay for homosexuals. We want something friendly and so we’ve decided from now on we want the whole world to refer to us as the Brights.” Which I guess means you and I are the dims.

Eric Barger: That’s the inference isn’t it?

Dr. Reagan: Well think of the implication of saying that. Everyone else is just kind of stupid.

Eric Barger: Yeah, if you believe there is a God. If you believe that we didn’t evolve then you’re a problem, even though this is only a theory. And like Walter Martin said, “A theory is a magnificent idea ganged up on by a brutal bunch of facts.”

Dr. Reagan: Well that’s pretty good; I hadn’t heard that one before. Well it is just amazing to me how no matter what evidence you present it’s just is not going to be accepted. We have a member of our Board of Trustees by the name of Dr. James Hugg who was one of the youngest Ph.D. graduates in the history of Stanford University; a brilliant man. And yet in his Ph.D. oral examination at Stanford they discovered that he had become a believer while he was at Stanford and they refused to give him his Doctorate. They said, “You’re an embarrassment to us that you could come to the science department and end up a believer. How did you do that?” He said, “Well I did it from the study of geology. He said I looked at the geological record and the only thing that made any sense was the Noahic Flood. And then I started looking at creation and the only thing that makes any sense from the evidence is a Creator God.” And they were just flabbergasted.

Eric Barger: Can I just say if folks have not read what Dr. Hugg wrote in the Lamplighter Magazine in January of 2012 they need to read that. I quoted his article in a debate I had last Sunday night. Well basically it was very nice debate; it wasn’t caustic with a couple of people who didn’t believe in the Creation story as told in the Bible. And he gives great evidence.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah he really does in that article he gives a lot of evidence about the fact that the earth is a young earth. And it is the best explanation of what you can see of the evidence that you see.

Eric Barger: Right.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, Nathan did you have something you wanted to ask him about?

Nathan Jones: Well they attack the Creation, but how do they undermine the Creation?

Eric Barger: Well they undermine it by saying, “Science says this. Science says this.” They keep bringing out science.

Nathan Jones: They are backing each other up.

Eric Barger: Not all science says it’s the thing.

Nathan Jones: No.

Eric Barger: You know only the science that agrees with them; that agrees there was no God, that we must have evolved and we are now, although the figure is floating around, now we are 4.54 billion years old.

Nathan Jones: Give or take.

Eric Barger: Yeah the figures change several times though along the way is the problem. And they try to back it up with science. And again this is all a theory that has helped man. It is just like the theories against the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are all kinds of theories that only help man to deny there’s a God. It’s not because they’re true.

Nathan Jones: So the Atheist have pretty much have set themselves up as the priesthood of their own religion?

Eric Barger: Well yeah. And I not sure I would call them religious but if a man becomes his own God whether he says he is religious or not, he has assumed the position of God.

Nathan Jones: Well they have to faith without absence of any real facts. So to me it sounds like Atheism is a religion.

Eric Barger: Yeah, I wouldn’t argue with that.

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy my colleague Nathan Jones and I are in the process of interviewing Eric Barger of Take a Stand! Ministries. Eric is a specialist in the field of apologetics which refers to the defense of the faith. Nathan why don’t you kick it off with the first question here.

Nathan Jones: Ok Eric it seems like the Atheist are coming out kicking and screaming surging, attacking Christianity all the time. Why the sudden uptake in attacks?

Eric Barger: Well enough money will promote the books, and then the TV interviews, and then suddenly the Atheists are emboldened because they are being feed by particular speakers out there Dawkins is one, and there are other but I think that is part of it. And I can’t help but when I talk about something like this but bring up the idea that if indeed we are in the end of the end times that this kind of stuff is going to be promoted. This is part of the things, or part of the activity that will be taking place in the world that will be dragging people away from God. And we see–

Dr. Reagan: I think that’s a great point.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: It is part of the end time deception.

Eric Barger: It is.

Nathan Jones: It’s like the Christian message is there, but Satan is heaping on all these messages screaming and yelling for other people’s attention to drown out our Christian message. And the Atheists are louder than ever.

Eric Barger: Yeah we see the cults, the rise of the cults, the rise of the occult. And certainly we see the rise of Atheism. I think Atheists are getting louder. However if you examine people who have gone to New Age philosophy many of them claim to of once been Atheist but just added the spiritual dimension to their thinking. So but regardless they didn’t come to Christ. They still are dark in their hearts.

Dr. Reagan: I find it somewhat ironic that people who absolutely deny that God exists spend so much of their time railing against God.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Eric Barger: Well they would say look at these guys spending all this time and effort and money on TV and so on to prove there is a God. See so they go the other direction. But they’ve got to disprove there is a God so they can continue to feel good about the way they live.

Dr. Reagan: Well that point you keep coming back to and that is a very important point. The bottom line I am convinced in most of these people is they do not want to admit there is a God because if they do then there are responsible to someone. And if you look at the history of the great humanistic thinkers of the 20th Century and 19th Century they lived like ally cats. They were just the most immoral people you can possibly imagine because they don’t feel they are responsible to anyone. They live the way they want to.

Eric Barger: Yeah.

Nathan Jones: The most refreshing e-mail I ever got was from an Atheist because they write in trying to debate us all the time, they have all these facts and you know disputes. But he was railing and swearing and then finally he stopped in a moment of clarity he says, “OK I believe there is a God. I don’t like the idea though that it is either Heaven with Him forever or Hell. Why can’t there be a third option? Why can’t God just leave me alone, and give me a third option.” And then he went back into his wild craze again. I really think at least for the Atheist that I talk to they really do believe there’s a God but they don’t want Heaven or Hell they want God to leave them alone. And sadly that’s what Hell is right?

Eric Barger: I don’t think we need to check our brains at the door. I tell Christians we’ve got to have our eyes open. We’ve got to be reading the Bible and we have to understand what the attacks are around us. But I think a lot of it is that people just they want their intelligence, their ideas to rule, and every once in a while I hear the same kind of thing.

Dr. Reagan: They want to be their own God.

Eric Barger: Exactly, they want to be their own God. But every once in a while I’ll hear one of them say, “You know there might be a God. But how could I love him? He couldn’t be the loving kind God that you say He is.”

Dr. Reagan: Okay, now let’s go to that question.

Nathan Jones: That’s a good question, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: To me that’s the number one attack that I hear all the time: “How can a God of love tolerate so much suffering and evil in the world? If He really exists then why does He tolerate it?”

Eric Barger: The fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden is exactly why we have the evil we have. Every problem we’ve got, every disease, war, evil of all kinds all emanates from the fall of mankind in the Garden. God is bringing rectification to it. It’s not happened yet, but we are living in that period where man has his own freewill. He’s his own moral agent he gets to do his own thing, but yet there is still a God who is in ultimate charge of all things.

Dr. Reagan: God has always created creatures with free will; both angels and us.

Eric Barger: Right.

Dr. Reagan: With free will, because He doesn’t want to be worshiped by robots. He wants to have a relationship with people and then men have used that freewill to rebel against God.

Eric Barger: Right.

Dr. Reagan: Why blame that on God?

Eric Barger: Well people want to blame that on God, or say there is no God in the process by saying, “How could a God that’s loving allow all this evil to take place? How could He allow little children to suffer they way He does? In all the way they say He does.” You know those kinds of things.

Dr. Reagan: But He came in the flesh to die for our sins.

Eric Barger: That’s it He’s given every one of us a way out. Everyone of us have a way out through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who went to the cross to pay the price for me and you and everyone else the people who are watching so they would never perish but have eternal life.

Dr. Reagan: Richard Dawkins who is one of the leading Evolutionist and Atheists in the world, spokesman in the world today loves to attack the Bible on the basis that it reveals a God who is vengeful, and wrathful, and arbitrary and he says, “You know the Old Testament ought to be x-rated and so forth.” How do you respond to that?

Eric Barger: Well go back to Church History Marcion one of the original Gnostic Cultists in the Church said that the God of the Old Testament couldn’t be the God of the New Testament, same thing, same idea. Here’s what’s happened God has revealed to man his sinful nature, his sinful condition by what is set up in the Old Testament. And then Jesus comes along and says, “Here is the way. Here is the way out; I’m going to pay the price for you.”

Dr. Reagan: But if you study both testaments carefully you will see that the God of the Old Testament is a God of grace, love and mercy just as the God of the New Testament is grace. He didn’t change His personality or His character.

Eric Barger: No, not at all.

Nathan Jones: Well people picture Jesus is that you know He came as a lamb so surely He gave up a lot of His power and strengths. And He came peacefully. But Jesus whipped the money changers out of the Temple. When Jesus returns He’s going to just slaughter all the enemies, the armies of the Antichrist. He’s going to judge people and send them to Hell if they continue in disobedience to Him. This is Jesus we’re talking about. So He’s not some cosmic teddy bear.

Dr. Reagan: We’ve got to look at both sides.

Nathan Jones: He’s God.

Dr. Reagan: You know God is a God of love, grace and mercy but He is also a God of justice–

Nathan Jones: Justice.

Dr. Reagan: –righteousness, and holiness.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And this idea of Jesus as some you know willy-nilly type of person is just not accurate. Listen to this Revelation 2 Jesus speaking to the Church at Thyatira, “Behold if you don’t repent,” he says, “I will cast her,” this evil woman Jezebel in the church, “upon a bed of sickness and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation unless they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with pestilence. And all the churches will know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts.” That doesn’t sound like a patsy to me.

Eric Barger: Right along with this David we have a lot of people in the Church or that claims to be the Church who wants only a God of love, and He could never be a God of justice. And so we have the same problem from the opposite angle, then the Atheist have against us saying God is only a God of justice.

Dr. Reagan: But how can a God of love ignore a pedophile who is you know hurting children? How can He ignore a cold blooded murderer? He’s not a God of love if He ignores that.

Eric Barger: No.

Dr. Reagan: And if He is a God of righteousness He has to deal with it. Otherwise He’s not those things.

Eric Barger: And He is going to deal with it. He is dealing with it on a daily basis. You know and that’s the thing. And we have to understand that we are still living behind enemy lines.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

Eric Barger: You know I mean that’s really part of it. You have to look at the whole picture of where we are in time in the Church Age we are living behind enemy lines. We have an enemy that is still prowling around like a roaring lion you know.

Dr. Reagan: What do you consider to be the most powerful argument in behalf of the existence of God?

Eric Barger: I think Creation would be the first one. And I think the second one is the fulfilled prophecies of Jesus Christ the Messiah; because no one could have orchestrated those things. Once again I cite the current Lamplighter Magazine you know the March edition of this year. And you think about that, you think about the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled. To me that says it all. And Jesus what did He do? He continually over and over pointed to His Father in Heaven.

Dr. Reagan: Well you know I could’ve said, “Amen, amen, amen,” to that but I want to go back to your very first point about Creation. I mean the Bible says that all of Creation points to a Creator, and it does. I mean I have a watch here I don’t believe that watch came into being by a wind blowing through a junkyard. There had to be somebody who conceived that watch, drew a design for that watch, put that watch together. When you look at this creation there has to be a Creator.

Nathan Jones: Darwin said that the single cell organisms were very simple. My son has just recently did a project on plant cells. He says, “Dad there are thousands, and thousands of little organic machines inside it. And they all have to work together. And that is just one cell.”

Dr. Reagan: Well Darwin lived before you had the microscope he didn’t know those things.

Nathan Jones: I mean a kid can look a cell and obviously see something that Darwin couldn’t see.

Eric Barger: Tragically though that the Atheists of today still look at him as their leader.

Nathan Jones: Yeah. Or they call themselves Neo-Darwinist.

Eric Barger: You know I mean these people who have so much, so much that they can understand with science that he couldn’t in those days and yet still they depend on his theory. And it is a theory, that’s all it is. We have empirical proof that there is a God who had interaction with men and who sent His son. And we have to make the decision are we going to follow Him or reject Him.

Dr. Reagan: Well folks let’s pause here for a moment. We want to inform you about how you can get a valuable tool that will assist you in defending the faith.

Part 3

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy. Our guest is Eric Barger, a specialist in the field of Christian Apologetics. And my colleague, Nathan Jones, is here to help me interview Eric. Nathan, lead off with the question.

Nathan Jones: Alright Eric we’ve been talking about Atheist attacks on God. Let’s shift over to Atheist attacks on the Bible. They believe the Bible is made up; it is full of fairy tales and its man’s search for God. How do you respond to that?

Eric Barger: It’s the best kept, longest kept record in history of mankind. The Old Testament kept by the Jews was kept to the place if you changed one jot or tittle those or King James words but one apostrophe or one comma it was off with your head if you were a scribe. It isn’t just one book; it is 66 different books.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Eric Barger: Written by about 40 different individuals, over about a 1500 year period in time. And the thing is after reading all of the other religious writings in the world and you start with the Bhagavad-Gita, and the Qu’ran and the writings of Buddha and so on the writings that Buddhism is based on, and Hinduism. What you see in the Bible is a book that’s so perfectly harmonizes together, that God has a supernatural stamp or handprint upon the pages. And to me this is one of the greatest refutations of Atheism or Evolution and so on because the Bible so clearly harmonizes together. It stands alone and it isn’t just one book. And that’s the thing I think as we discuss with our friends and family, folks who are watching they should always remember the Bible is a compilation of teachings put together in one binding for today. But they are different authors that verify there is a God.

Nathan Jones: What is that unifying theme of the Bible that combines it all together?

Eric Barger: Well I think Bible prophecy. Once again we come back to that the fulfilled prophecies in the Scripture. And how God has impressed upon particular people to write down parts of the puzzle that He has put together for us to understand.

Nathan Jones: Well that is a proof for it. But I was curious what is the theme? The overall Bible what is the theme that combines all 66 books together?

Eric Barger: There is a God who loves us.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Eric Barger: And who wants to have fellowship with us, who created us for fellowship.

Nathan Jones: Amen brother.

Dr. Reagan: Well another thing that came to mind while you were talking about that is the impact of the Bible on lives. You take a guy like Jack Hollingsworth who is the featured singer on our program who lived on the streets homeless for 20 years a deranged alcoholic. And suddenly he meets Jesus Christ, his life is totally changed. And the fellow who wrote, Amazing Grace, you know who was a captain of a slave ship and yet his life totally changed. All through history totally changed lives as a result of people reading the Word of God and coming into contact with Jesus Christ.

Eric Barger: Well some of the people viewing have seen my testimony right here on your program.

Dr. Reagan: I was going to say you’re a good example.

Eric Barger: I mean I know where I was.

Dr. Reagan: Tell them.

Eric Barger: I was raised in a churched home and never lived for God. And got into drugs and alcohol and the New Age Movement and was totally lost. And came in contact with Jesus Christ and found total, complete deliverance. And He called me into ministry pretty quickly. It’s a long story, but I’m one of those guys too. I know.

Dr. Reagan: I know and I praise God for the transformation. Let me ask you this: Atheists are always saying the Bible is full of contradictions, just contradictions everywhere. How do you deal with that?

Eric Barger: Well you hear this all the time. You start looking at what they say. They’ll say it’s really not the Word of God you know that it has the words of demons, and angels and Lucifer, and oh God speaks in it 3,100 times. But it is what God wanted us to know about Himself and about the universe and how to interact with other men. And it’s what we’ll be accountable to. So when it is called the Word of God, it is His Word to us. It isn’t necessarily Him dictating to a secretary what He wanted us to know. They say the book of Daniel is out of place, that’s a common one you know. People will say Daniel was written in about 150 BC. And you go back and you can clearly see that this wasn’t the case and we could give the long dissertation as to why, I do that in one of my messages. They say the genealogies are off base. There are all kinds of attacks against the Bible.

Nathan Jones: They try to pick it apart and pull the threads apart don’t they?

Eric Barger: Exactly, but none of them are about the substance of who God is and what He’s trying to convey in His Word to mankind.

Dr. Reagan: Another thing that came to mind while you were talking there is the fact that not only is the Bible validated as the Word of God by fulfilled prophecy, no other book in the world has fulfilled prophecies. I mean prophecies already fulfilled hundreds of them, about cities and towns and individuals. I’m not just talking about Messianic prophecies.

Eric Barger: Right.

Dr. Reagan: Another thing that came to mind is that the field of archaeology.

Eric Barger: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Archaeology is dominated by unbelievers; I mean 98% of Archaeologists in the world are people who are not believers. And yet they’re determined to prove the Bible wrong. And every time they turn over a spade of dirt they find new evidence that the Bible really is. They have to be some of the most frustrated guys on planet earth.

Eric Barger: Got to be.

Dr. Reagan: You know unlike the Book of Mormon for example, the Book of Mormon talks about cities all across of North America and South America all this sort of thing. You can’t find any evidence of any of that. No archaeological evidence whatsoever. But you go to Israel and everywhere you walk you find the archaeological evidence of what the Bible speaks about.

Eric Barger: Right. Mormons weren’t helped any by the coming of DNA either because that proves that the American Indians, North, Central, and South American Indians were not the children of Israel.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, which they claim were Jews that came to this continent.

Eric Barger: Exactly, exactly.

Nathan Jones: We had a great example this week of archaeology proving the Bible. Someone wrote in they read Luke 2:1-2, “In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.” Well they said Quirinius was governor of Syria in 6 AD, Jesus was born in 4 BC, how do you explain that? How do you? Well archaeology proved there was Lapis Tiburtinus, I apologize if I don’t pronounce it right. It is a fragment that was discovered that found out that Quirinius was governor twice; there had been someone between him and his first and second. So he was there after all. So archaeology proves those little areas in the Bible where we are like- “Hey, wait a minute.”

Dr. Reagan: Well a good example too is for years archaeologist have said that David and Solomon had never existed that they were just simply like King Arthur of Camelot, just a folk story among the Jews. And then they find this potsherd that speaks about a certain King of Israel being of the House of David. Well and then they say, “Oh, well you know that doesn’t really mean David lived.” So there is always an explanation even though the hard evidence is there. And the thing that gets me is they’ll find a little papyrus in Egypt, just a little piece of papyrus and it will have something written on it and they will take that as absolute fact. Here we have the Bible preserved by the Jewish people as no other literature has ever been preserved and they say, “Oh, well that is all just myth, legend and superstition.”

Eric Barger: I love talking about this stuff. I mean the city of Hazor which was called the king of the pagan settlements you know it was a very important spot in Israel as far as typography goes. And two of the prophets prophesied against it. Jeremiah said, “No one will ever live here again.” And no one has ever lived there since then. And it would have more it says snakes and vipers in the Bible than anywhere else, and it does.

Dr. Reagan: Well for years one of the major attacks on the Bible was that it mentions Hittites and they said there was never such a people ever existed. And then they found the whole civilization of the Hittites.

Eric Barger: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Or they said as late as 1800 they were writing books saying the New Testament is full of myth, legend and superstition because it says Jesus spent His life, 3 1/2 years of his ministry in three towns Capernaum, and Korizan, and Bethsaida. They said it never existed. And then in the middle of the 19th Century suddenly the archaeologists found all three towns.

Eric Barger: Oh, the Atheist were counting on the idea that King Solomon wasn’t as smart and wasn’t as influential as the Bible says he was. And he couldn’t have had a 1,000 horses and chariots stabled in one place. And then in 1945 they found the archaeology of this. They found the stables they found the place and took pictures of it.

Dr. Reagan: I’ve been to those stables.

Eric Barger: And by the way that stopped the Atheist. That was an argument they took off the tables. They couldn’t use it anymore but it was a main argument before 1945 against the Bible.

Nathan Jones: Eric one question I get all the time, and this was real sad. A mother wrote in her daughter who had grown up in the Church in the faith went off to college she met this guy whose an Atheist. All he had to say to the daughter was, “Constantine picked what books out of the Bible he wanted and got rid of the rest.” Now she’s a meth-head, she’s lost her faith. How do you deal with people whose faith is so fragile that all they have to do is say, “Constantine got rid of all the books that didn’t match?” And then people’s faith crumbles. Is that true? Did Constantine get in there and play with what books he wanted?

Eric Barger: No, Constantine had nothing to do with the formulation of the Bible. It was done well before his birth.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Nathan Jones: Which was what 300 or so when he ruled?

Eric Barger: Yes. You go back to 140 and at 140-170 AD was when the Church was deciding they needed a standardized set of teachings that the Church could use in all quarters that they would refer to, the written set of teachings. Until that time even though the letters of the Apostles were circulating there wasn’t a standardized set of teachings before the Muratorian Canon came out and that took 30 years for them to put it together. They didn’t go to the coffee shop one day and say, “Well boys I think we’ve got it.” They took 30 years to make sure that they had those teachings. And they included all but three of the books we have in the New Testament today.

Dr. Reagan: But Nathan when most churches today seem to have youth programs aimed at weenie roasts and hay rides and fun things going to the skating rink or whatever, and never spending anytime on Bible Study. What more can we expect when our kids go off and are suddenly challenged. They don’t know how to defend anything.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Eric Barger: Yeah, oh, I agree. I mean this is one of the biggest problems. Our kids are being forced feed Evolution, and Agnosticism, and as well the sinful lifestyles of others around them. Every day we hear these stories, and yet our youth pastors are too afraid of the kids not wanting to come back so we have to have something fun for them. Where is the study? We can’t expect a half hour Bible lesson on Sunday morning to be an antidote for 40 hours of school that the kids are getting in our secular schools today, with the curriculum like it is.

Dr. Reagan: Amen, and amen.


Dr. Reagan: Well folks, unfortunately our time is up. Would you be willing Eric to come back next week and bless us a third time by talking about the most frequently asked questions about Christianity and the Bible, not only by unbelievers but by Christians as well?

Eric Barger: I love doing an answer and question period in my seminars. And I would love to be here with you to do it here too.

Dr. Reagan: OK. Well that’s our program for this week folks. I hope it’s been a blessing to you and I hope you’ll be back with us again next week when Eric Barger will be back to respond to questions that people most frequently ask about the Bible and Christianity. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries’ saying, “Look up, be watchful for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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