Don Perkins on the Millennial Kingdom

Are we living today in the Millennial Kingdom? Find out with guest Don Perkins on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Air Date: March 17, 2019

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Dr. Reagan: Did you know that there is only one black evangelist in America today who has devoted his ministry exclusively to the teaching and preaching of Bible prophecy? His name is Don Perkins, and he is here with us today. Stay tuned.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. We have a very special guest with us today because he is one of my dearest friends, and that is Don Perkins. Don is the founder of a ministry called, According to Prophecy. And Don, we are delighted to have you in the studio today.

Don Perkins: Well, Dave I am honored to be here. I look forward to our time together today.

Dr. Reagan: Okay.

Nathan Jones: Alright man, good to have you back.

Don Perkins: Good to be here, Nathan, great to be with you.

Nathan Jones: Well, I love the story of how you went from the secular field into ministry, and then full-time Bible prophecy. I think everybody would love to hear it. Can you tell us your story?

Don Perkins: Well, I–let me just say this first, I’ve been teaching now for about 37 years. But 19 of those years I’ve been full-time. The Lord called me I was working in a ministry running the tape room.

Dr. Reagan: Living in Louisiana.

Don Perkins: In Louisiana, living in Louisiana and we had an all-night prayer, and that’s when the Lord spoke this calling to my heart. I accepted the call. He gave me an insatiable desire to study Bible prophecy. So I’ve been studying and doing that. And then eventually I wound up working for another ministry and different things, but God had been dealing with my heart about going full-time. And I should have done it a long time ago. But I met a man by the name of David Reagan.

Nathan Jones: Oh, name sounds familiar.

Don Perkins: Dr. Reagan, God used him to challenge me to trust God.

Dr. Reagan: Tell them where you met me.

Don Perkins: I met you in Crowley, Louisiana.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, out in the middle of the rice fields.

Don Perkins: Yes, and that was–

Dr. Reagan: At a little Methodist church out in the middle of a rice field.

Don Perkins: Yes, that was my first time actually meeting you. I’d been following your newsletter for year. And what impressed me back then was somebody asked a question about Israel, and you drew a map of Israel from scratch. And I’m looking and I’m saying, “Wow, he just drew the map like that.” You know. I said, “Lord I got a long way to go, you know.” But anyway I was so excited to be with you and meet you. And then eventually we wound up moving to San Diego, and long story short our paths crossed a number of times.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yeah.

Don Perkins: And we developed a–

Dr. Reagan: And you were preaching on weekends, right?

Don Perkins: Yes, I was preaching weekend, and anytime I could get a break to do it, I would do it. And one time I had a conference with you, you brought me in for one of your meetings. And you said, “Don, how do you do what you do?” And I said, “Well, by the grace of God.” And David said, “No, you need to trust God for full-time ministry, Don.” He said, “Don, I’m going to pray to God that you go full-time.” And then he said, “Now, when I pray for you Don, it is going to get hard for you at your job.” Well from Dave’s–

Dr. Reagan: I prayed God would make your job so miserable you would have to quit.

Don Perkins: You sure did. From your lips to God’s ears it went downhill for me. But, I knew, I knew that God was He was challenging me to step up full-time. Well, this October we just celebrated 19 years of full-time ministry.

Dr. Reagan: Hallelujah.

Don Perkins: And as you shared Dr. Reagan when we stepped out you know by trusting God for this ministry.

Dr. Reagan: It’s tough.

Don Perkins: It’s tough. But learning to trust God has been such a valuable thing for us.

Dr. Reagan: It gives you the faith to take bigger steps, and bigger steps.

Don Perkins: Yes. Yes. Yes. And we’ve traveled the world. God has done so many wonderful things for us. I travel. We have a new TV program now, a weekly program on HisChannel.

Nathan Jones: What’s it called?

Don Perkins: It’s called, “Your Future in Bible Prophecy.”

Dr. Reagan: And how can people find it on HisChannel?

Don Perkins: Well, they can go to my website which is: If you go to my website we have a banner there that will bounce you straight to our program.

Dr. Reagan: And you can watch those programs on demand, right?

Don Perkins: On demand. You can watch them on demand.

Nathan Jones: Twenty-four-seven Don Perkins.

Don Perkins: Yes, it is a weekly program. A weekly program. But I’m just honored. I’m honored.

Nathan Jones: Well, praise the Lord.

Don Perkins: And Dr. Reagan I’m so glad that you had a part in challenging me to trust God, and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

Dr. Reagan: Well, you are very welcome, sir, and we are just delighted that you took that step. I know it was a tough one because I’ve been there to step out in faith. It is one thing to talk about faith, it is one thing to preach about faith, but it is another thing to do something about faith.

Don Perkins: Yes. Yes. But God will meet you. I will say that. The Lord will meet you.

Dr. Reagan: Well, tell us about how the Lord has opened doors for you.

Don Perkins: Well, He has opened a lot of doors. We travel, my wife and I we travel constantly. I’m in a lot of churches. I’m in a lot of Bible conferences. I go into the local church. It doesn’t matter the size, big, little, it doesn’t matter. But I go into a lot of churches. And what we do, I try to teach a balanced message of Bible prophecy.

Dr. Reagan: Stay away from sensationalism.

Don Perkins: Stay away from sensationalism. Stick with the Scripture.

Nathan Jones: Literal interpretation.

Don Perkins: Stick with the literal interpretation of the Word of God. You won’t go into error that way. I haven’t had to change my message in over 37 years because this Word does not change.

Dr. Reagan: It doesn’t change. That’s right.

Don Perkins: The Word does not change. And as long as I stick with the Word of God, you know we’ve had success. And I’m just grateful. You know a lot of pastors today they really don’t have a burden for Bible prophecy. A lot of times they may take a chance on bringing us in. But when they allow us in and then they see the balanced perspective of God’s Word, it gives them such an excitement to come in. Now, there is one church that we go to now, this next year will be our 27th consecutive year going into this church.

Dr. Reagan: That is pretty good when you keep on getting invited back.

Don Perkins: Yes, 27.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, you must have a lot of sermons up the sleeve there.

Don Perkins: Oh, I do. I keep a list of what we’ve done there. But 27 years they’ve brought us in. And I have a number of churches that the list is getting longer for them as well. But you know we come in with a simple, clear message of Bible prophecy.

Dr. Reagan: What is your fundamental message?

Don Perkins: My fundamental message is that Jesus is coming back. You must be ready for Him. Time is winding up. The signs of the times. The indicators are before us. This is not the hour to play church, because He is at hand to come. You know with all the–

Dr. Reagan: So you believe we are in the season of the Lord’s return?

Don Perkins: No, doubt about it Dr. Reagan. I believe we are in the last of the last days. Taking a word from you we are living on borrowed time. I believe that. I really believe that.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Don Perkins: You know we’ve seen so much, and so many things are happening in our world today. I was talking with a pastor the other day and he was asking me, “Well, why aren’t pastors interested in Bible prophecy?” I said, “Well, I don’t know why.” But I will say what is happening because of all the events that are taking place the sheep in the church, the parishioners in the church are concerned about what is going on, and they are challenging their pastors now to give them answers. So, what is happening a lot of the pastors because they hadn’t been studying prophecy or teaching it they have to deal with the issues. So, either they are going to bring in a prophecy teacher, or they are going to have to get in to the message themselves. So, what happen, and what has been good for us it has afforded us the opportunity to go into a lot of churches. I’m in a lot of different churches. Some churches I go in they have never heard Bible prophecy.

Dr. Reagan: So, your ministry is strictly non-denominational.

Don Perkins: Yes, well, I am non-denominational but I’m in a lot of denominational churches too, I go wherever God opens a door.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, I understand but you are not trying to convert people to a particular denomination.

Don Perkins: No, no, no.

Dr. Reagan: You are trying to bring them to Jesus.

Don Perkins: That’s right. That’s right. So, we are a non-denominational ministry. And we go into a lot of different churches and we preach one message. I stay in my lane, my lane is to teach Bible prophecy, and that’s what we do.

Dr. Reagan: Well, what sort of reception do you find these days?

Don Perkins: Well, I’ve been very pleased, I’ll be honest with you with the pastors that have allowed us in. And again because I really think when they bring you in they have a question, they want to know what is going on. I had one pastor that interviewed me. He actually had an interview with me. He said, “Okay, if I bring Don Perkins in what are you going to do?” So, I begin to tell him some of the topics we cover and things like that. So, he began to ask me questions related to Bible prophecy.

Dr. Reagan: Well, when you consider that so many Bible prophecy teachers are caught up in sensationalism I don’t blame him. I would be cautious too.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, and many of them are very cautious because of what they’ve seen, all the date-setters and all the different things that are going on.

Nathan Jones: Why do you think then that you are one of the few, if only African American preachers out there on Bible prophecy? Where are all the other African American teachers?

Don Perkins: Well, I can’t answer that question in all honesty. I’m grateful that the Lord called me. And I’ll say this for me to be teaching Bible prophecy there is a God in Heaven. Because I was taught as a young man in church that if you will study the book of Revelation you could lose your mind.

Nathan Jones: Lose your mind?

Don Perkins: Lose your mind. So, when I became a Christian, I’ll say for a while, and I would never go into the book of Revelation. Now, what I’ve done as I traveled, especially a lot of Black churches that I’m in. I ask the question, say, “How many here are afraid of the book of Revelation? Or you’ve been taught if you study this book you will lose your mind?” Hands go up all over the church.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Nathan Jones: Really? Wow.

Don Perkins: Yeah. So I will say this in a lot of Black churches they have been taught that, because I was taught that. And I know that they have a fear. But when we come in and we bring a clear message of hope. You know one thing I tell them Revelation 1:3 you know the Bible says that, “Blessed are those who read, hear, and keep this saying.”

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, that is what I am saying, it says right up front you’re going to get a blessing.

Don Perkins: It’s in the Scriptures. It’s a blessing. I say while I’m talking to you about Revelation you are going to receive a blessing. I ask them, “Do you want to be blessed?” I say, “Here’s a good way to be blessed, read the book of Revelation.” I say, “In your car put a CD on of Revelation and listen to it, you’ll be blessed just for listening to it.” And what happens when I found out when these pastors allow us in, and they hear a simple, clear message of hope, it gives them such strength and encourages the body. You know some pastors, I will say this, some of them look at it, at Bible prophecy as divisive or they say it is doom and gloom. And I tell them no, it is not doom and gloom for the Redeemed. You know the end of the story for us will be eternal bliss. We win in the end no doubt about it. And I say, you know the whole book of Revelation is not doom and gloom. There is judgment there, but that’s for rebels; those who choose not to honor God. But the end of the story is going to be beautiful for the redeemed.

Nathan Jones: Oh, wonderful.

Don Perkins: And this is the message that we teach. And what happens it brings hope.

Dr. Reagan: In fact one of the messages of prophecy that just blesses me so much is the Apostle Peter tells us the only reason Jesus has not returned is because God wants more people saved.

Nathan Jones: Second Peter 3:9

Don Perkins: Yes, He’s a merciful God. He’s a merciful God.

Dr. Reagan: He does not wish that any should perish.

Don Perkins: Yes. Yes.

Dr. Reagan: So, He is long suffering. Loving kindness.

Don Perkins: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And waiting for people like you to get out there and proclaim it.

Don Perkins: Amen.

Nathan Jones: Well, as you go to the different African America churches are you bringing, I don’t want to say converts but are you exciting people to follow in your footsteps?

Don Perkins: Yes, I am and as a matter of fact I was in one church I taught on Israel and Bible prophecy. And it really helped this pastor. He said, “Brother Perkins I’ve never looked at Israel that way.” He said, “You know now I have a different perspective.” Because what I did I gave him the Word of God related to Israel, and it blessed him, it blessed his church. A lot of times they just don’t know, you know? And once they hear a clear message. I try to keep it simple too, make it a simple message of Bible prophecy. Not so technical as you can get.

Dr. Reagan: Well God has really blessed you in that regard to being able to take very complex ideas and make them simple for people to understand. It is a gift that God has given you, and you are really good at that.

Don Perkins: Well I am grateful to heaven for that.

Nathan Jones: I’m getting excited. I feel like inviting you to my church right now.

Don Perkins: Well, I’ll put you on the calendar.

Dr. Reagan: One thing I can guarantee about this guy he does not lack passion or enthusiasm.

Nathan Jones: No, he doesn’t, and he is so likeable.

Dr. Reagan: I used to tell people, you know Don is going to be a pretty good preacher if he ever just develops some enthusiasm.

Don Perkins: Well, you know for me Dr. Reagan, I love and I believe what I teach. I believe it. You know and I want people to experience that. You know, our future is going to be beautiful and I want as many as we can to experience that.

Dr. Reagan: I’ll tell you what we are going to do, Don. We are going to take a brief break and when we come back we are going to focus in on the two most controversial things in Bible prophecy: Is Jesus really going to return to this earth and reign for a 1,000 years?

Don Perkins: Okay, beautiful.

Dr. Reagan: The vast majority of Christianity says, no, He will not. And number two is there really going to be a Rapture and when is it most likely to occur? Because the Rapture has come under increasing attacks in these days.

Don Perkins: Yes, look forward to it.

Part 2

Nathan Jones: Welcome to Christ in Prophecy and our interview of Don Perkins of According to Prophecy Ministry. And we are talking about the basics of Bible prophecy. Particularly I want to start Don with the Millennial Kingdom. Brother, there is nothing I’m looking forward to more than the Millennial Kingdom. The idea that you can sit under a vine and you live in peace, and there’s no animals trying to kill you and stuff like that. But there are people that are saying that we are living in the Millennial Kingdom now. And there is the Bible that says a 1,000 years. And some say it is not 1,000 years. Can you clean up the mess for me and tell us what is the Millennial Kingdom?

Don Perkins: Well, the Millennial Kingdom will be the 1,000 year reign of Christ.

Nathan Jones: Exactly 1,000 years?

Dr. Reagan: Here on this earth.

Don Perkins: Here on earth. It’s a literal prophecy that Christ must fulfill. Like when He went to Calvary that was a literal prophecy. He fulfilled it literally. The 1,000 year Millennial Kingdom is that prophecy as well, Isaiah 9:6, “The government shall be on His shoulders.” Now, some people today believe that we are in that government now. Well I could take them to San Diego Zoo and show them that we are not. During the Millennial Kingdom the Bible says that the lion and the wolf will lie together. The Scripture says that the lion will eat straw like the ox. Take them to San Diego Zoo and watch what the lions are eating there, they are not eating straw.

Nathan Jones: They are eating a lamb.

Don Perkins: It is so simple to disprove whether or not we are in the Millennial Kingdom now.

Dr. Reagan: Well, you don’t understand Don that is all supposed to be spiritualized. That is talking about the Church. Well, the First Coming of Christ was not spiritual it was physical.

Dr. Reagan: You’re saying all those prophecies were fulfilled literally?

Don Perkins: They were fulfilled literally. Literally and the future prophecies on His life will also be fulfilled literally as well.

Nathan Jones: How many prophecies are we talking about concerning the Millennial Kingdom? Is it a small subject in the Bible?

Don Perkins: Oh, no, it is a big subject. And it goes in detail as to what is going to happen.

Dr. Reagan: Most people think it is only in the book of Revelation.

Don Perkins: It is all over the Bible, Isaiah 65.

Dr. Reagan: Especially Isaiah.

Don Perkins: Yeah, Isaiah is heavy. But Scripture talks about Christ sitting on the throne of His Father David. Now we know when Christ came the first time He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, which was very humble. Zechariah says, “Israel, behold your King has come to you lowly riding on a donkey.” Christ came on that donkey. He fulfilled that physical prophecy. But you got to realize Christ is a king. That prophecy in the Millennial Kingdom talking about Him sitting on the throne of His Father David He is not coming back at that time riding a donkey. When Christ comes back at the Second Coming the Bible says He is coming on a white horse.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, symbol of a victorious general.

Don Perkins: A victorious general, a conquering King. In the Millennium Christ is coming back to take authority in the earth, so it is a physical prophecy that He must fulfill.

Nathan Jones: So He’ll literally be on the earth?

Don Perkins: He will literally come back to planet earth.

Dr. Reagan: You know I’m glad you mentioned the prophecy about Him coming into Jerusalem on the donkey, because that is in the book of Zechariah.

Don Perkins: Same book.

Dr. Reagan: And everybody says that book is apocalyptic and just like Revelation is apocalyptic, and apocalyptic literature never means what it says. Yet, that meant what it said.

Don Perkins: Yes, it meant what it said, because it was a literal–

Dr. Reagan: And that same book, says He’s coming back to the Mount of Olives.

Don Perkins: It was a literal prophecy then, and a literal fulfillment will also be that in the end.

Dr. Reagan: You know Don, when people tell me– and I have to preface this by saying that what most people don’t know and that is that the majority viewpoint in Christendom today is what we call Amillennialism; that is Jesus will never come back to this earth to reign. That is the view of the Catholic Church. That is the view of all the major Protestant denominations. And when people tell me that the Millennium is now, that we are in it now, that Jesus is reigning over all the world through the Church right now, I have to say, if that is true He is doing a very poor job of it.

Don Perkins: And I would agree with that. I mean because when Christ comes back at the Second Coming He is coming back to take authority in the earth.

Dr. Reagan: Yes. And the earth is going to be flooded with peace, righteousness, and justice.

Don Perkins: He is going to rule.

Nathan Jones: Satan right will be bound?

Don Perkins: Satan will be bound for a 1,000 years.

Dr. Reagan: In a special way, that he can no longer deceive the nations.

Don Perkins: Deceive the nations, that’s right.

Dr. Reagan: And are the nations deceived today?

Don Perkins: Oh, yes, indeed everywhere. I told one gentleman we were debating about it I said, “Listen,” I said, “are people being deceived today?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Well, we’re not in the Millennium because once Christ binds Satan his influence to deceive will not be there.”

Dr. Reagan: You know what Arnold Fruchtenbaum always says? He is a Messianic Jewish commentator.

Don Perkins: Yes, I know him well.

Dr. Reagan: He always says, “If we are living in the Millennium now we must be living in the slum portion.”

Don Perkins: I would agree with that. But I am looking forward because I’ve always said this, the Millennial Kingdom it’s a precursor to the eternal world. You know what I mean? It is a precursor. God is going to give a glimpse of what eternity will look like in the new world. And I really love that. Because we are going to see our Savior rule and reign as King, Ruler, Head of State, Potentate, Prime Minister, King of Kings. He is going to rule the world.

Dr. Reagan: We are going to rule with Him.

Don Perkins: I was about to say the most exciting part about that we’ve been promised that we will reign with Him. And I really believe that will be the glorified Saints that come back with Him at the Second Coming.

Dr. Reagan: In fact that is one of the things that Jesus said, He said, “There is going to be rewards, degrees of rewards.”

Don Perkins: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: I’ll put one person over one city, another over five, another over ten.

Don Perkins: Yes, He told the Church in Revelation 2 and 3 He said, “If you overcome I will grant to you that you will reign with Me, and that you will rule over cities.” We will help Christ rule and reign during the Millennial Kingdom. Now, one reason I believe He is going to use the Church to help Him reign is because we will be glorified at that time. We will no longer have the sin nature. We will literally rule and reign and govern just like Christ. And we will rule the nations that are coming out of the Tribulation who are saved, sheep nations going into the Millennium.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, in the flesh.

Don Perkins: In the flesh, and we will reign, and rule over them with Christ. But it is going to be a wonderful time. I’m looking forward, Dave when I can–

Nathan Jones: Yeah, tell me a little about what it is going to be like living during this time.

Don Perkins: Well, I want to have me a lion in the Millennium.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, a pet lion.

Don Perkins: I want a lion in the Millennium.

Nathan Jones: Are you going to ride him?

Don Perkins: I’m going to ride him, talk with him, yes. I’m going to feed him everything. I want that. A big gold, I mean pretty mane, just a beautiful lion. I really want that.

Nathan Jones: Don’t you have your horses picked out too?

Don Perkins: Oh, yeah, well for the Second Coming I’ve already named my horse. I’ve done that. I’ve done that and I believe God. You know I believe the prophecy is literal. And I think when you understand that these prophecies will literally come to pass it gives you a different perspective about the future.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, absolutely.

Don Perkins: See we made eternity so spooky, so bizarre, we’ve made Heaven boring.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Don Perkins: I did a message a few weeks ago entitled, “The Eternal State.” And I showed a cartoon picture it said, it had two guys on a cloud, both one guy had a harp and the other guy said, “I miss stress.” He said he missed stress on earth. Yeah, and I said, what you see there is not a picture of Heaven.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Don Perkins: Our eternity with God is going to be like we are living today upon a new earth, without sin, sorrow, death, sickness, we are going to have an eternity on planet earth, on the New Earth. And it is going to awesome. We’ll have families there. We’ll have houses there. I’m going to go to your house.

Nathan Jones: That is past the Millennium.

Don Perkins: Yeah, past the Millennium that is during the eternal state.

Dr. Reagan: What was the fella’s name that wrote really the definitive book on Heaven?

Don Perkins: Randy Alcorn.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, Randy Alcorn.

Don Perkins: Oh, I love his book.

Dr. Reagan: He says, “If you want to see what Heaven is going to be like go out and look out of your back window and imagine everything perfect.”

Don Perkins: Yes. Yes.

Nathan Jones: No mosquitos. No chiggers.

Don Perkins: See, what people don’t understand is that God made man from the earth. It was always the will of God for us to exist here on earth. If father Adam had never sinned where would he be today? He’d be right here on planet earth. We would know him as Father, you know Father Adam and Mom Eve. That was always the will of God. So, what Christ has done by going to the cross, He paid the price to redeem us humanity, but He also had the crown of thorns to redeem planet earth. Creation is going to be redone.

Nathan Jones: It is the Kingdom that Jesus was meant to have and the apostles expected Him to take, and we’ll get to see it.

Don Perkins: Yes. And I’m excited about now.

Nathan Jones: Well, there is one issue that always bothered me about the Millennial Kingdom and that is for some reason God releases Satan at the end and he leads an army against Jesus. Why does He release Him and who is this army?

Don Perkins: Well, one reason He is going to release them and I’ve said this many times that God going to even use Satan in the end to purge the unredeemed. And the answer is, what is going to happen? Even though Christ will be here during the Millennial Kingdom you will still have people here in a sinful nature.

Nathan Jones: The ones born to the ones that came out of the Tribulation.

Don Perkins: Yes, they are still giving in child bearing. And they are going to have billions of people born in the Millennium. Men will live a 1,000 years. The Bible says as long as a tree. And what is going to happen, you are going to have billions of people born but they will still have the sin nature. They will still have to choose or reject Christ. And believe it or not some will reject Christ even in the Millennium. I believe that what God is going to do when Satan is released in the end it will expose the hearts of those who truly do not want to honor Christ. And then God is going to judge them and then judge Satan.

Dr. Reagan: And I think you’re right. And God is going to prove something.

Don Perkins: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: That is that humanism which is the religion of Satan teaches that man is basically good, and that what we need to do is change society and that will change people. The only way people can be changed is through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Don Perkins: Amen. Amen.

Dr. Reagan: And God is going to prove that during the Millennium. He is going to have a 1,000 years of people living in the flesh there. And they are going to have perfect peace, righteousness and justice. They are going to have everything you could want and yet at the end they are going to rebel. Not all of them but some of they are going to rebel and God is going to prove once and for all you cannot change people just by changing the environment.

Don Perkins: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: In fact history goes in a circle; it begins with two people in a perfect environment and they rebel. It ends with all of humanity in a perfect environment and a portion of them rebel.

Don Perkins: Rebels again.

Dr. Reagan: And people say to me, why would they rebel, they live in peace, righteousness, they can see Jesus? Well, hey, He’s been here before and all He did was love people, and heal people and feed people. And what did they do? They killed Him.

Don Perkins: That’s right. Well you see Dave, the sin nature is still there even in the Millennium.

Dr. Reagan: That’s it.

Don Perkins: You see God is going to put man in a perfect environment and show them without Me you still sin, I mean Christ will be there but if they don’t accept Him they won’t have a heart change.

Dr. Reagan: Well, Brother, we only have about a minute left for you to talk. And I just got to get to another topic real fast. Do you believe there is going to be a Rapture of the Church, and if so when?

Don Perkins: Well, I believe it’s soon, I don’t know when. But I take Rapture drills in the morning. I take Rapture drills. I believe the Rapture is at hand. Now, the reason why I believe that Dave is because we see signs that point to the Second Coming of Christ–

Dr. Reagan: Yes, right, and the Tribulation.

Don Perkins: –and the Tribulation. So, all the signs of the times are pointing to the Second Coming and Tribulation. None of them point to the Rapture. Now, we are seeing signs today that point to the Second Coming, then how close is the Rapture? The Rapture is even closer.

Dr. Reagan: Close.

Don Perkins: The Rapture is imminent.

Dr. Reagan: So, you believe the Rapture is most likely to occur before the Tribulation begins?

Don Perkins: Oh, yes indeed. It has to because the Church is not a part of the Tribulation.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, we are promised to not to have to endure God’s wrath.

Don Perkins: Well, not only that but that prophecy of the Tribulation was an Old Testament prophecy toward the house of Israel. The Church wasn’t even around when Daniel prophecy was given.

Dr. Reagan: In fact we’ve been promised a protection from the wrath of God.

Don Perkins: That’s true. That’s right. We have not been appointed to the wrath to come.

Nathan Jones: Revelation 3:10

Dr. Reagan: And yet we see so many people attacking the Rapture today.

Don Perkins: Yes. I don’t understand them attacking it. I mean–

Dr. Reagan: These are Christians I’m talking about.

Don Perkins: I know what you mean. I deal with some of them as well. But I tell them this, I say, “We spend too much time debating about the Rapture that we miss the blessing of the Rapture.” The Rapture is going to bring many benefits for the Redeemed. I’m longing for it because it is going to usher me into the presence of Christ. I’m going to have a brand new body.

Dr. Reagan: Amen.

Don Perkins: I will forever live with the Lord. So, shall I ever be with Christ. I’m looking for the benefits of the Rapture.

Dr. Reagan: And can you imagine the horror of being left behind?

Don Perkins: It’s going to be unbelievable. But, I do think this Dave, those that are left behind I believe there will be a great revival after that. People may have heard the Gospel and didn’t respond and they are going to realized, oh, my God I made a mistake in my life. And they will commit to Christ, which will be a commitment even unto death.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Don Perkins: I believe that. I really believe that.

Dr. Reagan: Most of them will die because of that commitment.

Don Perkins: I’m going in the first load, Dave.

Dr. Reagan: Well, Don, thank you for being on today.

Don Perkins: Oh, it’s been a privilege.

Dr. Reagan: Give that e-mail address one more time, or website.

Don Perkins: Our website is And if you can’t find it there just go to Goggle and put in Evangelist Donald Perkins and my site will come up.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, well I pray God will continue to bless your ministry mightily, Brother.

Don Perkins: Thank you. Thank you.

Dr. Reagan: And folks he is available to come to your church and speak.

Don Perkins: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Well, that’s our program for this week. I hope it’s been a blessing to you. And I hope the Lord willing you’ll be back with us again next week. Until then this is Dave Reagan, speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries saying, “Look up, be watchful for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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