Frazier on the Miracle of Israel

Is the reestablishment of Israel a miracle of God? Find out with guest Gary Frazier on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Air Date: June 25, 2017

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Dr. Reagan: Why do Bible prophecy ministries give so much significance to the re-establishment of the state of Israel? And why do they often stress that the re-establishment of Israel is a miracle of God? Also, when you consider the fact that the state of Israel contains only six and a half million Jews, while the state is surrounded by 350 million Arabs is there really any hope that Israel will continue to exist? For a discussion of these questions with an expert on the Middle East, stay tuned.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague, Nathan Jones, and I have a very special guest with us today. He is Dr. Gary Frazier who is an expert on Bible prophecy and the Middle East. In fact, he has been to Israel more than 150 times. Gary, welcome to Christ in Prophecy.

Gary Frazier: Dave, it is great to be with you. Nathan, great to be with you guys. Always an honor and a privilege.

Nathan Jones: You too, sir. One-hundred and fifty! Seriously?

Gary Frazier: Look at me, can’t you tell how old I am? I’m worn out man.

Nathan Jones: It’s not the age, it’s the mileage, right?

Gary Frazier: That’s exactly right.

Nathan Jones: Why do you go to Israel so much?

Gary Frazier: Well you know when I went there for the very first time as a young preacher in the early 70’s it was a life changing experience for me. And frankly I got to tell you I never got over it. I’m still not over it. I’ll never be over it.

Nathan Jones: Ok.

Gary Frazier: Because every time I’ve made that journey, personally it has been a time of spiritual renewal in my life. God always speaks to my heart about something special when I’m in the Land. Fortunately we don’t have to go to Israel to find Jesus, but I will tell you there is a presence of God in the place. And of course we’ve now taken well over 2,000 pastors to Israel, through our ministry.

Nathan Jones: Wow.

Gary Frazier: Just special times with pastors only, senior pastors of churches. And then 10,000 of people. And people often times they kind of start calculating 150 times if you’re 10 days there, then blah, blah, blah.

Nathan Jones: I want to know how long you’ve been in the airplane.

Gary Frazier: Yeah. And the bottom line is I tell everyone, and Dave you can certainly relate to this as many times as you’ve been, it’s not the trip once were there its getting there and getting home.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yes.

Gary Frazier: The Israeli government said to me, they said, “Hey, what do we need to do to increase tourism to Israel?” And I said, “It’s very simple, move it closer to America.”

Nathan Jones: Yeah. Eleven hours is a long flight.

Dr. Reagan: Well you know–

Gary Frazier: Because when you sit there with your knees in your mouth you know it’s a long way.

Dr. Reagan: Gary, you mentioned about the pastors, and I just never cease to be amazed at how many pastors have told me, I’ll ask them, “Have you ever been to Israel?” And they’ll say, “No.” “When are you going?” “Well, I don’t see any reason to go to Israel.”

Gary Frazier: I got to tell you that one of the things, and I never knew, sometimes God works in ways and you don’t really come to understand it until years have gone by. On that very first trip to Israel one of the people on the bus was–well a couple was a retired United Methodist pastor and his wife. And they had been given a trip to Israel as a retirement gift. So, it was kind of an odd group of people just to be honest with you. In fact on that trip I heard God called “she” for the very first time.

Nathan Jones: She?

Gary Frazier: And I heard a lot of other things that was pretty strange. But, this couple and I was by myself we kind of bonded together. So that last day we are at the Garden Tomb and we’d been in the tomb we’re out there, the three of us kind of hugging, we’re weeping and rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord. This senior pastor looked at me and he said, “Gary, I’d give anything if I had been able to make this trip at the beginning of my ministry, instead of at the end.”

Dr. Reagan: Right.

Gary Frazier: Now I don’t know, I knew that God, something in my heart resonated at that time, but I continued to pastor you know up until 1985. But then God lead me to this ministry. And one of the main reasons was because I realized through the years having been numerous times by that time. And having been through the “theological educational system” quote-on-quote. But the missing ingredient was the significance of Israel, the role that they play in the end times. And in fact you can’t understand Bible prophecy if you don’t get it’s about Israel.

Dr. Reagan: Well, even if you have no interest in Bible prophecy, going to Israel will help you better understand the Bible. It turns the Bible from black in white, into Technicolor.

Nathan Jones: It makes it come alive, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: When you read a word like Capernaum it’s no longer a word on the page. You’ve been there. You’re seen it. You’ve smelt it. You’ve walked around in it. You get a feel for how small Israel is and how far a person could walk in a day. It’s just so valuable. It just so enriches a pastor’s–

Gary Frazier: Well one of the reasons, Dave, I think why so many pastors have this ambivalent attitude toward Israel is that when they were in Bible College and Seminary it was just at best maybe a slide show by some professor.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Gary Frazier: They never connected the dots that you will never properly understand and be able to articulate the Bible without truly, and I mean this, truly walking in it. Can you preach? Absolutely. But will you ever fully grasp the Word of God in total? And the answer to that is as a preacher you can’t until–and as you said a moment ago Capernaum these sites.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Gary Frazier: I remember pastoring in New Orleans and a lady in my church, I’ll never forget her name Mary Miller, stops me one Sunday morning after a message when I preached on the storm on the Sea of Galilee, Matthew chapter 8 you know the passage. She said, “Pastor, when you were preaching a while ago I could just see that.” And I said, “Mary, the reason I drew a picture in your mind is because I have it in my own mind.”

Dr. Reagan: Because you’ve been there. You’ve seen it.

Gary Frazier: You can’t do that without that.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right. Well, Gary, we’ve had you on this program a number of times and you’ve always been our viewer’s one of our favorites to say the least. You’re very articulate, and they love you. And we are glad to have you back again. Appreciate you being here. And this time we invited you because you have a new book out called, The Miracle of Israel. And underneath it says, The Shocking Untold Story of God’s Love for His people. And in the beginning of the book in the introduction you make this comment, “This book is about miracles.” What do you mean by that?

Gary Frazier: Well first of all I’d like for our viewers to know that God is still in the miracle working business. Now, there are personal miracles and I open up the book with a personal story about how my own precious wife was miraculously touched by God and healed from inoperable, incurable breast cancer. Now, I don’t know why God doesn’t heal everyone. He doesn’t. But, to say then that He doesn’t heal anyone would be tragically wrong because God does, and often times heals and we don’t even–He doesn’t get the credit many times for the things that He does. So there are personal miracles that take place. But there are also political miracles that take place. And when I say that, political, I’m talking about the political side of the rebirth of the nation of Israel. Because as you all know there is, there’s never been a people that have been separated from their traditional homeland and remained a part more than 200 or 300 years and ever returned, and reconstituted themselves back into their original home land.

Dr. Reagan: And we’re talking here about 2,000 years.

Gary Frazier: Yes, this is about 2,000 years. Think about that, 2,000 years. And then all of a sudden God begins to work in ways that most people were unaware of as He begins this process in 1878 in a barn outside Paris, France with a man by the name of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. To begin to stir in his heart the rebirth of the Hebrew language which is prophesied by Jeremiah. And then he moves in the life of an unbelieving, atheist if you please by the name of Theodor Herzl later to convene the first Zionist Conference. But this is God miraculously working to keep His promise. So, when you say, “What is this book about?” It is about the fact that we have a promise keeping God who is still in the miracle business. And if He’s kept His promises, and is keeping His promises, and will keep His promises to Israel, He is going to keep every promise He’s made to me as well.

Nathan Jones: Amen.

Dr. Reagan: Well it’s because this book emphasizes one miracle after another, after another that you show is the reason I selected this image.

Gary Frazier: Oh, ok.

Dr. Reagan: Because it is the image of the burning bush.

Gary Frazier: Yeah, absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: And that is a prophecy that throughout its history the nation of Israel would be persecuted, it would be harassed, Jews would be murdered, and yet they would continue to exist just as that burning bush continued to exist. And that is one of the greatest miracles that God has ever performed is just the preservation of the Jewish people.

Gary Frazier: Absolutely. Look the world hates the Jews, and they don’t even know why. Because they haven’t figured out yet, because what you have is a flesh, secular driven, humanistic culture that doesn’t understand that there is a spiritual war taking place here. And this war is raging, it has raised, it will continue by the way until Jesus comes.

Dr. Reagan: Well we are going to take a break here and we’ll be back in just a moment and pick up with your book.

Gary Frazier: Ok.

Part 2

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our discussion with Dr. Gary Frazier, the author of a new book called, “The Miracle of Israel.” Gary, you wrote this, co-wrote this actually with a gentleman named Jim Fletcher. Maybe you can tell us a little about him. But why is he and you and all these other experts of Bible prophecy so focused on Israel?

Gary Frazier: Well, Jim is a good buddy of mine to tell you the truth. We met in Israel.

Nathan Jones: Everybody is a good buddy of yours.

Gary Frazier: Well, I love people. And Jim and I got to know each other back a number of years ago because he worked with a group that was actually doing some publishing for me. And Jim, is a remarkable individual. He has a great grasp of culture. He loves Israel first of all. And one of the things that God has really led him very strongly to dig into is this satanic philosophy called Replacement Theology. And Jim was really one of the best guys that I know of today really who could converse with about that. And he speaks often on it, writes often on it. So, I just invited him, I said, “Jim, look, you know I want to write a book on Israel and I want you to kind of co-author that with me.” And he agreed to it. It was really a great relationship because we both of us wrote.

Nathan Jones: Excellent. The product turned out great.

Gary Frazier: And we reconciled and it came out pretty good.

Dr. Reagan: Well, it is. And one of the reasons that I–you know I never recommend a book to the public unless I’ve read it first of all. I just have to read it.

Gary Frazier: I’m with you, me too. Same way.

Dr. Reagan: And this–the reason I’m recommending this one is because it is down-to-earth, easy to understand. Full of wonderful prophecies from the Bible that have been fulfilled already in the history of Israel.

Gary Frazier: And the stories, lots of stories.

Dr. Reagan: It’s a really, really easy read. And I just loved it. And I compliment you on it. It’s really well done.

Gary Frazier: Well, thank you.

Dr. Reagan: And you have in it, one of the features you’ll have a dialogue going along and all of a sudden you’ll have an amazing prophecy. Share one of those amazing prophecies with us.

Gary Frazier: Now that was Jim’s idea.

Dr. Reagan: OK.

Nathan Jones: That was Jim Fletcher, ok.

Gary Frazier: That was Jim’s idea to put that amazing prophecy in there.

Dr. Reagan: Well it’s good. And then you show how it was fulfilled. Well give us an example of an amazing prophecy.

Gary Frazier: Well, first of all guys I’m trying to think, there are so many of them.

Dr. Reagan: I know.

Gary Frazier: But I think one of the things that is so amazing to me is that in June of 1967 when Israel was about to be attacked by Jordan, Syria, and Egypt and so forth that they launched a pre-emptive strike. And when you look at some of the miracles that took place in 1967. Now remember the War of Independence had already occurred in 1948, they had 19 years following that. The country was in the process of being built up. And they formulated of course obviously the IDF, and the Israeli Defense Forces and so forth. And God was blessing the land. He was blessing everything that was happening in that part of the world, in Israel I’m talking about. But during that war this was a situation where it could have been a real serious
situation for Israel had they not won this war. And they realized that they were about to be attacked so they launched this pre-emptive strike. But miracles, God did miracle, after miracle, after miracle to make sure to preserve the fact that they were there. And He did it–by the way He did it again in 1973.

Dr. Reagan: I know.

Gary Frazier: So in the book what we’ve tried to do is we documented some of these miracles that were recorded. You and I both know that years ago there was an incredible book, this tiny little book written called, “Battle for Israel,” by a British preacher by the name of Lance Lambert.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Gary Frazier: You remember that? Remember in the early days of our relationship we talked about that.

Dr. Reagan: I had the privilege of meeting him.

Gary Frazier: Exactly. And Lance had done a lot of research and studying and we pulled some information from some of the things he had done. Plus there were other things. There was a great series done called, “Against All Odds” that chronicled some of these miracles as well. So we pulled a lot of that information that we were familiar with and put it into the book under these amazing facts.

Dr. Reagan: Well one of the prophecies that you talk about as being so amazing is Isaiah 54:17 which says, “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.” How has that been fulfilled?

Gary Frazier: Well, first of all God has done that because obviously the weapons have been formed against Israel, over, and over, and over again.

Dr. Reagan: War, after war, after war.

Gary Frazier: Absolutely: ’48, ’67, ’73, the Lebanon incursion in the ’82 and it’s just gone on, and on, and on. And we were talking a little bit a while ago during the break that this is a spiritual war that is taking place.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Gary Frazier: And people don’t realize this. And while the world may form a weapon against the Jewish people, it’s them, versus Him, and they have zero chance of success. Why is that? Because God has so strategically placed Israel in that part of the world first of all to infect the entire believing world with the reality of the presence of the Creator. But more importantly God has structured His eternal plan for the ages, and Israel is the key ingredient to that. And they are going to survive all the way to the end because this book very clearly lays out the final chapter in the history of the world and Israel is vital to that part. So, no one is ever drive them out.

Dr. Reagan: What you’re saying reminds me of one of my all-time favorite political cartoons which we are showing on the screen right now and it shows the major leaders of the world having a tug of war with Netanyahu. And they’re on one end of the rope, he’s on the other end, and he has no hope whatsoever, except that there is this great big finger from Heaven that is down on the end of his rope.

Gary Frazier: That’s right. I’ve often said the great tragedy for the Muslim world has been that if they had been wise enough they could have somehow, we didn’t have cellphones and fax machines and all that technology. But had they been wise enough to find an Evangelical Bible believing Christian and said to them, “Hey, we’re about to attack Israel. Are we going to be able to defeat them?” Well, they could have gotten a positive resounding–

Nathan Jones: Saved a lot of planes.

Gary Frazier: –you have no chance. I mean you could have saved the lives of people.

Dr. Reagan: Zechariah says in the end times that Israel is going to be like David against Goliath.

Gary Frazier: Exactly, yeah.

Nathan Jones: Well, Gary going back, obviously Israel’s the miracles that were happening then in the past, the miracles that are happening now show that God is using Israel as a prophetic time clock. So, I can see why then you always focus on that. But I love the stories that you put in the book, particularly you put, I don’t know if it is Mikey, or Mickey, Mickey Marcus, and he was a retired American soldier who played a major role in Israel’s War of Independence. Tell us that story would you?

Gary Frazier: Well, what happened was in the days leading up to the restoration of the State of Israel–now remember where we are World War II has come to an end. The Holocaust camps have been emptied out of those few who survived, and so forth. They migrated back into the land, but these are people that had survived the Holocaust.

Dr. Reagan: And only 600,000 of them.

Gary Frazier: Exactly. And they were not soldiers, they were ill equipped.

Nathan Jones: Kibbutz workers right?

Gary Frazier: Physically they were in terrible condition as well. This is what Israel had when they were getting ready to become a state. Now remember that we had about 640,000 Jews in Israel, surrounded at that time with about 50 million Muslims. And so, here they are talking about the fulfillment of the promise of God that they would return to their land. And yet without a military. So, how are you going to do this? So what happened was this American soldier, Colonel Marcus.

Dr. Reagan: Who was Jewish wasn’t he?

Gary Frazier: David Marcus was a Jew, obviously Marcus. And so he is a Jew and he really was ambivalent about the whole thing to Israel until he was challenged by some friend. Because the Israeli government had actually talked to him, certain officials that were going to be in the Israeli government about helping them because they needed assistance. Actually there was a law in the United States that you could not lend aid to a foreign nation.

Nathan Jones: Interesting.

Gary Frazier: So, Marcus kind of subverted that and goes to Israel, starts training their military for them. Involved with of course David Ben-Gurion who would be the first Prime Minister of Israel. To teach them, you know strategy, tactics, and so forth and so on. And this would seem like an impossible task almost. And yet, the bottom line was they built what was called the New Burma Road because at the time the Muslim army had separated–

Dr. Reagan: Cut off the road to Jerusalem.

Gary Frazier: –to Jerusalem and anytime they tried to get food and supplies to Jerusalem the convoys were being destroyed, so forth and so on. And the people were starving to death. In fact a friend of David, of mine and yours by the name of Avi Shemesh one of our guides was a little boy of 10 years of age living in Jerusalem. And he tells a story about how they could not get food, and they actually cut certain grasses from the field that they knew they could eat, and they survived off of grass. But Marcus led them to build a road across a mountain, that they said it couldn’t be done. They did it. They got supplies

Dr. Reagan: I’ve seen that road, and I would have said it couldn’t be done too.

Gary Frazier: I’m with you. I’ve seen that road as well. But I will tell you our listeners should know this, Hollywood doesn’t do many things right, but they made a great movie called, you know the name of it?

Dr. Reagan: Sure did. Can’t think of it right off hand, but I’ve seen it about five times.

Gary Frazier: It is called, To Cast a Giant Shadow.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, that’s right.

Gary Frazier: And it is. And actually what I did was I bought that DVD and a lot of times we had movie night in Israel and I show it to people because, on site, it’s the story basically of Colonel Marcus and the rebirth of the State of Israel. But the tragedy of that was is that when they had been successful he goes out one evening into the forest to quote-on-quote “relieve himself” and they changed guards while he was gone. And the young Israeli guard there they changed the password. And as he was approaching the young soldier said, “What’s the password.” And he said, “Hey, I’m” And the young guy out of fear shoots and kills him.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, he didn’t know the password.

Gary Frazier: He dies there. So, today when you travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem up the 48 corridor on the left hand side there you will see a monument built in honor of Colonel Marcus, David Marcus. It’s a great story.

Dr. Reagan: We only have just about a 1 ½ minute left and there is so much that I would like to ask you about. What’s the future of Israel?

Gary Frazier: Well, when we wrote the book Jim and I wanted to do it past, present, and future.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Gary Frazier: And the future of Israel is simply this God has not finished with the Jewish people.

Nathan Jones: Amen.

Gary Frazier: God, is continuing to work. And by the way there are Jews coming to Christ that are realizing that Jesus is the Messiah. And it is a very slow process. But ultimately we know what’s going to happen. There is going to be a peace covenant signed in Daniel 9 we know all about that in chapter 9:24-27, that will give Israel a temporary peace. And in the middle of that that will be destroyed when the Antichrist in Revelation 13 assigns everyone to take a mark, or a number, and so forth. We know that while we love and support Israel, and pray for the Jewish people because we really do love them. Christians have a love for the Jews.

Dr. Reagan: Absolutely.

Gary Frazier: We love them.

Dr. Reagan: True Christians do.

Gary Frazier: Our Messiah was a Jew. But that said the darkest days for Israel, days even darker than the Holocaust lie ahead because the Bible tells us in Zechariah 13:8 that two-thirds of all the Jews living in the land are going to perish, and that just breaks my heart. When I look–and I’ll be leaving again in just a few days to go over and I think about the Jewish people and what the future holds and it is devastating. But, the great promise is as Paul says in Romans 11, then so all Israel shall be saved.

Nathan Jones: Amen.

Gary Frazier: You know Zechariah 12:10 says that they will look upon Him whom they have pierced and they will weep, and wail for Him when they see Him.

Dr. Reagan: Well that is the reason God is going to allow that carnage to happen, is because He is going to bring them to the end of themselves where they finally look upon Him.

Gary Frazier: Totally. And then they’ll look upon Him and then when that happens then Paul’s prophecy will come true.

Dr. Reagan: And what a glorious day that will be.

Gary Frazier: They all shall be saved. But the tragedy is before the great salvation, there is the great persecution.

Dr. Reagan: Well, we are going to take another break and when we come back we are going to ask you to comment on President Obama’s legacy with Israel.

Part 3

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our discussion with Dr. Gary Frazier, the author of a new book called, The Miracle of Israel. So Gary, how would you assess President Obama’s legacy as it relates to Israel.

Gary Frazier: Oh, my goodness are you serious?

Nathan Jones: Well, he wanted to know.

Gary Frazier: Where do you begin?

Dr. Reagan: Going to blame it on me, huh?

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Gary Frazier: We have not had such an anti-Israel administration in my lifetime.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Gary Frazier: To see the continuous attacks if you please on not only the leadership of Israel trying to subvert the Netanyahu Administration. But, just the constant open favoritism shown to the Palestinians, as opposed to the Jewish people. There was nothing right. But you know as I look at the overall scenario as we did through these last eight years of his administration, you can see that while he would smile and say with his mouth, “We are the friend of Israel.” The Israelis knew and everybody in the administration knew he was the enemy of the nation of Israel.

Dr. Reagan: He was stabbing them in the back while he smiled.

Gary Frazier: He certainly was. And I can’t even begin to list all of the ways that he did that. But he proved to us in his last parting shot when he left the White House to turn over what was it $250 million.

Nathan Jones: Half a billion wasn’t it?

Gary Frazier: Half a billion dollars to the Palestinian Authority.

Dr. Reagan: In addition to lifting the veto in the United Nations.

Gary Frazier: Yes, in addition to that. And that was a major thing. But one of the things that strikes me as being one of the most severe things he did was the Iranian Deal.

Nathan Jones: Yeah. Yeah, he wants Iran to destroy Israel by all indications.

Gary Frazier: When he did the deal with Iran. And when he sent that airplane full of money there. And the things that this man did, not only some of which I have to question the legality of these things. But he got a pass on getting away with. But here’s the thing, and here’s the thing that I take comfort in, God knows. And God will right the wrongs. And one day I’m going to tell you something and I’m going to be bold in my statement here Barack Obama is going to stand before a holy God, and I’m glad I’m not going to be beside him. The fire balls.

Dr. Reagan: Well the Lord gave him tit-for-tat on one thing and that is that he sent a whole group to Israel to interfere in the Israeli elections and tried to defeat Netanyahu. And then you turn around and the Democrats are complaining about interference in American elections.

Nathan Jones: By Russia, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: The Lord did to him exactly what he did to Israel.

Gary Frazier: Well God has a way of taking care of those things. And the good news is that they’re gone and we now have a very pro-Israel administration. And who understands at least thru the help of evangelicals and others that God has a plan for the Jews and we need to stand with Israel.

Dr. Reagan: My concern though about that is that yes, there are some people around Trump who understand that. But, I’m not sure he does.

Gary Frazier: I agree.

Dr. Reagan: And I think Trump is a guy who makes deals, and he prides himself in it. And he’s already said he is going to send his son-in-law over there and they are going to settle this whole thing. And he doesn’t understand this is a spiritual thing, it is not a political thing, it cannot be solved. And I fear that once he runs into a brick wall and he cannot solve it politically that he will then begin to put pressures on the Israelis like everybody else has done.

Gary Frazier: Well, and Dave, that is a real possibility and danger. In fact I share your concern. You know I had the privilege of meeting along with about 30 other leaders, David Friedman the new Ambassador from American to Israel.

Dr. Reagan: Wonderful man, yeah.

Gary Frazier: And but I had about ten minutes with him alone before the group meeting and I talked to him about the absolute necessity of standing firm with Israel when the pressure comes. And I said, to Mr. Friedman, “I know that you know this, but you are going to have to communicate this to the President because this will get down to crunch time at some point and time.” And the pressure that surrounds–

Dr. Reagan: And they always want Israel to give.

Gary Frazier: That is exactly it. The pressure is always on Israel, you give. Israel cannot give. They must not give. And we should not force them. And by the way one of the things and I think this is really important is that we must never forget that Genesis 12 is just as true today as the day God said to Abraham, “I’ll bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you him will I curse.” And we have to be careful in America. We’ve made that mistake. We need to not make it again.

Part 4

Nathan Jones: Well, welcome back folks to our interview with Dr. Gary Frazier. And Gary we have really appreciated you being with us today.

Gary Frazier: Well, always a joy.

Dr. Reagan: I know you’re a very busy man. Usually always on an airplane going to Israel.

Gary Frazier: Somewhere.

Dr. Reagan: But I just loved your book, The Miracle of Israel and we are going to tell our viewers how to get a hold of a copy of it. But will you just look into the camera there and tell folks how to get in touch with you?

Gary Frazier: Sure. Absolutely. Well first of all the easiest way is our website it is just: It is just that simple. And on that website we have not only the books that I’ve written, but also a lot of free stuff, free PowerPoints, and various other kinds of things so we’d love to hear from you at And guys thank you so much for letting me be part of this program.

Dr. Reagan: And folks, let me tell you something else about Gary, he is one of the greatest evangelists I’ve ever heard preach in my life. He knows how to touch souls for Jesus Christ. So invite him to come to your church and hold an evangelistic meeting. Well, that’s it folks, that is our program for this week. I hope it’s been a blessing to you and I hope you’ll be back with us next week the Lord willing. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries saying, “Look up, be watchful for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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