Gallups Follow-up on Rabbi Kaduri

What was the impact from Rabbi Kaduri’s message that Jesus is the Messiah? Find out with guest Carl Gallups on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on August 10, 2014.

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Dr. Reagan: One of Judaism’s most respected leaders, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, announced before his death in 2006 that the Messiah had appeared to him. He said he had written the Messiah’s name and sealed it in an envelope that was to be opened one year after his death. The envelope was opened in 2007 and the note he left behind shocked and horrified the entire Orthodox Jewish world. Stay tuned and you will find out why.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus our Blessed Hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. Nathan Jones and I are delighted to have back in our studio a dear friend and colleague, Carl Gallups.

Nathan Jones: Carl, always a pleasure.

Carl Gallups: Thank you Nathan, it is my honor. Dave, God bless you.

Nathan Jones: Folks, we’ve invited Carl to come back to provide with an follow-up to a program we previously did with him about his latest book, this one called, The Rabbi Who Found Messiah.

Dr. Reagan: Carl, I would like to get started on this really fast by just giving our viewers a very quick overview of the book and then we are going hit you with some hard questions. Ok?

Carl Gallups: Good, look forward to it.

Dr. Reagan: Well folks, in 2004 one of Judaism’s most renowned Rabbi’s Yitzhak Kaduri announced that the Messiah had appeared to him and revealed his identity. The Rabbi said he had written the Messiah’s name on a piece of paper and placed it in a sealed envelope, and he said he had given directions that the envelope was to be opened and the Messiah’s name read to his followers one year after his death. Rabbi Kaduri died in 2006 and sure enough in one year later in 2007 the envelope was opened and the name that was read shocked, and horrified the Orthodox Jewish world. And they are still in a state of shock, but meanwhile they have scrambled to cover-up what happened. Now our guest, Carl Gallups, was determined not to allow that cover-up to succeed. He has exposed the story to all the world in this book, The Rabbi Who Found Messiah. Carl, tell us about this envelope and why it was so shocking.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, well it was shocking because, Dave, Nathan, in the fall of 2005 is when he announced that he was going to put the name of the Messiah in a note and leave it for the world, to be opened a year after his death, as you just said. And what was shocking within a few weeks eight or ten weeks of him making that declaration Rabbi Kaduri died. So a year later the note was in fact opened and it was put on his website: It was reported on by Israel Today in several different languages, in a front page magazine cover as well as their internet site. It was also reported on in News First Class it is called now News 1 out of Jerusalem, Israel in Hebrew edition only. Screen captures were taken of the note that he wrote and put on the website. Well the note was left in kind of a coded format.

Dr. Reagan: Which is typical of Kabbalist.

Carl Gallups: Typical of Kabbalist and of Kaduri. But it was brilliant why he did that and we can get to that later. But so it was on his website and it was before the eyes of the world, as I said reported on by some major news reporting agencies in Israel. But when the note was finally decoded within a matter of weeks or just a few months they were shocked, they were horrified because the note when it was decoded the name of Messiah was in Hebrew which is the only language he spoke, Yehoshua which is the long form version of Yeshua which of course we would pronounce in English, Jesus. So he declares the name of Messiah is Jesus which matched perfectly with what he had been I’m going to use the word kind of secretly teaching in his own rabbinical training school as is evidenced by ten of his students now who are Jesus loving, born-again Christians as a result of what he was teaching.

Dr. Reagan: Well, we are going to get into that later about the impact on the Jewish folks, but let me just say that since the book came out when?

Carl Gallups: The book came out in November of 2013.

Dr. Reagan: Ok, and it has become a best seller.

Carl Gallups: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And also a movie has been made of it and it is just roaring along. And instead of some Christian leaders celebrating the fact that this man identified Yeshua as the Messiah they have been nitpicking at you. Nathan.

Nathan Jones: Well it was probably one of the most controversial subjects that this ministry has ever covered. We have gotten so much feedback from Christians both positive and negative. Negatively they had some questions and I hope I can ask you to clarify them for us.

Carl Gallups: You can ask anything, yeah.

Nathan Jones: Great. One of them was is that Rabbi Kaduri is a Kabbalist and a Kabbalist being a mystical Judaism not really Jewish, animism type belief system. And they said well he’s got a Kabbalist background how could therefore could the Messiah, Jesus Christ, talk to him? I mean obviously we must just throw everything he needs to say because he’s a Kabbalist. And they particularly pointed they didn’t believe that your book really hit and condemned Kabbalism enough. Why did you, and maybe you did I read the book and I think you did, but maybe you could answer their question.

Carl Gallups: Well, thanks. Well first of all I have gotten much more positive feedback from the Christian community than negative.

Nathan Jones: OK.

Carl Gallups: But, there is some negative feedback and some of it is exactly what you just said. The bottom-line I want people to understand I wrote this story journalistically, objectively. I wanted the story–

Dr. Reagan: Not as a Baptist Pastor.

Carl Gallups: Not as a Baptist Pastor, I wasn’t trying to trash or slam anything, I just wanted the facts out there because when the media covers-up a story where in Jesus name is spoken as the Messiah from the most venerated Rabbi in Israel I thought and we watched this unfold over the years, somebody has got to put this out there. So, but the bottom-line is I did there are several chapters dealing with his involvement in Kabbalah. In fact there is one whole chapter
dedicated to Kabbala itself, explaining it from the most innocent form to the most evil form. And so I did a thorough exposé of Kabbalah and you know I didn’t trash it, but I made it very clear that it’s not the biblical, it’s not the biblical godly way to approach Scriptures and interpretation of Scripture. I’m not a Kabbalist.

Dr. Reagan: One of your purposes was to get through to Jewish people.

Carl Gallups: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: You don’t do that by starting off a book trashing Judaism or trashing Kabbalah or whatever and expect them to read the book.

Carl Gallups: Exactly because Kabbalah, a lot of Christians especially Western Christians don’t understand that Orthodox Rabbinical Judaism is steeped in Kabbalah. And so in order to reach the Jewish heart and the Jewish mind that Jesus is Messiah, Jesus is Lord you can’t start off as you just said by trashing the foundation of their faith.

Nathan Jones: No.

Dr. Reagan: And that’s not what the book was about anyway. The book was about this man and what he did.

Carl Gallups: Absolutely, reporting the story as objectively and truthfully as absolutely possible, resourced and referenced heavily.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Nathan Jones: Another objection that the people had was the man himself, he’s a Rabbi, he’s a Kabbalist therefore Jesus should have nothing to do with this guy. They are speaking for Jesus now, they say Jesus shouldn’t have anything to do with him.

Carl Gallups: Right.

Nathan Jones: Should Jesus bring the Gospel to someone who doesn’t believe in Him already?

Carl Gallups: Well you know it has been amazing to me that people would proffer that argument, it’s laughable because and I’m not trying to be disrespectable to people who have raised argument. But, ok, they say, “Jesus wouldn’t reveal Himself to a Kabbalist.” Excuse me Jesus revealed Himself to a murderer on the Damascus Road on the way to kill more Christians.

Dr. Reagan: Orthodox Jewish murderer.

Carl Gallups: A Rabbi, Orthodox Jewish murderer, a Hebrew of Hebrews, a Pharisee, who was on his way to put more Christians in jail, hunting them down out of their homes and churches and in the synagogues to destroy them and yet Jesus revealed Himself. I think of a man on the backside of the desert who was a murderer by the name of Moses whom God revealed Himself to in a mighty way and used him to save the nation of Israel out of bondage and captivity. So why could God not in these last days, and I believe we are living in very prophetic times. I don’t set dates, I’m not a date setter but I think we are in the end times.

Dr. Reagan: I agree, I agree.

Carl Gallups: Why could not? Why would not God reach down one more time to the most venerated Rabbi in modern Israel history to one more time through His mouth and His voice? And by the way the way this whole note unfolded and what’s happening now we’re going to talk about later, it’s amazing what’s happening. Why could not, and why would not God reach this guy, reveal to him the one voice that millions of people would listen to? Three-hundred thousand Jews were at his funeral, the President of Israel gave the eulogy. Why would God not use that guy to take this message that Jesus is Messiah?

Dr. Reagan: I’ve had people write and say, “How could you promote a book where the guy said that the Messiah is already in Israel?”

Carl Gallups: Yeah, well you know what the thing is I have gotten that too, and that really disturbs me because when people ask me that question I realize–

Dr. Reagan: They didn’t read the book.

Carl Gallups: –they have not read my book.

Dr. Reagan: I know.

Carl Gallups: Because I deal with that. I deal with the good, the bad, the ugly, the ups and the downs, the ins and the outs. I used to be a cop for ten years, I hit this as an investigator. Everything that I could find about this man and what he said, anything he uttered, it’s in this book and I analyze it all. So I have a whole chapter dealing with the fact that he speaks of the fact that Messiah is already in Israel and he is getting ready to reveal himself to the world. And that the spirit of Messiah is going to come upon him and he doesn’t even really know that he’s Messiah. Now that is unbiblical and sounds very strange to the Western Christian mindset or a Biblical Christian regardless of where they live. But my book explains this because when you understand the Jewish mindset, the Jewish expectation of two Messiahs.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, exactly.

Carl Gallups: And you have to realize that Kaduri was giving Messianic utterances long before apparently he came to the realization or the revelation that Jesus is Messiah.

Dr. Reagan: But he wasn’t speaking about Jesus when he said that there was a Messiah in the land.

Carl Gallups: Well, I don’t think so because it fits perfectly with the Jewish expectation of what they call Messiah Ben Joseph, one who would already be in the land who would be a military, political, ruler, leader but then after he dies then comes forth the real Messiah. Now Kaduri said he was going to leave the name of the real Messiah in a note, so if people would read the book they would get the answers they want.

Dr. Reagan: I had Christians who write and say, “Well it just couldn’t be Jesus of Nazareth. I mean he must been revealing some false Jesus.” And I say, “Well, tell the Jews that, I mean they were horrified. They knew what he was talking about.”

Carl Gallups: They knew exactly that’s why they took the note down, that’s why they destroyed it, that’s why the Jewish media covered it up, that’s why the Rabbis in Israel today are desperately trying to cover up this story, and this book because they know what he was teaching again evidenced by his students and others.

Part 2

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview of Carl Gallups the author of this book, The Rabbi who Found Messiah. Now Carl, I think the key to understanding this whole Rabbi who found Messiah is the reaction of the Jewish people.

Carl Gallups: Yeah.

Nathan Jones: How have the Jews reacted? I mean are they embracing it? Are they hating it? Are you getting hate mail because of it?

Carl Gallups: Yes, yes, no, no and yes. Well some, well many of them of course are trying to shun it because you got to remember the Jewish media shut it down, they did not– See Yitzhak Kaduri was the Billy Graham of Jews if you will. He was the leading voice for Judaism, Rabbinical Orthodox Judaism. And so when this note was opened and posted on his website for the whole world to see, which by the way was brilliant because he was 108. What if he had just taught it secretly and then got up by his mouth and said, “Jesus is Messiah?” Oh, it would have been shut down, there would have been no evidence, we’d never of heard of it again. But the note is up there, it’s there, now the whole world. Now it’s in a book, now it’s in a movie, the whole world can see it. So the Orthodox Jews who thought that if they had successfully shut it down they’re not happy about it, and I’ve gotten hate mail about it.

Dr. Reagan: Well it would be like Billy Graham saying the Messiah is Mohammed.

Carl Gallups: Mohammed, yeah, yeah. So Christians would not be happy about that.

Dr. Reagan: No.

Carl Gallups: But of course we know because of the death, burial, crucifixion and prophecy that Jesus is Messiah so this guy says this. He puts it in a note, he doesn’t just say it, he puts it in a note. Now in the meantime the reason that I said, “yes,” and “no,” is because what has happened since the book and movie has made it to Israel, carts and carts and cases and cases of the books and movies have made it, they are being given away in the streets of Haifa, and Tel Aviv and Israel in the Old City and at the Wailing Wall.

Nathan Jones: Wow.

Carl Gallups: What has happened there is miraculous and it is astounding. By the way this movie is being shown in churches all over America, so American churches are beginning to get it. They get it, they are getting to understand.

Dr. Reagan: You are talking about the movie of the book.

Carl Gallups: The movie of the book, yeah, yeah. But anyway back to Israel so first of all I mentioned in the first segment that ten of Kaduri’s students we now know and I’m going to tell you how we know because we have an operative in Israel born and raised there who is making this happen. But we know ten of Kaduri’s students are already on record on film and video testifying that they are born again Christians believers in Jesus Christ as Lord because of Kaduri’s teaching in his Yeshiva, the Hebrew word for a Seminary, a Rabbinical training school. In his Yeshiva prior to writing the note, he was already teaching secretly, ok, and he had to because the persecution is tremendous and again, he’s the Billy Graham and he’s teaching secretly. So ten of these students we know that they are, they are born again believers. But in the meantime– and by the way my movie has been shown to them, they are overjoyed because now they feel vindicated. Ok. But since the note was put up and now it’s been revealed, here’s what happened. There is a gentleman by the name of Zev Porat, Z-E-V-P-O-R-A-T, two words, Zev Porat, Zev was born and raised in Israel. His father was a Rabbi, both of his grandfathers were Rabbis. One of his grandfathers was a Holocaust survivor. Both of his great-grandfathers were Rabbis, one of them knew Kaduri personally so guess what Zev was probably getting ready to be?

Nathan Jones: A Rabbi.

Carl Gallups: A Rabbi, but Zev testimony is that years ago he was on Christian websites similar to Lamb & Lion and he was reading these Christian websites and their claims about Jesus and the Old Testament, etcetera, and he stared comparing, and the man became long and short a born again believer in Jesus Christ. The years have passed, he is solid in the Word, solid evangelical spirit gift. His desire and heart has been to take the Gospel to the Jews, to his Jewish brother. He has been rejected by his family, rejected by his Orthodox community but he and his wife Lynn now take the Gospel into the streets. While they were praying, Zev has now told me this, they were in Israel they knew the Kaduri story, they knew this had happened, they knew that Kaduri met Jesus Christ because of his student. Zev has contact with these guys, he’s got inside to the Kaduri organization, but he couldn’t get Jews in the streets to understand it because the media had shut it down and the Rabbis were not talking about it. And if you dared mention it they would say, “That’s a lie. That’s a lie.” But Zev knew it wasn’t a lie. So he and his wife were praying that they would get some material somehow they didn’t know where. Literally while they are praying they get a knock at the door, a man from the United States had gotten these books and movies, brought them to him and said, “God says you need this stuff.” Zev says, “Oh, my gosh.” So Zev, you know, didn’t know me even though Zev, I talk about him in my book and there are videos of him in the movie only because some of these videos are on the internet, and we pulled them down and used them in the movie.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, you can go to his website right? Its messiahofisrael.

Carl Gallups:, yeah, the guy is amazing. So he gets the materials and then he makes contact with me and he is calling me and writing me every day saying, “Carl, you’re not going to believe,” and he calls it a Kaduri revival in Israel.

Nathan Jones: Wow.

Carl Gallups: Because now, he says, “Now that I’ve got the materials. He said I took the book on a train.” He said, “Before the hour long trip was over,” he said, “literally Carl, without exaggeration half the train was sitting at my feet,” because you see the picture.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, it’s like a magnet, it draws them.

Carl Gallups: It’s like a magnet, they knew. It would be like if you had a brand new book of Billy Graham with his picture on the front.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Carl Gallups: Anywhere you go people say, “That’s Billy Graham, is that a new book?” Same thing with this except there has been no books written about this guy so when they saw that they were freaking out and they gathered around them and he opens the book and shows them his note and they said, “We didn’t know this! How come we don’t know this?” We’ve got an elderly Orthodox Jew on video once all of this is explained and Zev goes through the Old Testament, New Testament and he shows them the Rabbi’s note that Kaduri said, “Jesus is Messiah.” This elderly Jew looks at Zev and he says, this is on video, he looks at him and by the way it’s on the internet and he says, “If this is true and obviously it is,” he says, “this means the media and the Rabbis are keeping me from salvation.” He said that.

Nathan Jones: Wow.

Carl Gallups: And Zev says, “My brother only the Holy Spirit would reveal that to you.” He says, “You’re absolutely right.”

Dr. Reagan: But Zev uses this to take them right through Scripture, through prophecies in the Old Testament.

Carl Gallups: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: And the point you made to me when we were talking at breakfast this morning is very important and that is the average Jew, even Rabbis do not know the Scriptures.

Carl Gallups: They do not.

Dr. Reagan: They spend their life studying the commentaries on the Scriptures.

Carl Gallups: They read the Zohar, the Kabbala books, they read the Talmud and the Mishnah, the commentaries on all of those, they listen to their modern day living Rabbis and their interpretation of Scripture and even those interpretations are just snippets of Scripture.

Dr. Reagan: Because when he shows them these Scriptures like Isaiah 53 they don’t even know they are there.

Carl Gallups: Psalm 22. They don’t know Isaiah 53, they don’t know Psalm 22, they don’t know Zechariah 12, they don’t know Job 19, they don’t know these Scriptures that speak of the Redeemer, the Messiah, the piercing of the hands and the feet, the rising after three days, Psalm 16 the rising after three days. They don’t know these Scriptures, and or if they do they have heard of them with a rabbinical twist that takes them away from the Messiah. But once they see this note that this Billy Graham of the Jews declared, and then Zev takes them to the Old Testament, and then eventually into the New Testament and shows them how it all fits together we have had salvation, after salvation, after salvation of Orthodox Jews. The most astounding– well all of them are astounding but one of the most visually astounding one was one at the Wailing Wall.

Dr. Reagan: I’ve seen this.

Carl Gallups: Oh, my gosh.

Dr. Reagan: Describe it, it is just unbelievable.

Carl Gallups: Zev takes the book and he always takes Tanakh an Old Testament with him and a New Testament but keeps these all separate. He takes the book to the Wailing Wall, and now Zev is an Orthodox Jew, these people down here know him, of course he is a believer in Messiah, Jesus. So he goes to the Wailing Wall and I don’t know if this is illegal, but I would imagine a couple 100 years ago it would have been a stoning offense.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yes.

Carl Gallups: But he goes to the Wailing Wall and he has this book, and there is nothing you know that is very Jewish so the Jews come and say is this a book, yes, yes, at the Wailing Wall he does the same thing he opens it up and he says, “Let me show you what Kaduri said.” “What? What? This can’t be true. We’ve never seen this. Why don’t we know about this?” Then he tells them the something, the media shut it down, the Rabbis don’t want you. And they are Rabbis listening to this at the Wailing Wall. The Rabbis don’t want you to know this, these guys don’t want you to know this. And Zev, so one of the last ones a picture that we got a man named Jonathan he is standing at the Wailing Wall and he is listening to all this and he says, “Tell me about this.” So he looks at the note and everything. Zev takes him the Old Testament, takes him to Psalm 22, Zechariah 12, Isaiah 53. Then gets into the New Testament and Jesus and how He fulfilled it, how all the New Testament documents are written by Jews, there is a book called Hebrews to the Jews to show that Jesus is Messiah. Jesus is a Jew, the disciples are Jews. He goes through all of this, then the next thing Jonathan says, “How can I be saved? How can I know Jesus?” We have a picture, we have pictures of him witnessing, praying. We have a picture of Jonathan with his arms up on the Wailing Wall given his life to Jesus Christ. So you know detractors of it– listen I’m an author I know you are always going to take criticism I don’t care, I really don’t. I don’t mean that in an ugly way.

Dr. Reagan: Not when souls are being saved Brother.

Carl Gallups: No, that’s right. Listen my whole life is about advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. This story needed to be told, if people don’t like it and it is because they don’t get it. And if people make judgments on it before they read it shame on them. But the bottom line is I’m not this guy’s publicist, I’m not his apologist, I’m not his spokesperson, but there is a story that needed to be told, I have told it. And it has made its way into Israel and multitudes of Orthodox Jews are being saved through Zev Porat’s ministry and this book and this movie. I give God all the glory. That is prophetic that is end time stuff.

Dr. Reagan: Amen.

Carl Gallups: It could very well be that Jonathan is the first Jew in 2,000 years to have been saved at the Wailing Wall. I mean it could very well be. And I’m just thrilled to be a little part of this.

Nathan Jones: And it’s amazing too that if people are saying that, “Well the people who are coming to Jesus through this book are coming to a different Jesus,” they only have to go to Zev Porat’s website watch the testimonies and see the people giving their lives to Jesus Christ.

Carl Gallups: Yes, yes.

Dr. Reagan: Give that website again, I want people to go there.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, I’ve had him on my radio program several times. The man is a gem of a Christian he knows the Scriptures, he’s contextual, he’s solid as any of us are here and he preaches Jesus his whole heart is to take Jesus to the Jews. Now he’ll witness to Gentiles too, it doesn’t matter but he really, he’s like a modern day Apostle Paul, he has a heart for the Gentiles but first thing he wants to do is go to his own brothers.

Dr. Reagan: Well you know the Jewish people love to read they are one of the– in fact they have one of the highest percentages of books in the world per person.

Carl Gallups: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: And when you walk up and show them just the cover of this–

Carl Gallups: Right.

Dr. Reagan: –they recognize immediately who he is.

Carl Gallups: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: They know there hasn’t been books written about him and they want to read this.

Carl Gallups: Yes, and by the way the movie now has been subtitled into Hebrew and Spanish.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, good.

Carl Gallups: And I wanted to it in Spanish because I have a lot of contacts in South America. But Zev told me, he said, “Carl this is perfect,” he said, “you didn’t know this but there are a lot of Spanish speaking people in Israel and they’re going to need this, they are going to want this.” So God is just working powerfully through all of this.

Dr. Reagan: And He is opening doors across the United States for you to show the film in churches.

Carl Gallups: Yes, churches all over America are watching this film, showing the film. I’ve been getting tons of positive feedback even from some of the most fundamental, conservative churches and pastors. Once they watch the movie they get it, they understand it in its context. Again most of the criticism I get are from people who have not watched the movie or read the book.

Dr. Reagan: Nine times out of ten when I get a letter about this that is critical you can tell from the letter they didn’t read it.

Carl Gallups: They haven’t read it.

Dr. Reagan: They got about half way through and stopped.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, if they would read it all the way through they would love the conclusion to which it comes and they would be clarified.

Dr. Reagan: Well I love the way you conclude the book when you get down, as an investigative reporter I mean you are trained to investigate, you are trained to evaluate evidence and I have to get to my marked up one here.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Can’t find anything without my marked up.

Carl Gallups: Well I might know it by heart if–

Dr. Reagan: Here it is unraveling the mystery.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: And you just go right down one, two, three, four, five and you’ve finally get: Why would Kaduri leave such a note if it would only serve to discredit him?

Carl Gallups: That’s right. Why would Kaduri leave a note saying, “Jesus is the Messiah?”

Dr. Reagan: He knows what the reaction is going to be.

Carl Gallups: He knew the reaction. Well, yeah, and so that’s it. One of the other complaints that I get is, “Well why would, why would he leave a note why didn’t he just immediately start telling people about Jesus.”

Nathan Jones: Yeah, if he was really saved he would be running into the streets saying, “Jesus is Lord.”

Carl Gallups: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: They never heard of Nicodemus did they?

Carl Gallups: That’s right, never heard of Paul, it took Paul 17 years before he went. I mean read Galatians chapter 1 and 2. He says it was three years before I went to Jerusalem to talk to them and he said after that it was 14 years later before I went back to the Church and said, “I need to start preaching to the Gentiles.”

Why? Well first of all he was persecuted unmercifully by his own people. Kaduri is 108, alright ask me why, if you had asked me why he left that note when I first started writing the book I would have scratched my head and said, “I don’t really know.” But after I wrote it and after I have watched what has unfolded I know why I think this is what the Holy Spirit has given me, I know because if this is real, if God really revealed Himself, if Jesus revealed Himself and I believe He did then how brilliant. Kaduri died just a few weeks after making this revelation well I don’t know that Kaduri could have known that but he said, “I’m putting it in a note to be opened one year.” So he created an interest. He created a desire for people, a fascination.

Well, it was opened. Now watch it was put on his website, why? Because the note didn’t say, “Jesus Christ is Lord.” If the note had said that when they opened it they would have burned it, spit on it and threw it away nobody would have ever known. But what it said it was in encrypted in kind of a Hebrew phrase that described messianic traits. But it because obvious after a few weeks that he had left a little decoding formula to take the first letter of the each of the six Hebrew words in the note, and he said, “There you’ll find the name of Messiah.” So it took them a few weeks.

So in the meantime, screen captures, you know major media reporting on it because they were so thrilled, our Rabbi has put a note, you know. But when they decoded it and it said Yeshua is Messiah that’s when they said, “What!! ” And they ripped it down because they knew, they knew this wasn’t a false Jesus, it wasn’t a fake Messiah, this is Jesus the Messiah of the New Testament, an anathema to the Jews. So they took it down.

How brilliant was it to put the note, because once that note was up there now it can’t be covered up. Now the whole world knows about it. Now we wrote the book and we’ve done the movie now the whole world knows about it and all of Israel knows about it and it cannot be stopped, it cannot be covered up. Jews are coming to Jesus in the streets of Jesus like never before since the time of Jesus Himself, as far as the impact of it. And I just think it’s prophetic and I think it was brilliant. I think the note idea was brilliant and waiting a year. I think it was brilliant and that’s just how God would do something brilliantly.

Nathan Jones: Amen.

Part 3

Dr. Reagan: Carl, thanks so much for being on our program.

Carl Gallups: Thank, you.

Dr. Reagan: Always a joy and blessing to have you. Well, folks that’s our program for this week, and I hope that it’s been a blessing to you. Until next week the Lord willing this is Dave Reagan speaking for myself and Nathan Jones saying, “Look up, be watchful for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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