Gallups on America’s Spiritual Crisis

Is America in a spiritual crisis? Find out with guest Carl Gallups on television’s “Christ in Prophecy.”

Last aired on February 16, 2014.

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Dr. Reagan: Carl Gallups is a Baptist pastor from Florida and also a best-selling author. Additionally, he has an internet radio program that he uses to provide biblical insights about national and international events. Stay tuned for an interview with Pastor Gallups about the spiritual condition of our nation.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My co-host Nathan Jones and I have as our special guest a dear friend and pastor from Florida named Carl Gallups. Carl has been on our program before for the purpose of discussing his best-selling book called, The Magic Man in the Sky. That book is the best defense of the existence of God that I have ever read. And Carl is also the author of a new book that is titled, The Rabbi Who Found Messiah. It is an absolutely fascinating story about a world famous Rabbi who claimed that Jesus revealed Himself to him as the Messiah. Now in this program we are going to interview Carl about the spiritual condition of our nation. Carl, welcome to Christ in Prophecy.

Carl Gallups: Brother Dave, thank you so much. It is my honor.

Nathan Jones: Good to have you on.

Carl Gallups: Nathan, God bless you.

Nathan Jones: Tell us a little bit about your radio program. I’m a subscriber to it and I know it covers the biblical perspective of national and international events. And how can people find it?

Carl Gallups: Yeah, thank you. Well we broadcast over 1330 WEBY. It is a 25,000 watt AM station on the Gulf Coast. The most powerful AM station between Tampa and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Nathan Jones: Ok.

Carl Gallups: And we broadcast by radio to portions of four states on the Gulf Coast. But we also of course are linked up to Internet streaming and we stream live over the internet plus you can pick us up on smartphones. Plus we podcast my program it is called, “Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups.” You can get to it, the easiest way to get to it is In the top right hand corner you’ll see the link, radio, listen live, podcast, click there and it takes you to the “Freedom Friday,” website.

Dr. Reagan: Do you archive the broadcast?

Carl Gallups: Yes, yes.

Dr. Reagan: So they can go back and look at past ones?

Carl Gallups: Yes, they can.

Dr. Reagan: And then how often do you do this broadcast?

Carl Gallups: It is once a week, and it is live. But that is how we have such a large international audience because they get up the next morning and listen.

Dr. Reagan: What day of the week is it on?

Carl Gallups: Fridays. Fridays from 4-6 PM Central Time, 5-7 Eastern Time.

Dr. Reagan: Ok, 4-6 Central. Ok.

Carl Gallups: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And can people call in or not?

Carl Gallups: Oh yeah, it’s a live call in show. Now I interview people. I interview all kinds of authors and political figures and religious figures. But also people call in we have lively discussions and debates and we have a good time.

Dr. Reagan: Now you have an unusual name for this program as I understand it, persimmons, what is it?

Carl Gallups: Ok, persimmons would be an unusual name. No it is called PPSIMMONS.

Dr. Reagan: PPSIMMONS.

Carl Gallups: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Now what does that mean?

Carl Gallups: Well it is a moniker, it is an acronym for Proclaiming the Precious Salvation of Jesus in Many Ways and Many Nations thus Obliterating our Nemesis Satan. P-P-S-I-M-M-O-N-S.

Nathan Jones: Took a while to come up with that one.

Dr. Reagan: Now that is a mouthful.

Carl Gallups: It is, it is but when this ministry was started, it has become a network now, it is now known as PPSIMMONS News and Ministry Network because we have a syndicated blog spot, we have a YouTube channel that has right now as we are doing this film 33 million viewers, 33,000 subscribers, and it has just been up four or five years.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Carl Gallups: And then we’ve got three or five Facebook properties that go with it. I can’t remember all of the different properties. And then the radio program is connected to it all. Plus we have a little internet television thing too, so it is TV, radio, everything.

Dr. Reagan: Wow, sounds like a media empire.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Carl Gallups: Well it is a little empire but it is growing and praise be unto the Lord.

Dr. Reagan: Well folks, I just highly recommend this program of his. If you want to find a Biblical viewpoint on what is going on in the world and in our nation regarding just about any topic whether it be abortion or same-sex marriage, homosexuality, national debt, there is a moral aspect to these things and a biblical aspect and you can find it on his radio program.

Carl Gallups: Yes, thank you.

Dr. Reagan: Carl, several months ago we were having a discussion and we were eating lunch together I believe and you made an interesting observation you said, “You know David, what you and I believe today, the Christian values that we hold, the Christian doctrines that we believe in were the center of Christianity 25-30 years ago. And today we are considered to be right-wing nuts on the periphery.”

Carl Gallups: Yes, yes.

Dr. Reagan: Has there been that much of a shift in Christianity?

Carl Gallups: I suppose so. I’m shocked every day that passes. I can’t think of, I mean I am continually running into what I call just foundational understanding of who we are as Christians as people of the Word with a biblical worldview that people kind of… I mean stand unashamedly that the Bible is the infallible authoritative Word of God for all of life, 20-30 years ago that was applauded. Now you are on the terrorist watch list.

Dr. Reagan: Yes. Well, give you another example who would have thought 20 years ago that you would find major Christian leaders today talking about many roads to God. And if you talk about there is only one road, you are intolerant, you are bigoted and so forth.

Carl Gallups: Yes, yes, now we must embrace the homosexual community, it is amazing Dave. You’re right that is why I said what I said. When you told me you were remembering something from a lunch time I was panicking. I said, “Oh my. What is he going to bring up?” But no you’re right I remember saying that because it is something that perplexes me every day. I don’t consider myself to be radical at all. I’ve consider myself to just be mainline, firm, a biblical worldview kind of guy.

Dr. Reagan: But it’s not mainline anymore.

Carl Gallups: But wow, and I find that I am preaching and teaching just plain biblical facts, biblical truth that is substantiated by a plethora of Scripture and you preach that and you proclaim that now and people put a target on you and call you all kinds of filthy names.

Dr. Reagan: Well the polls taken by the Barna Association and others clearly show that the average Christian today just simply doesn’t even know the fundamentals of the faith.

Carl Gallups: No, they don’t. They don’t know the Word in its context, now there is the key word, context.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Carl Gallups: A lot of people can take snippets, you know little passage here, a little verse here.

Dr. Reagan: You’ve got people who claim to be evangelicals who say, “Yeah, I believe Jesus sinned.”

Nathan Jones: I saw that poll 9% of the population believe in Evangelical Christianity as in the Bible is infallible, Jesus was virgin born, all the fundamentals of the faith, 9%.

Dr. Reagan: We are not just talking about people who claim to be Evangelicals, but Bible believing people, 9% of our population.

Carl Gallups: Unbelievable.

Dr. Reagan: It is no wonder there is so much apostasy in the church today because people don’t know the Word, they don’t know how to test anything by the Word.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, yeah. May I share a theory I have?

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Carl Gallups: I think a little over a 100 years ago in our culture we did something and it was done on purpose it came from the pits of Hell but it was also planned by those desiring to destroy the foundation of this nation. We began teaching generation after generation, after generation, that there is no God and we came from monkeys.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Carl Gallups: You see. And that it was all a happenstance, it was a cosmic accident. And you think about it guys in some 6-10 thousand years of human history the best that mankind has been able to come up with, if you leave God out of the picture the best they have been able to come up with and wrapped pseudo-science around it is we came from a common ancestor with the primate, that came from a rat, that came from a reptile, that came from fish, that came from nothing.

Nathan Jones: That came from nothing.

Carl Gallups: It goes from nothing to man, that is the best they have been able to come up with.

Dr. Reagan: And the interesting thing about that is that if you go back and look at the debates that were going on in the 20’s that lead up to the Scopes Trial and all you’ll find that the evolutionists were saying, “All we want is equal time. We just want to share our viewpoint along with yours.”

Carl Gallups: Yes, a fair hearing.

Dr. Reagan: Today it is our viewpoint, our viewpoint only, no other viewpoint.

Carl Gallups: That’s right and they had that planned all along. Evolution is a fact if you believe in Creation or Intelligent Design you are an idiot. That is what they had planned all along. And so we picked that snake up and we got bit by it.

Dr. Reagan: And the amazing thing about that too is that Evolution is just falling apart at the seams in terms of the arguments they present for it.

Carl Gallups: Continually.

Dr. Reagan: DNA has actually destroyed it.

Carl Gallups: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: I mean how can you explain DNA? It is a program of billions of characters, a program that is put into each cell.

Carl Gallups: It is an information system.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Carl Gallups: An information system.

Nathan Jones: A fern is more complex than a human being, and yet that is supposed to be primitive.

Dr. Reagan: Like an operational manual. Now did that just appear?

Carl Gallups: Yeah, information systems do not just appear. They do not. I mean there is nothing in our real world, ever, have we ever observed, or demonstrated or repeated or falsified an information system simply appearing. It just doesn’t happen.

Dr. Reagan: It is like buying a computer without a motherboard and just sitting there and waiting for it to.

Carl Gallups: Waiting for it to just come to life.

Nathan Jones: As a guy who used to program websites all the time, I know that I can’t put a website up without no programming behind it. There wouldn’t be anything there. There would be nothing.

Carl Gallups: Well if you would wait 4.5 billion years it will be.

Nathan Jones: It would eventually?

Dr. Reagan: It is the reason the world famous evolutionist like Richard Dawkins have now said, “Well, you know we have to shift our thinking.”

Carl Gallups: Sure.

Dr. Reagan: “And we think maybe life came here floating on crystals in space.”

Carl Gallups: Yes, yes. That’s not shifting your thinking that is called shifty thinking. But you know.

Nathan Jones: Science fiction.

Carl Gallups: But you know back to the political thing, so here is where I tie it in. So when you take generation after generation, after generation what you are doing is literally, and this an overused term but it is the truth you are dumbing them down, and you are destroying the foundation of our culture which is the Judeo-Christian biblical foundation. Now that is not to say our nation was ever a solid Christian nation, where only Christians could live here and only Christians could be.

Dr. Reagan: No, but it was based on Christian values.

Carl Gallups: It was. It was, our legal system, our school system, our society, our laws our structure our thinking was based on Judeo-Christian values, biblical values. So evolution destroys that underpinning. Now think about it, you say, “We are thinking about the little kids.” Yeah, but those little kids have grown up now, they are 50-60 years old they are running our nation.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Carl Gallups: They are our lawyers, they are our lawmakers, our Congressmen, they are our judges, and they are our Presidents and Vice Presidents. And so we wonder what is wrong with our country? Well we taught our country that there is no God and that there nearest common ancestor is an ape.

Dr. Reagan: And all of this kind of thinking has infiltrated the church and the pulpit.

Carl Gallups: Yes, yes, it has. Why? Because a lot of them grew up under that as well. And so they have constantly tried to figure out a way to mix them together.

Dr. Reagan: And so we have been marginalized.

Carl Gallups: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: It is just anybody who believes the fundamentals of the Word of God is a right-wing fanatic.

Carl Gallups: Absolutely. But think of this guys, you could not pull a baby out of a mother’s womb and kill it unless you thought there was no value to life.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Carl Gallups: You could not say that two men could be married and that be sanctified unless you thought there was no value to marriage, etcetera. And the only way you can get to those conclusions and others is by destroying the Judeo-Christian foundation, evolution has done that.

Part 2

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to our interview of Pastor Carl Gallups who is a pastor, author, and radio commentator. Now Carl big question, I need you to assess the Obama Administration spiritual impact on our nation.

Carl Gallups: Well I can begin it by doing it with one word, unprecedented.

Nathan Jones: That is the word that Obama uses all the time, right?

Carl Gallups: Well it is a word that I use to describe it. Now, please hear me, I want to be fair about this.

Nathan Jones: Yes, that is important.

Carl Gallups: I do not believe that he is the epitome of all the evil that has befallen our nation, I do not. I think though in our historical lifetime he has become the exclamation point on the end of the sentence. In other words for administrations prior to him there has been a downward slide, for decades. But it is like now we are at the point where the exclamation point is put. Unprecedented what do I mean by that? It is unprecedented that a US President and his Vice President would proclaim on national and thus worldwide television that a marriage between two men or two women is just as sanctified as a marriage between a man and a woman. That is unprecedented.

Dr. Reagan: That is like shaking your fist at God.

Carl Gallups: Oh, yes absolutely. Unprecedented that a US President would take a federal law like the Defense of Marriage Act and say, “I’m not going to obey that law. I determine that it is unconstitutional.” Unprecedented that a President and his Vice President would come out in such support of the radical homosexual rights agenda. I mean I just keep on going down the line, unprecedented debt that was purposely.

Nathan Jones: 17 trillion.

Dr. Reagan: That is a moral issue.

Carl Gallups: Yes, yes it is a moral issues, it is biblical issue. It is unprecedented that our US military has been forced not only to acknowledge the homosexual lifestyle, but to celebrate it.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yes and chaplains must perform the wedding ceremony.

Carl Gallups: Unprecedented, you see where I use the word now.

Nathan Jones: Never done before in other words.

Carl Gallups: Yes, just unprecedented in our history. And then when you consider that we are the #1 super power economically, and militarily then that makes the office of the presidency if not the most power position in the world, one of the top most powerful positions in the world. So now with internet and instantaneous cable television etcetera, it is unprecedented that this kind of a world leader would make these kind of statements that now don’t just impact our culture, impact the world, unprecedented.

Dr. Reagan: Well you know one of the things that comes to mind when you were talking about that is something that he has done ever since he came to office that I just consider an abomination. And that is every June he issues a proclamation and that proclamation honors and celebrates the LGBT community; lesbian, bi-sexual, gay, transgendered community. A President of the United States celebrating this and asking the nation to celebrate it? And every time he has done it and he has done it every June I have written him a letter or I have sent him an e-mail, of course I never get a response and express my amazement over it and why it is unbiblical and all. But this last time I decided to take a different approach I decided to become sarcastic. So I sent him a message and I said, “Mr. President, I can’t believe you issued this particular declaration because you claim to be a man who believes in fairness to everyone, discriminating against no one. And I want to know why you discriminated in this celebratory proclamation. If you are going to mention lesbians, gay, bi-sexual and transgender, then why in the world didn’t you include pedophiles, zoophiles, fornicators, adulterers, and prostitutes? Why are you discriminating against them?”

Carl Gallups: Yeah,

Dr. Reagan: I didn’t get an answer. I’ll probably get an IRS review.

Carl Gallups: Probably so. Probably yes, I was going to say probably have your taxes audited this year. You’ll get an answer. Well you know Brother Dave this issue is very important to me because you spoke of it from a biblical standpoint. The fact that homosexuality exists, has been around since the days of Genesis.

Dr. Reagan: Nothing new.

Carl Gallups: And this is my personal opinion based upon my years of research I stand room to be corrected. I don’t think that God so much brings His judgment on a culture simple because homosexuality exists, that is a person’s relationship with God and themselves and their sin nature. But where God’s judgment seems to fall if I’m understanding the Scriptures correctly is when a culture celebrates and legalizes and embraces the lifestyle as something that is normal, or declared part of our society. God’s judgments falls on that.

Dr. Reagan: And to me that is downright scary and I’ll tell you why. Romans 1 says, it describes a nation, a society in rebellion against God, and is says, that when a society begins to rebel against God, God will step back and lower the hedge of protection and the first thing that will happen will be a sexual revolution. That happened in the 60’s in this country. And then it says if the nation refuses to repent He steps back a second time, lowers the hedge of protection more and then a plague of homosexuality, women after women, men after men, it is just as clear as it can be.

Carl Gallups: The Scripture says it.

Dr. Reagan: And it says that if you refuse to repent He steps back a third time, lowers the hedge of protection again and that time He turns the society over to a depraved mind and the society destroys itself. That is where we are.

Carl Gallups: Yes, and you know before this whole where we are now with the legalization of homosexual marriage, etcetera. Before that I said on my radio program, I predicted that if this were to come about, because I was decrying back then the radical homosexual movement of acknowledge us, acknowledge us, celebrate us, you have to like what we’re doing. And I predicted back then, I said if this thing continues to go it will go to homosexual marriage but then that will be the impetus for pedophilia, and every other abomination.

Dr. Reagan: They are already talking about it.

Carl Gallups: And every other abomination, and it is now happening. I was called all kinds of names on the radio, by people, I’m a bigot, I can’t even think of the names.

Nathan Jones: There was a meeting recently a convention where they brought in pedophiles where they brought in doctors on sex to talk about it and tried to get it classified as normal.

Carl Gallups: Normalizing it.

Nathan Jones: They recently put a woman, this group pretended to be a little girl out in Asia and they got over 300,000 hits to this website asking this 10 year old girl, it was make believe, it was computer animated to take her clothes off. And most of the hits came from the United States. So pedophilia is alive and rampant in the United States right now.

Carl Gallups: Yes, and that is the natural, I think what you said the biblical natural downhill slide of giving over to a depraved mind.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah if you are going to use your fundamental argument in behalf of homosexuality, that I was born that way.

Carl Gallups: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: Well then a pedophile is born that way.

Carl Gallups: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: A murderer is born that way. I mean we all have a fallen sin nature. It manifests itself in different ways. But you don’t say, “Hey I’m going to celebrate it.”

Carl Gallups: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: No, you try to put it under control of the Holy Spirit.

Carl Gallups: That’s right. I may have as part of my sin nature a really hot temper, I may want to just deck everybody that accosts me. I might even want to kill somebody I get so mad. But I don’t do any of that, why? Because the Holy Spirit brings that under control. So people say, “Well I was born this way.” Ok, well but you need to bring it under control before it consumes you.

Nathan Jones: The movie, Gravity came out and in the one part the main character the female sitting in the shuttle she is going to die. And she knows she is going to die, she says, “No one taught me to pray.” She says that over and over again, “No one taught me to pray. No one taught me to pray.” And I think we are seeing the fruit of the fact that as we abandon God and society no one has taught anybody how to deal with morality. How to deal with life and death. How to deal with God. So getting back to the Obama Administration, they’re not the cause of the problems, they are a reflection of society.

Carl Gallups: They are.

Dr. Reagan: Absolutely.

Carl Gallups: They are a reflection. And in that administration are people who grew up in this culture that we were talking about earlier.

Dr. Reagan: Well I love the way you put it, it is the exclamation point at the end of the sentence. We have rebelled against God since the 60’s overwhelmingly and God is putting judgment after judgment upon this nation calling it to repentance. And the Bible teaches that one of the judgments God will put on a nation is He will give them kind of leaders they deserve.

Carl Gallups: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: We have Obama because we deserve Obama. And we need to be on our knees crying out to God.

Carl Gallups: Agreed.

Dr. Reagan: David Barton is one of the great teachers about the Christian heritage in America.

Carl Gallups: He is.

Dr. Reagan: And he put out a document recently on America’s most biblically hostile US President which he said was Barack Obama. Here are acts of hostility toward the biblical faith: in April of 2008 Obama spoke disrespectfully of Christians, caught saying, “They are the kind of people who cling to guns and religion and have an antipathy toward people who don’t like them.” In April of 2009 speaking at Georgetown University ordered the monogram symbolizing Jesus name to be removed before he would speak.

Carl Gallups: I remember that.

Dr. Reagan: In May of 2009 he declined to host services for the National Prayer Day. In April of 2009 in a deliberate act of disrespect Obama nominated 3 abortion ambassadors in a row to the Vatican, the Vatican rejected all three. And he was doing that just to throw it in their face. In October 2010 Obama began deliberately omitting the phrase Creator when he quoted the Declaration of Independence. He still does that today.

Carl Gallups: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: He drops the word Creator when he quotes the Declaration of Independence.

Carl Gallups: Right.

Dr. Reagan: It says in November of 2010 Obama misquoted the national motto, in fact he has done that several times. He says the national motto is “E Pluribus Unum,” rather than “In God we Trust.” He will not admit that is the national motto. January of 2011 after a federal law was passed to transform a WWI memorial in the Mojave Desert to private ownership the US Supreme Court ruled that the cross in the memorial could continue to stand, but the Obama Administration refused to allow the land to be transferred as required by law. February 2011 he filled posts in the State Department but for more than two years he refused to appoint a religious freedom ambassador and he did so only because Christians came down on him. And the list continues on and on.

Carl Gallups: It does.

Dr. Reagan: And then he has acts of hostility regarding the military, acts of hostility toward biblical values, acts of preferentialism for Islam.

Carl Gallups: And almost every one of these you are reading they are, may I say it again unprecedented in our history.

Dr. Reagan: Absolutely.

Carl Gallups: That’s why I use that word.

Dr. Reagan: And when he went to Egypt and got up there and talked about the great Muslim heritage of the United States and of the founding fathers and all, I thought, “Who in the world is he talking about?” And he pointed to, “Well you know Thomas Jefferson had a Koran.” Yeah he had a Koran because our ships were being raided by Muslims pirates and he wanted to find out, what is the thinking of these people?

Carl Gallups: The Barbary pirates. That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: So he gets a Koran to read it and suddenly–

Carl Gallups: To study their culture.

Dr. Reagan: –you know an advocate of Islam.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, in fact he used what he learned to bring an end to the piracy, and to wage war against that culture.

Dr. Reagan: It is just unbelievable how fast our nation has moved in the wrong direction. It is an exponential curve of deterioration in our values.

Carl Gallups: Yes, it is. That is why I said the exclamation point seems to be at the end of the sentence.

Dr. Reagan: It sure is. Well I have written about that in a booklet, a 40 page booklet called, “The Prophetic Manifesto,” in which I talk about the terrible condition of our nation, the terrible condition of our church. And that the terrible condition of the church is one of the reasons for the terrible condition of our nation. And that is something that we want to make available to anyone who wants a copy and we’ll tell them how they can get it at the end of this program.

Carl Gallups: And I highly recommend it, I’ve read it and it is powerful.

Dr. Reagan: Thank you very much. Well Carl do you have any final words?

Carl Gallups: About this particular topic.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, sure.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, I find myself praying the prayer of Abraham a lot over Sodom and Gomorrah, “Lord, God, if there is 50 of us left would you bring a blessing, would you spare us? If there is 40? If there is 30?” I don’t know where we are in that prayer but I just tell Christians, “Stay engaged and stay on your knees.”

Dr. Reagan: Amen and we are to be the salt and light.

Carl Gallups: That’s it.

Dr. Reagan: And if we are not salt and light standing up speaking out, nobody will.

Carl Gallups: That’s it.

Part 3

Nathan Jones: Welcome become back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with Carl Gallups the author of this new book, The Rabbi Who Found Messiah. Carl can you tell just quickly a little bit about this book please.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, thank you so much. It is the amazing story of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, 108 years old when he died in 2006. Prior to his death though he said he would leave a note that would be opened 1 year later in which he would reveal the name of the real Messiah. He claimed that he had had a vision of who the Messiah was, and knew the name of the Messiah. He also claimed that Ariel Sharon the Prime Minister then had to pass away before Messiah would come. Within a few weeks of him making that proclamation Ariel Sharon went into a coma. And then a few weeks later Rabbi Kaduri died. One year later the note was opened, posted on his website and the result of the note once the cryptic message was interpreted threw the Orthodox Jewish world into a frenzy and rocked the entire religious world actually. And the media buried the story, it was so astounding, it was so amazing, it was so sensational, they buried it, they covered it up if you will. So this book and there has been a documentary movie made about the book by the same title, The Rabbi Who Found Messiah the book and the movie resurrects the story, brings it all back into light. Heavily documented, heavily resourced and I am excited about what God is doing.

Nathan Jones: And they’ll have to read the book to understand what was on the message.

Carl Gallups: I suppose unless you want me to give it away.

Dr. Reagan: No, that’s ok.

Nathan Jones: No, that’s giving away the ending.

Dr. Reagan: Folks let me just say that the book is fantastic and I highly recommend it to you. And we will tell you at the end of this program how you can get a copy of it. And also we will tell you how you can get a copy of this video right here called, “The Existence of God,” and this contains a 50 minute interview with Carl concerning the existence of God and the fallacy of evolution. It is a powerful, powerful program. All of this is based upon his best-selling book called–

Carl Gallups: The Magic Man in the Sky.

Dr. Reagan: The Magic Man in the Sky I went blank there for a moment. The Magic Man in the Sky which is the term that atheist use for God.

Carl Gallups: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: So we’ll tell you how to get a copy of that at the end of the program. Well Carl I want to thank you for being with us, you are always a blessing. Always exciting to have you.

Carl Gallups: Thank you.

Dr. Reagan: And folks as we bring this program to a close I just want to say that in behalf of Nathan and myself, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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