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Have you heard the amazing story about the rabbi who revealed who the Messiah is? Hear the story with guest Carl Gallups on television’s “Christ in Prophecy.”

Last aired on February 9, 2014.

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Dr. Reagan: Have you heard the amazing story about the world renowned rabbi who left a sealed message to be opened a year after his death? He said the Messiah had appeared to him and that the message would contain the Messiah’s identity. And when the message was opened, it shocked the Orthodox Jewish world- so much so in fact, that they have tried to keep in quiet ever since. Our guest today is the author of a book about the rabbi and he will reveal the rabbi’s message to you. Stay tuned.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My co-host, Nathan Jones, and I have as our special guest a dear friend and pastor from Florida named Carl Gallups. Carl has been on our program before for the purpose of discussing his best-selling book called, The Magic Man in the Sky. That book is the best defense of the existence of God that I have ever read. And now, Carl has a new book out called, The Rabbi who Found Messiah and it is an absolutely fascinating story, and Carl tells the story in the manner of an investigative reporter. Carl, welcome back to Christ in Prophecy.

Carl Gallups: Thank you Dave, it is my great honor to be here.

Dr. Reagan: Amen.

Nathan Jones: It’s great to have you here.

Carl Gallups: Nathan, God bless you.

Nathan Jones: You too man.

Carl Gallups: Look forward to it.

Nathan Jones: Hey, I really enjoyed your first book, The Magic Man in the Sky, and I equally enjoyed, The Rabbi Who Found Messiah, about Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri. Now can you tell us a little why is he important? Why should anyone read this book? Tell us a little bit about him.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, well this is amazing story and he is amazing man. When he died in 2006 he was 108 years old. By best estimation. Some estimates have him at 116, so between 108 and 116 years of age, in other words they don’t know exactly the year of his birth, but it was in the late 1800’s. So his life spanned a part of the 1800’s, all of the 1900’s and a good chunk of the early 2000’s, an amazing figure. Born and raised in what is now modern day Iraq, but migrated as a young man with his young family to the area which was then called Palestine. So he was in the land of Israel before it was Israel.

Nathan Jones: Oh, ok.

Dr. Reagan: Wasn’t he a child prodigy?

Carl Gallups: He was a child prodigy. As a matter of fact you know he was steeped of course in Orthodox Judaism. Also steeped in the practice of Kabbalah.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Carl Gallups: Which is the mystical aspect, the mystical interpretation of Scriptures looking for hidden mysteries, etcetera. And he sat under the teaching and tutelage of some of the most famous.

Dr. Reagan: And some of them, actually or one of them actually prayed over him that he would be meet the Messiah or something like that.

Carl Gallups: Yes, but when he was between 13 or 16 years of age he had a prophecy pronounced over him in Iraq that he would live to see the Messiah.

Dr. Reagan: Ok, yes.

Carl Gallups: So of course that was a big part of his life. Well when he came to Israel then he lived through World War I, and World War II and then of course the resurgence, or the comeback of the nation of Israel, the birth of the nation of Israel. Lived through all of the wars of Israel, and saw world figures and world leaders come and go, all the major Israeli figures and leaders come and go.

Dr. Reagan: Somewhere during that time didn’t he become the leader of the Kabbalah movement?

Carl Gallups: He did, as he aged and as some of the previous leaders kind of died off, and his reputation.

Nathan Jones: Survivor right? He out lived, and outlast.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, he outlived them all.

Dr. Reagan: So, we are talking about a world renowned Rabbi here?

Carl Gallups: As a matter of fact when he died, there were plane loads of people coming in from France, and Spain and all over Europe for his funeral. There were over 300,000 people at his funeral, Dave and Nathan. They had to close the streets of Jerusalem down for almost two days, this is the impact this man had. Major media around the world covered, not only his death, but a lot of his prophecies, I’m sure we will talk about later prior to his death were carried especially in the Israeli news and Hebrew news, but even in news media around the world.

Dr. Reagan: So why write a book about this man?

Carl Gallups: Well because the amazing thing about this man is even though he was a Hebrew of Hebrews and the most venerated Rabbi in modern Israel’s history the amazing story and it is still unfolding today because of some of the connection to this story. In October of 2005 in his Yom Kippur service in his synagogue he also ran a Yeshiva, Yeshiva is a Hebrew word it would roughly be–

Dr. Reagan: A seminary.

Carl Gallups: A seminary, yeah, a training school for Rabbi’s. But in 2005 in October in his synagogue service he told his people that, actually he reiterated because he had told the folks before, some years before and the media covered it that he had had a vision, he had seen the Messiah in a vision and he knew who the Messiah was, knew his name. Now that you know was astounding and exciting to people to the Jews. And then he said, “However two things, first of all I’ve written his name in a note, and I have sealed it and I don’t want the note opened until one year after I am dead.” Now he was 108 when he said that. I guess he figured that could happen any day, bless his heart, but he was in good health. But then he said the second part of this is that before Messiah comes Ariel Sharon has to die, Ariel Sharon must die.

Nathan Jones: Former Prime Minister.

Carl Gallups: Well he was the Prime Minister at the time that he made that pronouncement.

Dr. Reagan: Yes. And it was just a few months later, wasn’t it?

Carl Gallups: Just a few weeks later, so a few months, seven or eight weeks later, well January the 6th Ariel Sharon had a stroke and went into a coma.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Carl Gallups: He is still in that coma today, guys, as we are filming this today, he’s still, seven years he has been in that coma.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Nathan Jones: Wow.

Carl Gallups: So he lapses into a coma but just a few weeks later, in the same month, January I think it is the 26th or 28th of that same year, that same month, Rabbi Kaduri died. So you’ve got in October he makes the pronouncement, “I know the Messiah. I’ve seen the Messiah, I know His name it is in a note.” And before Messiah comes Sharon must die. A few weeks later, less than two months Sharon is in a coma, they thought he was going to die, but he didn’t and he is still alive in a coma. And Kaduri dies just a few weeks later. And the world waited. Now what was interesting is just a few weeks prior to his pronouncement there had been a Kabbalistic ritual pronounced over Sharon and this had been done before by some practicing Kabbalist’s called the Pulsa DiNura it is a death curse.

Dr. Reagan: Yes. He surrendered Gaza.

Carl Gallups: Because Sharon had just been involved in the land for peace deal, surrendered Gaza.

Nathan Jones: There is a lot of animism in Kabbalah then?

Carl Gallups: Yeah. But now I don’t have any I didn’t uncover any facts that Kaduri had participated in the Pulsa DiNura.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Carl Gallups: It is just that had happened and then Kaduri says he has to die. And then he says, “But after he dies, then the Messiah can come. But I know who the Messiah is and I left it in a note.” So when Kaduri died the Orthodox Jewish world waited with bated breath for the year to pass.

Dr. Reagan: For one year to see who is the Messiah.

Carl Gallups: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: Well before we talk about that how about telling us how you got involved in writing this particular book? I mean why you of all people in the world?

Carl Gallups: Thank you. Well, I believe of course, as I do with so much of my life that the Lord’s hand is in this and that ultimately of course as you would believe that God has anointed this work. But humanly, practically, logistically speaking the way it came about of course as you so graciously mentioned I wrote the book, The Magic Man in the Sky. And WND Books was my publishers and it was such a great success and God still uses it. Praise the Lord. But in the mean time I was doing some other writing and I am still writing some other materials and books. But I got a call from Joseph Farah the President of WND Books and he felt like the Lord had really put on his heart that this story had to be told.

Dr. Reagan: Because the Jews were actually trying to cover up weren’t they?

Carl Gallups: That’s right the story was nixed it was covered up, it was buried once the revelation all came out, we’ll talk about that later. But, yes, and so he said, “This story has to be told,” he said, “No one has written a book on it, there is no documentary movie on this. There is nothing except for the little tidbits of pieces here and there.”

Dr. Reagan: But you had put together a little video hadn’t you?

Carl Gallups: And I had and that is what the Lord used.

Dr. Reagan: It went viral in the internet didn’t it?

Carl Gallups: It did. I made a video in 2008 I think about this story, a little documentary video put it on the PPSIMMONS News and Ministry Network site. It went viral, millions of hits between my video and that video being pulled down and put all over the internet. And Mr. Farah told me he said, “When I was researching this,” he said, “I kept on seeing your video showing up everywhere, and your name. I realized this guy writes for us.”

Dr. Reagan: He’s one of our authors.

Carl Gallups: “I know he is one of our authors.” And so he called me up and said, “Would you be interested in taking this project on? And if you would if you do it correctly I would like to make it into a documentary movie.” And I said, “I would love to do that.”

Dr. Reagan: And he asked you very specifically to take a particular approach to it.

Carl Gallups: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: As an investigative journalist rather than as a biased Baptist Pastor writing.

Carl Gallups: Yes, that’s right.

Dr. Reagan: Because he wanted this to be something that people would see was very balanced, isn’t that correct? Tell us about it.

Carl Gallups: That’s absolutely correct. And that is my heart too, because we didn’t want this to be preachy. We didn’t want it to sound like a Baptist book about a Jewish Rabbi and it doesn’t and it’s not and I didn’t approach it that way. I approached it using the gifts that God has given me and my writing skills.

Dr. Reagan: And as a former investigative police office.

Carl Gallups: That’s right. I was in law enforcement for 10 years and did quite a bit of investigations so I can see where God has used all of that in this. Plus I have been an investigator of the Scriptures for 30 years as a Pastor, preacher, and prophecy conference teacher.

Dr. Reagan: Well I want to say you succeeded because when you start reading this book you get the feeling of where is this going? I mean is this guy–

Nathan Jones: Is he endorsing Kabbalah?

Carl Gallups: Yeah.

Nathan Jones: You are like wait a minute?

Dr. Reagan: What is going on here? Because you are very objective in the way you present this material.

Carl Gallups: Thank you, I tried to be. First of all I had no desire to harm the legacy and memory of Rabbi Kaduri among his people, or among anybody because he was a great man and he ministered to his people. Secondly we just want the story told because the media covered up, people in Israel covered it up, and I can’t stand that, you have to tell it. And this is a huge story. So I did I approached it as a journalist, it is heavily referenced, heavily documented and resourced. It has little fictional narratives intertwined to make it interesting and it flows along and then it comes to some dramatic revelations at the conclusion.

Dr. Reagan: One other quick question, how did it ever become public in the first place since the Orthodox Jews have tried so hard to cover it up?

Carl Gallups: Two Israeli news sources initially reported on it, “News First Class,” which is now called, “News One,” and it is total Hebrew language reporting. And then “Israel Today,” which is published in 50 languages of the world I think.

Dr. Reagan: And that is a Messianic Jewish publication.

Carl Gallups: It is a Messianic Jewish publication located in Israel it has been there for decades.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Carl Gallups: But they also are very journalistic in my opinion.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, I read the article when it came out.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, I think they are very balanced again in my opinion; they look at it from all sides. And so these guys reported it because when he died the note was put on his website, it was put on Kaduri’s website. So they reported it. And people took screen shots of it and downloaded it so there is no denying that the note was on Kaduri’s own website; And “Israel Today,” ran a lengthy, lengthy, article on it and story on it, very balanced interviewing the people who were the nay sayers, people who didn’t like the note or who were trying to say the note was a fraud or those kind of things.

Dr. Reagan: I can hardly wait to hear what is in the note.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: So I’ll tell you what let’s take a break for just a moment. We’ll come back and find out what was in this note.

Part 2

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to our interview of Pastor Carl Gallups concerning the new book, The Rabbi Who Found Messiah. Now Dave left us hanging, you’ve got to tell us, tell our folks what is in that note. What did Rabbi Kaduri leave behind?

Carl Gallups: Ok, well Nathan, Dave thanks for having me it’s just.

Dr. Reagan: In fact we are showing the note right now on the screen.

Carl Gallups: Ok, alright well the note showing on the screen they are watching it in Hebrew. The note was posted reportedly “Israel Today,” reported that it was posted on and this was supposedly was confirmed by many people. And the note if you translate it from Hebrew to English and I am going to paraphrase it a little bit I don’t have it right in front of me but it says something like this, it says, “Concerning the letter abbreviation of his name,” And remember that was the promise of the note that it would reveal the name of the Messiah.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Carl Gallups: “Concerning the letter abbreviation of his name, he shall lift his people and prove that the word and the law are true.”

Dr. Reagan: Sounds very Jewish.

Carl Gallups: It sounds very Hebrew.

Dr. Reagan: Very Old Testament.

Carl Gallups: Very Old Testament, very Jewish, you know a little cryptic but ok, the Messiah, he will lift his people and he will prove that the Word and the law is true. But I don’t know how long it was on his site. My theory and I have no way of proving this but my theory is that his followers whoever had access, his webmaster, put it on the site because he promised after a year, so a year passed, they got the note here it was it had been sealed away they put it on the site, a little story about it. But I think that somebody very quickly realized, “Wait a minute, this guy was a Kabbalist this was a cryptic note.”

Dr. Reagan: Always.

Carl Gallups: The first part of that sentence says, “Concerning the letter abbreviation of his name.” Now that is a very Hebrew thing. I tell people all the time Psalm 119 is written as an acronym.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Carl Gallups: Where each paragraph starts with the first and then the seceding letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Dr. Reagan: Right.

Carl Gallups: The letter abbreviation if you will of that whole psalm. So the Hebrew mind would immediately see that as a clue, as a key; concerning the letter abbreviation of his name.

Nathan Jones: Oh, you are driving us nuts come on get to the name.

Carl Gallups: I’m going to. And then the last words, “he shall lift his people and prove his law is true.” If you’ll take the first letter of each of those Hebrew words, there are six Hebrew words that make up that sentence it spells, Yehoshua also known in Hebrew as Yeshua or some people pronounce it Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua, Yehoshua all the same thing translated to English as Jesus.

Dr. Reagan: And they put that on their website?

Carl Gallups: It was on the website.

Dr. Reagan: They must not have realized when they first put it on there.

Carl Gallups: I don’t think they did, that is my best guess.

Dr. Reagan: And then they got the message, pulled it off and have tried to cover it up ever since.

Carl Gallups: Ever since.

Dr. Reagan: What was the reaction of the Orthodox Jewish world?

Carl Gallups: Back then?

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Carl Gallups: Shock. “Israel Today,” and I’ve got this, again my book is very heavily resourced but I’ve got these quote in my book. They said that some of the Jews were saying things like, “Oh, so our Rabbi,” now you have to remember this guy was like the Billy Graham of the Jews if you will.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, it would be like Billy Graham saying that the Messiah is going to be the Mahdi.

Carl Gallups: That’s right, it would be just like that. In fact I say something like that in my book. I mean that is huge. So they were saying, “Oh, so we guess Rabbi Kaduri is a Christian now.” You know it just floored them. And then they said, “Well I guess the Christians will be dancing in the streets.”

Dr. Reagan: And then they claimed that it was a forgery didn’t they?

Carl Gallups: Then they started drifting over into, “Well you know this is not even Kaduri’s handwriting, this is a forgery.” “This is a fraud.” “It’s a fake.” “It’s a trick, somebody has pulled a trick.”

Dr. Reagan: Or he was demented.

Carl Gallups: Or he had dementia.

Dr. Reagan: Which everybody knew was not true.

Carl Gallups: No, no he didn’t. Right up to the last eyewitnesses, his family, the newspaper reports that attended his death they all said, “Oh, he was sharp to the end and talking to his family.” So dementia wasn’t the deal. You know listen as an investigative reporter and journalist there is a possibility that the note is a fake, there is the possibility. The preponderates of the evidence though is that it’s not a fake.

Dr. Reagan: I would say that was 1 in a 100,000,000 come on.

Carl Gallups: Well you know that is kind of where I’m going with it because he said he had a note. People heard him say that he had a note, he had given all kinds of prophecies about the Messiah and he said that he had a vision of the Messiah as far back as 2003 he said, “I’ve had this vision.”

Dr. Reagan: And surely he understood what this would do his heritage.

Carl Gallups: Surely he would but I think that is why he said, “Wait a year.” But the bottom line is the claim that the note is a fake, my response to that has been and I’ve not had a satisfactory answer to it yet. My response has been, “Ok, then where’s the real note? Just show us the real note.”

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Carl Gallups: That’s it I mean because he had a note, it was sealed away, show us the real note and let’s see what it says. But that’s never to my knowledge has ever come up.

Dr. Reagan: As I said to you as we were discussing this that reminds me of the arguments about the resurrection, they said, “Well the body was stolen, or whatever.” Ok, then just produce the real body.

Carl Gallups: Yes, produce the real body, that’s right. Produce a body and 2,000 years later they haven’t found His body.

Dr. Reagan: Where is the note brother? Show us.

Carl Gallups: Where’s the note? Is what I would say. And the next question I would have is, how in the world can someone have access, that kind of access to Kaduri’s website? It would have to be a webmaster or two or three trusted people. I know I have websites, nobody has access to those, one or two people so there is accountability. And the second thing is even if somebody did have, who in your organization would dare? Again that would be like me working for Billy Graham and putting a note on his website that says, “Billy Graham says the Messiah is Mahdi of the Islamic faith.” No one would do that. Nobody would even think of doing that. No Hebrew, no Orthodox Jew would even think of doing that.

Nathan Jones: And it is so sad to see the reaction from the Jewish community is the same reaction they had to Jesus in the Old Testament, an outright denial of what was right in front of them.

Carl Gallups: It is, it is and that’s the reason for writing this book was to resurrect the story, pun intended, resurrect the story.

Dr. Reagan: What do you say to some Christian critics who say, “Well why in the world would God appear to a person like Kaduri who is involved in the Kabbalah and all this? I mean why would God do that? He would never do that.”

Carl Gallups: Yes. No He would never appear to somebody like the Apostle Paul, I mean, Rabbi Kaduri. He would never appear to somebody like Simon or a Pharisee or a Priest in the Temple like the book of Acts says.

Dr. Reagan: Paul had the blood of martyrs on his hands.

Carl Gallups: Oh, Paul was on his way to imprison and or kill Christians.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Carl Gallups: So would God do this? Absolutely. Has God revealed Himself to some of the most unlikely people? Yes, of course.

Dr. Reagan: There are reports all over the world today of God appearing in visions and dreams to Muslims for example. They say that is the reason they came to the Lord.

Carl Gallups: Yes, I’ve seen those reports.

Dr. Reagan: Yet we have people say, “Well, no God can only speak through His Word it is the only way He can speak. And He doesn’t do those things because that is Bible things, He doesn’t do those things today.”

Carl Gallups: I am just terrified enough of the Lord not to put Him into a box like that. I mean I stay within the confines of His Word. But within in the confines of His Word we discover that God can speak in a burning bush. He can speak from a mountain top.

Dr. Reagan: From a donkey.

Carl Gallups: From a donkey. He can speak from the sky in a vision and say, “I am the Christ.”

Dr. Reagan: In the Old Testament it says that God never changes, and the New Testament says Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Carl Gallups: That’s it, that’s it. And as long as the message that somebody claims they receive lines up with His Word.

Dr. Reagan: That’s it test it with the Word.

Carl Gallups: We need to look at it. Now what did Kaduri’s message say the real Messiah is? Jesus. That pretty much lines up with the Word.

Dr. Reagan: Well yeah.

Carl Gallups: That pretty much lines up with the Word, so I’m going to take a look at it and that’s what we’ve done in this book.

Nathan Jones: Why would Kaduri being so vehemently against Jesus Christ do this? Obviously his son who took his place right, his career is pretty much trashed. The Jewish community he knew would have a reaction against him. I mean the fall-out for Kaduri personally doing this, does that mean he truly believed that Jesus was the Messiah?

Carl Gallups: Well here’s the exciting thing Nathan, an excellent question, first of all Rabbi Kaduri’s son David was 80 something years old when his dad died. So yes he wanted to carry on the ministry and the legacy and his dad was super-duper famous. So he wanted to carry that on, and I understand that, I’m not condemning the man for that. But I think that’s why their reaction has been so vehemently opposed. Once it was revealed, once it was understood what the note said this could have collapsed the whole ministry of their family in Orthodox Judaism. But here is the interesting thing that you asked, Rabbi Kaduri himself, we have people on film in the movie and I have them quoted in my book, we’ve got people on film from his Yeshiva, students of his, now we are talking about older gentlemen, these are not just little 20 year old, these are older gentlemen who can’t even speak English, they were born and raised in Israel, speak nothing but Hebrew in his Yeshiva studying to be Rabbis. They are on film testifying that Kaduri for years before he died spoke of Messiah and said that Messiah was Yehoshua in his Yeshiva. Now this is what they are saying. Now if they are lying, then they are but you have to trust that these guys that were willing to go on camera that are students of his and had been students of his for years.

Dr. Reagan: Well we have about two minutes left in this segment and I want you to use that two minutes to tell us about something that you just mentioned and that is the movie. We have talked about the book, but tell us about the movie.

Carl Gallups: Yes, well the book was made into a documentary movie by award winning film producer George Escobar.

Dr. Reagan: Fantastic movie.

Carl Gallups: Yeah, I thought he did an amazing job. He made me look really good.

Dr. Reagan: And one of the things that I love in there is where they show Kaduri’s son denying all of this, denying everything.

Carl Gallups: Denying it in video, in the video.

Dr. Reagan: Then you cut to these students who sat under him saying, “Oh, no he taught all this.”

Carl Gallups: Yeah they’ve got Kaduri’s son on video saying, “My father never even spoke about the Messiah.”

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Carl Gallups: When the Israeli newspapers had been running articles about what his father said. And then you’ve got students from his own Yeshiva saying, “Oh, he talked about him all the time and said his name was Yehoshua.”

Dr. Reagan: How long does the film run?

Carl Gallups: It’s an hour, 55 minutes I think.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, about an hour.

Carl Gallups: It’s amazing. Not me. The movie is amazing. My jaw was on the ground when I watched it.

Dr. Reagan: Well I read the book, then I saw the film and I was just blown away by the film.

Carl Gallups: Well I wrote the book and then I saw the film, and I was amazed, they did an amazing job. Well you know George Escobar and WND Films they produced the #1 faith movie in America right now, I mean they are amazing and they did a wonderful job. So I tell people read the book it is really good, lots of information in it, but you’ve got to see the movie too.

Dr. Reagan: So what is your personal conclusion forgery? Dementia? Valid vision? What?

Carl Gallups: Well of course I have no idea of knowing with 100% accuracy. But based upon all the investigation I did, I wrote the book, I’m in the movie. My best guess with the evidence I have before me now if I was a cop gonna take a case to court, my best guess at this point would be that the note was for real. It was original it was posted on the website before they really understood how to encrypt it. Once it was and Yehoshua came up, they had to have known that he taught this in the seminary but I think they were just terrified by the international implications of it now. I think they pulled it down and started to deny it and wanted to cover it up. I think the note was real.

Dr. Reagan: And they’re not going to be very happy with you.

Carl Gallups: They are not very happy with me. And the sad part of that is I am such a supporter of Israel, such a supporter of the Jewish people. And we’ve done no harm to Rabbi Kaduri’s legacy. I treat the family and Rabbi Kaduri with the utmost of respect and integrity.

Part 3

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with Pastor Carl Gallups the author of this new book called, The Rabbi Who Found Messiah. Now Carl could you tell our audience what your website is and your radio program.

Carl Gallups: Yes, thank you.

Nathan Jones: Thank you.

Carl Gallups: Yes, you can find out everything about me, my ministry, and my radio program at Carl Gallups, I am also the founder of the PPSIMMONS News and Ministry Network and attached to that is a syndicate, a blog, and Facebook, and YouTube, and the radio program is called, “Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups.” Now that airs over 1330 WEBY along the Gulf Coast, the most powerful AM station on the Gulf Coast, but we stream live over the Internet and we stream live over your smartphones. So at you can find all of that; links to all the YouTube, all the videos, 1,000’s of videos we have up, literally. You can find links to that, to the radio program, to podcasts, to my books, everything, my church that I pastor and my ministry materials at

Dr. Reagan: Carl very quickly there may be somebody watching who doesn’t know Jesus of Nazareth. Should they sit back and wait for a vision of God to tell them about Jesus?

Carl Gallups: Well having a vision of God is an amazing and wonderful thing, but no, there is no need to wait for that because He has revealed Himself perfectly in the person of His Son Jesus Christ. In this Word we have that vision that is given to us. And let me just say Romans 10:9 I think it says it succinctly and perfectly, “If you would confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, then you shall be saved.” And you break that down, confessing with your mouth He is Lord, He is Lord, not you, not the world, not something you’ve earned.

Dr. Reagan: Not something you’ve earned.

Carl Gallups: Jesus is Lord. And believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead. Why? Because then you know He is the Lord of life, through Jesus Christ you shall have eternal life.

Dr. Reagan: Well Carl we really appreciate you being on here this week. In fact we appreciate it so much we are going to ask you to come back next week.

Carl Gallups: I would be honored.

Dr. Reagan: And share with us again, ok.

Carl Gallups: I would be honored, thank you.

Dr. Reagan: Well folks that is our program for this week. I hope it’s been a blessing to you and I hope you will be back with us next week. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Nathan Jones and myself saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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