God’s Prophetic Voices: Jonathan Cahn

How has America turned its back on God and what will be the repercussions? Find out with guest Jonathan Cahn on television’s “Christ in Prophecy”!

Air Date: August 29, 2021

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Tim Moore: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our soon-returning King! And welcome to this episode of Christ in Prophecy. The final Prophetic Voice to America featured in Dr. David Reagan’s book exploded on the national scene in 2011, following the publication of his blockbuster novel, “The Harbinger.” Even as a best-selling author, Jonathan Cahn continues to serve as the lead pastor, or Rabbi, of Beth Israel, the largest Messianic congregation in the United States.

I was blessed to connect with him at the Jerusalem Center, Beth Israel’s headquarters in Wayne New Jersey.

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Part 1: Interview with Jonathan Cahn at The Jerusalem Center, Wayne, New Jersey

Tim Moore: Jonathan, I’ve been so looking forward to being with you here. And I’m grateful for you hosting us here at Beth Israel.

Jonathan Cahn: It’s great to have you. I’m usually in Texas with you. Great to have you here in New Jersey.

Tim Moore: Well, we hoped to have you in Texas, but I am glad it worked out for me to come to New Jersey today. So, just to jump right in, some folks may not realize that you grew up in a Messianic, or excuse me, in a Reformed Jewish household, not Messianic.

Jonathan Cahn: I wish.

Tim Moore: But you drifted toward Atheism at a young age. Thankfully one of your classmates in the 7th grade challenged you to consider Jesus as the Messiah. And that initiated a journey that led to you, at age 20 to embrace Jesus as both Lord and Savior. Tell us about that.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, I don’t know if I would say drift, it was kind of dramatic. I was in Hebrew school and one day I said to some of the Jewish people we discovered one God, I said, “Well, how do we know there is one God? Maybe there is three? Maybe there are?” I had no idea, and I never saw the rabbi saying, “Hey God moved in my life today.” It just wasn’t there. So, I saw the disconnect between what I saw in the Bible, God moving and in the Temple, the synagogue it was kind of something like it happened. So, I began an Atheist.

When I was about 12 I said, “Atheism doesn’t work. There’s got to be a reason. There’s got to be something.” So, I started seeking, reading every book on everything from UFOs to Nostradamus, to all these things. And one day I picked up a book called, The Late Great Planet Earth, by Hal Lindsey, which is all about the biblical prophecy being fulfilled today. And that just blew me away, I had no idea. I start telling my friends.

And anyway, long story short, I said, “I don’t want to accept you God because I don’t want to join a monastery. My life is over if I follow you.” So, I made a deal, give me a long life, and I’ll accept you at the end of my life when I’m on my death bed. So, what happened was when I was 19 I got hit by a locomotive train. I said, “Okay, Lord,” and then I made a deal, “I’ll accept you when I turn 20. So just don’t kill until then.” I went up a mountain on my 20th birthday, and on top of it I kneeled down and received the Lord.

Tim Moore: So, today as you look back and recount that journey to faith, and you consider yourself a Messianic believer. For those Gentile Christians who don’t understand what that means would you still consider yourself Jewish or Christian?

Jonathan Cahn: Both. Well, what would Paul consider himself? I am a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin. You know Jewish and a believer in Messiah, or Messianic, and Christian is the same word really. Messianic. You know Christian means the follower of the Christ; Christ is a translation of Messiah. So, Messianic means the same thing. So, both. And there is nothing more natural or fulfilling then being Jewish and following the Jewish Messiah.

Tim Moore: Well, hear, hear. Well, obviously Jonathan the Lord has had His hand on you, both as a leader and as a voice crying in the wilderness, especially in recent years. But in 1988 you were called to be a shepherd here at Beth Israel. And at the time it was a small 35 person congregation. How has it grown to be one of the largest Messianic congregation in the world? Indeed, the largest Messianic congregation here in the United States. How did that happen?

Jonathan Cahn: Well, totally the hand of God. You know I wasn’t expecting this. I was helping out to start. I said, “I’ll help you guys out.” And then one day the guy who is leading it left and they said, “Okay, if you don’t say, yes, then we are closing it down.” So, I said, “Okay, Lord.” Really just putting God, number one putting God first in all things. You know love, putting Jesus first, focusing on Him. And all of a sudden we started growing. In the first year it tripled. Then we had to find a place. So, really it is putting God first, and you know it is Jew and Gentile, people from every background. Literally if you were here without COVID you would see like a united nations of people because every Christian your heritage is Jewish. You’re grafted in. We are all one. So, just by putting Him first and letting Him lead, really He just multiplied it. And then we get a larger building, then a larger building, and here we are. And this is made like Jerusalem by the way, if you’ve been to Jerusalem every stone is a reproduction of what is in Jerusalem.

Tim Moore: Yes, they told me that today, even the way that the stones had been crafted was formed after a picture of the Jerusalem walls.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Tim Moore: I will observe this when you first made sort of a national launch to your ministry through The Harbinger you wrote it as a novel, but it conveyed a significant message of ominous truth for America. Using a fictional story of a journalist who encounters a mysterious prophet, The Harbinger emphasized the sad reality that our nation has rejected God. And I am going to quote what you wrote in that book. You said, “It started with a spiritual complacency, then spiritual confusion, then the merging of God with idols, and then ultimately the rejection of His ways.” Boy, Jonathan, the cancer that started, perhaps, or you identified I should say in 2011 seems to have metastasized here in 2021. Why have we fallen so far?

Jonathan Cahn: Well, the amazing thing, and for those who don’t know The Harbinger, it is saying that it is opening up the fact that what we are experiencing now we are replaying what the Bible gives as what happened to ancient Israel, the same thing. You know we were founded, America was founded for the purpose of God. So, was Israel, I mean obviously Israel is the chosen nation. But we are in the pattern. So, the same way they fell, is the same way we are falling. In our prosperity we turned away, just like they did. And at the beginning it is kind of subtle, okay, we won’t have prayer in school. But look at where it goes. It always goes this way. So, the thing is once you turn away from God, and then you start driving Him out, other things come in, you open the door. And instead of just being a departure it ends up right now more as a war against God. That is what happened to Israel too.

Tim Moore: And we certainly have arrived at that place. I have to tell you even though The Harbinger was your first best-seller, we’ll touch on some of the other ones. I’m even a bigger fan of “The Book of Mysteries.” As a matter of fact, my brother, Chris and my father, Larry have given away hundreds of copies of “The Book of Mysteries” with this stipulation, to anyone who receives a copy, they say, “You have to read the book, and then you have to have a conversation with us about Jesus Christ.” So, I’m just curious what other testimonies have you heard from people regarding the impact of all the books you have written in their lives?

Jonathan Cahn: We’ve gotten reports through the years continuously of people getting saved, number one, people who have fallen away, they say, “Whoa, whoa, I better get back.” People starting movements, prayer movements for repentance around the nation. So, that is what it is all about. So, salvations, repentance, and prayer for the nation.

Tim Moore: Amen, amen. Well, obviously The Harbinger focused on a wakeup call that God sent our way on 9/11. And since then, you’ve also written, “The Oracle,” and The Harbinger II something that we talked about in another taping, another show that we presented. And those used a similar genre or motif where you had a fictionalized account of a young man interacting with a mysterious prophet or an oracle to communicate significant truths. So, what additional warnings or wakeup calls has God sent to our nation since that first “Harbinger” book?

Jonathan Cahn: Well, it hasn’t stopped. And that is why I wrote The Harbinger II because it does not stop. Because America’s departure from God has not stopped. And unfortunately, it is not only the signs of the harbingers that have appeared. Basically, the harbinger is that the same signs of warning that God gave, that appeared in the last days of Ancient Israel have now reappeared on American soil, I mean exact, precision, I mean eerily precision. So, that has happened. But it is not just the signs, America itself is following the pattern of Ancient Israel in its departure. So, all that stuff.

And so much happened that I knew I was going to write a sequel on it, but I held off for years. I said, “I know there is going to be a harping, because it keeps going.” And finally, when I was praying in 2019, I said, “Lord, what do you want me to write.” I wasn’t sure what was the next thing? And it was the Harbinger II and it was that this year I had a very strong sense, and I shared it right here that this years was going to be a year, 2020 was going to be a year of great shaking beginning, and it was going to be the continuation of The Harbinger of the mystery there. So, I had to write it to come out in 2020, I had to write it because I had to give the warning. So, it has continued, and that is one of the things that I open up in The Harbinger II.

Tim Moore: Well, I tell you what even the timing of your books has been from God because I don’t think that anyone could have foretold the exact nature of the ways the books came out and they were so foreshadowing of events that would take place, even here in recent months in our own nation. You know speaking of that we are in the aftermath of a presidential election and all the trauma that was experienced, even at the beginning of 2021.

Jonathan Cahn: Some Christians get caught up in the political dynamic, that quite frankly is traumatizing our country, with a never ending focus on Washington D.C.. Your books have focused on New York City, both as a gate of America, where so many immigrants came in, but also as the prophetic location both of its covenantal founding, and of the warning of 9/11 itself. So, what other signs do you see that America today is turning its back on God?

Tim Moore: I could quote from another passage where you say that the nation itself has expressed a sensuality, a greed for money, success, comfort, materialism, pleasure, sexual immorality, self-worship, and self-obsession. And some would argue that kind of sums up New York in a sense. But what kind of signs have you seen just in recent years that all those things are demonstrating we are turning even further away from God, or just accelerating very sadly?

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. Well, one is if you look at the younger generation, and look at their statistics, I mean it is scary. I mean that is far we are from God. That is the future, unless things change. The other is the Bible says, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.” So, we saw the evil good, you are calling sin good, and we’ve gotten more down the line of calling perversion good, and all these things. But the other side is every step you take, or a nation takes to call evil good, is matched by another stage, where the nation calls what is good evil. So, now what we are watching increasingly is calling Christians evil, marginalizing them, now shutting down speech, censoring them. I mean this is the next stage. You know it started, you know tolerance, be tolerant, and open minded. That was only a way to get in. You know that happened with Ancient Israel, hey, worship Baal, be open minded. But then in the end you have to bow your knee to Baal, that is where we are now.

Tim Moore: And the cancel culture that as you say, just literally shuts Christians down and our voices oftentimes are not heard. And sometimes we need to be tactful and loving in how we present, but we need to speak truth. I will observe even in your book, The Oracle I love how toward the end of that book you cite Charles Dickens at least the line that he used as the opening of “A Tale of Two Cities,” and you say that we’ve entered the best of times and the worst of times. Some people witnessed the drama and trauma that we already referenced here in our nation, and our national discord, and they see only bad. What did you mean by that statement, “We are entering the best of times and the worst of times?”

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. I mean a lot of people when they look at the end times they think only of, okay, it is destruction and it is, love of many shall grow evil, we know that, apostasy we are watching it every day. But that’s not the only thing. It says the Gospel shall be preached to all nations. It says the spirit will be poured out. So, what happens is it’s not just dark, it is polarization. The greys start disappearing, and the dark gets darker, but the lights sort of get brighter. And in many ways it is like a return, The Oracle goes into that, it is a return to the beginning. Because the book of Acts, you have the book of Acts that was not a Christian culture, they had a pagan culture, an anti-Christian culture, yet you had the greatest light. So as the dark gets darker, the lights are brought out even more. So, this is the time for God’s people to rise to greatness.

Tim Moore: Well, it is funny you mentioned that because in The Oracle the oracle himself, the mysterious prophetic figure, offers this word of clarity. I love this line that you wrote, “The times when grey disappears, when the dark grows darker, and the light shines all the brighter. And for those who choose to shine, it is the time of greatness.” So, that really is the challenge for our viewers today, for all Christians to shine in this moment of darkness and not to be overwhelmed by the darkness or driven to despair.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes, oh, absolutely. And when you look, people are praying, “I wish I could live in biblical times. I wish.” Well, congratulations, you are in biblical times now. Listen the time of Paul was like that, the time of Jeremiah was like this, time of Elijah was like that. Hey, we sing “These are the Days of Elijah.” Well, it wasn’t just Elijah, it was dealing with Ahab, and Jezebel, and the cancel culture back then. So, but it is the chance for us to become great. Most of the time when things are hey, everything is good, you are not going to see a lot of greatness. But now you have the chance to be great.

Tim Moore: Oh, that is a great analogy even with Ahab and Jezebel, because Jezebel wanted, quite frankly to cancel the prophet Elijah. And Elijah at one moment felt a little bit of despair, but the Lord said, “Hey, there are still 7,000 who have not bent their knee to Baal. So, you are not alone.” Even are we even in times like this.

Well, I remind folks that amazingly you were invited to speak not once but twice at Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, in 2013, and 2017. And those lacking a prophetic voice would have delivered a message of peace, peace, even in days like that, but you did not shrink from telling it like it is. As a matter of fact, “America like Ancient Israel,” you said, “has been blessed beyond measure, but because we too are following of the decline of Israel by turning away from God we are on the verge of suffering the same fate, judgment and destruction.” You concluded your first message with this stark warning, “The time is late, the hour is critical, a great nation proceeds in rapid descent. And the signs of warning and judgment are manifesting in the land. The shadow of judgment is upon us.”

And again, I would remind our viewers that just like in Ancient Israel, and Judah there were some people who were faithful, a remnant. And today we must be faithful in spite of circumstances, but the fate of our nation does seem to be sealed. So, how soon do you, Jonathan, think that this ultimate judgment will fall on America? Or will we just continue to decline maybe at an accelerated pace?

Jonathan Cahn: Well, one of the templates of the harbinger is that there comes a warning, you know a strike on the land, which happened it was 9/11 for us, and it is always an enemy strike in the Bible. Then comes a window of time that the nation is given. And then if it doesn’t turn back the shakings start coming, greater, and greater shakings. Well, we are watching that. I mean one of the mysteries is even the timing of the shaking like 2020 as we go into 2021, is upon us. We’ve never seen anything like this. So, I believe the shakings are going to continue. And America right now the major culture is apostatizing still from God. So, without revival, I believe we are heading to judgment. God is in charge of the timing, but we are in charge of the witness here.

Tim Moore: Do you have any foreshadowings of what you think will happen. Not just politically, but America for the last few years has been supportive, for instance of Israel. It is likely that we will turn away from that kind of a foreign policy and will probably ingratiate ourselves with some bad actors around the world. But whether at home or abroad do you see anything happening in these next handful of years even given some of the changes politically in our nation?

Jonathan Cahn: I think, two things, one is as much as America has blessed Israel, it has been blessed, if we turn away you are going to see the blessings removed, that’s number one. Number two, as we turn away from God, so watching the mainstream culture, it is turning one step and trying to silence the Gospel. So, if we keep doing that. Listen it is clear, the end is clear, it’s going to lead to specific shakings. Actually, in The Harbinger itself there is a chapter called, “Things to Come.” We are in it now, about the kind of shakings that are coming. So, it’s either going to keep on shaking until destruction, or it can come even more suddenly than that. But we are heading on that path.

Tim Moore: I remind people when I speak that there were great nations in the past. We think of Rome and how quickly it fell. But there have been other great nations, the United Kingdom, Great Britain which had a worldwide empire, and over the course of the last century has fallen from that preeminence. Other economic powerhouses, like Venice, a little island nation there in the Adriatic that is no longer a powerhouse because economically they were surpassed. And the United States given our military and financial might we could still fall very suddenly relative to history.

Jonathan Cahn: Oh, yeah and interesting some of those nations like the United Kingdom, there was a Spanish Empire, as they turned away from blessing the Jewish people, and turned to cursing them, guess what happened? And so, it is like clockwork since the days of Pharoah to America. So, it is amazing. So, we have both dangers falling away from God, and falling away from Israel.

Tim Moore: Amen. Well, let’s turn to one very hopeful sign. Your fictional prophet in The Harbinger I and II who some would see as a personification of Jesus Christ Himself, warned over and over again that the only hope for America is a return to God. The Oracle made clear that Jesus Christ is God’s avenue for eternal hope through salvation. In September of 2020 you organized a tremendous national campaign. I mentioned it in our opening called, “The Return,” that culminated in a solemn assembly in Washington, D.C., right there on the National Mall. And an appeal for individual and collective atonement. How was “The Return” received? And what can you report about its impact on the nation, and on individual lives?

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. I’ve had a burden since The Harbinger and then especially all a sudden a burden long before that 2020 was going to be a dramatic year of shaking. So, therefore it all converged, and with other people to put up The Return. The return is because the only hope for America is to return to God. So, that is what it was. That’s what is the calling before the Lord, “If my people will call by My name.” Well, millions of people partook in it, I mean around America and around the world. Millions. And so, the thing was look at what happened afterward with the election and all those things, the shaking.

So, believe this was a chance, and there is still there, and the Lord heard the prayer. But we can’t make the mainstream culture change unless they repent, unless there is turning. But for God’s people we can. So, again I think for God’s people it was a strengthening and we opened it to God for revival. And listen revival can come easy, or it can come hard, it can come through good things, or it can come through shakings. So, we did what we needed to do, and God heard the prayer. And the impact was amazing. And I believe it was just before we were moving into all the shakings.

Tim Moore: Well, obviously whether we return as a nation, or whether there are individual lives, salvation comes to individuals.

Jonathan Cahn: That’s right.

Tim Moore: And so, as individuals repent as they turn back to God, return to Him, individually, overtime a collective group can make a difference. And we individually are called to make a difference in our own world. Well, I will tell you this Jonathan, one of the things that impresses me the most about you is your unflappable clarity. What I mean by that is like the prophets of old you have a blunt and unvarnished warning or willingness to share warnings about what is happening. And that has insighted a host of critics, just as often probably within the Church as outside, you might yet tell us, but you have not allowed the naysayers to distract you or to dissuade you. You’ve continued to speak biblical truth to a nation that the people who no longer discern that there is truth. And yet, even as you’ve done so you’ve done it with love, and humility, and humor. How? How do you do that?

Jonathan Cahn: Oh, boy. Well, one thing is I know I have to be looking at God and not man. People tell me “How can you do that? You are speaking in front of leaders of Congress, and you said those things. Aren’t you afraid?” I said, “I am more afraid of Him, then I am of them.” Secondly the other thing is I know I have much to be humble about, so the more that He is given to do, the more it humbles me, I don’t want to mess it up. So, the only thing is I know we can’t live reacting to people, we have to live responding to God. And as long as we do that, everything is right.

Tim Moore: Everything is right. Well, I like the word you used a moment ago, converging, things converged in 2020. We who speak about Bible prophecy talk about the fact that all the signs are converging in our day and age. You know we are living in biblical times, as you just mentioned. But the world is growing darker by the day. I’ve long applied the parable of the ten virgins, but I try to put the focus back on the bridegroom instead of the virgins, we are the virgins, hopefully we are wise and keep our lamps full of oil. But the bridegroom represents Jesus Himself, so in that parable the Lord said, “But at midnight there was a shout, ‘Behold the Bridegroom, come out to meet Him.'” And I think that we to mix our prophetic and perhaps metaphoric foreshadowings, are living in a world that will grow darker, day by day, until the moment that God says, “Let there be light.” When He tells His Son, “Go and get your Bride.” And light shines in that darkness again. How do you shift from messages of impending judgment and doom to the Gospel of hope that you share here at Beth Israel?

Jonathan Cahn: Well, it goes together because the Gospel is the message that there is judgment, but now there is hope. Without how can you understand the cross or Messiah? So, it all goes together. And it all has a good ending for those who come. So, it’s really what the Gospel is, is that we are saying, be saved, come. And you know we’re talking about the world, without God you are heading to a funeral, with God you are heading to a wedding. So, we are heading to a wedding. And it is all about the hope, that is the whole point, so the darkness is just magnifying the fact that we have the light.

Tim Moore: So, John the Baptist asked the Pharisees of his day and age, “Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” So, part of your role has been warning people to flee from the wrath to come, but into the loving arms of our Savior.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, that’s right. It’s all about that. And when you look at the prophets, and look what they say you see the groan, but you’ll see the glory, it always leads to, “Hey, come return, return,” the Lord says, “My arms are open. Come be saved.” That’s what our whole faith is about.

Tim Moore: The Father waiting for that prodigal to return to Him. Well, Jonathan how can people get in touch with your ministry, or to follow what you are teaching and sharing on a weekly basis, ongoingly here at Beth Israel, how can they follow you as you offer insight and leadership to the Bride of Christ?

Jonathan Cahn: Well, thank you. Well, the outreach ministry that I lead is called Hope of the World, so it brings the Gospel to the world, but also all my messages and prophetic things, we give updates. So, hopeoftheworld.org also on Facebook is Jonathan Cahn where we stay in touch with everybody. And the books are everywhere, from Amazon, to Walmart they are everywhere, all the books are everywhere.

Tim Moore: Wow. Well, I have been blessed not only by the books themselves, they have been a tremendous impact on me, and my family and so many others. I’ve been very grateful again, for your personal friendship. So, I’m glad you invited me to come to New Jersey today, at Beth Israel, here at the Jerusalem Center. It is a beautiful place where you are impacting lives. Not only here close to New York City, and New Jersey, but again all around the world. So, God bless all that you are about.

Jonathan Cahn: Thank you and come again. We’ll leave the light on.

Part 2: Christ in Prophecy set

Tim Moore: Welcome back to our Lamb & Lion Ministries studio near McKinney, TX. I am joined by our Internet Evangelist, Nathan Jones. And Nathan I am glad to have you back on today.

Nathan Jones: It’s great to be on.

Tim Moore: Well, it was also great to be with Jonathan Cahn at his headquarters, at the Jerusalem Center, or what he calls Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey. And he certainly is right that God is giving us a chance right now to return to Him, both as a nation and as individuals.

Nathan Jones: As a matter of fact, during the 2020 election he actually held an event called The Return, if you’ve seen it, in Washington, D.C. at the Mall calling America to repent and turn to Jesus Christ. Franklin Graham another prophetic voice was on the other side of the Mall, he was doing the same thing. We all repented. We all prayed. But the Lord did not answer as we hoped, but He sets up kings, so we know it is in His hands.

Tim Moore: It always is. You know, Dr. Reagan had such a vision of bringing together, in his book, God’s Prophetic Voices, this list of folks that God has raised up to proclaim truth even in our day and age. Calling America to return to Him, and to stop running away from God. And so, whether it is those who have already passed from Peter Marshall, David Wilkerson, Francis Schaeffer, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn or all the others that we have been privileged to in interview even on this show, we are glad to have brought you eight different individuals who have been a prophetic voice to America and of course Jonathan Cahn has a unique gift.

Nathan Jones: And Jonathan has been a guest on Christ in Prophecy several times over the years. We always appreciate his unique gift of communicating beautiful truths of Scripture from his understanding of Jewish culture and Hebrew. If you would like to receive a copy of either of the fantastic books we discussed today, The Oracle or The Harbinger II just call us at the number on our screen or visit our website. Each book is available for a donation of $25 or more, and that includes shipping. I know you’ll be encouraged by Jonathan’s insights.

Tim Moore: Yes, you will. And as a matter of fact, if you are also interested in the series that we presented, eight so far, when we complete this series with a total of ten episodes focused on God’s prophetic voices we will have a DVD set that is available. So, for a gift of only $25 or more we’ll be glad to send it to you as soon as the series concludes.

Nathan Jones: Well, we are getting near the end of this series. I always thought Dr. Reagan’s book was missing a few names. I’m glad you’ve picked up a few of those names. Can you give us a tease of who’s next week’s prophetic voice is going to be?

Tim Moore: I agree with, Nathan. If the Lord stays His coming, I absolutely believe that He will continue to raise up other prophetic voices calling America, calling individuals to return to Him and to embrace our Savior. So, next week we are going to have a fantastic Jewish Christian who is Messianic, but who has been proclaiming that very message, a message of reformation of repentance, and of revival, if you will, within the Church. And so, Dr. Michael Brown will be our guest next week. And I sure enjoyed sitting down with him. We don’t agree on everything, any more than we would with the rest of our prophetic voices, but he has had a gift for speaking those truths to our culture.

Nathan Jones: Oh, absolutely. I’ve been following Michael Brown’s articles for years. He’s calling the nation to repent, just like Jonathan Cahn did. Okay, that’s next week. What about the final one?

Tim Moore: Alright the final week. We’ll we have a real surprise instore for you. We are going to have a mystery guest, and I’m not going to tell you who it is right now, but it’s another person raised up to proclaim a prophetic truth into our culture and age. So, you won’t want to miss episode number ten, in this series on God’s Prophetic Voices.

Nathan Jones: Man, if you look at the outline you can kind of get an idea of who that might be.

Tim Moore: Oh, don’t give them too many clues.

Nathan Jones: Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed this program. I hope you’ll join us next week. Until then this is Tim Moore and Nathan Jones saying, “Maranatha, come quickly Lord Jesus.”

Tim Moore: Amen.

End of Program

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