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Air Date: July 28, 2019

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Dr. Reagan: Do you have Bible questions you just can’t seem to find the answer to? And when you search the Internet, do you seem to find answers that appear to be unbiblical and off-the-wall? Well, I’ve got good news for you. There is an Internet website that provides concise biblical answers to almost any Bible question you might have. Stay tuned for the details.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague, Nathan Jones, and I have a very special guest with us today. His name is Shea Houdmann, and he is the founder of a great website called It’s a site that tries to provide you with concise biblical answers to all your Bible questions. It is a site you need to get acquainted with and I guarantee you it will prove to be a blessing to you. Welcome to Christ in Prophecy, Shea.

Shea Houdmann: Thank you, David for having me on the show.

Nathan Jones: Great to have you on.

Shea Houdmann: Thank you, Nathan.

Nathan Jones: Well, I want to know how did got started, tell us the history.

Shea Houdmann: So, I graduated from Bible College and seminary, didn’t really feel a clear calling from God to any of the traditional forms of ministry. So, my wife and I started praying, “Lord, give us a ministry that will be a perfect fit for me.” So, we due to my love for writing, and love for technology launched the website in February of 2002 thinking it would a hobby. I mean the concept was people could come to the website ask any questions they have about the Bible, or anything spiritually related and we’d provide them with a biblically based answer. Well, it turned it there is such a huge need for it within the first few months we started get 30, 50, 60 questions a day. And we’re like what in the world is going on?

Nathan Jones: How do you keep up? Yeah.

Shea Houdmann: So we started recruiting volunteers people we knew from Bible College.

Dr. Reagan: Did you already have some answers written to questions, or were you doing this on the fly?

Shea Houdmann: Doing it on the fly in the beginning.

Nathan Jones: Pulling out the old term papers.

Shea Houdmann: Exactly. We started seeing the same questions come in over and over again, so we can still use this maybe tweak it a little bit to make sure it fully answers that persons questions.

Dr. Reagan: I know you’re in Colorado Springs now. Did you start out there?

Shea Houdmann: We were in Kansas City, Missouri when we first launched the site.

Dr. Reagan: Okay. And then you moved to Colorado Springs?

Shea Houdmann: We did. God moved us back to His country.

Dr. Reagan: Well, now we might argue with that you know. We always thought Texas was God’s country.

Shea Houdmann: I was born in Texas, so Texas is my second home.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, okay.

Nathan Jones: So, the goal of your website then would be to answer Bible questions?

Shea Houdmann: Yes, any question that is spiritually related we answer.

Nathan Jones: Any, so, you don’t focus on a particular area?

Shea Houdmann: No, we answer questions about Bible prophecy. We answer questions about Theology. We answer questions about Creationism. We answer questions about—

Dr. Reagan: Okay now, when you say we are you talking about you and your wife?

Shea Houdmann: Me, my wife, 7 employees and around 250 volunteers who help us answer all the questions we receive.

Dr. Reagan: So, these volunteers I would imagine are in categories. Like you might go to one for eschatology, and another one for some other aspect of questions.

Shea Houdmann: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: And then do you review the answers that they provide?

Shea Houdmann: Yes, exactly. Some of them have Doctorate Degrees in certain topics, they answer really advance questions. Or just ordinary believers in the Lord who love God, love His Word, and want to help people.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah. Now you say some of them have doctor’s degrees in theology. That’s interesting because I have found that quite often people with doctor’s degree in theology don’t know how to communicate with the average person. But your website has impressed me with the fact that the articles are short, they are concise, and they are understandable and you have lots of biblical references. So, you must have some guys who know how to communicate with common folk.

Shea Houdmann: And that and some really good editors.

Dr. Reagan: Okay.

Shea Houdmann: Who can take the complicated mess that we produce and turn it into something that would be understandable for us.

Nathan Jones: So, over the last 15 years it seems to keep growing and growing. Do you say you have 250 contributing writers?

Shea Houdmann: We do.

Nathan Jones: And then what is the total amount of questions that you have on your website.

Shea Houdmann: In our 15 years of existence we’ve had over 500,000 questions personally submitted to us, and people have received an answer.

Dr. Reagan: And that is including questions that overlap.

Shea Houdmann: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: So, how many answers you got on there?

Shea Houdmann: Oh, a little over 500,000. But in terms of FAQ’s on the website we are at about 5,600. And this year we are averaging over 10 million visitors to the website every month.

Nathan Jones: Ten million a month, wow.

Dr. Reagan: Now, you mentioned frequently asked questions. What are they?

Shea Houdmann: As you can imagine we’ve been talking a little bit about it seems we get a lot of the same type of questions. It is often controversial issues, those are the ones that people wonder about the most.

Dr. Reagan: Well what?

Shea Houdmann: Can women serve as pastors? What does the Bible say about homosexuality, or tattoos, or sex before marriage?

Nathan Jones: A lot of social issues it seems.

Shea Houdmann: Social issues. Some deep theological ones, but that’s not where people live, that’s not the questions everyone has. It is issues that they deal with their kids, with their families, with their friends.

Dr. Reagan: I figured you would say once saved always saved.

Shea Houdmann: That’s on the list too.

Nathan Jones: So, you have a top 20 page, right? Where you put the most frequent on there.

Shea Houdmann: We do.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I had a guy write me one time about tattoos. He said, “I’m a new Christian, just accepted the Lord, and I want to glorify Him by having a Bible verse tattooed on my back so that when I go swimming everybody can read this verse. So, which verse would you recommend?” So, I recommended to him the verse in Leviticus that says you shall not tattoo your body. And I never heard back from him.

Shea Houdmann: What is real interesting is a lot of people ask us a question but what they’re actually ask is not the most important issue, to use that for an example. Someone once sent us a whole paragraph basically telling their whole life story and all the different things they’ve struggled with. And at the end of the question they ask, and I got a tattoo was that wrong? And you’re like, okay, out of everything you just talked about the tattoo is actually the least important issue. So, let’s deal with these things, and then jump to your question about tattoos.

Dr. Reagan: Well, you know we often hold question and answer sessions at our conferences and I always look forward to it, I love it. But, I learned a long time ago that most people do not know how to ask a question. They get up and they just go and on, and on, and on, and on. Where is the question here? So, I’m sure you get the same thing when they write in.

Shea Houdmann: Yes, and sometimes we tell people that we are, not If someone comes to us and they just want to argue they’re really not looking for an answer. I’m like look, if you want to debate there’s plenty of good Christian debate forums you can go to. We are looking for people who have a genuine question about something related to the Bible and they’re actually interested in the answer we’re going to send them.

Nathan Jones: How do the send the question through the website? Or do they just have to have an e-mail address.

Shea Houdmann: They can submit the question on the website, or they can send us an email, either way.

Nathan Jones: Okay.

Dr. Reagan: And do you get questions that simply say, “What does this verse mean?”

Shea Houdmann: Very common. What does John 3:16 mean? What does Philippians 4:12 mean? The more popular Bible verses people hear quoted are thrown around.

Dr. Reagan: You know about John 3:16 I recently heard about somebody from the Emergent Church Movement explaining that we have never understood John 3:16, in fact the leader of the movement. He held a big conference in Washington State and he said, “John 3:16 has nothing to do with individual salvation, it says, “God so loved the world,” He’s talking about the cosmos, and therefore He is calling us to be good environmentalists.” And he offered an invitation whereby people came up and he had barrels across the front full of dirt. And he said, “Put your hands in the dirt and lift it up and let it fall and commit yourself to environmentalism.” That is the kind of apostasy going on in the Church today.

Shea Houdmann: Absolutely. I’d point them back to the “Whosoever believes in Him.” Sound very individual to be honest.

Dr. Reagan: It does.

Nathan Jones: How to you vet then the people who submit the articles to your website? Obviously people are going to ask is your site doctrinally sound? How do you make sure it stays doctrinally sound?

Shea Houdmann: So, anyone who wants to serve as a writer they go through a pretty strenuous application process where we ask them to share their testimony, answer a test question or two. And then every answer that is sent out with the ministries name on it is closely reviewed by a member of our staff, and our staff goes through an extra level of training.

Dr. Reagan: Do they provide this service to you on a volunteer bases?

Shea Houdmann: They do, over 250 volunteers. And then we have seven employees and then some independent contract writers who can help us produce articles of a really high quality.

Dr. Reagan: Now I understand that your wife Melissa has set up another website of GotQuestions for kids. Is that what’s it called?

Shea Houdmann: Yes it is called

Dr. Reagan:

Shea Houdmann: Now that to me would be very difficult to try to provide parents with an answer to: Where did God come from? What is the Trinity?

Nathan Jones: But Dr. Reagan did it he wrote a children’s book that teaches Bible prophecy, the number one children’s book about Bible prophecy out there.

Dr. Reagan: But I know how difficult that is.

Shea Houdmann: It is. Explaining a biblical question to a 30 year old is a lot different than trying to explain it to a 6 year old. You have to use different words, you really have to hone on what is the core issues here and how do I explain it the simplest way possible.

Dr. Reagan: Well, when I wrote my children’s book that was the hardest book I ever had to write you know for pre-school and elementary school. And I labored over it, and labored over it. When I was finished I took it to my wife who’s a First Grade teacher and she came back and said, “Well, honey, that is a pretty good first draft but you’ve got a long way to go.”

Nathan Jones: But that’s not the only extra website, you guys have more than just those two?

Shea Houdmann: We do. So is our main website, and then, we have

Dr. Reagan: What is that about?

Shea Houdmann: First Timothy 4:12, “Do not let anyone look down on your because you are young but set an example in love, faith, and purity.”

Dr. Reagan: Is that for teenagers to ask questions?

Shea Houdmann: For teenagers, yeah. So, we just add the word like throughout the answer to make it sound—

Nathan Jones: Like man, like groovy man. No, they don’t say groovy.

Shea Houdmann: Then we have which is similar to Got Questions but a little more apologetics and worldview focused.

Dr. Reagan: I didn’t know that.

Shea Houdmann: And then we have which is kind of like an on-line Q&A based commentary. We want to have a page on every verse in the Bible explaining what that verse means individually, and in its context. That is our newest site, and it is still very much in development.

Dr. Reagan: And what is it called?

Shea Houdmann:

Dr. Reagan: Okay, and you’re trying to provide a commentary on every verse?

Shea Houdmann: Every verse.

Nathan Jones: Do you find that a lot of people when they write in they don’t know how to research the Bible? At least for our ministry when the people write in they have great questions but they could open a commentary, or see on-line or go to your website. It is almost like you have to educate people as you answer the question. Hey, there are these commentaries you could try out, or get to know BibleGateway, or or something. Do you have to educate people, or do you just go to the question?

Shea Houdmann: Do both. I mean we want to actually answer their question. You don’t want to just say to someone, “Well, here is another website to answer your question.” So, give them an answer and also here are some tools you can use that you can find the answers on your own. We want people to study the Bible for themselves. We don’t want them to just accept our answers because we’re GotQuestions, we want them to take our answer compare it with scripture and then accept or reject it on that basis.

Dr. Reagan: Well, Shea I’ve got a lot more questions for you. I want to start off—we are going to take a little pause here when we come back we’ll have some more questions. And one has to do with I saw an interview of you on the internet where you talk about the haters that you run into. We want to talk about that, Nathan knows something about it.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with Shea Houdmann and the founder of the great website called Shea, I was reading an interview of you on the internet the other day and somebody asked you: “What do you like least about your ministry?” And you said, “Haters.” What did you mean by that?

Shea Houdmann: So, as a ministry that answers questions and seeks to do so biblically, especially as I mentioned earlier so many of the questions we answer are controversial issues we are going to get people who disagree, I’m fully aware of that. But what can be discouraging at times is the people who answer or respond and they are just completely hostile to what you have to say.

Dr. Reagan: And they’re supposedly Christians?

Shea Houdmann: Supposedly Christians. We expect it from the cults, from atheists and so forth, but other Christians, other denominations that really aren’t that different than the type of church that we attend and promote to come out and go to the point of questioning your faith over such a non-essential issue.

Dr. Reagan: They don’t know how disagree in a Christ-like manner. You know about that, Nathan.

Nathan Jones: We do get—the haters got to hate right? And we get those. I notice a lot of times too that they are people who love to go to Beliefnet which is another website but it is liberal, it accepts every religion, it is Universalist. And they don’t seem to like that we take a strong doctrinal stance, a literal biblical interpretive stance like you guys do.

Shea Houdmann: It is like who are you to say that Jesus is the only way to Heaven? It’s like well I’m not the one who said it. Jesus is the one who said it.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Shea Houdmann: Or people who say, “I agree with you on every other issue but because believe that the sons of God in Genesis 6 are fallen angels I’m not going to listen to anything you have to say on anything else.” And you are like, why? Why are you going to choose that as your hobby horse? Why is that the thing you’d die on?

Dr. Reagan: You know Shea I saw some statistic recently from the latest Barna poll which interviewed over 10,000 people and it said that only 9% of Americans have a Bible believing worldview. And only 17% of professing Christians have a Bible believing worldview, and that was based on asking six questions. And it was just amazing Evangelicals answering, “Yeah Jesus sinned.”

Nathan Jones: Yeah, Satan is a non-entity. What do you do about questions that the Bible just isn’t really clear on? One of the interesting questions we get is: Do pets go to Heaven? And do you have answers where when you don’t know you just say, “I don’t know.” Or do you guys just try to cover all the different bases?

Shea Houdmann: So, essentially it will be the answer is I don’t know, but we’ll expand upon that a little bit. If it is an issue where we think there are several different valid biblical interpretations we will present, here are the different interpretations on this issue, and here is the one we prefer and why. On the pets go to heaven one for example I like to start out by saying, “Everyone knows that dogs go to heaven but not cats.”

Nathan Jones: Yeah, that is totally true.

Shea Houdmann: That is clearly what the Bible says. But even on a question like that where it is ultimately not a salvation issue, it is not a crucial issue, but to some people it is really, really important. We had a lady submit that question to us very early in our history and we responded with a biblically based but balanced answer. And she wrote back said, “I submitted this question to several different Christian websites, you’re the only ones who responded. And because you took the time to answer my question I came back and read more articles on your site. I read your article about how to accept Jesus as your personal Savior, I came to faith in Christ.” So, by answering a question in the grand scheme of eternity isn’t that all important but to her it was, she was more attractive to what we had to say and came to faith in Christ as a result.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I have a personal example of that with your site and that is I happen to be a Conditionalist when it comes to the viewpoint of Hell. And you all put out an article recently on that that I thought was very, very well done, and very balanced. And you just started off by saying, “We at do not take the position of the Conditionalists but here is the viewpoint and it is certainly is based on Scripture.” And you went through the whole think it was it was very, very balanced and very fair.

Shea Houdmann: Even on an issue where we don’t necessarily agree we want to present it accurately and fairly.

Dr. Reagan: Well, you do.

Shea Houdmann: Because it is a disservice to give people a strawman version of someone else’s argument and then try to refute it. I mean here it is, here’s the support for it, and here’s maybe why we don’t necessarily hold that view. Honesty is always the best policy.

Nathan Jones: Oh, yeah, definitely.

Dr. Reagan: What do you like best about your ministry?

Shea Houdmann: On our website we have a page of just testimonials, people who have written in and explained how GotQuestions has helped them. Whether it has helped them actually come to faith in Christ, or help them understand the Bible better, or people who in a sense don’t have any access to a biblically based church, there is no one else teaching the Word so GotQuestions is there source of spiritual teaching. And they write and tell us.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I think it is the same way with you. You get a lot of hate stuff but you get testimonies that are just wonderful.

Nathan Jones: Ah, the best ones are people from the Middle East, Muslims who will say, “Hey, I got this question but if anyone found out I was asking it I would be a dead person.” And what’s beautiful is I saw a presentation where you listed how your website funnels people into the salvation message, and at then at the bottom, right, they can say whether they accepted the Lord or not. And you had fantastic numbers, what were those again?

Shea Houdmann: So, we have probably about 30 different web pages on the site just dedicated to present the Gospel basics on a certain theme like: How to accept Christ as your personal Savior? How do have eternal life? How can I know for sure I go to Heaven when I die? On every one of those pages we have a button at the bottom that says I’ve accepted Christ today. And every month we receive between 10,000 and 15,000 people clicking on that button.

Dr. Reagan: That is fantastic.

Shea Houdmann: How many are genuine first time decision to receive Christ we don’t know. These are what people are indicating is their professing faith.

Nathan Jones: Praise the Lord.

Shea Houdmann: So, we try to follow up with as many opportunities for discipleship. I mean GotQuestions is designed to answer questions of new Believers, so anything we can do to help them. We try to help them find a good Bible teaching church in their area.

Dr. Reagan: When I was eating dinner with you last night I told you that we often have question and answer periods at our conferences and that the strangest question I ever received was from a teenager that wanted to know if going to Hell was like being sucked into a black hole? What are some of the strangest questions you’ve ever had?

Shea Houdmann: The one that might interest you being focused on Bible prophecy just recently we received: If we are ever successful in establishing a colony on Mars and then the end times start what’s going to happen to the people on Mars? Will they be spared from all these plagues and the devastation?

Nathan Jones: That’s true, that’s a good question.

Shea Houdmann: The Bible doesn’t say anything about what happens on Mars during the end times, but it does talk about stuff going on in the heavens. So there’s very likely Mars is not going to be a good place to be.

Nathan Jones: Do you get questions like: black eyed children, or Nephilim, or more the sensationalist type of Bible questions? Or not really Bible but they kind of loosely tie it to the Bible?

Shea Houdmann: Of course, conspiracy theories, reptilian controversies, all the weird stuff that is out there. Yes, we do.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I just wondered if you were getting all those kinds of thing. How do you handle the highly controversial question of Calvinism versus Arminianism, or Amillennialism versus Pre-Millennialism?

Nathan Jones: Ah, the tough ones.

Shea Houdmann: Yeah, so we try to be fair and balanced in the sense of here’s a fair presentation of it, here’s why we disagree or agree. Ultimately we have to take a stance. People don’t want you to just here’s all the views and you pick one. It’s like here’s the views and here is the one we think is best along with an explanation. But we try to be fair recognizing in all the different positions you just mentioned you can hold to any of them and still be a believer in Christ. So, standing on the truth but doing so in a loving way.

Dr. Reagan: Yes. People need to know what are the fundamental things that are essential like: believing in the virgin birth, and believing in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, and believing in His promise to return again.

Shea Houdmann: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: And there’s a lot of other areas that are just matters of opinion that we need to realize that we can disagree over, but we don’t have to kill each other in the process.

Nathan Jones: And I’m so glad you do that. There is a website yahoo answers where people post a question, different people answer it and they vote on what they think the best answer is, whether it is the right answer or not. I mean that’s is so post-modern. But you take a stand.

Dr. Reagan: Well, that is one of the characteristics of the Emergent Church Movement is not teaching what the Bible says but simply getting a group together and saying, “Ok, the Bible says this about homosexuality but what do you think? And what do you think? And what do you think?” As if what you think is more important than what the Bible says.

Shea Houdmann: Yes, and people say why don’t you allow people to post comments on your articles on GotQuestions?

Nathan Jones: That’s smart.

Shea Houdmann: Well with millions of visitors we would have to hire a whole team of people just to review and approve all these comments.

Nathan Jones: That would be like YouTube. Now you guys do videos too, not just text?

Shea Houdmann: We do. We just started this year really focusing on providing biblically based answers via video. A lot of people don’t know this but YouTube is actually the second most popular search engine in the world behind Google. So more people are searching on YouTube than anything other than Google. So, it is another place where you want to be there with solid biblically based answers to spiritual oriented questions.

Nathan Jones: Are there any times where you just simply say to people we don’t have the answer to that question?

Shea Houdmann: Very often it is the questions that start with: Why did God allow? Because so much of why God allows certain things we don’t understand it is a mystery, it is something we’re not this side of Heaven we’re not really going to know why God in His sovereign plan choose to allow that. But we can answer it and say God is the comforter of those who are suffering. God has a reason for everything. God is in control of everything, and everything that happens to us has passed through His hands. So, ultimately we try to focus people on trusting God even when you don’t understand why He allowed it, rather than trying to guess as to why He allows something.

Dr. Reagan: It reminds me of a note I’ve got at the end of the book of Job where I said why do the righteous suffer? And the unsatisfactory answer is because of sin, although we do suffer because of personal sin, and the sin of Adam. The partial answer is to be refined in righteousness. And the ultimate answer is to fulfill the perfect purposes of God.

Shea Houdmann: Amen.

Dr. Reagan: And we don’t know what those are, but one day we’ll find out. Oh, boy.

Nathan Jones: Now you help a lot of people, but how can people help What is your greatest need?

Shea Houdmann: So, I’m sure as you guys understand prayer support. In any ministry there is spiritual warfare that goes on. We always rely on the Lord for His protection and wisdom in how to answer these difficult questions that are coming at them. How to do so biblical in an understandable way. And then like any ministry we rely on financial support.

Dr. Reagan: Can they make donations at your website?

Shea Houdmann: They can make donations on-line or through the mail. And then just using the ministry and telling people about it. A lot of people if someone asks them a question they don’t know the answer to they get intimidated and they either give a poor answer, or don’t answer at all.

Dr. Reagan: Well, we got about two minutes left in this segment and I’d like to ask you how you came to faith in Jesus?

Shea Houdmann: So, it is a very interesting story. I came to faith in Christ in my late teens, I think it was between 16 and 17.

Dr. Reagan: You didn’t grow up in a Christian home?

Shea Houdmann: I grew up in a nominal Christian home. My mom probably knew the Lord, my dad was a lapsed Catholic we’ll say. So very godly, good parents but not raised in the faith at all. I had an uncle who was a minister of a church in Tennessee come and stay with us for a weekend. I found out later my mom had invited with the goal of evangelizing us. The thing that I remember most about when he was sharing the Gospel with us is that he was very patient in answering all of my questions. I had all these questions for him. Weird questions about the end times. I remember asking him what’s the apocalypse? And when is Jesus going to come back? And all this stuff. He very patiently answered those questions, and because of that I was more willing to listen to him when he was actually sharing the Gospel. So, I accepted Christ as my Savior then. And it is so interesting that now that’s what I’m doing, that is the ministry God’s called me to is to answer questions with the hope of pointing people towards the Gospel.

Dr. Reagan: Well, your wife, Melissa, is such a vital part of the ministry how did you all come to meet each other?

Shea Houdmann: We met in Bible College.

Dr. Reagan: Okay.

Nathan Jones: That’s the best place to get your Mrs.

Dr. Reagan: Sure beats meeting in a bar.

Nathan Jones: She wouldn’t be the right woman for him, no.

Shea Houdmann: It used to be Calvary Bible College, now Calvary University. Back then we called it Calvary Bridle College.

Dr. Reagan: Where is that located?

Shea Houdmann: In Kansas City, Missouri.

Dr. Reagan: Well, we’ve just been so blessed to have you on the program. And in just a moment we are going to let you talk to our viewers about your website, and about how they can come to know Jesus. So, let’s just pause here for a moment.

Part 3

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview of Shea Houdmann the founder of a great website called Shea most important question anyone can anyone could ever ask you: How can someone know Jesus Christ as their Savior?

Shea Houdmann: The very first time someone asked us this question I called my wife into the room, I was like, “Melissa, can someone get saved on the Internet?” It never even dawned on us that people would be searching online to find answers to the ultimate question. But the Bible very clearly answers this question that we recognize that we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. That God provided Jesus as the perfect and complete sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins, and if we by faith receive Him as our Savior all of our sins can be forgiven, and we’re promised an eternal home in Heaven. So, obviously there is a lot more that goes into that but that is the basics of the Gospel there.

Dr. Reagan: But one thing for sure the Bible teaches you cannot earn your salvation.

Shea Houdmann: Absolutely. Works are the inevitable result of salvation, but not a requirement for salvation.

Dr. Reagan: Robert Jeffress the pastor of First Baptist in Dallas often says, “Every other religion in the world is spelled, D-O, do, except for Christianity it’s spelled D-O-N-E, done.”

Shea Houdmann: Amen.

Dr. Reagan: By Jesus on the cross. Also tell our viewers how they can get in touch with your ministry.

Shea Houdmann: So the website is, pretty easy to remember if you any questions, if you’ve got questions we’ll be there for you with a biblically based answer. You can also e-mail us directly at

Dr. Reagan: And they don’t always have to wait on an answer because you can go there and type in a verse, or type in a topic and all kinds of articles will come up. You do have an opportunity to ask a specific question if you want to but usually you’ve got the answer already there.

Shea Houdmann: There’s over 5,600 frequently asked questions on the website. And one thing we haven’t had time to mention yet but we have articles translated into 165 different languages. So, almost any language where there’s people accessing the Internet, searching for answers, we’re there with biblical based responses.

Dr. Reagan: Boy that is wonderful. Well, Shea, thank you once again for coming down from Colorado to be on the program you’ve been a real blessing to us and we’ll continue to pray for God to bless your ministry. Well folks, that’s our program for this week. I hope it’s been a blessing to you and I hope the Lord willing you’ll be back with us again next week. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries saying, “Look up, be watchful for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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