Hitchcock on Claims of Bible Prophecy

Does the perfect track record of fulfilled Bible prophecy assure future Bible prophecies will come to pass? Find out with guest Mark Hitchcock on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Air Date: March 26, 2017

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Nathan Jones: Does a perfect track record of fulfilled Bible prophecy assure us that future prophesied events will come to pass? And if so, can that give us hope for the future? Our special guest, Dr. Mark Hitchcock, makes that amazing claim. Stay tuned.

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Part 1

Nathan Jones: Greetings in the name of Jesus our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My name is Nathan Jones, Associate Evangelist and Web Minister with Lamb and Lion Ministries, and I will be filling in for Dr. David Reagan today. I want to introduce you to our special guest, Dr. Mark Hitchcock. Mark was a lawyer who felt called by the Lord to give up his legal career and enter into full-time ministry, so he enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary. And since 1991 has been the Senior Pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. Mark, welcome to Christ in Prophecy, sir.

Mark Hitchcock: Yeah, thanks for having me here. It’s great to be here with you.

Nathan Jones: I’ll tell you I am a longtime admirer of yours. I’ve known you for 10 years, I know you don’t know me too well, but ever since I saw you speak at Tulsa, you’ve always taught the Bible from the Bible. You haven’t got into Nephilim, and UFO’s and underwater continents, and I really appreciate that. You get great joy out of teaching the Bible just for what the Bible is, and that has been an inspiration to me so I thank you for that.

Mark Hitchcock: Well, thank you, yeah it’s a great privilege to be able to do what I get to do. I thank God for it every day.

Nathan Jones: Well, praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Well, I want to get into your book and it’s called, The Amazing Claims of Bible Prophecy. What motivated you to write it?

Mark Hitchcock: Well, you know as you read the Bible, the Bible is filled with prophecies. There are about 500 prophecies in the Bible that have already been fulfilled. Most people don’t realize that.

Nathan Jones: Five-hundred!

Mark Hitchcock: And all 500 prophecies have been fulfilled. And there are about 500 yet to be fulfilled. And of course it is hard to put all of those in the Bible–in a book. Actually Dr. Walvoord did that.

Nathan Jones: Did he really? Ok.

Mark Hitchcock: Every prophecy in the Bible. But, you know I think a lot of people don’t realize how minute, and how specific, and how detailed the prophecies of the Bible really are. I mean, you kind of just think, you know prophecies are foretold. And so, what I did in the book I’ve got ten prophecies that have been fulfilled already, amazing prophecies, and ten that are yet to be fulfilled. And part of the purpose of that, is again to show that there is a God. That God is involved in human history. God knows the future. But also to show that if these prophecies in such minute, specific detail in the past have been literally fulfilled, that the prophecies in the Bible that are yet to be fulfilled they will also be fulfilled literally. So, it’s really an apologetic in many ways, I think for our Christian faith. But, also to demonstrate these future prophecies that haven’t been fulfilled, they are going to be fulfilled just like these other ones have been that we see here. The Bible has a 100% track record of accuracy.

Nathan Jones: You make this claim in the book, and I love this claim, and I think it actually really solidifies what you are saying, and it brings me great hope. It says, “Prophecy is the most credible proof of the uniqueness, and the divine inspiration of the Bible. Its importance can hardly be overstated, fulfilled prophecy validates the Bible with all its precious truth it contains. And therefore then we can trust,” and you give us a list, “the nature and character of God, Creation, the nature of man, salvation, the existence of Heaven and Hell, 100% accurate.” There is no other book in existence that has accurate detailed Bible prophecies, right?

Mark Hitchcock: Well, that’s right, and that’s what sets the Bible apart. You know people might look out there and say, “What’s the difference between the Bible and the Koran, or the Book of Mormon, or you know whatever book may be out there?” The Bible has, I like to call it the fingerprints of God upon it because it tells the future; and it comes to pass 100% accurately, 100% of the time. And that’s what sets the Bible apart. To me that is the ultimate apologetic for the truth of the Bible.

Nathan Jones: Amen. Amen. Well let’s get into the Bible–the book excuse me. You actually separate it into two categories, you have amazing fulfilled prophecies, which there are ten of them that you list, and you said there are 500 so you could do a lot more.

Mark Hitchcock: Yeah.

Nathan Jones: And then the second half is amazing future prophecies. Why did you divide the book like that?

Mark Hitchcock: Well, again what I wanted to show is you have prophecies that are incredible. We are going to talk about a few of those that have been fulfilled. But I wanted to use those then to kind of set the stage for these other ones, some of them, the future ones seem amazing too.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Mark Hitchcock: And you’ll say, “Well, I’m not really sure I can believe that is really going to happen.” Well, but if these ones in the past were 100% fulfilled, literally fulfilled we can know that these ones in the future will be as well. So, again it is kind of, you know, these fulfilled prophecies really form the foundation, or the basis for us believing that these future prophecies will come to pass.

Nathan Jones: Well, to me Bible prophecy, specially fulfilled Bible prophecy is the greatest proof of God, and it is the greatest proof that we could put our faith and trust in Jesus. And I love how you define prophecy. You say, “Prophecy is history written in advance.”

Mark Hitchcock: That’s right, yeah.

Nathan Jones: Well, that’s great. Well, let’s get into your first claim. And let’s start with a name that needs to be prophesied 100’s of years, decades before it happened, did that really happen?

Mark Hitchcock: Yes, there’s a few places in the Bible where God names people long before they’re born. And probably the greatest one of those is back in the book of Isaiah with Cyrus the Medo-Persian king. Let me just read in Isaiah chapter 44:28, “God says, ‘It is I who says of Cyrus, he is my shepherd, and he will perform all my desire. And he declares to Jerusalem, ‘She will be built.’ And of the temple, ‘Your foundation will be laid.’ Thus says the Lord to Cyrus His anointed, whom I have taken by the right hand to subdue nations before me, to loose the loins of kings, to open doors before him, so the gates will not be shut.'” So, we have here in the book of Isaiah that was written 700 years before Christ.

Nathan Jones: OK.

Mark Hitchcock: We have a prophecy about Cyrus and he’s mentioned by name. And Cyrus wasn’t born until around maybe 600 BC, probably more like 590, 580 BC. So, we have a prophecy in 700 BC, 100 to probably 120 years before he’s born, naming him by name. Now because of that many liberal scholars don’t believe that the later part of Isaiah was written by Isaiah.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Mark Hitchcock: Because they have an anti-supernatural bias.

Nathan Jones: OK.

Mark Hitchcock: They would say, “Well no one knows the future, nobody can predict the future, so the fact that Cyrus is named here means this was written after the fact.” But, the whole point of this section of the book of Isaiah that God is making is that God is the one that knows the end from the beginning. God knows the future. And not only does God name Cyrus, and call him by name, and God says I’m going to open the doors before him. So, God’s the one who’s going to be sovereignly going out before Cyrus. But he says that Cyrus will declare Jerusalem, she will be built, and of the Temple your foundation will be laid. So he is prophesying in 700 BC the rebuilding of the Temple, and the Temple wasn’t destroyed until 586. So–

Nathan Jones: Over a hundred years before Cyrus even came on the scene he prophesied about him.

Mark Hitchcock: Yeah he prophesies his name, and then he prophesies the rebuilding of the Temple, which then presupposes it’s going to have to be destroyed as well. So, all of that over 100 years before Cyrus is ever born. So, again the minute detail in the Bible it’s amazing. And you can see why people who don’t believe the Bible want to get away from this and say, “You know somebody else had to write this after the fact.” Because if this was written in 700 BC by Isaiah its proof that there is a God, that He’s the true God and He knows the future.

Nathan Jones: And God didn’t do this just once in the Old Testament, right? Isn’t there somebody else who was named other than Cyrus?

Mark Hitchcock: That’s right. Yes, Josiah, King Josiah. He was the last godly king of Judah. In 1 Kings, chapter 13 in verse 2 there is a prophet there, a man of God, and Jeroboam is the wicked king up in Israel in the Northern Kingdom. And he says to Jeroboam, he says, “That there is going to be a man named Josiah, and he is going to burn the bones of these false priests who are there.” And it’s about 290 years later.

Nathan Jones: Three-hundred years!

Mark Hitchcock: Josiah comes on the scene, and he does exactly what the prophet says. You find that in 2 Kings 23:10-15, it’s fulfilled again, it’s almost 300 years ahead of time.

Nathan Jones: And they also prophesy not just Josiah’s name, but exactly what he’d do, digging up the bones of pagan priests and burning them on the altar.

Mark Hitchcock: That’s right.

Nathan Jones: And there’s a third one right?

Mark Hitchcock: Yeah, there is another one. I love this. This is my favorite one. In Isaiah chapter 7, again 700 years before the birth of Jesus.

Nathan Jones: OK.

Mark Hitchcock: It tells us that the virgin will conceive, shall bear a son, His name will be called Emmanuel.

Nathan Jones: Emmanuel.

Mark Hitchcock: And of course Jesus was never called Emmanuel, but it’s a description of who He is. And when Jesus is born in Matthew chapter 1, He is Emmanuel. He is God with us. So the name is given 700 years before He comes on the scene.

Nathan Jones: Wow, that’s amazing. Well you have another chapter. I wish we could go so deep in each of these chapters, these all they just blow my mind that Bible prophecy has been fulfilled with such accuracy. Well, let’s go to chapter 5 and you have: “A Prophecy Many People Don’t Believe” and it’s related to Daniel 11. What is that prophecy?

Mark Hitchcock: Well in Daniel chapter 11, verses 1-35, you have about 100, at least a 100, some believe 135 prophecies that are fulfilled.

Nathan Jones: In one chapter.

Mark Hitchcock: In 35 verses. What Daniel 11:1-35 is about, it really kind of chronicles for us the time when Israel is kind of in the middle, and you have the Seleucid Dynasty up in Syria to the north, and the Ptolemies down in the south in Egypt. And they are kind of in an on-going battle, for Israel that’s in between. Israel is kind of like the buffer zone between these two powers. And it’s chronicling this period that is really the time period between the Old and the New Testaments, and what’s happening during that period of time. But it’s giving activities of different individuals of the King of the North, and the King of the South they are called, and it’s just unbelievably detailed. And again it is 100-135 prophecies in 35 verses. And again people who don’t believe the Bible, don’t believe in God, have an anti-supernatural bias they say, “Well, there is no way this could have been written by Daniel in the 6th Century B.C., this had to have been written after these things happened.” And you know there was a critic in the 3rd Century named Porphyry, and he is one of the initial ones who came up with the idea that Daniel didn’t really write Daniel in the 6th Century, it was written later after the fact, after these events occurred. But if the listeners will just stop, the viewers will just go and read Daniel 11:1-35, and the detail that’s there, and understand this was written about 400 years before these events took place, its staggering the minute precision and detail that’s in those prophecies.

Nathan Jones: I went through a John MacArthur study, I believe it was “The Land of Israel” where he goes history connected to verse-by-verse, and it took forever to get through. But, the amazing fulfillment of those prophecies, just to me blows my mind folks. Well, we are going to pause here for a moment, and when we come back we are going to take a look at the second half of Mark’s book concerning Amazing Prophecies about the Future.

Part 2

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with Dr. Mark Hitchcock a pastor and well-known Bible prophecy author. We’ve been discussing his book, The Amazing Claims of Bible Prophecy. The first half of his book, and our program focused on the number of just stunning prophecies that have already been fulfilled in history with 100% accuracy. The second half of the book, which we’ll now consider looks to the future at some of the amazing prophecies still yet to be fulfilled. Mark, let’s start with chapter 11 it’s titled, “Reuniting the Roman Empire.” Ok, now, the Roman Empire was in the past, so how is this a future prophecy?

Mark Hitchcock: Well, in the book of Daniel, in Daniel chapter 2, and Daniel chapter 7 we have some again stunning prophecies that were given to the prophet Daniel about world empires.

Nathan Jones: OK.

Mark Hitchcock: And in Daniel chapter 2 Nebuchadnezzar sees a great image of a man, and the head’s gold, the chest and arms are silver, the belly and thighs are brass, the legs are iron, and then the feet and the toes are of iron and clay mixed. And we learn from the interpretation the head of gold was Babylon, followed by Medo-Persian, followed by Greece, and then the legs of iron are the Roman Empire, but the feet and the toes are made of iron and clay. And it tells us there that these ten toes are ten kings. And we know that the Roman Empire was never ruled over by ten kings.

Nathan Jones: No.

Mark Hitchcock: So, if every other part of this image was fulfilled exactly in history that has to be fulfilled as well. And it says in the days of those kings is when the Messiah is going to return.

Nathan Jones: OK.

Mark Hitchcock: So, what many have seen through that and I agree with this through the years is that what we have is in the legs of iron the historical Roman Empire, but there is going to be a revival or a reuniting of the Roman Empire in the end times under ten rulers, or ten kings. And you have the same thing in Daniel 7, you have these–there these empires are pictured by wild beasts; you have a lion, and a bear, and a leopard, and then kind of this non-descript beast but then it has ten horns.

Nathan Jones: OK.

Mark Hitchcock: And again those ten horns picture those ten kings. And there something else is added, these ten horns, a little horn comes up among them, and he ends up subduing three of those horns, and overtakes the whole thing, and that is this coming Antichrist or world ruler. So, if all the parts of this image have been literally fulfilled, there has to be a time when the Roman Empire is ruled over by ten kings, now when this little horn comes up among them. So, what I believe is the Roman Empire, and many others hold this as well, the Roman Empire will be reunited or revived in the end times under ten rulers, or ten kings. Some have taken those ten to be ten nations.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Mark Hitchcock: But the Antichrist who rises up among them he’s a little horn, and he’s an individual. So, it makes sense the other horns are individuals as well to me, so I think its ten kings. So, there is going to be a Roman Empire reunited under ten rulers, or ten kings, maybe some kind of ruling committee, or some kind of oligarchy that will exist. And of course you know with the EU we may see kind of the embryonic stages of that. The EU today is not the fulfillment of that.

Nathan Jones: OK, because some people say it is, or a Mediterranean Union where it takes over part of Africa, but you see that more during the ten king time period?

Mark Hitchcock: Yeah, I think it’s in the future. What I think we see today is the stage being set. We see kind of the build up towards this. And again you know England has just departed with Brexit and that is weakened. So, there may be a lot of twists and turns with this. And we don’t know again how it’s all going to come to pass, but I think its prophesied in scriptures so I believe it will come to pass in the future at some time. And it will interesting to see what developments take place to make that happen.

Nathan Jones: It’s interesting to see the EU’s reaction to Brexit, they are like doubling down. They want to get rid of the borders around the countries. And there’s even talk of dividing it into ten regions, which this is fulfilled Bible prophecy and it’s happening right before our eyes.

Mark Hitchcock: It is amazing.

Nathan Jones: So it is really exciting. You see a number of confederacies in the end times, can you walk us through the timeline then for the EU? Obviously we’ve got the EU together, it’s now probably, right, you mentioned in your book it’s the largest economy in the world. It is even larger than the United States, right? Well how do we get from the point where we are the EU which is weak, it’s brittle, into something that’s strong like the Antichrist taking over the whole world. Can you give us a quick little prophetic timeline from the EU up to the Antichrist?

Mark Hitchcock: Well, you’ve got, you know what’s happening over there today. And what’s going to happen is again it is going to somehow come into some form where ten people are ruling over this at some point and time in the future.

Nathan Jones: OK.

Mark Hitchcock: Then, you know that’s kind of the first phase of it. The second phase will be this Antichrist that’s going to come up among them, says he’s going to subdue three of those horns. So evidently three of them are going to revolt against him, he’s going to get rid of them. And then the others are going to give rule to him by consent. And ultimately at the middle point of a coming time of tribulation, the seven year time of tribulation in the future he’s going to take over the world and rule the world. Now a lot of people look at that and say, “Well how’s the Antichrist? How’s somebody from Europe going to rule the world?” Again a lot of things are going to be happening during the Tribulation Period. You are going to have this Gog Magog invasion of Russia and these Islamic forces who are destroyed in the land of Israel. That will change the balance of power. There is going to be plagues in the world, a fourth of the people in the world are going to die just with the fourth seal judgment.

Nathan Jones: My goodness.

Mark Hitchcock: So, you know there is going to be a lot of shifting of things. So, again what we have to do is we can’t always look at what’s happening in our world today and interpret the Bible in light of that. We have to look at what the Bible says and believe that world events ultimately will be shaped and formed to conform to what the Bible says.

Nathan Jones: Well, when you look at the Tribulation it’s almost a whole different world than today. The fact that we get from here, to almost the world being destroyed in such a quick time period is amazing. I think the Rapture has a lot to do with that.

Mark Hitchcock: Sure.

Nathan Jones: With the Rapture happening and that would probably cripple the West, especially the United States. With Russia and the Muslim nations pretty much destroyed from the Gog Magog Battle. Israel is now a prime nation, the Antichrist has a peace treaty with them. And so you actually divide the world into four regions, right? At that time.

Mark Hitchcock: Yeah, I do. Yeah. The Bible calls the King of the North, the King of the South, the Kings of the East, and then it never calls the Antichrist the King of the West, but he is heading up this kind of European, kind of Western confederacy. So, it’s kind of the alignment of nations that I see that the Bible predicts in the end.

Nathan Jones: That’s amazing, and we are actually seeing it all starting to come together in this day and age. Well let’s move–and again I wish we could really do whole episodes just on each one of these, but let’s get into chapter 16 “The Coming Cashless Society.” And before we get into it I have to apologize, we had Dr. Hitchcock on a number of years ago, and he was telling us the cell phones would actually play a part in the mark of the beast. And I was like no, I don’t think so. But, now I can’t live without my cellphone, most people can’t. And I am starting to see that people can’t buy without their cellphones. We are leaving cash behind. Is that what you believe that in the end times we will get to a totally cashless society? And where in the Bible does it say that?

Mark Hitchcock: Well the Bible never says we are going to have a cashless society. But the entry point kind of for this idea, this thinking is in Revelation chapter 13 where it talks about this Beast who is also called the Antichrist, this final world ruler. And it says that no one is going to be able to buy or sell unless they take his mark. Well, now you stop and think about that for a moment, if there is cash people will be able to be on the black market and do all kinds of things. The only way that you can control global commerce is by some kind of cashless society. And so I think the idea, he’s going to control world commerce indicates to us that he’s going to be able to control it through a cashless system. And that’s basically where we are. I mean everybody I know under 30 doesn’t ever carry money. I’ll be buying gas, and I pay cash for everything but you know they’ll be in there buying something that is $3 and they don’t have cash for it, you know. So, it’s interesting with the younger generation, that’s the way, they are already cashless really in many ways. But there are lot of very practical reasons to go cashless, it prevents counterfeiting, all the disease that comes from money, can dry up the drug trade. I mean there’s all kinds of reasons, logical reasons to go cashless. But I think the reason we’ll have to be cashless is because for one man to control the world economy, she can’t buy or sell unless you give homage to him, it’s going to have to be some type of electronic system. And again, that’s something that we see we’re moving towards, and moving towards very, very rapidly.

Nathan Jones: Revelation 13 tells us that, “No one will be able to buy or sell, except the one who has the mark.” And a lot of people said that mark is either a microchip, or a tattoo. I believe personal it is a tattoo because John could see it, it was on the skin not in the skin.

Mark Hitchcock: That’s right.

Nathan Jones: But, that without it then being tied to an electronic system the Antichrist then could cut off their money supply, and there you go you’re starved. So, it almost guarantees obedience. Now we live in a time period, right, where the technology is there to actually make that happen, right?

Mark Hitchcock: Well that’s right, with phones, you know and you have your phone and of course it’s kind of your gateway to commerce. And then with that you have you know your thumb print that goes along with that or something that identifies, that makes sure that the person who’s got the phone is the right person. They can do iris scans, all of that. So, yeah, everything can be done from a smartphone, all of that can be done. I remember years ago when I was on Southwest Airlines the first time they said, you know, “Southwest Airlines is now cashless.” You know? So, you know that’s where things are definitely headed. And again the Bible never says that there is going to be a cashless society, but it says one man is going to dominate and rule the entire world economy, no one can buy or sell without his mark. I think that mandates, or demands some kind of a system like this that can be controlled. And again we see it happening too, really right before our eyes.

Nathan Jones: Can you assure our folks that there is no way that they can take the mark of the beast now? We get so many e-mails pouring in from people, terrified that they might accidently get chipped, or take the mark of the beast. Can you give the reasons why they don’t have to worry about accidently taking the mark of the beast?

Mark Hitchcock: Well, yeah, first of all we’re not in the Tribulation Period yet.

Nathan Jones: No.

Mark Hitchcock: The Antichrist is not here. We don’t know who the Antichrist is. And the other thing is people when they take the mark of the beast are going to take it voluntarily.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Mark Hitchcock: They are going to be giving homage to the Antichrist when they do that. So, you can’t accidently take the mark of the beast. So, nothing today is the mark of the beast because the Antichrist isn’t here, we’re not in the Tribulation Period, and you can’t take it accidently. And you know some of these things, a national ID card or things like that, look those may be things that provide convenience for us, we don’t want to be paranoid thinking that everything that is coming along is leading to all of that. But, nothing we see today is the mark of the beast, so people can relax about that.

Nathan Jones: And the technology isn’t inherently evil.

Mark Hitchcock: No, that’s right. Technology isn’t evil, it is just how it’s going to be used in the future.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, it can be used for wrong. So, folks, don’t be worried about taking the mark of the beast, you can’t take it. It won’t even happen until the middle of the Tribulation, right, halfway in, and Christians will be raptured out. And speaking of Rapture, let’s talk about chapter 20, “The Day that will Shock the World.” I might have been given it away here, but what is the day that shocks the world?

Mark Hitchcock: Well, it is the Rapture of the Church. I mean the Bible says that, you know, in 1 Corinthians 15, “we shall not all sleep,” which means we won’t all die. Not everybody is going to die. “We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.” So, not everybody is going to fall asleep, not everybody is going to die, there is an entire generation of people who are going to do an end run on the grave.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Mark Hitchcock: And it’s going to happen in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye that millions of people are going to disappear all over this earth, they are going to be caught up to be with the Lord, 1 Thessalonians 4:17 tells us. I mean that’s going to be the most dramatic event since the Flood of Noah. I mean, I think we have no idea how that is going to change this world, and shock the world.

Nathan Jones: Well, do you think that it’s going to be secret as some say the Rapture will be, or do you think the public will know when it happens?

Mark Hitchcock: Well, it is going to be secret in the sense that it is going to be sudden, and they are not going to know that it is coming. But, it is going to anything but secret when it happens. I mean you know millions of people disappearing all over the earth, that can’t be something that is secret. So, yeah, people often talk about how those of us who believe in the Pre-Trib Rapture believe in a secret Rapture. It’s not going to be secret it’s going to be sudden, and it’s going to be shocking to the world, but it’s not going to be something that’s secret. It’s going to create–and I think that’s going to be one of the major shifts in the whole world is the Rapture. We have no idea what a game changer that’s going to be.

Nathan Jones: That is going to be.

Mark Hitchcock: Of how events then will align exactly as the Bible predicts.

Nathan Jones: Well, when you read how horrible the Tribulation will be, and we know that God has promised that believers in Christ in the Church Age do not have to suffer His wrath. To me that gives me hope. And Dr. Reagan always calls it our Blessed Hope.

Mark Hitchcock: Oh, yes. No, that’s right. I mean one of my friends used to say, “We’re going to get an airlift, accompanied by a facelift.” You know to go be with the Lord. And that is a great reminder for us as Believers. It’s not that we are escapists, or that we somehow believe that we are so wonderful that we don’t deserve to be persecuted. You know there is persecution, and there is tribulation in this world, small “T” but we are exempt from tribulation, the wrath of God that’s coming. And we need to be thankful for that as God’s people. He is coming at any moment to call us to be with Himself.

Nathan Jones: Amen, Mark. That gives me a lot of hope. Thank you, sir.

Mark Hitchcock: Amen.

Part 3

Mark Hitchcock: You know Bible prophecy is the greatest apologetic really for the truth of the Bible, because all of these prophecies in the past that have been fulfilled, really with stunning accuracy give us hope that the prophecies that are yet unfilled with be fulfilled also, with 100% accuracy. So, it gives us hope. The Bible has a 100% proven track record of being accurate in the things it predicts. And that gives you, and it gives me hope that the God that we believe in is the true God. That the Bible is the Word of God. And that everything we read in Scripture is true. The things we read about Jesus were true. The things we read about ourselves, and our sinfulness are true. But also the things the Bible tells us about our salvation through Jesus Christ, and His resurrection, are true as well. So, the Bible is reliable.

The Bible gives us hope for our salvation. The Bible gives us hope for the future. And we believe that Jesus could come back at any time. Jesus can intervene at any moment and catch His Bride away to be in Heaven with Him. And if you are watching today and you’ve never put your faith and your trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior that’s what I want you to do. My favorite verse in the Bible, 2 Corinthians 5:21 that says, “God made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, so that we can become the righteousness of God in Him.” So, if you’ve never trusted in Jesus you can trust in Him now, and He will give you his very righteousness. And the same God who’s made these predictions in the Bible that have come true, with 100% accuracy, He is the God who will save you and He will give you the promise to wash away yours sins. He will give the gift of eternal life. And you can believe that promise. That you can believe the great promise of Scripture that He who began in work with in you will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ. May you receive that free gift right now, that pardon that Jesus purchased for you when He died on the cross.

Nathan Jones: Thank you, Mark. It’s been a great blessing having you on our show. And that’s our program for this week. I hope it’s been a blessing to you. And I hope the Lord willing you’ll be back with us again next week. Until then, this is Nathan Jones speaking for Dr. David Reagan and all of us here at Lamb and Lion Ministries, saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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