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What is the Mystery of the Shemitah? Find out with guest Jonathan Cahn on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on January 25, 2015.

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Dr. Reagan: The best-selling book called The Harbinger proved to be very popular with the general public, but among Bible prophecy experts, it caused a storm of controversy. The author, Jonathan Cahn, has now published a second book called The Mystery of the Shemitah which is also proving to be controversial. To hear what the controversy is all about and to hear Jonathan Cahn’s response to it, stay tuned.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague, Nathan Jones, and I are delighted to have back with us as our special guest for the second week, Jonathan Cahn, who is the author of the best-selling book, The Harbinger. If you missed our program last week when we discussed with Jonathan the ominous message for America that God has given him, you can find the program on our website at Welcome back to our program, Jonathan.

Jonathan Cahn: Great to be here.

Dr. Reagan: Glad to have you.

Nathan Jones: Great to have you back on.

Jonathan Cahn: Great to be here.

Nathan Jones: Now, Jonathan is the spiritual leader of the Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, New Jersey. In one of our issues this is a 2013 “Lamplighter Magazine” we featured Jonathan here on the cover, and Dr. Reagan labeled him as one of the prophetic voices God has anointed to warn our nation of impending judgment. And as always has been the case anyone who historically speaks out in prophetic manner, calling people to repentance, Jonathan has been severely attacked for doing so. Now, Jonathan if you could let’s talk first about your first book The Harbinger maybe you could summarize the main point and then give us probably the number one criticism of it.

Jonathan Cahn: OK, yeah. “The Harbinger” is an ancient mystery from the Bible in the template of judgment that God gave to ancient Israel. When Israel was in its last days, the Northern Kingdom, there were nine harbingers identified that appeared in the land; and they reject them and they are destroyed. Well the eerie thing, or the stunning thing, or the scary thing, those same harbingers are now reappearing to America. And some of them have appeared in New York City, some have appeared in Washington but they are happening with precision. It is so precise that it actually gives the words that American leaders speak before they say them. It gives exact dates when things happen. I mean down to the seconds. So it is happening and it is affecting all of us, it has affected. And since the book came out it has not stopped it has continued, the harbingers have continued to manifest as America has continued on a course of danger as it heads away from God. So we are heading to judgment and that’s what it is.

Nathan Jones: Now, the whole book revolves around one particular verse right, Isaiah 9:10 which reads, “The bricks have fallen but we will rebuild with cut stones. The sycamores have been cut down but we will replace them with cedars. Now that verse actually expresses an attitude, right?

Jonathan Cahn: Yes. That was–Isaiah records what the people said in Israel when they got their first warning strike which was–the context is the Assyrians had come in, God allowed it years before the destruction as a warning for the nation to wake up. But instead of saying, “Hey, yeah, we are going to return to God.” They make that statement, saying even though the bricks fell we are coming back stronger. Even though the trees have been cut down we are going to bloom and blossom without God. So, they are giving defiance so Isaiah is recording this and then God says because of this, then the next part is the destruction of the nation. So, because they defied all the warnings this happens to them. In that verse are explicitly or implicitly the nine harbinger of judgment; I mean the sycamore is one, the stone is another, the utterance is another, and every single one of them has manifested in America.

Dr. Reagan: And we had people, leaders in America who actually quoted this verse.

Jonathan Cahn: It’s amazing because this verse is a verse of judgment pronouncing judgment on a nation, and yet–and listen when this started Dave, you know the Lord led me right to that Scripture. But I didn’t know that this had been said at that moment. I didn’t know one day I was on the computer and I’m typing in Isaiah 9:10.

Dr. Reagan: Boom there it is.

Jonathan Cahn: It was the Annals of Congress, I had no idea. So the very response after 9/11 Tom Daschle gets up you know the Senate Majority Leader gives America’s response the day after 9/11 and out of his mouth he says, “But we have this word,” and out of his mouth he pronounces Isaiah 9:10 without knowing what it means–

Nathan Jones: Poor choice.

Jonathan Cahn: I mean out of all– I means it’s obscure. And he’s talking about the harbingers and they are actually manifesting. He says it and then nobody knows–you have the entire government hearing this and nobody knows what it means. And yet it is going to come true. He says at the end this is what America will do and they have all manifested.

Dr. Reagan: Ok, now I would say that the number one, now you can correct me on this, but I would say the number one criticism of “The Harbinger” that I’ve heard is people saying, “Well that was a prophecy that God gave to Israel and it has absolutely nothing to do with the United States of America. First of all it’s not a prophecy.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes, that’s right.

Dr. Reagan: It’s their response.

Jonathan Cahn: That’s right. It is the prophetic word of what happened. Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: If we can’t apply verses to us.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, then forget all preaching.

Dr. Reagan: Well we might as well forget the Bible because the book of Colossians was written to the church at Colossae, it doesn’t apply to us.

Jonathan Cahn: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: Philippians doesn’t apply to us.

Jonathan Cahn: Nothing does. Yeah. Nothing does unless it says America, you know. So absolutely I mean then you have–

Dr. Reagan: This is a spiritual principle.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah you have to cut down all prophecy, yeah. So the thing is “The Harbinger” never says this was a prophecy about America. What it says is exactly what you said this was template, this is what God did. God is consistent. God is able. First of all God when He acts He judges, He warns and He will do it in a biblical way as He does it. Not only that He is also able to use the Scripture, or use a template to speak to a nation. Where you can say, “Well, wow this is all there and it identifying where we are right now as a nation.”

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Nathan Jones: Well, if we could just back up a little bit. I was confused at first because the title Harbinger, what is a harbinger?

Jonathan Cahn: I didn’t realize that.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Jonathan Cahn: A lot of people don’t know. Well get to the Shemitah and nobody knows.

Nathan Jones: How do you pronounce that?

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, the harbinger, harbinger means a foreshadow or a sign of something to come it could be good; but it usually it is an ominous warning of judgment.

Nathan Jones: Ok. And that’s what we’re seeing through Israel as a model for any nation including the United States.

Jonathan Cahn: It’s got to, this was written for our instruction. And the eerie thing is it is not only like a general principle God is sovereign over history. I mean listen when you talk about how do the leaders say that? He wasn’t the only leader. Then three years later John Edwards on the anniversary of 9/11 says the same thing and he builds his entire speech around Isaiah 9:10. So it keeps coming up. So, I believe the Lord is–I mean how does He warn a nation? He uses His Word.

Dr. Reagan: And it is a statement of arrogance and pride.

Jonathan Cahn: Defiance and all that, yes.

Dr. Reagan: Defiance, we don’t care what you’ve done here we are going to rebuild and we are–

Jonathan Cahn: And that is exactly it. And that is exactly what America did and the leaders did. In fact one of them there it says, “We will rebuild with this stone.” This is in Hebrew it is called the gazit stone. Well after 9/11 they do the same thing they take this stone and they put it at Ground Zero and they have a ceremony around the stone. And the Governor of New York says, “We are doing this in the spirit of defiance.” He literally says it. So the point is if we were there Dave, if we were there on Capitol Hill and we saw this, I mean when it happened I didn’t realize it you know when Daschle said that. But the thing is that if we were there we would say, wait a minute you know this is a bad thing there’s not going to be this revival at that point; and there wasn’t. And it was kind of a foreshadow that America would grow much further away from God.

Dr. Reagan: Ok, now what are some other major attacks on you concerning this book?

Jonathan Cahn: Ok, let me just put it into context, it is generally in a small group of people.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, I know.

Jonathan Cahn: But they speak loud. Most has not, most have held it. But yeah.

Dr. Reagan: I refer to them as the junkyard dogs of Christianity and that they are just snarling and growling and always looking for someone to attack.

Jonathan Cahn: Well, yeah, well, there I was and they came. I came into the junkyard.

Dr. Reagan: And boy did they attack.

Jonathan Cahn: I came into the junkyard and I didn’t realize it said beware of the dogs. Another one was–the first one was actually Replacement Theology; he’s preaching that God is finished with Israel classic replacement. He’s replacing Israel. Well you know listen–

Jonathan Cahn: Ok, let me just put it into context, it is generally in a small group of people.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, I know.

Jonathan Cahn: But they speak loud. Most has not, most have held it. But yeah.

Dr. Reagan: I refer to them as the junkyard dogs of Christianity and that they are just snarling and growling and always looking for someone to attack.

Jonathan Cahn: Well, yeah, well, there I was and they came. I came into the junkyard.

Dr. Reagan: And boy did they attack.

Jonathan Cahn: I came into the junkyard and I didn’t realize it said beware of the dogs. Another one was–the first one was actually Replacement Theology; he’s preaching that God is finished with Israel classic replacement. He’s replacing Israel. Well you know listen–

Dr. Reagan: Are you going to replace yourself?

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, I’m Jewish. I’m a Jew how can I? I literally have to replace myself with myself because I’m saved. So with replacement. I can’t do that. I’m totally pro-Israel. The name of the ministry is Beth Israel. I mean that is crazy. They mistook what–again most people by the way most of these people did not even read the book.

Dr. Reagan: And they accused you of saying that America has a covenant with God.

Nathan Jones: That’s the number one that when people write in and they reject your book they say that America is under the same covenant relationship as Israel, that’s not true.

Jonathan Cahn: I never said that.

Nathan Jones: But you’re book never says that.

Jonathan Cahn: It never says that. And first of all by the way you know you need that, no you don’t that doesn’t even have to part of it God can judge any nation and use His usual template.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Jonathan Cahn: But the fact is that what I bring up is that especially is pertinent to America that America was founded after the pattern of Israel; it’s there. The Puritans covenanted with God it doesn’t mean that you know, we don’t know what God did. But did He honor it? It seems like He did.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Jonathan Cahn: But that’s not the same as the covenant made with Israel when God made it.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Jonathan Cahn: There is only one nation that has that covenant. But there is something about America that is very special that is dedicated to God. And there were principles that are in effect, so that’s it. So you don’t need–you know there is nothing saying that and you know that’s it.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, I never thought you said that we were in a covenant relationship.

Jonathan Cahn: No, no and yet God can honor prayers. But even without you don’t need that the fact is He’s doing it. And then on top of that, I mean I could throw out the Mormon, he’s a Mormon.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, they accused you of being a Mason.

Jonathan Cahn: Mason, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Why? Why? I mean I don’t understand that.

Jonathan Cahn: I shared I was involved with Masonry once I was in the Jackie Mason Show. So that was it but then I repented of it, so no more Jackie Mason. So, another one was Free Masonry, Mormonism, Kabbalah, I mean you name it it’s there.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, you read the Kabbalah one a lot.

Jonathan Cahn: And because of–

Dr. Reagan: Respond to that because that is a major argument that you’re involved in the Kabbalah and all this is Kabbalah and so forth.

Nathan Jones: Explain what Kabbalah is before you answer that.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, this is like Joseph McCarthy. Basically Kabbalah is Jewish mystical writings. And if anybody comes up to me I say, no I wouldn’t read it unless you are doing research or using for apologetics. I did a series once on what the rabbi said about the Messiah at Beth Israel and it is classic apologetics. The rabbi’s actually in their writings they say that the Messiah would die for our sins. Well that is great to use for Jewish people.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Jonathan Cahn: So they say because he does that he is saying therefore he’s endorsing all this. Listen if you do that I don’t care what they say Paul went to Mars Hill.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Jonathan Cahn: He used pagan hymns to Zeus on Mars Hill to speak to the pagans of the Gospel. If he was alive today and they were there he would be crucified for being a Jupiter a Zeus worshipper. I mean crazy. All crazy. It has nothing to do with harmony.

Nathan Jones: What about people that write in and say that you are word of faith prosperity preacher. That if we repent then all the financial blessings will flow back into the United States again.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, that’s me.

Dr. Reagan: I loved your response to that when you said your photograph was made at Sears.

Jonathan Cahn: Sears budget photos, budget photos, budget photos. Also most of my clothes were Salvation Army until my wife forced me to move up. So we made a deal I went to Sears, and Walmart. I mean that’s crazy. I mean I am against those. You know that’s a half Gospel.

Dr. Reagan: It just shows you how desperate people are to attack.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. Well a lot of ministries live on that. And the other thing is that they project with whatever they are going against on whatever they are going to attack. I mean that has nothing to do with The Harbinger. And I hate prosperity the harbinger, saying God warning of judgment that’s real prosperity. I mean you know?

Nathan Jones: That is what really bothers me is that when people question your heart. And we get this at the ministry all the time, “Well you’re all in it just to sell books.” No we’re not it’s about the message to change people’s lives. Now you wrote this book to get a nation to repent, right?

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, the book is a call to repentance. And I wasn’t looking for it. I mean we live across the river from Ground Zero. Matter of fact my wife was supposed to be at the towers at the moment. At the last moment her plans were changed.

Nathan Jones: Really?

Jonathan Cahn: And so I am watching that and I’m praying. Then I started being led to that Isaiah 9:10. I was standing at Ground Zero and I saw the tree and something said, there’s something there. So I was led like one step, I wasn’t looking for it. I was led one step to the next, to the next, to the next, to the next and it kept on getting bigger, and bigger and bigger. I wasn’t going to do any book. I shared it with the congregation and everyone was blown away and said this has got to go to the nation. I didn’t do anything. Then finally I was led to write a book and you know this thing wrote itself, it happened rapid fire and then it has always been spreading by itself. I mean it just goes, and goes, and goes. I don’t take any credit for “The Harbinger”. I mean if I tried to reproduce how I could not do it. The point is it’s gone forth. God warns. He’ll do it through enemies. He’ll do it through a donkey. He’ll do it through anyone. And it has gone forth. So that is exactly that, I believe God is warning America. That’s what He does. He has a heart because He wants to save. We are in danger of judgment and it’s happening precisely.

Dr. Reagan: Well one thing that I’ve appreciated is the fact that you have not responded to these people in the kind of manner in which they have attacked you. That you’ve dealt with it with humor and mainly have ignored it and moved on your way.

Jonathan Cahn: You have to.

Dr. Reagan: You have a good friend who has written a book in defense of this.

Jonathan Cahn: Oh, yeah, you have to.

Dr. Reagan: But you can’t get involved in all of this.

Jonathan Cahn: You can’t and when I first went I went to the publisher and I said, “What do we do? You know they won’t listen.” They said, “What are you kidding? This is good.” Well I’m not saying it’s good. But the point is nothing has stopped, nothing has stopped, slowed the going forth of this warning. And God keeps opening the doors. You know several presidential candidates are reading “The Harbinger” are lifting it up, several of them. It doesn’t stop anything of God’s. So you can’t–you know this is true, listen with any believer, you can’t get lost if you’re serving God. You just move forward and keep your eyes on God and do not get lost in all the junk. You know just keep on moving forward and God will keep blessing.

Dr. Reagan: Well I know when we began this ministry I knew that teaching Bible prophecy was going to be very controversial.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: And the moment I started writing and speaking I was getting constantly, I want to debate you, I want to do this, I want to do that. And I just didn’t have time for that. And further more I just said, “Lord you’ve called me to this I am going to let you defend me. I’m not going to spend time defending myself.”

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, yeah. And it’s not that we don’t ever answer. The point is you can’t get lost in it. You know you’ve got to look ahead, you can’t look back. You do God’s thing and God will lift you up and God will take care of it. And He does. He does.

Dr. Reagan: Well I just hope and pray that this message that you are putting out here will be one that will continue to spread because this nation desperately needs to hear it. Desperately. Most people believe that America is just not subject to the discipline of God.

Nathan Jones: Just like ancient Israel.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah. And that is exactly what they said and we are moving forward. And you know as we talk–listen one thing we are watching for instance the redefinition of marriage sweep, just in the last few days here. But on top of it, and one of the things I said, one of the thing that is in “The Harbinger,” and the “Shemitah” and one of the things I’ve said is that if America doesn’t turn back one of the first things we can expect to see is the crown, America’s crown as head of nations to be removed. Just yesterday morning it came out, this is historic, China has surpassed America as the strongest economic power on earth.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Jonathan Cahn: This is from 1870, we have been the strongest economic power after we surpassed the British Empire 1871 this is a momentous thing; but it’s a part prophecy. I mean, and you know people say well look at prophecy you don’t see America as the head. Well The Harbinger and The Shemitah is kind of like filling in the middle of that, but that is what’s happening. So it is happening as we turn from God this is happening, it’s coming.

Dr. Reagan: Well you mentioned “The Shemitah” that’s a new book that you have just come out with.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: So, we’ll take a little pause here and come back and ask you to tell us what in the world is a Shemitah? And what is the thesis of your book?

Part 2

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Rabbi from New Jersey who has been anointed to proclaim a message of warning our nation. Now, Jonathan, let’s turn to your second book called, The Mystery of the Shemitah

Jonathan Cahn:Shemitah, right.

Nathan Jones: Could you define what Shemitah means?

Jonathan Cahn: Shemitah was the Sabbath year. Every seven years God said you shall rest, Sabbath year. There is no buying, no selling of the fruits of the land, no reaping, none of that. The whole land would rest. And on the last day of the Shemitah there was a special day called in Hebrew Elul 29 that was the 29th day of the month of Elul. On that day something really extraordinary happened; all debts are wiped out, all credits wiped out, the financial realm is wiped clean every seven years.

Nathan Jones: Wow.

Jonathan Cahn: This was to be a blessing. But the thing is that as Israel turned away from God the Shemitah comes back at them not as a blessing but as a sign of judgment on a nation that has known God, driven God away and now comes back strikes their sustenance, their economics, their financial realm. And it comes back in 586 BC. Remember when the judgment came on Israel Babylon comes in, they are taken out into captivity for 70 years. And they say, why 70 years? God says because the land will now rest for 70 years for the 70 Sabbaths, or the Shemitahs that they didn’t observe. It says that even in the Torah it says that this will come about as a sign of judgment on you. So, it actually becomes a sign of judgment now. And that’s where we get into, that’s where the link is with the harbinger.

Nathan Jones: And that’s stretches back to Leviticus 25:5, “You are not to reap what grows by itself from your crop, or harvest the grapes of your intended vines. It must be a year of complete rest for the land.” So every seven years then the Jews weren’t supposed to farm. They were supposed to forgive all debt. How did they live?

Jonathan Cahn: Well God said, “I will bless you on the sixth year. I will bless you with extra if you do this.” In fact in Israel today they are actually observing it.

Nathan Jones: Do they?

Jonathan Cahn: I mean sometimes they have loopholes.

Dr. Reagan: They have big loopholes like hiring Arabs to run their land.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah, or they actually sell their land to non-Jews and then they can work it and then they buy it back at the end. I mean it’s typical. But actually they have said those who have actually done it, observed it they have testimonies that they were blessed. But the point is yeah. So that’s the beginning of it, but it’s not– the Shemitah some people have confused that. I am not saying America is to do this anymore then with the harbinger, or that it is about the law of the Shemitah. It is the Shemitah as a prophetic sign.

Dr. Reagan: Ok, well let’s get into that for a moment. One of the criticisms that has already been made of the book is how in the world can you take a law that God gave to the Jewish nation and apply it to Gentile nations?

Jonathan Cahn: Right exactly. Well first of all again starting with the other things we spoke about “The Harbinger” everything in the Bible is for us as well. It doesn’t mean we are under something. But there is meaning to it. Secondly, it’s not the Shemitah as a observing it, I never said that. I’ve seen some things that says Jonathan said that. Absolutely not. Not at all. It is the Shemitah as a prophetic sign. When the Shemitah came as a prophetic sign of judgment on Israel when they were 70 years, God says it exactly this is the timing of the Sabbath of the land that they didn’t observe, now the land is going to rest. Well that involved Babylon. The rise of Babylon had to happen according to that timing. They had to fall and Persia had to rise up so that the 70 years would be the 70 years and then they could go back to the land, so it affects, so even world history is affected.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, but I don’t see how that applies to Gentile nations. I mean were not supposed to let the land rest. We are not commanded to let the land rest so why in the world would this apply to us?

Jonathan Cahn: It’s not about–ok I am not telling people to observe the Shemitah that’s not what this is about.

Dr. Reagan: Alright.

Jonathan Cahn: It’s saying that God can use, just as He used the shemitah as a sign of judgment on Israel a nation that had turned away from God. The message of the shemitah is that all your blessings come from God. If you go away from God that therefore the blessings will be removed. Now the point is and same with the harbinger is that God can use a sign from the Bible to speak.

Now let me give you an example with this. One of the things is that you have the day Elul 29, that is the day when all debts and credit is wiped out. Well here you have America and we talk about the warning before that if America turns away from God its blessings will be removed. Well, you have on 2001 you have 9/11, on several days later you have the greatest collapse of the financial realm Wall Street it collapses. Wall Street collapses on September 17th the greatest collapse. When did that take place? It happens on the day appointed in the Bible, Elul 29 that says the day of wiping away financial accounts, wiping away the financial realm happens on the exact day down to the hour. Then not just the day, not just Elul 29 once a year, it is the once in seven year time, exactly it is one day and seven years.

Then fast forward to 2008 we just had the great recession, you have the greatest collapse happens on September 29th that is the greatest collapse to this day, it surpassed the one in 2001. It happens on September 29th, when? On the exact same day appointed in the Bible as the day of Elul 29, happens exactly according to the mystery of the shemitah it happens exactly seven years apart the two greatest crashes down to the day, down to the minute, down to the second the two greatest crashes on the same day that happens to be that.

On top of that, Dave, on top of that and this is after and this begins in the harbinger. When I looked there is a pattern that goes beyond that that when you look at the greatest collapses in Wall Street history all of them, last 40 years every one of the greatest long term collapses happens clustered around the year of the Shemitah. Every single one of them. They are seven years apart even from the one before, the one after, you can go down the list. It is a continual pattern.

In fact Wall Street, people on Wall Street have always been mystified why do these greatest crashes generally happen around autumn, if you know. Well they all cluster, the majority of the greatest day crashes cluster around the Hebrew month of Tishrei that is September/October. That’s the very time in the Bible that is linked to the Shemitah when God says this happens.

Dr. Reagan: Well one of the problems I have with this as you well know, the Jewish calendar is a mess. It’s a mess. I mean it’s lacking about 250 years that should be in there because the sages short termed the Persian rule. They put it down for about 52 years and it was over 200 years so the whole calendar is off. They don’t know when the Jubilee years are. How do they know when the Shemitahs are?

Jonathan Cahn: Well it is interesting because Jubilee is part of this thing too.

Dr. Reagan: You never explained that in your book.

Jonathan Cahn: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: As to how they determine that these years are the Shemitahs?

Jonathan Cahn: Well first of all, the first thing is that we know that the Shemitahs were observed, the Jubilees were not–there is a gap as far as their observance in the time of the Messiah, so it is very hard to figure out anything with the Jubilee. But there is a mystery here, but the other thing is that with the Shemitahs though they were observed in the time of Messiah, they were observed, they are recorded by Josephus, they are recorded in the rabbinical writings, they are recorded. And simply so what they did was simply taking the observances which were there in the times in Bible times they continue out and they fall on these exact times.

Dr. Reagan: Well I would argue this. I would say that the Shemitahs were nonobservant during the years, the 1,800 years that the Jews were out of the land.

Jonathan Cahn: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: That they only apply to the Jews being in the land. The Jews repossessed the land in 1948 that’s when the Shemitah count should begin, 1948, that’s when the possessed the land Jonathan.

Jonathan Cahn: First off let me say something–

Nathan Jones: That would make it 2010 and 2017.

Dr. Reagan: So the first one would be ’54-’55.

Jonathan Cahn: Well actually that’s, actually that’s when you have nationhood, but the fact is that as soon as they started returning in the 19th Century that is when they started farming the land.

Dr. Reagan: Nah, they didn’t possess it.

Jonathan Cahn: Listen, ok in any case that is when they went to the rabbis and said, “How do we do this?” That’s when they started observing.

Dr. Reagan: Well I just think this is very arbitrary, Jonathan.

Jonathan Cahn: Well it is actually very specific. Nobody can come up with it. Matter of fact all around the world they are observing it at this time. From the time of the First Temple and the fact is, and here is the thing Dave the fact is regardless of that here are the times, it is universal I mean as far as when it is done here. It happens on the sign. Regardless of what one thinks go back the fact is on these exact times all these things happen. And if you look again Wall Street, look back it is happening according to it. It’s like saying even with the Sabbath God wove the Sabbath into–

Dr. Reagan: Well, I think the saving grace of your book is right at the end when you say, “Well looking back we have to admit that things do not always happen on the Shemitah.”

Jonathan Cahn: Oh, no, from the–here’s another interesting thing about this–

Dr. Reagan: Otherwise I’d–

Jonathan Cahn: It’s ok. Well listen we will see what happens. But here’s the thing, Dave, the other thing is this I’ve had economists come to me. I’ve had financial guys from Wall Street because we are not far from there come to me and say, “You know what, this is there.” They had no idea about the shemitah. But after I wrote the book all these– they have the seven year cycle and guess what the seven year cycle comes on each time the years that they identify without realizing it they don’t know about the rabbis, they’re not looking at the calendar. They are all identifying the seven years are happening the crashes on the time of the shemitah.

Plus another economist came to me and said, “You know what?” They showed me the debt cycle, and the fact is when the debt cycle is the highest and remember this is linked to debt in the Bible that’s when this phenomenon is the strongest. And when the debt is the lowest in a cycle that’s when it is weaker. But the fact is right now we have the most astronomical debt on earth. So let me just say something here it’s not about observing it and I’m not interested in what people observe. People write to me, how should observe? It’s not about that. It’s about that God is able to use anything in His Word as a warning, as a sign to say this is My hand. You know when you mentioned before you said that crash, and you noticed wait a minute 777, well yeah. But you know what Dave, you know that was also the day of the seventh year in the Bible. That was the exact day. And not only that how much was wiped out? Seven percent was wiped out. How much the other time? Seven percent. On the exact day down to the minute, Dave.

So, the fact is you say God puts His fingerprints. Is it something about the seven? No it’s His fingerprints saying that I’m warning you. The ultimate message of the Shemitah is our blessings come from God. If the nation ever turns away from God which it is doing those blessings will be removed. That is what happened to Israel. And that is happening now.

Dr. Reagan: And that is a good message.

Part 3

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with Jonathan Cahn the author of The Harbinger and his other book called, The Mystery of the Shemitah. Jonathan how can people get in touch with you if they want to ask a question?

Jonathan Cahn: They can go to that’s our outreach ministry it has all the teachings that this comes from so is probably good. And they can get The Harbinger and The Shemitah everywhere in the universe from Walmart to Amazon it’s everywhere.

Nathan Jones: Ok.

Dr. Reagan: Well Jonathan, I just praise God for the mighty way in which He is using you to speak out to this nation and call it to repentance. And I just pray that people will hear the message and that they will come to repentance. Well folks that is our program for this week I hope it has been a blessing to you and I hope you will be back with us next week the Lord willing. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for myself and for my colleague Nathan Jones saying, look up, be watchful for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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