Jonathan Cahn on the Biblical Blueprint for America

What fascinating biblical blueprint is unfolding in America today? Find out with speaker Jonathan Cahn on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Air Date: November 4, 2018

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Dr. Reagan: Jonathan Cahn has emerged recently as one of God’s most powerful prophetic voices calling this nation to repentance and warning us of judgment and destruction if we refuse to repent. At our 2018 Bible conference, he spoke about a fascinating biblical blueprint that is unfolding in our nation today. Stay tuned.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. The theme of our 2018 Bible conference was “God’s Prophetic Voices to America.” At the conference we featured several of the prophetic voices that were mentioned in the book that I wrote with the same title.

One of those voices was Jonathan Cahn, best-selling author and rabbi of a Messianic congregation in Wayne, New Jersey. During his presentation, he revealed a biblical blueprint for what is happening in our nation today.

Here now is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

Jonathan Cahn Presentation

Jonathan Cahn: Shalom. No, I’m sorry I’m in Texas that’s wrong. Shalom y’all. There are rule books I have here. I bring you greetings from the promise land, New Jersey. I flew in. Listen it is my honor to be here. I’m flying out after this but I’ll meet you afterwards. But I wanted to do that of course to minister, but to also honor Dave Reagan who has been serving the Lord, and the purposes of God for so many years in season, out of season. A faithful servant of God. So, it is my honor to be here.

It is written the sons of Issachar knew the times and they knew what Israel should do. Elijah knew the times in which he lived, thus he knew what he was to do. Paul knew the times in which he lived, and thus he fulfilled his calling. It is crucial that the body of Messiah know the times in which it exists that it might know that, that we might know what we are to do in God. It’s crucial. These are critical times. These are pivotal times. These are prophetic times even in this last year, prophetic events. The ground is shifting beneath our feet. We are witnessing the greatest, most massive cultural, moral, spiritual, civilizational transformation in history. People are saying, “What is going on?” As if it is out of control.

But imagine if they discovered a master blueprint that was behind everything that is happening right now. A blueprint from over 2 ½ thousand years ago reveals the events of our times. Not only what is to happen. What has happened, but pinpoints when the year, and in some cases the month, the week, and in some cases the day even down to the minute. Imagine if it revealed the events of our times. The people of our times. Who is on the national stage? How long they will have on the stage? And behind each of the leaders there is an ancient blueprint that they are following without realizing it. What if it revealed the outcome of the future? What if we were replaying this? What if God is warning? If we could open up the blueprint what would it tell us? What keys would it give? What warning would it give to us?

Well The Paradigm this is what this blueprint is, or I called it the paradigm concerns a revelation very much linked to The Harbinger. I didn’t plan on writing it like The Harbinger it just came rapidly. In fact it intersects with the revelation and warning of The Harbinger. The Harbinger for those who don’t know reveals the prophetic signs from ancient times that are warning America, appeared in the last days of Ancient Israel are now reappearing around us. It is still moving forward. Now, The Paradigm is saying that everything is part of this, not just the signs, but everything.

Now I want to say before I start it, it is so explosive I have to say this it does name names, but remember we have no enemies. We must oppose what is evil. We must pray for those who commit evil. Anything else is sin. Number two if you came here for political correctness you came to the wrong seminar. But we have to be eternally correct so we can hear from God.

What I am going to share here in this begins with the ancient nation of Israel. A nation that had known God. Drove God out its public square. Called what was evil good, and what was good evil. Promoted immorality. Promoted sexual immorality. Embraced false gods and idols. Chief among them the god called Ba’al or we know him as Baal. He was the god that promised them prosperity. And to prosper the works of their hands, but his worship involved priests, and priestesses engaged in sexual immorality. Sex was taken out of the bonds of marriage and put on public display. Marriage was degraded in the wake of a sexual revolution. Popular culture became sexualized. Some of Baal’s priests were called the kadeshem, they were male prostitutes. His worship involved the confusion of gender. Baal had his altars. He required a price to be paid for prosperity. They were to offer up their children on his altars. They would approach the brazen altar, place their child in the metal arms of their god, then release their child to the flames. And the Bible records because of that God would bring judgment. That was the metamorphoses that overtook this ancient nation.

Well, there is one other nation that was also founded at its inception, on the Word and will of God, and that nation was America. America was founded after the pattern of ancient Israel. But America like ancient Israel is also undergoing the same metamorphoses; turning against the God of its foundation. Likewise we have been driving God out of the public square, calling what was evil good, and what is good evil. We have promoted sexual immorality all over the world. We have embraced our own idols. We would never speak it as this, but we also have followed the spirit of Baal; serving the god of increase, gain, prosperity. And as with Israel that brings about then a sexual revolution. Marriage we have taken it out of the marital bed, and put it on display. And we have also called sexual immorality something treated as if it was holy. And as with Israel we have also embrace a confusion of gender. And as with Israel’s worship of Baal there has come an offering of children. We will never call it that but Israel offered up thousands, we have offered up millions of our unborn through a different fire.

But in the fall of ancient Israel there came a period where it accelerated; where pagan immorality became the ruling morality of the land. It was endorsed now from the palace. The nation experienced a culture war. In America we have also seen an acceleration in this apostasy. And where anti-biblical morality has become the ruling morality. And for the first time it has been championed from the highest places in our culture. In The Paradigm the culture war is inaugurated with the rise of a King named Achab we know him as Ahab. He’s divided. He’s compromised. He knows of God but he wars against Him. He is the first king in Israel’s history to champion the worship of Baal, meaning child sacrifice, and sexual immorality, and the overturning of biblical values. So too in America we had a culture war. It was coined with the rise of a man that we know as Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton, not about the man, not about what he knows, or does not. But Bill Clinton will follow the paradigm of Ahab. He will be a man divided. Brought up in the Bible-belt, yet warring against the morals of God. He’s compromised.

Ahab was the first king to champion the offering up of children. Bill Clinton was the first president to champion the offering up of children in abortion. He became the first president, his link, his time in office was linked to sexual immorality. As Ahab sought to redefine biblical values, Bill Clinton would make a statement saying, “We are redefining the unchanging values that have guided us from the beginning.”

In the chapter in the book called, “The Days of the King” the question is how long was Bill Clinton on the national stage? When did his rise to power begin? It began when he became governor of Arkansas that was January of 1979. It ended with the end of his presidency January of 2001. How many years of Bill Clinton? Twenty-two years of Bill Clinton. In 1 Kings it is written, “Ahab son of Omri reigned in Samaria for a period of 22 years.”

The years of Bill Clinton follow the years of King Ahab. But Ahab wasn’t alone and neither was Bill Clinton. In the chapter in The Paradigm it is called “The Queen a New Figure Enters the Stage.” Again it is not about the person it’s a sign. Her name is Iezabel, we know her as Jezebel. She grows up in a cosmopolitan culture, liberal values. She is the daughter of the priest of the goddess Astarte. She worships female power. She will marry Ahab, move to his land. She will never adopt the values of Israel. She’ll see conservative values as something to be warred against. She will incite her husband to do the same. Hillary Clinton will follow the paradigm of Iezabel the ancient queen, without knowing it. According to the paradigm she grows up in a cosmopolitan culture, Chicago. She venerates female power. She marries Bill Clinton, moves to the Bible-belt, never adopts traditional values. She sees those values as something to be warred against. She as Jezebel made her goal to turn over the deep-seated religious beliefs of Israel for the worship of Baal. Hillary Clinton would actually make this statement, she said, “Deep-seated religious beliefs have to be changed.” Why? So that abortion can expand. As Jezebel became the chief advocate of child sacrifice; Hillary Clinton has become the chief advocate of abortion in America. In fact, it’s not opinion, Planned Parenthood voted her the abortion champion, not of the year, not of the decade, of the century.

Together the two would advocate, we are not saying they knew what they were doing, but they would advocate against biblical values even for partial birth abortion. And also to what would lead to the overturning of marriage later on. Of the two it was Ahab who wavered back and forth, so with Bill Clinton. It was Jezebel who was seen as the harder, the harsher one; so with Hillary Clinton. The paradigm reveals secrets in high places. Jezebel it say she brought the priests of Baal and the gods of Phoenicia, the male and female gods into the palace.

Well, it would seem impossible that could ever happen in America. Now, I am not going into detail we don’t have time but it is revealed in the book in the chapter “The Goddess” the First Lady and the President actually consulted with those who are called priestesses, New Age high priestesses. And the First Lady brought this high priestesses literally into the White House. And literally the woman wrote a book at the time advocating goddess worship, and mentioned the goddess that Jezebel worshipped. It all happened in the White House. Will not go into it. But now moving on.

The days of the King and Queen were not just of apostasy they were also days of scandal. Well, so too with the Clinton years. It’s written that Ahab coveted a vineyard of a man named Naboth. Naboth wouldn’t give it up so Jezebel came up with a plan, had him falsely accused and killed. Ahab goes to the vineyard to take it. As he goes there he finds a surprise Elijah is waiting for him. Elijah exposes the sin, and tells him judgment will come, and the end of your reign will come. And so therefore in the same way the Clinton years are defined by scandal. There will be a scandal that will break out, several, but the one that will mark his presidency forever will lead to his impeachment was a scandal also of coveting, taking what was not his. Breaking the Ten Commandments, the Lewinsky scandal. The fall of Ahab was linked to the tribe of Levi, I won’t go into it but it is linked to the Tribe of Levi. Began as he broke the Levitical laws, it ended in the city of the Levites when he was killed. Could a modern presidential scandal actually be linked to the ancient Tribe of Levi? From the name Levi comes the name Levin; from Levin comes Lewan; from Lewan comes the name Lewinsky. The name the very name of the scandal comes from the name Levi; same tribe linked to the fall of Ahab.

What does the biblical paradigm say? When was the sins of the king exposed? Happen in the 19th year of the King Ahab. What happens if we take Clinton when he came on the national stage 1979, add 19 years, his 19th year on the stage was 1998, the year of the scandal. Actually it leads you to the month January, and that is the exact month of the scandal. But it’s going to get more mindboggling than that because the paradigm reveals something else; in the midst of the scandal when Elijah rebukes Ahab, Ahab repents at least for a time. Probably on the surface but he does. And God says, “Because he repented I’m going to delay the calamities. I am going to lay it off. It will be held off. It will still come on the nation but it’s going to be delayed.” And so how long? Three years. Three years. So, you’ve got the kings repentance of the scandal, three years, and then a calamity.

Did Bill Clinton ever repent over the sins of the scandal? The answer is first he denied it, he denied it for months. But then finally he did. It happened in the East Room of the White House, and he was in front of ministers. He said, “I have sinned against God and man. I ask for forgiveness.” He said, “This is my repentance.” So, what happens if you take the date that it happened? The king’s repentance, add three years of Ahab of the paradigm, will it bring you to any significant date? If you take that exact day, add three years exactly it leads you to the date, the date it leads you to is September 11, 2001. The day of the calamity. If you take the king’s repentance, Clinton happened in the morning, takes you to the morning of 9/11. It happened, the event began at 8:30; 9/11 the hour that it begins 8:30 within 15 minutes it begins. The President repents from between 9-10 o’clock, peak of 9/11. And could the event in the White House could it actually contain 9/11? Well, the event ends at 10:30 the morning, three years later, the last part of 9/11 the tower, the north tower falls to the earth it’s 10:29, then 10:30 it’s all contained.

If you had known. And I didn’t know. If I had known, if you had known this years before you could have marked this on your calendar. What happens next? People think that Ahab ends and so does Jezebel, that’s not what happened. What happens in the biblical paradigm is the king’s reign comes to an end but the queen goes on, on the political stage. So, according to the paradigm Bill Clinton’s reign comes to an end. Hillary Clinton first time in the history of America goes on, on her own political career. As did her ancient prototype Jezebel, she continues to dwell in the halls of power. And she dwells in the capital city. In 2008 Hillary Clinton seeks to become the ruler of the land, but in the paradigm the throne goes to a younger man.

He enters The Paradigm the chapter is called, “The Heir.” Barack Obama will follow the paradigm of King Joram. King Joram will continue the policies of Ahab and Jezebel; so Obama will continue the policies. Hillary Care becomes Obama Care, abortion, marriage, all that continues. But in that time the reign of the Joram is categorized by a hostility to the ways of God, and the people of God. So, in the years of Obama America markedly turned away from God. And there was a distinct hostility from the highest places against religious conservatives. During the reign of Joram, Jezebel dwelled in the palace. So, during the reign of Barack Obama when he came to the White House he comes with the former First Lady first time in American history. Barack Obama was unknown until that speech at the Democratic Convention. Keynote speech launches rise to power overnight. Overnight he spoke as a potential president. When did that happen? It happened in 2004, that’s the beginning. He comes on the stage just like lightening. When did Obama, his time on the national stage end? His last year as president was 2016; 2004-2016 is 12 years. Twelve years of Barack Obama. Of his ancient prototype 2 Kings, King Joram reigned in Samaria for a period of 12 years.

Now, the paradigm actually will reveal also will speak of a figure who will be the prototype of Bin Laden; an enemy rises up, and archenemy in the times of Ahab. And I won’t go through it but it actually will give you the way he will be assassinated. It will give what he will do, the assassination will ordain, it happens in the bedroom and it will give the year. But we do not have time for that I want to move to the next part.

When does the paradigm–well, actually what the paradigm reveals then of ancient Israel, what about America? Here we are now. It is going to come up to right where we are. In ancient Israel the nation comes to a crossroads. If the house of Ahab continues in power it would have sealed the nations apostasy, religious liberty would have been stamped out. The Word of God would have been eliminated. The people of God would have been persecuted. So, in America we reached a similar crossroads. If the reign of anti-biblical leaders, or leaders who had anti-biblical agendas continue it would have sealed America’s apostasy. It would have sealed the Supreme Court for a generation. It would have ended religious liberty. This was the campaign where Hillary couldn’t actually proclaim that your deep seeded religious beliefs have to be changed. This was the campaign that brought the most brazen convention in the history of the Democratic Party where they actually celebrated the killing of the unborn, and vowed to strike down the Hyde Amendment so you would be directly funding the killing of babies. That’s what was at stake in the last election.

But in the ancient paradigm there comes a surprise. A man who is revealed. He is revealed as the warrior, his name is Jehu. He will be the mystery behind the man you know as Donald Trump. Funny thing about Donald Trump, you just say his name and there is laughter. I don’t mean that in any way, or not but it is kind of release here. I wrote The Harbinger as a prophetic warning. Years before this past election, people didn’t realize that I was lead to include Donald Trump in there. I didn’t name him but he’s there. You can find it. In 2 Kings chapter 9 it says, “The prophet Elisha sends a prophet to the army camp to meet a man name Jehu. He takes Jehu alone and he says, ‘Thus says the Lord God of Israel, I have anointed you to become king of Israel to war against the house of Ahab.'”

The mystery of Donald Trump is found in Jehu. Donald Trump as far as America is concerned, as far as Israel is concerned you have Cyrus. As far as America Jehu. Jehu was not a politician; Donald Trump was not a politician. Jehu was a fighter. Donald Trump is a fighter; he fights with everybody. Jehu was not a gentleman. Well? Jehu was kind of wild, kind of out of control, you never knew what he was going to do next. Do I have to say anything? Jehu would come on the national stage suddenly and shake up the status quo, so, too with Donald Trump. Jehu would begin a race to the throne of Israel; Donald Trump will begin a race to the throne of America. Jehu had not lived a godly life; neither had Donald Trump. But now this warrior is used despite himself for God’s purposes in this moment. Jehu mounts up his chariot, heads to the royal city. On the way the watchman sees him coming and he says, “The driving is like that of Jehu for he driveth furiously.” Donald Trump, you want to describe his race? Well the word in Hebrew is not just furious, the word in Hebrew is also crazy. He will drive, the driving of the race, the race to the thrown is crazy. In fact some of your Bibles say, “He driveth like a madman.” Well, that was the race. Yet Jehu gets there. In his rise to the throne, listen Jehu the warrior will come head to head against the former First Lady.

But there will come a showdown at the end the paradigm says, “Well, there therefore you have Donald Trump, you have Hillary Clinton, you’ve got the warrior, got this fighter and then you’ve got the former First Lady, head to head. Now, if you remember all the polls were saying Hillary Clinton was going to trounce Donald Trump. But the ancient paradigm said something else it says, “When the warrior comes against the former First Lady it will be the warrior who will emerge triumphant.” Now, Jehu was also a judgment on King Joram’s rule.

There is a covenant that goes back 4,000 years, you know it because you love God here, and you love prophecy; whatever you do to the Jewish people shall be done to you. A year before the American election there was an election in Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu was running for re-election, Obama intervened if you remember. He sought to stop Netanyahu from being elected, overturn his stand everything, but he didn’t win–he didn’t–it wasn’t successful Netanyahu kind of like this last election it was a surprise he won. And it’s funny because all the liberal media was celebrating that Netanyahu was over, and then all of a sudden it all went–CNN went blank, black nothing, there was no reporting. Finally Netanyahu said, “Listen they are not going to report it. I’ll report it. I just won.”

But the thing is whatever you do, so here get this if you intervene in the election of the nation of Israel, God will intervene in the election in your land. And if you try to overturn the legacy of the leader of Israel, God will overturn your legacy. When the warrior defeats the former First Lady it happens in the nations–they are both in the nation’s chief northeastern cities, so too Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, same city there. How long was Hillary Clinton in power? How long was she on the national stage? Twenty-two years with her husband, First Lady of Arkansas, and then of America. After that twelve years in government, she steps down for two years, comes back for two years to go forward to try to become president. So you put it together 22 years with her husband, 14 years on her own political career. How long was Jezebel on the national stage? Twenty-two years with her husband, on her own 14 years.

The warrior then turns his attention to the capital city where he’s got to go to become ruler of the land. So, Donald Trump turns his attention to Washington. Jehu heads to the capital city with one agenda. What was that agenda? To drain the swamp. Literally. I mean if you look, violently. Donald Trump heads there with the same agenda. On the way to the throne Jehu meets a man named Jehonadab, now Jehonadab was a mystery guy. He’s identified though in virtually every Bible commentary as a representative of the people of the land, the religious conservatives of the land. Amazingly he meets with them. Donald Trump on his way to the capital meets with religious conservatives. What does Jehu do? Jehu basically says, “Listen, I’m with you. Are you with me?” What did Donald Trump do? What did he say to Christians? He said, “I’m with you. I’m for life. I’m for religious liberty. I’m for this. I’m for these values. Will you be with me?” Jehonadab says, “Yes,” and he gets in the chariot with Jehu and the two of them ride to the capital city. Well so too most religious conservatives said, “Yes” because they knew the alternative. And in the same way actually Donald Trump actually made a partnership with a literal man, Mike Pence who is a born again Christian. And who’s very much like, he’s a man like Jehonadab. Jehonadab abstained from any appearance of evil, all that. And the two of them head to the capital city. If Donald Trump was not supported by Christians, or by many of them he would not be president.

When did all these things take place? They all happened, the queen was defeated. Jehu took the throne all in the 12th year or Joram. Well, if you take that, you take the beginning of Joram, you take his rise to power in 2004 that takes you to 2016, that’s exactly when it happened. Now when Jehu gets to the capital city he sets out first thing to dismantle the cult of Baal, the killing of children. And to take down the temple of Baal that Ahab had built in the capital. Jehu destroys the temple of Baal. He dismantles the cult of Baal. He cuts off government support, no more support for the killing of children. What did Donald Trump do? Despite, doesn’t matter who the person is. What did Donald Trump do? First thing he did was to issue executive orders to overturn the pro-abortion orders of his predecessor.


Dr. Reagan: Folks, I’m so sorry we have to cut here, but that’s all the time we have left. You can get the rest of his message on our 2018 conference video album that our announcer will tell you about in a moment.

Well, that’s our program for this week. I hope it’s been a blessing to you, and I hope, the Lord willing, that you will be back with us next week.

Until then, this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our Redemption is drawing near.”

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