Koenig on the Obama Legacy

Will America ever recover from President Obama’s immoral legacy? Find out with guest Bill Koenig on television’s “Christ in Prophecy.”

Air Date: April 9, 2017

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Dr. Reagan: In 2008 while running for the presidency, Barack Obama promised changed, and after he was elected, he delivered on that promise big time; in fact, far beyond anything most people could have imaged. What is his legacy? And how should it be evaluated from a biblical perspective? Stay tuned for an interview with a White House Correspondent who is also an Evangelical Christian.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague, Nathan Jones, and I have a very special guest in the studio with us today. He is Bill Koenig, who has been a White House Correspondent for the last 15 years. He is president of a news website called World Watch Daily, and he publishes a weekly report called, “Koenig’s Eye View from the White House.” He is also the author of a brand new book called, “Revealed: Obama’s Legacy.” Bill, welcome to Christ in Prophecy.

Bill Koenig: Thanks, Dave. It is great to be back.

Dr. Reagan: We are delighted to have you here today.

Nathan Jones: Great to have you on Bill.

Bill Koenig: Thank you, Nathan, great to be here.

Nathan Jones: Well, let’s jump right in, Obama’s Legacy. Now, in the beginning Dave said that Obama was going to bring hope and change, and that he might bring it in a big time. Do you agree with that? Did Obama really change things?

Bill Koenig: Oh, no doubt about it.

Nathan Jones: No doubt.

Bill Koenig: Every area of our life that means a lot to us, especially as Evangelical Christians have been impacted. We are seeing that on a daily basis.

Nathan Jones: OK, what ways has he changed our country then?

Bill Koenig: Well I think number one is the morality. The day he was being sworn in on January 20, 2009 at the very time he was being sworn in his white house was putting up the LGBT agenda on the White House website under Civil Rights, and it’s watered down quite a bit at the end. But we just could not believe it. I mean the same day this total cultural, immoral change was being put on the White House website, and that was the declaration of war from day one.

Dr. Reagan: Well I guess that is what prompted you to make this statement because I have a statement that really jumped out at me from your book, in which you said, “Barack Obama,” and I’m quoting you, “has done more to promote immorality and perverse sexuality than any man in American history.”

Bill Koenig: Hate to ever have to put it that way Dave, but that’s what happened. I mean we are dealing with that on a daily basis. Today just think what it’s like for Christians in the workplace. Just think what it was like for Christians in Obama’s military. And the difficulty for chaplains. I mean every area of our life, we’re considered the enemy. We’re considered the problem. We’re considered the bigots, and it started with what I–

Dr. Reagan: Who would have ever imagined that the day would come when the White House would be lite up with the colors of the moral perversion movement?

Bill Koenig: Absolutely. Absolutely, June 26–

Dr. Reagan: It’s like I’m going to cram it down your throat.

Nathan Jones: Or that we’d fight for transgender to be in, you know men to be into women’s bathrooms. And the sport leagues fighting to get that. It is almost like overnight the country turned towards transgenderism and homosexuality. When before they were very reserved about it.

Bill Koenig: No doubt about it. I think what happened is during Clinton’s eight years in office his June was the National Day of Pride month.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, every June.

Bill Koenig: And then President Bush, George W. Bush had nothing like that. Nothing in June. And then when Obama took over June was the LBGT and then they added Q later in case you don’t know what you are.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Well you know that used to just enrage me, and it still does when he would declare June as the month to celebrate sexual perversion. And I would write him every year. I would get on the internet and send a message to the White House. I didn’t expect any answer. I didn’t expect him to read it. But I just had to do it, and I would object. But one year I decided to take a different approach. And that year I decided to get sarcastic. So, what I did is I said, “Mr. President, You say that you believe in equal opportunity for everyone, non-discrimination. Why are you discriminating in your in the declaration you’re making each June where you celebrate lesbian, bi-sexual, homosexual, and it goes on and on.” I said, “Why didn’t you add prostitution? Why didn’t you add adultery? Why didn’t you add pedophile? I mean why don’t we just take all the moral perversions and put them in there? Why are you discriminating?”

Bill Koenig: Yeah, it leads to those things. And it gets worse, and worse. And unfortunately in my chapter “LGBT- He Owns It” no leader in the world had a great influence on the spreading of LGBT around the world and same-sex marriage as him. And we fight it here Dave with a Christian population that’s pretty substantial. What about the small little countries around the world that have hardly any Christians? And it just came right into those countries so quickly.

Dr. Reagan: Every time he visited an African country he had to you know just unload on this issue.

Bill Koenig: And even used funds–

Dr. Reagan: Lectured them.

Bill Koenig: Exactly. And even used federal funds saying get in line with LGBT or its going to affect our foreign aid to your country.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I know that as a White House Correspondent you must have been very frustrated about the fact that we’ve got a terrible civil war going on in Syria. We’ve got Iran threatening the world. We’ve got North Korea lead by a crazy man. And all these problems and we in America are focusing on whether or not a man could go into a woman’s bathroom.

Bill Koenig: Total obsession.

Dr. Reagan: Total obsession.

Bill Koenig: And what has happened is these LGBT activists have worked their way into guest relations where they’re in charge of who gets on as a guest with major TV networks. They’ve worked their way into positions of influence in corporate America. Into sports leagues. I mean look what happened in North Carolina.

Nathan Jones: Yeah the bathroom law.

Bill Koenig: Look what happened to the state of North Carolina just basically their bill after Charlotte said you know we need to open up bathrooms.

Dr. Reagan: The Word of God says that if you rebel against Him, He is going to step back, He’s going to lower the hedge of protection, He’s going to allow sin to multiply. In fact in Romans 1 three times and the last time He steps back it says He will deliverer the nation over to a depraved mind. I think that’s where we are.

Bill Koenig: Yeah, sadly that’s true. I mean when you think about it a couple good examples here Secretary Gates in the Pentagon said that President Obama showed hardly, if any emotion at all about the plight of the military, and other things that are necessary in terms of our readiness, preparation, and our budgets. But he was very involved with getting rid of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Bill Koenig: Great interest in that. Same thing with Islam. A Muslim apologist. He showed no emotion about the plight of Christians being persecuted and slaughtered for their faith in the Middle East. But a lot of emotion about bringing refugees from the Middle East, Northern Africa into America.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah. Kelly Shackelford the head of the Liberty organization here in the Dallas area, one of the greatest defenders of the Christian faith in this country has said over and over again, “The average Christian says, ‘Well, you know if homosexuals want to marry that’s fine. What does that have to do with me? It doesn’t have anything to do with me.” And he said over and over, “It’s going to impact everyone. Everyone.” Because for example you apply for a job the sexual perversion mafia, which is what I call them. Now they get on the internet, they see what church you’re going to. They see what sermons that person is preaching. And suddenly you’re under attack because you attend a church where a person preaches a sermon that says homosexuality is sinful.

Bill Koenig: Absolutely. And Christians having to go to sensitivity programming whether it is in the US military. I have a friend whose son graduated from the Naval Academy, is in South Korea right now. And he said one of the reasons he would like to leave the military he’s tired of these transgender programs that they have to go through as being part of the military.

Dr. Reagan: And that’s what the Chinese communists used to do. Put people in groups, and surround them. And then everybody bombard them to get them to change their way of thinking.

Bill Koenig: Yeah, and I have a friend that works for a Fortune 100 company.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Bill Koenig: You know they are going to have to go once, if not twice a year go through sensitivity programming about LGBT and about transgenderism.

Dr. Reagan: And basically what that means is you’ve got to not only accept it, you’ve got to endorse it. Tolerance anymore doesn’t mean to just accept it.

Bill Koenig: No, it’s a one-way street for them.

Dr. Reagan: It means you’ve got to endorse it.

Bill Koenig: It’s a one-way street.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Bill Koenig: No, tolerance towards us.

Nathan Jones: And is that why you wrote this book? You wanted to–

Bill Koenig: That is one of the reasons.

Nathan Jones: One of the reasons, OK.

Bill Koenig: When I was praying about the book, about doing the book the Lord really put it in my heart, the Holy Spirit put in my heart seminaries.

Nathan Jones: OK.

Bill Koenig: And there are seminaries: One is Muslim apologists. Number two Islam in the Middle East. Number three what has happened to our US military. Number four LGBT- he owns it. Number five his faith on his terms. And then will America every recover? And then in the chance for him to repent personally in my final chapter. And also a little bit about his background to get a better idea of what influenced him to the extent. But I just saw, you know being, it is kind of a catharsis, I saw this go on for eight years. You couldn’t get involved actively in the press briefings to the extent that you would be shouted down, or they would attempt, shouting down might be too strong, but they would not appreciate any question that’s contrary to his moral, or I call it immoral sex agenda.

Nathan Jones: Soft all questions, huh?

Bill Koenig: Or immoral agenda. And so, I just felt that there were a lot of things that were taking place that needed to be documented. And I used his own words. The Lord put in my heart, use his own words. Where we as believers that have a God, a fear of our Lord that at once a believer reads this and sees what happened they’ll see it for what it is. And most people who read the book are just in complete awe of what had taken place.

Dr. Reagan: Well tell you what, we are going to take a brief break and then we’ll come back and we are going to look at some other aspects of your book. As to whether or not he was a Muslim apologist, and his attitude toward Israel, and his personal religious faith, and so forth. So, we’ll look at that.

Bill Koenig: Great.

Part 2

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with White House Correspondent Bill Koenig.

Dr. Reagan: Well, Bill I want to jump into a different topic now and that is one that people seem fascinated with and that is based on his words and actions many have claimed that President Obama was a closet Muslim. He claimed to be a Christian. Was he either one, or is he just a humanist?

Bill Koenig: Dave, when I put the chapter two together, “Muslim Apologists” “Obama Muslim Apologist” I read his speeches. I remember seeing him present at June 4, 2009 in Cairo, Egypt to the Muslim world. Basically he was an apologists for Islam. He was talking about Thomas Jefferson honoring the Koran to the point that he had a copy of it in the White House library. Well, Thomas Jefferson had a copy because he was trying to figure out what motivated them.

Dr. Reagan: I have a copy.

Bill Koenig: What motivated the Barbary pirates?

Dr. Reagan: I know.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Bill Koenig: We had a problem with the Barbary pirates who were Muslims so we need to understand what influences them. I wish, I wish our think tanks in Washington would read the Koran too, they would have a lot better handle of what is taking place today.

Dr. Reagan: Well I nearly fell out of my chair when he went to Cairo and talked about the great Muslim contribution to the development of America. I thought what?

Bill Koenig: Oh, on and on. Exactly. On, and on just like this. And you know as long as I’m President the door of America are open to you. Reading his speeches at the Turkish Parliament in April of 2009. And his address to the Muslim world. His bowing down to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. And then his February speech last year to a mosque in Baltimore. You just read what he says. You read what he says and watch him present it.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I know one thing for sure, and I wrote this before he took the oath of office. That he could say he’s a Christian all day long, but Christians do not take the position that he took in an interview that he did when he was a State Senator in Illinois.

Bill Koenig: Right.

Dr. Reagan: A very extensive interview in which he said, “There are many different roads to God.”

Bill Koenig: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: And it took many other very unchristian positions.

Bill Koenig: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: It was obvious he was simply a cultural Christian in name only, but that was all.

Bill Koenig: Well, that is exactly right. He did that with evangelical leaders before the election. Told them he believed there were multiple paths. And the other thing too, you see, he was told if you are going to be in politics in South Chicago you need to be part of a church. So who did he pick? Reverend Wright’s church.

Nathan Jones: And that’s not pseudo-Christian that is more, black liberation theology, right?

Bill Koenig: That is exactly right.

Dr. Reagan: He sat there, what for 20 years? And listened to this guy rant and rave about his anti-Semitic sermons.

Nathan Jones: And how much he hates America.

Bill Koenig: Exactly. And that’s right. And then you know every once in a while Obama’s faith would be questioned, nationally, so what’d he do, he’d grab his family and they went to church on Sunday with the White House Press in tow. They’d take all the photos, “USA Today,” “New York Times,” “Washington Post,” then on Monday on the front page of the newspapers, “Obama is in Church.” See he’s a Christian, he’s in Church. And he only went a few times like that. So, and the other thing is as I mentioned briefly in the first part of the program is he shows no emotion, or feeling toward the persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East. I mean they are being slaughtered for their faith. He shows no emotion.

Nathan Jones: He tells us to get off our high horse.

Bill Koenig: Well, and he did that at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Nathan Jones: Prayer Breakfast. The Prayer Breakfast.

Bill Koenig: When he was talking about the Crusades. I call it the Catholic Crusades.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Bill Koenig: And then he talked about the Jim Crow Laws in the South. But he said for us not to be on our high horse. He never missed an opportunity, which wasn’t a lot of times, but he didn’t miss his opportunity to do things like that, to chastise Christians. And even in his book. In my book, “Obama Faith on His Terms” I went in and read his chapter in his book about his faith in “Audacity of Hope” and it’s convoluted. And its faith for his purpose. Its faith for his use. When it comes to LGBT he talks about those Roman scriptures. And then he’ll go back and talk about the stoning in Leviticus for doing things. And it is a total distortion of the faith for his purpose.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, well if you listen to his speeches, “I, I, I, I.” His worship that he worships is himself.

Bill Koenig: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: Well let’s get to the military here for a moment.

Bill Koenig: Ok, sure.

Dr. Reagan: Go ahead.

Nathan Jones: Bill, well you say in your book, and I’m going to quote this, “Barak Obama was the ultimate subversive especially when it came to managing our military.” What do you mean by that, the ultimate subversive?

Bill Koenig: Well, you know when you look at it our top generals being fired.

Nathan Jones: That was tragic.

Bill Koenig: The top generals in our–

Dr. Reagan: I think most people are not aware of that.

Bill Koenig: Oh, that’s correct.

Dr. Reagan: He cleaned out the military or anyone who would object to LGBT?

Bill Koenig: Yeah, I have a family member that is a very staunch Democrat he had no idea about this.

Dr. Reagan: Wow.

Bill Koenig: He had no idea that Obama had gotten rid of about 200 of our top generals, and also colonels, generals and colonels. And then also the fact that how difficult it was for chaplains, Christian chaplains to be in the Obama military.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, that was really hard.

Bill Koenig: Couple good examples Franklin Graham was disinvited from a prayer event during the National Day of Prayer at the Pentagon. And I mean his son has had five or six tours of duty, his West Point graduate son had had five or six tours of duty, maybe more than that now in Iraq and Afghanistan. And then Tony Perkins, Family Research Council, was disinvited from giving a prayer event at Andrews Airforce Base. Or General Boykin one of our Delta Force heroes was disinvited from a couple of events. Unbelievable, you just can’t imagine the moral is at the worst. The readiness is the worst.

Dr. Reagan: Plus, he used the military really for social experimentation.

Bill Koenig: Exactly. That’s what Admiral Lyons called it.

Dr. Reagan: Our time is almost up on this segment so I want to get to the really important issue that I know is on your heart, and that is his relationship with Israel. What about it?

Bill Koenig: Well, you look at a couple of things. Number one is the Iran deal.

Dr. Reagan: Ah, yes.

Bill Koenig: You know he and John Kerry–

Dr. Reagan: He sold Israel down the river.

Bill Koenig: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And he used the political power that he had and influence to get Democrats in the Senate to along with it. A bill to this point, I don’t know if it’s ever even been signed. But it’s a horrible deal.

Nathan Jones: Iran hasn’t been following it.

Dr. Reagan: It was really was a treaty. It should have been a treaty voted on by the Senate. But he got around the Senate by not calling it a treaty.

Bill Koenig: Exactly. Which it is a treaty and you need two-thirds approval in the Senate and the House in order for it to be approved.

Dr. Reagan: But he treated Netanyahu like he was a dictator of some banana republic.

Nathan Jones: He made him come through the kitchen.

Bill Koenig: Yeah, no press conference at all with Netanyahu during the eight years. The first time Netanyahu comes to the Trump White House they have a press conference.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yeah, big honors.

Bill Koenig: I mean it’s distinctively different. ISIS the junior varsity team, you talk about Islam in the Middle East, ISIS the JV team. We are moving out of Iraq too long. Now we’ve got Iran moving in. Iran is calling the military shots in Iraq now because we moved out. The Pentagon said we need to keep at least 10,000 troops in there because we can’t move out too fast. Obama says, “I want to get out of there quickly.” So, we got out of there quickly. And what happened? We left too quickly.

Dr. Reagan: Here the Democrats are claiming that the Russians interfered in our election and all, and so forth. And yet, he, Obama interfered in the elections in Israel, didn’t he?

Bill Koenig: No doubt about it. In fact, he over $300,000, I think it was $325,000-$350,000 in that range, attempted to have Netanyahu defeated.

Dr. Reagan: He sent a whole team over there.

Bill Koenig: Yeah, had a political team over there working his funds through the State Department. I mean unbelievable! To have a President of the United States attempting to basically overthrow the Prime Minister of Israel because they had to call a non-confidence vote, and have a new election.

Nathan Jones: An ally.

Bill Koenig: Absolutely. So, the Middle East. And then telling the Saudi’s who are petrified of a nuclear Iran that you need to get used to two major powers in the Middle East, Iran and yourself.

Dr. Reagan: Well you’re well known for the book that you wrote called, Face to Face–

Bill Koenig: Eye to Eye, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: I’m sorry, Eye to Eye in which you pointed out that God has put remedial judgments upon this nation for our mistreatment of Israel. And this certainly has happened during the Obama Administration.

Bill Koenig: Absolutely. I’m updating that book right now Dave, and what took place when we put pressure on Israel to divide Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem, dramatic catastrophes happened. During Obama’s time in office just like Bush, Clinton, and Bush so I’m updating it. There’s over 40 major catastrophes that took place during the Obama, Clinton, Kerry time putting pressure on Israel to divide their land.

Dr. Reagan: Well, the Lord meant it when He said, “If you touch Israel, you touch the apple of my eye.”

Bill Koenig: No doubt about it. And the God of Israel did not intend for Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem to be an Arab State.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Bill Koenig: No, not at all.

Dr. Reagan: He didn’t regather the children of Israel from the four corners of the earth for them to turn it over to the Arabs.

Bill Koenig: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: And it’s just unbelievable how we treated Israel under Obama. And I pray that is going to change.

Bill Koenig: Absolutely. I have a lot of detail in this book revealed not only the effect on Israel, but entire Middle East and also US allies in the Middle East that are crucial to the oil, and the defense of our nation and the powers of the world.

Dr. Reagan: Of course in the last few days of Obama’s Administration he tried to do everything that he possibly could to accomplish goals he wasn’t able to accomplish by signing documents. And one of the most horrible things he did was to betray Israel at the United Nations.

Bill Koenig: Yeah, that was December 23rd, they did not veto it.

Dr. Reagan: Lifted our veto.

Bill Koenig: They abstained. But what happened is and this was John Kerry denied the fact that he worked with New Zealand and a couple other countries behind the scenes. I mean we know for a fact that John Kerry was in New Zealand meeting with Prime Minister Key I think it was around November 13, 14 on this new resolution that was going to condemn Israel for settlement construction in Judea and Samaria. And just within a few hours of Kerry leaving, New Zealand it had a massive earthquake. Just within a couple of hours. And then a couple weeks later the Prime Minister of New Zealand stepped down. So, very interesting.


Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with White House Correspondent Bill Koenig.

Dr. Reagan: Well, Bill the next to the last chapter in this wonderful book of yours called, “Revealed: Obama’s Legacy” next to last chapter is entitled “The Legacy: Will America Ever Recover?” What about it?

Nathan Jones: Good question.

Bill Koenig: Well, we are seeing the byproduct right now, Dave, as we watch the president, President Trump attempt to put his administration together. His cabinet positions together. The leaks that are coming out of our intelligent offices. The leaks that are coming out of the State Department. Obama’s got a lot of people in place still. The process of replacing them has been very slow, and some are lifers. That’s going to be one of his number one challenges. The other thing on the moral front. I’ve talked to other evangelical leaders on this, it’s very difficult to take turf back. Like eliminating Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. You know can you take that back? Same-sex marriage, you know telling people that you are taking that away. They are trying to do something on the trans-genderism legislation, Trump just did an executive order on that. So, you know these are things that have been put in place over the last eight years that are difficult to unravel.

Dr. Reagan: And everything he does is going to be challenged in court.

Bill Koenig: Everything. A good example of something somewhat innocent on his immigration policy that it was only 7 Muslim countries out of over almost 50 or 53 I think now.

Dr. Reagan: And if he has any power at all he has that power, I mean the Constitution makes that.

Bill Koenig: That’s exactly right. So, what’s happened? There was 25 lawsuits.

Nathan Jones: Over a travel ban?

Bill Koenig: On just a travel ban.

Nathan Jones: And every other president has done a travel ban, right?

Bill Koenig: Exactly. And as you mentioned in our pre-conversation here the ACLU raised $25 million during this period of debate over the travel ban. So I’d say the difficulty is what’s been left behind. The legislation that has been put in place. The executive orders can be reversed, but there was a lot of damage whether it is in Obama Care that’s not working, or whether it is the moral LGBT agenda, transgenderism agenda. It was forced on education. It was forced on corporate America. A military that is so depleted right now it is going to take three, to five, to seven, maybe as long as ten years to replenish the military that was left in disarray. You know on, and on and on.

Dr. Reagan: Plus he said he was going to drain the swamp in Washington D.C. And when you start trying to get rid of bureaucrats it’s almost impossible.

Bill Koenig: Well, they’re deeply entrenched, right.

Dr. Reagan: And protected by civil service laws.

Bill Koenig: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: It’s a major job.

Bill Koenig: It is, Dave.

Dr. Reagan: Bill, how about telling our viewers how they can get in touch with you. And also tell them about your newsletter.

Bill Koenig: Our website address is watch.org. That’s W-A-T-C-H.org. And every Friday I put out a news report the “Koenig’s Eye View from the White House” that is a summary of world news that happened that week that is prophetically, and biblically significant. It’s 15-17 pages and it gives you a good idea of what happened that week that was biblical relevant. And as you know Dave all our final day markers are in play right now. We’ve never lived in a period of time such as this, with such an acceleration of final day events.

Dr. Reagan: 15-17 pages a week.

Nathan Jones: Every week. He’s a writer.

Bill Koenig: Yeah, fortunately I have some good help. But it’s a, literally it is so difficult.

Dr. Reagan: Is there any hope for the Washington Press Corp?

Bill Koenig: Uh.

Dr. Reagan: That’s a loaded question.

Bill Koenig: Yeah, well I think it is about 85-90% liberal, and they are not going to give up their turf. And they are going to do everything they can to destroy Trump’s success. And they are going to do everything they can to make sure he’s not successful. And I predicted this two weeks before the election if Trump is elected this will be a turf war beyond anything we’ve ever imagined or ever seen.

Dr. Reagan: And I image they are particularly galled over the fact that he tries to go around them.

Bill Koenig: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: Because after all they are very important.

Bill Koenig: Absolutely. In their own minds. And they’re legends in their own minds. And they were real tough on George Bush. We haven’t seen anything like this. It’s real tough.

Dr. Reagan: It’s going to be a real brawl.

Bill Koenig: It is a brawl. And this is a turf war. And they’ve entrenched. They’ve been trenched in the courts. They’ve been trenched in some of the legislature. Even though the Democratic Party has lost almost 1,000 seats throughout the country during Obama’s time. And he left like he was successful. It was incredible. But it is a very challenging time.

Dr. Reagan: Well folks that is our program for this week. I hope it’s been a blessing to you, and I hope you’ll be back with us again next week. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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