Mizrachi on Evangelism in Israel

Are Jews and Arabs in Israel responding to the Gospel? Find out with guest Avi Mizrachi on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Air Date: November 13, 2016

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Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre


Dr. Reagan: Did you know that the Gospel is being proclaimed throughout Israel today? And did you know that both Jews and Arabs in Israel are responding to it? My special guest today is a Messianic Jewish leader from Tel Aviv, stay tuned.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My special guest today is a dear friend of mine of many years by the name of Avi Mizrachi. He is visiting the States from Tel Aviv, Israel. Avi, welcome to Christ in Prophecy. It is always a joy and blessing to be in your presence. I love that beautiful smile of yours. And just welcome to Texas.

Avi Mizrachi: Thank you.

Dr. Reagan: You know this really is God’s chosen land right here. It’s not Israel. It’s Texas. Oh, me. Well, no rebukes, ok. Tell our viewers about your remarkable ministry in Tel Aviv.

Avi Mizrachi: Well, I pastor a congregation Adonai Roi, the Lord is my shepherd. And it’s a wonderful growing congregation of Jewish people, Israelis, locals. And I started many years ago as an evangelist, a full-time evangelist and I opened this evangelistic center by the name of Dugit.

Dr. Reagan: What does that mean?

Avi Mizrachi: Dugit in Hebrew means a small fishing boat.

Dr. Reagan: So, you are fishers for men?

Avi Mizrachi: Fishers of men in Tel Aviv, Israel. Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Well, tell us about the different aspects of your ministry.

Avi Mizrachi: Well, we go out to the streets, share the Good News. Invite people for a free cup of coffee. And then we have also a distribution center where we reach out to the poor, to the needy, to new immigrants, single mothers. We work with the social affairs of the people.

Dr. Reagan: How do you do that? Do you supply food and clothing? Or what?

Avi Mizrachi: Yes, we supply bags of food, every family. I would say about every month about a 100 families come to our center. We give them bags of food. And we share, because they ask, “Why do you do that?” We tell them, “Because we love God, and we love you in the name of Yeshua.” And the we give them Bibles in Hebrew, Russian, Arabic. We even have an Arabic women coming. And this is how we reach out to the city with the Gospel.

Dr. Reagan: Well, you know I am familiar with a number of ministries in Israel both in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, various places. And some of those particularly ones established by Americans and run by Americans are not very evangelistic at all. In fact some of them are just not evangelistic they are just there to give comfort and aid to the Jewish people. But you have an evangelistic ministry, you are really concerned about the souls of the Jewish people.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Arab peoples. And you really do reach out in a bold way don’t you?

Avi Mizrachi: Yes. Yes, because I believe. I am not ashamed of the Gospel it is the power of salvation of God to salvation to all whosoever will believe, to the Jew first. So, I appreciate all these wonderful Christian organizations who do a great job. But my heart and desire is to see Israelis, local Israelis coming to salvation.

Dr. Reagan: Well that is one of the things that I love so much about you and your ministry is the fact that you really are evangelistic. In fact, you are the most avid evangelist I know of in all of Israel. And I have to tell my favorite story about you. Folks, you won’t believe this but one time Avi went out to the beaches of Tel Aviv, this was during the Feast of Tabernacles when everybody takes off in Israel. It is a week of vacation time. And there are hundreds of thousands of people on the beach lying there looking up at the sky sunning, and he gets an idea. So, he goes out to the Tel Aviv airport and he hires an airplane there that pulls banners behind it and he has this airplane fly up and down the beach with a banner that says, “The Messiah has come!” And a phone number.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And that caused quite a clamor didn’t it?

Avi Mizrachi: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Well everybody is lying there looking at the sun.

Avi Mizrachi: Yeah, and we had people calling that want to know. And we told them, “We are so happy you called. His name is Yeshua.”

Dr. Reagan: I am sure the Orthodox were not pleased about that.

Avi Mizrachi: No, they were not.

Dr. Reagan: Ok, well thanks for the general introduction. We are going to come back in just a moment and ask you some very specific questions about your ministry.

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy. I am in the process of interviewing a dear friend of mine Avi Mizrachi, an evangelist from Tel Aviv, Israel. Avi tell us about your remarkable testimony. I’m telling you every time I hear this thing I just get so excited. How did you come to know the Lord?

Avi Mizrachi: Good question. I was born and raised in Jaffa in Tel Aviv to a Jewish family. I finished high school, then I joined the army. You know in Israel it is compulsory, everybody goes to the army. The boys three years. Girls two years. So, I went to the army and I joined the Israeli Air Force, and then I signed one extra so it was four years in the Israeli Air Force. And when I finished my duty to my country. I’d saved some money I said, “Ok, I am going to go to America and explore America.” Now of course I was lost in sin and all I wanted to go was every discoteck in town, every night club. I had plans to go to Las Vegas, gamble, make money, and all this.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, going to make money in Las Vegas. Boy, you really were deceived.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes, that’s right. That’s true. And so, I came to America my first stop was to visit my sister in Florida. She’s married. And I didn’t know she was a born again believer. So, I stayed with her a couple of days and then it was Sunday and I was asleep, and she got dressed and then she came and woke me up and said, “Avi, get dressed you need to go with me and my husband to church.” And I said, “Excusez-moi? What did you say? Church? Are you crazy? Don’t you know we Jews don’t go to church? What’s wrong with you?” This was my first reaction. And of course she laughed and she said, “It’s not what you think. Come check it out. Bring your Hebrew Bible.” She gave me a challenge. And I said, “Ok, I’ll go and check it out.” But in my mind I am thinking about historical churches like we have in Israel.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, oh, yes.

Avi Mizrachi: Those monasteries. Those we call them dead museums, you know. Cemeteries, you know they have–never mind. Anyhow I go there and I am expecting to see monks, and nuns, statues of Mary, and statues of Saint Peter, whatever. But it was a wonderful Baptist Church in Gainesville, Florida and on campus of the University of Florida. And I was in shock to see so many people. And they had a choir. And they had worship and singing. I was so shocked. And I looked to my sister like where are all the monks and the nuns? What’s wrong with these people? And this was my first reaction which is normal for a Jewish person when you take him to church. So I encourage Christians don’t be surprised, keep going.

Dr. Reagan: Right. So, that was your introduction to real Christianity.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And as a result of that you came to the Lord?

Avi Mizrachi: Yes. Yes.

Dr. Reagan: How fast after that?

Avi Mizrachi: Well, I was provoked to jealousy.

Dr. Reagan: There you go.

Avi Mizrachi: I was provoked to jealousy. To see those people loved God. Loved Jesus. And they were happy. And then I heard the message for the first time in my life, the Gospel; that God is a loving Father, and He wants a relationship with us. And how He sent the Messiah Jesus to be that atonement for our sins.

Dr. Reagan: And then did you get any Bible school training after that?

Avi Mizrachi: Yes. Yes, after I got saved I was baptized. I met my wife, got married. Then I went to get some training at that time there was no–I am talking 32 years ago.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Avi Mizrachi: There was no Bible school in Israel. So, somebody encouraged me to go to Dallas. So I went to Christ for the Nations in Dallas.

Dr. Reagan: Christ for the Nations in Dallas. Wow, that’s great. I tell you isn’t the Lord great the way He touches people? I mean you have really kind of a road to Damascus type of experience here.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Where the Lord just suddenly revealed. But you know I think the average America cannot really understand what you are talking about, about how Israelis view Christianity unless they’ve ever been to Israel. Because most of the churches there are just full of all kinds of idols, and incense, and monks and nuns, and very dreary, very, very dreary. And often very hostile.

Avi Mizrachi: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: I mean I’ve had some of them chase me all around the church. I’m not kidding. Just very upset. It’s just unbelievable the kind of feeling Christianity has in the Middle East as opposed to true Christianity. And so I just praise God that He got you in that situation and turned you every way but loose. And I think you’ve been trying to make up for lost time ever since then. Now you mentioned at that time there were no Bible study places in Israel for a Christian, but that indicates that there are now.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: So, you have some places in Israel that are really Christian Bible schools?

Avi Mizrachi: Yes, there are Bible schools. Christian Bible schools. And we have congregations all over Israel. The body of Christ has grown so much in the last–

Dr. Reagan: Do you have any estimation of how many Messianic congregations there might be in Israel?

Avi Mizrachi: Yeah, I would say locally in Israel I would say there’s about 250 local congregations. What I mean by that I would say about 100 maybe Arabic speaking congregations Israeli, and about 150 Jewish congregations Messianic which is Hebrew speaking and some of them are from Russian immigrants, and Ethiopian, Amharic, and some Spanish, and some French because we have immigration from all those countries. And we have congregations of all the races. So, I would say totally local Israeli congregations born again, love the Lord Jesus about 250.

Dr. Reagan: Now, you just said something that I am sure was a great surprise to many of our viewers. You said that there are Arab Christian congregations.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes. Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Most Americans are not aware of that.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes. Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And do you have any relationship with those Arab congregations?

Avi Mizrachi: Oh, definitely, definitely, I have spoken in Arabic congregations and we’ve had Arabic pastors and speak in our congregation. We have a wonderful relationship where we pray together for our country. We take communion together. The Lord is doing something beautiful. There is such a unity among us.

Dr. Reagan: Now you know here in the United States among evangelicals for example there’s a lot of variety.

Avi Mizrachi: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Is that true in Israel among the Messianic congregations that you might have some that are more charismatic than others? Maybe some that are more Jewish, in the fact that they conduct their services completely in Hebrew as opposed to some other language. Is that true?

Avi Mizrachi: In general, yes. But we don’t have so much the background of denominations like you have here.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Avi Mizrachi: I would say that very much that every congregation is led by a pastor who apparently came and got saved somewhere in the States or Europe and was provoked to jealously, and then started a small Bible study and it grew to a congregation. And we relate to one another because we are a small body and we need one another, and pray for one another.

Dr. Reagan: Now quite often when I talk about supporting Israel, which I believe in very strongly. I’ll have people say, “Well I don’t know how you can support a nation that is so hostile to what you believe. So hostile to Christianity.” They’ll say, “Don’t you know it is against the law to preach the Gospel in Israel.” That is a widespread concept.

Avi Mizrachi: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Speak to that for a moment.

Avi Mizrachi: Well, yes and no and I need to explain it. First of all Israel is a democratic country.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Avi Mizrachi: We have the freedom of religion, freedom of worship. That is the only country–

Dr. Reagan: All the Middle East.

Avi Mizrachi: All the Middle East. Exactly. And nevertheless it’s the only Jewish country in the world. And the Orthodox Rabbis use God, they have a lot of power in the Knesset, in the government. They have passed the law called The Missionary Law. And basically they are saying that you are not allowed to proselytize and try to convert someone to another religion by bribing him, offering goods to convert to another religion. Because they think, “Why would a Jew forsake his heritage, his faith, his tradition and now worship another God? Worship three gods. And Christianity. The Christians had the Inquisition, and what the Crusaders had done to us. Why would you do that unless you are bribed with money?”

Dr. Reagan: There you go.

Avi Mizrachi: And when I go and share the Gospel I don’t bribe people with money. I don’t have money to give them but I have the Good News to give them that the Messiah has risen and He’s alive.

Dr. Reagan: There you go. So you are saying that you do have freedom to proclaim the Gospel.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes. Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: But that freedom, also as far as the state is concerned. But on the other hand in the process of doing that you experience persecution don’t you?

Avi Mizrachi: Yes, yes we do. Yes we do.

Dr. Reagan: I’ve actually seen your face on wanted posters.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s true. That’s true.

Dr. Reagan: Explain that.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s true. You see the religious Orthodox they see when a Jew can believe in Buddha, can be a traitor, can be a gangster he is still a Jew. But when you believe in Jesus that is it, you are cut off.

Dr. Reagan: No longer a Jew.

Avi Mizrachi: You are all over. So they see you as a traitor. So the religious they support an organization called Yad L’Achim the Anti-Missionary Society and they are vicious. And they believe like Paul before he be excited about the Lord, you know before he became Believer he fought it because he believed they had to stop from this to happen, they see it as a heresy. And I’ve had the threats many times on my life. They threaten to burn my place. In fact every time they found out where I rent then they go and find the landowner and they threaten him. I’ve had like–we have other congregations like in the south in Arad, and Beersheba where they persecute, they would stand outside the congregation and curse, and prevent people to come in. So, we have had those harassment I would say.

Dr. Reagan: But you know what I noticed one time as I was watching this, is that it backfires on them.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And what I have in mind is the fact that I have in my mind a vision of you all down at the fountain there in Tel Aviv. And you are handing out brochures and people are saying, “No, no.” But then along comes an Orthodox and he is screaming and yelling, and suddenly everybody wants a brochure.

Avi Mizrachi: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: Because the attitude in Israel among the secular population is one of animosity toward the Orthodox. And so if they Orthodox are against something they are for it.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: And the reason for that is because even though the Orthodox community in Israel represents only about 15% of the population, they nonetheless have a lot of political power. And they kind of cram their lifestyle down the throats of the average Israeli, so therefore they are rather hostile to them.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s true. That is very true. And you know the secular Israelis we are the ones who work and pay taxes. We go to the army, we serve in the army while the religious don’t.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Avi Mizrachi: And you know they get subsidies from the government, they get money. We don’t. So, it’s like the secular very much are in favor of us because they are fed up with the religious. And you know religion doesn’t bring any life. Only Jesus does.

Dr. Reagan: Well, you have to understand the political situation in Israel. Where you don’t vote for individuals, you vote for a party. And when the elections are over usually the Labor Party and the Conservative Party they both have about the same amount of votes, say 80% of the votes, 40%, 40% there is 20% that were gained by the Religious Parties.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: So then they have to negotiate with them to get the power. And the Religious Parties even though they are small in number they come in and they say, “Ok, everything must be closed on the Sabbath. You’ve got to give money to our schools.” And so forth and so on.

Avi Mizrachi: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: In order to get the power they have to do that.

Avi Mizrachi: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: So, they enforce their lifestyle on the whole nation.

Avi Mizrachi: And that’s why the secular have come to a place they are so against them.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Avi Mizrachi: They don’t want freedom. And that’s why it a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel because only Jesus can set us free.

Dr. Reagan: Absolutely. Amen. Well what is it like to live in a nation where you know that missiles could start raining down upon you any moment.

Avi Mizrachi: Well, it really teaches you to be on full alert. Army is highly security. And we are trained whenever there is something we deal with it right away. We cannot afford waiting days, and days, and days because you know Israel is such a small, tiny country compared to Texas or to America.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, it is.

Avi Mizrachi: So, we are trained in Israel to be on full alert. The soldiers are doing a wonderful job to secure our country. And that is the lifestyle we live in.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I’ll tell you it is really something because I can remember years ago I used to go over there when wars were going on. I would take groups over, felt completely safe, because the wars were usually very short. And I knew Israel was going to win them. But now when you consider the fact that when a war breaks out you are going to have thousands of missiles coming down. In fact I read the other day that someone said that there are probably 200,000 missiles aimed at Israel right now.

Avi Mizrachi: Yep. Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And the next war is going to be a whole different kind of war.

Avi Mizrachi: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: But one thing about it Israeli is built for war. When they build a town everything is built of concrete. Everything. You are never very far from a bomb shelter anywhere you are in Israel.

Avi Mizrachi: Every building has a bomb shelter.

Dr. Reagan: Every building has a bomb shelter. And yet the thing that gets me is the double standard that exists in the world. You know whenever they attack you the world just stand aside and watches the attack. But the moment that you begin to win the war then the United Nation says the war has to stop. Take the 1973 Yom Kippur War where you all were attacked unexpectedly on Yom Kippur and you almost lost that war and yet you came back.

Avi Mizrachi: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: You conquered the Sinai. You crossed the canal. You went into Egypt. You conquered the entire Third Army of Egypt. You started toward Cairo, and the moment you started, “Oh, we got to have a cease fire.” But if you’re losing no.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: And there is a double standard also, they can come in and rain missiles upon you. But if you start responding in kind the world condemns Israel by saying, “Oh, well you got too many civilian casualties. And you’re war criminals.” Isn’t there a double standard?

Avi Mizrachi: That’s true. That’s true.

Dr. Reagan: Tremendous double standard.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s true.

Dr. Reagan: Well, we pray for you.

Avi Mizrachi: Amen.

Dr. Reagan: We pray the Lord will–you know I pray every day that the Lord will put a supernatural dome over Israel and protect that nation.

Avi Mizrachi: Amen. Amen.

Dr. Reagan: Of course you have some new weapons that help you to take down some of those missiles as they come in.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And I am thankful for that.

Avi Mizrachi: We also have a secret weapon.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yes I know.

Avi Mizrachi: The Lord of Hosts.

Dr. Reagan: There you go. Amen. You know my favorite cartoon, political cartoon about Israel shows a tug of war going on, an Israeli is holding a rope, and all the leaders of all the other nations of the world are pulling but they can’t move him because the finger of God is on the end of the rope.

Avi Mizrachi: Amen.

Dr. Reagan: And I like that.

Avi Mizrachi: Amen.

Dr. Reagan: Ok. Well our presidents always approach, every new president comes in they are going to solve the Middle East problem. And they are going to have the political solution to the Middle East. And they spend so much of their time, energy, effort and money on that and never make any headway. Aren’t they making a mistake in thinking of the Middle East crisis problem as a political problem instead of a spiritual problem?

Avi Mizrachi: Yes, I totally agree with you. Because this is not something that can be solved politically or diplomatically. This can be solved, it is a spiritual war, it is a religious war. And only when the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords, Yeshua will return back to Jerusalem.

Dr. Reagan: Prince of Peace has to come.

Avi Mizrachi: The Prince of Peace.

Dr. Reagan: And this goes back to the time of Abraham.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: I mean this a long seeded conflict here. And another thing that people do not understand is it is not just Arab against Israeli. If the Israelis were to disappear tomorrow still the Middle East would be a cauldron of conflict. Because you know one of the things it says over in the Hebrew Scriptures there is a covenant there that God gave to Ishmael, and part of that covenant was that you would be a people who would always be fighting each other. And they fight each other all the time. In fact you have the Sunnis against the Shiites right now, killing each other.

Avi Mizrachi: Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: So, it’s not just an Israeli problem.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: Well, what about American support of Israel? Why should any America support Israel?

Avi Mizrachi: First of all because we are the best ally.

Dr. Reagan: Well, that’s true.

Avi Mizrachi: Israel, we love America. We support America. And you know even when September 11 happened years ago, you know we in Israel we cried. I mean Israelis came to the America Embassy.

Dr. Reagan: While the Palestinians were dancing in the streets.

Avi Mizrachi: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So we are your best ally first of all. Secondly because I believe both of us, Israel and America foundations have been Christian Judeo Christian foundations, on the Bible.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Avi Mizrachi: And I believe we have so much in common, and we need one another.

Dr. Reagan: Well, yes Israel is the only democracy. Israel gives us a lot of intelligence information about what is going on over there. Israel is always coming up with all kinds of innovations, most innovative people in the world that we can apply to our weapon systems, and so forth. Plus all the biblical reasons.

Avi Mizrachi: Amen.

Dr. Reagan: I mean there are just so many reasons that we should be supporting Israel. In that regard why do the Jewish people believe that land belongs to them?

Avi Mizrachi: Because it is written. We have the TABO, you know we have the–how do you call it in English? The paper, the proof.

Dr. Reagan: The paper, you got the deed.

Avi Mizrachi: The deed, that’s it. The deed.

Dr. Reagan: There it is.

Avi Mizrachi: That was the word I was looking.

Dr. Reagan: Well you do. God gave that land to the Jewish people for eternity.

Avi Mizrachi: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: I mean forever.

Avi Mizrachi: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: And He renewed that covenant that he made with Abraham. He renewed it with–

Avi Mizrachi: Isaac.

Dr. Reagan: All of his successors of Abraham.

Avi Mizrachi: Yep.

Dr. Reagan: And even in Psalm 105 David talks about that being a covenant that is still in effect.

Avi Mizrachi: Amen.

Dr. Reagan: And when the Jews began to go back. Now another myth that Americans have really bought is that there was once a Palestinian State there. And that the Jews came back and destroyed that Palestinian State and the Jews grabbed all that land and stole it away from the poor Palestinians.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s not true.

Dr. Reagan: Who are now living in refugee camps, what do say about that?

Avi Mizrachi: That is not true, that’s a lie.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Avi Mizrachi: You see when the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 AD, and the city, they burned the city and they took the Jews as slaves to Rome. The land was left desolate.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Avi Mizrachi: And until that time it was called Israel. But then the Caesar of that time he changed the name from Israel to Palestine. Why did they call it Palestine? Because he said we named it after the Philistines who lived in Gaza. And this way nobody would claim it because there are no Philistines so it will be a desolate, and nobody will live there. And that’s how it was for hundreds of years.

Dr. Reagan: It became a total desolation.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: And there was never any Palestinian State.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: No, Palestinian State ever existed there. And yet people talk today about there being a Palestinian State. They talk about there was never a Temple on the Temple Mount. There are so many lies that are going around.

Avi Mizrachi: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: It is kind of like Goebbels under Hitler he said, “If you tell the lie big enough and long enough people will believe it.” And now people are believing there was never a Temple there. The Jews weren’t–they are even denying the Jews ever were in the land. It is just unbelievable.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s crazy.

Dr. Reagan: But and the truth of the matter is that when the first Jews began to go back to the land in the early 1900’s they bought the land.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: I mean they paid incredible prices for a land that nobody wanted. It was a land of malaria swamps.

Avi Mizrachi: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: And barren, the trees had all been cut down. The Arabs must of laughed all the way to the bank about these crazy Jews paying this money for this land.

Avi Mizrachi: And the Turkish Ottoman when the Jews came, Tel Aviv was born like this way. They gave money to the Turkish Ottoman and they were like, “What this is crazy they are giving gold, and cash money for sand.”

Dr. Reagan: Now, you mentioned something a few minutes ago that I would like to come back to. And that is you talked about how for many, many years every time you got a place for your congregation to meet the Orthodox would come against the owners of that, threaten the owners and then the owners would evict you. And so you were kind of like nomads moving from one place to another. I know because I have visited all these place over the years. What is your situation right now?

Avi Mizrachi: Well, God is good. That’s first of all. Secondly, we have been praying to buy our own place.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Avi Mizrachi: And about a year and a half ago the landlord refused to renew the contract for our coffee shop. And we found a small bicycle shop that we negotiated with the lady and she wanted a certain amount of money and she wanted cash on the table. And I said, “Well I need time to raise it.” So, I raised it in one year, about $1 million and when I came back to her she said, “I want $2 million now.” She raised it 100% because this is Tel Aviv, the prices go up every year.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, it is very, very expensive.

Avi Mizrachi: It is the most expensive city in the world. It bypassed New York City. But I told her, “You are greedy, no deal.” So all I can do, I said, “Lord, here we are Lord, we pray.” And I said, “Lord, what should we do.” And then God just recently just a couple weeks ago opened a new venue. I cannot give too much details but–

Dr. Reagan: Sure, I understand.

Avi Mizrachi: But in general God has opened for us a big place where we can buy. And the landlord likes us and he wants to sell it to us. And there we can fit the congregation, the house of prayer, the distribution center, and everything.

Dr. Reagan: Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

Avi Mizrachi: And we are believing God for a miracle because none of the churches in Tel Aviv own property, so this is going to be a breakthrough for us.

Dr. Reagan: Yes. Now, there are some in Jerusalem that own property.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes, in Jerusalem, yes. And in Tiberius.

Dr. Reagan: But this is going to be a real breakthrough.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And what a need. For Tel Aviv is one of the most secular cities that I have ever been in my life.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes. Yes.

Dr. Reagan: It really is. It need the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Avi Mizrachi: Amen. Amen. Amen.

Part 3

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and my special guest Avi Mizrachi who is a Messianic Jewish leader from Tel Aviv, Israel. His ministry is one I want to urge you to support. Tell people how they can get in touch with your ministry.

Avi Mizrachi: Well, you can go to the website, www.dugit, D-U-G-I-T, .org.

Dr. Reagan: And dugit means little boat.

Avi Mizrachi: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: Because they are fishers of men, folks.

Avi Mizrachi: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Well, folks that is our program for this week. I hope it’s been a blessing to you and I hope the Lord willing that you will be back with us again next week. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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