Prophetic Highlights of 2023

What were the major prophetic highlights of 2023? Find out with hosts Tim Moore, Nathan Jones, and Dave Bowen on the television program, Christ in Prophecy!

Air Date: December 30, 2023


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Tim Moore: Welcome to Christ in Prophecy, we have a very special treat in store for you today. You know, Lamb & Lion Ministries exists to proclaim the soon return of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. For that reason, we spend a lot of time talking about the signs of the times. In fact, that was the foundational message David Reagan asked me to share when he invited me to join the Lamb & Lion Ministry team as a voluntary assistant evangelist. Each week we open the prophetic Word of God to apply it to the moment we are living in, while always pointing to our blessed hope Jesus Christ and His soon return. Today we’re going to speak to that hope and the glorious promise it offers. We’ll touch on why we are eager to meet our Messiah and how it is our great prayer that you are also eagerly anticipating him.

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Part 1

Tim Moore: Well, I’m joined today by Nathan Jones, our Internet Evangelist, and by Dave Bowen, our Teaching Evangelist. Fellows, thanks for being part of this end of the year show.

Nathan Jones: It’s great to be on as always, a whole year I can’t believe it! It has gone by so quickly.

Tim Moore: We’re looking forward to what God has in store for us next.

Tim Moore: Always grateful for where we’ve been and looking forward to where we’re going. You know, on that note, fellows, really, this year has been a whirlwind. Nathan, I think it was one of our busiest years to date, and the Lord just has more in store for us. Dave you as well came on board this year, so we have much to be thankful for in retrospect. What are some of the highlights of 2023 that stand out to both of you?

David Bowen: I think Israel obviously has to be on there, but I think what people miss with Israel is how He’s regathering His people back into the land. Because when you look at Scripture for the end times to come Israel needed to be a nation, well that happened. Jerusalem needs to be the center which that happened. But the third thing is the people have to be back in the land, the Jewish people. And that’s happening every time we go to Israel, which is tough now with what is happening, but every time we go there, we see God bringing more and more Jews back to the homeland, which to me is very exciting.

Tim Moore: It certainly is.

Nathan Jones: It’s a radical shift too, when you think about it, because the Jewish people have been half of them are in the country, about 7 million, the other 7 million are in the rest of the world. And with this Hamas war and the escalation that it could potentially go into and I think prophetically it will, I think we’re starting to look at the beginnings of the Psalm 83 War, is that the Jewish people are realizing that the only safe place to be is to go back to Israel. And we know prophetically that it’s not just some of the Jews that return to Israel, all of the Jews are meant to return to Israel. And we’ve seen them trickle, and they’ve come in waves over the decades, but now across the world as Antisemitism rises the Jewish people realize, hey, the only safe place we can be is in our own homeland. This is a radical push to, I think, to get a lot of Jewish people out. Now, the Gog and Magog War in Ezekiel 38 and 39 says as a result of God’s victory all the Jews will then go back to Israel. But we’re seeing a major push right now as they’re fleeing out of especially France, and other places where the Islamic count is high. But they’re going back. So that’s exciting in that respect. It’s terrible for the persecution.

David Bowen: The exciting part though is there are only two regatherings; from Babylon the first time, and then the end times from all corners of the world. And we are seeing that happen now. So, prophetically it gets very exciting.

Tim Moore: You know, I look back in history and I think we can always see more clearly in hindsight. We’ve talked recently, even in our program, how we have a blessing of being able to see in hindsight more than our forebears could, sometimes more even than the prophets themselves could foresee, because they were looking forward through a glass dimly. We’ve got 2,000 years of hindsight into church history.

You know, think about the disciples when they were following Jesus, they got things, they got the fact that He would be going and somehow coming again and there would be an end of the age. That is some of the questions they asked Him at the beginning of Matthew 24. But they didn’t understand that He would be crucified, that He would actually die. We look back in hindsight and understand those things that came to pass.

But even in recent years, you think what was going to motivate the Jews living very comfortably in Germany, in Poland, in Russia 100 years ago to want to go back to the land? And so in recent decades, we could say, well, what could possibly motivate the Jews living comfortably in New York City and scattered throughout Europe still and the United States? But literally within these last few months, we’ve watched as Antisemitism has risen and many Jews begin to realize, you know what, I might need to go to Israel to seek the very safety that I can’t find anywhere else. It’s horrifying in the moment, but through the providence of God, it orchestrates the fulfillment of what He has proclaimed will occur in the end times.

Nathan Jones: And the Lord said too that the generation or “genea” that time period, not an actual physical 70 or 120 years, that sees Israel go back into the land and control Jerusalem is the generation that sees the Lord return. We are seeing the Jewish people going back to the land. So, according to prophecy that means in our time, whether that’s now or 20, 30 years from now, or whatever, but in our era, Jesus Christ is coming.

David Bowen: Well, we are the first generation where everything is coming together. Whether it be technology, whether it be people going back, everything is coming together. I ended last year by doing a Bible study about Daniel. And I had to tell the people that I was doing the teaching with, I said, “Do you realize that Daniel was told to put this away, that he wasn’t going to get this, until the end time.” The people in the end times will understand it. And as we look at the Book of Daniel and prophecy, we can say, oh my goodness, look what’s happening. It’s right here in front of us.

Tim Moore: You know, it’s not just looking back that you’re Bible study for Daniel, folks, I can tell you in the weeks coming up in 2024, we’re going to be opening the Book of Daniel and doing a deep dive. I’m sure that Pastor Dave will also be sharing some insights from Daniel in many of his blog reports and the videos that he posts right to our Web. So stay tuned for more on the Book of Daniel.

Well, obviously, we’ve talked about Israel and the fulfillment of prophecy before our very eyes, that the Jews are motivated to go back to the Promise Land. But what else stands out in 2023? We’ve seen a dramatic rise in technology that lends to the end time one world government, other things. What else really strikes you from this year?

Nathan Jones: When you said Daniel 12:4 it was a prophecy about the end times, that we’d start understanding these prophecies as they’re being fulfilled because of two things: the increase in knowledge and increase in travel.

David Bowen: Yes.

Nathan Jones: Obviously we have more knowledge today than ever because we can store it on computers. But I think what we’ll remember 2023 for is the advent of artificial intelligence. A.I. has just taken over the world by storm. ChatGPT is putting programmers, artists, and soon even some doctors out of business. And people are terrified that as they continue to give it more and more function, it’s still kind of little stupid right now, and all it does is go around stealing everybody’s data, but they’re worried that it’s going to reach what’s called the singularity, where the technology is beyond us, we can’t control it, and it will start thinking for itself. And that’s kind of tied to the thought of, well, is the false prophet when he creates the living image for the Antichrist, will that be AI based? We don’t know.

David Bowen: Hologram based. Whatever it’s going to be?

Nathan Jones: Or hologram or robot? But now that AI is a big player. And I don’t know, did we not watch the Terminator movies? I mean why are we doing this?

Tim Moore: Right.

Nathan Jones: I think we might look back to 2023 and say: What were we thinking?

David Bowen: But we know looking forward too, there’s going to be deception out there. And with AI, there is a whole church service in Germany. It was done by AI, it was done by avatars and had a male and a female up there. Three hundred people, they waited outside to go to it. It was a 20 minute service. Oh, I can go to church and be done in 20 minutes. But the door is being opened for deception. Which is coming in the future, we know very clearly and it’s the church.

Tim Moore: Okay, so we’ve gone to Israel. We’ve talked about technology as one of the six signs of the times. I think another one that was really prominent in 2023 was the sign of world politics. Famously, just eight years ago, Barack Obama scoffed when his Republican challenger for the presidential election said that Russia would still be a threat. And he said, ah, come on now Russia has been defanged, so to speak. And we watched in 2023, really beginning in 2022, as Russia reemerged as a threat within Europe. And we know that it is also a threat to Israel right on that northern border. And so the nations of the end times are coming into alignment with that evil axis of power from Russia, from Iran, from some of the other nations that could morph into an Ezekiel 38-39 War.

Nathan Jones: Because I think 2023 will also be remembered as a time where the Gog-Magog coalition started forming because we’re seeing Russia, Turkey and Iran and they’ve been working with some of the Stan countries, and the North African countries to build that coalition which will eventually come against Israel and try to try to destroy it. So politically, I totally agree we’re seeing that coalesce. And on this other side, the EU and the Western world, we’re seeing coalesce the globalism of the Great Reset.

Tim Moore: Right.

Nathan Jones: They’re using the wars in Ukraine, and Israel, to continue to push up persecution, to continue to push up censorship. Facial recognition is becoming more and more common. All the tools that they’ll use to control the world, while the world is focused on these wars, they’re increasingly doing the things it needs to do to make a global government behind the scenes. So it’s been a banner year for them as well.

David Bowen: It sets the stage for the Antichrist.

Nathan Jones: Absolutely.

David Bowen: And what happens, I think the Rapture happens obviously first, but then you’ve got Harvard and NASA coming out with the whole thing about the aliens and the UFOs. So when the Rapture happens, the world’s going to say, “Well, all the bad Christians were taken away by the aliens.” Because Harvard and NASA everybody else is already promoting that to people.

Nathan Jones: And that’s what the New Age has been teaching, that humanity cannot evolve until all those Christians who are holding us back are taken off this earth. Brother, all this stuff is like, it’s in the News now.

David Bowen: It’s all converging.

Tim Moore: All right, Dave, here again, you’re giving a preview of a coming episode where we’re going to talk about Satan and the Antichrist in weeks to come. But we’ve touched on three of the six signs, obviously, we haven’t gotten to nature, signs of society, signs that are spiritual in nature, but those are also multiplying before our eyes. Our society continues to devolve, not evolve we got people who want to make this nation here in America more progressive. But my point has always been, that yeah they’re making progress down the wrong road. In other words, they’re moving forward in the wrong direction. And so whether it is signs of society, signs of moral insanity and confusion that are becoming more prevalent every day, whether it is spiritual signs, the six categories of signs are multiplying before our eyes around the world.

David Bowen: What’s amazing too is the sign of nature. Things are happening so quickly that people don’t even pay attention to them anymore. Earthquakes, floods, I mean, millions of people being affected and it’s not even a News story anymore.

Tim Moore: But as Peter said there are many people that scoff, “oh, there’s always been floods, there’s always been earthquakes, there’s always been famines.” And those mockers too often are inside the church. And yet the promise of the Lord’s coming, the Lord is not slow about it. And so even these very signs of the times are coalescing, or as we like to say, they’re converging.

David Bowen: Right.

Nathan Jones: That’s what I like so much that you wanted to focus this year, our Lamplighter Magazine on the six signs, for each of the six episodes, you took one of the categories. And the response that we’ve gotten from those magazines, that really opened people’s eyes to the fact that what’s going on around them. Maybe a seventh would be, I think, the sign you said the convergence.

David Bowen: Yeah, yeah, good point.

Nathan Jones: The fact that we’re not just getting one sign here, or there or this, they’re all coming together like a freight train, they’re slamming into us and people can’t keep up. I mean, when we hear about a natural disaster now we’re sad for a minute, but then the next one happens.

David Bowen: Yeah, it’s not even a News story.

Nathan Jones: Or a school shooting like the one in Maine.

David Bowen: Exactly, violence.

Tim Moore: That’s a great point.

Nathan Jones: The insanity as the media fights to murder babies? I mean, we’re in a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world. That’s convergence.

David Bowen: And we’re trying to figure AI, and the business world is past that, they’re on quantum computing already.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

David Bowen: You wrote a good article, one of your Deep Dives on that was fantastic.

Tim Moore: I think you just uttered a prophetic word, folks, I think next year one of our magazine episodes will focus on this very convergence. But if you missed that series of Lamplighter Magazine’s the six editions of 2023 focusing on the signs of nature, society, spiritual signs, signs of world politics, technology and Israel, we have a special offer for you. You can get all six magazine editions packaged together and we’ll ship them to you for $20. So just call the number on the screen or go to our online website or store and you can get all six editions at one fell swoop for yourself, or to give to someone else, and we’d be glad to send them to you. I know it would be a blessing.

Well, fellas, we’ve talked about all the signs of 2023. As a ministry we obviously have much to be thankful for. So what stands out in your mind from this past year? Just as the Lord has poured out His blessings on us and we pray through us?

Nathan Jones: Well, you said that Dave Bowen joined us this year.

David Bowen: That was going to be mine.

Tim Moore: That was a highlight.

Nathan Jones: We’re all very happy about that brother.

David Bowen: I’m excited to be here. I mean, it’s wonderful. Lamb & Lion has been something I’ve been following for years because there’s always been balance with this ministry. There’s always been honesty with this ministry. There’s always been teaching with this ministry. And when you get into the end times and prophecy, there can be some weird stuff out there.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

David Bowen: You know, so I’m very careful on who I want to be a part of. And Lamb & Lion has always been a dream of mine, so it’s a blessing just to be here with you guys.

Tim Moore: Well, it’s been a blessing for us and I believe a blessing for our viewers and those who plug into our website. Really, the website becomes a major avenue for us to reach to the entire world. And so that is very powerful. But you have been a tremendous add to multiply the content, and I think the Lord has spoken mightily through you.

I can share with our viewers just this past year we’ve had 52 new episodes of Christ in Prophecy, that keeps our team behind the cameras very, very busy. But what a blessing it has been to have 52 new episodes of Christ in Prophecy. Obviously, we’ve touched on our Lamplighter magazines. We’ve had four new books, several by Dr. David Reagan, a new edition of the Minor Prophets book by Nathan, the Prophecy Edition, and that’s a tremendous resource to anyone who has gotten a hold of that, even if they had the original version, this newest version is even better. Wait, but wait, there’s more because it talks about all the signs of prophecy within each of those Minor Prophets. Over 200 new Prophecy Partners, I’ll talk about that. But Nathan, within the web arena, what kind of statistics do we have to share from this year?

Nathan Jones: Well I put a list together, we had 750,000 visitors come to our website reading 1.5 million pages. They’ve downloaded 117,000 versions of our Lamb & Lion app, which you can download on all the major platforms. We sent out 26 e-newsletters. We’ve had 52 podcasts, The Truth will Set You Free with our other evangelist, our assistant evangelist Vic Battista. We’ve had almost 65 Prophetic Perspective videos, which you can find on our website and our Christ in Prophecy YouTube channel. Dave, how many deep dives?

David Bowen: In all about 30, 32, 33, somewhere around there.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, check those out on our YouTube channel under Christ in Prophecy, we have a playlist called Deep Dive with Dave Bowen. And they are deep.

David Bowen: They are. They’re fun. You know, with all this being said it, what’s amazing, it shows that people are hungry.

Nathan Jones: They certainly are.

David Bowen: People are hungry. They really want to know the truth.

Nathan Jones: Well, they call themselves the Remnant Church because they’re not getting this kind of teaching in the churches. Increasingly, we have people coming up to us too saying, hey, my pastor will not preach Bible prophecy.

David Bowen: Two percent.

Nathan Jones: Two precent. What about radio, podcast and speaking engagements?

Tim Moore: Well, I was going to say there are even more that is coming, but we have had I think, probably a high point of the number of engagements we’ve been able to reach out across the country and even around the world. But this year, we’ve had 26 different conferences and speaking engagements where we’ve traveled. We’ve had regional conferences even in New Jersey recently with Dave and me. And in Oklahoma, we’ve been to Oregon, to California, we’ve been literally around the country. And we would come to a church near you or to your hometown for a regional conference, just contact our ministry, all it takes is an invitation, and one of us or all of us would be delighted to come.

You know, I don’t take any of these blessings for granted. And really, we give full credit to the Lord. I’m reminded of Psalm 100, which says, “Shout to the Lord, shout to Yahweh, all the earth serve the Lord with gladness come before Him with joyful songs. Know that Yahweh, the Lord God, He is God, and He has made us and not ourselves. We are His people, the sheep of his pastures.” And we don’t take for granted that none of this would be possible without many of you. You are the folks who give us the wherewithal to reach the entire world through Christ in Prophecy, this television program. Through our Web and our Internet availability and through all the other things that we produce here at Lamb & Lion to proclaim the soon return of Jesus Christ. So, we would invite you to partner with us as Prophecy Partners or to lift us up in prayer.

Again, we couldn’t do what we do to proclaim the Lord’s soon return without you. So join us as a Prophecy Partner. There’s information on the screen below and we’ll have another word about becoming a Prophecy Partner in just a moment. But Nathan, you also shared that we are about to unleash yet another avenue of outreach. We’re going sort of back to the future because in 1981, Dr. David Reagan initiated the outreach of Lamb & Lion Ministries through the medium of radio. And we are about to launch a new version of Christ in Prophecy on the radio. So for just a moment, we’d like to give you a preview of what is coming soon to a radio station near you.

Christ in Prophecy Radio Segment

Announcer: Welcome to Christ in Prophecy this is one minute with senior evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries, Tim Moore.

Tim Moore: When you scroll through the daily News, you almost always hear bad news, relationship strife, rampant crime and ongoing war. It’s easy to forget there’s anything good happening in the world today. As followers of Jesus Christ, you and I have been commissioned to proclaim the Good News. It’s more than the reality that Jesus came into the world to rescue us from our sin, it’s also the good news that He is returning soon. If you refuse to believe in Jesus, it’s more bad news because as John 3:36 says, the wrath of God abides on you. But if you know Jesus Christ, He is your Blessed Hope. Swipe away the endless bad news and open up the Bible to discover your Blessed Hope.

Announcer: To hear more hope for the future from God’s Word to those who’ve put their faith in Jesus Christ and to understand God’s prophetic warning to those who don’t yet know Him, visit our website at

Part 2

Tim Moore: So with that in mind, what we want to do is we want to take a moment and share a little bit about each of our own testimony, looking back and perhaps even looking forward. Nathan, tell us a little bit about your testimony of faith in Christ.

Nathan Jones: Sure, well, growing up, I used to be kind of embarrassed because you’d hear these great testimonies of people coming out of drugs or rehab or you know, this tremendous story that connects with people, you know. But I was–now that I’m older, I look back and I’m like, hey, you know, I have a really great testimony because I was raised in a Christian family. I had parents who loved the Lord and served the Lord. And I still remember as a little kid, my mother, my father was traveling, selling books and Bibles, and my mother sat down with my sister and I, and she led us to the Lord. So, I was saved very young in life.

By the time I was in sixth grade or so, I went to Brigade boys and they took us to watch this video, and these babies are burning in hell, and I was terrified. And I went up front and I gave my life, I rededicated again. And then at 16, I went and finally got baptized and went to Israel and got baptized in the Jordan River, too. And I look back now and I’m not ashamed that I don’t have a dramatic testimony anymore because the testimony I have is that the Lord has been walking with me since a very young age, and He’s kept me from many of the things that I could have fallen into due to my fallen nature. So praise the Lord, we need to turn to Him.

And I find the passage that’s really been on my heart lately is Psalm 121 it says, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills; from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber or sleep.” And in dealing with Israel, “Behold He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber or sleep.” So thank you, Lord.

Tim Moore: Amen. That’s a beautiful word, Nathan. I share a similar thought. But Dave, what about you? What would be your personal testimony of faith in Christ?

David Bowen: Well, I’m a little bit envious of Nathan here because I did not grow up in the church, so I did not have the chance to understand that. I didn’t get any of the Sunday school messages or anything else. And I was not even introduced to the Lord into my early twenties, and at that point, I just when I heard the Word of God, it just it just touched me and it just got a hold of me. And I walked away from everything, I wanted to know more, and more, and more about it. And I think I still teach that way because I remember what it felt like to not know anything about the Bible.

First thing I did as an adult, I went out and bought a children’s book, to try to understand the stories again. And God got ahold of my heart and I just fell in love with Him and I wanted to know everything about Him. I remember I contacted a church, I found one church and I did a Bible study course. You know, it was a six-month course. I applied for it and they sent me the material, and I did it in like four weeks, you know. And I called them up and I said, “Okay, what’s next?” And they said, “Well, that’s all we have.” And I go, “Well, there’s got to be more. I don’t know. I don’t understand, there’s more, you know.” And what bothered me, that I would read it and I would have a lot of questions, obviously, a lot of a lot of questions. And when Jesus healed, He would say, don’t go tell anybody. And I would go, why not? Wouldn’t you want the whole world to know this? And I will go ask a pastor and say, explain this to me. And I would get answers like, well, I guess it wasn’t time yet. And I go, well, there has to be more than that. You know He didn’t go into the fact that it wasn’t time for Him and the Pharisees to bang heads, that time is coming.

And then prophecy was a totally different thing. When I read that in the Bible, I went, well, if this is true, then this is a big deal. And I would go ask pastors, again and I would never get the answers to that. And that put me on a path for prophecy. And that’s why I became a student of prophecy, because again, what prophecy does, it allows us to understand the Bible being true. It validates Jesus. It validates the Word. It validates everything. And what’s history, what was prophetic then but now is history, Christmas, you know, things that have already happened. If that was true, then as a young student, I said, then the rest has to be true, and no one’s talking about it. And that that began to burn a passion in me for Bible prophecy.

But it has to be balanced. And when I look at, and when I teach prophecy, when I look at prophecy from a personal standpoint, I believe there are three lenses. The first one is Scripture, you have to go to Scripture for everything. And after that is history, because when you look at Daniel and how God dealt with people or you go back to the Old Testament God is still the same God. So what’s history? And then you have current events. And I think too many people take prophecy and go to current events too fast.

Tim Moore: Well, I think they do too, which is why it’s so powerful that we here use all three lenses, but we prioritize the Word of God. I would just say for me.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, let’s hear your testimony.

Tim Moore: Okay, for me you don’t need to hear much about me. I’ll say this I have the blessing of having been raised in a Christian home, so I will credit my parents while giving praise to the Lord God Almighty that my parents grounded me in the Word of God and in a faith that came from my childhood. I feel like Timothy, who Paul said, “From your earliest age, you have been given the Scriptures you knew how to come to faith in the revealed Messiah, Jesus Christ.” I think of other people who poured into my life. I’ve talked about Bill Smith, who was a spiritual mentor, who gave love and attention to me. I will credit Dave Reagan as a person who introduced me to the prophetic Word of God and became a dear friend, a mentor, a father figure in so many ways, but I cherish him for opening the prophetic Word of God.

And I too sometimes Dave, like Nathan, wish I had a better testimony. But I’ve come to realize it’s not about me. You know, oftentimes when I’ve spoken of my grandchildren, our good friend Bob Russell has reminded me of Winston Churchill’s quote when someone asks, “Have I told you about my grandchildren?” His response was, “No, and I want to thank you about that.” And so the question I would ask even our viewers today, have you told anyone about your Lord Jesus Christ? Because the response to that is, have I told you about the Lord? And they might say, yes, and I want to thank you for telling me about the Lord. My testimony is not very dramatic or very exciting, but my Lord is exciting. He is a great God and savior. So I don’t want to really talk about me. I want to point people to Him. And you can tell I get very excited about Jesus Christ and the fact He is coming soon.

But I also want to share this here at Lamb & Lion Ministries there’s a whole team of people who are excited about the Lord’s return. And so you see the three of us here in front of the camera, but there’s a whole team behind the camera and we want to reflect on the blessings that God has poured out through us to you this year by sharing a little bit about all the folks that make Lamb & Lion Ministries and Christ in Prophecy possible. Watch this.


Tim Moore: As we close out this episode today and really the year reflection on 2023, I want you to know that Lamb and Lion Ministries also consists of a whole team of people dedicated to the mission of proclaiming Jesus Christ soon return that aren’t even here on site.

Nathan Jones: Well, we couldn’t possibly do all the things we do a Lamb & Lion Ministries and proclaim the soon return of Jesus Christ without you, we couldn’t do print, television, or radio without a wide network of supporters, so thank you.

David Bowen: And we appreciate every one of you who prays for us, and thank you for those who faithfully give to us as well.

Tim Moore: This Christ centered ministry will continue to look forward to what the Lord has in store for us in 2024. Perhaps this will be the year Jesus comes for His church. Regardless, we will remain faithful until He comes. On behalf of all of us here at Lamb & Lion Ministries in the name of Him who was, and is, and who is to come may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Godspeed.

End of Program

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