Rise of the Luciferian Global Government

What horrors will the rising Luciferian global government soon inflict upon the world? Find out with guests Jeff Kinley, J.B. Hixson, and Jobe Martin along with hosts Tim Moore and Nathan Jones on the television program, Christ in Prophecy!

Air Date: October 28, 2023

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Tim Moore:Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to the second episode in our three- part series of interviews held at the Pre-Trip Study Group Conference. Once a year, teachers, professors, and preachers of Bible Prophecy gather in the Dallas area to share their research and passion for the Lord’s soon return.

Nathan Jones:In our last episode, we marveled at the miraculous regathering of the Jewish people back to the Holy Land and the rebirth of the nation of Israel. This remarkable event is incredibly significant, for this greatest end times sign points directly to the return of Jesus Christ who will rule and reign over the world from Jerusalem following His Second Coming. But before that happens, the world must endure the wrath of God being poured out during the seven-year Tribulation time period. Today, globalism is on the rise, ushered in by the spirit of the Antichrist.

Tim Moore:We’ll begin our interviews with Jeff Kinley of Main Thing Ministries. He will respond to the following question.

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Part 1: Should the world fear moving towards a global government?

Tim Moore:Well, we want to continue our conversation with Jeff Kinley, one of the Prophecy Pros, and certainly, Jeff, you are, that we have been delighted to have you on our program and have been together at conferences. So right now, in this current cultural moment, this prophetic moment we live in a lot of people want to know what is the greatest sign prophetically that we are witnessing before our very eyes that points to the soon return of Jesus Christ?

Jeff Kinley:Yeah, absolutely. Well, right now I think we are in an age where we’re seeing globalism really come of age, if you will. You know, the Bible says in the last days there is going to be a one world government headed up by Antichrist. Of course, this is the fulfillment of Satan’s long ambition that he has had for over 6,000 years to be in charge of the earth. That’s going to happen. But what’s gone on is because of technology and because of the way the world has shrunk, with communication, with governments cooperating with each other over global crises, that what happens is governments are willing to lay aside some of their own nationalist rights and become more one together. We’re seeing this push through the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, United Nations, the G20 they’re all coming together and saying, hey, it’s time for us to be one.

Now, isn’t it interesting that the world is getting on board with the pre-scripted prophecies that God has put in His Word? But that’s what I see right now. I know with COVID, I mean, the whole world was talking about one thing. We’ve never had that before in human history where literally every nation, every neighborhood was talking about one single thing. So they made it easier for this to happen.

And I think one more thing with that is just the idea of a global crisis brings about chaos, which brings about people being calmed by the government, it’s going to be okay. But eventually the endgame in all of this is control.

Tim Moore:What’s crazy is you have some even who would consider themselves liberals, which in a classic sense would have meant they were for individual liberty, but now they’re celebrating and praising the Chinese Communist government for its ability to control its people, to put in protections that squelch individual rights and really are only looking out for the state.

Jeff Kinley:Yeah.

Tim Moore:And they’re saying, oh, we need more of that even in this country or around the world. And so it feeds into that mentality.

Jeff Kinley:It really does. In fact, Klaus Schwab who is the head of the World Economic Forum, has been called a fanboy of China. He loves the way that they control their people, they surveil their people. I think I read where there are over 100 million cameras in China.

Nathan Jones:Social credit score too.

Jeff Kinley:Yeah, and the social credit score and that type of thing. We’re moving towards that here in our own country in different ways. But even Klaus Schwab son, I think, is the head of the field office there for the WEF in China. All that to say is, is that people are looking to China as the model of how to run a country. And, of course, the more control you have over a populace, the more you become like that. So with these mandates and these executive orders that even our own administration that are happening, it’s really quite frightening how globalism is really seeping into many, many governments.

Nathan Jones:And yet you’ve got China and Russia, especially Vladimir Putin coming out recently saying that his war is actually a war against the globalist West. So, it looks like both China and Russia are trying to buck the system and become ultra nationalistic. Where does that fall into Bible prophecy? If the whole world is going towards globalism what do we do about these rogue superpowers?

Jeff Kinley:Yeah, well, Scripture does say that Russia will move south in Ezekiel 38, Russia will move south in the latter days when Israel is living securely, it says that God will set a hook in her jaw and bring Russia down. But here’s the thing, those nations that they ally themselves with, I believe will be part of that great Gog Magog war that God’s going to eventually annihilate. That’ll need to happen, in fact, for Antichrist to really be able to take charge. And so once those forces are annihilated, which I think coincidentally enough includes a lot of Islamic nations, which really may give Israel the opportunity to rebuild their temple on the Temple Mount, because if all the Islamic forces are wiped away somewhere around the Rapture or something like that, then they’re free to rebuild on the Temple Mount. So, all of this sort of dovetails together, they are pieces to the puzzle. Just like any puzzle, you don’t really see how they all fit together. I certainly don’t. But as we go forward in time, it’s like we get more and more knowledge, more and more clarity about how these things could take place.

Tim Moore:And I think something you said about dovetailing it, the other reality is many of these signs that we’ve been watching in desperate ways are starting to come together and converge, that’s one of the words we use. It converging in a way that has not been seen for 2,000 years. So Israel is now on the scene. Israel is surrounded by hostile nations. The world nations are trying to grope in binding a one world government, just like Scripture talks about. Technology is allowing the ability for governments to control their citizens, on and on and on. So, we’re seeing, even in our country, a devolution from Judeo-Christian values to this secularism, all of these things happening at an accelerating pace in a converging way.

Jeff Kinley:Yes. Now, I think the keyword you use there is accelerating because right now it’s almost like, you know, Jesus talked about birth pangs in Matthew 24 that happen during the Tribulation Period. Well, as we all know, birth pangs increase with intensity and frequency as you get closer to the birth. And so here we are on the other side of that, we’re not yet there, but we’re still seeing this rapid acceleration of all these things coming together.

Tim Moore:And you made an interesting comment yesterday in your presentation about birth pangs. You said there are different kinds of birth pangs. One of the ones you mentioned was birth pangs that happened before the birth. What was the analogy?

Jeff Kinley:They are called Braxton Hicks contract. And our wives certainly know about those things. But yeah, Braxton Hicks feel like the real thing, they cause many people to go ahead and head to the hospital because here comes the baby. But the doctor says, no, these aren’t the real ones, the real ones are going to come later. You’re not ready and sends them home. Well, right now, we’re not in those actual birth pangs of seeing the signs of Matthew 24 and Revelation 6-19 that Jesus talked about. But we are feeling those Braxton Hicks. Now you can’t have Braxton Hicks unless you’re actually pregnant and going to have a baby.

Tim Moore:And getting close to delivery.

Jeff Kinley:And getting close to it because second, third trimester. So, it’s kind of an analogy to use to kind of say we are in the last days, I don’t know how late we are. John said in 1 John 2:18 is the last hour. So, I don’t know if we’re ticking to the last seconds or not. But all that just to say is that it gives us a sense of expectancy for the Lord’s return, but also gives us a sense of what I call purposeful urgency. It’s not panic, you know, we’re not running around like Chicken Little, but we do have a sense of, I’ve got to get this done. It’s the two-minute warning. It’s in the fourth quarter. We need to win this game.

Nathan Jones:Next up is Dr. J. B. Hixson of Not By Works Ministries. J.B. has written extensively about the following question.

Part 2: How is the spirit of the Antichrist taking over?

Tim Moore:Well, folks, welcome once again as we continue conversations here at the Pre-Trib Conference, we’re delighted to have our friend J. B. Hixson here from Sedalia, Colorado, and with Not By Works Ministries.

Nathan Jones:It looks like you brought one of your books with you.

J.B. Hixson:I did, yes.

Nathan Jones:And it’s about helping us discern the times we’re living in, correct?

J.B. Hixson:Absolutely, yeah. So, Spirit of the Antichrist, this is our volume two, you all at Lamb & Lion were kind enough to have you on when volume one came out last March. This came out in October. And again, it’s the premise is 1 John 4:3 that the spirit of the Antichrist is already at work among us. And so what we did is we just took all of the characteristics of the future capital A Antichrist who will rule the world for seven years during the Tribulation and sort of summarize those into seven categories. And then we just took a look at current events and geopolitical events and the world around us and what we saw, which really isn’t surprising to those who study Bible prophecy, but it was surprising the amount of data that we saw, was that there’s an upsurge in every one of those characteristics. We’re seeing all of the things that will characterize the future man of sin already kind of rising up and becoming the norm today.

Tim Moore:So, for someone who might not be as familiar, the Antichrist is an individual, a man of lawlessness, as the Bible describes, who will come in opposition to Jesus Christ and to the Gospel plan. He is eventually to be Satan indwelled.

J.B. Hixson:Absolutely.

Tim Moore:And, so in the end times this individual will emerge to lead a one world government and to try to impose an anti-God and anti-Christ ideology. And yet, really, we’re seeing all those pieces and parts come into play leading toward that individual who has not yet been identified. In spite of what some people say. We don’t know that it’s Prince now King Charles or anybody else. Yeah, that is yet to be revealed in the fullness of time. But Satan’s got somebody ready.

J.B. Hixson:Absolutely. And you know, the future man of sin, son of perdition, he goes by a number names, the beast in Scripture. He is going to rule the world in absolute terror. He is going to be indwelt by Satan himself. He’s Satan’s man of the hour. That final seven year period will be when this cosmic struggle between God and Satan reaches a climax. You know, Satan has been trying to take over this world for 6,000 years since he got kicked out of Heaven. And this is, you know, slowly, incrementally, he’s getting closer and closer. And we know from the direct words and writings of his own human counterparts, the conspirators that are working with Satan on the human side, that the 2020s has been their target for almost 100 years. I have a chapter in the new book called Satan or the Luciferian Timeline, where I cite going back to the 1920s, 1930s, key Luciferian agents talking about this being their target time.

Tim Moore:I’m fascinated even by that term. Is that something that has been used elsewhere, or is that a term you coined with Luciferian Conspiracy timeline?

J.B. Hixson:Oh, no, no. Yeah, no Luciferianism has been around for centuries. It’s their term for themselves, the Satanist that are working with Satan. You know, just like you and I worship the Lord, read His Word, we pray to Him, we look at Him as the Almighty Creator of the universe. They do the same thing to Satan. And they think going back to the Garden, that Satan was the protagonist and God is the antagonist. And so, they’ve worship, they dedicate their books to Lucifer by name. They call themselves Luciferians. So, the Luciferian conspiracy people have written about it forever. I think what distinguishes Not By Works Ministry and our approach to it is as best we can, we’re not perfect, obviously, but we strive to run everything through the grid of Scripture and make sure that, you know what a lot of people call the deep state or the global elite or these other terms, the shadow government, that it really is seen from the spiritual aspect of who’s really pulling the strings.

Nathan Jones:When you say that Satan’s Antichrist, is rising, well, what are some of the things that you see going on in society that’s pointing to the Bible’s prophesied one world government, which the Antichrist will rule?

J.B. Hixson:Yeah, so a couple of big ones that I’m sure you guys have talked about this on your show or with other guests, but the two biggest ones I think that come to mind would be the CBDC, the Central Bank Digital Currencies right out of Revelation 13. In Revelation 13, the Mark of the Beast.

Nathan Jones:The digital dollar that is supposed to be?

J.B. Hixson:Yeah, to prevent people from buying or selling without government approval. Well, that’s what the Central Bank Digital Currencies are all about. And they just did a big test run. They’re talking about rolling it out globally in 2023. They want to do away with cash entirely. They want everybody to have a digital passport that will be loaded with money. All of these entitlements that we get, instead of a check in the mail, it will just be credited, but it’ll have expiration dates. It’ll tell you where you can buy and sell, if you go ten miles from your home and they don’t want you to buy from there, it’ll shut you off. So, this is all–I mean, I was talking in another interview this morning about how for years people have talked about, well, this could be the technology for the Mark of the Beast, you know, the RFID chips or the UPC symbols or whatever. But what’s different about the digital currencies is that for the first time, the elites that are the World Economic Forum, the Klaus Schwab’s and Yuval Noah Harari’s of the world, they’re actually saying we intend to use this to control commerce and keep you from buying and selling. Well, that’s right out of, you know, Revelation 13.

Nathan Jones:Who do they think they are? You’ll own nothing and be happy while they own everything.

J.B. Hixson:Totally. Yeah. I mean, the UPC symbols and all of that, they were using that for inventory checking or those kind of they never came right out and said, hey, we’re going to use this to keep you from buying or selling.

Tim Moore:Yeah, they are shameless at this point. In a grand scheme we’ve had our six categories of signs this falls under technology. And so, to a degree, this modern technology, whether it is cryptocurrency, the digital currency, whether it’s the surveillance state that allows this assumption of power by just a handful, all of these things are very recent. And again, give us an understanding, a discernment that even the Old Testament prophets themselves could not have imagined, let alone our parents and grandparents. They would not have imagined some of these things.

J.B. Hixson:No, it’s a setting of the stage, as Jesus told, you know He rebuked the First Century Jewish leaders for not being able to discern the signs of the times. And so, we don’t want to make that same mistake. So, we look at the signs of the times. We’re not you not claiming that we can set a date, we’re just saying the stage is being set. And the second one that I think is really big, you mentioned this global surveillance and all that, I have a whole chapter called Global Surveillance and the Police state.

But the other big one is transhumanism. You see the one frontier that Satan has not conquered and never will be able to conquer is the creation of life ex nihilo, out of nothing. And so, they are working hard at both destroying the image of God and man. They think mankind is nothing but useless breathers, they want to destroy us. But at the same time, they want to recreate an artificial intelligence that is on par with God. They want to create God. Elon Musk was asked, “Do you believe in God?” And he said, “Well, not yet, because I haven’t invented him.”

Nathan Jones:Oh goodness.

Tim Moore:You know, this goes all the way back to the Garden, in Genesis 3, with Satan’s very first lies when he undermined the credibility of God. He said, “God did not say” then he called God a liar. And then appealing to the pride and hubris and the ungodly desire in the heart of mankind. He said, “You will not die.” If you disobey God, you will not die, for God knows that on the days you eat from it, the fruit, your eyes will be open and you will be like God.

J.B. Hixson:Exactly.

Tim Moore:And that’s been man’s evil, sinful desire ever since the beginning. That was really Satan’s desire to be worshiped like God. And so, we’re just seeing everything come full circle in these end times.

J.B. Hixson:Yeah, he says MO has never changed. In volume one, which we talked about in a previous interview, I talk about Satan’s method and these five steps to deception and go right to Genesis 3. But you know, Satan’s big lie really can be summed up in one sentence, which is: You can sin and get away with it. There is no consequence. There’s no death, that’s another part of this transhumanist agenda, they want to have eternal life without having the sacrificial atoning sacrifice to pay the penalty for sin. And so, he’s coming at it from all angles. But this transhumanism, artificial intelligence stuff, I’ve got some stuff in that chapter that that just chills me to even read about it, the kinds of things they’re talking about doing, you know.

Tim Moore:You know, it really boggles the mind. Just recently talking about ex nihilo, I read that they have now created a mouse, and at least an embryo that did not come from an egg and a sperm. And they think that through technology, they are now on the cusp of being able to form life. And they say, oh, but see, we can make all sorts of benefits for mankind. Well, we are trying to play God even as those who are rejecting the true God, are trying to be God.

J.B. Hixson:We are creating God in the image of man.

Nathan Jones:Well, how far Dr. Hixson will God allow this to go?

J.B. Hixson:Well, that’s the big question. I mean, we believe in the imminency of the Rapture. Obviously, nobody knows more about that than Lamb & Lion Ministries. So, we can’t set a date. It could happen at any moment. But at the same time, if you asked me my personal opinion and subjectively I would say there are no more frontiers that Satan needs to conquer. I mean, think about it, he’s conquered gender, I mean, from his perspective. He’s conquered language with deconstructionism. He’s conquered life and death with eugenics and abortion and all of these things. And he’s thinks he’s on the cusp of conquering the creation of life through transhumanism and artificial intelligence. So, I just feel like it could be any day. I feel like the Lord is going to say, enough is enough, He’s going to rescue the church from this present evil age, Galatians 1:4. And then, you know, shortly thereafter the Antichrist will emerge, sign the peace treaty and we’ll be looking at, you know, seven years of this cosmic struggle between the wrath of God and the wrath of Satan.

Tim Moore:We were also blessed to be able to interview Dr. Jobe Martin of Biblical Discipleship Ministries. He addressed this important signs of the time question.

Part 3: Have the days of Noah returned?

Tim Moore:You know, Jobe as we watch what’s happening in the world, people can see almost a fulfillment of Romans chapter one. But even as Paul is describing how people will be given over by God to their foolish and darkened minds, one of the first things they do is they begin to worship the creature instead of the Creator.

Jobe Martin:That’s right.

Tim Moore:And we’ve seen that in our culture now for several years.

Jobe Martin:Oh, have we ever! And matter of fact, that reprobate mind, it really means insanity. They will be given over to insanity. So, you just look at the culture. What on earth is going on? It’s insanity. There’s no other way to describe it. But what have they received? What have they accepted? The world has accepted, United States as the government, the judges, everything else, they have said it’s okay for gay marriage, it’s okay for abortion, it’s okay for all this stuff.

Tim Moore:Our whole culture, let alone our government, now has embraced insanity in terms of declaring a man is a woman, a woman is a man, and there’s all these various genders in between.

Jobe Martin:Oh, I mean, there sure is. And then you’re thinking, well, you know, there’s so many good Christians who believe we’re going to set up God’s kingdom here. I mean, we’re going to cleanse the earth and we’re going to make it a nice place for Jesus to come back.

Tim Moore:Yeah, kind of a Post-Millennial mentality that we will create such a perfect earth that the Lord will just return and it’ll be like heaven on earth before He gets here.

Nathan Jones:Well, Jobe, you are an expert on the Book of Genesis, as well as pretty much every book in the Bible, but your focus on Genesis in your ministry. The Lord said that when He would return, the world would be like the days of Noah again, or the days of Lot. How can we, or what does it look like in the days of Noah compared to today? What are the parallels?

Jobe Martin:When you look at Genesis 5, 6, 7, & 8 it is talking about the Flood, what was going on. Why did God say, I wish I hadn’t done this? I’m just going to destroy everything, except one thing Noah and his family. Dry land animals, all that. Why? Because the earth was filled with violence.

Nathan Jones:Okay, so that was the defining sin, I guess you could say, of the Flood era?

Jobe Martin:Yeah, that’s what He said right there in Genesis 6.

Tim Moore:Yes, six, verse five, “The Lord saw the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually, and says he was grieved in His heart,” in verse five. And I have to wonder, Jobe, today, as the Lord looks down upon and not just the world, let’s just talk about the United States, which we are familiar with. Is what is happening in our country grievous to the Lord God to a holy God when we claim to be a Christian nation, at least some people still do, is His heart grieved by what we are not only embracing, but endorsing and advocating in this country?

Jobe Martin:Oh, I think He’s heartbroken over it. I really think He is. But there comes a time when the God of the Bible says enough is enough, and He brings His judgment down. He’ll bring it down on individual people. He’ll bring it down on even churches that are like Laodicea lukewarm, etc. And He’ll bring it down on whole nations or the whole world, which He did here.

Nathan Jones:With the Flood.

Jobe Martin:With the Flood. Exactly.

Tim Moore:You know, we hear people talk all the time about how, well that was the God of the Old Testament God. The Old Testament was full of wrath and judgment, but the God in the New Testament, He’s just full of grace and mercy and love. So, He loves everybody and wouldn’t hurt a fly. And yet if you read in Revelation, so let’s go back to that other book end of the Bible in chapter two, when Jesus is dictating a message to the church at Thyatira, beginning in verse 18, he has something that He holds against a woman called Jezebel, but He says to the entire church, “You are tolerating that woman who is perpetrating evil and leading you astray.” And I would say that the Lord would have to say to us today, you are tolerating things that are intolerable. But then Jesus Christ says that He gave her, this woman, Jezebel, time to repent. But because she has not, he said, “Behold, I will throw her on a bed of sickness and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation unless they repent of her deeds and I will kill her children with pestilence and all the churches will know that I am He who searches the minds and the hearts and I will give to each one according to your deeds.” In other words, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, forever. And yes, He is full of grace and mercy, but He will not tolerate sin and wickedness forever. Yes, He is long suffering and patient, not wishing for any to perish, as Peter tells us, but he will judge those unrighteous and evil deeds.

Nathan Jones:Dr. Martin, you had said that the Lord finally His patience was done with the people of the Flood era, and gave the Flood. So, when His patience runs out in our era, what are we anticipating as His judgment?

Jobe Martin:Well, we as God’s people, we who know Jesus as our Savior, we’ve received Him into our life, our bodily, resurrected, our Lord and Savior Jesus. All right, it doesn’t mean anything for us. We’re going to be out of here. I believe in a Pre-Trib Rapture. What does it mean for mankind? Well, the worst time in history that’s ever going to be on the Earth is going to be here; the seven-year Tribulation. So, He is going to bring His wrath, He calls it His wrath. I mean what does it say in Revelation 6 there? The wrath of God and of the Lamb. So, He’s going to take us out because we’re the bride. We’re His bride. And He’s not going to subject his bride to the worst thing He’s ever going to do.

Tim Moore:Yes. Yes, in Revelation 6:16, where the people even recognize those who are left behind and suffer that wrath, they realize it’s the wrath of God and the Lamb.

Nathan Jones:Witnessing evil consuming the world can be quite distressing. So, let’s conclude again with Jeff Kinley as he provides us with some advice and much needed hope.

Part 4: How do we survive drowning in a sea of lies?

Tim Moore:Well, if we see such truth decay, as I call it here in our society, how can Christians protect themselves, their children, their grandchildren, in other words how can we steel our minds to know what truth is and to not, I guess, morph into the very thinking that we’re trying to oppose right now?

Jeff Kinley:Yeah, that’s a great question. I think we have to calibrate it by understanding that God’s truth and God Himself are never separated. That God’s truth is a reflection of who He is and of His character. So, if people who are Christians say they really want to know God, they want to be connected to Him, be intimate with Him, they’ve got to know God’s truth. And so, I think it’s a clarion call for us today in the Christian church, really, to get back to the Bible. Pulpits need to get back to the Bible. Christians need to get back to the Bible. And a stat I shared yesterday about Barna’s research said that only 14% of Christians are reading their Bibles every day. That’s indicative of where we are as a church. I mean, think about it, if we didn’t eat every day after a time, you know, we start to get really weak. Well, that’s what happening spiritually. So, I would say the number one thing is to become acquainted with the truth, become an expert in the truth, and that way you can guard yourself against the lies out there.

Nathan Jones:And that’s reading our Bibles, right? I mean, the Bible is the truth.

Jeff Kinley:Absolutely. Yeah, and it begins with reading the Bible. And of course, when we read the Bible, it reads us. And then I just tell people, look, take it to the next step go and study your Bible, because the deeper you dig, the more gold you’re going to mine.

Tim Moore:Well, obviously, even in a cultural moment we’re in, we see that our nation is becoming more and more secularized, more and more pagan. And I’m reminded of what Jeremiah wrote to the exiles living in Babylon, and he wrote a message of encouragement. So how can we encourage our viewers, those who want to be committed to a Christian worldview, committed to the Word of God, how can we encourage them in this moment of deception that’s descending upon our society?

Jeff Kinley:Yeah, I think one of the important things is, is that we have to be with one another. And that Hebrews the passage in Hebrews 10 where it says, “don’t forsake the assembling of yourself, but encourage one another.” We need encouragement. Of course, we can encourage our own hearts, you know, David said, I said to my soul, have hope in the Lord, but we also need the encouragement of others. It’s also encouraging just to see other Christians taking a stand for Christ out there in the marketplace, living for God, being bold, being confident, having a clear view of their own lives that that empowers us. It’s almost like when used to play sports, it’s like you play with someone a little bit better than you made your game better. You know? And I think being around Christians who are on fire for Christ really kind of ups our A-game. Now I get letters and emails, I’m sure you do too of people going, How can I find these people? Well, number one, be that person, be the kind of person who’s living their A-game so that others will be attracted to you. So, I think that mutual encouragement goes a long way today.


Nathan Jones:We hope that Jeff’s words of wisdom and blessings of hope help you thrive and survive in these dark days in which we are living. And that you take Christ instructions from Matthew 10:16 to heart that we as Christians were sent out as sheep in the midst of wolves, that we be as wary as serpents and as innocent as doves.

Tim Moore:Join us next week for the third and final episode in this series of interviews held at the Pre-Trib Study Group Conference. We’ll explore different facets of apologetics and learn how to better defend our faith from the many deceptions that assail us today. Until then, look up and be watchful for the King of kings is returning triumphantly to defeat the Luciferian global government and set up His righteous kingdom. Godspeed.

End of Program

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