Terry James on His New Book About the Rapture

Are you Rapture ready? Find out with guest Terry James on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Air Date: November 27, 2016


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Dr. Reagan: The latest book on the Rapture of the Church is really something special to behold. From its very hip cover to its highly imaginative chapter titles. Stay tuned for an interview with the remarkable author.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague, Nathan Jones, and I have a special guest in the studio with us today. He’s Terry James, a prolific writer about Bible prophecy and the author of a most unusual new book about the Rapture. Terry, welcome to Christ in Prophecy.

Terry James: Well, thank you so much, Dave. It is such a pleasure to be here with you and I appreciate the invitation.

Dr. Reagan: Well we are the ones who are blessed to have you down here from Arkansas. You know you are now in God’s country here in Texas.

Terry James: Well, that’s what I’ve heard. But you know I’m an old Razorback you know.

Dr. Reagan: Well, we’ll excuse you for that. Forgive you for it, ok. Terry I am intrigued by the cover of your new book, “Rapture Ready…Or not.” It is most unusual. I wish you could see it. It is something that I think just really grabs people. And I’d like to know where did the idea for it come from?

Terry James: You know David it is interesting because the Lord gave me these titles, and I think you reading them will attest to the fact they are unusual titles. It’s not like me to come up with those kind title for this book. But, I kind of got an inkling that the Lord was up to something because the publisher came up with this cover. He didn’t give me much of a choice. He said, “Terry this is the cover we want to use.” And I had it explained to me. I’m blind as you know. My little daughter was close with the editor and so forth and she explained it to me, she said, “He’s a millennial looking guy with earrings and everything.”

Nathan Jones: Yeah, got the beard, very millennial beard.

Terry James: Yeah, and I thought to myself well I never heard of a prophecy book like this. But then it struck me this is what I want you to do, I think the Lord told me in my spirit. So, I think we are looking at a younger generation, at least get their attention. And the publisher thought that they would be attracted by such a cover. And if we get them started reading on Bible prophecy it is very important.

Dr. Reagan: I think that’s right. And in fact he looks like he has a chip on his shoulder.

Terry James: Yeah, that’s what they said, that’s what they tell me.

Dr. Reagan: Which a lot of millennials do.

Terry James: That’s what they tell me.

Dr. Reagan: Well Terry as you mentioned you’re blind. And I am just fascinated by the fact that you are able to produce so many books. Do you have special tools that you use to help you?

Terry James: Well I do. I have the JAWS program it is Jobs Accessible Word System, that is the acronym JAWS. And it–

Dr. Reagan: We are not talking about sharks here.

Terry James: No. No, not exactly. Although my wife gets mad enough sometimes when that thing is going in there that she thinks I’ve got something going with a shark or something. But, no it is a voice synthesis. It plays back every letter, every word, every sentence, paragraph and so forth and it becomes second nature to you.

Dr. Reagan: Have you always been blind?

Terry James: No, I haven’t. I could see very well until I was 50 years old actually. And then I started manifesting the disease which is retinitis pigmentosa it is a degenerative retinal hereditary disease. And I could see relatively well with central vision until I was about 50, and then it got in my central vision. So, since that time, I was in public relations and advertising at the time and God turned my whole life around and got me writing books.

Dr. Reagan: Well I praise God the way He is using you today. In just a moment we are going to take a break and we’ll come back and talk about the content of this book.

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with Terry James, the author of a new book about the Rapture called, Rapture Ready…Or Not.

Nathan Jones: Terry you’ve got a very imaginative title, “Rapture Ready…Or Not.” But the subtitle says, and it goes around this guy’s shoulder here, 15 Reasons this is the Generation that Will be Left Behind. It is very definitive. Why do you think this is the season of the Lord’s return?

Terry James: Well I think it is Nathan because you know Jesus said, “When you see all of these things beginning to come to pass, then look up, and lift your head for your redemption draweth near.” That is from Luke 21:28. Certainly I believe we have more than begun to see these things coming to pass. And we talk about the term quiet often, matter of fact I’ve heard it mentioned on Christ in Prophecy the term convergence. All these things converging. All of these signals that Jesus and the prophets gave for this end time generation I believe are upon us.

Nathan Jones: So, all the signs of the times are converging together instead of being separate.

Terry James: I think so.

Nathan Jones: Ok.

Terry James: And I think that in itself constitutes a major sign that they are all coming together.

Nathan Jones: Well–

Dr. Reagan: In that regard I wrote a book about the signs of the times a couple of years ago and I sent out questions to 22 Bible prophecy experts and asked them to respond. And I asked them what do they consider to be the most important sign of the end time, and I expected all of them to say Israel. But they didn’t. They said convergence. Convergence. Convergence over and over again.

Nathan Jones: Well speaking of the different signs of the times let me go through each of your very cleverly named chapters, you’ve got 15 of them. And if you could tell me either a little about them or just identify the sign that you say is there and then we’ll talk how they converge into one super sign.

Terry James: I’ll try.

Nathan Jones: Ok, this is really great, “The End Isn’t Near…It’s Here?” What is the sign does that refer to?

Terry James: Well, I think mainly again it is convergence, it is all of the things we see coming together. But I think the primary thing that struck me immediately was the fact that I was getting such hate e-mail from people. Not only, you know from the lost, not nearly as many from the lost as confessing or professing Christians.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Terry James: And they were denying the Rapture and saying all these things were just a bunch of hooey, and we should be looking for Antichrist or the new world order or something rather than for Jesus Christ.

Dr. Reagan: The word I wrote down to sum up that chapter was scoffers.

Nathan Jones: Scoffers, yes in the end times scoffers would come.

Terry James: Scoffers, exactly.

Nathan Jones: Chapter 2 is, “UFO Sightings and Other Strange Stuff.”

Terry James: “UFO Sightings and Other Strange Stuff.” That is another one that came to me and we have to admit there have been a lot of strange stuff we’ve seen going on. And we’ve been confronted with these flying saucers and so forth, and stories of them for years, and years, and years. I think that, to cut to the chase I think that points to a time in the future when there is going to have to be an explanation for the Rapture of the Church. I really believe that UFOs and so forth will play a part in that. As part of the harmonic convergence or whatever you want to call it.

Nathan Jones: The great delusion.

Terry James: Yeah, all this kind of thing. I think the grand delusion and I think that’s what it is. I think of 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 and the great delusion is going to be sent for unbelievers.

Nathan Jones: Is that why chapter 3, “Planet Earth Needs a Shrink”?

Terry James: That’s right. Again in Luke nations will be in great distress with perplexity. Certainly we see that no matter which way we look. If we are talking about economy, or even this election. I’ve never seen such distress and perplexity, and anxiety over just the election we’ve been talking about in 2016.

Nathan Jones: Amen.

Terry James: So, I think that all of these things again are going to come together and people are distressed. And this is a mild, this is a before the Tribulation. This is going to fit the Tribulation era. So, we are seeing things that are developing now that are really going to be pumped up during the Tribulation era itself.

Nathan Jones: Excellent chapter I liked is chapter 4, “Big Brother for a Not-So-Brave New World.” What’s the sign of the time that that chapter is about?

Terry James: Well of course that is the technologies that have developed that I think are developing for the Anti-Christ system that is going to come about. And of course George Orwell wrote the big brother portion, 1984 the book 1984 the novel and Aldous Huxley did in 1932, A Brave New World. And I think we are seeing the two kind of combine in our time. I think we are seeing these things come together technologically. And as Daniel chapter 12 says, you know we see all these things developing a great increase in knowledge and other things.

Nathan Jones: Certainly an age of surveillance isn’t it?

Dr. Reagan: Well that is something that I like to emphasize in my teaching about Bible prophecy is the fact that there are many, many Bible prophecies about the end times that cannot be understood apart from modern technology.

Terry James: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: Like the two bodies of the witnesses lying in the streets of Jerusalem and the whole world looking upon them. Well how can the whole world look upon them? Nobody understood that until the 1960’s when we had satellite television.

Terry James: That’s right.

Nathan Jones: What about this new trend? Chapter 5, “Vampires, Zombies, Transhumans, and Other Fiends.” This word transhuman is getting more and more popular.

Terry James: Well you know I think the scripture that came to mind there that inspired this chapter title I think in Genesis chapter 6, “And their minds were only on evil continually.”

Nathan Jones: Yes. Yes.

Terry James: And certainly or even from my time as a child. Dave yours too probably you know remember Dracula and Frankenstein and all those movies in the theaters that were so popular. I loved them I have to tell you. My mom wouldn’t let me go see them, but I liked them. And so I think that from that time, and even before when Bram Stoker wrote Dracula and Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein and so forth, from those times to this time we have progressed into a time that the mind– you know we have the Blair Witch Project. All of these things that have come out and it has got our young people’s minds particularly fascinated. And so I think that is what this chapter was based upon.

Dr. Reagan: And a big shift has occurred in whereas we looked upon those as bad things, and horrible things, today they are often portrayed as good.

Terry James: That’s right. Yeah.

Nathan Jones: Well chapter 6 “The Ravenous Bear and Other Prophesied Wild Beasts.” I assume you mean Russia, right?

Terry James: Right. Right. You know the Bible speaks of you know Bible prophecy, Daniel in particular and even John talks about these wild beasts. Talks about the bear and the lion, the leopard with wings and all of these things. And a composite beast that comes out of by the sea of humanity, and so forth.

Nathan Jones: And they all represent empires, and countries.

Terry James: Yeah, these are the final empire composite of I think the four major empires of the world.

Nathan Jones: So Babylon, Greece, Medo-Persia, and the Roman Empire combine to the revived Roman Empire.

Terry James: And we even see the two legs Constantinople and of course Rome, and now we’re down to, I think that we down to the–don’t you Dave down to the ten toes, maybe.

Nathan Jones: So, what you’re saying is that the Bible prophesies that in the end times there is going to be a certain configuration of world politics that is going to come together.

Terry James: That’s right. And I think that is the wild beast that I’m talking about. And that is how the Bible prophets phrase it. And I believe that.

Nathan Jones: So, all the nations are lined up in their end time order. Then you’ve got chapter 7, “Recall of History’s Most Deadly Product.” What is history’s most deadly product?

Terry James: I based that upon, you know, they shall cry peace and safety. Well what is the number one worry? And it centers around Jerusalem. You know that is where they fear that World War III is going to ignite, probably more than any other place. And nuclear weapons is where we are going.

Nathan Jones: That is the most deadly product?

Terry James: Yeah, I think so. And that is what I base that upon.

Nathan Jones: Fantastic. Chapter 8–

Dr. Reagan: Chapter 8 gets a little racy.

Nathan Jones: Yeah. “Wanna See Some Nasty End-time Pictures?” Yeah.

Terry James: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: That’s the actual title, “Wanna See Some Nasty End-time Pictures?”

Terry James: Yeah, that came to me.

Nathan Jones: There’s no pictures in the chapter by the way.

Terry James: No pictures. But I hope I painted some mental pictures–

Nathan Jones: Yes, you did.

Terry James: –of what will be going on. What is going on now to some extent. And that’s Paul’s perilous times 2 Timothy chapter 3.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Terry James: So I went through some of those signals. I think probably the most profound is “they will live without natural affection.” That is the one, and also they will have a form of godliness but be without the power thereof. But in particular on this particular one I think they will be without natural affection. Well we see that right now. I believe the two key things in being without natural affection. Affection indicates in my view at least abortion.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Terry James: The most natural thing in the world for a mother to protect her child in the womb.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Terry James: And the second thing is homosexuality.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Terry James: That’s not natural. That is without natural affection.

Nathan Jones: Exactly. Exactly. Then you’ve got after we’ve got the end-time pictures, chapter 9, “Yes, They’re the Great Pretenders.” Who are the great pretenders?

Terry James: Well, I think we’ve got a lot of those. What bothers me most I think is in the church. Jesus said there would be great deception, deceivers, and great deception. Paul said that they would seek sugar water more than meat, in the pews and so forth.

Nathan Jones: So you’re not talking about the cults. You are actually talking about legitimate churches whose pastors are not teaching the Bible.

Dr. Reagan: He does get into cults there.

Terry James: I get into cults and pretty heavily there I do a lot of research on the cults.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, it is great information.

Terry James: But what bothers me most there I think is so called Christian churches who simply want to entertain the flock rather than get into true, the true Word of God.

Nathan Jones: And that’s where we get to chapter 10, “The Humpty-Dumpty Dumbing Down for a Great Fall.” Again a reference to the churches that are watering things down?

Terry James: Well, I think that is a part of it, yeah. But I mean the whole culture is being watered down. When you look at it you know we talk about politically the whole culture has been dumb downed to the point that they don’t really understand the Constitutional principles. You know they think it is some sort of organic document as opposed to something that the Founding Fathers set in a biblical foundation. And so of course that is on the political scale. But on the scale of the church and so forth, well yeah we have been dumbed down to the point that the Gospel is no longer preached, and we’ve substituted it with a feel good pabulum.

Nathan Jones: Fantastic thought too since we are living in such an age of knowledge and yet we are not as knowledgeable as we were about the Bible and other important things.

Terry James: That’s right.

Nathan Jones: And then chapter 11, “The Roman Empire Strikes Back.” I love that title.

Terry James: Well, I think we are see this happen. You know I think we’ve seen it developing over the years from the time of what is it, the Coal Community Agreement in Europe years and years ago. And since then we’ve seen so much develop with the European Union. I do not believe that the Antichrist is going to come out of some kind of Muslim form.

Dr. Reagan: No.

Terry James: But we see his base developing now, and it is coming out of Central Europe I think. And we’ve seen so much disruption there. So many protests and everything else because of the failing economy. And the economy is what is going to bring this guy to power ultimately.

Nathan Jones: Well chapter 12, “Who is That Masked Man on a White Horse?” Who is that masked man?

Dr. Reagan: I thought it was the Lone Ranger.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Terry James: Speaking of which, well I start the chapter out talking about mine and your childhood and the Lone Ranger.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right I used to come home from school and listen to “Lone Ranger” on the radio every day.

Terry James: This wonderful old lady, a German couple would invite me over and give me some homemade cookies and milk and I’d watch the Lone Ranger and old Tonto. And you know he always did good, you know. Well this guy is going to be just the opposite. He is going to come on a white horse it says in Revelation chapter 6, verse you know in the first part of Revelation chapter 6 he is going to come on a white horse. And I guess he will be wearing a white hate symbolically. But he is going to be far from the Lone Ranger and his way of dealing with people. And it is all about the Antichrist, the rise of Antichrist.

Nathan Jones: The Antichrist, yeah.

Terry James: I use a lot of quotes from people like my dear friend Dave Breese, my late friend Dave Breese and some others in fleshing out this chapter.

Nathan Jones: Well, chapter 13, “A Really Strong Cocktail Called Israel.”

Dr. Reagan: And that is the biggie.

Nathan Jones: Now, why do you call it a cocktail?

Dr. Reagan: Yeah.

Terry James: Zechariah chapter 12, you know become a burdensome stone and all that, and the cup of trembling.

Dr. Reagan: Cup of trembling.

Nathan Jones: Cup of trembling, cocktail. Oh, that is clever.

Terry James: Cup of trembling to the whole world. And that is what Jerusalem and Israel is becoming. God calls Jerusalem the apple of His eye. And says anybody who tries to fool around with Israel and make them change what God has planned for them is going to be injured.

Dr. Reagan: He also says the whole world is going to come together against them in the end times.

Terry James: That’s right and we see that happening. We see it developing everyday more and more.

Dr. Reagan: Even America.

Terry James: Yeah.

Nathan Jones: Globalism on the rise. That will lead up to chapter 14, “Armageddon Lineup for the Super Bowl of War.”

Terry James: Yeah, I have some great quotes in there from Dr. Fruchtenbaum and from John Walvoord and some others that really explain this lineup, this Super Bowl lineup for the last and final war. Of course that is all about Armageddon. I think we see all the nations gathering now. We see primarily the early stages of it. I think we see the Gog Magog themes developing right now with Russia, and Persia, and some of the others. But, that is all a prelude to the ultimate war which is going to be Armageddon. And again all the players I think are being arranged on stage. God is not causing this, but He knew it from the eternity passed, to the present what was going to happen. And it is simply playing out according to the script He allowed.

Nathan Jones: And that leads up to the climax of the whole Tribulation, right, chapter 15, “The Greatest Comeback of All Time!”

Terry James: Yeah, you know we’ve had a lot of great comebacks. Remember Doug Flutie and his Hail Mary pass, I mentioned that. And Mohammad, the late Muhammad Ali has gone on to his reward, remember that he was past his prime when he again won the championship after failing to go to the drafts and so forth. And so, talk about the greatest comeback. Well, there is only one great comeback that is going to be the greatest of all time. You know they thought they had done away with Jesus when they crucified Him, the whole world. Satan thought he had done away with Jesus when he crucified Him. No, He was playing into God’s hands when they crucified Him. And He has promised to come back; it is the greatest promise of all times.

Nathan Jones: Amen.

Terry James: And He is coming back and He is coming back to rescue His Church, and to start a program with Israel. And I think that time is very near.

Nathan Jones: Now, of all those 15 chapters and 15 signs of the end times which one do you think–you mentioned convergence of course and if you want to say that. But is there a particular sign that you think has more power, and more impact that shows that we are near the Rapture than any of the others?

Terry James: Well, yeah I think developments in Israel. I think Dave was mentioning a while ago about Israel and the questions he sent out and so forth. Well I think Israel is definitely the number one signal where we are on God’s prophetic timeline. So much has developed with everything centered on Jerusalem. I like to say that no matter which way the cameras turn, I mean if they come to the Presidential Elections here, or some other catastrophe in Haiti with a hurricane or whatever all the cameras turn right back to Jerusalem. And really Netanyahu at the center of it right now. So, God is continuing to focus on Israel. And I think it is the number one signal where we are. This Road Map to Peace thing that has been going on for so long and the hybrids of it that has come out of it I think is a major signal where we are on God’s prophetic timeline.

Dr. Reagan: Terry, I’d like to go back to something that you just mentioned in passing and that is what do you think is going to be the most widespread explanation of the Rapture? I mean the people are going to want to know what’s happened. So, what’s going to be an explanation of it?

Terry James: You know I really think it is going to be a part of this space brother explanation. You know part of the New Age Movement that has developed over the years. I think UFOs are going to be a big part of it. I really do. What are your thoughts on it Dave? I’d like to know your thoughts on it because I know you have some.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, my thought is that back in the early 70’s the leaders of the New Age Movement began to write that there’s a time coming when those who are standing against the evolution of man, and against humanism and the development of human potential are going to be taken off the earth. They say this has been revealed to them by their master.

Terry James: Re-educator right.

Dr. Reagan: And we’ll be taken off and those who believe in man and believe in the ultimate triumph of man will then be left to continue their evolutionary progress.

Terry James: I think that is probably at the center of it. There is one other thing on that and you might not agree Dave, I still very strongly believe it myself, I put it in the book. You know I believe that God is going to make a statement at the time of the Rapture about the missing. And that is He is going to tell the world in His opinion when life begins in the womb. I think every child below the age of accountability will be gone. I know there is a lot of argument against that. I would disagree with that argument. I believe every child below the age of accountability, including those in the womb are going to be gone at that moment. And I believe God is going to make a statement right then.

Nathan Jones: Besides that the Rapture obviously making a statement how does that then propel the Antichrist into power? Because you make that statement quiet frequently throughout your book.

Terry James: Well, I think just the fact of the fear factor. I mean they are going to accept any answer, any answer they can find.

Dr. Reagan: I think worldwide chaos and people are going to be looking.

Terry James: You know Jesus said you know at the time, in the days of Noah, days of Lot account said that the very day that they were taken out, the people were taken out, and that is “paralambano” that is a Greek term. I am not a Greek scholar but that is a Greek term for taken out. It is the same term that Jesus used in John chapter 14, verses 1-3 when He said, “I have come to receive you into Myself.” “Paralambano” is a Greek term that says, they will be taken out. Unlike the term used, the flood that came and took them all away, that is “kai eren apantas” and that is different that is taken to judgment but “paralambano” means they are taken into safety and I think that’s what’s going to happen.

Dr. Reagan: On page 49 of your book you say and I quote, “My most profound hope for this book is that it be used to impress upon the spiritual dimension within each person who reads the exhortations written here that Jesus is on the very brink of calling His church.”

Terry James: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: You want to add anything to that?

Terry James: I don’t. And Dave, you know we haven’t had time to go into this particular thing. But there’s a special reason for that in my own life. I would have to–it would be an entirely different program, another program to have to say it. But I think God has imparted to me just how important this is, and how close we are personally. I think not in the sense that He gave an Old Testament, or New Testament prophet that, but something happened in my own life.

Dr. Reagan: You actually died didn’t you?

Terry James: Huh?

Dr. Reagan: You died?

Terry James: I had a–and I’m always reluctant because I’ve always been such a skeptic myself. I am a real skeptic when it comes to these kind of things. Yeah, but I had a widowmaker heart attack. And I died three times clinically they had to bring me back with a paddle. I’ve got 50 pages of medical documentation. It was so impressive to the doctors in my comeback, talking about comebacks, but it was so impressive they gave me the cardiac patient of the year award in my state. I got it on a plaque, you can even ask Todd.

Dr. Reagan: Well we’ve got about 50 seconds left in this segment so what did God speak to you during that time?

Terry James: He just, I think it was not only for me. I saw this group of young people and I believe it was the cloud of witnesses of Hebrew 12:1-3, 1-2 basically and I believe he was, they were cheering and they welcoming me into their midst. The third time we were running, third time I went back we were running in a victory lap I think. And I believe God was saying that I am very pleased with the fact that you are teaching Bible prophecy from the Rapture from the Pre-Trib view and not you only but to all who teach and preach and believe that. And I am coming back very soon. I believe that they were cheering not me, but God’s promise.

Dr. Reagan: So He was encouraging you to come back and present this message.

Terry James: And it was encouraging that Jesus is indeed coming back.


Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy. As we bring this program to an end I want to thank Terry James again for being with us. Terry you have been a blessing, and thanks for coming.

Terry James: Well, thank you so much Dave, I appreciate that so much.

Dr. Reagan: And how about telling people how to get in touch with your ministry?

Terry James: Raptureready.com that is raptureready.com.

Dr. Reagan: I like that. I’m ready. I hope other people are as well. Well folks that’s our program for this week. I hope it’s been a blessing to you. And I hope the Lord willing that you’ll be back with us again next week. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion Ministries saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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