The Great Reset with Brandon Holthaus

How will the Great Reset usher in the Antichrist’s Beast System? Find out with guest Brandon Holthaus along with hosts Tim Moore, Nathan Jones, and Dave Bowen on the television program, Christ in Prophecy!

Air Date: September 30, 2023

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Tim Moore:Welcome to Christ in Prophecy. I’m Tim Moore, the senior evangelist of Lamb & Lion Ministries. And today, I’m joined by Nathan Jones, our Internet Evangelist, and David Bowen, our Teaching Evangelist. In late 2021, Lamb & Lion Ministries hosted a regional conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our theme was The Great Reset, a buzz phrase that many cultural and global elitist were touting as a grand reimagining of human society.

Nathan Jones:One of our acclaimed speakers at that conference was Brandon Holthaus, pastor of Rock Harbor Church in Bakersfield, California. He addressed the leadoff question, What is the great Reset?

Tim Moore:When I heard that Brandon was coming to the Dallas area, I was eager to invite him to Maranatha Acres to engage in a follow up dialog. Brandon, thanks for extending your time in Dallas and for being with us here today.

Brandon Holthaus:You betcha, it’s an honor to be with you guys.

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Part 1

Tim Moore:All right. So there’s a burning question that we want to ask, and I’m going to pitch it over to David to ask that question.

David Bowen:Yeah, as a fellow pastor I learned the hard way not to assume that people understand everything. So, remind us again how would you define what The Great Reset is?

Brandon Holthaus:Yeah, I think that’s the term they’re using, the globalist elite are using to basically usher in what we call the beast system, the one world government, and they’re doing it under that guise. And obviously there’s a lot of categories under that, but that’s the basic understanding. This is how the world is ushering in the global system that the Bible predicted.

Tim Moore:Well, it seems like in just the last two years especially, perhaps since the COVID pandemic, unlike the proverbial frog in a pot where things are changing gradually, it seems like the pace of change is only accelerating. And if anything, they have been wildly successful in moving even some of the leaders in America to embrace this idea of globalism.

Brandon Holthaus:Yeah, it seems to me, Tim, there’s no pushback on this. There’s no stopping this. And whether we look to political maneuvering to stop it, no one’s doing anything. And at the same time, the Church is failing at its job of being salt and light and trying to explain to people what’s going on. So we have a problem in our political realm. We have a problem in our social realm. And a problem in our church realm as well, that’s not stopping this.

Nathan Jones:It’s funny just a few years ago, I was talking with a pastor friend of mine and saying the world is clamoring for a global government. He says, “I don’t see that.” And recently he’s like, “I see it.”

Brandon Holthaus:Yeah.

Nathan Jones:But we do see a reaction to that from the ultra-nationalist right, Russia and China are actually fighting against this.

Brandon Holthaus:Right. And you see that pushback from those type of countries. And what we understand from the Book of Revelation is not everybody buys into it, it’s a forced system on the whole world. But as we see, even in the middle of the Tribulation, the Antichrist himself has opposition. There’s a major war in the middle of the Tribulation where you have the king of the South and the king of the North doing a pincer move on the Antichrist. So the system, not everybody buys in, but it is a forced system. And that’s what you’re seeing, the nationalism versus the globalism today.

David Bowen:Even as a pastor, again, even though we know these things are going to happen, we’ve been told in the Bible these things are going to happen. But still, I still get surprised saying, wow, that’s what that looks like. But it’s moving so fast.

Brandon Holthaus:Yes.

David Bowen:Would you agree with that?

Brandon Holthaus:Yes, I agree.

David Bowen:And how do you keep your people how do you keep people up on what’s happening between the World Health Organization and the 15 minute cities and all these things that are coming together? Like how do we keep people prepared if the Lord tarries and we don’t have the Rapture, which that’s my retirement plan, I hope it what happens. How do you prepare people and help people?

Brandon Holthaus:Well, the key is we’re using the Bible because that’s the signpost for all of us. And prophecy is used to prepare us, not scare us, as I’ve always said. And so what I try to do is I try to see where the prophetic trends are going. And then I will make a connection with current events of saying, look, guys, this is heading in that direction, and building the set up for the Tribulation. So what I have to do is I have to stay on top of the News. I have to stay on top of current events in order to be relevant to what’s going on. Otherwise, what’s happening is the churches won’t tell people what’s happening, and they’re ignorant of what’s about to go on in their lives.

Tim Moore:I think that the Bible prophecy signs that we see manifest and we’ll talk about them in detail in just a minute, but they’re like road signs. They’re not something to stop and just fixate on. They’re giving us an awareness of where we’re headed. And the Bible tells us the end from the beginning so we know where we’re headed. What I do find ironic is that many in our country and around the world who advocate for Socialism, and Communism, and an overthrow of everything that made Western civilization great and prosperous, in other words, biblical, godly principles. They would call themselves progressives. But just like going down a road and making great time in the wrong direction, they’re not progressing toward anything better; they’re going worse. I used to tell my students who were pilots, I’d say, if you’re headed toward the ground and you add power, you’re just going to get to the scene of the crash that much faster.

Brandon Holthaus:Good point.

Tim Moore:And that’s where we’re going. We’re headed to the scene of the crash that much faster. I don’t consider that progress.

Brandon Holthaus:No, not at all. In fact, what we see from the Bible is a boomerang effect. Babylon started a long time ago, and Nimrod tried to form a one world government. And it wasn’t the right time. But it seems to be that boomerang effect is now coming back and Babylon is being reestablished. So it’s not that we’re progressing, we’re actually going back to Babylon, back to paganism, back to how Nimrod tried to rule the whole world, and what’s going on now, it’s not going to be Nimrod it is going to be the Antichrist.

Tim Moore:Well, it wasn’t just Nimrod in history. We have Napoleon. We have Hitler. Many others have aspired to have an empire that they solely would rule over.

Brandon Holthaus:That’s right. And so you see that pattern. And now I believe we’re in that time where Satan has his man ready to go to rule the entire world. And bring that in with technology we now see how somebody could rule the world through technology.

Nathan Jones:Well, our founder, Dr. Reagan, used to quote this, as he’d call it the sexual deviancy movement. And it just seems like the progressive can’t find a new low to go. And every year now we have in June, they took the month that was dedicated to the marriage covenant, and now it’s a celebration. I go to the movie theater and I’m inundated by commercials about homosexuality and gayness, and it seems now to be targeting directly to kids. Why is the sexual deviancy movement gaining so much ground in concert with the growth of a globalist agenda?

Brandon Holthaus:Well, like Tim mentioned, you had the removal of the Judeo-Christian ethic, obviously in our culture. Now, our enemies know the way to bring down America was to take away the Judeo-Christian ethics and morals. So the Communist, the Marxist knew that. So they’ve taken that away. And what fills that vacuum is ancient paganism. And ancient paganisms is always idolatry tied to sexual immorality. But it’s debauchery, sexual immorality, it’s not between a man and a woman. We’re now, this is the scary part about what’s happening, we’re now getting to the point where pedophilia might be the next step to where we go past this transgender movement.

Nathan Jones:Well the UN is trying to drop it as a crime out of their charter, aren’t they? Along with adultery.

Brandon Holthaus:Absolutely. Spain has made laws to say that it’s possible that an adult could be with a minor.

Tim Moore:Well, that’s why they want children to have absolute autonomy, autonomy from their parents. They have the right to choose anything they want. Goodness, if a six year old can determine their gender, surely they can decide to be in a sexual relationship with an adult without any repercussions for the adult. And this is insanity.

Brandon Holthaus:Yes.

Tim Moore:But that’s exactly where we are right now.

Brandon Holthaus:Yeah.

David Bowen:It is evil.

Tim Moore:It is.

Brandon Holthaus:It is evil.

Nathan Jones:Does that mean we are in the days of Noah and Lot as Jesus prophesied?

Brandon Holthaus:Well, you would have to imagine, we’ve went even further than that. I mean, we’re messing with genetics. You know, you think about Sodom and Gomorrah, they weren’t lopping off body parts of children and changing their sexes. We went past that. So we’re definitely in the days of Lot and Sodom and Noah because we’re doing things that they didn’t even do. And people, you know, they always come and say, “Brandon it’s always been evil.” No, it’s not. Not at this level. This level is a brand new, unprecedented level. And then you mix in with the messing around with the DNA, well forget it, it’s off the charts. We’re back to Genesis 6 now with the DNA.

Tim Moore:And we have people today in the philosophical world and even some leading intellectuals who are advocating for a glide path down to human extinction, because really they consider us to be the virus that is infecting the world. And so we need to get rid of us.

Nathan Jones:Yeah, 500 million, right isn’t that the goal?

Brandon Holthaus:Right. And so to that point, I heard a globalist talk about this, I can’t remember his name, but he says, “Yeah, we need to reduce the human population by 70%.” But we want to do it, Tim, in a civilized way.

Tim Moore:Yeah.

David Bowen:How do you do that civilized?

Brandon Holthaus:What are you talking about?

Nathan Jones:Remove their heads, right?

Brandon Holthaus:We’ll cut their heads off. Well, we’ll starve them to death. And everything you see with the Great Reset is meant to depopulate the planet.

Tim Moore:And not just those kind of things. That’s why abortion is being advocated so roundly. That’s why even having deviant sexual relationships means you’re not producing children. And so it is a pattern to eliminate humanity from the earth.

David Bowen:And starting with children in kindergarten, you know, teaching that and taking that away from the parents, you know? Where they don’t tell the parents what’s happening. The Bible comes first, Scripture comes first. And we know there’s going to be a Mark of the Beast sometime. And Christians will say, well, that’s the tribulation period. We won’t even be here. I don’t need to worry about that. However, there’s things happening now. The digital currency. Controlling what you can, what you buy not just what you sell, but what you can even buy. And so, how do we prepare our audience for things like that? Knowing that I won’t be there, I don’t need to worry about it, but it is being set up now.

Brandon Holthaus:Yes, exactly. So we’re going to, if the Lord tarries we’re going to see some things that we may not like. A switch to a digital currency. Using the ESG score to be your social credit score like they do in China. And so what does that mean? Well, for instance, like I live in California, they’re going to make all of our vehicles electric, including the diesel trucks. Well, I can tell you what’s going to happen. We’re going to have a stoppage of transportation and you’re going to have a supply chain stop. So thinking about food, water, medication that I need for me, just on a practical level. And food that can last because your supermarkets, because everything’s electric, may not get the food that is necessary. And then you bring in what the World Health Organization wants to bring in and the elimination of protein from animals and eating bugs now. So you start realizing, wait a second, if I have to have two narratives, I could be raptured at any point in time, but I might have to live through the set up.

David Bowen:Right, right, exactly.

Brandon Holthaus:And therefore, I need to prepare physically and spiritually for this.

Tim Moore:Well, as someone who’s actually eaten bugs in Air Force survival training, I can tell you I would not advocated it as a regular diet, that’s for sure.

Brandon Holthaus:Right. Amen.

David Bowen:But with bugs, 1 Timothy 4:3 talks about the food. You talk about eating bugs. There are parasites on these bugs. We don’t even think about the parasites. We talked about how they want to depopulate the world. How they want to put us to death. That’s one way through sickness and disease. Don’t eat meat. Eat bugs. You get sick.

Brandon Holthaus:Even in a third world country, when you take protein, animal protein away, many of the people in the third world countries get their vitamins via the protein from animals. You take that away from people in third world country, they’re going to become nutrient deficient and then can die. And that seems to be the depopulation goal.

Tim Moore:And yet one of the goals of this Great Reset mentality is a clamor for global solutions. Everything should be handled by a global government imposing itself and its will on the entire world. And yet that’s exactly how things have gone so awry throughout history. The further you get away from a responsive government close to home. I mean, let’s face it, when’s the last time that any of you have an interaction with the IRS? I mean, the bureaucracy is unresponsive, and the further away government gets, the less responsive it is even to the needs of individual citizens.

Brandon Holthaus:Right. So notice what they keep doing. They keep making up, and I say making up global crisis. We’ve got to save the planet. And now the new one that I just saw come out of the Pentagon, well we have alien vehicles, we have had recovery crafts and that junk coming out. And you’re like, okay, well, now you’ve made another global problem, we’re under alien invasion. We must unite together and fight the alien. As stupid as that sounds, they’re going to portray those kinds of things to us.

Nathan Jones:You know, it’s funny when you read, we’ve talked all about this, I go to Romans 1:22, and every time I hear the World Economic Forum speak or you hear these ridiculous things. Or Canada burning because they’re not doing proper forestation. It reminds me of verse 22, “Professing to be wise, they became fools.” We have all these great scientists and academics, but since they denied it, it says, “they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man in birds and four-footed.” In other words, they gave over their belief in God and chose to worship the creation, and now they’ve become fools. Do you think that we are at that stage now?

Brandon Holthaus:Well, yeah, absolutely. Think about this. So you have somebody saying that that there were born a female and now they’re a male. And they’ve been telling us, follow the science. It is them that’s not following science anymore, because you either have double X’s or a Y or X chromosome in your DNA. But they said, no it’s how I feel. Oh, okay. That’s a Romans 1 mind that you can say follow the science on this issue, and then completely compartmentalize the other issue. That’s a sign of mental illness. And that’s a sign of Romans 1, when you’ve been given over, you start going mentally ill.

Tim Moore:Yeah, I think that’s a good key point because we like to say, you know, how can they think this way? And really, there’s a spiritual dynamic to all of these things, and the Lord God gives people over. I think if you look at even what happened in the days of Israel and Pharaoh, Pharaoh hardened his heart multiple times until the Lord finally sealed that hardness of heart. He essentially gave him over and locked in his evil decision not to let the children of Israel go. So that what? So that God’s glory could be manifest even more fully through His victory over Pharaoh’s position. So to this day, people have chosen that which is evil, they are professing to be wise and becoming fools, but God is giving them over. And you say, why? Why would He do that? I believe it’s because greater glory will be manifest when God proves the truth of His Word and eventually comes for us, His church. And then comes in great glory so that every knee bows and every tongue confesses that He is Lord. But He is giving these people over. And it’s tragic. We don’t know who He’s giving over in specific. So we have to constantly share the truth in hopes that it will, you know, that seed will grow in a given individual heart.

David Bowen:What do you think, or how do you handle about you know, Isaiah warned just before that when God wants to bless a nation, He gives them strong leadership. When He wants to remove that nation he gives them children as leaders.

Brandon Holthaus:Oh, yes.

Nathan Jones:Senile old people? Is that what you are saying?

David Bowen:No, when I talk about children, though I’m not talking about five year old, I’m talking about spiritually immature leaders. So when God gives us spiritually immature children as leaders, they do things, you go, how does that make sense? How can we agree with that? So why do you think the public will say, okay, the World Health Organization, they’re going to take control and they will dictate what we you know what we do. Why would we say, okay? Is it because of fear? Why would the people, the general people, especially Christians, be okay with something like that?

Brandon Holthaus:Good point. I think it’s a spiritual answer to that. I think that even Christians that have decided to check out and become, you know Laodicean in their mindset and become indifferent to the things that God is doing. They’re buying into this stuff as well, and support people that say, yeah, I think going with the World Health Organization is a great deal. So let’s hand American sovereignty over to them. And I think that’s the spirit of the age, the zeitgeist that’s going on in America. But what the zeitgeist is, is the judgment of God. I am handing you over. And even as a believer, if you don’t grow, if you don’t mature, you’re going to be worldly in your thinking. And I think that’s where we’re seeing a lot of the church becoming worldly. But you’re right, if you look at the idiot moves that we’re making, we are selling our country down the river. And it won’t come back. And I think this is part of the judgment of God on America that’s currently happening.

Part 2

Nathan Jones:One of our speakers at our Great Reset conference, Billy Crone. He didn’t speak about this then because again, things are progressing so fast. But a recent sermon he did, he was talking about the 15 minute city, which you just referenced earlier, which I’ve only heard just recently, and it’s terrifying as all get out. Can you tell our audience a little about what they have planned for the 15 minutes city, and how CBDC, the Central Bank Digital Currency is playing into it? They need to rebrand that to a better name.

Brandon Holthaus:I know.

David Bowen:Well, the whole cube too. That whole cube idea.

Nathan Jones:Yeah, or the line.

David Bowen:Through Jerusalem, yeah.

Brandon Holthaus:Well, I spoke on this yesterday at the conference I was at, and I talked about the 15 minute city. So this has been proposed by the World Economic Forum. It comes straight from their website. And it’s being used now in places like Paris and in England. So I have personal contact with somebody living in a 15 minute city. So this is coming all over the world. And the concept is this: You will only live, work and play and stay and shop in a 15 minute radius from that point where you live.

David Bowen:By driving or walking?

Nathan Jones:Yeah, 15 minute how?

Brandon Holthaus:Driving. So, driving, okay. And what they have told the guy that I know in England that lives in Oxfordshire is that if you go past that 15 minute radius, you get fined. So they’re going to give you a hundred times to leave the area a year, which is twice a week. If you leave it, they’ll charge you 100 pounds every time you leave, which equivalent to like 100 bucks here in America.

Nathan Jones:It’s a prison.

Brandon Holthaus:It’s a prison. But they think this is a great idea. Now, here’s the interesting thing, this shocking thing to me, okay. I’m not shocked that they want to do these prisons for us. What I’m shocked by is the people’s responses in the 15 minute prison because he said they had a town hall and the official city officials came and proposed this to save the climate right, to save the planet. And he says, “Brandon, there was no resistance. The people voted for it.”

Tim Moore:That’s because they’ve been indoctrinated to think that they are the threat. The globe is going to be melted down and we have to respond and give up our freedoms. You know, Lord Acton, who was a British lord, said that power tends to corrupt, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. And yet there’s been a clamoring. We talked about a certain Dutch prime minister who said, we’re looking for a man to save us from ourselves. We don’t want another committee, another political process. We want a great leader. The Germans called that a Fuhrer back about 70, 80 years ago. And the rest of Lord Acton’s statement was, great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more, when you super add the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority. And yet people are clamoring for that. And we know, according to Bible prophecy, that there will be one great leader who emerges when the world falls into chaos and people say, well, just lead us out of this morass, and that will be the Antichrist, who says, oh, I have a plan.

Brandon Holthaus:Yeah.

Tim Moore:And he will emerge.

Brandon Holthaus:That’s right.

David Bowen:His system is being set up. He won’t have to establish it, it’s being set up for him.

Tim Moore:It’s already being set up right now.

David Bowen:These 15 minute cities. What happens if my child goes to school 20 minutes away or if I work 20 minutes away? What happens?

Brandon Holthaus:Well, they’re telling them, look, if you have to drive to your work, you better move to where that work is, or if your school is over here, you better move to where that school is or find a school in that 15 minute city.

Nathan Jones:And the whole purpose of this is for carbon emissions, right?

Brandon Holthaus:Yeah. Saving the planet.

Nathan Jones:Even though Canada is burning to the ground and letting off carbon like there’s no tomorrow. That’s the purpose.

Brandon Holthaus:It’s all, saving carbon emissions.

David Bowen:So everywhere I look in my hometown, in Phoenix, everywhere I look, apartments are going up like crazy.

Brandon Holthaus:Yes.

David Bowen:Is that because of this?

Brandon Holthaus:It is.

David Bowen:Because they want you to move into that area?

Brandon Holthaus:It’s an urbanization from the World Economic Forum that they want. They don’t want people living in rural areas. They want them concentrated in cities and apartments because they’re easier to control. And this is part of this whole movement towards a 15 minute city, because it’s all about control. We want to control the human population.

David Bowen:How far away is that plan? People have got to rebel against that. So it’s happening in England. Yeah but how far away?

Nathan Jones:Yeah, they’re voting for it.

David Bowen:Well, they are voting for it. It’s going to come to America. Now I’ve heard rumors that they’re thinking about certain cities to do it in. Some of the metropolitan cities. Now, here’s the thing. If our people are that brainwashed, they will say, I’m all in because I want to contribute to saving the planet as well and reduce my carbon emissions. So I don’t know where America is at per se. If they will resist. I know us at this table would resist. But I don’t know if the rest of population will because they have all been brainwashed that we’re killing the planet. That we’re the cancer and we breathe out poison out of our mouths. I mean, that’s how crazy it is.

Nathan Jones:Well, just balance it with some plants. Well, Brandon as crazy, and I’ve seen you preach on this so many times. God bless you for keeping on top of this. What’s next? What is the next debacle that they’re going to release upon us?

Brandon Holthaus:Okay, it’s the digital currency. There’s no doubt about it. I mean, they’re the banks are trying it out now. They’re using the infrastructure. They’ve been using it since December. And they’re seeing if the infrastructure will hold. And they instantly want to go to this digital currency. That’s why you see the intentional destroying of our free market system to something else. And basically what they’re going to say is, look, guys, we can’t sustain this. We’re going to have to move to a digital currency. So it’s possible we could see the movement to a digital currency. At that point it’s programmable, which means they can control your buying and selling. And I think that’s the next thing on the lineup along with the health, given our sovereignty to the World Health Organization. But that’s a biggie.

Tim Moore:And so essentially just what Dave was saying that is what the Antichrist will use as a system, already established, he won’t have to come up with new technologies they’re already here. He won’t have to come up with new control mechanisms. And so by controlling the currency, you control people’s ability to buy and sell, their ability to move about.

David Bowen:And they’ve already accepted it.

Tim Moore:And they’ve already accepted it. And one of the ways that you convince people is say it’s for your own good, it’s for your health, because otherwise you might not be healthy. And people just give themselves over to this mindless submission.

David Bowen:Controlled by fear.

Tim Moore:Yes.

Nathan Jones:And wouldn’t you need an AI behind that system to manage all those transactions?

Brandon Holthaus:Absolutely. So you bring in the AI and that’s a whole different discussion. But the AI as you know, it’s getting to the point where they almost can’t control it now. That’s the scary part. And so they’ve been trying to put the brakes on this. Even people in the AI world saying, whoa, stop this, we can’t shut the thing off.

Tim Moore:Sounds biblically like we are sowing the wind and we’ll soon reap the whirlwind. Well, let’s bring this this episode to a close on a very positive note. We see all these things happening around us. The Great Reset, the mentality of going toward a globalist government. And we see that tying directly into Bible prophecy. So where’s the hope in a message that we would bring to our viewers today?

Brandon Holthaus:Well, it’s like Dr. Walvoord once said, he says “When you see Christmas decorations out in the stores, then you know Thanksgiving is near.” And so the idea is when you see the set up for the Tribulation, well that means the Rapture precedes that and that means we’re going home soon. Amen to that. But the other thing is, too, it’s happening exactly as God said it would, and that increases my faith.

Tim Moore:So He’s not lost control. As a matter of fact, He sits in the heavens and laughs as all these kings and dictators try their best to manipulate the world. But He is still in control. His Word is still true. His promises are still faithful.

David Bowen:And the average believer needs to have not apathy, but urgency.

Brandon Holthaus:That’s right.

David Bowen:Knowing that the time is short and we need to really get serious about this.

Brandon Holthaus:Amen. Amen.

Tim Moore:Well, folks, we hope that this episode has been a blessing to you. Join us next week. We’re going to continue a conversation with Brandon Holthouse as we explore the signs of the times and the way they are converging all about us today. Godspeed!

End of Program

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