The Rapture

Did you thank the Lord for the hope of the Rapture this Thanksgiving? Join Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on November 18, 2012.

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Dr. Reagan: One of the greatest promises of God’s Word is that one day soon He will send His Son for His Church. Jesus will appear in the heavens. His appearance will be heralded by the shout of an archangel and the blowing of a trumpet. The dead in Christ will be resurrected and those living who have put their faith in Jesus will be caught up to meet Him in the sky, being translated in route from mortal to immortal. This promise is called the Rapture, for more information stay tuned.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus our blessed hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. I am delighted to have in the studio with me today my friend and colleague Nathan Jones. Nathan is my fellow Evangelist and our Web Minister. He not only designed our website but he ministers through it being available each day to communicate with people all over the world answering their Bible questions and sharing the Gospel with them. Nathan why don’t you just tell people right upfront here how to get in touch with our website and with you.

Nathan Jones: I would be happy to. To go to our website the address is Remember Jesus came first as a lamb and is coming back as a lion, To reach me you can use the contact us form, just click contact, or we have two discussions, just click discuss, you can reach us at our blog at and place a comment and I will answer that, or we have a Facebook group too and you can leave a message there as well.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, thank you Nathan. Folks in recent programs we have been talking about things we should be thankful for. We’ve talked about abundant blessings of freedom and prosperity and we have emphasized our spiritual blessings. You know we have so many spiritual blessings that we need to be thankful for. The greatest of course is the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins, making it possible for us to be reconciled to God. And those of us who are believers need to be thankful for the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, for the blessing of prayer and for the glorious promises that God has given us concerning the future. When I think of the promises of God, I always think of something the apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 2:9, he wrote, ,“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor has the mind of man conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.” But the next verse says, “God has revealed those things to us through His Holy Spirit.” And that revelation is of course contained in the Bible. One of those glorious promises is one that I want to focus on in this program. It’s what we call the Rapture of the Church. Nathan, I have found that the moment you start talking about the Rapture that people always seem to jump down your throat and say, “Ah, come on that is a concept that is not even in the Bible, you can’t find it anywhere in the Bible.” What about it?

Nathan Jones: They haven’t read 1 Thessalonians 4:17. Now in our modern English versions of course it is going to say caught up. But the Bible wasn’t written in English it was written in Hebrew and Aramaic and Greek and the original Greek in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, caught up is harpazo. And then for 1500 years we had the Latin Vulgate before the English version and that has the word rapture in it, and that is where we get the word rapture. The idea is that to be caught up, snatched up, to take away, it is like me going to Papa John’s and snatching up that pizza and taking it away home, same meaning.

Dr. Reagan: Well, so you are exactly right, the concept is certainly there. I mean you could talk about the fact that the word trinity is not in the Bible.

Nathan Jones: Well the word Bible is not in the Bible.

Dr. Reagan: Or the word Bible is not in the Bible or the word the Shekinah Glory of God is not there. But those are terms that we have developed to develop to express a truth that is there, the trinity is a truth that is there. The Skekinah is a truth that is there. The Rapture is a truth that is there. But in this case the word really is there.

Nathan Jones: Well it is so much easier to say Rapture then the Great Catching Up, or the Great Taking Away.

Dr. Reagan: Well in English you have to use a term like taking out, snatching away, catching up, and we all like to talk in shorthand. So what we have done is just go back and pick up the Latin word rapere put it into English rapture and that word is actually there in 1 Thessalonians 4 and the only translation as you said we had for 1500 years was the Latin Vulgate and that was the translation that says the Rapture. So that is what we use, it is a Biblical term, it is a Biblical concept. And people who say it’s not just simply do not understand what’s going on here.

Nathan Jones: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: Well, let’s talk a little bit more about the Rapture for a moment.

Nathan Jones: Sure.

Dr. Reagan: For example, some people argue that the Church has to go through the Tribulation in order to be purified. Therefore the Rapture could not occur before the Tribulation because the Church needs to be purified and we are going to be purified during the Tribulation. What about that?

Nathan Jones: You mean like a Christian Protestant purgatory?

Dr. Reagan: That is what it amounts to, a Christian purgatory.

Nathan Jones: I get a lot of people who are supporters of the Post-Trib Rapture view, that the Rapture is happening after the Tribulation and they write in and they are usually very mad because for one they don’t think it is fair, how could anyone have seen the Rapture then get like a second chance. Or their mad, they think they should be martyrs or something extra to add to their salvation by being martyrs. But in the end the Tribulation is a special time period where God pours His wrath, just like the Flood. It’s not the wrath of man, it’s not the wrath of Satan, all though God will use those, it is the wrath of God on the world. And God has promised us in many verses like 1 Thessalonians 4:17, that we will be taken out, the Church will be taken out before hand. Anyway, there are so many people killed by the end of the Tribulation, there wouldn’t be any cleansing there would be nobody left they would be all pretty much dead.

Dr. Reagan: Well, too I get very upset about the thought that the Bridegroom is going to beat up His Bride for seven years to get her purified so He can come and get her, it just doesn’t make sense.

Nathan Jones: Picture my dad dragging me outside with a baseball bat and beating me up for 7 years and then said, “Hey, now you qualified to have my love.” It is not God’s MO I mean He took out Noah, He took out Lot and He rescued Rahab, all the walls fell down and Rahab was on the wall, and her house didn’t, and they rescued her. It is just the way God works and Biblically it proves again and again that He will take the Church out before His wrath.

Dr. Reagan: Okay.

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Nathan, you recently wrote and produced a short video about the Rapture and I just saw it and I’m excited about it, tell our folks about that.

Nathan Jones: Well I think the Lord really put on my heart and the guys in the media department we really wanted to have a message for those left behind after the Rapture. I mean our ministry here is to proclaim the soon return of Jesus Christ and we know Jesus is coming soon, the Rapture is pretty imminent so we felt really rushed to get a video that will help people after the Rapture who might have their eyes opened, say, “Hey, something is going on.” To bring them to the Lord and help them to survive through the Tribulation, and a time that is almost hopeless to give them hope that the Lord is coming back.

Dr. Reagan: But this video really is one that can be used before the Rapture to share with unbelievers because it is very evangelistic in nature.

Nathan Jones: We’re going to have it right off the main homepage of our site at we’re going to put it all through the internet, on YouTube and Tangle and any of those other on-line video networks. We are going to put it on disc, we want the message to get out so people can easily hand these out to people or download them or forward them by e-mail, because we know that more people probably than anytime in history is going to come to the Lord during the Tribulation. And we want to equip them in a time period where most of their Bibles and Christian literature is probably going to be eradicated by the Antichrist.

Dr. Reagan: And how would people for example be able to watch this, how would they be able to watch it after the Tribulation?

Nathan Jones: Well the internet, communications, we know that TV will still be going because when the two witnesses die in the middle of the Tribulation there is TV and broadcast so the internet and television and all is still going to be around we know during the Tribulation. And so we know that this video will exist into it, and we are putting it not just on our website should something happen to our website.

Dr. Reagan: So a multiplicity of websites.

Nathan Jones: Wherever, people can download it…

Dr. Reagan: So it is going to take the Antichrist a little while to get it erased everywhere.

Nathan Jones: Right, we are not putting all our eggs in one basket, we are putting them all over the place, and hoping people get them and copy them and it is up to them how they use it afterwards.

Dr. Reagan: I tell you what when I watched the video it brought me to tears, it is a very, very powerful video and why don’t we just show it to our folks right now. Folks, here is the video that Nathan and our video crew have produced. And what is the title of it?

Nathan Jones: Jesus Came. What’s Next?

Dr. Reagan: Jesus Came. What’s Next?

“Jesus Came. What’s Next?” Video

Father: Millions of people have suddenly disappeared and maybe you even know some of them, a loved one like a husband, a wife, a friend, or your little child. If so, you’ve been desperately searching for where they could have gone and you just can’t find them. And I know you’re scared. And, you probably fear that you, too, may just as suddenly disappear as they have. You have lots of questions, I’m sure. And, I can answer many of those questions, and I will.

But first, I want to assure you that the people who are gone are alive and they are safe – and you don’t have to worry about them. How can I know this? Because, I am one of them. You see, while this great disappearance took you by surprise, many of us who’ve left you beforehand knew that it was coming. Because we knew, we’ve left behind this message for you to help answer your questions and prepare you for what’s coming up ahead.

You want to know where we’ve gone, where every bodies disappeared to. OK, we’re in Heaven. Now, don’t give up on me here just because you doubt that Heaven is real. I can prove that Heaven’s a real place. If you’ve ever felt unsatisfied with life and longed for more, yet just couldn’t fulfill that longing, then you know that people were meant to live better, to be in a better place. And God has made that better place for you and me to live. It’s to live with God forever in His home, called Heaven.

So, there’s a God? Yes! Even if you’re the biggest skeptic, deep down you must know that there truly is a God. The disappearances there evidence! And God does have a Son named Jesus who first came to Earth as a man some 2,000 years ago. And, God has left us a message so we can know who He is. It’s called the Bible. In it God tells us that He made us, that He loves us, and that He’s got everything under control. It is our message of hope, and it is your message of hope as well.

Teenage Boy: Why did God take us to Heaven now instead of waiting for us to die? Because God made a promise. You see, when Jesus first came He was on a mission to create a way for all people to be able to live with God forever. He made that way by sacrificing His perfect life for our imperfect lives. He died on a cross for us and then beat death by coming back to life. Then God made a promise that one day He’d send His Son Jesus back to rescue everyone who accepted the sacrifice that Jesus made. Those now missing were taken to Heaven by Jesus in an event called the Rapture. Through this change of location our bodies were also changed. They became eternal, disease free, perfect. Jesus even threw a great party for us once we got there! God has fulfilled His promise, and now we’re home.

You’re probably wondering why you were left behind? After all, you’re a good person, right? I’m sure you’ve done a lot of good things, or at least not much harm. You may have even been devout in some religion, or called yourself a Christian, as many who were left behind do. With all these good works you’re probably thinking you should have gone to Heaven, too, right? Well, no matter how much good we do, it’s just not good enough to get us into Heaven. The “do’s and don’ts” of religion just don’t cut it. God expects us to be as perfect as He is to get in, and no one’s that perfect. I’m sorry that you didn’t accept Jesus’ salvation in time to be included in the Rapture. If it was that none of us who were taken got you this message in time, I deeply apologize. But, I can promise you that while it’s already too late for you to be taken with us, it is not too late for you to accept Jesus as your Savior.

Wife: You’re asking why all of this is happening? The answer is all about God’s love. God loves each of us. But, God also loves justice. Justice and love go hand-in-hand. We’re the same. If someone hurts us, don’t we want justice? Shouldn’t people pay for their crimes? Well, people have been rebelling against God since the beginning of history. Rebellion against God is a crime. It’s called sin. And these next terrible years are going to be God’s justice against the world for its continued rebellion against Him.

So what comes up next? The Bible actually tells us. I wish it was good news. The next seven or so years are going to be very difficult, actually, the worst in human history. The Bible even calls this time period you now live in the Tribulation. But, it does have a happy ending, so please don’t lose hope while I explain what’s coming next. With war in the Middle East and all the chaos in the world, people will call out for a global government and leader to restore order and peace. The man who becomes world leader will promise peace by forming a one-world religion, but he and his prophet will instead start an all-out nuclear war. The Bible reports that a quarter of the world’s population, almost 2 billion people will die from this war. He will subdue his enemies and make a peace treaty with Israel. When that treaty is signed, you’ll know the Tribulation will last seven more years. It makes me so sad to say that the world war will result in terrible famine, disease and mass death. Violence, sickness and starvation will be your way of life over the seven years. The Bible also warns, and you’ll see devastating earthquakes, meteor impacts, solar flares, and poisoned oceans. Those will destroy most of what’s left of the Earth. I have to warn you about this world leader, whom the Bible calls Antichrist. Halfway into the Tribulation, he will declare himself to be God in the newly built Jewish temple and demand everybody worship him. To prove your loyalty, the world leader will ask you to have his name marked on your forehead or right hand. In reality, by choosing loyalty to him, you choose loyalty to his master, Satan. By refusing his mark, he’ll punish you by cutting off your ability to buy anything, and even sentence you to death. But, the Bible promises that everybody who takes the leader’s mark will lose any chance of Jesus rescuing them. Without Jesus a person is condemned to God’s ultimate justice Hell. Taking his mark is a terrible, forever decision, and not the choice you want to make. But, throughout this awful time, God will give the world a message of hope. From two men in Jerusalem to 144,000 believing Jewish people to even an angel from God they will proclaim Jesus and His salvation across the entire planet. Millions will call out to Jesus to save them, and I pray you’ll be one of them. With all these people accepting Jesus’ love and deliverance, you would not be alone.

So, how will it all end? With the battle to end all battles, in an Israeli valley called Armageddon. The conflict will ignite when the Antichrist’s army fights a rebellion from the Far East. But, now is when that happy ending I mentioned finally happens, as Jesus returns to earth and enters into the battle Himself. You’ve probably seen images of a weak Jesus dying on a cross? Well, not this time! He’s coming back as a powerful King with His own army. And, those loved ones taken in the Rapture, they’re coming back with Him as well. It’ll be no competition. Jesus will defeat the armies at Armageddon. Jesus will then sentence the world leader and his prophet to Hell, and banish Satan into a deep pit. Jesus will be victorious and all who continue to rebel against Him are justly going to be put to death, every last one of them. Only those who have accepted Jesus as Savior will continue to live on from this point. After Jesus’ victory, He’ll turn the world into a garden paradise, totally erasing the ravages of war and disasters. He’ll set up His kingdom on earth, just like in Heaven, and He’ll rule justly with His love from His throne in Jerusalem over those who throughout history have put their trust in Him.

Father: If you’ve lost a loved one in the Rapture, you’re wondering will I ever see them again. The short answer to that one is… it all depends on a decision that you must make. Whether you die in this Tribulation or not, you must allow God to save your soul. Everybody who turns down Jesus’ lifeline of salvation is going to Hell. It’s the punishment for continued rebellion against God. And Hell it’s an awful prison of burning and loneliness. To choose Hell is to not see your loved ones, or anyone else for that matter, ever again. But, if you believe in Jesus and accept His loving sacrifice, then yes, you definitely will be reunited with your loved ones. Just because you were left behind doesn’t mean God’s abandoned you. God has made you a promise. You can find it in the Bible in John chapter 3, verse 16. It goes, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.” Believe in God’s son Jesus. Grab hold of His promise and pray right now: “Dear Jesus, forgive me of my sins be my Savior!” Jesus in turn will make you a brand new person inside. His Spirit will be your guide in these dark days, and when you die, He’ll deliver you to be with Him forever. Now you don’t have much time left on this earth, so quickly, go get a Bible and begin reading the part called The Gospel According to John. If you want to learn more about what to expect during the Tribulation go to the end the book called Revelation or go on the Web at and And join with others who have also accepted Jesus as Savior so that you grow in your knowledge of God and to help each other survive. God doesn’t want you to go it alone. If you’ve accepted Jesus, we’ll be waiting for you at home in Heaven.

End of Video

Dr. Reagan: Well congratulations to you Nathan and to our media crew for a job well done. Praise the Lord. And now as we bring our program to a close I want to share with you a powerful song about the Rapture called “Midnight Cry”. Here is a production of it by our media staff as song by Jack Hollingsworth of Acts 29 Ministries.

Song Midnight Cry

End of Program

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