The Significance of Israel

Is the United States in peril from God for our treatment of Israel? Find out with guest Gary Frazier on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Air Date: January 24, 2016.

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Dr. Reagan: Is there any hope for the survival of the state of Israel? How can a tiny nation of only 6 million Jews survive when surrounded by over 350 million hostile Arabs? And what about the United States? Is our continuing existence in imperiled by our spiritual rebellion against God? Stay tuned for our interview with our interview with Dr. Gary Frazier, a man who has written insightful books about the future of both Israel and America.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus our Blessed Hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. I am delighted to have in the studio with me not only my colleague, Nathan Jones, but, also a very special guest and friend of ours Dr. Gary Frazier. Gary, we are so glad to have you.

Gary Frazier: Hey, Dave, it is always a pleasure.

Dr. Reagan: Gary, is an expert on the Middle East. He is an expert on Israel. And he has the incredible supernatural gift of evangelism, when this man preaches souls are saved. And I am always just there with my eyes wide open saying, “Man, what is going to happen next?” You are a great evangelist, Brother.

Gary Frazier: Well the Lord has been good, Dave. In fact, I know this actual program will be aired a little bit later but just this previous Sunday I had the joy of being in a church in South Carolina. And basically preached a real simple message asking the question: You know are you ready? And when God began to move in the service the net result was, was that we had over 60 people at the altar, 45 of those people came making a profession of faith in Christ.

Nathan Jones: Wow!

Gary Frazier: But that was not the best part. The best part was early that Sunday morning. By the way that happened to be time change Sunday. And I went down early that morning and was sitting in the lobby drinking some coffee and reading my Bible waiting for the restaurant to open for breakfast. And so, when they finally opened I walked over to the seating area and I sat down and laid my Bible on the table and so forth. And a young black lady came by and she looked at my Bible and she said, “Is there anything in that book that can help me?” Well in a matter of moments she was sitting across from me. She was actually working there, she sat down and a few minutes later we were holding hands as she prayed to receive Christ that day. Her name is Shenikah and so I shared that with the congregation that morning and it was really a joyous occasion.

Nathan Jones: Well, praise the Lord.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I would imagine so.

Gary Frazier: Well, then the next morning the pastor came Monday morning and we had breakfast and she was there, and I got the chance to introduce her. And they’ve got her now incorporated into the church family with her two kids.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I remember a few years ago we were ministering together at a prophecy conference in Broussard, Louisiana. And I was speaking first that evening and you were speaking after me. And when I got through speaking this man came up who was very angry and he said, “I don’t believe a word you said.” I said, “Oh, really?” He said, “I don’t believe Christianity is growing as fast as you say it is.” And he went on, and on and on. And I could tell the guy was under conviction but I didn’t know why he was even there. But, he was really angry. So, finally I calmed him down and he went back. You got up and spoke and at the end you gave an invitation. And the very first person who came forward was this man who came running down the aisle weeping and accepted the Lord. The next morning I was telling some people about that and I said, “I can’t even believe that this man was there on a Friday night. Why would he even be there?” And one of the guys said, “I know why he was there. His wife dragged him there.” He said, “My wife did that for me for years until I accepted the Lord.”

Gary Frazier: Well you know I wrote a book a few years ago entitled, “The Divine Appointment.” And I really do believe in that principle that God is out there seeking souls looking for Christ.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yes.

Gary Frazier: And God is just kind of leaning in, if I can graphically say God is kind of leaning out of Heaven and He is just looking around saying, “Who can I get to bring across so I can bring them across those paths.” And you know that is what Acts chapters 8, 9 and 10 is really about.

Dr. Reagan: Well, tell us more about the nature of your ministry. What all do you do in your ministry?

Gary Frazier: Well that is a great question. Well first of all you know you made a comment a moment ago that I want to respond to. You said, “He is an expert on the Middle East and so forth, and so on.” I want to just say with all due respect, because there is nobody that I respect more than you through this many years of our friendship. But I’m really not an expert. I’ll tell you what I am; God called me to be a proclaimer of the Word of God and I am an evangelist who uses Bible prophecy to get to evangelize.

Dr. Reagan: There you go.

Gary Frazier: Because at the end of the day I become convinced Nathan, and I think you’ll agree with this, you can know every nuance of Bible prophecy and die and go to Hell without Jesus, and that would be the greatest tragedy of all. So my heart, my passion, my heartbeat so every Sunday Dave, I am preaching somewhere. I am writing books. We are back and forth to Israel a great deal. You know a part of what we have done through the years is to facilitate pastors and churches to get to experience that journey of a lifetime. We had the privilege between after I left the pastorate in 1985, between the years of ’85 and 1990 we had the privilege of taking over 1,700 first time pastors to the Holy Land.

Nathan Jones: Wow. How many times have you been over there?

Gary Frazier: Well, there is some confusion about that number.

Nathan Jones: Ok.

Gary Frazier: It ranges between 150 and 187.

Nathan Jones: Trips to Israel? With the whole long flight there, and the whole long flight back.

Gary Frazier: Not all 10 day trips with groups, ok?

Nathan Jones: Ok.

Gary Frazier: Because you remember the early days when I started the ministry I was preaching on Sunday, I would fly out Monday morning land there on Tuesday, leave there on Friday, come back Saturday, preach Sunday leave again on Monday. Well I did that 28 times in a matter of, in less than, in barely a year.

Nathan Jones: Wow, how did you deal with the jet-lag?

Gary Frazier: Well when you are young, Nathan, you can do lots of things.

Nathan Jones: Lots of coffee, huh?

Gary Frazier: I assure you my last trip there I came home and my wife wasn’t with me and I told her, “Honey, I tell you the older I’m getting the harder this trip is to do.”

Dr. Reagan: Why should anybody desire to go to Israel? Why any Christian?

Gary Frazier: That is such a great question, Dave. And I will tell you that I share with people this, if you want to make an investment in your spiritual life this is the greatest single opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth that you could ever experience.

Dr. Reagan: I would say, “Amen” to that.

Gary Frazier: A trip to Israel it will make this book that is black and white, it will jump off the page, it becomes Technicolor.

Dr. Reagan: It will become Technicolor, that’s right.

Gary Frazier: It really does. We say that. And you know that’s the truth. And everywhere I go I challenge people, I say, “Is there anybody who has been to the Holy Land?” Well somebody. I say, “Here is what I want to say to you, if I say something that’s not true if I exaggerate you call me on it, but is this true or not?” They say, “Absolutely.”

Dr. Reagan: You know a person goes to the Holy Land and they come back they start reading and they read about the city of Capernaum. They know where Capernaum is. They have walked in Capernaum. They’ve smelled the air there. And it jumps off the page, it is not just a name on the page.

Gary Frazier: Perfect illustration, I’m preaching in New Orleans when I was pastoring there back in the early 80’s. I’d gone to Israel for the very first time in 1971 and after the service that morning a lady came by, I’ll never forget her name, Mary Millner. And Mary said to me, “Pastor when you were preaching you were talking about that boat on the Sea of Galilee and that storm that came up on them.” She said, “I could see that in my mind.” I said, “Mary, the reason that you could see it in your mind is because I’ve seen it, I’ve got it in mine so I can draw that picture in yours.”

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Gary Frazier: I’ll tell you Dave, most people who read the Bible pay almost no attention to geographical location.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, that’s right.

Gary Frazier: And yet if they’ll take a highlighter and every time they see a name of a town or region if they highlight that they will began to understand that all of this is connected in such a way that when you realize all these things the Bible, to say it comes alive is really a cliché–

Dr. Reagan: Yet I can’t tell you how many pastors have told me, “I don’t see any reason why I should go Israel.”

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Gary Frazier: Listen in my sweet spirit and being the calm, mild mannered person I am I want to just grab them and shake them, “What’s wrong with you man?” You know I’ve never–

Dr. Reagan: It would enrich their preaching.

Gary Frazier: I have never understood that.

Nathan Jones: I was surprised going to Israel that you read about how long it took them, travel three days here, three days there. And when we went down to Bethlehem you have Tekoa nearby and Jerusalem, and Kireath Jearim and it is all within just a mild short distance. How small Israel really is.

Gary Frazier: Yeah and when you think about it, you’ll think about the fact that here we are of course in the big state of Texas.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, huge in size.

Gary Frazier: But people who are going to Israel don’t really realize that Israel is so tiny it will fit in the peninsula between Orlando and Miami.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Gary Frazier: Now think about that distance.

Nathan Jones: Wow.

Gary Frazier: It will actually you could pick the state of Israel up and put it inside the Garden State of New Jersey. So that is how small a place it is. And so when you begin to hear about friction and tension in Israel well you begin to understand here are a group of people of two complete different ideologies, philosophies, religion, etc. and they are compacted into a very, very, small area. So naturally the net result is going to be conflict.

Dr. Reagan: Well what I want to do is we are going to take a short break and we are going to come back and talk about is there any hope for the survival of Israel?

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our discussion with Dr. Gary Frazier. Gary, you have a new book coming out called, The Miracle of Israel.

Gary Frazier: I do.

Dr. Reagan: And I would just like to ask you a question related to that: Is there any hope for survival of Israel? After all we are talking about a tiny little nation the size of New Jersey, only 6 million Jews surrounded by almost 400 million Arabs. Is there any hope?

Gary Frazier: Well obviously Dave, when you frame that question in that way it sounds like the logical answer would be no possibility.

Dr. Reagan: Absolutely.

Gary Frazier: And yet the thing that I write about in this book that I have written entitled, The Miracle of Israel is how God has consistently honored His Word. You know not only is He a miracle keeping God but God is faithful to His own Word. And when we find in Genesis chapter 15 He enters a covenant relationship and He swears by Himself because who else could He possibly swear to? And an unconditional covenant He entered into with Abraham and his descendants through the child of promise Isaac. So, can Israel survive? Israel will survive because God has declared it. God has promised it. And further to that not only will Israel will survive, Israel will prosper. They’ve never occupied all of the land the Promise Land that God promised them.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Gary Frazier: It is outlined in Genesis chapter 15. But during the 1,000 year reign of peace upon earth, when Christ reigns once again from Jerusalem, the Jews are going to prosper. They are prospering even today. But in spite of that in that 1,000 years they are going to really prosper because they are going to have all the territory that God promised them. Yes, they will survive.

Dr. Reagan: Well, yes, in the natural, no hope for survival.

Gary Frazier: Right.

Dr. Reagan: But in the supernatural they are going to survive.

Gary Frazier: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: I love a cartoon I saw several years ago that we are showing on the screen right now that shows all the leaders of the world pulling a rope. And Netanyahu is on the other side just one person, he is holding the rope but God’s finger is on the end of the rope, and that rope isn’t going anywhere.

Gary Frazier: Exactly. And you know the world today doesn’t get Israel. They don’t get it.

Dr. Reagan: I know.

Gary Frazier: They really cannot understand why every single day in the media, in countries, in capitals of the world can say that Israel is a topic of conversation. How in the world can a country so small be so vitally important? It is because of the promises of God.

Dr. Reagan: And also the fact that you consider that fact that the whole world, every time something happen in Jerusalem it’s on the headlines.

Nathan Jones: They can’t build an apartment complex without the whole world getting upset. Why is the whole world always mad at Israel?

Gary Frazier: Well here is the thing if you take this book and throw it away, then you can be in the dark with regard to Israel. But if you open the pages of the Word of God, and I realize that in many capitals of the world that is not permissible up to including Washington these days. But having said that you know when you open the Word of God you can’t help but see that God has this incredible plan for the Jewish people. That He has proven Himself time, and time, and time again that He is going to deliver them. And ultimately as you well know Zechariah tells us that when they look upon Him, when He comes at the Second Coming of Christ Pauls’ promise becomes a reality and so all Israel shall be saved. So, they will survive. And no, the nations of the world will never understand the role of Israel in the world and especially in the last days.

Dr. Reagan: He who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleep.

Gary Frazier: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: And history is scattered with the corpses of nations that came against Israel. Now, that leads me to my next point: Why is it so important for us to have a good relationship with Israel, our nation?

Gary Frazier: Well I think a couple of reasons, Dave, first of all we want to go back to what the Word of God says. And of course in Genesis 12 God enters into this covenant with Abraham and He basically makes it very clear, whoever blesses Israel I am going to bless; whoever curses them I am going to curse. Now the bottom line is that we have preachers and liberal theologians today who try to do dances all around those Scriptures and tell us that Israel isn’t relevant anymore.

Nathan Jones: Oh, yeah. And boycotting Israel.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, and because of the fact they say well the Jews rejected Jesus so, ok, first of all one thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Because this is a covenant God made specifically based on His faithfulness and His Word. And so when He says I am going to bless whoever blesses Israel, whoever curses them, them will I curse. That doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not Israel is faithful to God or not. It has to do with God’s faithfulness to keep His Word.

Dr. Reagan: Here is a pretty ominous passage also, this is in Joel 3:2 where it says, “In the end times God is going to gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, the Valley of Judgement. And I will enter into judgment with them on behalf of My people, and My inheritance Israel whom they have scattered among the nations, and they have divided up my land.” God is going to put severe judgment on those who divide up the land of Israel.

Gary Frazier: Oh, He is. Absolutely. And here is something that I think is really important we have a lot of confusion in theological circles today with prophecy teachers, and preachers and so forth and so on about the Tribulation period. This seven horrific years of unprecedented, unparalleled time in the history of the world. And guys say well listen is the Church going to go through the Tribulation? Is the Church not going to go through the Tribulation? Here’s the problem: they don’t understand the purpose of the Tribulation.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Gary Frazier: You just read one of them. There are two primary purposes of the Tribulation. (1) God is going to finish His business with unbelieving Israel, and they will ultimately look upon Him whom they’ve pierced and they will weep and so they recognize Him as Messiah.

Dr. Reagan: Right.

Gary Frazier: Secondly God is going to finish His business with unbelieving Gentile nations as to (1) what they did with Jesus, received or reject, and (2) how they treated the Jews.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Gary Frazier: So, the purpose of the Tribulation when you look at that is you say, well is the Church involved in that? And the answer is absolutely not, and we may talk about that more later. But the fact is it becomes important that we have a clear understanding of what God has promised to do with the Jewish people. And then if we’ll just watch His hand, and by the way this is why I wrote this book, the hand of God in history if you’ll watch for God’s hand in history you’ll see how God time, and time, and time again keeps His Word. And that is what is so thrilling.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, and He really does bless those who bless Israel. And we have been a great blessing to Israel in our history even in the foundation of the modern state and God has blessed us. But, the Bible says in the end times all the nations of the world will turn against Israel. And I think we have turned against Israel. And I want you to comment for a moment on the recent deal with Iran.

Gary Frazier: We have turned on Israel. And in fact never has there been a quote on quote “deal negotiated” that is so anti-Israel as what this current President and this Administration along with the Secretary of State sees as being a portion of their evidently their great legacy. Never, in the world could you take a rogue, terrorist nation who has verbally stated time, and time, and time again that we are going to get a weapon and when we get it we are going to use it to wipe the Jews off the face of the map. And then you have the greatest quote on quote “democracy” supposedly friend of Israel actually going to the table and saying, “Ok, we are going to agree with you. And we are going to actually end up helping you.”

Nathan Jones: Yeah, we are going to defend Iran from Israel. Yeah.

Gary Frazier: Because when portion of that Iranian agreement, by the way at least the Congress as of this filming has not yet totally approved.

Nathan Jones: Neither has the Ayatollah.

Gary Frazier: And you know Nathan, they’ve said they’re not going to.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Gary Frazier: But that deadline you know came and went. But that said here we are as a part of that agreement we have later found out that there is a military cooperation element to that.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Gary Frazier: That actually pits us against Israel. Were Iran to attack Israel the United States of America would then, if that agreement actually goes through, we would be obligated to come to the defense of the Iranians.

Dr. Reagan: And the entire time we were negotiating with them their supreme leader was saying, “Death to America.”

Gary Frazier: Death to America.

Dr. Reagan: I mean?

Nathan Jones: And they are funding terrorists that attack us. So we are defending the people who are attacking us.

Dr. Reagan: And also a nation that never keeps it word.

Nathan Jones: Never.

Gary Frazier: Well, and as we are filming this very program they just celebrated what the 38th Anniversary of the taking of the hostages that they held for 445 days.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, under Carter.

Gary Frazier: Under the Carter Administration and so forth.

Nathan Jones: Celebrated it!

Gary Frazier: This is, this is a God hating, America, Israel hating nation. Ruled by a group of religious zealots who are determined that the only way; they’re part of the group that we all know as the Twelver’s who believe the twelve descendant from Mohammed disappeared in the year 941 AD. That he will come again to establish Islam as the dominant religion in the entire world, but only as a result of a major worldwide catastrophe. And they feel that Allah has appointed them to bring about this catastrophe by nuking Israel, nuking America, nuking the West. And here we are in our naïve–

Nathan Jones: Humanistic, point of view.

Gary Frazier: –crazy attitude, thinking that we can somehow negotiate with these people.

Dr. Reagan: Well I think the bottom line is that Obama is going to make Neville Chamberlain look good.

Gary Frazier: He is. He really is. But what is scary to me is this, there was a great price paid by the British people of course obviously the French, etc. in World War II because of that attitude. There will be a price paid in the world–

Dr. Reagan: Absolutely.

Gary Frazier: –by America and all the people who turn against Israel. The one thing that people must realize is this, is that we have a creator God who has revealed in the Word of God what He is going to do if we would but pay attention. My desire would be that the Ayatollah would call a Bible believing Christians and say, “Hey, listen, we are about ready to attempt to wipe the Jews off the face of the map. Will we be successful?” And I would be able to say to him, “Well not if you read the Word of God.” “Well we know the Jews wrote the Bible so we do not accept that we believe the Koran.” “Well I just want to say to you if you believe the Bible, if you can read the Bible here is what God says is going to happen to you. He is going to destroy you on the mountains of Israel.”

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Gary Frazier: “It will take seven years, they will burn the weapons of warfare for fuel. For seven months they will be burying the carnage. Are you prepared for that?” But they are naïve. But here we are in America trying to impose a political solution on a religious problem. You can’t. It will never work.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right. That’s right.

Nathan Jones: Because of the contempt of all religions from a humanistic perspective.

Gary Frazier: I listen to John Kerry and I think, “What in the world? You know how can you think like this?” Let’s just hypothetically say that the Bible is wrong, let’s just say that we can throw this book out and not pay attention to it. Common sense dictates that you cannot make a deal with people who repeatedly have stated over, and over, and over again, “We will destroy you.”

Dr. Reagan: Hitler didn’t even say that when Chamberlain was negotiating.

Gary Frazier: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: And you know when it was all over with and Hitler had violated all of the agreements and invaded Poland Chamberlain said, “It all would have been alright if he hadn’t lied to me.” What do you expect a Hitler to do? What do you expect a Khamenei to do? It is that humanist view of the goodness of man.

Gary Frazier: It is.

Dr. Reagan: And we can trust him. And it is not the Bible speaking.

Gary Frazier: And in their own religious book authorizes them to lie to the infidel.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, that’s right.

Gary Frazier: So we are the infidels. So they can lie.

Dr. Reagan: Let’s take a break here for a moment. We’ll come back and talk about America.

Part 3

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy with our guest Dr. Gary Frazier. He is the author of, America the Tipping Point. Which by the way is a free download off his website. Check it out. So, Gary, can you answer Dr. Reagan’s question about where America’s position with Israel how that will affect us?

Dr. Reagan: What do you mean by that title?

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Gary Frazier: Well first of all there was a wonderful book that came out called, The Tipping Point. And it was a New York Times bestseller. And I read the book and I really appreciated some of the thoughts in it. And I began to think about the fact that America is really at a place in our history where the scales that we once tried to balance between morality and politics, and so forth has now been tipped. And we have actually come to a place where, while we’ve done a lot of things since the birth of this country that have been opposed to the principles clearly that we founded upon that the Word of God teaches.

Really what happened in 1925 when we at the very famous Scopes Monkey Trial when we basically decided we were going to refuse the fact that God was the Creator, now we are just the process of premortal slime. And of course with that goes the consequence of choice. In other words if we are not created by God then we are not accountable to the Creator. And therefore secular humanism which has become the religion of our land has basically said, “There is no god, every man is his own god and he can do what is right in his own eyes.” And so as the result of that they will never be a consequence.

Well fast forward from that of course we ended up in World War II.But, when we came out of World War II a time when women were in the home, basically there was a, although we had our big cities we were more or less a rural kind of a mindset. People grew up in an area, they married someone from there that they went to school with, they pretty well settled down. But after World War II everything changed because in the war the women went out of the home into the workplace, and they never went back to the home. So now all of a sudden you have opportunity that is men and women together which they had not been before.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, that is good.Well fast forward from that of course we ended up in World War II.

Gary Frazier: Then you have proximity because now they are working close by, the natural result is that we began to see the breakdown and collapse of our moral fiber in America. But we fast-forwarded out of World War II into 1963 with thanks to one woman basically backed by Communist money.

Nathan Jones: Oh, Sanger?

Gary Frazier: No, Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

Nathan Jones: Oh, Madalyn O’Hair. Yeah.

Gary Frazier: So we had all of a sudden prayer thrown out of the public schools. Dave, when you and I grew up there was a Bible on our teacher’s desk.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, I was going to say we’ve seen America change radically in our lifetime.

Gary Frazier: Absolutely. And we catapulted from ’63 with no prayer in school, then we went to the ’73 Roe vs. Wade. And it wasn’t very long until we began to embrace open homosexuality, and the LGBT movement. So, when I write about the tipping point I am talking about the fact that we have tipped morally in America and we are now on the fast track ultimately to our own destruction.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, unless people are our age they really don’t understand how fast this has happened.

Gary Frazier: They don’t.

Dr. Reagan: When I went to school I was raised in the 40’s and 50’s and when I was being raised first of all I was never exposed to a single drug in my lifetime, of any kind. And secondly we prayed every day. We had devotions every day. Our readers in school were Bible stories, we learned morals.

Gary Frazier: You pledge allegiance to the flag every day.

Dr. Reagan: When I graduated from Waco High School in 1956 we were about 450 in our graduating class. On any given day we had 100 pickup trucks in the parking lot and they had a gun rack, and they had a shotgun, a 22, and a deer rifle, and a pistol in the glove compartment and nobody thought anything about that. Today we have moral pygmies who are killing each other over tennis shoes.

Nathan Jones: But on the back of your book though it says that you are not sounding the demise of the United States, that there is hope? What is that hope?

Gary Frazier: There is always hope in Christ. And the fact of the matter is that while I believe and coincidentally I’m writing another book called, America Beyond the Tipping Point right now that will be coming out before too much longer. But the fact is that I personally believe, and this is just my humble opinion I think we’ve passed the point as a country to no return.

Dr. Reagan: I agree. I agree.

Gary Frazier: There is no model in history that allows the reversal of where we have come.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Gary Frazier: And where we are continuing to go at a rapid pace.

Dr. Reagan: The Bible refers to it as when the wound becomes incurable.

Gary Frazier: That’s right. Well and when we call evil good, and good evil. And that is exactly what we are doing today.

Dr. Reagan: We sure are.

Gary Frazier: But I will say this, the wonderful news is that God is still on the throne. And that the Bible and God is not Amerocentric; God’s world does not evolve around the United States of America.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Gary Frazier: And the fact is that we’ve been the greatest nation, missionary sending nation in the world. We’ve given more freedom to more people for a longer period of time than anyone. But there are no guarantees when you violate the moral principles of the Word of God, then God will not allow that to go unnoticed, and unpunished.

Dr. Reagan: When that happened in Judah, Jeremiah warned them. And they said to Jeremiah over and over, “The Temple, the Temple, the Temple.”

Gary Frazier: That’s right.

Dr. Reagan: God will never allow anybody to touch our Temple.

Gary Frazier: Yeah.

Dr. Reagan: Well, God allowed it. And I think that there are people who think that God sits on the throne draped in an America flag.

Gary Frazier: I think He does too, Dave. And tragically I will say this that we know because we know what the Bible says. And this puts us by the way in a very unique position because frankly in a time when we have more religious programming, more opportunities for people to know the Bible, we have the most ignorant people in the world concerning Scripture that have ever lived. Really, since the beginning or birth of America. Having said that we know that there is coming a one world government. And we know that it is impossible to have a one world government, and have a super power that is a democracy.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Gary Frazier: So, based on what Scripture tells us, Daniel chapter 2, Daniel chapter 7 something has to happen to America. Now how all that plays out is up for discussion. There are a lot of different possible, or plausible scenarios. But the one thing we know is this, at the end of the day the United States of America no longer exists.

Dr. Reagan: Well, Gary, I wish we could–

Gary Frazier: As tragic as that is.

Dr. Reagan: –expand on that but our time is about up. What I’d like for you to do is look into that camera right in front of you and tell people how they can get in touch with your ministry.

Gary Frazier: Absolutely. Well first of all you can go to my website which is just And we have a lot of free PowerPoints that we’ve made available. America the Tipping Point is there, available, certainly you can buy other products and materials that we have. But, Dave, the most important thing, more so then that website is that the passion of all of us sitting here today is that you might personally know Jesus Christ as Lord of your life. That’s really at the end of the day. With the peril that we face, He is the only answer.

Dr. Reagan: Thank you, Gary. Well folks that is our program for this week. Until next week, the Lord willing this Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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