Terry James on the U.S. in Prophecy

Where is the United States in Bible prophecy? Find out as Dr. David Reagan interviews Terry James and panel on Christ in Prophecy.

Last aired on May 17, 2009.

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Dr. Reagan: Why is the United States not specifically mentioned in end time Bible prophecy? Does the silence of the Scriptures indicate that we will suffer a major disaster that will remove us from the World scene as a great power? This is one of the major mysteries of end time Bible prophecy. For some keen insights into this mystery, stay tuned for an interview with some Bible prophecy experts.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus our blessed hope and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. I am sitting here in a hotel room near the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport where there’s a major Bible prophecy conference being conducted. And I have as my special guest a wonderful man named Terry James. Terry, welcome to our program.

Terry James: Well thank you so much for having me, Dave, real pleasure to be here.

Dr. Reagan: Now Terry you have written how many books?

Terry James: Well I’ve written or co-written, we have some compilations, 18 all together.

Dr. Reagan: 18 books. And how in the world are you able to do that with the handicap that you have of being blind, it evidently is not a handicap.

Terry James: Well you know that’s right God gave me a great deal of peace about that a long time ago. When I first found out I was going to have blindness more than likely with a disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa and when the retinal specialist said that I would probably go blind, well it just about threw me for a loop as you might imagine for about a week. And I finally asked God you know like Paul, “Take this from me, please” and of course that didn’t happen as you see. But I did finally come to the point that I said, “Lord if you’re not going to take this from me then please just take away all anxiety and all fear.” And that’s where I got my instant healing and I mean it was instant. And I haven’t had one second of difficulty since with the exception of occasionally running into a door facing or something like that.

Dr. Reagan: Oh!

Terry James: But I have no fear no anxiety and I think that’s just a wonderful thing and He healed me that way.

Dr. Reagan: Well brother I tell you what you didn’t let it slow you down did you?

Terry James: Well, I did what I think I was commissioned to do by God and that is to deal with Bible prophecy.

Dr. Reagan: Had you been a student of Bible prophecy before that?

Terry James: Yes I had written some things but I had never really gotten into it. I think it took the loss of my eyesight, really to be honest with you, to make me focus in because I loved advertising publicity and promotion that’s what I was in.

Dr. Reagan: yes.

Terry James: Director of several advertising companies and things and insurance companies and their publicity department. But God made me focus in on Bible prophecy and I’m just thankful that He did.

Dr. Reagan: Now in addition to being an author and also an editor of many books, you’re also involved in the world’s most popular Bible prophecy website isn’t that right? Called Rapture Ready?

Terry James: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: Tell us about that.

Terry James: It is the number one Bible prophecy website on the net and we get about thirteen million hits a month right now particularly during these difficult times. And over 240 thousand unique visits which is very good for any website much less a prophecy website and so we’re very pleased with the results.

Dr. Reagan: Now you have a cohort who works with you on that don’t you?

Terry James: Yeah Todd Strandberg he’s the founder of the site and we’re partners in the site and we have over 20,000 articles that people can research the materials all free.

Dr. Reagan: In fact I think you have some of our articles on there don’t you?

Terry James: Yes we do we certainly do and always glad to get them. Always glad to get them from you.

Dr. Reagan: Well we appreciate your website and the way that it creates awareness and helps people to better understand Bible prophecy. And one of the things I love about your website is that you don’t get involved in speculations and sensationalism and all kinds of weird and crazy things that a lot of people do in the field of Bible prophecy. You know Terry sometimes I’m actually ashamed to be a Bible prophecy teacher from some of the stuff that goes on. But I respect the fact that you all are really grounded in the Word.

Terry James: Well we get some real interesting email that tells us all about when the Rapture is going to occur who the Antichrist is and where America is in Bible prophecy, which I think we’re going to talk about today.

Dr. Reagan: Okay well let’s just talk about that for a moment. I happen to have on my lap right here a manuscript and this is the manuscript of a book that has not yet been published but by the time this television program comes out I hope it will be published and we can tell people how to get a hold of it. But what is the title of this book?

Terry James: It’s the American Apocalypse and the subtitle is: Is the United States in Bible prophecy?

Dr. Reagan: Well that is a mouthful right there because I would say that in conducting Bible prophecy conferences for 30 years now, probably one of the number one questions always asked, “Where is the United States in Bible prophecy?” And that has become even more acute question in these times because all the signs point to the fact that we are right on the threshold of the Tribulation and the end time events and we are the number one world power so why is it we’re not mentioned in end time Bible prophecy?

Terry James: That is a strange thing because certainly the most powerful nation that’s every existed on the face of the earth. The most blessed materially and certainly one of the most blessed spiritually that’s ever existed. But just the fact that it’s the most powerful nation that has ever existed and brought forth the most technology and the fact that its not mentioned its just quite a thing to query and I think its not mentioned for specific reasons as I point out in the book.

Dr. Reagan: What is that reason?

Terry James: The reason I believe the United States is not in Bible prophecy of course is because it has deserted its mission if you will, which was basically two fold in my view. The first was to get the technology to create the technology so given the brain, trust, and so forth to create the technology that would eventually get the Bible to the whole world, get the message of the gospel to the whole world. And that we have done we have done and we continue to do it and maybe that’s one of our saving graces up to this point considering how far we’ve fallen in so many areas. But that was number one and the second thing I think is to be the protector in the human sense. Now God doesn’t need anybody to protect Israel. But in the human sense I think that the United States has been used as a mighty weapon to keep other nations from completely over running…

Dr. Reagan: We will were also very instrumental even in birthing Israel.

Terry James: We acted as midwife with that with President Harry Truman having almost a supernatural insight I think in some instances into Bible prophecy and what it all meant. He was there at the right time at the right place, not that we always would agree with his politics or anything like that maybe but as far as good using him as an instrument to protect Israel that has happened. So America has had those two primary missions and I think we’re still in the process of doing the first one and that is to bring the Gospel message to the whole world through the technology we develop. But the second we are beginning to stray from and I think that is dealing with Israel. We know that Genesis 12:3 says that, “God says I will bless those who bless three, curse those who curse thee.” Of course America has been the materially blessed nation on earth no question about it.

Dr. Reagan: Okay well I tell you what let’s pause here for just a moment for an announcement and when we come back I want to pick up from there and talk about a good portion of your book is devoted to America straying from what God called us to do. And I want to talk a little bit about what is the evidence that we have really strayed from that and that God’s judgment may be upon us at this time and then we’re going to come back to that fundamental question where are we? Why aren’t we mentioned in end time Bible prophecy?

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and to our special guest Terry James who is a very well known author of Bible prophecy books and one of the care takers of the rapture ready website. He has authored a new book on America and prophecy that is coming out very soon I think Harvest House is publishing that isn’t that correct terry?

Terry James: That’s correct, yeah.

Dr. Reagan: And this book tries to deal with the question of what happens to the United States in the end times. Before our break, Terry was talking about the fact that God has blessed this nation like no other nation in history except perhaps Judah itself. And that He used us mightily to spread the Gospel all over the world and to be a nation to birth and nurture Israel. But he also spends a lot of his book talking about how we strayed from the original purposes of God to the point where we are actually begging for the judgment of God to fall upon this nation. Terry tell us a little bit about that part of your book.

Terry James: Okay we talked about the way America has been blessed because it’s treated Israel well and blessed it. The second part is the sadder part and that is that America has begun to stray in a major way with dealing with Israel and that is the Bush administration for example has been insinuating itself in the Middle East situation trying to bring about this road map to peace, as a part of the quartet America takes the lead. Now the quartet being the US, the UN, the EU, and Russia, and America has taken the lead there with Tony Blair as we know being the mediator. And we have put pressure on Israel to give up land for peace and what is particularly troubling is they’ve been pressured to give up by the President of the United States, Condoleezza Rice the Secretary of State to give up part of east Jerusalem to a new Palestinian state, two state solution they call it. And this I can tell you from God’s Word flies in the face of the Lord. Anybody who touches Jerusalem touches the apple of His eye according to God. And that’s exactly what has happened.

Dr. Reagan: Yes and Joel 3 says that those who divide up the land are going to be judged by God.

Terry James: Absolutely Joel 3:2 it says that I’ll bring all the nations of the world into the valley of Jehoshaphat for dealing unjustly with my people Israel and that’s exactly what’s happened but there are so many other things too. Paul’s perilous time of Second Timothy chapter 3 just run rampant throughout America. And from the proud boasts we see in all the political process and every strata of American life all the way through to people who become fierce, who become lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. All these things, particularly I find as a problem is the one called without natural affection Paul says in the King James and I find this particularly applicable to number one abortion. More than fifty million babies murdered in their wombs in my opinion since Roe v. Wade in 1973. Secondly the homosexual issue and the gay rights issue that is just pandemic and letting a small percentage of people who are…

Dr. Reagan: And Romans one indicates that an outbreak of a plague of homosexuality is one of the signs of God putting a judgment upon a nation right before He allows the nation to be destroyed.

Terry James: Every major empire that’s ever crashed so to speak has had at the very of its lifespan, homosexuality, from Lot’s time onward.

Dr. Reagan: Well what you’re saying is that we have strayed from; basically we’ve turned our back on God. After all the blessing that he’s given us and that leads me to another question and that is, I have found that many people including Christians believe that God’s sitting on his throne wrapped in an American flag and that He would never ever touch the United States of America.

Terry James: Well of course we both know that that’s just foolishness. Israel who he loves more than probably, He calls them His chosen people, and He has certainly taken them to the wood shed on many occasions. And if it wasn’t for His promises and His grace they would not be back in the land today. And America certainly is not mentioned and the very fact that the United States is not mentioned in Bible prophecy despite as I said now, it’s far greater than Israel ever was materially. Not spiritually, but materially. And to have such a great nation as the United States has been hailed to be and it’s not mentioned anywhere in Bible prophecy by name? That in itself tells you how that America or no other entity is above God and His ways.

Dr. Reagan: Okay well that brings us then to the 64 dollar question this is the one that I’ve been frothing at the mouth to get at and that is: Why aren’t we mentioned in end time Bible prophecy? People have speculated it’s because we’re gonna be attacked by Russia or China. Others have speculated it’s going to be interior terrorist attacks that will bring this nation into chaos. Others have suggested it will be moral rot that will cause the collapse of the nation. Others have said it’s going to be economic collapse. What do you think it’s going to be?

Terry James: It could be all of the above. But I think that I really believe in my own scenario in the book and I believe without giving away too much because I want people to buy the book and read it. But I really believe that this nation is gonna come down hard when the Rapture occurs. There will be chaos beyond belief and I believe personally that every single child below the age of accountability that age when they know to accept Christ and refuse. Every child below that age will be gone in an instant. Just that alone is gonna cause chaos beyond imagination I think. God’s gonna make a definite statement in my opinion at that very moment about when life begins. Because every woman left behind I believe at that moment who are pregnant and left behind will at that moment lose that child that they will be without that baby. And so many things we can look at the global drive we see right now to completely tear down the sovereignty and autonomy of America and has been going on for some time. And it’s happening now on a fast track in my opinion and I think when the Rapture occurs its going to be a complete collapse not only of America but the whole economic situation. The scenario as I see it is that America will cease to be a super power because it will have lost it’s national and it’s economic and every other part of its equilibrium.

Dr. Reagan: I think that people have never really thought of the incredible chaos that would occur with the Rapture because Terry we’ve got more born again Christians in America than all of Western Europe and Britain combined. And if the Rapture were to occur in the next few moments you’re talking about education leaders, military leaders, government leaders you’re talking about the core of society being taken out this nation would be in absolute chaos. I would imagine that we would have to have military law immediately as soon as they could get it under control, but there would be rioting there would be looting probably churches people realizing there’s nobody there to protect churches going in and stealing computers and whatever. It’s going to be absolute chaos and to me the only hope I see would be that military rule and then perhaps becoming a part of the European Union but what do you think?

Terry James: I think the European Union is the answer now. Europe despite I have friends over there and you have friends over there and people you love, but Europe has turned out the gospel light long ago. And the Islamic way is now taking over even the old churches they’re becoming mosques. And so they are still going to have a strong structure particularly strong structure called the EU at the time of the complete collapse. And I believe at that time America and its leadership which will have been devastated as you said, are gonna look for a strong way to restore equilibrium. And I think that the United States with its power, its great power its great technology, is going to be accepted into the European Union under that umbrella and become a part of it.

Dr. Reagan: Well tell us how can we get a copy of your new book tell us the name of it again and how we can get a copy. The American apocalypse subtitle is: Is the United States in Bible Prophecy? You can get it I think now preorder as a matter of fact from amazon.com. I can’t think of a Christian…

Dr. Reagan: Can you get it through your rapture ready website?

Terry James: Well, no we will point you to it but we’re not selling it ourselves through the website but we’re pointing to the places you can get it. So I suggest if you wanna just go to raptureready.com that’s raptureready.com and look up the advertisement that’s there we have a link directly to the places you can buy them.

Dr. Reagan: Okay well that’s great. And folks I hope you’ll do that as I say I’ve got the manuscript right here I’ve read it. And in fact when I told Terry I had read this, I had read it in like eight hours or maybe seven hours because I got it read it immediately couldn’t put it down I emailed you and you said, “You haven’t had time to read it!” Well I did, I read it from beginning to end and the published version is going to be slightly different from this on a few points but get a copy of it you will be blessed.

Part 3

Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our discussion of the United States in Bible prophecy. In addition to Terry James I interviewed eleven other Bible prophecy experts about their concept of the United States in prophecy. Specifically I asked each one, “Where do you see the United States in end time Bible prophecy?” Here are some of the interesting answers I received.

Phillip Goodman: The United States in end time Bible prophecy generically has to be classified with all nations. There’s no specific reference to the United States but there is a very, very strong illusion to it in Daniel chapter 11. We will look at that in just a moment. But generically, if the United States still exists and still here as a nation, it’s going to be like all the other nations, it’s going to turn against Israel, it’s going to come down upon Jerusalem in the last days. It’s going to bow its knee to the Antichrist it’s going to come under the crux of the Antichrist. It’s going to come under the same destiny of all the nations in the last days because one of the nations. But there’s a specific reference to or at least an illusion to the United States in Daniel chapter 11 and I want to read that just a minute. Daniel 11 begins in verse 36 talking about the Antichrist you come down to verse 39 it says this the Antichrist and he will take action against who the strongest of fortresses. The King James Version says the most strongholds. The Hebrew word maoz means the strongest of fortresses or as the New International Version would put it the strongest against the mightiest of fortresses and you’ve got all of these different—but it all comes down to this term the strongest of fortresses. In modern terms that is super powers that’s simply what it is. So this is a prediction that the Antichrist will take action against and will prevail over whoever the super power is in the last day, or the super powers. And of course right now the United States is seen as the super power in the world with Russia and China a close second. So this is a very, very strong illusion to the United States that it will fall. And this answers the question of how the Antichrist is gonna reign and rule over every nation, tribe, tongue and people including the United States in the last days.

Al Gist: I don’t think the United States really plays a major role. For many years I’ve always preached that since World War II of course we’ve been the leading nation of the world and you know economically, politically, militarily. But the Bibles is really clear that the kingdom of the Antichrist the empire will be a coalition of European nations. Europe will be the leading power of the last days. It’s through that power base that the Antichrist comes to reign and from that he will spread his evil tentacles eventually around the planet to control the entire world. But Europe will be the leading nation if you will of the last days and the Antichrist will come to power through that. The United States I think is only mentioned indirectly such as in Zechariah 14 where it speaks of the nations of the world coming against Jerusalem. And I’m assuming that even though we may not be the leader of the world the United States may still be in existence and may be part of the nations that come against Israel. So only in an indirect way do I see the United States mentioned in last days Bible prophecy.

Ed Hindson: Technically no place specifically now in one sense is the United States included in the whole world in the end times? Certainly the United States will probably still exist at the time of the end especially if we’re near the time of the end. The United States would be a player. The Antichrist the Scripture says will ultimately control the whole known world and impose the mark of the beast at the time of the end. That would include the United States. But the Bible does not say anything about a nation like the United States having an active role in the end times. That may mean that the United States number one is part of the European coalition which is controlled by the Antichrist in the end times. Assuming that many Americans are transplanted Europeans although one could say that of Canadians and Australians and New Zealanders as well. Or it may mean number two that the United States has fallen into some kind of economic disaster and is now a second rate nation in the world. Or number three that the United States has been wiped out by a war, which is not prophesied clearly at all in the Bible. Or number four that the Rapture has had such a devastating impact on America in the end times that America is no longer a major player. I think of all those options, that is the most likely. If there really are millions of Christians and I realize not everybody that professes Christ is a genuine believer. But assuming that there are millions of genuinely born again people in America, the Rapture would have as great an impact or greater on America than any other nation on the planet. America would be economically devastated the police, the fire, the protection agencies, the hospitals, the doctors, the nurses, even the military would be thrown into disarray immediately. And one moment after the Rapture which changes everything, the United States would become a second rate power allowing Europe to move into that power vacuum and ultimately try to lead the world in promising to bring peace and stability to a world that has been left behind.

Dr. Reagan: I hope you have found these interviews fascinating and informative. And I want to take this opportunity to thank all these men for allowing me to interview them. Let me wrap this up by sharing my viewpoint with you. It is a view that I have developed in great detail in my book, America the beautiful? The United States in Bible Prophecy. I believe the United States will be greatly weakened in the end times through remedial judgments of God like the current financial crisis we are suffering. But like several of those I interviewed I believe our final demise as a world power will be the result of the Rapture. We have more born again Christians than all of Europe and England combined and when the Rapture occurs our nation will be devastated and thrown into absolute chaos. Quite likely our only hope for survival will be membership in the European Union. Although we are not specifically mentioned in end time prophecy we are there in prophetic type and that type is the ancient nation of Judah. We have been blessed like Judah with wealth freedom and great godly leaders and with spiritual opportunity to share the Gospel with all the world. But we have sinned like Judah giving our hearts to pride, materialism, and hedonism. We are now being warned like Judah through prophetic voices and remedial judgments. And we are responding like Judah by ignoring the warnings. The conclusion seems inescapable. We are heading for the same fate as Judah. We need to pray for our nation’s spiritual health as never before. Our hope is not a new political party or a new President or a new world order. Our only hope is Jesus Christ. And since He is returning very, very soon we need to proclaim the gospel to as many people as we can as quickly as we can. Well that’s our program for this week, until next week the Lord willing this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion Ministries saying, “Look up be watchful for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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