The Music of Ted Pearce

Dr. David R. Reagan on the show Christ in Prophecy interviews musician Ted Pearce who also performs a few of his great messianic praise songs.

Last aired on June 1, 2008.

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Dr. Reagan: Did you know that one of the foremost composers and performers of Messianic Jewish music is a Gentile? For the amazing story of his life and music, stay tuned. I guarantee you, you’ll get your socks blessed off.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Well, greetings in the name of Jesus our blessed hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. I am really excited to have in the studio with me today, Ted Pearce, who is a great composer and performer of Messianic Jewish music. Ted is one of the most fascinating personalities that I have run into in a long time. I was asked to speak recently at a conference in Greenville, Texas and he happened to be the person there to provide the music before I spoke. And I tell you, I sat there and as I said at the beginning of this program, I got my socks blessed off from your music. Ted, you are a great writer and singer.

Ted Pearce: Well thank you Doc, that’s very nice of you.

Dr. Reagan: And we’re so delighted to have you on the program today.

Ted Pearce: Oh man, well I’m happy to be here.

Dr. Reagan: But I’ve got a question for you.

Ted Pearce: What’s that?

Dr. Reagan: How in the world does one of the foremost Messianic Jewish writers and singers end up being a Gentile?

Ted Pearce: Well, I was just born that way.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, you were born that way.

Ted Pearce: God loves Gentiles, or He wouldn’t have made so many of us, right?

Dr. Reagan: Well, I would have to agree with that.

Ted Pearce: I come from a little town called Vidor, Texas, which is really known for being a very racist place. I grew up not knowing any Jewish people and I also became an Atheist at about age 15.

And I went through life playing and singing in rock and roll bands and you know being an Atheist is a convenient religion to have if you sing in a rock and roll band. But, I guess I was about 29 when this man challenged me one day about the Sabbath. And it was really funny, here’s an Atheist arguing with this guy about the Sabbath. And anyways, I just thought, you know what, I’m gonna prove that Christians are idiots once and for all. And I started studying the history of Christianity and you know if you’re going to find dirt on Christians, you’ve got to use the standard as the Bible. So I started reading the Bible really to prove that Christians were wrong about everything. And as I began reading the Bible, I saw that Jesus was nothing like what I’d always heard He always was. He was just not the person that I had been raised thinking, you know, He was this mad, angry God and He’s looking for any excuse to zap us, you know.

And as I read the New Testament for the first time I was, you know, I was just enthralled with this person who went around loving people that no one else seemed to love. And when I saw the kind of mercy He had for the woman caught in adultery, I think that was the first time when I could feel something in my heart was breaking. The hardness was breaking. And anyway, as I continued reading, in the month of January 1990, I read the New Testament at least five times, maybe more and there was something else that I saw as I read it was that all these people were Jews. You know, I really always thought that Mary was a Catholic.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I can understand that.

Ted Pearce: And so, anyway I saw all these people were Jews and I started asking people. I actually just got my yellow pages out and started randomly calling churches and asking if they had a lot of Jewish people there.

Dr. Reagan: You really did that?

Ted Pearce: Yes, because I was wondering what happened to them.

Dr. Reagan: They must have thought you were nuts.

Ted Pearce: Well, some of the answers I got reminded me of Vidor, Texas. But anyway someone did tell me about a place called Baruch HaShem. You know, I said “Gesundheit!”

Dr. Reagan: Hey, watch out. Don’t lose your coffee!

Ted Pearce: And so I visited Baruch HaShem a Messianic Jewish synagogue was the very first place I went as a new believer. I’d already made a decision from reading the Bible, I was actually just driving down the highway one night.

Dr. Reagan: That’s a Messianic congregation in Dallas right? Baruch HaShem means “Blessed is the Name.”

Ted Pearce: Yeah, bless the Name.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, so you visited them.

Ted Pearce: It was the very first place I went to as a new believer. And I went in and they’re blowing these long tube things and shaking tambourines and dancing and singing and I thought, “What kind of cult have I walked into?” But it was awesome! These people had so much joy in the Lord, and it was not like what I thought church was going to be. You know. And these people really loved each other. And I think that’s what drew me the most was the fact that they loved each other and they accepted me without any sort of hypocrisy. I was still singing in a rock band. I had hair down to here and I purposely wore blue jeans with holes in the knees and they just accepted me.

Dr. Reagan: So that’s how you came to know Yeshua.

Ted Pearce: Yep.

Dr. Reagan: Well, in just a moment I’m gonna ask you how you got from there, to being a Messianic Jewish music artist. But first, I’d like for you to introduce people to your music. You have a wonderful album that I have nearly worn out called Hallelu Et Adonai, which means in Hebrew, “Praise the Lord.”

Ted Pearce: Praise the Lord.

Dr. Reagan: And I would like for you to bless us by singing for us the title of this particular album. Okay. Would you sing that song for us?

Ted Pearce: Yeah I could do that.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, go for it!

Part 2

Dr. Reagan: Well folks now you can see what I mean when I say Messianic Jewish music is glorious. It just gets you wanting to get on your feet and dance and celebrate the Lord. Brother do I love to worship, thanks for that song.

Ted Pearce: I could see that.

Dr. Reagan: Now, the Lord led you to a Messianic congregation, very first congregation you go to. How did you get from a believer in Yeshua to being a foremost composer and performer of Messianic Jewish music?

Ted Pearce: Well, in 1990 there were only two people, there were very few. There was Israel’s Hope and Lamb, who were writing Messianic music.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Ted Pearce: And so, I just–we needed more of it. And I was a song writer for, I mean, I was a professional musician up to this time so I just, I was fascinating with the sounds that I was hearing and I just started writing. Really I guess the Holy Spirit just inspired me and I just started writing songs. When I quit playing rock and roll bands I needed an outlet for the music so I just started writing.

Dr. Reagan: Well brother did you ever start writing, just one song after another. And I just want to tell you, I can’t tell you how great they are. They are really wonderful, and they’re truly anointed by the Holy Spirit. In a few minutes we’re going to tell people how to get a copy of your album, Hallelu Et Adonai, which is just one of several albums you have produced. But it has both of the songs on there that we’re going to ask you to sing today and we’re gonna offer that album. And I hope people will get it and get introduced to the glory of Messianic Jewish music. I want to kind of shift gears here for a moment and talk about another album and that is this one called For Zion’s Sake. Now, this particular album the subtitle is I Will Not be Silent. On this are a number of Messianic Jewish recording artists, including yourself, but there is an extra DVD inside of here. I’ve never seen an album quite like that before, that has a video clip where you are in Germany I guess, singing about the holocaust. Tell us how that came about.

Ted Pearce: I was invited to go play at this little church in Germany, May of 2006, and when I got there I found out that over 70% of the people in this church were the descendents, children, of Nazis.

Dr. Reagan: Children of Nazis.

Ted Pearce: But strangely enough, I was like their favorite music artist from America. So I got up to play my songs and here’s 500 Germans all singing in perfect English. And as I got more involved with them, I found out that they were going to take a prayer walk all the way across Germany to have a memorial for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Dr. Reagan: Visiting maybe concentration camps?

Ted Pearce: Nine concentration camps across 180 miles.

Dr. Reagan: Oh man.

Ted Pearce: And so, I very much wanted to be a part of it. And I came back to America and started inviting people. And I brought about 35 Messianic Jewish people with me. And as I was telling my record label about this event, they wanted to put something together for the event and they really threw this together in record time. It was amazing how everything just sort of fell together in four months time.

Dr. Reagan: So you wrote this song, The Forgotten People, as really a holocaust memorial, and reminder it should not happen again. And they filmed it there together with a German pastor who appears near the end and prays about the situation, right?

Ted Pearce: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: What is his name?

Ted Pearce: Jobst Bittner.

Dr. Reagan: Is he in charge of that congregation?

Ted Pearce: Yes he is.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, now, this is a very, very powerful film segment. It is again a DVD included in this particular album, For Zion’s Sake. And we’re gonna show this clip right now. But before we do, I want to say to our audience that it contains some very, very graphic film footage from the holocaust, so it would not be appropriate for young children to view. But for the rest of you, I would ask you to be very sober and listen very carefully as Ted sings this incredible song about the holocaust and you see these images as he sings. Here is Ted Pearce, The Forgotten People.

Part 3

Dr. Reagan: Well as you can see folks that was a very, very powerful song about the holocaust. And I just felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit the first time I heard it. I compliment you and what you’re doing in trying to speak against anti-Semitism and against the idea that this could ever happen again, because it could happen again. In fact, it’s already beginning to happen throughout Europe as waves of anti-Semitism are sweeping there.

Ted Pearce: There are holocausts going on everywhere, like in the Sudan.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, absolutely. Well, I want you to tell us just a little bit more about that fascinating pastor that appeared at the end of that clip. Who is he?

Ted Pearce: Pastor Jobst Bittner, he’s the pastor of this church at Tübingen, just outside of Stuttgart. And he has been preaching this for Zion’s sake I will not be silent to his congregation for many years. And they’re very strong about breaking the silence and breaking the curse over Germany and over Europe of anti-Semitism. And I’ve just been so moved by what he was doing that I wanted to write this song. And now in the next year we’re going to be putting on these Forgotten People Conferences and bringing him over to introduce him to people in America.

Dr. Reagan: Great, I hope I get to attend one of those.

Ted Pearce: I hope you do to.

Dr. Reagan: Well, let me just shift gears again on you here. There’s so much that I’d like to talk about and so little time. But I hear that something very, very important happened in your life recently. And that is that you received an invitation to become a part of a musical group that had ceased in the early 90’s and was going to be reformed. Tell us about it.

Ted Pearce: You’re talking about Lamb! Yes, Joel Chernoff and Lamb was like probably the biggest influence, biggest musical influence in my life. And we’re actually on the same record label. I’ve known him since 1992. I had a band that opened for Lamb a couple times before they broke up. So I’ve known him for a long time and we were on the same record label, and it was really the record label’s idea to put us together. And of course I jumped at it.

Dr. Reagan: But from 1973 to 1992 this was probably the number one Messianic recording group in America.

Ted Pearce: They invented Messianic music.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, they invented Messianic music. I wore out all of their tapes. I wore out- in fact… I have the old long play albums. I wore those out. I wore out the tapes, and I wore out the CDs.

Ted Pearce: You know, even this German pastor has three Lamb albums.

Dr. Reagan: And then you are invited to become the New Lamb.

Ted Pearce: Oh yeah. It feels so weird to say, “Yeah, Lamb, that’s my other band.” But yeah.

Dr. Reagan: What a compliment to you.

Ted Pearce: It’s an amazing development, that’s for sure.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I tell ya, I like to call it, the resurrected Lamb, singing about the resurrected Lamb. And the very first album that you and Joel Chernoff put out was entitled–

Ted Pearce: The Sacrificed Lamb.

Dr. Reagan: The Sacrificed Lamb. Which is probably one of his most famous songs isn’t it?

Ted Pearce: Yes, it’s a remade version of it, a more contemporary version of it, but yeah.

Dr. Reagan: In fact, I love the beret that you’re wearing on the cover of that.

Ted Pearce: I hate it, that’s why I got this.

Dr. Reagan: You got lots of good head gear, I like that. I need to do that, with my problem with hair I need to have some sort of headgear.

Ted Pearce: Yeah it helps when you’ve got a spot.

Dr. Reagan: Well, brother, right now I want to ask you to bless us again by singing one of your songs that I just love so much. And it’s called Walk in the Light, except when you sing it I don’t want to walk in the light I want to dance in the light. And one of the things I love about this song is the fact that it is an invitation to the Jews people to accept their Messiah.

Ted Pearce: It comes from Isaiah. It’s an evangelistic song. Yeah, it comes from Isaiah 2, where the Lord is saying come walk in the light Jacob.

Dr. Reagan: Bless us with that.

Part 4

Dr. Reagan: Folks you see what I mean? You just can’t keep your feet still when he sings that song, Walk in the Light. Thank you for blessing us with that.

Ted Pearce: Thank you for having me.

Dr. Reagan: And brother, I just want to take a moment to give you an opportunity to tell people how they can get in touch with you if they want you to come and perform for them or whatever. Look right into that camera over there and tell us.

Ted Pearce: Yeah okay, I’m at, P-E-A-R-C-E. But also I have my phone number, 214-693-6464.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, we will put those on the screen and we will invite people to get in touch with you.

Ted Pearce: Thank you.

Dr. Reagan: And as we bring this program to a close today, I just want to say that we were going to be offering your album Halleu Et Adonai. And folks, this is a wonderful album, it is subtitled Praise the Lord. It has a total of 11 songs on it, and the first one on there is the one you sang at the beginning of the program, Hallelu Et Adonai. And it has also Walk in the Light, it has so many others, and we’re going to offer this to you for a gift of $20 or more. All you have to do is call the number that you see there on the screen and ask for the Ted Pearce album. I know it might be a little bit difficult for you to remember Hallelu Et Adonai, so just ask for the Ted Pearce album, or the Messianic album and we’ll know what you’re talking about and we’ll be glad to send it to you for a donation of $20 or more. It is a great introduction to Messianic Jewish music. Ted, I want to thank you again for being with us today, you’re such a blessing and I pray that the Lord will continue to magnify your voice and your impact upon the hearts of millions of people, particularly the Jewish people.

Ted Pearce: Thank you so much Dave, you’ve helped a lot today too. God bless you for having me on and even being interested.

Dr. Reagan: And incidentally, if you have an extra one of those hats I really would like to have it, okay?

Ted Pearce: I got this one comes from Kazakhstan.

Dr. Reagan: Oh well, okay. Maybe the next time you’re there you can get me one.

Ted Pearce: Next time in Kazakhstan I’ll pick one up for you.

Dr. Reagan: Well, folks, that’s our time for today. Until next time this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb and Lion ministries saying look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.

End of Program

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