General Prophecy

General Prophecy

Beginner Level Questions

By Dr. David R. Reagan

Bible Quiz

1. What New Testament prophet met Jesus on the road to Damascus? (Clue: He wrote most of the New Testament.)

a. John
b. Peter
c. Paul
d. Timothy
e. Titus

2. What Old Testament prophet foretold the virgin birth of Jesus? (Clue: he wrote the longest book in the Old Testament.)

a. Obadiah
b. Zephaniah
c. Ezekiel
d. Isaiah
e. Malachi

3. What Old Testament prophet and king wrote most of the Psalms? (Clue: As a boy he was a shepherd.)

a. Joseph
b. David
c. Jacob
d. Joshua
e. Jeremiah

4. Prophecy concerns future events. What of the following statements are prophetic?

a. Jesus was born in Bethlehem
b. Jesus grew up in Nazareth
c. Jesus is coming back to reign over the world
d. All of the above

5. What Old Testament leader and prophet wrote the book of Genesis? (Clue: As a baby he was hidden among reeds in a river.)

a. Samuel
b. Zechariah
c. Caleb
d. Joshua
e. Moses

6. What New Testament prophet wrote the book of Revelation? (Clue: He also wrote one of the Gospels.)

a. John
b. Agabus
c. Matthew
d. Timothy
e. Phillip

7. What Old Testament prophet called down fire from Heaven? (Clue: He also stopped the rain for over three years.)

a. Jeremiah
b. Elijah
c. Joel
d. Micaiah
e. Samuel

8. Who told Mary that she would give birth to the Christ child? (Clue: He was sent from Heaven.)

a. Peter
b. The Angel Gabriel
c. The High Priest
d. The King of Israel
e. John

9. Which of the following events in the life of Jesus were prophesied in the Old Testament?

a. His virgin birth
b. His birth in Bethlehem
c. His entry into Jerusalem on a donkey
d. His crucifixion
e. All of the above

10. When Jesus returns, the Bible says he will come to a certain mountain. Which one?

a. Mt. Kilamanjaro
b. Mt. Hermon
c. Mt. Everest
d. Mt. Hood
e. Mt. Olivet

11. When Jesus returns, the Bible says he will come:

a. At midnight
b. To the United States
c. On a white horse
d. In a UFO
e. None of the above

12. Who was the greatest prophet who ever lived? (Clue: He was born in Bethlehem.)

a. Moses
b. Jeremiah
c. Isaiah
d. John
e. Jesus

13. What Old Testament prophet spent three days in the belly of a big fish?

a. Ezekiel
b. Hosea
c. Joel
d. Jonah
e. Micah

14. What New Testament prophet said the earth will someday be destroyed by fire? (Clue: He was the apostle who denied Jesus three times.)

a. Peter
b. Philemon
c. Jude
d. James
e. Timothy

15. What Old Testament prophet preached for 120 years, calling people to repent of their sins? (Clue: He built a huge boat.)

a. Abraham
b. Job
c. Noah
d. Moses
e. David

16. What Old Testament character spoke the first prophecy about the resurrection of the Saints? (Clue: Satan Killed all his family except his wife.)

a. Moses
b. David
c. Jonathan
d. Habakkuk
e. Job

17. What Old Testament person was called to be a prophet when he was a baby in his mother’s womb? (Clue: He became known as the weeping prophet.)

a. Ezekiel
b. Isaiah
c. Jeremiah
d. Zephaniah
e. Zechariah

18. What Old Testament prophet spent a night in a lion’s den?

a. Abraham
b. Noah
c. David
d. Daniel
e. Amos

1. c. Paul
2. d. Isaiah
3. b. David
4. d. All of the above
5. e. Moses
6. a. John
7. b. Elijah
8. b. The Angel Gabriel
9. e. All of the above
10. e. Mt. Olivet
11. c. On a white horse
12. e. Jesus
13. d. Jonah
14. a. Peter
15. c. Noah
16. e. Job
17. c. Jeremiah
18. d. Daniel
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