Tim Moore Resigns from Kentucky Legislature

Tim Moore Resigns from Kentucky Legislature

Transition Update

By Dr. David R. Reagan

The Angels of Revelation

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For the past six years Tim Moore has served as a volunteer evangelist for this ministry, speaking at churches and conferences on our behalf in his “spare time.” I put the term, spare time, in parentheses because during those years Tim was serving as a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, working as a pilot and pilot instructor for UPS and serving as a legislator in the Kentucky State Legislature. (Whew!)

Tim retired from the Air Force in the summer of 2018, and he resigned from the Kentucky State Legislature in September of 2019, timing his resignation so that the state would not have to go to the expense of conducting a special election to provide his replacement. He will conclude his remaining commitment to UPS in August of 2021 and will take over the leadership of this ministry the next month.

Tim Moore
Tim is shown above (second from the left) standing next to the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. (Ron Dermer) while the Governor of Kentucky (Matt Bevin) signs a resolution of support for Israel.

While serving for 13 years in the Kentucky House of Representatives, Tim became one of the recognized leaders of the conservatives. He stood for fiscal responsibility and fought hard against abortion and the demands of the Sexual Perversion Movement. The week after his resignation announcement, his local hometown newspaper, The News-Enterprise of Elizabethtown, KY, published an editorial praising his service in the legislature. Below are some excerpts from that editorial.

The say-one-thing, do-another, flip-flop ways of many politicians often are bemoaned by voters and used by non-voters as an excuse for their indifference. But when someone seeking elected office comes along with deeply held convictions, the public doesn’t know quite what to make of it.

Tim Moore, who resigned his position as state representative last week, is a person who stands for something. In fact, he’s walking away from the legislature because he’s becoming more deeply involved in his faith.

“I realized my attentions were leaning in another direction,” said Moore, who typically speaks in an exacting manner. Since 2013, he’s acted as an associate evangelist with Lamb and Lion Ministries, a Texas-based organization that believes the last days foretold in biblical prophecy are at hand…

Moore has been a leading advocate of pro-life positions in the House and started a bicameral caucus committed to limiting abortions… Likewise, Moore also is known for his pro-family stands, including moral positions opposing same-sex marriage…

He employed rarely used parliamentary maneuvers which required legislators to go on the record on abortion issues and exposed political hypocrisy. He became a target in the process and legislative redistricting split his northern Hardin County district…

The new district seemed set up to defeat Moore, but his renowned campaign work ethic defeated a respected Leitchfield executive who later would win a multicounty Senate race…

At times, some locals thought Moore’s stands alienated leadership to the point of harming his home district. But convictions cannot be turned on and off. The Tim Moore in Frankfort [the capital] was the same Tim Moore who campaigned locally.

During his tenure, Moore was recognized by several military and veterans organizations, pro-life groups and the Kentucky Nonprofit Network for his support of volunteer organizations. Among his honors was the Davy Crockett Legislator’s Award from the Kentucky Patriots grassroots group based on his work in support of the founding documents of American government.

Moore played an influential role among local Republicans, including his GOP brethren serving in the General Assembly. He has a knack for finding the words to articulate his position, particularly when it’s under attack.

In his resignation letter, Moore made note of his work as a defender of life and liberty. He vowed to continue to pursue those goals in the future.

As local party leaders look for [someone to replace him]… it’s unlikely another Tim Moore will emerge. He was willing to push his point without regard to the fall out.

That made him an unusual voice in Frankfort. His convictions and devotion to them define him as unique throughout the modern political realm.

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