Russ Miller on Creation, Part 2

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Does the Bible or Evolution have it right concerning the origin of the earth? Find out with guest Russ Miller on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Air Date: July 14, 2019

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Dr. Reagan: Evolution claims to be proven science. Is that really true? If so, does that mean the Bible is wrong about the origin of the universe and mankind? Should Christians just throw in the towel and admit that Genesis 1 doesn’t mean what it says? Stay tuned for an interview with one of Christendom’s most effective speakers in behalf of Creationism.

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Part 1

Dr. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. Once again this week my co-host Nathan Jones and I have Russ Miller as our special guest. Russ is the founder of a Creation Science ministry located in Arizona. Russ and I have ministered together a number of times at Steeling the Mind Conferences, and after hearing him speak several times I came to the conclusion that he is one of the most effective speakers in behalf of Creation on the scene today. Russ, welcome to Christ in Prophecy.

Russ Miller: Thank you, sir. Great to be here. Nathan, good to be here.

Dr. Reagan: And, Nathan, before I ask him his first question let me just ask you one.

Nathan Jones: Okay.

Dr. Reagan: How about viewers who missed last week’s program? How could they find that program?

Nathan Jones: Well, I’m so sorry if you missed it folks, but you can catch up on it at our website at, our YouTube Channel, HisChannel, we have quite a number of on-line networks you can watch Christ in Prophecy 24/7.

Dr. Reagan: And you can just watch it on demand.

Nathan Jones: On demand,

Dr. Reagan: Alright, well Russ last week you provided us with your background, and so we’re not going to go into that this week. But I do want to jump into some questions real fast, and the first one is this: Is it true that the fossil record proves the Theory of Evolution? I’ve heard this over, and over and over.

Russ Miller: It’s part of their propaganda. They throw it out all the time. But the truth of the matter is from a real scientific standpoint the fossil record is a total embarrassment to the religious philosophy of Darwinian Evolutionism. They say, and Darwin thought the fossil record would eventually prove his theory.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, he said that point blank.

Russ Miller: And he just before his death he realized that it didn’t at that time, but he thought eventually they’d find the proof. Here we are 155 years later, they’re still looking for that missing link. And they don’t need a missing link, they need millions, and millions of missing links. So, the fossil record is an embarrassment to Darwinism, and it does not show evolutionary path leading to modern humans.

Dr. Reagan: As a matter of fact they’ve tried real hard over the years to create the missing link.

Nathan Jones: Oh, yeah, like Lucy.

Dr. Reagan: I mean really one, after another, after another.

Russ Miller: Right.

Dr. Reagan: Of just frauds.

Russ Miller: Out and out frauds. In fact all of their, let’s just say with their ape men. If you ask a Darwinist why are there apes, and why are there humans if we evolved?

Nathan Jones: Yeah, where’s the middle creatures?

Russ Miller: Yeah, where’s the middle creature? They’re going to say, “Well, we didn’t evolve directly from an ape, there was a common ancestor. Apes went this way, and humans went that way.” And then they spend all the time trying to find skeletons that prove we didn’t come from apes. It really is, they are talking out of both sides of their mouths. But all of their supposed ape men, let’s just look at ape men, because we could start from the fossil single cell creatures, and go forward, they don’t have missing links. But they’ve all been proven to either frauds, 100% apes, or 100% humans.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I, over the years I’ve just concluded that Evolutionist try to prove everything they believe through imaginative drawings.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Russ Miller: Yes.

Dr. Reagan: Imaginative drawings. I mean they could take one tooth they found and draw an entire human being who looks like an ape or whatever, from a tooth.

Russ Miller: Dave, there is an old saying that goes like this, and if you look in a biology book you’ll see this to be true. Their proofs are almost always drawings. And the old saying is this: Darwinists are experts at drawing things that never existed, to support their theory that never took place. I always tell people if you take away their box of crayons they’re left with nothing.

Nathan Jones: Well, Russ, what do you do when you see, if every layer as you go down, the creatures are supposed to go down and down the evolutionary tree. But why do we find more modern creatures below more ancient creatures?

Russ Miller: They do find them mixed up. Now, overall there is somewhat a standard order, but it’s mixed up. And it’s the type of order you expect with the lower single cell creatures, going into marine creatures, going into let’s say the amphibians, and into the mammals. But that’s just because that’s how the Flood laid things down, and animals could move higher, and higher if they were mobile to do so. But overall they’ve got layers that are in the wrong position. They’re missing—even at Grand Canyon where I lead tours to, in just the ten primary layers of the canyon between that top layer and the bottom they’re missing 1.5 billion years. Not millions, billion years of their supposed layers that are not there. One of the large ones there for the creation rock lays, where the first of the Flood layers lay right on top of the Creation Rock, we discussed this in the last program. They are missing 1.2 billion years of layers that are supposed to be in there. They say there must have been some kind of a big erosional event, but not a global flood.

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, uh-huh.

Russ Miller: No.

Dr. Reagan: Well, you were going to ask something about DNA, what was it?

Nathan Jones: Yeah, well we got to talk a little bit about this last week. I’m fascinated by it because when I started my career I was a web developer, and when we programmed if you even got the slightest punctuation mark, a comma, or whatnot wrong the whole program would stop. And now we’re finding out that DNA is the ultimate in programming for the human body and for every cell.

Dr. Reagan: Even Bill Gates was amazed by it.

Nathan Jones: Yeah even Bill.

Russ Miller: Yeah, way beyond anything humans have ever come up with.

Nathan Jones: Yeah, and wouldn’t you think then that DNA would prove that there is an Intelligent Creator.

Dr. Reagan: How do they deal with that?

Nathan Jones: How do they?

Russ Miller: Well, they basically try to ignore the obvious fact, and they try to claim that mutations over, of course the magic ingredient, millions of years of time, mutations got all this information together. Now, I’m a father and a grandfather and I don’t know of any father or grandfather that’s ever been praying that their newborn child or grandchild would have mutations. Mutations do not make things better. Mutations, it is called Neo-Darwinism, is what is taught today. But Neo-Darwinism teaches that mutations add new and beneficial genetic information. Mutations corrupt and lose functional genetic information. Now, just for the folks listening, if you say they can’t come up with new information you would lose the debate. If you say they can’t come up with new and beneficial genetic information you’ll win the debate. This is a very simple example: let’s just say that genetic information to form a cat’s leg were actually spelled L-E-G for leg. Okay a mutation might sort that and it might come out instead of L-E-G it might change it to L-G-E. Now, that is a total loss of functional information. It could cause the death of the cat. But technically it is new information. So, you can’t say they don’t come up with new information, but they don’t come up with new and beneficial genetic information. Yeah, the DNA should of brought any talk of Darwinism to a screeching halt. What we find changes, and this is called microevolution, Darwinian would be macro change. Micro is biblically correct, it is just adaptations.

Nathan Jones: Differentiation. A bird’s beak will have different shapes within the same kind.

Russ Miller: Which is what Darwin noticed. Which was 100% biblically accurate. But then he jumped to the erroneous conclusion that somehow that proved that birds have become non-birds. What he didn’t know at the time, we didn’t know about genetics, is the changes in those bird beaks were caused by the sorting, or the loss of the information, the genetic information they already had. It’s called gene depletion, gene pools get weaker and weaker through mutations. In fact it is what breeders use. Breeders use gene depletion all the time. If they’re going to breed for pure breed dog for instance of one sort they breed dogs with traits, and the puppies they keep breeding together with the traits they like. They’re not breeding in information, they’re breeding out information. They’re losing genetic depletion. And until you get a pure breed like a yellow lab which only has genetic information that produces yellow labs.

Dr. Reagan: Russ it seems to me like that the god of evolutionists is time. They just believe if you’ve got enough time.

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Russ Miller: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: Give those monkeys a thousand typewriters and if you give them two billion years they will type out Shakespeare’s plays.

Russ Miller: Well, that is what they try to believe. That’s what they do believe, as a matter of fact. And then unfortunately they teach it to unsuspecting children. But that is their magic ingredient, Dave, every time they get nailed into a corner on actual science, which is on our side, it’s just but millions of years of time, it is their abracadabra, it’s their magic.

Dr. Reagan: Well, you know they teach that schools cannot teach Creationism because it is religion; Evolution is science. What about that? Evolution science?

Russ Miller: Well I used to, when I’d speak at college campuses the professors used to really help me out by giving the kids extra credit to come to there and harass me and attack me. And it would fill up the auditorium and I’d do our Science in Darwinism and just slaughter Darwinism. And so the professors they don’t give extra credit anymore.

Nathan Jones: No more.

Russ Miller: But it was very odd, Dave, I’d walk up to the podium the auditorium would just be full of hundreds of students and they would just be crossed armed glaring at me with hatred.

Dr. Reagan: Ah, you picked up on the body language immediately.

Russ Miller: And it was just, I’d always think this is really strange because all I’m going to do is give them an option to look at. Why would that make them so mad? Well it is because what they’re being taught. But God showed this to me one night, I walked up to the podium and everyone was just glaring at me with just daggers in their eyes. And I just asked them, “Hey, before I start I want to ask you all some questions. First of all how many of you have been taught that Creation is a religious belief?” Oh, man they raised their hands. And they aren’t going to let me push religion on their campus boy. Then I’d say, “Well, okay, it is, it’s a belief about how we came about. Hey, let me ask you another question: How many of you have been taught that Darwinian Evolution is science?” Oh, man they raised their hand they’re not going to allow me to attack science, boy. And then I would just kind of get a confused look on my face and I would say, “Well, now I’m kind of confused. When I asked you about Creation you said it was a belief. And when I asked you about Evolution you said it was science. But aren’t Creation and Evolution exactly the same thing? Aren’t they both beliefs on how we came about?”

Nathan Jones: Yes.

Russ Miller: They are both beliefs. And all of a sudden those crossed arms and glares would melt and it would be like a, hey, they are both beliefs on how we came about. How come we’re being taught this one is science? Because Secular Atheists own the system, and they are teaching you their religious belief in the place of science, and misleading all of you. And that would just open up their eyes, and then I could just slaughter Darwinism for them.

Dr. Reagan: You’re speaking on these college campuses do you ever get involved in debates with professors?

Russ Miller: You know I don’t speak often on college campuses anymore, it is kind of a long story, but it is difficult to do that today because—

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yeah.

Nathan Jones: Safe spaces.

Russ Miller: Yeah, safe spaces and all. And also I won’t give into the reasons without clearing with you first but I don’t do that anymore. But they generally will not debate. They used to debate back in the 90’s into the early 2000’s.

Nathan Jones: Oh, yeah all the Kent Hovind debates.

Russ Miller: They lost all the debates. And they finally figured out, why should we go out and debate when we own the system?

Dr. Reagan: I think they lost the debates because they considered you to be Neanderthals and didn’t know anything about science. And they just went in unprepared, and got slaughtered.

Russ Miller: Absolutely.

Dr. Reagan: I saw this time after time.

Russ Miller: Absolutely. And they finally figured out, we own the whole system we can shut the door and teach the kids whatever we want to teach. Why in the world are we letting these Creationists come in and slaughter us?

Dr. Reagan: Yeah, we own the system, brother.

Russ Miller: Yes, so they finally figured out we don’t debate anymore. So, they don’t debate anymore and they don’t give extra credit for the kids to come and see my Science versus Darwinism anymore.

Part 2

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with Russ Miller, the founder and director of Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries located in Arizona. Russ I love the name by the way. That’s great. I got a question for you, we get this all the time especially by Christians who have adopted evolution. And they say, well, the earth, how could it be 6,000 or 10,000 years old when it looks so old? Why does the earth look old, and yet we as Creationists teach that it is only 6,000 years old?

Russ Miller: Well, I guess my question would be why do you think it looks old? You know? I mean take this cup. That cup could have been made this morning, or it could have been made 150 years ago.

Nathan Jones: Well, I think they are talking about erosion, right? It seems like there is a lot of erosion.

Russ Miller: I hear, well there was, there was a Global Flood.

Nathan Jones: Ah, that’s the answer to the aging.

Russ Miller: And we’ve had over 4,000 to 5,000 years of today’s rates of erosion since then. So, oh, yeah there is definitely a lot of erosion. A global flood does a lot of eroding. So, but I get that a lot, things look old.

Nathan Jones: Yeah.

Russ Miller: I can’t believe in the Biblical Creation. You know they are actually accusing God of lying.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, I find this all the time. God has deluded us. You know He’s says He created it in six days, but it’s obvious it is so much longer than that. So, why is He telling us a lie?

Russ Miller: Yeah, when actually He told us the truth. They just don’t accept it. And so because they can’t accept God’s Word they are trying to say that God is wrong.

Dr. Reagan: Another point I make in response to that is that special creation always carries with it the appearance of age. Because when Adam was created, if two minutes later if you had asked me how old was Adam? I would say, “Well, he’s 25 years old, I guess. You know he’s a grown man.”

Russ Miller: Right.

Dr. Reagan: No, He creates a tree, bang, well that trees got to be 25-30 years old because you know.

Russ Miller: Oh, yeah.

Nathan Jones: And you have the fallacy of the dating systems, right? A lot of the dating like the carbon dating and all, they’re resting on some unsettling assumptions, right?

Russ Miller: There’s a lot of assumptions involved. Now, I had a pastor a few years ago tell me he couldn’t believe in biblical creation and the ages because the mountains look old. Well the mountains from the biblical worldview arouse toward the end of the Flood. And people ask me all the time how could the water cover the mountains? Well, the mountains weren’t there during the Flood. They arouse toward the end of the Flood. And you look at Mount St. Helens which we discussed earlier and if you didn’t know when it erupted and you looked at it 20 years later, even 5 years later you would have thought it was millions of years ago.

Nathan Jones: Interesting.

Russ Miller: So, the radiometric dating techniques are based on multiple assumptions. They have to assume that well item A an apparent material encased in item B the daughter material, let’s say potassium-argon. Potassium-40 decays into argon-40. Basically just to make it simplified they’re measuring the amount of argon and they’re saying it took this long to decay from potassium to argon. Now they’re assuming there was never any argon in the rock when the rock formed. If there was argon in the rock when it formed it is going to date millions, or billions of years older than their giving the age. If it was ever contaminated with argon; which is a gas that can go from one rock to the next very easily. Pressure, heat an earthquake, a global flood would all caused contamination.

Nathan Jones: And I’ve read too that they’ll take multiple datings and then pick the oldest one that fits their preconception.

Russ Miller: Well, they do. And it has to be a date though, Nathan, that matches the manmade geological column. That’s where the Old Earth beliefs come up. Radiometric dating techniques have to match that manmade column that was invented about 210 years ago. That’s really where the dates come from, not from radioisotope dating. They’ll date something over and over, and get a date that matches the column and that is what they consider and publish as a good date.

Dr. Reagan: I think another thing we need to mention there is the fact that when Man sinned God put a curse upon this earth. And that curse has also had an impact on the earth. All of the earth is effected by Man’s sin. And that also gives more appearance of age because of the impact of sin.

Russ Miller: The world we live in today, and we need to understand this is the post-curse, post-flood, literal junkyard of the Creation. And going back to that geologic column, based on the belief there was never a global flood. If there was a flood it shows how those layers formed quickly, and that’s where the radio-isotope dating methods come from is from that column. If there a global flood it wipes out every Old Earth belief. And the age of the earth in of itself isn’t the key issue right here. Christians need to understand the Old Earth beliefs put death before Adam. The Gospel message is Adam’s sin corrupted a perfect creation allowing death to enter, separating us from God requiring our Redemption through Jesus Christ. Old Earth beliefs put death before Adam. If the first Adam’s sin didn’t bring in death, “For as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive,” putting death before Adam corrupts that entire foundation. If there was—and now they’re teaching there’s not a literally Adam.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, yes.

Nathan Jones: Oh, yes.

Russ Miller: And that’s because of Old Earth beliefs, it put death before Adam.

Dr. Reagan: That was even featured on the cover of “Christianity Today” a guy looked like half way between human and ape, saying—and the title of the article was, “Was Adam Really a Human Being or Just a Mythological Creature?”

Russ Miller: Well, I didn’t read the article, but I would—

Dr. Reagan: On the cover of “Christianity Today.”

Russ Miller: Well, you know “Christianity Today” came out about, I think it was about 10 years ago and were urging Christians to support Intelligent Design.

Dr. Reagan: Yes.

Russ Miller: And Evolution, and attack Biblical Creationists. So that doesn’t surprise me.

Dr. Reagan: Yes. Well, let me ask you about another question and that is we get this all the time. And I don’t know if you can answer this without getting highly scientific, we don’t want that to happen. But, here is the question: Evolutionists say that they can prove beyond a doubt that Evolution is true because of starlight. It took hundreds of millions of years for the starlight to reach to the earth.

Russ Miller: That’s a great question because the Bible actually foretold that would be one of the two key questions in the last days. And the Bible is fantastic.

Nathan Jones: Okay, amazing isn’t it.

Russ Miller: Yeah, it really is.

Dr. Reagan: Okay, tell us about it.

Russ Miller: Well in 2 Peter 3:3-6 in the New Testament we’re told that, “In the last days scoffers will come along saying,” basically I’m going to paraphrase here, “where is the return of Jesus?”

Dr. Reagan: That’s right.

Russ Miller: “For as the founding fathers passed away all things continue as they were from the beginning.” Now, that’s called Uniformitarianism today, or just uniformity.

Dr. Reagan: Everything’s always been the same.

Russ Miller: Everything’s been the same. Erosion rates have always been the same. The speed of light has always been the same. And because things have always been the same they measure those rates today. And based on uniformity these scoffers are going to be willingly ignorant of two things: that the heavens were made of old, God made the heavens mature. They’re going to be willingly ignorant of that. And that by the Word of God the world that was being overflowed with water perished, they are going to deny the Flood. And they’re going to deny that God could get light here when He says He did. It’s all based on uniformity. So, we see light traveling at was it 282,000 miles per second through our system now? And based on it always being the same stars are a long ways out there. They say it took millions of years. But ten times in the Bible we’re told God made the heavens mature. He stretched them out.

Dr. Reagan: Stretched them out, yeah.

Russ Miller: He stretched them out.

Dr. Reagan: I keep running across that how He stretched it out.

Russ Miller: Yeah, He stretched them out. He made them mature. In fact when Genesis is talking about the fourth day, and God made the sun, and the moon, and the stars as well He made the stars to be seen for signs of seasons, days, and years. Notice that the writer of Genesis knows the difference between a day, and a year. Yeah, the Bible said this is what they would do. It’s what they’re doing. And all it does is show God’s Word is true, word for word.

Nathan Jones: Wow.

Russ Miller: And cover to cover.

Dr. Reagan: Well, Nathan bring up about Richard Dawkins, that’s fascinating to me.

Nathan Jones: Okay. Well, we were talking about this. I love this movie called, “Expelled” I’m sure you’ve seen it with Ben Stein the comedian.

Russ Miller: Yes.

Nathan Jones: I know he’s not a Christian, he’s Jewish. He wanted to prove Intelligent Design. And he was interviewing various professors, and he is interviewing Dawkins and Hitchens and others. And he asked where did life come from? And his answer was that life traveled to the earth on the back of crystals. And then Stein stops the movie and he says, “I thought this was science, not science fiction.” Has Evolutionists gotten to the point now that they are relying on science fiction? I hear now even the Multiverse Theory is starting to be used to describe how things are as they are. Have we got to the point yet?

Dr. Reagan: Isn’t that rather startling that the world’s leading Evolutionists would say, “Well, we’re now got a new idea.”

Russ Miller: Yeah. Basically what he said, and you’ll hear this from Darwinists, they have no clue how life could have started. The Law of Biogenesis is that life only comes from living matter. In other words, non-life cannot produce life. So, they’re teaching the Big Bang, we’re on I think our fourth Big Bang, they’ve all been debunked by the way. People say, “God could have used the Big Bang.” Well, not the Secular Atheist Big Bang, that’s trying to explain the universe without God. But they’re on their fourth Big Bang, they say next to nothing blew up, and after of course billions of years, the magic ingredient, a big rock formed. And then it rained on the rock for millions of years. And poof here we are today. We’ll there are some problems there. You’re sitting there with this wet sterile rock with no life. They have no way to get life. You can’t get life to start from non-life.

Nathan Jones: Yes. Lightening hit minerals, and turned into proteins, which then combined and turned.

Russ Miller: Yeah, we see lightening create life all the time, don’t we?

Nathan Jones: It’s never been.

Russ Miller: That’s—talk about desperado, right?

Dr. Reagan: So, it comes on crystals floating in space?

Russ Miller: So, that’s where they go to crystals. Thus reaching they go to aliens. They go to maybe a meteor brought us here. You know there’s so many problems with that. The closes galaxy, major galaxy is about two and a half million light years away. So, people say, “Well, those spaceships can go really fast.” Well, let’s say they could go 50% the speed of light. It would still take them 5 million years to get here.

Nathan Jones: Wow.

Russ Miller: And space is filled with dust, and ice particles. And if that spaceship going half the speed of light hit a dust particle it would blow up. So, they’ve got so many problems. But, the truth of the matter is that in the beginning God created, the DNA RNA system should have brought any doubt about there being an intelligent God to a screeching halt. And the global flood actually wipes out pretty much every belief out there except for Christianity and Judaism. And if we just accept the Flood and stop compromising with millions of years of beliefs that Flood actually brings the world down to one question: Is Jesus the promised Messiah? Christianity or Judaism?

Dr. Reagan: Well, we have actual Christian spokesmen today who are saying that the worldwide flood was just a regional flood, a local flood in the Middle East.

Russ Miller: Oh, yes.

Dr. Reagan: What’s your response to that?

Russ Miller: Satan is good at what he does. Satan is good. What that does is it puts death before Adam. A lot of these people are honestly mislead. But we were warned there would be grievous wolves among the sheep. We are warned of tares among the wheat, goat among the sheep. And not everyone that believes in millions of years, I used to believe in millions of years. I was honestly mislead, but I wasn’t selling it to other people. But we don’t know who the tares are. But I’m telling folks if they’re teaching a different Jesus we need to correct them on that, because we’re saved by faith in Jesus Christ, and Satan is trying to get us off track. And millions of years is one of his biggest attacks on people’s faith and the authority of God’s Word.

Dr. Reagan: You know somethings you said there reminded me of a creation speaker and teacher by the name of Jobe Martin, I’m don’t know if you know Jobe or not. But he wrote this best-selling book that has such a—

Nathan Jones: The Evolution of a Creationist.

Dr. Reagan: The Evolution of a Creationist. And that’s such a clever title. He said that he was a professor of Dental Science at Baylor University, and he was teaching that teeth originated from fish scales. And he said two girls in the class came up to him and said, “Are you an open-minded person?” And he said, “Yeah.” They said, “We would like to meet with you privately and talk about whether fish scales produced teeth.” And they presented him with Creationism and challenged him on everything he believed, and he became a Creationist.

Russ Miller: Is that amazing? And it does show that, you know a lot of times we think we can’t make any impact, we can’t do anything. But these two girls impacted Jobe Martin who wrote a best-selling book, and has impacted millions of people.

Dr. Reagan: That’s right. That’s right.

Russ Miller: So, we need to get out there and get into battle.

Dr. Reagan: Get out there and get into battle.

Russ Miller: Exactly.

Dr. Reagan: Well, brother, you’re in the battle and I appreciate it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you, and your ministry. And I just hope and pray that our people who are watching will go to your website and that they will really investigate all the materials. You have videos. You have all kinds of things there. And also your trip through the Grand Canyon. And that’s not just for young people is it?

Russ Miller: No, no, it’s a great trip. We have people from the age of 10-90 going on our trips. Yeah.

Part 3

Nathan Jones: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our interview with Creation-Evolution expert, Russ Miller. Hey, Russ tell folks how they can get in touch with your ministry.

Russ Miller: Nathan, best way to find me is through our website at

Dr. Reagan: Well, Russ what all is on that website?

Russ Miller: Dave, we’ve got information on our Grand Canyon Rim, Rim and Raft, and Grand Staircase tours, on my speaking.

Dr. Reagan: You’ve got videos on there don’t you?

Russ Miller: Lots of videos on the canyon, and all my teachings are on there. Our Science and Darwinism, Age of the Earth issues, etcetera. They can see our videos on there. My book, “The Cost” is on there, covers the top ten Old Earth beliefs, top ten Darwinian beliefs, top ten Reasons to Believe in Biblical Creation.

Dr. Reagan: Do you have your speaking schedule on there by any chance?

Russ Miller: Our speaking schedule is on there as well under calendar, and people can get a hold of us if they’d like us to share at their church.

Dr. Reagan: Well, folks, that’s our program for this week. I hope it’s been a blessing to you. It sure has been a blessing to me, and Nathan. And I hope you’ll be back with us next week the Lord willing. Until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption is drawing near.”

End of Program

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