God’s Transition Plan

God’s Transition Plan

Tim’s Background

By Tim Moore

Transition Time

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To the child of God, there is no such thing as accident. He travels an appointed way. The path he treads was chosen for him when as yet he was not, when as yet he had existence only in the mind of God. — A.W. Tozer

Several months ago, the Board of Lamb & Lion Ministries voted to enter a period of transition. Following David Reagan’s recommendation, they unanimously agreed that I will become the Director and Senior Evangelist of the ministry.

This is an honor that I cannot adequately describe.

Tim speaking at a prayer caucus at the Kentucky State Capital building.
Tim speaking at a prayer caucus at the Kentucky State Capital building.

It does seem appropriate to testify about the transition process and my own preparation for this role. Following its vote identifying me as the designated successor to David Reagan, the Board created a Transition Committee. That group is chaired by the Chairman of the Board, Mark Strickland, and includes several Board members along with Dave, myself, Nathan Jones, and Rachel Houck. We confer on a regular basis by conference telephone calls to seek God’s direction for this process.

As we have weighed and prayed over this transition at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Proverbs 16:9 has been our guiding verse: “The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.” We have indeed planned our way through this approaching changeover, recognizing that the Lord expects us to be wise stewards of the ministry He entrusted to our care. Our Transition Committee and Board are carefully considering every aspect of what will represent the most significant change in Lamb & Lion Ministries since it was founded.

Dr. Reagan at a church in Lexington, KY in 1981.
Dr. Reagan at a church in Lexington, KY in 1981.

Dr. David Reagan was called to establish this ministry in 1980 to declare the soon return of Jesus Christ. As he will tell you, our singular mission is to tell as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, that Jesus is coming soon. That focus will not change.

Even as we anticipate Dave stepping down as Senior Evangelist, our prayer has been that the Lord’s return would occur even before this transition is concluded. That remains my prayer. I absolutely believe that Jesus Christ could come today, and pray that Dave is blessed like Simeon — that he will see the arrival of the Lord Jesus Christ during his lifetime. That is no mere hope — it conveys our belief that Jesus really is at the gates of heaven.

Still, an old Jewish proverb says, “If you think the world will end tomorrow, plant a tree today.” I’ve cited that admonition when challenging Prophecy Partners to invest in a new generation of fruit-bearers, but it applies to ministries as well. Even as we expect and long for the Lord’s soon return, we must ensure that the ministry’s focus on sharing that truth with a lost world continues until He does come back.

“Who am I, that You are mindful of me?”
(Paraphrase of Psalm 8:4)

Some will wonder about the path that brought me to this place. How did I come to be David Reagan’s successor as Lamb & Lion Ministries’ Senior Evangelist? What special preparation or calling was recognized in me that led Dr. Reagan and our Board to select me for this weighty role? How can I hope to follow in the footsteps of an inspired prophecy teacher in leading this ministry? In an effort to answer those questions, allow me to share a brief account of my own upbringing and life.

I was born in 1966 to Christian parents. My father was the son of a country preacher, who proclaimed the Word of God well into his 80s. All of my grandparents were believers, although their faith was not as vocal or demonstrative as we tend to see today. Nevertheless, I was nurtured throughout my life in the Christian faith — attending church without fail, participating in VBS and children’s programs, singing in an adult choir even as a teen, and accepting the Lord as my personal Savior when I was only eight years old.

Tim at age 13.
Tim at age 13.

My mother will tell you that when I was only 4 or 5 years old, I carried a toy pistol and a Bible most of the time. My father remembers a baby sitter expressing amazement that a little 9-year-old boy would declare his intention to be a preacher when he grew up. She exclaimed, “I’ve never met a child who desired to grow up to be a preacher!” Truth be told, I came to have three different life goals, and I told many friends and family members that my aspiration was to become a preacher, a pilot, or a politician.

As I grew, I developed a keen hunger for the Word of God. I absorbed Scripture and commentaries alike. I endeavored to evangelize my peers while still in grade school. Moving from Tennessee to Ohio, I was bullied for my accent and for saying, “Yes Ma’am” and “No Ma’am”. My response was to share Bible tracts with the bullies who confronted me at school.

As a teenager, I grew impatient with the shallowness of youth ministry “Bible studies” and decided to attend adult Sunday School classes. I continued to grow spiritually throughout high school, but the aspiration of serving as a military pilot loomed large in my sights. Still, I desperately wanted to stay in the center of God’s will. I worried that pursuing a military career might cause me to stray from God’s plan for my life. Pastors and Christian mentors were not able to ease my concern. The Lord ended up dramatically assuring me that I would stay in His will as I served in the Air Force.

My habit in those days was to go running late at night — preparing my body for the physical challenges of the military, if that opportunity presented itself. I would pray out loud, asking God to provide a sign that would reassure me.

One particular night, I cried out in great frustration, expressing my desire to serve the Lord even as I felt led to do so in the military. Just after midnight on a cloudless night, I finally said, “Lord, I need to know that I am not straying from Your will for my life. Can you show me a sign? Are You even listening?”

At that very instant — and for the first time in my life — I saw a shooting star. It was as if the finger of God drew a bright exclamation point across the sky. A skeptic will say that a fragment of cosmic dust simply flashed across the sky that night, but I knew that God had ordained it for that moment — and had given me the reassurance I desperately needed.

Air Force Preparation for a Higher Calling

I entered the Air Force Academy and embarked on what would become a 34-year military career. The Lord’s guiding hand was always evident. Singing in the Protestant Chapel Choir, I was exposed weekly to the “Cadet Prayer” that has resonated throughout my life. Its first stanza reads: “Lord, God of hosts, my life is a stewardship in Your sight. Grant me the light of Your wisdom to the path of my [life].” Those words became a foundational prayer down through my years.

Lt. Tim Moore
Lt. Tim Moore

While at the Academy, I began courting Amy, the woman who was to become my wife. That traditional word of “courting” is more fitting than “dating” because our relationship grew for many months through long-distance letters and weekly phone calls. She had been a part of my high school church youth group in the 8th and 9th grades before her family moved back to Indiana. And, although our romantic interest only began when I went away to college, I soon realized that God intended us for one another. We were married shortly after my graduation.

Over the next several years, I fulfilled my dream of becoming an Air Force pilot. I served as an instructor from a very early age and eventually transitioned to the C-130. The Lord provided opportunities for Amy and me to plant into local churches. I became a Sunday School teacher — writing my own lessons that focused on Scripture alone instead of using canned publications. Time and again, the Lord blessed those efforts. He also blessed me and Amy with a growing family.

In 1998, we discerned that our path lay outside of the Air Force and back in Kentucky. I transitioned to the Kentucky Air National Guard and eventually began working for UPS. Once again, we plugged into a local church and became involved in a number of ministry efforts — teaching Sunday School and serving in various leadership positions. Those experiences over the years honed my ability to present the Word of God in small and large group settings.

In the Arena of Servant-Leadership

In the mid-2000s, I felt the Lord stirring me to pursue a new course. While I loved flying, I aspired to serve in a different way. I sought spiritual counsel to consider pursuing a ministry role — whether by attending seminary or seeking an immediate opportunity. Every mentor told me their discernment was for me to “wait upon the Lord.” Confirming that advice was the reality that no doors opened to proceed along the path of full-time ministry.

Speaking at the Kentucky State Legislature
Speaking at the Kentucky State Legislature

In early 2006, my wife pointed out that there would be an open seat in my state representative district. I prayed and sought input on that opportunity and was given strong affirmation. So, I threw my name in the hat to represent a district of about 43,000 people — knowing less than 30 of them by name at the time. Miraculously, I won that election and have been serving in office ever since.

In the Legislature, I am known as an outspoken advocate who unashamedly holds to biblical principles. Early on, I coordinated an effort calling legislators to commit to the Manhattan Declaration (declaring support for life, traditional marriage and religious freedom). I then founded both the Prayer Caucus and the Pro-Life Caucus. Over my years in office, the number of committed Christians in the Kentucky legislature has grown dramatically.

Amidst an era of great political turmoil, 2019 has been a high point of my legislative service. In my role as the chairman of the Kentucky Prayer Caucus and the Pro-Life Caucus, I have been working to raise up other leaders. After 12 years of effort with little fruit to show, we’ve just concluded the most aggressively pro-life session ever here in Kentucky. We passed four impactful bills and made a bold stand for life. I am grateful to have served in such a time as this.

A Foretaste of Things to Come

My first introduction to Lamb & Lion Ministries was in 1993. Amy and I were blown away by the power of Dave’s preaching and inspired by his proclamation of Bible prophecy. Soon, several members of my family were Prophecy Partners and eagerly anticipating Jesus’ soon return.

When David and Dennis Pollock came back to Kentucky a couple of years later, we were thrilled that they accepted an invitation to come to my parents’ home for a meal. It was then that my brother, Chris, and I suggested that the ministry start holding a yearly “Prophecy Partner Weekend.” That proposal initially led to a gathering at the ministry headquarters and has now grown to our large annual conference.

Dave with Tim and Amy at a 2001 Prophecy Partner Conference.
Dave with Tim and Amy at a 2001 Prophecy Partner Conference.

Over the years, I devoured books and audio tapes by David Reagan. Amy and I attended the very first Prophecy Partner gathering in Texas in 2001. Following a military deployment to the Middle East in 2003, I took my mother on a pilgrimage to Israel with Lamb & Lion. A few years later, my brother and I accompanied Dave again. By that time, Dave was comfortable with entrusting some of the logistical support and devotional responsibilities to me.

My love for this ministry and passion for sharing the Lord’s soon return led me to dream that someday I might be able to serve with Lamb & Lion.

Shortly after I was elected to the Kentucky Legislature in 2006, Dave Reagan “blew my socks off.” He called and invited me to join the staff at Lamb & Lion Ministries. It broke my heart at the time to have to decline that opportunity. Had that offer come two years earlier, I would have pulled up stakes and moved to Texas. But I believed the Lord had set me on a different path of service for a season. I had already laid my hand on a different plow and felt constrained to follow through.

Dr. David Reagan and Tim Moore

A Renewed Call

In 2013, I sensed the stirring of the Holy Spirit in my heart. Realizing that my passion for the Lord’s soon return had only increased and that I actually had a considerable amount of discretionary time, I contacted Dave Reagan and asked if I could serve in a support role at the ministry. I figured I could travel as Dave’s assistant or help stuff envelopes. He promised to get back to me.

The next day, Dave asked me to join the Board and offered me the position of Assistant Evangelist. I was blown away! His vision was for me to lead Israel pilgrimages and speak on behalf of the ministry wherever I might be called. To say that I was overwhelmed would be an understatement! In February 2014, the Board ordained me as an Assistant Evangelist. Dave announced that I would serve as an unpaid evangelist for the ministry and lead all future Israel pilgrimage trips.

I poured myself into preparations for leading my first pilgrimage trip. Immersing myself in studying all the materials Dave had accumulated over the years became an immediate blessing. I quickly realized that my own background in travel and logistics lent itself quite naturally to the role of leading pilgrims to Israel. It was as if the Lord had been preparing me for that role throughout my career in the Air Force. And, as I began to speak at churches and small groups throughout the country, I realized He had been preparing me for that also throughout my life.

Looking to the Future

Serving as a legislator for over 12 years, I’ve seen firsthand how broken our political system is and how hopeless our nation’s future will be without Christ. I already knew that scripturally, but now I realize it experientially. I do not know if God’s judgment will relent if we take a lesson from the people of Nineveh and repent. But His wrath surely abides on our land if we do not. And, in the same way He sent Jonah to warn that pagan city, He remains gracious to send prophetic voices to warn our nation and call us to repentance.

The need for this message grows more urgent every day. We live in a land of incredible blessing that is built on a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. But many churches that were once vibrant and filled with committed believers have grown cold in the Lord. And, it is well-documented that our society is accelerating its descent into post-Christian secularism.

The Lord will not be mocked, and His judgment will not tarry. We are on the precipice of unfathomable judgment — both as a nation and as mankind. But this is not merely a bad-news story. Overshadowing the foreboding, dread and sadness of our fallen state and God’s impending judgment is the good news that Jesus is coming again soon! There is an awareness among growing numbers of Christians that He is at the very gate of Heaven, waiting for word from the Father to gather His bride.

Serving as the Assistant Evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries, I’ve traveled from coast to coast sharing that wonderful truth with people in Bible studies, speaking opportunities, quiet airline conversations at 30,000 feet and wherever the Lord allowed an opportunity. I am grateful that the Lord has called me to share that good news — with the goal of leading the lost to salvation and reinvigorating the Church to live expectantly. To paraphrase John the Baptist, “I am not the Christ, but I have been sent ahead of Him.” I am eager to use my experience, gifts and passion for Jesus Christ through the ministry of Lamb and Lion to tell people that our Blessed Hope could appear at any moment.

The focus of Lamb & Lion Ministries will not change. We will continue to tell as many people as quickly as possible that Jesus is coming soon. Our message is encouragement to the believer and warning to the lost. We seek to inspire the saved toward holy living, urgent evangelism and a determination to look for our Blessed Hope. And we plead with the lost to flee from the wrath to come. Above all, Lamb & Lion Ministries will always focus on Jesus Christ — the Lamb of God who is coming soon as the roaring Lion of Judah.

It is a great honor and a weighty matter to follow in the footsteps of David Reagan. His vision, his passion and his leadership have been mightily used by God. As I prepare to assume the mantle at Lamb & Lion Ministries, my lifelong prayer will remain, “Maranatha! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!” Or, as I like to say, “Godspeed!!”

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